Arsenal are a club with heart / Cesc say spuds couldn’t beat our girls!

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Ok to start on a very positive note and to issue credit, where credit is due, a great friend of mine who is a season ticket holder and an Arsenal nut, told me a story that warmed the very cockles of my red and white heart.

His son who is in his mid 20’s was playing for his local team, he skinned a defender and received an Eduardo style break and dislocation, unfortunately for this young man, he may not get his game back, much like Eduardo he’s in the lap of the gods.

For anonymity’s sake we’ll call this Gooner ‘Tiny Tim’ after his dad. My mate told the powers that be, that his son had a similar break to Eduardo’s and Arsenal told Eduardo, who then wrote a get well letter to Tiny Tim, so a big well done to Ken Friar and his team, I thought that showed why Arsenal are unlike other clubs, they care about their fans as well. It was a classy thing to do. Get well soon Tiny, we’re all rooting for you.

Tim will also be at the game tonight as arrangements are being made to get him there, so if the team needed any more encouragement, they’ve got it now!

Ade’s warning the boys they need to focus and show no mercy, clinical finishing and the spirit of Fenerbahce and West Ham are called for, go get them gooners.

The BBC said that Cesc said the spuds couldn’t beat our ladies, I can’t find where he said it, but Cesc, I think the chavs would struggle to beat our ladies, so go and show them how it’s done.

Harry Redknapp seems to have a memory problem, last year he was a lifelong gooner, today he’s a lifelong Spud, it just goes to show the lengths that some people will go to please a few hundred spurs fans, shame on you Dirty Harry.

I’m really looking forward to tonight but as always I’m very nervous when it comes to playing the spuds, we need to put them to the sword and shut Bentley up, I expect them to play with a lone striker and stifle the midfield, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wenger sending out the Fenerbahce set up, though I would prefer him to play Ade, Robin, Theo, Nasri, Nikki and Vela up front and win 17 nil, sadly I don’t think he’ll be taking my advice though!

Have a great night tonight Grovers if big Tone does us a favour, we’ll be 1 point behind and I think Pompey have a far better team than the spuds.

4-1 the Arsenal and let’s sing so loud we can’t hear the knuckle draggers from Shite hart lane all night.

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  1. Keyser

    Paul88 – Thats just pretty harsh, everyone seems to dislike a different player if we changed them all we’d end up like Spurs.

    Thing is, footballs not the same now, he’ll have to buy expensive players or at least like Sagna and Eduardo because you don’t get the same freedom to find those jems.

    As soon as we’re interested in anyone everyone knows about it.

  2. franchise

    Wolski that is what i mean by he doesn’t respect the competition. Ive seen games where manageers keep their injured struggling stars on the pitch just to give the opposition something to think off. But when u start taking players off who are still young and fresh then u telling ur opponets we want to shut up shop now its ur turn to have a go. The guy has carried us a far as he can

  3. Ja_Gunner

    As you guys have said how can Wenger say we became to cautious when he took off the 3 most effective players on the night lol.

    I mean not just 1 or 2…but he took off all 3…..

    Why not sub Ade…why not sub Fabregas..he certainly needs a rest.

    He takes off all the players that maintained control of the game lol.
    Then wonder why we looked cautious…..

  4. Paul88

    I don’t blame the players, I blame wenger. I whole heartedly support them through the game but there are quite a few players that just aren’t good enough and some that never get given a chance.

  5. A

    we were cautious because ade was an embarrassment, he couldn’t hold the ball up which meant we couldn’t keep possession for more than 2 seconds. these things happen, shit game but not a disaster, three individual errors for the first three goals and the fourth was very lucky, lucky deflection then lucky rebound off the post. I can’t remember them creating a single clear cut chance all night. Denilson, VP, and Theo were sensational, Ade, Almunia, and Clichy were very poor, very poor, and poor, and the rest of the team played well. As long as we bounce back at the weekend this draw is not a big deal at all

  6. Wolski

    Keyser – your right we do not need major surgery. We need a good defensive coach to sort out how to defend and I still feel JD will do the job at CB. But he will leave…trust me..he will have had enough this season..he is fit and Sylv..gets up the pecking order.

    AW has committed the cardinal sin…he has his favorites and they play first, even out of position, he is not judging them on their quality. IMO.

    Ade tonight was poor he should have gone and Vela or Nik on to give them a go at Spurs. he should have kept the midfield as was, we were in no danger. But he has his ways and they cost us tonight.

  7. A

    and i agree ja, he should have subbed ade, but he said he wanted to keep the height. I would have taken him off for Bendtner so we could hold the ball up but he wanted to add extra height expecting an airial bombardment which is understandable


    Keyser I HAVENT GOT A PROBLEM WITH YOU ,yes this is a site for discussion ,but the obvious is staring us in the face,WENGER HAS LEARNT FUCK ALL FROM LAST SEASON .

    whilst he does deserve respect for what he has achieved ,and by the way i do respect him ,he has got to deliver trophies again THIS TEAM PLAYING THIS WAY WILL NOT ,it’s just not about last nights performance its started last year and we have seen it against HULL and Fulhum this year .
    HE WILL NOT BUY TWO READY MADE INTERNATIONAL’S in Jan because thats his style to do this would admit failure with this team he built and his pride would not allow him to do so….

  9. Jimbo

    Not been around for a while, but can we all now agree that I was right when I pointed out that Wenger should already have been fired?

    Not that I take any great pleasure from this, but if all we need to do to replace him is sign a manager to compete for 4th, I reckon there are a fair few who’ll do a better job than the gallic chump.

    Wenger out!

  10. A

    Although we talk about our defence, our defence (it seems ridiculous to say) actually played well today. We prevented them creating a single chance all match. We have had the most unlucky start to the season ever, conceding many goals that go in once in twenty. Teams are not having more shots against us than before, or from more dangerous positions, they are the same shots that every team hits in ever game, but the have just hit them better than they usually would, and it’ll even itself out over the season. On a normal day Almunia would have just caught Bentley’s first, held the second, the third would not have happened because Clichy wouldn’t have fucked up, and the fourth would ballooned over, or even if after getting the lucky deflection it would have bounced to one of our players. Every single thing that could have gone for spurs today did, and that coupled with 3 very poor individual errors all in the same game was what cost us the match, nothing anyone did in the transfer market or making subs would have changed that

  11. Paulie

    Why do some of you persist in defending Wenger, for fuck sake the man with money to spend thinks Allmunia and Song are decent players, how deluded is this clown

  12. Wolski

    Franchise….I am not one to normally call for AW’s head…but I am concerned on where we are heading…and starting to come round to thought that his way of doing things on a match day does not work…and certainly within the set up is unable to ensure we are set up defensively. Remember 1 – 0 to the Arsenal!

  13. Keyser

    Palinho – Nah you don’t listen, Spurs were never good enough to draw with us, the only way they were going to get anything was if we slipped up, otherwise everyone expects us to win and win comfortably.

    If we take out those mistakes we will win and win comfortably, it’s something we can work on.

    There was a difference in Denilson today however slight his attacking play was a lot more assured and he upped his work rate aswell at times, stamina and tackling is soemthing he can work on, his passing and vision was good at times, there is hope as opposed to writing players off completely.

  14. A

    Simon where would these two ready made internationals play? In goal and DM? Those are the only positions in which we don’t have current internationals, and Almunia and Denilson have been 2 of our best players so far this season….

  15. jlp

    i agree keyser sacking him is short sighted but so is believing he will address the issues that have been in front of his face for sometime now this coming window
    a few summer buys, regardless of the value was needed he opted not to as ‘unethical salary inflation’ was to heavy of a burden for him to carry
    but seems 4 yrs without a trophy merits no more than simpe worn out excuses
    i have no answers to this guy myself but we should at least believe he does

  16. Keyser

    Wolski – It’s not about favourites, how can you suddenly throw in Djourou like that ? He’ll need time aswell or we’re going to end up moaning about him to.

    He’ll play in the Carling Cup against Wigan next week and that’s up aginst Zaki and Heskey, so we’ll get an idea of how ready he is, because they’re guaranteed to pressure him.

    Simon – Last season was an annomaly have you ever seen that many injuries in one season let alone someone breaking their leg ?!

    Already this year we seem to have more players vying for a starting role, but they’re young at the same time.

  17. Paulinho

    Of course, points wise the season is not over. But I’m not sure if the players will mentally get over this. They just cannot defend a lead for shit. Anytime a team remotely raises the tempo in our half we all go schizo and lose shape. This is against poor teams as well. I dread to think what will happen when we play Chelsea and United. We would have to score the winner in the last second of added time to hold on to a win.

  18. Jimbo

    What’s the standard now?

    I reckon I can think of 5-10 managers who can deliver the same amount of real-success as Wenger, but all of whom will give us a shot of maybe winning a cup or something every now and then.

    It’s obvious that Wenger is taking Arsenal nowhere. He took us to the top, then flushed it down the shitter, and has completely fallen to bits. Champions League qualification is as far as he can take us now, so I think we’re best off losing the doddery old git and at least giving ourselves a fighting chance again.

  19. Paul88


    But this ‘learning on the job’ is costing us games, trophies etc. If players need developing, they should be doing it in the reserves or out on loan.

    The first team shouldn’t be used as an experiement.

    Anyway off to bed.

    nyt all.

  20. Paulinho

    Have to laugh. On Arsenal Mania there is a thread – created after the West Ham game- entitled “How good is Almunia right now?”. Classic 🙂

  21. Jimbo

    How can anyone call sacking Wenger short-sighted?

    We’ve put up with his crap for years now, and we’re getting no better.

    Wanting to keep him is about as long-sighted as predicting the lottery numbers – nothing he’s doing is taking us anywhere.


    A i’m sorry mate But the CB Pairing is a joke ,so there’s one and in the middle of the park why didnt we get INLER or alonso , we spent enough time scouting them if Denilson was going to be the long term solution then why look at these two for so long ,
    The spine of out team is simply not good enough .

  23. A

    paulinho we were fine until the clichy mistake, we held the lead brilliantly, they didnt create a single opportunity, and we were taking the piss out of them, if clichy hadn’t completely fucked up we would have showboated our way past the final whistle. that’s the first match this season we’ve lost a lead we’ve had….

  24. Wolski

    Keyser, true..but I have seen JD play against Drogba and he held his own. I rate JD pesonally and feel he can be the player we need..but agree he needs matches….but where does he get it….CC, FAC not really the constant flow of games a player needs. I think he will go and we will not get a chance to see him estbalish himself.

  25. Paulinho

    The shame is Jimbo is that Wenger really has created an exciting attacking bunch of options but suffocates the whole lot of them by continually playing his favourites like Adebayor and not giving the fringe attackers enough playing time. This leads to stagnation and complacency.

    And of course, he doesn’t seem to comprehend the need for wily, proven defensive players who can actually close out a game. The only experience these players are getting is chucking away leads all the time. Not great learning experiences if you ask me.

  26. Keyser

    Paulinho – What do we do ? Write off a season now ? Do what Tottenham doe and sack a few people and start all over, are we suddenly going to get back on track ?!

    All we can look to now is the next game ahead, look at it this way if Wenger can’t keep lifting the team up after every setback he’ll have to buy.

    LoL so is Almunia rubbish now ? It’s like people are taking their cue from SkySports, did you get to see Jamie Redknapp on it ?!

  27. A

    The reason for the negativity is the result today though, and Denilson was one of our best players, and none of it was his fault. Even if the jury is out on him he can’t be blamed for today…. In my opinion Denilson is twice the player Flamini was before he had his run in the team last year, and Denilson is already as good as Flam was at the end of the season, and improving massively game by game. If yaya becomes available come jan I wouldnt be surprised to see us go for him, but it isn’t a massive problem at the moment.

  28. Jimbo

    Sack Wenger now, get someone else in, and put ourselves in a position to compete in 2009/10.

    That’s the best way we can approach the next 12 months I think, because Wenger is a busted flush.

    He’s PROVEN that he simply is too imbecilic to iron the flaws out of his sides, so it really doesn’t matter about whatever youngsters he brings in, or whatever exciting players he thinks he’s got. Everywhere else, he’s just too flawed.

    The sooner Wenger’s gone the better.

  29. Keyser

    Wolski – We moan when young players are played over buying expiernced players but then say Djourour should be given a chance aswell, the Carling Cup is a start, so is Stoke then a massive test against United.

    Jimbo – You know whats funny is that before the season started I bet ramos would have been one of those 5-10 managers you think would be great.

  30. jlp

    we are in 3rd at the moment jimbo
    plenty of games left
    canning him tomorrow i see as a little premature
    but i may be wrong
    at least give it to the end of the week

  31. Jimbo

    Denilson’s a fucking imbecile, and our midfield’s become a seive since he started playing. Can’t pass forward, can’t track a runner, doesn’t know squat about how to mark a man.

    Fucking useless player.

  32. Jimbo

    jlp – we haven’t played a single good team yet, and we’re haemorraging points and goals faster than any Arsenal team in the last 10 years.

    Wenger’s completely lost the plot, and the sooner we minimalise the damage he’s doing to the club, the better.

  33. Paulinho

    A…, how about Hull at the Emirates? Combine that with the catalogue of cock ups last season and it adds up.

    You cannot say if Clichy hadn’t of screwed up. He did screw up and our play for long before that was a joke. Passing it nervously around the back four and not once did we play through the lines when it should have been easy against a tired spurs.

    We can’t keep going on with our head in clouds. We’ve been doing this complacent shit for ages now. When are we ever going to learn not to play passive and play out time? We get punished time and time again. Go forward, and play in their half. Bring on Vela and that becomes an option. It’s Wenger, the team, everyone.

  34. Jimbo

    Goonermichael, my first choice at the moment would be Martin O’Neill.

    A smart manager who knows what it takes to build a winning side, and can combine solid defence with exciting attack. A couple more years of the status quo, and Villa will be ahead of Arsenal anyway – maybe even this year.

  35. Paulinho

    Well Almunia was not exactly Walter Zenga out there was he? I’m not having a huge go at him but I find it humerous that a thread is created about him and the next game he looks like raggedy andy. He really should have palmed off that Huddlestone shot.

  36. Keyser

    Paulinho – We looked confident passing it around, it’s us that don’t feel the confidence but that comes with time.

    Jimbo – Your a funny man, so you wouldn’t have been going on about back to back UEFA Cup winner Ramos in your list ? Who else would there have been ?!

  37. Keyser

    Paulinho – The Huddlestone shot smacked him straight in the face, it’s not like thats one in a long catalogue of errors is it ?!

    Its odd dude, whoever we criticise ends up having a good game, like Van Persie, but then someone else who’s been solid makes a mistake, Clichy/ Almunia that can’t last all season.

  38. goonermichael

    Jimbo we were shit tonight. Partly down to wenger partly down to the players. but we were third last year not fourth. the season hasn’t actually finished yet so we may do better this year. Villa were like terrified kittens against the chavs. That is mon’s team he has spent money and brought through youth and they’ve done fuck all.

  39. A

    denilson cant pass forward, he has the second most assists in the prem this season, in the top 5 passers in the prem and top ten tacklers in the prem this season….

    we still should have scored another goal though, ade missed a sitter and also got offside when we should have walked it into the net…. the number of attacking players wasn’t the problem, it was that ade had a mare today and the ball wouldnt stick when we tried to go forward, if he was having a good game we would’ve scored when we broke and won 6-2.

    the play before clichy screwed up wasn’t that great, but it prevented spurs from creating a single chance

    if we were to sack wenger in a years time we’ll be where spurs are, we have some of the best youngsters in the world purely because of him. Cesc, Vela, Ramsey, Sagna, Clichy, Diaby, you name it, they’d all be off. It’s irrelevant though, noone at the club would ever be so thick as to even consider sacking him at the moment

  40. Paulinho

    We didn’t pass it around confidently. Watch it again. Not once did we play it in to central midfield and get a midfielder to retain possesssion and set up camp in their half. If you want an example of how it should be done watch Arsenal 2006/2007 in the carling cup 2nd leg versus spurs. Rosicky and co passing it around, and something Hleb always did well.

  41. Jimbo

    Keyser, does it make it easier for you to make your point by putting words into my mouth?

    As it happens, the reason I wouldn’t have had Ramos is because the setup at Sevilla was vastly different to that at Arsenal, and much of his success there was attributable to Monchi.

    Got any more managers you think I might have liked?

  42. A

    Jimbo, please tell me martin o’neil is a joke?! if wenger ever was to go we’d need a top class manager, and there isn’t another manager in the premiership anywhere near good enough. We’d end up with a team attempting to get in the uefa cup, playing the most boring football the prem has ever seen

  43. goonermichael

    jimbo in a couple of years when fergie retires watch united fall apart. I don’t really care if you sack wenger but there aren’t many batter and if it turns out we don’t actually have a budget there are probably none as good.

  44. jlp

    agreed jimbo but the end of november will tell us all we need to know
    what harm in seeing it out until then
    we win against chavs and the mancs whole new story ?maybe?
    regardless martin oneill will not deliver us a title and your more than likely right wenger won’t either

  45. Keyser

    They didn’t create anything it was all mistakes from us ? One goal would have been enough, it’s sickening I know.

    I swear this Jimbo blokes someone messing around.


    the arguments are heating up so i’m off to bed but the sad thing for me is that some of you think that fourth in the prem is ok and thats fine if we qualify for the champs league,SORRY THE GAME IS ABOUT WINNERS AS IS THE TRADITION OF OUR GREAT CLUB THINK ABOUT THAT TONIGHT ALL OF YOU WHO THINK THAT FINISHING SECOND THIRD OR FOURTH IS GOOD ENOUGH.

  47. Keyser

    Jimbo – LoL Yeah thats what they all say now, sounds like something you’ve garnered off a podcast, last year they thought he was the miracle man.

    5-10 managers and Martin O’neill heads your list ?!

  48. goonermichael

    Simon no one thinks 3rd or 4th is good enough. but if we get rid of wenger as some suggest then we have to have a winner not martin o’neill

  49. Jimbo

    MO’N is only in his second season at Villa, and the improvement that they’ve seen there since he joined is arguably bigger than that seen at Arsenal in the first 15 month he spent here.

    It’s true, he hasn’t won anything with Villa yet, but he made massive improvements last year, looks to have improved further this year, and hasn’t spent THAT much doing it. He’s won a fair amount at other clubs though.

    As for the future, Wenger’s too stubborn to change – if he was going to, he’d have done it by now. All we have to look forward to under him is Champions League qualification, but a practical guarantee of no trophies. Under O’Neill, we’d achieve that anyway, I believe, but we’d also have a chance at seeing whether or not a different manager could put right all the stuff that Wenger obviously can’t.

  50. Jimbo

    A Says, I suggest you watch Villa.

    Boring? Yeah, whatever.

    O’Neill has transformed them, and they were an awful team beforehand.

  51. Jimbo


    What do you mean ‘if it turns out we don’t have a budget’?

    We DO have a budget.

    Unless the published accounts are forgeries, and the board of directors regularly lie to the press (presumably with the intention of making Wenger look stupid), that is….

  52. gnarleygeorge9

    David Pleat was saying on Fox 2 just going into injury time when it was 4-2 that spurs looked tired.

    But they still managed to score 2 more goals.

    I’ll say it again Football is played 90% above the neck.

    And I said in yesterdays post, or the day before, what ever, that if spuds take anything away from this game then The Arsenal management need to take a good hard look @ themselves.

    Egos are whats ruining the chances of winning silverware. JD20 wasn’t even on the bench, why

    Some one said earlier that Big Yo Yo isn’t up to it. Well so far when he has been given field time no goals have been scored against us this season full stop.

    Play him wenger you stubborn old fart!!!!

    Remember the line that Choochie Graham said before the Title decider 20 years ago. ” No one gives us a chance outside of Highbury” but he believed, he fuck’n believed, whether it was boring or not. And he didn’t stop planning the win till the last fuck’in second. Result “WE WIN”

  53. A

    in fact i’d sack wenger right now, get in a dream team of allardyce and mcclaren, sorted…..

    Simon noone wants to finish 3rd or 4th, but you have to look rationally at the situation in the last few seasons. Since we last won the title we didn’t have the money to replace the ageing superstars that won us it with current superstars, so we had to buy superstars in the making, Cesc, Bendtner, VP, Vela, Theo, Nasri, Diaby, Clichy, and there was going to be a period of transition. Since we last won the title after starting again really the next season, we have improved every season since, and got more points in each of every season since. We are currently up there with the top 4, and fighting for the title, being on course to improve on our points total again, and win the league. If we lose to the big boys and are 15 points adrift from the leaders come xmas, then we’ll be in trouble, and things won’t have worked the way Wenger planned. However, as things stand, we are absolutely fine, and on course to challenge in every way.

    As long as we’re still up and around the leaders I salivate at the thought of what Walcott and Nasri will be doing to premiership defences by the new year, with Rosicky and Eduardo back and firing, and VP totally sharp and showing why he’s considered one of the best in europe

  54. Jimbo


    I’m not sure what you mean?

    What I meant was, that Arsenal when Wenger took over were nowhere near as bad as Villa were when MO’N arrived.

    Wenger had far, far sounder foundations to work from (starting with the back v), and he took full advantage. Villa were falling apart when O’Neill got there.

  55. Jimbo

    It’s funny, that even when I’m as direct as this, nobody can argue with me apart from by putting words into my mouth.

    Talk about straw men….

  56. A

    Yep jimbo as a team villa are very boring, Young is exciting, agbonlahor has pace, but they score most of their goals from set pieces or long balls hoofed up to carew, and play pretty much a five man midfield. o’neils made them relatively successful in the way he does, but he’d brought to them the same boring style he’s had at every club he’s been at, though you’ve gotta give him credit for his relative success, i wouldn’t want him at arsenal. Even the celtic fans didn’t really like him despite their winning stuff because he was and is such a boring manager

  57. goonermichael

    I have to go now. I accept a lot of your points jimbo and I think MON is ok but he’s not good enough for Arsenal. If wenger is past his sell by date then we need a world class replacement not MON.

  58. Jimbo

    Long balls hoofed up to Carew?

    A five man midfield (despite mentioning Agbonlahor and Carew already)?

    Do you even watch Villa?

    Ashley Young and Agbonlahor are two of the most exciting young players in the Premiership – pacey, fast, and certainly in the case of Young, can deliver a good pass.

    O’Neill though, is undeniably a pragmatist – which is exactly what seperates him from Wenger. He doesn’t have unbelievable resources, but he puts the players in place to get the job done. Frankly, I couldn’t give a fuck how pretty his football is (and I think it’s pretty good), he puts winning matches first.

  59. goonermichael

    Martin O’neill is mediocre. Joe kinnear did well with wimbledon. allardyce did well with bolton. the list is endless. doing well and taking a team to the fringes is different to winning. Martin jol did better with the spuds than oneill has at villa shall we get jol to manage us?

  60. Keyser

    Jimbo – Times are completely different now, O’neill’s spent about 50 million to get Villa to 6th and withing 23 points of us. Over two years he’s improved Villas point tally by 18 points.

    Look at how strong the top four are now ? Footballs changed a lot since, Villa were an average team and now where are they ?!

    Wenger took over a team that had 51 points and won the league two years later with 78.

  61. A

    i’ve watched a fair bit of villa jimbo, young is a very good young player, agbonlahor is the most stupid footballer in the premiership and his decision making is hilarious, but he’ll score goals because of his incredible pace and playing off a a big man like carew. young is a great individual, and does exciting things, but as a team, villa are very boring, they play counter attacking football, and scored more goals than any other from set pieces last season. He does have unbelievable resources, villa are owned by an american billionnaire in randy lerner, and he has alot of money to spend, which he has done on the likes of milner and curtis davies, oh and marlon harewood, zat knight. They play very defensively, score goals 3 ways, on the counter using the pace of young and agbonlahor, from set pieces, or from hoofing the ball up to carew and having young and agbonlahor running off him, much like chelsea did under mourinho with drogba enabling lampard to score so many goals

  62. Jimbo

    Regardless Keyser, you just can’t compare the situation at Villa when MO’N took over to that at Villa.

    Wenger inherited Seaman, Keown, Bould, Adams, Winterburn, Dixon, Wright and Bergkamp (though he obv played some role in securing his signature). That’s one hell of a foundation, and one without which Wenger would have had nowhere near as much success as he has, especially when his weaknesses at signing CBs has been so brutally exposed over the last few years.

    Villa had nothing like that when O’Neill arrived. A few good players, sure, but not the kind of experience or spine as was at Arsenal.

    So yes, times are different now, but that still doesn’t mean that taking a manager like O’Neill, who clearly knows what it takes to get his teams to perform, can manage a dressing room, AND brings through youth, cannot achieve just as much as Wenger given the kind of platform that he’d have now at Arsenal. O’Neill could come to Arsenal with a better track record than Wenger arrived with, and a history of delivering success in every job he’s had.

  63. Jimbo

    So yes, MO’N would be my pick, though there are one or two others.

    I think he could keep us 4th – he might spend a bit more than Wenger, but frankly, I don’t give a monkey’s. And I think that there’s more chance he could put together a more solid squad than Arsene has.

    He might not, of course, but I’m 100% confident that Wenger doesn’t have anything left to offer, so what harm can a change do?

  64. ethangunner

    I agree paulinho ..

    how much luck can every other cunting team have ..
    and we never seem to get any of it ?? …
    either that or our team and wengers tactics are not up to scratch !
    and our continual concerns are more than justified !

    then some assholes say certain individuals always have to justify themselves !
    and say they were right ! … well if we didn’t have to listen to such delusional tosh on here
    maybe some peoples opinions would be respected , if at least not agreed upon !

    Because its fine sounding optimistic , but there’s a fine line between that and ending up with egg on your face ,due to blind wenger ball love !

    and special praise has to be given to GG9 for his 11:29 pm
    appraisal of some people on here !
    as much as i want to see a arsenal whipping last night
    .. the second i saw ade back in the starting line up
    denilson partnering cesc ,
    and a lost his way sagna back in the side ,
    i knew we would struggle .
    thankgod it was a home fixture , i thought for sure we were playing away !
    thank fuck we didnt !!!

    and again the opposition open there account on the board before us !
    due to piss poor strikers !

    I said it pre- season , and im saying it again RVP is the only 1/2 decent striker we own and he needs a good partner to make him effective ! hurry back dudu or give vela a run !!! FFS !

    fuck if i know it,
    why doesn’t wenger ..
    same goes for cesc !

  65. A

    oh, and he also signed steve sidwell, not particularly exciting players. Although we have more financial might than we spend, we don’t have as much as Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, or now the likes of City, so in financial terms finishing above of them is us overachieving. to bring in a manager for the sake of spending will result in us spending loads of money, getting in loads of players, and ending up where spurs are now. Our current squad is the most exciting and has the most potential that we’ve had in my opinion since i’ve been a gooner, which is 20 years, and if we’d had anyone other than wenger at the helm over the last five years spending all our money on players in their prime, our squad would be full of jenas standard average players. we don’t and havn’t had the money to buy the best players in the world, and as a result we’ve bought players who could become the best players in the world, rather than having players who won’t improve, and are just good players now. i want exceptional rather than good, and i’m very happy thats what we strive for

  66. gnarleygeorge9

    Wenger has to much to say to the media pre game/post game. Its time he learn’t to say “no comment”. Fuck everyone knows what he’s thinking, & to me he has become a whinger when things go against him. He has too much to say on the game in general, when he should be rebuilding The Club as a fortress with an us against the rest mentallity. Just like the old red card days. The club was dirty; bullied teams; etc but won heaps of trophies.

  67. Jimbo

    That’s bollocks.

    1 – Money isn’t the only capital that a squad has – Man City, for example, may have more £££ to spend than us, but we already have a squad full of players better than them, a reputation 1,000 times better, and a track record for success. QPR have more money than us, but finishing above them isn’t over-achieving, because in terms of insfrastructure, we’re 100 times better.

    2 – Your second point is also nonsense. Getting in a new manager for the sake of spending is a straw man. Getting in a new manager would be for the sake of doing what Wenger can’t – building a proper squad, and understanding how to act as a manager and coach in the game itself. Spending money does not guarantee finishing below Spurs (after all, you’ve already implied that spedning lots is the be all and end all!!!). Spending money badly will guarantee that, and nobody’s asked for that.

    3 – Our current squad is the shittest since Wenger took over. Why? Because talent counts for fuck all if you can’t convert it into points. We’re flawed, all over the pitch, and seriously deficient in terms of quality in key areas. So it really makes no fucking difference how good Wilshere or Vela are, because playing in front of that defence they’ll never score enough goals for us to lift the title.

  68. Keyser

    Jimbo – You’ve said you can’t compare the situation and that’s where you should have stopped, you said 5-10 managers, Martin O’neill is good but not obvious.

    Your comparing things 10 years apart, O’neill’s spent 50 million and managed to get Villa 18 points better off and he’s still 16 away from even getting to 4th in the league.

    You’ve just said O’neill could get Arsenal to stay at 4th maybe spending a bit more, but then what’s the point, change for changes sake ?! Why not just get a better manager in the first place someone who can get us to challenge like Wenger has.

  69. A

    jimbo O’neil is no different to allardyce or Mcclaren, they have skills which enable an average team, Leicester, Villa, bolton, Middlesbrough to overachieve, but they do not have the skills to manage at the top, they are good underdogs, crap when more often than not they’re the favourites. and celtic doesn’t count, my gran could win the title managing one of the old firm.

    ethan its all opinions i guess, i believe we have the best group of strikers in the prem. We have five forwards, all of whom could score 20 plus goals a season. RVP, Ade, Bendtner, Vela, Eduardo are all top top players, although Ade is very inconsistent. I think Bendtner should get a few games in a row to see how he does with RVP, he’d create so many chances for him, as well the the midfield

  70. Jimbo

    Of course O’Neill is different to Allardyce and McLaren.

    Just look at their respective track records.

    O’Neill has won promotions, cups and league titles. Allardyce? McLaren?

    Seriously, get a grip.

  71. David

    wow so much anger…thank Goodness i found someone more angry than I am…the most shitty arsenal squad in our recent history…..who on that team is world class?

  72. A

    my point is jimbo, the only reason we already have a squad miles better than city is because of our policy of buying young players and developing them, had we spent the same money we have on players at their peak, we’d have a team on par or below the likes of city, and even spurs

    again jimbo all about opinions, in my opinion the current squad is the most exciting since wenger took over, and not even talking about potential, has more goals in it than any other squad wenger has had

    the five strikers could all score loads of goals, nasri and denilson new to the team have shown they can score goals, theo can score goals, and we know cesc and rosicky can. That’s ten players in the squad who can score goals, more than we’ve ever had before

  73. David


    Youre mistaking potential for results…any fool on the pitch can score goals….the point is WHEN will they score goals?

    We have the most wasteful attacking bunch that i can think of its really sad.

  74. Jimbo


    Because I think there’s a chance that O’Neill could be that guy.

    Why change? It’s not for change’s sake, it’s to give us a chance again. O’Neill comes across as a smart man, and a smart manager to me – I think he could win us trophies. Maybe he couldn’t, sure, but I’d be happier trying to find out than persisting with a manager who I know that can’t.

    That’s why I want to change.

    There are other managers too, but the point is that I’d rather see a fresh approach than persisting with failure.

  75. A

    jimbo again, anyone could win cups and leagues in scotland, it’s why no top managers go to scotland, it isn’t a proper league. Allardyce and Mcclaren’s achievements in getting bolton and Middlesbrough to where they were in the league were on paper much more impressive than O’neils with villa, less money spent, lower starting positions, mcclaren nearly won brough the uefa cup, bolton were essentially a championship standard team, allardyce got them into europe. All three managers have very similar records in terms of overachievement and success

  76. Jimbo

    And again, A Says, the point is not that EVERYTHING that Wenger does is crap – just that he regularly gets enough wrong to prevent us from actually winning anything.

    Which is why I want that change. I don’t think Wenger’s taking ARsenal anywhere any more. We’ll have some good players, and play some exciting matches, but never achieve the consistency and solidarity we need to actually make anything count.

  77. A

    our top two strikers are 3rd equal in the prem top goalscorers, noone from the other big three has scored more than them, as a team we’re the top equal goalscorers in the prem along with chelsea….

  78. David

    We missed Kolo tonight….If he was our CB there is no way lennon wouldve run in behind to grab the rebound goal…no way.

  79. A

    yeah even if you don’t think wenger is doing anything for the club, mentioning someone like o’neill as a replacement is laughable! if he was to go we’d want to bring in someone of scolari calibre, not someone like o’neill. Bergkamp will come to the club soon in a coaching capacity, and will ultimately take over as manager in a couple of years, hopefully with big tone and Keown to back him up coach the defence!

  80. A

    noone was to blame for lennons goal, it was just luck that the ball rebounded straight to lennon, it could’ve gone anywhere

  81. David

    That incident was Balls…The ref shouldve been relegated to the Coca-Cola division….and the fact of the matter is that Kolo does a better job of not letting anyone get passd him…I mean they had 2 rebound goals??? REALLY???

  82. Keyser

    Jimbo – The only way we’re going to win things is with consistency, otherwise you’re going to get flash in the pan managers who have one semi-decent season than everything falls apart.

    Martin O’neill has no track record of acing opposition like the United’s or Chelsea’s of this world and to bring him in would be taking a massive punt, it’d take him years to just get the squas he wanted let alone compete.

    Wenger may not have won a trophy for 3 seasons but if we keep hold of the squad and buy a couple of players or see a marked improvement from the tesam that would be a lot easier.

    Bringing Martin O’neill in would not only set us back but could lead to us never being able to recover.

  83. Jimbo

    A Says,

    O’Neill got Wycombe frmo the Conference to Division 2, and won 2 FA Trophies there.

    He god Leicester to the Premier League and won 2 League Cups.

    He won 3 SPLs, 3 Scottish Cups, one Leaug Cup, and was also UEFA cup runner up. Now, I agree about the SPL, but again, considering how poor Celtic were when he took them over, he still completely reversed the previous 3 years of Rangers Dominance.

    Allardyce has won 1 3rd division and one promotion to the Premiership.

    Mcclaren has won 1 league cup (and a UEFA cup runner’s up spot, that most Boro fans think was despite of his poor management).

    O’Neill is more than twice the manager these guys were.

  84. David

    thats my point…what kinda shitte luck do we have if modrids shot was going wide all game it finally decides to hit the bar in the dying seconds of the match???


    gREaT Job Almunia…great Job…Specially like how you watched Jennas slide the 3rd one in…incredible.

  85. jlp

    your the man jimbo
    and your right M ON is tip fucking tops for this current crop
    however i wonder if he speaks french

  86. Jimbo

    Bringing in O’Neill would be a smaller gamble than it ever was to bring in Wenger. He has, however, already got 2 Premiership campaigns under his belt, and his Villa side are clearly improving massively.

    It’s all very well talking about ‘if’ Wenger can hold the team together, and ‘if’ he can bring in a couple of players.

    But he obviously can’t – which is exactly why he’s taking us nowhere.

  87. Keyser

    We’re not losing left right an centre and however much you want to believe it the season is not completely over, you keep exaggerting and saying he’s taking us nowhere he obviously can’t how do you know ? O’neill’s taken two years just to have a semi decent squad and he’s spent more than probably anyone else in Villa’s history to improve the team by 18 points.

    The only reason you think he’s going nowhere is because of the extremly high stanrdards we’ve set ourselves under him, standards O’neill would struggle to even get close to, especially considering he’s never had to face that sort of compeition before.

    Villa improved a fair bit but almost fell apart last year and it’s why they ended up with 60 points

    Point is those ifs and buts with Wenger are a lot closer to trophies then taking a punt on O’neill.

  88. David

    y didnt clichey just turn his back…if were going to play pocession futbal at least get it right and hold on to it at the tip of the line or something…turn your back and get fouled…My gawd this is basic stuff..i cant believe it.

    Once again Great job Almunia…whats the opposite of Man of the Match….?

    B**** of the match?

  89. gnarleygeorge9

    Why during the 1st half was Gallas providing the passes to the forwards, running through from the back. I thought that was Cesc’s job.

    Arsene Wenger has been blaming the players, but i won’t wear that. The message should have gone out @ 4-2, we don’t need to play pretty footy now, we don’t need to score anymore just shut the fuckers out till the whistle. That was pathetic & typified over confidence; arrogance you name it. That won’t win the Champions League, no way.

  90. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m sick of Arsene Wenger & his pig headedness. JD20 is the only defender @ the club to not have a goal scored against him, but no “I weel ply song beecorse ee is a narce boy” But can the boy play football Arsene?

  91. gnarleygeorge9

    As sure as I’m sitting here having a well earned Crownie, if Wenger does not pull his finger out, Cesc will be off. He is a shadow of himself. Mind you you could build a side around Ramsay, but can we wait another 4 years 😉

  92. MorrowsBrokenArm

    gg9 on fire tonight!

    had the morning off work for it, fecking sick as a dog, its up there with one of the fucking craziest things i’ve seen in 30 years.

    I have to disagree with the statements calling for AW head though, i do think he can get us another trophy…but there is a real issue with his teams. We couldn’t see the CL final through, 2 goals in the last 15 mins, the game with Liverpool last year…not to mention the games against chelsae, man utd……we led these games and could not see them through. Annoying reading his comments on I said pre season the one line he could not use this year was “we lacked experience today” because it’s been his choice to play kids…there he is saying we lacked maturity….welll he put that team out there! Fuck he’s frustrating…have to say this year more than most.

    The defeat was not Denilsons fault…but i hate hearing AW say he thought Denilson was fantastic. Gonna be stuck with Denilson for a while. Wouldn’t mind AW shaking it up for the stoke game….when song came on for Nasri i was dissapointed. Again, we did’nt loose because of Song, but seeing him come on filled me with dread. Wanted to see Vela come on for Nasri…keep up the pressure on them. Fuck it. Grow a pair and drop a few big boys on their arse and see what Vela, Ramsey, JD can do. Nobody in the team should ever feel exempt from the drop.

    ..and in Glichy defence, someone earlier said he was shit, shit shit. He wasn’t…he played well….then he fucking fell on his arse and cost us the game. It was a fuck up, it was bad…..bust sadly bad things do and will always happen in footie.

    up the arse.

  93. gnarleygeorge9

    There was a time when my club Richmond played like shit a couple of years ago, so a supporter dumped a trailer load of chicken shit outside the clubrooms. We are known as a pretty firey lot us Tiger supporters. Maybe the Arsenal fans over in london should start to express yourselves in a similar way.

  94. kenny smith

    Well looks like you wont have too much trouble picking le chump this week…. only two to pick from

    Manuel Almunia and Gael Clichy!!!!!!!!!

  95. gnarleygeorge9


    Arsene wenger needs to take blame. You are right, he shouldn’t go but he must start to accept that he is accountable like everyone.

  96. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Geoff / Pedro…….load up the trailer fellas

    …is it a case of us pissing all over teams, scoring a goal or two..missing dozens more chances and then backing off once we get a goal or two lead? Thats when we look vunerable…we totally dominate teams and look unstoppable…then we score one or two and the bombardment ceases. Its been said on hear before…attack is possible our best form of defence? I dunno…..fuck it anyways.

  97. kelsey

    No team aspiring to win the league,let alone qualify for CL should let a 4-2 advantage with literally minutes to go end up drawing.Two excellent goals by Bentley and Jenas,but however good the subs were used at West Ham,the opposite applied last night.RVP was on fire in the second half,and don’t tell me that Walcott can only play 70 minutes at his tender age.We all know our defending is to say the least suspect(having not strengthened in the summer)so the decision to take off 2 strikers with average defensive players,misfired yet again,and though late in the game an opportunity was given to spurs which they duely took.Nothing to do with the appointment of Harry.I am no lover of Adebayor since his comments during the summer,but a striker on near enough 1000K a minute needs to be clinical,which he certainly isn’t.Concedeing 4 goals at home to a team bottom of the league only outlines our frailities,and Spurs will gain a huge momentum from the result,though i will add that Almunia definitely didn’t have one of his better games,and Gomes appears to be worse than Robinson.A great game for the neutrals,but for an Arsenal fan a need for blockers,beta blockers.Mr.Wenger just admit that you have under estimated the quality of the squad.

  98. MorrowsBrokenArm


    im with 100%. he’s frustrating all hell out of me…i can’t figure what team he’s going to put out one week to the next, and where he may, or may not play certain players. Eboue (who i back) as we all know is no RW…..STOP IT! Theo was causing enough threat…leave him be. He’s 19, a 20 minute rest is not needed…let him run and run.

    AW also said he bough RVP off because he wanted more height on to defend corners? wtf, RVP aint no midget…gotta be bigger than Song eh?

    to be honest, i don’t see AW changing any of this though? thats what kills me…..he can’t seem to acknoledge that anything is wrong? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  99. gnarleygeorge9


    More height???? he didn’t even have JD20 on the bench. He has got to admit it he fucked up, & no amount of back peddling will hide the fact. Come on Wenger be a man, admit it, so we can all get on with it.

  100. MorrowsBrokenArm

    I also think Vela should be looking at an opening now…Nasri has been pretty quiet of late…..i’d like to see AW showing his first team players that there are players right behind them ready to jump in…..I think Vela LW against Stoke would livin things up a little ( i realise a lot of you want to see him upfront) but he’d do a job LW as well….or at least throw him upfront with RVP. Just think one or three players need a kick in the arse.

  101. Seb

    The trouble with Wenger is that he loves beautiful football too much to ever really get mad about a performance like last night. You could see it in the post match interview, he wasn’t fuming like he was after Hull, because last night we’d scored 4 and made more chances. He really does need someone in the club who works on the players mentally, who can actually get into their heads and keep them switched on for the full 90. And also to make the defenders realise that clever passing is sometimes best left to the players in front of them – sometimes row Z is the best option.

    Sacking Wenger is not the answer, the team are 75% there imo, but the last piece of the puzzle is probably going to have to come from either additional coaching staff or a figurehead signing in January to shake off this complacent mentality.

  102. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Is JD injured? it should at least be on the bench. We’ve combo’d silv, Gallas, Kolo…and i still say all are decent CB…..but whatever the combo has been it has been far from perfect…so why not give JD a crack…..this is where it gets frustrating as all fuck…..its just the same players used in constant rotation…..give Diaby a crack as well…..but he wont play Diaby in Mid…he’ll play him as a winger…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…so annoyed….I work with Dr John Mayhew, the Warriors club Doctor….he asked me about the game this arvo (knowing full well) and i told him to go fuck himself……may have to appoogise tomorrow! I’m gonna blame AW for that as well…im sure he’ll understand.

  103. Keyser

    He was fuming when he went to shake Redknapp’s hand, I think he was more rsigned in the end and thinking about what he’s got to get the team to do to stop making such costly mistakes.

    That has to be the oddest game ever, the slightest mistake weas punished in the extreme, I think we need more violence, if they were leading by two goals they would’ve been kicking us all over the park.

  104. kenny smith

    i cant believe people are actually blaming wenger for this!!!!! It was fuck ups from Almunia and clichy that did us and all wenger can do is pick the team and evryone would have had almunia and clichy in their starting lineups!!!

  105. Seb

    We constantly play these little 6v6 or 8v8 games in training, which are obviously with the intention of making the whole team better on the ball. I wonder if it’s doing the defenders any good though.

    We need to start having 6v6 ‘get rid’ games, where the aim is to keep the ball away from your goal for as long as possible -.-

  106. MorrowsBrokenArm

    ….a player like JD must start thinking “im never gonna get a crack”….you start thinking that then you gotta start thinking i want to go somewhere where i can play each week…fuck never even getting near the bench.

    Vela too…..lets start giving them a sniff….because what we’re doing right now is not working….like Seb says….were part of the way there…some weeks great even…but week in week out we just aren’t looking formidable. will we once these lads play…? who knows…..but we wont know unless we show some balls and make one or two changes.

  107. Evo in Oz

    anyone still alive after the game? im glad i had meetings all day to take my mind off it, otherwise i would have been drowning in a well of sorrow

  108. gnarleygeorge9


    The importance of keeping your head for 90 minutes plus time on is wenger/managements job. David Pleat said on Fox 2 that when it was 4-2 spurs players looked tired. Wenger is to blame, coz he dropped his guard.

  109. gnarleygeorge9

    Wenger appears to have as much idea on defense as Labor Parties have on economic management. Fuck all 🙂

  110. Evo in Oz

    some of the goals were freaks of nature out of the ordinary, but we definitely became complacent.

    When we were up 4-2 Bendtner and Vela should have come on, or at least 1 of the 2. Not Eboue and Song….

    Go for the jugular i say, which we never do!

  111. gnarleygeorge9

    Evo I take your point, & a valid one at that, but when you are 4-2 up with 3 minutes to go you should not drop points.

  112. Keyser

    Come on dude, you send the subs on with a job to do, it’s up to them to do it, was he supposed to say Clichy you plum don’t fucking slip otherwise Jenas will run off with the ball and curl it in without anyone closing him down.

    Or Cesc you idiot, how the fuck could you deflect modric’s shot onto the post at such an angle that it rebounded into Lennon’s path making sure he was onside to bury it, don’t do it !!

    Those mistakes were odd in the extreme, I’ve never seen that before happen to us.

  113. Franchise

    Kenny you dont make substitutions just cos u think u have too. That is why u have to blame wenger. It seems outsiders like us who only see the games know more about his players than he does. If u gonna make a sub at 4-2 make sure the players coming in know what they have to do. Why couldn’t he guve instructions from the bench to run the clock. He then has the guts to blame the inexperience of a team he assembled. The guy is becoming a serious joke. I remember after the Fener game I was on here moaning about our lack of defensive awareness and I got slaughtered by a lot of grovers (u know urselves) saying that we won 5-2 and I shld not be to critical. Well, what do u guys have to say now. If Fener took their chances the scoreline wld have been so much similar to last night