We’re all Arsenal fans, that should be the message.

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So yesterday we had a swipe back at the Wenger comments and said what we felt but today I read something from one of the supporters groups that likes to think they’re the only people that sing at the ground, when I got to the piece that referred to Arsene as ‘the great man’ I stopped reading it, enough said.

Let me begin by saying this, Le Grove has never, ever said Arsene Wenger should go, spend yes, but go, no. So please any of you out there that for some strange reason that think that, please think again.

I get sick of listening to certain supporters who think they’re better than others, they’re not, they’re no different to the next fan, an Arsenal fan is by definition a fan, you can’t get better than that, so a message to you who think you sing better because you have no money and say fuck every other word, you’re no better than people who don’t sing as much but have more money, they probably worked harder than you did.

It’s funny, our manager earns around £6 mil a year, but he’s not a prawn sandwich merchant is he? He deserves it, this is the perverse logic employed by the very people who tell us to support other clubs.

Remember the library? We were never any good at singing at Highbury either, those people with short memories just think they did, when you get a small group together like away games or cup finals everyone sings, it’s a way of getting at the opposition in their own ground, I remember Copenhagen, I couldn’t talk for a week after that, we sang ‘one nil to the Arsenal’ all night, same at the FA cups, as I said yesterday, we out sung Liverpool in Cardiff.

I think the only way to do it properly and in unison will be to put the words on the screen like they used to at England matches, then we can all sing together.

When we had a ground with distinct ends we used to sing to each other, that always got it going, but that’s difficult to do at the Grove.

I expect the next few matches will be noisy as a point needs to be proved but for the long term I think this is the answer and I will be letting Arsenal know Le Grove’s view.

So Arsene, do something about it, stop whining, be constructive. You are extremely lucky your team plays to capacity crowds, they’re all Arsenal fans don’t knock them, they’ll all be there long after you’ve gone.

Finally a word to the groups that think they’re better supporters than people who don’t sing, have more expensive seats and probably more money, your not. Without the people in the ground that spend all that money, you wouldn’t have the team or the manager you currently have, they’re all fans, they come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and all with varying bank balances, but they all support Arsenal, so lay off.

Billy having a quiet fag was funny, Pedro and I were only last week having a booze versus fag debate, how funny was that!

Not a lot to say about the game today but I will cover it tomorrow, today is Saturday and of course a school holiday so you know what to expect.

Until tomorrow Grovers.

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  1. morrowsbrokenarm

    Ey, home, back at work and back to getting up in the wee small hours for footie. Arsenal game on at 4.55am. Shite. Scored tickets to the Porto game when I was over, and the England Kazak game. Took the Emarites tour as well, sat on Denilsons cushion in the dressing room and let one go on it. I’m hoping it is not this act of rudeness that has led to his distinctly average play.

  2. ikon

    with hary, i dont think the spurs will go down….
    :(… they wont be in the top four either.. will they ever?


    so whats the starting lineup gonna be today?

    Any takers for a Cesc-Ramsey start?


    I really think it will be worth testing RVP as a target man, i think he has got better touches and better understanding of the runs behind him than Ade.

    Throwing Ramsey in the midfield for a few minutes even is a must!

    Hoping for a 2 goal margin win.

  3. morrowsbrokenarm

    Just don’t see Ramsey getting many starts this season….maybe the occasional game towards season s end. I’d prefer to see Diaby start along side Cesc. I know a lot of people don’t seem to think it’ll work but hey, lets give it a go. As long as Song aint starting i’ll be happy.

  4. ikon

    Diaby playing in defensive role is like curbing his attacking game to half, he can create chances, score goals with every move of his.

    Ramsey is best fit for the role alongside cesc i feel.

    Hope we get to see some signs of wenger tilting towards this partnership.

    Song is a backup CB. period.

  5. Geoff

    It was Wednesday but it feels like weeks! I don’t feel that we need a defensive midfielder, Diaby and Cesc we do it for me.

  6. morrowsbrokenarm

    Gotta go with Geoff. I think Diaby will offer a lot more than the boy Denilson, can’t say that i’ve seen a lot of bone crunching tackels coming in from Denilson. The rules don’t say we have to play a DM. We showed in Fener that if our attacking game is on fire then it truley is the best form of defense. Don’t think that’ll win us the league though but for now it’ll do against the hammers.