Defour, sounds like somewhere in Sudan and Ade on Cesc.

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Morning Grovers! The persistent rumour about Standard Liege midfielder Defour won’t go away, I hope they are all bollocks because frankly we don’t need him, we don’t need YaYa and we don’t need Alonso, I’ve seen enough with Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshere, not to worry and we have Rosicky and Bischoff waiting as well, and not to mention with Eduardo coming back we can push someone back into midfield, no we don’t need a new midfield player.

What we do need is a centre back, we have the odd couple in Kolo and Gallas, we have Silvestre and Djourou (who he won’t play) we also have Song (I’m saying nothing) but we could do with a Terry, Ferdinand or Campbell from somewhere, a big bastard to tidy up at the back.

I’ve done the Song and Beckham stories to death, so I’ll leave that alone, but we do need a defence that the attack shouldn’t have to worry about, even Theo said we were great at going forward, but stopped short of mentioning the defence.

On Theo by the way, he’s going nowhere and we should drop the panic talk before it spreads, he’s not a Liverpool fan, his dad is, end of story, if he wanted to go to them, he would have done it instead of joining us in the first place, he’s also seen what happens to players when they leave Arsenal, he also plays in a team that plays fantasy football and Arsenal will sort him out before Christmas, so stop worrying.

Ade says Cesc is immense and every top club is always after the best players, Cesc has a contract till 2014, that means we don’t have to think about selling him for 5 years, he’ll be 26 by then, so we have a long time to wait.

So let’s not worry about losing players for a while eh?

Let’s start licking our lips at the thought of beating West Ham, Tottenham, Stoke and the Mancs on the spin, qualifying early for Europe and looking forward to Eduardo and Rosicky boosting our great side in time for the Christmas rush.

How’s that for positive? Have a great day my friends and see you on the blog!

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  1. Gunner8

    yeah Anfield is shite and overated except when they played the Chavs in the semis the year they won in Istanbul.

    That was quite loud… …I think the club should make the area behind the goals for PASSIONATE fans only (it is illegal to have terraces so by saying passionate is like saying yeah you have seats but we will not tell you to sit down), then put all the arseholes who tell the fans to sit down togo sit in the nice quiet side bits or up top!

    I actually think the whole lower section should be like that and move the away fans to a the nosebleeds like other European clubs!

  2. Pedro

    I thought it was club policy to reduce volume in the stadium… sit down, shut up appears to be the rule these days?

  3. Gunner8

    Like I said that was the Turkish story… …we didn’t encounter any violence from them, but again maybe Gala fans are a bit less welcoming

  4. Gunner8

    I know Pedro I hate that… …I wish we could get the old North Bank/Clock End chants now they all sit together so it sounds a bit crap.

  5. Geoff

    It was also around the time of the Afghan/Iraqi wars and I think it was Muslims against Christians, tinder box stuff and the authorities should have worked that one out.

    That’s UEFA for you.

  6. Gunner8

    We are too noce to away fans, most stadiums I have been too have you at least behind netting, shit I remember in Paris when I lived there that the away fans at the Parc des Princes sit behind a 10 foot steel fence with spikes on the top seperated by an equally deep trench all around them… …what do be do give them great seets and facilities, it’s a joke

  7. Geoff

    I can remember being at West Ham ManU when I was a kid, seeing a transit van turned over outside the Boleyn pub because it was full of Mancs and showers of bottles reigning down on the Manc end like the arrows at Agincourt.

    If they had that happen now it would be in the news for ever, the Mancs used to love it, that’s when there was terracing of course.

    Now you can’t even stand up without being arrested.

  8. Geoff

    Yeah, we were kids and they were successful, my uncle took him to a game, he chose the dark side and I went with god!

    He was happy beating Orient this week, his second team is Arsenal though, I don’t have a second team, England maybe!

  9. Trinidad_Gunner

    “It looks like Kolo Toure and William Gallas will be available while Sagna could be available for Wednesday,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online.

  10. Trinidad_Gunner

    The Arsenal manager also clarified his comments over the return of Eduardo. At the AGM on Thursday, Wenger said the Croatian striker is “three weeks away from playing competitive football”.

    Speaking to the Club’s official website later on, he said: “What I mean by competitive football is joining in completely with a normal training session. After that he has to come back to match-fitness. But he is ahead of where we expected him to be and that is fantastic news.”

  11. Pedro

    I don’t think Eduardo is going to be the answer everyone is looking for… he seems to have built a reputation as some sort of legend since he was injured?

    He is a great finisher… but he’s no Thierry… His legend has grown like a dead musicians!

  12. Trinidad_Gunner

    Well, Eduardo might not be the answer everyone is looking for, but Arsene says he is 3 weeks from competitive football, which needed some clearing up

  13. goonermichael

    Eduardo scored good goals against man city and west ham in the league as well choy. Oh and don’t forget everton

  14. Pedro

    I don’t think Victoria would be missed in the music industry if she passed away…

    I was thinking along the lines of Bob Marley, Elvis and Nirvana…

    I hope he is the answer though! Ade and Eduardo were forming a delightful partnership last year.

    I really am interested to see how Wenger works Diaby into the midfield!

  15. Trinidad_Gunner

    The transfer window is closed so the most we can hope for is a full squad to choose from so we can compete for all trophies without everyone being burnt out by February

  16. goonermichael

    Hi Choy
    I did that girl’s hair yesterday she did a bollywood film called aanch. She was really fit. Her name is Zara Adams

  17. choy

    :mrgreen: pedro he was an example… never really complained about a lack of games….never really celebrated either…hehe .. just went about doing his job.

    He was the best player of croatia.. after all!

  18. Pedro

    Guys, we have 2 club level tickets to the spuds game on Wednesday…

    I don’t think they are cost… but I am sure people will be interested regardless.

  19. Pedro

    I am not surprised he didn’t complain! He played loads of times for us and he was probably getting about 15x his old wages!

  20. Geoff

    Grovers I’m about to board a plane so I’ll talk to you all probably tomorrow, let’s just hope the spuds get turned over eh?

  21. Pedro

    Second rate Bollywood eh?

    There is a doco on a Bollywood star who got done for possession of a gun. I was going to watch it last night but I plumped for mysteries of maths… thrilling it was.

  22. choy

    you’re coming around pedro.. hehe.. well i just hope he’s better than he ever was…

    can you guys name some players who have made good comebacks after really horrific injuries?

  23. Wrighty7

    Yeah it will be interesting Pedro.

    People compare Diaby to Vieira, now Vieira and Fabregas struggled to make an impact together. Although you could say Cesc’s lack of experience didn’t help the partnership it didn’t flourish as you imagine it would have.

    I think Cesc needs to have someone to cover his forward runs, like Flamini or Gilberto did.

    Would Diaby have the discipline to do that? I’m not sure at the moment he does.

    Diaby would easily fit into a 451 like the other night.

    You could argue that they go in tandem in a 442 but Cesc isn’t that effective doing that.

    I think Diaby is a class act though, always have done.

    Lets say its a welcome problem to have!

  24. Gunner8

    Geoff too right no sense of humour, guy I met was eying up some Turkish ladies (dressed like prossie’s) and this copper just waved his finger at him saying the equivalent of jog on mate, not for you… …no sense of humour

  25. Wrighty7

    Bang on Pedro about Dudu reminding you a little of Robbie Fowler. I thought that too, he is the sort of player that if he’s one on one you are surprised if he misses.

  26. Pedro

    He is a superstar isn’t he… what a signing. It’s difficult to knock Bruce isn’t it? He is a solid manager.

    Wrighty… Flamini used to bomb forward as much as cesc… but like you said… it’s about getting back as well. It’s also about having strength in the middle. Denilson lacks strength and positional awareness.

    Diaby does a bit as well… but he knows this is make or break… so lets see!

  27. kelsey

    Wenger speaks 8 languages but has a knack of never actually saying what he means.Eduardo is the latest case.e.g.Rosicky is making good progress(that was 18 months ago)

  28. Gunner8

    Pedro, you don’t think Wenger, was like;

    “alors Stephan, I ave anozer decent pospect for you… …a bit like Eduardo so we don’t need him”

    I do

  29. kelsey

    Long john reminds me more of Jimmy Greaves(who the kids say) but also a bit like Fowler.

    Why did we ever sell jeffers 🙂 🙂

  30. Gunner8

    like Hull’s Geovani, let’s see what he is like in Jan/Feb… …he was already wearing leggings in October.

    Geovani, looked good for citeh until winter too

  31. Pedro

    Apparently all the managers in the Prem got the video of him… but only Bruce had a gamble…

    He didn’t have the balls to buy him though!

  32. Paulinho

    Wenger: Rosicky should be back after Xmas. Unbelievable.

    Plus, he’s got some balls to say that the team deserves more support. Maybe if they didn’t start games like coked-up zombies the fans would be more vociferous from the start.

    Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to lamp Wenger. Just kidding….maybe 🙂

  33. Paulinho

    The papers were positively wanking over the ‘big man’ last night. It’s a shame this big man act deserts when it comes to playing for England.

  34. Patrick7

    Geoff – the gloves are off! LOL. No I’m not that keen but defending a person I think more of than Ade and I defended him like you! I can see you hate him so not worth pursuing it but I admire anybody that has obviously got brains or some good people around them to assist them in making something of themself. He is gifted, a handsome chap and has Posh to help him make the most of his off the field assetts/marketability.
    Good luck to them.

  35. Pedro

    Too right Wrighty… anything will be better than Denilson.

    Patrick, don’t bother mate… it’s like trying to convince the pope to become a muslim…

  36. Wrighty7

    Oh that muppet……….

    The man who can do no wrong in the eyes of the English. I think he’s a waste of space, a bully, someone who can give it but not take it.

    We whinge about Eboue but at least he did something right when he took Terry out!

  37. kelsey

    What was the point of the Joey Barton exclusive.He is a serial thug,always has been,always will be.if he is going to change his ways and be a role model for the kids(choke) wouldn’t it be best to interview him in 2 years time.

    So we are in record debt of 318 million,and le boss is slating the crowd. So bye bye any shopping in the transfer window.

  38. Big Raddy

    Hi Kelsey. How ya doin’?

    I am shocked that AW would talk about our support in such a way. It must be a misquote.

    As to Barton being a role model…. sadly to many in New Britain, he probably already is. I assumed that the time before last was his ‘last chance saloon’, but it appears that as long as you have some football talent, then anything is forgiveable.

  39. Chipo

    anyone else watching the spurs for entertainment?


    Explain that one please…. is the second line “we’re the team to play in the championship”

  40. marylandgunner

    Patte, you are right. Zaki will cool off as the real Wigan will eventually show up. What happened with Santa Cruz? Probably should have come to Arsenal over the summer is what he is probably thinking.

    I know many have posted about this, but I am still loving the Diaby return. I can’t wait for Sunday’s game. Should be a cracker. And even better news with Eduardo returning. I can’t wait.

  41. ikon

    Diaby is anything but a defensive midfielder… he oozes skill, more hleb than viera… i would say a shooting hleb.

    Ramsey… there is something about him. the attitude, the way he shrugs off opp holding the ball, never likes to give the ball away, and works “hard” to win it back.

    and he has a gerard eye for goals and passes, and the will to match the great man too. I am waiting for the day when cesc and Ramsey start in midfield. It would be a marvelous day.

    And please let song have a run at CB before making judgements, his recent performances at midfield were catastrophic to the team…. he is a better CB thn a midfielder that is for sure.

  42. patthegooner

    How long should we give him Ikon?

    I am all up for youth coming through, but the guy is a liability and I cant see anything in his game whatsoever to say he will ever be any good playing in any position.

    You summed it up with your spot on words about Diaby and Ramsey. Whilst you can see that they are not the finished article, but you can clearly see that they have something about them that gives you faith that they will be very very good, and in Ramsey’s case possibly World Class.

    Song is just……Well fucking Shit.

  43. ikon

    Do you remember the games in which poor old sendy used to get mocked by the Heskeys, the Drogbas and the Sanat Cruzs??

    Song imo is the strongest of our CBs, more than JD. Against not so quick but strong forwards, he will come good.

  44. chris

    anyone complaining about the subscription to setanta, well id pay a years subscription anytime to see those fuckers collapse like the did tonight, brilliant stuff

  45. patthegooner

    But you could see some class in Senderos, his problem was that he relied on confidence so much, he was a rock whilst Toure was at ANC earlier in the year.

    Flamini and Hleb too, Ok they might not have been world beaters, but you could see potential. I just dont see any potential whatsoever in Song. He has so many faults but his worst for me is the tracking back, he is like stoned rasta catching a bus, he just looks disinterested in everything that is going around him. He is not good enough and never will be. He has been here long enough to at least be showing 1% of potential, where is it?

    JD is miles ahead of Song. This is unfortunately typical Wenger stubborness in the same way as Eboue. I will add that I still think Eboue is a fucking really good RB and Chelsea aside could probably get in any premiership team in that position.

  46. London

    Pedro, as you say, Diaby should just be a straight swap for Denilson. It won’t take long to find out if his defensive skills have improved; although, even if they haven’t his height in itself adds more to the defence than Denilson.

    This will be fine for the majority of the games I certainly cannot envisage a problem against West Ham or Spuds; the problem I have is that I can’t remember him being able to defend that well and if that is still the case then we are going to be in trouble against the likes of Chelsea. Now bearing in mind that we are going to have to beat Chelsea to win the league then we will have no choice but to call upon Song. I want to beat Chelsea more than any other team and the only way I can see us doing that is with Song as a shield for the defence and that, if anyone is interested, is why I bang on so much about Alexandre Song.

  47. Keyser

    I don’t think this is typical Wenger stubborness, Song’s best position is probably sitting in front of the back four like he does for Cameroon, he can distribute well from there and sweep up after the rest of the midfield.

    He hasn’t had many games in any position and to judge he’s completely shite on the few he has had is harsh, just the same with Denilson and Eboue.

  48. patthegooner

    Its not just on a few games Keyser. He has been at the club for a few years now, and to me has not progressed or developed in anyway. I think he is shite and will stick to it.

    Denilson is average but shows some potential, Eboue is a fucking good RB as mentioned. He is inconsistent as a RM player but has had one or two good performances in that position. SONG IS SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE SHITE…..

    He is honestly the only player I have a real problem with….

  49. patthegooner

    And as long as we Arsenal fans accept the fielding of the Songs and Denilson’s of this world then the longer we will be merely a top four team who will finish 3rd at best.

    What annoys me most is we are not playing these players due to injury, we are playing them as they are considered 1st team regulars and that is fucking scary.

  50. Keyser

    It is a few games, he hasn’t had any sort of consistent run in the side let alone in any sort of position, stick to it all you want, I think your being harsh, he may not work out, he may move on.

    The simple fact is to make it to a club like Arsenal he is not shite, he may not be top 4 material as you say but he should get a chance, Have you never seen him put in any single performance ? Or show any sort of skill ? A pass ? A tackle ? A goal ? In the whole time he’s spent at Arsenal ?!

    He is playing because of injuries, how can you say he’s not ?! How many games has he had ?!

  51. Hughsie

    So Bergkamp is says he would consider coming back to England to coach, think he’d be a good fit at Arsenal? If you ask me getting him, Tony Adams and a few others of the previous champions in to at the very least talk to the current team and give them a few pointers would be tops.

    Also, it’s great news tha Eduardo is likely going to be back playing competetive football within the month, I really hope he can bring the edge he was just starting to develop before he go injured back to the club.

    Comedy quote of the day has to go to Jonathan Woodgate for further undermining the current Spurs squads confidence by saying they’re worse than the ’04 Leed’s team that got relegated.


    3 players who would never get into the starting 11 for the other top 3 sides are as follows song,denilson and eboue so why do we have to put up with for wenger complaining about the fans he should have a good look at himself and ask why are they not happy is it not clear to see arsene oh yeah lol silly me i forgot you cant can keep getting out of jail with these results against these teams such as porto fenebache,sheff united but at the end of the day they are to inconsistent and that is because of age and it will tell at the end of the season and for the fifth year we would of won fuck all again and that is because of you so you shouls start listening to your paying fans and start getting with the programme like all the other top teams do….

  53. Hughsie

    I gotta tell you BOY BETTER KNOW Eboue would be in with a shot at starting for all of Chelsea, Liverpool and United. How many right back’s have both Chelsea and Liverpool brought? United have been playing Wes Brown out there because Gary Neville is constantly injured and 100 years old anyway. All the top four sides have been looking for a good right back, Eboue defenitely is a good right back.

    All the top sides have got players who constantly get starts who’re not really amazing, Kalou and Malouda are atrocious players, Liverpool still give games to Pennant, Benayoun and anyone they play in either of the full back slots (dossena, degen, arbeloa, insua are all no good) and United still persist with O’Shea, Nani and a bunch of jokers.

    You cant fill every position with a superstar (never worked at Real did it?), there’s gotta be some high workrate grafters in there to do the leg work and track back for the superstars – there’s no way you could have a Ronaldo or Fabregas in every position on the pitch, no matter how much you want it as it wouldnt work. PLayers like song, denilson and co have their place on the pitch, maybe not in your starcrossed eyes, but they do.

  54. Keyser

    “3 players who would never get into the starting 11 for the other top 3 sides.”

    So Eboue wouldn’t get in even as a reserve ? He’d probably start for Liverpool, or at least cover, Wes Brown or Neville ? No, not even there ? Aside from Bosingwa ? Who else do Chelsea have ?!

    So with your first two central defenders out and the third having been concussed the week before, Song wouldn’t even get a look in at any of these clubs ?!

    Denilson – Lucas Leiva plays for Liverpool time to time, is he really that good ? The other two have settled midfields we don’t, does he not even deserve a chance ? Despite the goals and assists he has already ?!

    As for Wenger getting out of Jail ? Yeah we won by complete fluke and dodgy decisions, he’s not complaining he’s just said they’re young they could do with a bit of encouragement.

    Have you ever thought they could be inconsistent because they end up getting booed after any sort of mistake or being called shite and not fit for the Championship ?!

    What’s wrong with Adebayor ?!

  55. Paulinho

    Lucas Leiva is also a terrible player- just goes to show that central midfielders from Brazil are incredibly average and being born there doesn’t mean there is a certain mystery to their averageness, like some people do with Denilson.

    The only brazilians worth keeping an eye out for our the attacking midfielders and strikers.

  56. finestcuts

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    (CNN) — The former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve has said that the U.S. is “in the midst of a credit tsunami,” — but that it will emerge from the credit crisis with a “far sounder financial system.”

    “I still do not understand exactly how it happened,” says Alan Greenspan,
    yeah right Mr. Greenspan, care to tell us how the bank created those debts?

    The economic turmoil will be the focus of the two-day, 43-nation Asia-Europe Meeting, which opens Friday in Beijing, according to European Union President Jose Manuel Barroso, speaking at the EU’s Beijing office Thursday.

    “We need a coordinated global response to reform the global financial system. We are living in unprecedented times and we need unprecedented levels of global coordination,” The Associated Press reported Barroso as saying. “It’s very simple. We swim together or we sink together.”

    Jose Manuel Barrose , President of the EU himself announced a few hours ago the final step to bring in N.W.O, total globalisation, this is it.

    Good thing Arsenal don’t need to make any transfers.

  57. ReVELAtion

    Just got in…

    Spurs lost AGAIN!!! oh dear and a man sent off… Happy days.. Bentley after his comments didn’t even make the bench hahahahaha… That can turn a shite night at work around that’s for sure!

    can we also please stop debating song and denilson! They are both shite, but they may come good.. Jury’s out for the forseable future…

    No on to the “not so happy arsenal are coming to town hammers”

    3-0 arsenal.. Bentdner 2 and Cesc 1

    you know it makes sense 😉

  58. Hughsie

    Take that cocky attitude to West Ham and we’re definitely going to drop points – West Ham have an irritating habit of knocking us out of our stride.

  59. ethangunner

    i dont know why we are still rambling on about players we wont get ..
    i dont think we need any new defenders silverstre looks solid, johan is great as backups .
    once sagna returns and clichy who are both on our wings we have like 5 players fighting for 2 spots.

    And for the record ill say it again our defense looks shaky because we are an attacking team who is ALWAYS going forward .. the defenders naturally have to push up , giving any opposition the chance to run at us (slip in behind us)… sometimes were lucky other times its classed as shaky ..

    So either dont be attacking or play a deep defensive structure , (play boring football )
    where our wing backs dont push up ! We still need a mature head in the middle ..

    1 lucky game against a Turkish team who looked crap and we are believing in the youth experiment again .. sure play tomorrows youth but cesc needs a REAL partner like alonso or
    appiah , someone who can lead !

    ade is fucking useless ! passing off when your the sole spear head striker is so confidence inspiring on any other night we would have been rolled 5-2 NOT in our favor !

    so if we do need any players it would be david villa who got 2 goals and an assist in his last game , he’s class , has great vision and would interact well with cesc and has scored 8 goals so far in la liga this season .. Valencia would kick our butts currently ! and we need someone who cesc can feel at home in the middle with ! any other talk is just bollocks ..

    act now or lose CESC !!! mark my words !

  60. ikon

    although it was a good win against the turkish side, their fullbacks were school boyish at the best. Theo and Ade had channels created by the fullbacks, and you know you cant catch theo if
    1. you are not a jet plane
    2. you are not at least 20 yards in front of him

    they were childish their defense, and almunia was correct in calling the match a practice match. Only difference was our captain, he made some great saves and the op goalie didnt, simple as that. otherwise the scoreline would have been 5-4 or 2-1.

    Important to transfer the same form to the pl matches,

    dont conceed early goals, once on fire be on fire for the rest of game, bury the fucking game.

  61. ikon

    ethan, i too am skeptical about theo and cesc.

    And you can see he is making some “moves” so that in case we dont win anything this season, he will at least have options in hand to consider at the end of season.

    I am already seeing how we are missing Hleb big time, maybe if Diaby stays fit he will let me forget Hleb. But till now we have yet to see anyone developing the sort of chemistry with cesc as Hleb did.

    Its extremely crucial that Diaby stays fit, and we have a bit of luck with injuries ffs.

  62. gnarleygeorge9

    ……..I do remember that the Cockney Rejects are big West Ham fans, but this week they should be trumped by their punk cousins, the mostly Arsenal following Sex Pistols.

    Rasputin, correct me if I’m wrong.

  63. gnarleygeorge9

    I don’t know whether its coz of the Le Grove influence, but I got a reply

    Dear George

    Thank you for your email to the Club.

    Please be aware that Mr Wenger has included Johan Djourou in most squads so far in our 2008/2009 season and has a lot of faith in his skills. Djourou is once again in the squad for tonight’s Champions League match against Fenerbahce.

    Kind regards,

    Felicity George

    Communications Department

    Arsenal Football Club

    Geoff/Pedro, do you reckon thats Charlies daughter 🙂