Ade deals out the hammer blow… but do you forgive him?

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We threw everything at them bar the Adebayor… then we did… and the boy made it happen!

Yesterday was an exercise in patience and discipline and I think we did very well. West Ham had a few decent chances and held their own for a lot of the game, but for me… the big players stood up and were counted and there were a few very promising performances from our younger more inexperienced players.

This was the line-up:


Eboue Gallas Silvestre Clichy

Theo Song Cesc Nasri

RvP Bendtner

The big questions I had were these:

Could Song impose himself on the centre midfield

Could Nikki B take his chance?

How would Gallas play next to a bruiser?

Well, I’ll let you know in the player ratings:

Almunia: Pulled off a string of top saves again. The best of the bunch was when Bellamy raced through on goal, big Al came out, made himself big and managed to get a leg on the shot and turned it over the bar. He also made the most of a top corner bound shot in the first half. Almunia is a top keeper these days and no one can deny that (How about Capello?). 8

Eboue: His passing left a lot to be desired, but when you leave him at right back, it doesn’t matter too much. He is reasnobly solid and he does a good stand in job for Sagna. 7

Gallas: I was really impressed by the Captain today. He made some great tackles and he marshalled the defence quite well. Ok, so West Ham had a few chances but at the end of the day that is going to happen in an attack minded team. 8

Silvestre: A big improvement on the last game, but then again he was playing with a real centre back. I thought he looked solid and he did well in the air. It is almost reassuring having him in the box for set pieces. He doesn’t play Wengerball… but that is what we need at the moment. No nonsense defending. 7.5

Clichy: Not his best performance in yellow, but adequate enough. I’d love him to get a decent cross on him… I am sure it will come and when it does, he’ll be even more of a threat going forward. 6.5

Theo: Who stole Theo Walcott and replaced him with powerful winger? I want to know so I can shake their hand! Theo was tenacious, strong and a constant threat today. He hit the bar early on with a rasping toe poke, then he forced a couple of good saves out of Green. Theo was all over the park today and he is really beginning to repay the faith Wenger has in him. My favourite part of this game today was when he tussled with a West Ham player for about 20 yards, dispossessed him then carried on into the box to set up a chance… most of us in the pub thought it was Song or Gallas. Super performance. 8

Song: I was very pleased with him performance today. He quietly went about his job just sitting deep of Cesc. It was an understated performance much in the same way Berto used to play, but don’t take anything away from him… he was pretty good today. I wonder if that spells the end of Denilson in that role this year? I wonder if Diaby is only good for the 4-5-1? 7.5

Cesc: I’m not sure I have too many memories of Cesc today, he was a but quiet compared to his normal self. He also played a bit deeper than he normally would. Maybe taking on more responsibility for the team is adversly affecting his attacking game psychologically? 7

Nasri: A very quiet performance considering what he has been doing over the last few months. He is only 21 so expecting Pires type performances on a regular basis is probably asking a bit much. He was subbed late for Diaby. 6

RvP: Hit the post with a superbly struck freekick. He also forced a few decent saves out of Green (Who had is customary stormer against us). Nothing really dropped for him tonight, but he is still fit and he is still performing. 7

Nikki: He worked very hard for the team often going deep to pick up the ball. He also made Green look good on a number of occasions and overall I’d say he did his reputation no harm. He is certainly going to be a more Bergkamp type of player than a straight Ade replacement. It is also worth mentioning that it was Nikki who leathered the 50 yard pass to Ade for his goal… an amazing pass by anyone’s standards. 7.5


Adebayor: Came on with about 25 minutes to spare and changed the game almost immediately. His power and pace put the Hammers on the back foot straight away and it wasn’t long before the deadlock was broken. He weaved his way through the West ham defence and fired across goal… Faubert panicked and knocked it in. Ade then found himself in another good position, his shot was well saved by Green and Ade missed the open goal. Finally, Arsenal broke from a through ball, Ade raced onto it… rounded the keeper and slotted home for the winner!

Do you forgive him? I do… he has done his part to regain my love. 9

Diaby: I can’t really remember too much of him. 6

A great win for the boys and a game we could ill afford to draw. I thought it was great that we had players to come off the bench who could change the game and I thought the stand ins did ok. It was also nice to see Wenger make subs early in the game.

The great news is the chavs lost their home record to Liverpool, the Mancs drew and we look like we’re in a pretty good position.

Next up… the Spuds!

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  1. Geoff

    You’re arguing now, you made your point and the you kept on making it, we run this site for fun, not to row. Come back when you want to have some fun.

  2. Franchise

    Guys was I the only one impressed with Bendtner ystdy. I think he is our best link up striker. He seems to play well with irrespective of whom he partners. I must say I was impressed by the 4-5-1 we employed when Ade and Diaby came on. Expect to see it more




    Theo/Van Persie/Ed——————————-Bendtner/Nasri/Rosicky


  3. bergkamp

    lol geoff yes sir…….let me apologise to everyone,i feel like how pv4 felt after spittin on ruddock,give me a second chance folks,i agree iv got a soft spot for my fellow countryman song,its only right he should play for the greatest football club in the universe ,haile sellaise 2nd chance

  4. ethangunner

    dont you think that ade looks good because of the service others give him ?
    He is a camper … not particularly good in the air considering he TOWERS over everyone else ..
    has poor pitch awareness that generates more offsides more than legit chances per game ..
    Usually cannot score outside the 6 yard box ! ( apart from last night ! good strike !!! )
    Needs to be dropped before the guy can muster enough gusto to show the crowd what he is capible of ! making him very very inconsistent !

    and i think he was equal with torres on goals ! and torres thru injury appeared less ?!
    And as far as torres V ade i think we know who the obvious winner is !

    I have been following david villa this season for Valencia ! fuck he is truly awesome !

    you cannot tell me that we wouldn’t benefit more from a striker of that caliber ?!

  5. Franchise

    Thats probably the best way to make up for the frailty of our midfield. Bendtner looked good drifting in from the left, VP from the right, Diaby and Cesc dictating the play from the middle. We looked to be a massive threat from set pieces cos the pint sized wide guys (no offence to Theo and Nasri) came off

  6. bergkamp

    i like david villa but ade is our best defender on set pieces,ade & villa would be amazin , i think rvp is the striker under pressure if there is one at arsenal

  7. dennisdamenace

    Anti Africa!! Fucking behave!! It’s anti shite we’re debating, and shite is everywhere INCLUDING Africa………

  8. Franchise

    Ethan lets discuss football pls enough of players bashing we have just won our third game in a row. All our players bar Rosicky and Eddie are fit. Wenger’s tactics are getting more effective. Gone are the days when we only used to have a plan A. We need Ade to continue his habit of scoring against the Yids so lets talk of the challenge ahead rather than berate our players. Please

  9. Sparrow

    lol @ “don’t call me dude”, reminds me of the film Barb Wire when Pammy got pissed off when people called her “babe”

  10. goonermichael

    Someone said “you’ve got more chance of finding rocking horse shit” I prefer my dear old dad’s “you’ve got more chance of catching a dose off the queen” saying

  11. gazzap

    I love Aaron Ramsey too. In a strictly football sense you understand. he will be the dogs bollox , mark my words. be good to test out whether he and cesc could play together but I fear it would be a but like cesc and den. not quite enough defensiveness about them.

  12. ikon

    Ade gave us our first victory at uptown in 8 years!!!

    now i believe we can win things!

    Ramsey will come good alongside, i just have a cescy feeling about it 😀

  13. MM

    Any one herd any news Rosicky? would be good to see him back. would take a bit of pressure of Nasri and Theo having to preform every game.

  14. kelsey

    Freddie’s got 3 million to leave the hammers and is off to play soccer in the states.

    sorry i just can’t read about song anymore.

  15. finestcuts

    I’m surprised leaving Adebayor on the bench is a major story, there has to be rotation to keep the team fresh. The problem with rotation at Arsenal is, sometimes it’s done when it’s unnecessary, such as replacing Toure with Djourou, and as Wenger states, Adebayor has been over-used, he should have been rotated earlier in the season.

    This game proved that you need quality on the bench as well to boost the final third, this time Adebayor made an impact. Nobody should have a reserved position on the team, if form or energy levels call for rotation, do it.

  16. London

    Good Post as usual Pedro; it is a pleasure reading comments from someone who understands football.

    gazzap your post at 10.50 spot on.

    I don’t have much to say today; I have done the Song stuff. It’s good to see our defence looking solid again. Although I just want to acknowledge what I thought was the best comment on the blog yesterday. “Song is a marmite player, you either love him or hate him” Paulinho. Top drawer.

    I loved that interview with Ade after the game: the subject turned to the Wednesday game and the devilish look that appeared on his face was brilliant. That man loves scoring against the spuds.

  17. Pedro

    Hey guys, sorry about the down time today… wordpress had some sort of server attack, and we suffered the consequences!

    Cheers London!

    I’m looking forward to an Ade hat trick on Wednesday night… someone said to me that they were worried becuase wins normally come in sequences… hopefully Harry isn’t that good and we don’t play complacently.

    Just incase anyone on here is interested, I have 4 tickets available in club level for the game on Wednesday… e-mail me if you are interested.

  18. Geoff

    Oh thanks London, it seems to me that I am the only person that understands football, not Pedro, he gave Song a 7.5 and he likes David Beckham, me, me, me please!

  19. ikon

    ahh geoff, my bad… i think that was the only time we won in the last 8 seasons at upton.

    still a valuable victory as valuable as the point against sunderland.

  20. kelsey

    Once again, Arsene is linked with a move for this Barcelona midfielder and apparently, they have not been given the all-clear to approach the target. This could well be very good news for the north London club!

    This is from caught offside.

    Does it make sense to anyone.

  21. Geoff

    Ikon I’ll take them anyway they come mate, we’re learning to win ugly! I’m off out now for a bit, catch you all later.

  22. jimmyfingers

    Been trying to post all day! seen this from Redknapp:

    “The 61-year-old also told talkSPORT that Tony Adams wouldn’t be joining him at Spurs.

    He said: “Definitely not. He’s an Arsenal man and doesn’t like Tottenham so he won’t be coming.” ”

    Good job Tone, keep the faith

    Also it seems Redknapp, and all his mastery of the trasnfer market, is just going to buy all his old players from Portsmouth; Diarra, Defoe, Distin, Crouch, Johnson. Lazy cunt. The spuds are gonna spend big come January, but hopefully still go down. lets hope we can deflate the new found optimism on Wednesday with a thumping

  23. avenell

    All I know Kelsey is Arsenal are interested in signing Yaya for £8 million but he wants £50,000 a week and Arsene is trying to knock him down a bit.

    I still don’t understand why we didn’t do a deal against Hleb, unless Yaya is unhappy at not getting many starts recently..

  24. Trinidad_Gunner

    A few months after his parents were divorced, Little Johnny passed by his mom’s bedroom and saw her rubbing her body and moaning, “I need a man, I need a man!”
    Over the next couple of months, he saw her doing this several times.

    One day, he came home from school and heard her moaning. When he peeked into her bedroom, he saw a man on top of her.

    Little Johnny ran into his room, took off his clothes, threw himself on his bed, started stroking himself, and moaning, “Ohh, I need a bike! I need a bike!”

  25. Trinidad_Gunner

    Avenell, where did you read that about 50,000. We were offering Flamini more than that. And 8 Mil? Sounds cheap.

  26. Keyser

    It’s probably the usual rubbish Barcelona are flying at the moment and why wouldn’t he be happy ? He is playing quite a bit.

    The AGM meeting is on ArsenalTV right now, don’t know if it’s been on before but it shoud clear any points people have been confused about before.

  27. blazon

    if you’re bored with Song, consider this…


    CAN SHOOT being defined as the ability to hit a moving ball in open play outside the penalty area in such a manner that MORE THAN 50% of the attempts are :-

    a) timed right, i.e. the ball is struck hard


    b)the elevation of the shot does not exceed the height of the crossbar


    c) the direction of the shot is on the goal or a couple of feet either side…

    all 3 conditions must apply…and for more than 50% of attempts.

    who on Arsenal qualifies?

    certainly not Denilson, not Cesc, not Ade,not Flam…

    who does?

    Theo does, Ramsey does, Gallas/Toure infrequently…

    AND SONG DOES!!!!!

    too many teams can pack their box defending us because they don’t fear our midfielders outside shooting…if they did they would be forced out more to challenge thus opening holes for Cesc etc…

    we need to play all the shooters we can.

  28. Keyser

    These sites need hits, newspapers need stories and people to buy the paper as well, there’s two months till the transfer window what’s the point in even worrying about it.

    I don’t get why people want Yaya Toure soo much, he’s a good player, he’s big and strong and has good ball skills, but Flamini worked because he was extremly mobile and tenacious in a midfield where all four players had those qualities, or ones that complemented each other well.

    If we bought Alonso I still think we’d have to play 3 in midfield, one of the younger players that we’ve been linked with from France would probably be a more realistic option.

  29. Confidentgoner

    against spuds, suggest the ff;


    Sagna Gallas Sylvestre Clichy


    Theo Cesc Diaby

    Bentber Vela

    Subs : Ade , RVP, Ebue, Dennilson, Djoru, Ramsey, Fabianski,

    If we have not scored by half time or if we are down by a goal, then 4-3-3.


    Sagna Gallas Sylvestre Clichy

    Eboue /Song /Dennilson

    Cesc Diaby

    RVP/Ramsey Ade Bentner

  30. London

    Does anyone know if other London clubs have blogs like this one? I have assumed for a long time that every club has their own blog but then a thought crossed my mind: perhaps we are the only London club that analises every minor detail.

  31. ethangunner


    I think this is the only blog that objectively looks at the club like it isnt some mischievous child to ignore during a bad period of its life .. you have certain people that will always be AKB … and make a nuclear winter look like a silver lined picturesque landscape , But the real contributors are the people who realize the issues within the club and try to point out the problem areas within the clubs structure …

    There are certain times when all the AKB dickheads come out and try and say i told you so !
    but then they just crawl back under there rocks when the delusions of beating a down and out Newcastle are over , or a Blackburn who has just recently lost there manager …

    Wengers biggest faults have always been playing players out of position to skimp on
    paying for quality signings .. and currently we are suffering for it as he didn’t replace the
    players we lost with similar quality last season or the season before … and possibly even before that ( th14) (db10) (pv04)

    We are always 1 season away from seriously competing , but holding on to our players
    will always be the biggest problem for wenger ..

    because his good players will always be turning there heads ! and targeted by bigger clubs
    willing to pay more than us !!!

    Winning is the KEY !
    a key that most AKB are not concerned with !
    They pretend like wenger , that running the club at a profit is more important than actually winning shit !

    Tell that to a player trophy cabinet each season !
    (just before they leave us for greener $fields$ with a chance of glory at another club! )

  32. Keyser

    There’s loads of sites out there, it’s better to experience them before deciding upon which point of view is best, some are negative, some positive and some a mixture of both, all clubs analyse every little detail we’re no different from other fans.

    Just reading some of the Tottenham blogs like ‘Harry Hotspur’ would give you a taste of what fans feel after having a much worse start then we have. Kind of funny, but when you realise they’re just fans like yourself it’s enlightening.

    I think people get tired of negativity, I know some fans relish it and love nothing better then to immerse themselves fully in the doom and gloom, looking for the slightest instance where they can jump on a mistake or promote their views.

    It’s like the Anti-AKB where you’re so far removed from the idea that ‘Arsene Knows Best’ you begin to believe ‘Arsene Knows Nothing At All’ and the thing they don’t realise is how tiring it gets for the average fan to read their posts.

    Who could live with such negativity ? It’s reminiscient of the second film of the Lord of the Rings trilogy where King Theoden is poisoned by Grima’s (Wormtongue) manipulation, constantly pointing out flaws and cause for concern, it just gets depressing after a while.

    Yeah it’s good to deal with issues head on and want solutions for them, but not to be completely oblivious of the bigger picture and how these flaws relate in terms of actual achievments.

    Yeah we haven’t had the best of starts and we’ve still to face the other members of the big 4 but any game you play in the premiership is a tough game, one we may be expected to win but people have to accept that any team can beat another if all the right things go for them.

    I think that’s where the problem is when people are soo determined to prove their point of view is the right one that they can’t acknowledge a good win or a good piece of play that others decide they’re going to be equally obstinate in their view and force home their opinion when they get the chance.

    It works both ways and if people could just be a little more balanced you’d avoid these sorts of occurances, listing faults or positves is easy, having a balanced opinion that combines both is a little harder.

  33. ethangunner


    actually it was poor marking by song that led to the alumina save if you ask me !
    but give bendtner a break ! he is only 19 , had little time on the pitch this season
    to feel comfortable there … i think there are better things to come from him ,he needs some time .. YES, currently he is far from perfect , but you can see he has some skills .. and dare i say it for a big man has some of the best skills ive seen for someone his age !


    faults are faults dress them up as you wish , blame individuals for pointing them out .. but you cannot escape that there is no smoke without fire .. If things were all rosy we should clearly be on top of the EPL ladder currently .. fixtures again this season have smiled on us ! we have dropped an unacceptable amount of points so far Vs the competition faced … And it is merely a reflection of events that most fans are grieving about . Poor sub’ing by wenger , poor team selection , not playing your strongest 11 ,bad recruitment pre-season . call it what you will

    none are myths … All are facts …

  34. Keyser

    It’s not about dressing them up is it, they’ll be faults in everything, perfection is a myth.

    That’s how people react as if being attacked, you’ve got people painting a rosy picture and people painting a picture of doom, the truth is somewhere in between.

    It’s never that simple, why is it unacceptable ? If we win the league, will they suddenly become acceptable or will people still moan that we dropped them ?!

    You could say if we don’t win the title this season that, that particular view, will be justified but that’s far too easy as if football should be that easily defined.

    What is our strongest 11 ? Do we know the ins and outs of every member of the team, their level of fitness, their injury record, how they perform in training, were the subs made against West Ham the right ones ? Does that go on the chart of Good Subbing by Wenger ?!

    Look at the Song incident, he’s 10 yards outside the West Ham area and Bendtner plays a dribbly pass that just about reaches him but not before Parker gets a touch on it to deflect it off him, the ball rebounds off Song to another West ham player who plays it back towards Parker.

    It had nothing to do with marking ? Bendtner played the ball without looking to see if anyone was near him.

    Parker manages to play a perfect ball into the path of Bellamy, despite falling off his feet and being caught off balance, Bellamy races past Silvestre, Gallas and even Clichy can’t catch him, yet it’s Song’s fault ?!

    Bendtner was a bit dodgy in the first half but so was everyone else, the second half he upped his game , especially with Adebayor playing alongside him, but then so did the rest of the team.

  35. ikon

    keyser… a few simple questions..

    Is song capable of running around like a mad dog winning the ball back?

    Does he look re assuring himself, so that cesc can leave him to defend when he goes upfront?

    Can cesc completely forget about defending when Song is playing alongside him?

    Is song an answer to counter the quick passing game that we are about to see against the chavs, mancs and villa?

    Is he in any way similar to flamini, who was a perfect fit due to his stamina?, tackling ability? and pace over the whole match?

    A typical CDM would be at least have more than average pace and stamina, song has neither of these two, not to mention, i dont think his slow movement would in anyway help with the timings of his tackles.

    It is to compensate for all these things that he goes forward more often than cesc, and cesc becomes the CDM we are looking for… are we?

  36. Keyser

    First things first, Song is not Flamini, Flamini and Hleb have both left.

    Song has played what 2 games in Central Midfield ? How many games before Fabregas would be able to answer the same sorts of questions, I think he’d wait a little while longer than that.

    It’s pretty obvious that Song isn’t Flamini but then we’ve got Nasri and Walcott on the wings now, would Flamini have been able to accept the same sort of change as readily and still been able to cover them aswell ?! While Nasri works equally as hard in defence and attack can you say the same of Walcott ?!

    He looked pretty good against West Ham, and while they are not the chavs, mancs, or villa, we don’t have to play him their every game do we ? and if he’s not the solution that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a place in the squad does it ?!

    They play 3 in midfield and that seems to be the problem we have to work around this year, Hull tried and it worked as did I think Fulham, West Ham did but we seem to be adapting, Chelsea like to do that aswell as Liverpool, but United seem to have 4-4-2 almost this season.

    As for Song, a midfield 4 with him sitting behind and a lone striker seems the best option and the one that worked best when he played for Cameroon.

  37. Confidentgoner


    Perhaps we should call this week a Song Analysis blog week? The way we are working the issue of Song to death, show we all put our current weakness down to the DM position. The fact is AW did not buy the beast we needed in the summer for the DM position. Why he does not want to play JD there who imo, should play well there, really beats me.

    He has tried Dennilson, who is good going forward without the defensive quality.He clearly does not trust Diaby in that position and he is trying out Song, who we all know does not have much pace but is good defensively and offensively. The boy has good positional awareness but we know where he is lacking.

    The issue for me is why he does not try Djouru in the DM position. Is there a problem with Djouru that we do not know? Probably not. Just the old boy being his stubborn self and sticking to his gut feeling? Personally give me this line up and we will tear apart any prem team


    Sagna Gallas Sylvestre Clichy


    Theo Cesc Diaby

    Bentner Vela

    Res: Fabianski, Ade, Ramsey, Eboue, Nasri, RVP, Toure

  38. ikon

    cameroon do not have a cesc!

    manc, chelsea, pool, mancity, aston villa, spurs,
    6 teams 12 matches we have to play….. which might make or break our season.

    pretty good is not good enough at defensive mid position is it?
    one mistake and our already fragile defense will break 5 out of 10 times.

    I am not doubting his ability to dominate in one v one position, but he has to put himself in a one v one situation to dominate, which i am afraid he is very slow to do so.

    and if he loses possession in our half which he does very often, he has no pace to catch up!

    The thing is , we could have experimented with song from the start of the season and see how it goes… instead arsene played eboue there, he did okay, and i bet he is better in dm position than song!

    Now is NOT the time to do silly experiments…. playing with 4-5-1 is the best option for us, with diaby behind the striker, and denilson or Ramsey alongside Cesc.

    November is when we have to peak, and this is not the right way to go about it..”let him start… lets see what he does….” NO!

    Song is and should be treated as a backup squad player.

  39. ethangunner


    your so quick to defend song .. but how many opportunities has song got recently ? in central defense – he’s been a wing back … he is the new eboue …
    and how many opportunities has bendtner had ?

    Also the truth isnt somewhere in between ! its closer to doom and gloom .. Especially if you gauge arsenal over wengers reign ! up until 3/4 years ago we were never out of the top 2 !!!!
    and those are the facts …

    the truth is 1st and 2nd are acceptable to a club with our history .. i challenge anyone here to dispute it …
    and its not happening …
    Song isnt the answer midfield anymore than bendtner will get ade’s job this season ..
    but all 3 of them aren’t arsenal class ! and there lays the problem !

    We are fooling ourselves if currently we can turn it around ..
    you have to measure us against the likes of chelsea – man U – Liverpool ..
    or internationally valencia – barca – milan – real …

    On a good day we have hope of creating an upset ..,sure … but no pundit would ever pick us as
    odds on favorites against the above names !

    so sound rosy if you have too , but id prefer to remain realistic .. and currently arsenal have several issues hampering our advancement .. if you fail to see it , then there is little i can do to sway you .. But be assured the second they go away , everyone will be talking with an air of optimism ..

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok! So who is next…… mmmm? The Arsenal play the bottom team in the comp, @ home. If The Arsenal loses that, or draws, the management & staff must take a serious look @ themselves.

  41. ethangunner

    personally i think our player problems will sort themselves out in time !
    but we are using the EPL regulation games as a breeding ground ..
    Not viewing it as a winnable competition …
    and frustrating for avid fans !!!!

    the problem will come at the end of the season when maybe song – theo – cesc – vela ..whoever!
    all get recognized as ‘great talent’ by wengers perseverance , and 3 or 4 leave … enticed away by big clubs that win things!

    ( you know to all you AKB fans , it might not be important to you or wenger if we win things or not ! but players WILL leave because of it !!! )

    Then we are back in at square 1 again and ground hog day starts again to the tune of

    “babe.. i got you babe !!!!”

    wenger needs to make all his young players committed and sign them on long term deals and grow a set of red nose’s balls ! and tell them they aint leaving !

    because i can see the few posititives we will get from this season will be quickly disolved into money , and players leaving.
    i usually dont have a problem with the club getting large money for players leaving …
    providing they re-buy ….

    but history shows that with AFC that isn’t a guarantee
    especially the last 2 years !

    So if arsene has the saying’ we dont buy big names, we create them’ ,
    well then ffs hang on to them then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because most smart fans and pundits realize it takes a shit load of time to create them !
    and very little time to buy them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Keyser

    Ikon – So what if Cameroon don’t have Cesc ? What does that mean ? Fabregas has made it clear to progress as a player he needs to work on the defensive side of his game, he can’t have a safety net all the time.

    Also for us to progress as a team we can’t base it completely around one player, so if at some point we have to do without him we will not cease to function completely.

    Come on our fragile defence now ? We’re going to win things if we step up as a team not because of individuals, there will be players that stand out but they won’t always be able to compensate for others mistakes.

    Pretty good is a start and one he can build on, he isn’t very slow, he’s as quick if not quicker then Gilberto, also he loses possession very often ? Come on he’s played there a couple of times and against West ham he was good.

    Song was away with Cameroon at the start of the season, hence the reason for playing Eboue and we lost playing him there ?!

    Also peaking in November ? November is an important month but how many people will agree with peaking in November ?!

    Lastly, he’s probably the best defensive option we have there.

  43. Geoff

    One of the real problems Wenger has is he continues with his new favourite Song, then we face losing 4 first teamers at ACN time and if we buy YaYa that’s half the team.

    Djourou’s natural position is defensive midfied, he’s bigger than Song, he’s stronger than Song, he’s better than Song and we won’t lose him to the ACN.

    I just don’t understand why he’s not playing him???

  44. ikon

    i feel like wenger is overusing the phrase “young squad” way too often.

    It is entirely his responsibility to make winners out of his squad. Trying to find a way around by saying that “he wanted to leave hence “we” cannot do anything about it”… is not going to help.

    Look at fergie’s stance over ronaldo, and our stance over hleb.

    I think he tries to moderate way too often, more bias towards incoming new players(who are risly)(nasri, ramsey, denilson, sylvest, gallas), and ignores the loyal ones (walcott, gilberto, pires, long list).

  45. Keyser

    Ethangunner – I’m soo quick to defend Song ? No, I’m just saying give him a chance just like with Bendtner, they both have good points and bad,

    Look you can think negatively all you want, I’ll look for positives, it’s not doom and gloom, far from it LoL, if you were a Tottenham fan what would you be saying ?! Ask yourself what happened 3/4 years ago, did we suddenly drop out of the top two or did Chelsea raise the bar again.

    We were two points off 2nd and 4 off top last year there’s a challenge and i’ll always accept it, because to give up after 9 games will not win us anything, and if any player thought like that at Arsenal it wouldn’t matter how good they were they’d depress themselves into some sort of alcohol or drug fuelled stupour.

    The measuring bit I don’t get , Valencia ? eh are you serious ? Will we have to face either Valencia or Milan this year ?!

    Forget pundits, we’re fans/ supporters we have our own opinions and I’d rather listen and atch with my own eyes than regurgitate someone elses opinion. LoL your being pessimistic, forget realistic,

    Players leave all the time, we’re still going to go on, we’re not in a transfer window or even at the end of a season so what’s the point in thinking about it ? At the end of the day they leave we’ll get good money for them worst comes to worst we’ll finally spend some of it on bringing in the class we need or you think we need.

  46. Big Raddy


    I have yet to see AW sell a player that I didn’t agree with (apart from Flamini , who is a special case as AW wanted to keep him).

    He is a highly intelligent man (allegedly), and yet his commitment to seeing through his experiment has cost us dear over the past few years. It is a policy that we fans are forced to accept. Thankfully, it brings with it some dazzling football, but also the knowledge that we are not truly competative with the Big Boys

  47. ikon

    Big Raddy,

    Hleb and Flamini both have been sorely missed.

    Gilberto would have been very useful too if we were selling flamini.

    Personally I miss Hleb more than anyone.

  48. Keyser

    Geoff – We did win against West Ham right ? At least it’s something, when is the next African Nations Cup ?!

    Adebayor didn’t go this year, so it’s not always the case, Sometimes teams don’t qualify and half the team ?! Djourou’s been injured, he’s had concussion and you want him to get a sudden run of games in the side in Central Midfield ? Just soo Wenger can experiment some more ?!

    We’ve got the Carling Cup next week and Wigan will be a tough proposition, we’ll see how he does then.

  49. Keyser

    Gilberto was relying on experience last year to get him through games, you could see he was lacking in both pace and stamina whether that was the effects of age or coming back late from International duty we’ll never know, but considering the fact that Wenger let him go I’m guessing it was age.

    We can all sit and marvel in hindsight, we haven’t been miles off the pace and two Cup finals says that we have got somewhere close to winning, sometimes things just don’t go for you and when your that close the difference can be minimal.

  50. ethangunner


    TH14 ?
    you agree with getting rid of him ?
    he had 1 sort of bad injury filled season !?

    the clubs record high scorer ? with a few years left in the tank . and definitely would have been good years had he remained with us !
    I dont buy into this bollocks of he needed to move on ! or out grew the club ..
    we have several players like gallas etc.. that still stayed …
    and they have more of a reason to leave than TH !


    if you agreed with getting rid of them , even bert … im sorry i just cant understand your mind set ?

  51. London

    We have seen Song play DM and to many of us he is by far a better option than Denilson (at the moment) but I must admit I’m curious to see if Djourou can play DM.

    If we we beat fenerbache in the home leg we will quailify; after which, I would’nt be surprised to see Djourou play the remander of the games which should be his platform to make a CB or the DM position his own for good.

    I am sceptical as to whether he will be given the chance to play DM; Wenger has obviously got him penciled in as Gallas’s replacement.

  52. Keyser

    Ethan – Wenger obviously knows a lot more about the state of his injury then all of us, a season before he was being touted at 30 million, one injury plagued season later and it’s down to 16 million, plenty of people have mentioned how it’s a stress related injury and there is a difference between the amount of stress that is placed on the body between the Premiership and La Liga.

    The same with Pires and Gilberto, all those trainers and physios we have must be doing something, Pires at Villerareal’s showing form, but even they have to take him before the end of the game to save the state of his knees, like at the weekend where they were completely dominating, toom him and Cazlora off and ended up drawing against a 10 man Athletico side.

  53. ikon

    The economics that wenger has in his mind takes over logistics most of the time, the simple logic that you need a few mentors to fasten your young players development to a starting place.

    I cannot imagine anything other than money to be getting rid of such loyal players…

    Pires is doing fine, and would have done great to help the younger ones out esp Walcott and Nasri.

    Look at Campbell, is he doing bad? Would we be still moaning about our defense if we had him?

  54. Big Raddy

    Ethan. Yes I did.

    Look at TH’s last season at Barca. And this. Is he the player we knew and loved?

    I know your opinions about ‘our friend Ade’, but AW must have felt that with the signing of Eduardo, we had enough upfront without our Primadonna. And I agreed with him

    Having said that I was absolutely gutted when he left, because he was head and shoulders the best player I have seen in the red & white (and that includes DB10)

    As to RP, the same applies. Great player but on the slide.

    Of course, it is virtually impossible to replace true genius (and they both had it) but AW was right to sell them . IMHO

    And we neither of us understand one anothers mind set 🙂

  55. Keyser

    Ikon – Don’t you think that’s a bit too easy ? Pires, Gilberto and Henry probably all had their own reasons for leaving, and they probably discussed all the options with Wenger aswell.

    If they wanted to stay they would’ve, if Pires wanted to bring the kids on in he would’ve, same with Henry, I doubt Wenger forced them out anyless than I think they would’ve stayed to help the kids through.

  56. ikon

    keyser if we dont win enough in november, we wont be needing to win many after!!

    Cesc is a special player and has few shortcomings which if he tries to overcome will moderate his beautiful side of the game.

    Does he seem like he can work his magic with both offense and defense, who will pull the strings as consistently as him then?

    Why should we try to improve the weak games of each player in the squad and not build upon what we have which is the easier option?

    Did I say Cameroon do not have a cesc… sry… no one has a cesc… we do… !
    and if we keep going like this, we will be left with the average squad that even villa has.

    I mean we all have seen how our squad performs without cesc in it, precisely the reason why cesc plays 90 minutes almost every match even if we are winning 2-0.

  57. Keyser

    Ikon – Yeah we will, we’ll have to win more after dude.

    He doesn’t have to do everything, he can share it, thats’ all i’m sayin and what he’s said himself.

    Why should you improve the weak games ? because thats the only way the team will progress, it doesn’t matter if we allow cesc to do what he does bets if we still have the same failings.

    We haven’t seen our squad perform regularly without Cesc, to bring in someone that plays such a part in a team takes time, but then there’s Merida, Ramsey and others, it’s not the end of the World.

    The New post is up dude, if ya want reply in that.