Arsenal’s problem? We need more Songs!

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I’ll bet you didn’t expect me to be saying that did you? Has Alexandre Song got brothers? No chance, let me explain.

Partrick Vieira was in the Sun yesterday saying that he loves the Arsenal, and one of the reasons was listening to 50,000 fans singing ‘Vieira whoooooh, Vieira whoooooooh, he comes from Senegal, he plays for Arsenal, Vieira whoooooooooh’ you get the drift.

I, having read the said article started humming it, as I’m sure you are doing right now, it’s pretty infectious and that’s what I think the problem at Arsenal is, we have no real player songs to sing and they used to get the whole stadium going, remember ‘Bergkamp wonderland’ ‘Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry’ ‘Super, super bob’ ‘We love you Freddie cos you’ve got read hair’ and ‘Where’s your captain gone’ they were all crackers.

I can only think of two right now, ‘We got Cesc Fabregas’ and ‘Adebayor give him the ball and he will score’

Hardly inspiring is it? Perhaps our songwriters ought to get some new songs for our new players and that will get the stadium singing, I heard ‘One Arsene Wenger’ belting out at West Ham, but I think that was more as a reaction to his comments.

I can remember winning the FA Cup against the Chavs and the crowd stayed for an hour after singing ‘We love you Freddie’ I could barely speak that evening, well that may have been the alcohol, but we were going for it!

Not a great deal of news out there, but great to hear Robin and Theo bigging themselves up for the kicking teams, I expect the Spuds to run around like headless chickens tomorrow but they won’t have their centre halfs as they’re suspended, they will have King though, but I remember the last time we played the spuds and their new managers first game was us at Old Trafford, that day that man was Hoddle and their talisman centre back was Sol Campbell, a parlour tackle sorted him out and we stuffed them 2-1 to be honest it should have been 10.

I flew to Manchester on a Jumbo jet that day, imagine that, a jumbo jet, what a great day, I see tomorrow’s game like that and I think we’ll wallop them, you don’t become a good team overnight, and they are not a good team.

Pedro asked me to tell you we have two club level tickets for the Spurs game so the first to email in will be put you in touch with the ticket holder.

Have a great day today Grovers, tomorrows the big one!

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  1. Marv tha' gooner

    Ok A song I made for king Kolo….Sung to “thats Amore” by dean martin

    He is gifted and black and he plays centre back, KOLO TOURE!!

    He is quick and he’s strong and he’ll run all day long, KOLO TOURE!!

  2. ethangunner

    Well i think the over all consensus is the ground affects the atmosphere of the fans …
    It doesn’t help that you cannot bring in a lyrics board or sign to sing along too either !
    And if you dont believe that angle most of our players are young and unproven and not worth singing songs about ….

    You have to be a hero to have a song sang about you ! And i dont think we have enough class
    for a long enough sustained period for most players to qualify !

    ‘we will rock you ‘always worked in basketball ! and is a song that most people know !
    it doesn’t take long for people to change the lyrics either !
    Id prefer something more original but with the architectural nature of the ground it seems the consensus is that people are too spread out to interact and get things going !

    maybe wenger should consider how the setup of the seating etc.. affects the fans noise prior to complaining about the lack of fans support !

    also maybe he should tighten up his own tactics and refine his players positions ,including subing correctly prior to opening his mouth in future !

    Because if i sold all of our heroes in the past 3 years … changed all the seating
    etc … i think it would be pretty obvious that your not going to get the same atmosphere as highbury, you cannot take flags in or signs in the ground , you have a blaring dj , its just not designed anymore for fans to enjoy themselves !…

    well all i can say is i make enough fuckin noise from my media room , and i blame arsene for not being there too hear it !

  3. Dave

    Walcott by Vampire Weekend.

    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
    la la la la la la la la la la la la
    Walcott, scores his goals for the arse-nal
    scores for fun for the ars-e-nal
    ars-e-nal again
    Walcott, hates the scum and uni-ted
    skins defenders like noth-ing
    faster than a speeding train
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

  4. Keyser

    Ethan – Have you been able to look at the video of the AGM meeting perchance ? I think it’s on Arsenal TV if you get a chance dude,

    I don’t really think Wenger was complaining, but if we have a young team who is unproven though full or promise they need that extra bit of support at times when they look a bit shaky, in essence our support.

    It doesn’t have to be songs about heroes, just raise the atmosphere a bit urge them on, Wenger talked of the game against Everton, we were quiet from the start even quieter when we conceded but after the break and pretty much as soon as Nasri scored the whole stadium’s volume raised quite a bit.

    If you get a chance to watch the Everton game again even on TV you can hear the Arsenal sing out and even watching later on TV it sounds loud and makes you feel proud, that’s all we have to do, maybe the players should be getting us up on our feet but it works both ways and it can’t hurt to give thme a bit of extra support if they need it.

    It worked against Everton quite well.

  5. ethangunner

    well you said it right there …

    the fans reacted when nasri scored !
    the fans need inspiration ..

    No point to sing about ade or RVP if they are not providing the fans with some fuel to cheer about..
    people arent going to sing about eboue or song .. they havent done enough for the fans to rate them.

    Theo maybe … theo can inspire !
    even ade from the bench can inspire fans , ( he doesnt inspire me as he is not consistent enough)

    however most of you are easier to please than myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ethangunner

    you could sing all day about nicky butt , but it wont turn him into ronaldo !

    with the changing times and the ground being what it is LARGER , it makes the lout factor dissipate .
    not saying all the beer swilling louts are the only singers , but with all the high % of season ticket holders and people respecting there AREA week in ,week out , your going to see a more sterile atmosphere .. People have to show there faces next week ! they cant do a BEER MEXICAN WAVE
    or shout out rude (yet funny) comments …

    People need heroes ! that unites people !

  7. Keyser

    So do the players, LoL, it works both ways, we were still drawing after Nasri scored but the crowd was alot more boisterous and the players fed off that, so there’s a few points to encourage the team for.

    3 each game to be exact.

    LoL what would please you ? You seem to be a pessimist, i’m more of an optimist, so it’s not about pleasing me,it’s about me putting something in to get something out, there’s no point being completely blase about a team unless they win something.

  8. samui gooner

    re earlier comments about great headers of the ball any one remember GEFF STRONG who played alongside JOE BAKER nearly all of his goals came from headers, what a pair of strikers use to get 50 – to 60 goals a season only trouble was our defence use to let just as many in;
    About the wonder of you I think a great song every time I here it I think of the boys waiting to come out

  9. ikon

    i kinda dont wanna think about whether its right to sing or not…

    better its noisy than gloomy ๐Ÿ˜€

    14 hrs to go… cant wait

  10. ethangunner

    what would please you ? you ask ?????

    an EPL title !
    the boss taking each game as it comes ….
    instead of thinking C.L ,& resting players which hinders us on both fronts …
    take each game as it comes … get a few experienced players in for the youth to learn from …
    and more importantly tighten up certain areas..

    keyser , you wouldnt want to go learn a new trade or career and find that your teacher is the same age as you and knows almost the same skills as you,would you ? the team needs heroes – leaders – experience . you will see it this month V chevski – man U .. and even maybe tonight!
    because something tells me harry and the spuds are saving there best game of the year for us !

    wenger can only do so much ,he lacks the training staff …
    people claim the right mix is a mixture of youth and experience .
    they are the teams that win things!!!!!!!!! .. ones with a good balance !

    playing alone doesn’t get you experience, well it does , but not at the same speed as pooling from an experienced veteran within the team …

    Also i will say keyer what have you looked forward too over the past 4 years ?
    theres nothing to be OVER the MOON about is there ?

    Almost winning the C.L whilst we still had TH14 ?
    Leading the race early last season with the best midfeild unit in the EPL ?
    then losing all of them just about next season ?

    wenger making more and more errors as time goes on ?
    the continual selling of all our class players and then the frustration of the dead time whilst we train more up ? only to sell them and repeat the process ?

    be optimistic all you want .. but that will not return the days of glory ..

    something needs to be done ! we can never compete with chevski .. man U … even liverpool
    they get more established top draw talent .. then refine them !

    we gamble too much on young players , we accept average joe blows into our starting line up .
    too many players are injury prone …

    but all im currently saying is wenger shouldn’t abuse the fans when he is responsible for
    the team ..

    like i said no one is going to cheer eboue’s name or song’s .. and there’s a reason for it ..
    they are sub standard .. and we are in the top tier of football .. this isn’t a training match
    or blue square south/north

    its football on the biggest stage around … the EPL !

  11. Keyser

    Ethan – I think he does take each game as it comes to an extent, but to not think about the future or using all of the knowledge he has at his disposal concerning the squad and indivdual players he wouldn’t be doing his job properly.

    Yes expierenced payers can help but then growing as a team together and learning from each other can work aswell, if the talent is there in the team in the first place.

    If you’re given the tools and knowledge to deal with this new career in the first place you don’t necessarily have to worry about being taught later on, look at Wilshere, he’s not the biggest or the quickest but he’s been taught well to use his other strenghs to compensate for his weaknesses. It can come with common sense and good decision making.

    I’m worried about tonight simply because Tottenham are a good team, same with Chelsea and United, there’s a tingle in me in anticipation and it feels good albeit making me slightly nervous aswell.

    Heroes and leaders can be made, there’s players in the team that will have learnt from last year and will hopefully use it this year, you can be told about someone’s experiences all you like but until you’ve experienced them yourself you won’t gain half of what you could’ve.

    It’s like a teacher walking you through an equation on a whiteboard, you may understand it, but until you put it into practise you won’t fully comprehend it. I’ll never think like that, what’s the point in giving up before you’ve even tried, or relying on someone’s else’s thoughts to count for your own experiences.

    This is a new season same as every season, and every season I walk into it with the same optimism, because it’s something I don’t have any control over, if I’m playing football and someone tells me they’re bigger stronger and quicker than you, i’ll take it on board but I’ll accept the challenge anyway because until I’ve given my all and failed it means nothing to me. If I fail, I get back up work out where I went wrong and try again.

    Being optimistic might not return the days of glory LoL, but neither will being completely pessimistic, we didn’t win the Champions League but we came damn close and there was enough there to think that we could’ve done it, we may not have won the league but then we were only 4 points off.

    You have to be able to list all the positives aswell as the negatives to get any sort of balance and realism.

    What’s the point in depressing yourself thinking of negatives when I can remember moments of sheer brilliance like Van persie’s goal against Charlton, or Walcott’s run against Liverpool those memories will stay long in my memory, just like watching Messi match Maradona’s amazing run.

    I don’t think Wenger’s abused anyone and there’s a whole lot more to consider than what you’ve laid out.

    Can you see no progress at all ? No reasons to be cheerful ? I mean do you seriously and I mean hand on heart think we didn’t compete with Chelsea, Liverpool or United last season ?!

  12. kenny smith

    lol i dunno how much the sun has taken fabregas comments out of context he was probably asked and was just having a laugh

  13. Evo in Oz

    gday all,

    the excitement is building. My concentration level at work today was virtually zero, all i couldnt think about was beating the spuds in the morning!

    im PUMPED!

  14. Big Raddy


    Hope we come out of the blocks fast tonight. Unlike WHU.

    The atmos. will be electric tonight, so the lads should feel the passion

  15. Geoff

    Bale got a straight red as did Dawson, I thought that meant they were both out tonight, not sure about King either.

    Morning all!

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    Arsene & the players should do their talking on the pitch. That sort of talk will only only stiffen spuds resolve.

    ……from memory, we struggled to score against Pompy both times last campaign so Harry Hotspur will rekon he has a chance.

    But in saying all that, we should belt the shit out of them ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. Harris

    How about something with Carlos Vela and Rihanna – Umbrella?

    He’s Carlos vela-ela-ela-e-e-e
    so forth

    I just can’t think of something.