At least we’ll get Traoré back! Harry what have you done?

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Harry, I can’t believe you went to the Spuds, I really thought you would finish your career at Portsmouth, what a plonker, I really liked you, now I’ll have to learn to dislike you, what a shame. Harry said it gives him a chance to manage a really big club before he retired, Harry, Tottenham are not a big club!

No doubt the first signing will be Diarra but on the plus side we’ll get Traore back and that has to be good news, a real left back, back in the fold.

Let’s just hope that the spuds don’t get the new manager boost and start playing well, I really fancied us to stick 6 past them, to be honest, you don’t become a bad team overnight so on that basis they won’t become a good team overnight either.

Harry’s parting shot was to recommend big Tone for the job and that I see as a good thing, we’ll find out what he’s got now.

Ok, onto today, the Mancs did part one by not beating our whipping boys Everton, We need Liverpool to do the chavs today for part two and then we’ll hammer the hammers this afternoon to make the perfect weekend, I think it could be a cracker so I’m going for 4-1 to us.

There seems to be a lot of Ya Ya talk but to be honest I don’t think we need him, I would be happy to sign a world class centre back, I think we have enough midfield players.

We had two AKB’s on yesterday which was a surprise as yesterday was Saturday and I was a little contentious, so it shows that there was a lot of people that were as pissed off as we were.

West Ham are a nice club and like to play football so I expect a good flowing game and Noble isn’t playing so it won’t be a dirty game, I can’t see how they can beat us, but then I did say that about Fulham and Hull did I not.

I hope that Bolton stuff the spuds today and soften them up for us to do a real job on them on Wednesday, I also hope that Bentley plays so he can see what could have been.

I hope that Wenger learned something from the fantastic win in Turkey and I hope he plays this team.


Eboue Gallas Djourou Clichy

Theo Cesc Diaby Nasri

Ade Boy Wonder

We can only hope, have a great day, we have a big week coming up.

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  1. ReVELAtion is the best

    on another note… Cesc is playing below par, but it’s more because of a chop and change scenario of partners than anything else…

    You can’t doubt that the boys instrumental to our set up…

  2. ReVELAtion

    League’s shaping up nicely… The scousers luck has been something of a moot point… I suppose that’s what you get when you purchase a leprechaun as a club mascot… Won’t last though….

  3. avenell

    Not bad Rico.. apart from er indoors has the sickness bug, “little un” had it friday, And I’m here doing the house husband bit and waiting for my turn! 😉

  4. morrowsbrokenarm

    You’re correct Rico…plus I’m always nice to the missus.

    I think the Scousers need to be taken seriousley, they look tough to beat this season.

  5. London

    Revelation: “Song was shite” you are allowed to have your own opinion you know, they won’t ban you. The score was 0-2, we did not concede a goal. It is no coincidence that Gallas raised his game playing along side a player of the same age as well as one that he respects. Song did his job: a shield for the defence, enabling Febregas to do his job without worrying about having to track back. Bring on the spuds.

  6. avenell

    Jimmy it’s a good blog if you want a Arsenal bike.. 🙂

    No it is pretty good, but it went down in my opinion of when he started to have a pop at this blog, in the transfer window..

  7. Rasputin

    The bloody bindippers don’t seem to know when they’re beaten, but they have been lucky this season and as Gareth Southgate said yesterday – sooner or later it evens out.

    I don’t expect pool to finish above manure or chelski, I just can’t make my mind up where we will be in the mix!

  8. Confidentgoner

    The reason I blog here is the cyber right of opinion and right to present your argument. I thank Geoff and Pedro for preserving that here , making this the biggest Arsenal if not the biggest footy blog in the www.

    I appreciate why some bloggers will not like Song. Geoff and I have argued over him, I rate him , he doesn’t. Different blogger, different opinions, big deal!He is not yet playing to his full potential and he is not too pacy. He needs games, not blames. Not all good DMs come with pace. Imho, he has enough pace. There should be a great understanding in the team to cover for each other. That is what makes a team. ManU won the double with only one world class player!

    The match today was a tough, physical game. The Ham defenders did very well to literally clip our wing play. I sometimes wonder why they all raise their game when playing Arsenal? But the subs were what the doctor ordered and boy they changed the game. AW, congrts fo reading the game and giving it the right pill. Ade was hungry and we got the best out of him. RVP eventually raised his game and could have scored (nice to see his shots are staying under the bar). It is clear that Bentner has raised his game and his link up play and is chummy with Ade. I would play Ade/Bentner/Diaby in these difficult away games.

  9. rico01

    Right you fine bunch – I have to go now, or I will be in trouble……

    Sleep well, and be safe where ever you all are,

    Nighty Night


  10. Rasputin

    Good point about Ade being hungry Confident. He came on and scored the only goal against the spuds in the infamous 5:1, but didn’t he also nut Bendtner when he came on as a sub. Putting him on the bench and them letting him loose early in the second half certainly seems to get the best out of him

  11. jimmyfingers

    @avenell, its seems the blogsport of choice to have a pop at this site. Reckon because we ain’t been here long and we’re one of the most popular.

    I say we in the collective sense of course. Ain’t my blog

    It’s everyone’s, unless of course you disagree with us

  12. ReVELAtion

    London, maybe i always need something to complain about….

    Current topic of complaint: Song!

    It’s not like we lost and i still find something to complain about….

    Could be worse, could be juande or the portsmouth fans…

    What is Redknapp doing? a big club? He’s most certainly taking something non-recreational…

  13. Ja_Gunner

    Alot of ppl on here are slating Song.
    I have to admit his past performances may have cast a bad impresson.

    However I thought he was one of the better players today and he showed that he is much better than Denilson in the DM role.

    This was his first game in the DM position in the league….and it was by far his best game. Iin other games he played the playmaker role(Fab role)..he also playd CB and RB but if this game is any indication DM is his best role and he is better than Denilson at it…becaause

    1. He is more defensive minded
    2. He is alot stronger
    3. He tackles back moree

    only thing is he lacks pace.

    It does not make sense to complain as we cant add until January so lets see what he can do with a run of games the DM position,

    I rate Diaby but i dont think he is defensive minded enough for that job.

    Also today Fab looked tired. He either wanted to play deeper, or he just did not have the energy/desire to go forward.

    Most ppl blamed Fab;s poor play on Denilson…well Denilson did not play so what is the excuse now….

    I know that ppl will say Hleb and Flamini made him play better …but they are gone now so he and the other players just have to adapt their game and not complain.

    Song even drived forward on a few occasions because as I said Fab was either tired…or he wanted to play deep lying playmaker like Pirlo.
    Song took the opportunity to drive forward through the middle and he actually looked good doing so.

  14. Rasputin

    We forget that Cesc is still very young and if the new hairstyle is anything to go by, he is maybe making up for some of the things he missed as a teenager. I just think that he has not hit top form yet and has lost focus a bit. He has produced more of the ‘killer passes’ in the last couple of games and needs to adapt to his new midfield partners. He got over-hyped last season. I’m not sure the rather cheesy TV program was a good thing. Let’s just hope he concentrates on the football, and doesn’t try to become the Spanish David Beckham.

  15. raif

    Lets all STOP the Song Bashing and start a SING SONG shall we


    ALEX SONG!!!!!



  16. Ja_Gunner

    I think Diaby can play with Cesc in the middle against teams like Stoke for example who probably wont attack us very much.

    Against Spurs I would play Song in the DM role again.

    If Nasri needs a break i would put Vela out there since that is where he played when he was in Spain. Even though Diaby has learned to use his left foot i would not play him out left.

    If not Vela/Traore(when we get him back) I would switch Walcott to the left and play Diaby out right. Atleast its on his stronger side and we all saw the wonder move he did out on the right against Fenerbahce.

  17. Rasputin

    We looked far more dangerous from corners when we had four 6 foot plus players in the oppositions box when Ade and Diaby joined Bendtner and RVP

  18. Rasputin

    Song looks a little on the heavy side. Why couldn’t he gain some pace if he slimmed down a bit. Cisse looked awesome and quick yesterday and he’s had two broken legs and is considerably older. Maybe Song needs to have some special training regime to increase his pace because at the moment if a player gets past him he either commits a foul or just gets left behind

  19. franchise

    Coming from one of Song’s most harsh critic I thought he did ok. he seemed to play without fear in the second half but it is so evident that Fab doesn’t play to his full potential when playing with Song or Denilson in the middle. He tends to baby sit them a lot hence he cannot get forward as much as he wants to. Good game Song but I’m sure Arsene agrees with me that u r not the long term solution

  20. patthegooner

    Pedro, can you boot people off the Fantasy League, looks like some mischevious Chavski fans are joining just to be top again.

  21. Paulinho

    “We would’ve lost or drawn that game last season…”

    Rev, tbf we were saying that season. We would have won that game last season and usually did. I think your talking 2006/2007.

    Song is a marmite player. I rate him but can totally understand why some people don’t. I’m also banking on him improving by another 10-15% – I think he has that in him. I don’t feel Denilson has that in the locker.

  22. Paulinho

    Fabregas’s game is more dependant on the players in front of him than behind him. He played well with Hleb going forward and is struggling to get that chemistry going with Nasri and Walcott. Who plays next to him centrally or behind him is not that important IMO.

    This stuff about Flamini giving Fabs ‘freedom’ to go forward is a load of tosh really. Fabs is not a Kaka or Gerrard who rampages forward with pace and goes past three or four players and shoots. He’s a method passer who relies on one-twos and give and goes with the other attacking midfielders. Without those players, he can have all the freedom in the world and it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

  23. GoonerSupporter

    Where is my post ? Has Geoff censored it again ?

    Do you guys all need protection from Geoff and Pedro from other bloggers ?


  24. avenell

    I don’t ever see as Song being in our first choice eleven, but even if we sign Yaya or Alonso we need a squad of at least 20 players..
    I think we are over critical of Song because we want him to be a Vieira, but sometimes we need the back up/squad players like Parlour, Edu, Wiltord they are just as important.
    We need a reliable squad and loyal players like Song, Bendtner, Djourou etc. who are not greedy but are loyal and very important to a season..

  25. Confidentgoner


    I beg to differ. Cesc likes to play deep, even when we had Flamini. He enjoys the slow build up game and can mix it up as well. He played better in the 2nd half. Even his ardent fans agree he has not hit top form yet.


    Agree on the big men foward. You need that in some epl away games as referees do not like giving Aresenal calls in fav of Arsenal. But agree totally with AW strategy today. Dennilson’s DM days are numbered.

  26. franchise

    Paulinho watch the game again there were several times in the 1st half when fabregas restrained himself from pushing forward and it was certainly not because of the ppl infront of him. Actually walcott and nasri’s game suffered bcos the CM’s and full backs hardly supported them in the 1st half. It might have been on Wenger’s instruction but I was surprised about the way we started the game we were too cautious

  27. southcoastGooner

    the thing about arsenal is our players are always improving every year, they dont just stay at the one level and this is down to wenger. denilson is better then last year and he will be better next year, same with song. our problem is hanging onto them once they fulfill there potential.

  28. Paulinho

    He was doing the same thing last season as well Franchise. He’s an all round midfielder who defends as well as attack. I think people are making too much of him sitting deep. As confident said, he plays naturally deep alot of the time anyway.

    If he restrained himself it’s probably because he doesn’t trust our attacking midfielders to keep the ball or has no faith in them to pick him out if he makes a run so he doesn’t bother making a run in the first place – which goes back to my original argument.

  29. avenell

    There were 5 pairs of Arsenal players on the pitch..

    Gallas/Silvestre… new
    Eboue/Walcott… …new
    Clichy/Nasri…….. ..old (well 5 games)
    Bendtner/RVP …….new

    So winning away at West Ham was a pukka result..

    Too many gambles for one game though..

  30. franchise

    good point avenell i think wenger is in a serious gambling mode. from what ive seen this season the guy has been taking a lot of risks with signings, formations, team selection it wld be interesting to see where this takes us this season

  31. jimmyfingers

    Thing is my take on the game is we were better throughout. We did look a bit jaded and lightweight in the first half but to be expected after a trip to Turkey? We deserved the win and although it was hard fought we can’t always win at a canter. It showed a strength in our squad that we were able to start and finish with two distinct formations and bring on players able to change it so successfully. A good solid 3 points away from home

  32. franchise

    and paulinho fab does like to seat deep i agree but when he did song didnt have the initiative to push and support the attack. he did a better job in the 2nd half though i.e. Song

  33. avenell

    I am just looking at another Arsenal blog site and people are posting ordering drinks…
    WTF is that all about? Would you go to the Red Lion and say “I don’t know why Theo was taken off today and leave a smiley face on the bar…

  34. goonermichael

    We never looked like losing, hit the woodwork twice and thier goalkeeper should have been off. I think it was a good 3 points.

  35. franchise

    good nite guys theres 90 points still up for grabs in conclusion i wld say our attacking options have got me excited

  36. Metal Gear

    V.Persie has been our worst player and yet he’s immune from criticism he’s been awful to be frank even with his goals. Wenger needs to drop this overrated luxury item and play the very very impressive Bendtner alongside Adebayor both of them are 6ft plus which will be handy in scoring and defending set-pieces plus they’ve proven they can link up play very well the Bolton game as the prime example.

    I only watched the second half but I’ve been informed that Song was very assured and had a decent game so hopefully AW plays him again in the derby.

  37. jimmyfingers

    RvP looked disinterested playing with Bendtner. We remember that stuff fromlast season when ade came on and said to him ‘I’m on because you’re shit’. We know that Bendtner has got a big head, bigger than his bollocks. Fresh partnership upfront, is it a case for readjustment? Bendtner’s the young pretender, oodles of potential without the record to back up his arrogance. Does RvP like playing wiht him? Does Ade? Hpefully that ball to set up the second goal will go someway to address this, but Bendtner made no effort to go and celebrate with Ade. Cast questions on the team spirit. If this squad is united its indefatigable but divided it struggles. Thing is Bendtner is in Ade’s shadow: lacks the physicality and effectiveness of him, but he does have more subtlety and a better pass. Sometimes this Arsenal team seems greater than the sum of its parts and sometimes so much less. Its up to Wenger to combine the strengths, but for me Bendtner is still second string, and he failed to claim the opportunity presented to him this afternoon

  38. goonermichael

    Bendtner picked ade up off the floor at one point. He is making an effort. I agree with the earlier post ade is a bighead and we should have sold him.

  39. Metal Gear

    Jimmyfingers you mean that one chance he was given and that’s it? look how many chances Eboue, Senderos and even Cygan was given I think it’s unfair 2 say he didn’t take his chance like all strikers you need a run of games V.Persie’s had that and look how he’s performed.

  40. jimmyfingers

    Slow your roll, that’s not what I meant at all. Bendtner has had lots of chances prior to this one, but still he’s in Ade’s shadow IMO. Plus my pont was that he doesn’t inspire the confidence in his teammates Ade does, or the awe in the opposition. As I said, oodles of potential but perhaps needs more humility as he doesn’t strike me as someone integral in the team yet

  41. Stu

    Just want to say that i dont think it was fair that everyone ran over to Ade to celebrate the second goal with him when it was Bendtners pass which created the goal. Bendtner effectively sacrificed his normal game to play today but got very little credit. He was forced to play left wing for the final 20-25minutes but still worked hard. Why is it that no1 in the team congratulated him??? (im only going on what i heard on ss1 so i might be wrong about that) Why does no1 like Nik??

  42. Metal Gear

    Jimmyfingers what chances are you talking about here and there chances? Those are not chances I’m talking about a consecutive run of games. I’m personally getting sick of V.Persie he has been shocking for a while now and by the way V.Persie always seems disinterested whether it would be alongside Ade or Bendtner that’s what’s has been pissing people off recently.

  43. Hughsie

    Metal Gear, if by ‘people’ you mean ‘you’, then at least say it – dont try and hide your own dislike of a player behind some airy catch all.

    Seriously though, to address your statement – where are these Van Persie haters? As far as im concerned he’s been looking great all season, sure sometimes he can be a bit flat, but he fired up towards the end of the game today and it’s not as if he was the only player in an Arsenal shirt who looked off the ball today, i dont think blaming just him or Bendtner for the teams lethargy is correct, the whole team needed a rocket and got it.

    Adebayor, ironically from his place on the bench was best placed to make an impact – he’d been watching the game and interacting with the coaching staff. He correctly adjudged exactly the role he should play when he came on and enacted it perfectly. As far as im concerned this was one of the best sub’s performances i’ve seen all season.

    So screw the haters, who presumably will be quiet today and wait until he has a bad game before dragging their negative arses out into the sun for another moan.

  44. morrowsbrokenarm

    Well played Hughsie. RVP had a decent game some cracking efforts at goal. With RVP we always have a threat. A little surprised to see him catch so much flack after this game. Big Nik def has a lot of potential and I have every faith it will show over the course of this season, but the boy has to grab his chances when they come. great pass for the Ade goal, but up until that point I though his distribution was very poor, especially first half, first touch was terrible.

  45. Hughsie

    I just find it really disappointing that even after getting the three points there’s still a bunch of people who come out and still bag the team, for christs sake, we took three points away at a team that beat us THREE TIMES IN A ROW before last season, a team that always cause us problems and a team that made us work.

    Last night’s the kind of performance that should be applauded not derided, we know and have seen Arsenal play beautiful football time and time again, but what we dont see is the ability to grind out wins or the heart to find a goal when we need it. That’s what last night was, that’s what we should appreciate.

    As far as im concerned i’d rather see wins like that and a championship in 6 months than 4-nil pastings and ‘OMG BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL, THE ARSENAL WAY IS HAWT’ sung by the media and bloggers followed up by 1-nil losses to cellar dwellers at the Emirates. But hey, what do i know, carry on bagging the team and last nights performance by all means.

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    I think Little Nicky 😈 is a good foil to The Togo Tarantula. When Triple T emerged from the bench, Little Nicky 😈 came alive, &, played one of his best halves I’ve seen from him. There is no doubt the war is over with those 2, so onwards & upwards with any future Ade/Nick combo plus RVP.

    Make no mistake Triple T is a match winner, whether he is a big head or not.

  47. gnarleygeorge9

    GG9’s request to all those Grovers that will be @ The Emirates on Wednesday night. Keep the Arsenal players up beat & alert. Sing loud!!!! It would be an absolute disaster if Spuds take a point or 3 from the game.

  48. Metal Gear

    Hugsie you’ve misunderstood me completely I have not hid behind any1 if you read my comment again you will see that that’s not the case and you have completely misunderstood my gripe which was that Song had a decent game and yet he still being criticized left right and centre so my point was V.Persie was the worst player on the pitch so why no criticism for him?

    I’m happy we grinded out a result it shows the keeper and the back 4/5 did a great job. I just gets the feeling that VP get excused most of the time while the likes of Song just seem to get slaughtered even after a decent game I think it’s unfair I wouldn’t just come out and encourage people to criticize some1 I would do it myself I’m not into creating a mob of attackers. But me pointing out VP had a bad game was in response to the comments above about Song.

  49. gnarleygeorge9

    Well cut me off @ the knees & call me a tripod, George & Radford are equal on 438 points in Fantasy Grove. The old ’71 combo 🙂

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    Adebayor said in The Sun: “Of course we’re back in the title race. We believe we can win the title.”

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening/morning Geoff

    Most enjoyable day its been. The Arsenal winning certainly puts a spring in your step. Even 12,000 miles away here. I spose the hot day here helped as well 🙂

  52. Geoff

    It’s not here Gnarley, it’s shit, I just watched the BBC Sports new and 80% was about Harry then Liverpool then ‘oh by the way Arsenal won’


  53. ikon

    i so want arsenal to thrash spuds so hard, the news channels will be bound to take notice…. coz their favorite spurs met with disaster. Hope Arsene tells his boys to reverse the cc performance of last season.

  54. kelsey

    You would think spurs had won the league,all the crap having won their first league game,that’s 6 wins in 24 league games.Harry is a real loyal manager isn’t he,as pompey and southampton fans can verify.I don’t care a fuck about spurs but they way they sack managers and put others in place,shows they have no ethics or class and never will.

    One point on our win yesterday,both Gael and Cesc are already on 3 yellow cards.

  55. morrowsbrokenarm

    Asked earlier but no news…any word on Senderos?…has he played for the mighty AC? Has he replaced the great Madini yet? No reason for asking really, just had a random thought about him today.

  56. Evo in Oz

    bloody great result by the way!

    i wasnt going to watch the match as the kick off was 03:00am, but i knew my body clock would wake me up with excitement and sure enough i woke up at 04:15am without an alarm to watch the match from 55 mins.

    what a pulsating affair it was from that time onwards. cant vouch for much before that other that the articles ive read online, but fuck it was exciting to watch !

  57. morrowsbrokenarm

    Get an alarm clock Evo, you dopey bugger. Actually you missed some good stuff. Cracking moment were Almunia kept it all square.

  58. gnarleygeorge9

    Its all relative you know: –

    Ade insists that Arsenal can win the Title, not to mention the Champions League, whereas, Spuds insist they can avoid the drop.

  59. morrowsbrokenarm

    On another note, off the pitch…the Gooners certainly made themselves heard, i thought they were bloody cracking….AW can’t find fault in their performace today.

  60. Evo in Oz

    MBA – problem was bro, i didnt want to wake up cause id had a big weekend on the booze and i knew i had to goto work early.

    the temptation was too much though! fuck work, love the football!

  61. Evo in Oz

    Premier league highlights was just on Fox sports, so i saw Almunia’s trailling leg to prevent Bellamy, good stuff!

  62. gnarleygeorge9

    I spose the English press are wild about Harry hotspur coz he’s the only English manager to win a Cup since, well, can someone tell me who 😉

  63. morrowsbrokenarm

    Good man….bank holiday here so got to spend the rest of the day napping. I feel your pain though…fecking sunday morning games and then having to go to work Monday mornings..always a kicker.

  64. morrowsbrokenarm

    you know what i meant….Monday morning games here at 3 or 4 or 5 …..sunday kick offs at home in London…..I’ll stop while i’m behind.

  65. morrowsbrokenarm

    yeah…i’ve been on a slide…thought about sacking myself and hiring Harry Redknapp…figured Lynyrd Skynyrd FC were as Big a club as the Spuds…God knows they aint won much more than us.

  66. morrowsbrokenarm

    RVP caught alot of shit this morning after the game…..I’ll be honest, I don’t see what he did that was so bad. Not saying he had an amazing game, but still had a number of cracking efforts and caused a threat. I prefer having him in the team than on the bench. Hope he starts against spuds.

  67. Evo in Oz

    ill definitely be going in late to work on Thursday morning thou!

    cant wait for the Man Scum game either, 11.45pm kick off! Bang!

  68. morrowsbrokenarm

    should be an interseting one if some of the comments today are anything to go by. Funny how so many of us see player performances differently. Sure to continue much debate. Plenty think Song was “great”, RVP was a waste of space, Niki was amazing etc etc….i certainly can’t agree with alot of the verdicts on our players yesterday….but i guess this is what makes the game great. Let’s see you Pedro.

  69. morrowsbrokenarm

    Geoff, get Pedro out of bed. Actually, how do you work it, do you have to do your posts before you go to work, or can you do it at work?

  70. Geoff

    I can do one if you want, RVP was busy and unlucky, Ade made it happen, Theo shouldn’t have gone off and Song was like a Charlton player.

  71. Evo in Oz

    well i didnt see the whole match, but ive certainly read my fair share of articles today and there are shitload of people out there who dont agree that a 6 for Song was justified. some sites that did player ratings gave him only a 6 and all the bloggers were unanimous that 6 was way too low. Also they felt a 7 was too low for almunia and everyone was tied between Song and Gallas as MOTM…

  72. Geoff

    I’m in work at 7.45 and do it there, Pedro does all the match reports and I do the others, works out well, but if I’m in the States, Pedro takes over.

  73. Evo in Oz

    from my viewing i saw a shedload of good things by Gallas and Silvestre was fairly unseen. I actually watched the game to the end and then realised i didnt know who was in partnership with Gallas as it seemed like he did most of the work, other than Clichy on the attacks.

    Song definitely played a corker and it could be debatable now as to his best position. he is definitely either central midfield or CB – nothing else outside of that. and Central midfield in a team of 2, not 3.

    RVP was definitely unlucky and perhaps his radar is coming back, but its not back until he nets a few extra from free kicks etc.

  74. morrowsbrokenarm

    I think the Song debate is gonna run and run. I have nothing against the boy, and would love to see him do well. But for me he doesn’t really do a lot great, or do a heap wrong (actually he does from time to time which could hurt us one day)…..i can’t think of a whole lot he did either way…like i said though i think you going to see a lot of debate either way on song over the next hour.

  75. Geoff

    I sure am Gnarley. I don’t dislike Song, I just don’t see what he adds, a bit like Senderos, we persevered for years with him and he never made it, so all those games and all those howlers were all in vain, that’s how I see it going with Song.

  76. gnarleygeorge9

    Hey after us spurs play Liverworst @ home. If they lose it’ll be great, if they win, we could be only 1 point off top.

  77. ethangunner

    Ade played the plan B to perfection .. he came on with some authority , celebrating the own goal was a bit much , because i think had it not got a heavy deflection i doubt it was even a corner kick 🙂

    but he made up for it with a decent strike and beat green too boot !
    that is by far his classiest goal EVER ! and from a good distance !
    If he had started in the line up he surely would have missed it !

    proving more than ever he should be played as an impact sub !

    Give Rvp and Partner … some time ! he has had to play with a different partner every game !
    or differing minutes …
    ade’s game plan doesn’t change regardless of his strike partner !
    But RVP needs time to get used to who ever he plays off !

    i think it should be vela and always have done !
    Niky B should be another plan B … or plan B in training …

    Its a shame song played so much AGAIN !
    i would of rather seen diaby get a prolonged chance

  78. Geoff

    I agree with everything you say Ethan, putting Ade on the bench knocks him off his perch as well.

    I’m still not sure about Nikki, he always looks cumbersome to me, still very young though.

    I like your Hounddog comments by the way!

  79. Evo in Oz

    im loving Bendtner, he adds extra dimension to our setup. he’s a big lad, but not like the usual Crouch beanpoles who cant move around. he can play on both feet, dribble with speed and control and has a great accurate strike!

  80. ikon

    Ade played well no doubt, but you know Bendtner did the exact same thing many times last season, spurs, everton….as Ade did last night.

    Theo has had major success coming from the bench. So although Ade did very well, dont think he was extraordinary, nor do i think he would have done very differently from nik had he started.

  81. ethangunner

    I agree geoff ..

    song is like senderos , even eboue or to a lesser degree ade !

    why persevere with mediocrity ?
    when you have talent like jack – theo – ramsey – vela who all show far more class
    and you know will be a safer bet in the long run ? Does wenger not see it ?
    If we have to create stars instead of buy them ? then surely the best way to
    get this team up and running is preserve with players like vela – jack – rasmey-johan
    until they are up to scratch …
    Because senderos had the makings early on of a solid player .. but got pushed down the cue !

    does he buy these players just to stunt them ?
    or does he not want success going to there heads too quick ?

    what ever the case i think wenger has to get it right shortly !
    his team selections and poorly timed substitutions are really quite an obvious problem currently
    i feel the team can be competitive .. But its like a musical instrument , play it wrongly and it sounds like shite …

    hit the right notes and you’ll be a star !

  82. Geoff

    It makes you wonder what Djourou must thing when Song gets the nod ahead of him.

    You are so right about the talent though, and why does Wenger always wait until around 70 minutes before changing, okay yesterday it was 67.

  83. Evo in Oz

    i was happy with yesterdays subbing, normally it is always 70 or more. good to see Sagna and Toure on the bench though!

    dont need any extra injuries long term!

  84. ethangunner

    yeah geoff ..

    Niky B is still very young compared to the rest ! he’s only 19 ?!
    when ade is almost 25 …. im sure in 5 odd years with some regular games
    i know who will be the biggest assest out of the 2 !

    But currently your right ! he is far from the polished article .
    But nik B does have raw skills … can play the arsenal way ..

    has great vision , it was him who fed ade the goal wasnt it ?
    from one end of the pitch to the other ?!
    ( i could be wrong)

    but i think long term he and RVP can get something good going , with ade as the impact sub ..
    i know wenger wont have it … wenger will be back to RVP – ade start possibly even next game .

    he wont learn from his own observations ..
    and that is holding our team back ..

    i still think vela is being wasted ! he had a fair shout of La Liga games last season .
    and has looked very good on every occasion for his limited minutes !
    i think wenger needs to unshackle some of these players .. before the end of season pressure gets to them ! then youll get fuck all out of them in the home stretch !

    silverstre looks solid too ! … lets hope he stays fit ! ..

  85. Hughsie

    Ethan you’re in a fantasy world if you believe that a player like Song or Denilson doesnt have a role to play at Arsenal. We need a hard grafter like him in the middle doing exactly what Flamini did last year. Doing exactly what Essien (Mikel), Mascherano and Fletcher do at ‘Pool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

    They’re there to protect the defence and throw some weight around in the middle, take the heat off the more creative players. I’d much rather we played with Song or Denilson there getting stuck in than Nasri, Fabregas, Vela and Walcott or whatever you propose. There is absolutely a role for a workhorse in the middle in even the most talented team.

    Give it up, the SUPER CREATIVE HOT KIDS you envisage is never going to happen.

  86. Big Raddy

    Me too Evo.

    Though it saddens me to see Song being asked to play in a team that is so far above his level of talent. But one cannot blame Song, the responsibilty lies elsewhere