Scoring Scoring ARSENAL! The best and the worst… + Player Ratings

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Well that is how I felt about last nights thumping 5-2 victory!

On the one hand we had mesmerising football and clinical finishing… on the other, some defending so shoddy Spurs fans would have been smirking. Seriously, it was that bad. Song looked so hopelessly out of his depth I actually felt really bad for him… if Song was a boat, he’d be hanging out with the titanic. It’s like someone slipped horse tranquilliser into his lucozade before the game started… he was constantly caught napping and if it wasn’t for the poor finishing of Guiza, we could have finished that game 5-5. Silvestre didn’t do much to help him out… but at least he was holding the line with the rest of the defence.

Attacking wise we looked fantastic though. Diaby was, as predicted… fantastic! He showed great skill throughout the game and he even managed to score a goal. Cesc also looked marvellous, as did Theo.

However, today I will be mostly praising the stand in captain. Manuel Almunia was nothing short of world class. He made at least 5 fantastic saves… in short, he put on a captains performance…. when was the last time you said that about an Arsenal player (Gilberto I reckon). Anyone left with any doubts over the Spaniards ability must surely lay them to rest now. He played superbly last year, and this year it looks like he is ready to continue that form… he has earnt that number 1 jersey, and no one can say otherwise.

So… how about some player ratings?

Almunia: He saved at least 4 one on ones, he blocked at least two goal bound shots and he put on a great showing. Without Almunia between the sticks, tonight could have been a very different story. World class… and my man of the match. 9

Clichy: The one shining light in the back 4. The ever dependable Clichy made a super goal line clearance after an Almunia save early in the second half… that’s two for the week! This guy will become and Arsenal legend and we should all be truly appreciative of his hard working displays. 8

Song: Sloppy passing, terrible positional play and a real lack of pace to boot. Not a good performance from the young Cameronian. I didn’t rate him before tonight… and I certainly don’t after. He did score a great goal though. After Nasri won a freekick… the ball was whipped into the box, Silvestre got on the end of it and Song Volleyed home the looping header for our 4th. The commentator quipped,

‘How much more extraordinary can this night get?’

A veiled dig for sure!

Great goal, but don’t let it cloud the reality… he ain’t no centre back. He needlessly fouled to concede the freekick that led to the first. Some are blaming him for the first, but for me it was probably a foul… but then again, I don’t think a better defender would have been in that postion in the first place. The second goal was conceded when Song failed to clear a header properly… Guiza latched onto it and lobbed Almunia. However, I am not to fussed… hopefully he will be displaced by our Big Swiss defender on Sunday. 5

Silvestre: Hard to judge someone who is playing next Song. If I was playing doubles Tennis with Andy Murray against Nadal and Federer… would you slag Andy off he we got hammered? (Geoff would). That is how I saw it today. He wasn’t great but he was having a tough time of it playing against someone who was often out of position. 6

Eboue: Didn’t do a lot wrong tonight. If anything, he was pretty quiet. He made a few good interceptions and he did well to set up our new Welsh wonder at the end. If tonight proved anything, it is that Eboue is great cover at right back… and no more. 7

Nasri: Not his best performance in the red and white, but lets not forget he is new to the English game. He looked a touch jaded and I have noticed that he is part of the same ‘low pain threshold’ club as Eboue. He went down like a fairy for the freekick that led to Songs goal. Not his night tonight, but he was still more of a threat in front of goal than Hleb ever was… and he certainly knows how to muck in. 6.5

Denilson: Not the best, not the worst. He quietly ticked over in midfield this evening and looked a lot more comfortable playing in a 5 man midfield. Stuart Robson said that he isn’t the best passer, he can’t go round players and he is weak… harsh, but some would say fair. 7

Diaby: Well, what a come back game eh? Fast, skillful and more confident than ever! There was one point where I though, ‘jeez… he thinks he is Adebayor!’. He absolutely mugged a defender to whip in a cross in the first half… then his goal came. A long ball pierced the Fener defence, Diaby latched onto, he jinked inside, lost his defender and buried it past the keeper with his LEFT FOOT! I was amazed! When he eventually came off, he was greeted by a standing ovation from the Turks. A real compliment you have to say! There is however a big question mark… is he disciplined enough to defend in a 4-4-2? 9

Cesc: Looked like he was approaching his devastating best tonight. He played 2 killer passes in the first half to set up Ade and Theo and he pulled all the strings for most of the game. He also did his fair share of defensive work. I hope he can build on that now, and hopefully he has seen enough in this team to motivate him for the rest of the season. 8

Theo: Well Geoff has been raving about him for the past 2 years… and finally, it seems like Theo has landed! For his goal… Cesc fed him a beautifully weighted pass right through the middle of the Fener defence, he knocked it round the keeper… it took a slight deflection… Theo found himself with the ball a little under his feet… then without even looking up he turned it in! Super goal from a player on fire. His pace is scary and again… I hope he can keep on building on his rapidly improving game. 8

Adebayor: For me, Ade played well tonight. I think he has been taking an unfair amount of flak so far this season. He was greedy when negotiating his contract… big deal. People need to get over it and start supporting him. Ade was first on the score sheet tonight after Cesc weighted a beauty of a ball through to him early in the game… he beat the offside trap, ran for 20 yards and cooly slotted past the hapless keeper. A great finish from one chance. The rest of the game he did what a lone striker should do… work hard for the team. He is becoming more of a team player and people have to acknowledge that when watching him… knock him all you like, but 7 goals and 4 assists at this point in the season is impressive by whatever standards you wish to judge him by. 7.5


Rambo: The young Welshman was given ten minutes at the end to see what he could do. He came on and ran round like a lunatic trying to impose himself on the flagging game. The first thing he did was try and audacious back heel (Eboue is set to sue him for stealing his gimmick)… the next thing he tried was a one two with Eboue…except Ramsey fancied giving the return pass to the inside far post! What a shot and what an introduction to the biggest competition in football! Well played Aaron! 7

Vela: Nothing really to tell you! 6

JD: Definitely looked less concussed than he has done recently 6


We are scoring goals from all over the pitch, our attacking play is excellent. However, we are conceding very poor goals and we look more fragile than ever at the back. Hopefully JD can remedy the problem until Kolo and Gallas get back (Yes, I did say that…). Another positive was that we have finally found a striker who is offiside more than Ade! Daniel Guiza broke the record this evening with 82 offsides! On a serious note though… he walked through our defence on a number of occasions… and that my friends is a warning, we wont score 5 goals every week.

So… plenty to talk about today Grovers!

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  1. bergkamp

    yeah but wrighty,i think maybe he thought the atmosphere was too great for djourou an he hasnt been training an will have no relationship playin with sylvestre,you have to add more than just pickin the team together, song has probably trained more with sylvestre an djourou may also play to the left side of the defence,all kinds of stuff

  2. Pedro

    Theo hasn’t signed a new deal and rumours are he is interested in Liverpool and ManU.

    Wouldn’t that just be great!

  3. no.1 goon

    yeah but djourou is trying to regain fitness,wenger must have thought from the 2nd half performance againest everton that song and silvestre did well?
    either that or he was not fit enough?
    but im sure if 100% fit wenger would have choose him!

  4. Wrighty7

    But then Bergkamp you could say why did Diaby start? He hasn’t figured much this season has he? I think Wenger just wants Song to have a blinder so he can say “i told you so”

  5. bergkamp

    fenerbahce are no mugs,they knew song was the weakness an they picked him off, otherwise if we had picked djourou they may have decided to attack eboue ,this is where a good captain is uselfull to help a young fella out

  6. ReVELAtion

    Wenger is definantly a percentages man and stats man…

    He’s our manager so if he deems diaby to play left mid as he can’t use his left peg or song at the back to shure up his defensive duties or denilson on the right to improve his movement off the ball etc he’s in his right too…

    Unfortunatly the experiments have worn thin with some, but this is how his method of coachng young players works and succeeds. He will not change his philosophy at arsenal now.. He will live and die by it…

    Sometimes we see games like last night and someties we see games like the one against fulham…

    We are still inconsistent because we are still a very young side… The quality though, is there for all to see…

    No one in their right minds want to play us, because if we turn up, it doesn’t matter who you are, you won’t just get beat, you’ll get a hiding… We are the only 1 team capable of doing that… We can never ever again, whilst wenger is manager, be a 1-0 to the arsenal copycat of the graham era..

    It’d be nice to have a kaka, robinho, nesta & buffon, but only 1 team can win the title…. Saying that though a barry would have been nice!

    on another note… Hargreaves sounds like an arsene buy…. Available and has more injury problems than darren anderton’s & amy winehouse’s illegitamet child….

  7. Geoff

    Flamini didn’t sneak out the back door, Wenger should have given him a sign or we’ll sell you ultimatum last Christmas, he didn’t, and Flamini fucked off, we have no one to blame but Wenger.

    Read the blogs around that time last year and that’s what we were saying. Wenger also fucked up with Diarra and Cole.

    Theo has 18 months left and he’s going no where, he loves Arsenal.

    I’m off down the gym for an hour.

  8. ReVELAtion

    Wrighty, if i can find the statement from wenger “lost a little bit of form” statement on Djourou i’ll post it…

  9. Pedro

    ‘I think Wenger just wants Song to have a blinder so he can say “i told you so”’

    Spot on Wrighty, that’s so good you should write a blog!

    Oh wait….

  10. bergkamp

    i hear wat your sayin wrighty but iv seen diaby play in that position before,an i think due to pressure he couldnt afford to get any injurys or tiredness before the westham game,i think title race pressure is on,if we lose to west ham or fail to win it will be a problem,i think wenger measured the two games,fener or west ham,who is likely to get a strain ,all these things into account,dojourou hasnt trained he could pull a muscle,robin is always likely to get injured,flood the midfield like milan away,all that stuff

  11. bergkamp

    theo can go to liverpool,he will end up chasing steve gerrard long balls all day,he will be the new aron lennon within a week

  12. ReVELAtion

    no, theo cannot go to liverpool… He makes england games worth watching for arsenal fans, let’s be honest…

  13. bergkamp

    i just cant get into international games,i worry about injurys too much,id rather theo retired from international duty an signed a new contract

  14. no.1 goon

    i see theo as our boy wonder,i really want him to do well,if he leave’s i will hate him forever with a passion,how can any player wanna leave this club.
    i dont think he does,just look at the way he talks about arsenal in interviews!
    surely he know’s the reason why he is doing so well?
    because bergkamp your right he will be a no one if he goes.
    surely these players understand how good they have got it at arsenal?

  15. avenell

    The point is Arsenal are not making Theo feel wanted, He has watched Sagna, Clichy, Ade and even Song (even song) get new deals.

    If Theo waits a year he could command the sort of deal Sol Campbell got at Arsenal. Like a £5 million pound signing on fee and £100k a week.

    His dad definately supports Liverpool, it says that on the Arsenal TV ad for the away shirts.

  16. ReVELAtion

    ahhh bergkamp such a worrier… It’s good to be english at the moment football wise… Theo starts for england and we’re hammering teams… The matches against germany and spain will be very good tests as long as they aren’t huge experiments…

  17. bergkamp

    id swap theo for kaka but i think id regret it,i just think it would be amazin to buy a huge world star an see the press embrace us for once even though the average player is classically trained to play for arsenal thats why they fail when they leave us coz they lookin for a man to pass too an it just aint the same

  18. no.1 goon

    since theo has been in the england team i have ENJOYED WATCHING ENGLAND.
    S*** did i just say that lol.
    no for real i can actually watch england now,theo has restored some pride back for the english goons.

  19. Wrighty7

    Theo will sign a new deal, he knows that Arsenal is the best place to develope, thats why he came here.

    The question is when he has developed and is established, what will happen then?

    My hunch is he will be at Arsenal a long time, he has a rapport with Gooners.

  20. ReVELAtion

    avenell Theo isn’t going anywhere, stop worrying about assumptions you’ve quite clearly made up in your head, as if you were in that situation…

    I’d like to put my twopenny in and ASSUME He’ll get a new contract and he’ll sign it as he knows for the good of his game at 19 y/o there is no better team or manager to play for than arsenal and arsene.. The sole reason he’s an england regular is because he plays for ARSENAL… if he had done a bentley and left and was at a club saaaaaay west ham… Would he be in the first 11, the squad?

  21. no.1 goon

    i was weird when england played wales,i wanted ramsey to do so well.
    i went nuts when he scored that goal and what a pass for the 2nd.
    i was happy with 2-2 because england still went through but aron ramsey got man of the match.
    did feel sorry for him.

  22. avenell

    ReVELAtion.. I have not made anything up in my head!!! They are things that have happened at Arsenal over the last 6 years.

  23. Wrighty7

    Cant believed you have mentioned Hleb, Pedro. I’ve just calmed down and now I’m steaming again, I cant wait till sunday night so I can get knocked out again! HA HA 😉

  24. bergkamp

    pedro flamini had beef ever since the champions league final,arsenal should have saw it coming with him,they tried to sell him to brum with a year left on his deal an he refused, they should have told him sign before christmas or dropped him but the problem is the team was winning,hlebs pants fell out after the eduardo incident an lets be real he is the only guy from his country that is ever likely to play for his nations favourite club ,theo is an englishman,he wont ever learn a foriegn language ,an he will cost man city or chelsea or man utd 40 mill to buy,thats the advantage we have!

  25. ReVELAtion

    Hleb was just a silly whinging **** and flamini did to us what he did to marseille… Cest la vie…

    However i hope that warm bench in the san siro where he now sits is a friendly one made joyous by the stories of Arsenal’s italian job… oh and the bench in 2nd rate european stadia in the uefa cup must surely be aluxury one must sample in their life….

    Funny what already highly paid football players with no ambition will do for that little bit extra money…

  26. bergkamp

    if man utd want theo we want ronaldo an vidic ,an if chelsea want him we want essien & terry, thats the value with age in mind

  27. bergkamp

    rooney?? no way,his value is dropping fast,well infact he is doin a bit better lately ,wait till we sell van an put theo up top your gonna see the new age striker

  28. ReVELAtion

    perhaps, but value dropping fast? he’s scored 6 in 7 and every ****** time he’s played against us he’s had a tremendous impact on the game…. Rooney and Theo upfront for england in a couple of years would be choice ‘ey bru…

  29. ReVELAtion

    rooney is quality… I’m not about to debate that… I’ve seen what he’s done to us since he’s 16 and we are no mugs…

  30. bergkamp

    but rooney was a young and improving player until man utd,has he moved forward since then?? was he more exciting pre man utd?? i think so

  31. bergkamp

    he’s a 30 million pound striker,he scored 7 in 7 an a few against us,but he scored less than adebayor ,an goals per minutes on the pitch last season less than bentley an less than rvp,so are they 30 million pound strikers?

  32. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp – His (Rooney’s) game has improved since he went to united, how can you even doubt that is ludacris…

    He’s even got the medals, the caps and performances at the highest level to prove it and before you go on about “because of ronaldo” anyone can just as easily say to our team “because of henry”

  33. bergkamp

    i dont think man utd have improved rooney at the rate arsenal would have if u look at how ade has improved an how henry improved,and lundberg an other goalscoring players, we could make dirk kuyt shyt hot?? thats a debate

  34. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp that is also not true… That’s just an assumption based on wenger’s track record…

    For every fabregas and vieira there is a jeffers, pennant, reyes, boa morte etc.

  35. bergkamp

    but he hasnt done anything for united,if ronaldo wasnt about last season rooneys input would have got them mid table

  36. bergkamp

    and which of those listed were 30 million pounds??? jeffers?? pennant? reyes?? you could have bought all of them an got change to but wiltord

  37. bergkamp

    last seasons league an champions league were ronaldos trophies, rooney hasnt stepped up to the plate once since the euros four years ago

  38. bergkamp

    what im sayin is,rooney is now worth less than man utd paid for him,an its nothing to do with contract,its to do with how much he failed to improve compared to how much he should have improved

  39. ReVELAtion

    berkamp – same could be said about henry’s goals and mid table, like i stated and you still commented on..

    boa morte, reyes… Yes, but they have fletcher, o shea etc that have won the double, so your point is?

    Reyes was still about 13-17m and jeffers 10m so not really….

    1 fact is we’re going off track…

    another fact is rooney is still quality, i’d say world class….

  40. Pedro

    I doubt you could buy wayne rooney for less than £30million.

    He is a proven goal scorer, versatile and he is on fire at the moment.

    He is also a winner…

    I’d say he has improved hugely.

  41. bergkamp

    my point is without ronaldo rooney isnt worth a carling cup, same as arsenal werent worth a title without henry ,an henry cost 10 mill an wasnt meant to do so well,rooney cost 30 mill an hasnt set the world on fire like he was meant to

  42. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp you expect rooney, still only 23, to be some sort of maradona moulded with pele, based on your accessment on how much he should have improved….

    I say he’s 5 years away from his peak, has the trophies, medals, international caps and performances in top, top quality games to suggest that he is fulfilling his potential and has gone up another level because he plays for 1 of the top sides in the world… His improvement will only have been of similar ilk at another 1 of the top 4 english clubs as at 16 it is rare for 1 to improve at any accelerated rate in a foregin climate…

    That’s just what makes cesc oh that more so special…

  43. Pedro

    Bergkamp… that doesn’t prove anything.

    Some would say without Rooney, Ronaldo wouldn’t have scored 40 goals last year.

    The facts speak for themselves… Rooney won 2 trophies last year and he played most of their games.

    He is a performer.

    I don’t even understand what you are trying to get at?

  44. bergkamp

    for 30 mill your not buyin potential,for 30 mill i expect maradonna,theo cost a lot less,thats why i can take his shyt,but rooney earns 100k a week an cost 30 mill thats £60mill or more over 4 years,i expect maradonna

  45. alex

    I’m worried about Diaby, he looks more like an attacking midfielder with his trickery, off the ball movement and at times Cesc-like passes. The worry is that he, as it is mentioned above, is not disiplined enough to stay back and defend like Gilberto or Flaminin did, he has the urge to go forward and get goals. So Arsenal are yet again stuck with Denilon, who also is no holding midfielder, he has great balance and ball control, good passing and great running of the ball, allways available for a pass, so he is an offencive minded midfielder, all we have left is Song who dissapoints a bit in the defencive area… So january can’t come fast enough so we can wait for Wenger to get a strong defencive midfielder, but he never will….

  46. freddy

    Adebayor was rubbish last night. well taken goal – very rare that he actually converted a 1-on-1 as hes probably missed his last 200 – but his passing, control, lik-up was again piss-poor. Bendtner should get his chance ‘cos Ade has been pants this season and every move breaks down with him.

  47. Paulinho

    I think United are taking MSI and Tevez for a frickin ride here. They’re gonna wait to the end of the season and say ‘thanks but no thanks’ and let Tevez go on his merry way.

    Could anyother get away with basically loaning a player like they have? A law unto themselves.

  48. bergkamp

    remember that,60mill,so the cost of berbatov rooney tevez an rio is over 200 mill in the space of 4 years,thats just 4 players,now u know also why its hard to compete with these debt lovers

  49. avenell

    Chelsea was said to have offered £40 million for Torres in the summer and now Man City are cash rich they would pay £50mill for either Torres or Rooney.

  50. bergkamp

    that was a romantic 30 mill,one man buyin his best mate,it wasnt even a managers decision,that was a chess move,its wat u can expect from rich billionaire investors showin off,schevvers lol

  51. ReVELAtion

    unforttunatly for man city, money wont buy them the players… Chelsea had champions league, man city have a shit hole and possibility of the uefa cup… Not so enticing unless you’re mathieu flamini

  52. bergkamp

    well when cesc costs someone 30 mill they will expect him to deliever them the champions league an two league titles revalation

  53. Paulinho

    Agree with Freddy. Ade’s arse should have been hauled off after sixty minutes for Vela.

    He always disintegrates into a big pile of nothingness in these games after a bright start. Just constant offsides and poor attempts at showing for the ball.

    As soon as he went off we got some ball around their area and this led to Ramsay’s goal.

  54. bergkamp

    no reVELAtion im sayin i dont think rooney is value for money,manure would have won everything last season without him,his contribution was next to nothing

  55. bergkamp

    ade needed to keep running when the game was won right coz the season is nearly over ?? an he hasnt got a game to play on saturday??

  56. ReVELAtion

    i’d expect him to be one of our better players and deliver the performances his price tag warrants which allow us to challenge for those trophies, yes…. There are no guarentees in life…

  57. Paulinho

    Well take him off then?! I’m blaming Wenger. I don’t know what he’s got against Vela. He seems loathe to ever play the guy. There must be some contract going on with his old Mexican club where they get paid money if he plays a certain amount of minutes in his first six months.

    The way Wenger takes so long to make subs in extremely irritating.

  58. bergkamp

    lol wat im sayin is,rooney could be better,if fergie paid more attention to detail an coached him more individually an told him to show more flare,right now he is famous coz he bangs grannys,he has potential to be amazin,i like rooney,i think he’s a decent bloke despite his club,but i think he needs to step out of ronaldo’s shadow an take responsibilty ,it might be good for him if ronaldo leaves man utd,maybe not his trophy cabinet but maybe for his game

  59. ReVELAtion

    i agree paulinho about the substitutions… He hasn’t anything against Vela except the fact he’s been away on loan for 3 years, can’t speak english, is a 19 year old kid and probably hasn’t even found a settled accomodation… Wenger’s record with bleeding the kids in is 1st rate… You’ll see more of carlos down the business end of the season…

  60. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp great players thrive on competition within their squad and making telling contributions to assist in the “teams” victories and achievments.. How can it be better for rooney if ronaldo left? and the bit about coming out of his shadow? come on, how can i take you seriously?

  61. Pedro

    Bergkamp… stepping out of the shadow of a winger who banged in 42 goals in a season is like asking someone to step out of the sun in the middle of the sahara.

    Nigh on impossible.

  62. Paulinho

    I just see a contradiction sometimes with Wenger in regards to youth policy. On one hand he talks them all up and buys them young with promises to be a prominent part of the first team, but then on the other hand he seems incredibly reluctant to play them unless the game is well truly over or we are desperate. Especially gnawing when these young players seem to be more inherently talented than their senior colleagues.

    Alot of talk from Wenger and not much follow-through.

  63. bergkamp

    well it was better for ade wen henry left,am i wrong?? didnt the whole team breath easier without the evil eye looming?? rev

  64. Jamie England

    Almunia was good, could have stuck his hand straight up for there 2nd goal maybe?

    i think the main reason Guiza kept waltzing through was as Silvestre, Clichy and Eboue stepped up each time Song didnt. There 1st goal why was no1 marking him!?!?! Thought Silvestre looked pretty sharpe, made some good blocks and interceptions, and looked great in the air!! Dont think Guiza wuld have had so much luck if Gallas or Toure were playing… be interesting to see if he plays DJ against West Ham… Think him and Silvestre could be good partnership. If we get the CB’s right, and continue playing that sorta stuff in the final 3rd… happi days!

    How good was Eboues trick before he passed it to Rambo!!!!

    Ade worked hard again… took his goal well, looked calm when doing so.

    Walcott, at times, looked unplayable… Must have been doin summin right as Roberto Carlos kicked him!

  65. bergkamp

    agreed pedro,but rooney was carried by ronaldo ,he didnt have to step up,ronaldo,what if he gets injured,can rooney win them the champions league??? i dont think so

  66. ReVELAtion

    point is wenger’s track record with getting the best out of young players is 2nd to none… He probably sees vela as 4th choice behind adebayor, van persie and bendtner… Established internationals and Arsenal mainstays…

    The fact he even get’s cameo appearances outside the carling cup is testament to his ability and his advancement seen by wenger… Vela is quite obviosuly a quality player, but there are others further ahead in their development and ability… He’ll get his chances thats for sure and thus far, the ones he’s been given, he’s taken… Only a matter of time then…

  67. Paulinho

    …And the senior colleagues are still technically youngsters like Denilson, who are patently not good enough. The way things are going Wenger will keep being trigger-shy until it’s too late.

  68. bergkamp

    rooney was pushed onto the wing in big games with ronaldo upfront,that just showed alex didnt have the faith in him ,now they have berbatov he is sweating because they cant play tevez rooney berba an ronaldo,so rooney is finally steppin up,he has done more this season than last season

  69. Patrick7

    Geoff – Disagree with you about Becks. When he was captain he played his heart out for us and has attempted the same since albeit slowing down as he has aged. But he was never blessed with speed. It was his talent on the ball, vision and finesse that made him the player he is. He can still have an effect as an impact player to deliver balls with pinpoint accuracy and it’s towards the end of matches when defenders will give him that space.

    Added to all that he brings experience and dedication to the squad showing his craft to the kids; I heard he competes to be first out and often is last to leave the training pitch: what an example! Who else with his pots of money would be jetting back and forth in order to get a game representing England in the past few years? He’s a great rep and I smile every time he shoots the ball in to those killing gaps or scores, set pieces or otherwise!

    Yes, he might beat some of our legends on caps. He might well get a Knighthood which would please Posh but he always looks smart and does his best at everything he attempts: look at the academies. Good luck to him.

  70. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp – “henry’s evil eye” doesnt exist.. and you can be certain his departure has made us better.. We aren’t exactly champions or winners of anything, are we? I’m here to debate not have squabbles with individuals…

    also, 1 player doesn’t win a champions league. A team and everyone connected plays their part in winning the champions league and a splash of luck somewhere down the line also helps…

    Lookig forward to the game at upton park sunday…. Poor Gianfranco, quite like him…

  71. Pedro

    43 games and 18 goals + 13 Prem assists… I would say that is pretty good going and that you are talking a lot of rubbish about Rooney.

    I wouldn’t normally say that… but you don’t have anything to back up what you are saying. He has trophies, appearances, goal and assists.

    What more does he have to do?

  72. bergkamp

    lol i think rooney should be wowin the crowd more ,simple,football is about entertainment, he should not be allowin ade to score goal of the season

  73. Geoff

    Ok I’m back and have just been catching up, what a load of bollocks I’ve been reading!

    Patrick, England have won fuck all under Beckham, in fact him and his horrible wife almost stopped millions watching England and we have become one of the worst top teams in world football, he’s 33 and should know when to fuck off.

    His academies were done for his image, if he wanted to do something useful, send his freak wife out to a poor country, spend some of his money putting clean water wells into Africa or something and get out of the spotlight.

    Knighthood, for what? You may as well give one to Gary Glitter for selling a lot of records, he’s won fuck all, I hate the cunt.

    Rooney is a fat little scouser who would be on the dole if he didn’t play football, he’ll never leave the Mancs and he’s too stupid to learn another language.

    Theo will one day be the world’s best player and there’s more chance of me becoming the next England manager than Arsenal letting him leave, so I can’t understand why you’ve all wasted the last hour worrying about him fucking off, no chance.

  74. kelsey

    WRIGHTY at least you enjoyed my game,when i go on your blog my real name comes up .

    Pedro with regards to “world class” players don’t you think the word is banded about to freely.What constitutes a world class me it is someone who is truely great for the majority of their career,I cant think of many.Pele,Maradona stand out as they scored goals,name me one english players in the last 30 years.Not song 🙂


    I sometimes don’t understand some of us, we keep on complaining about our defence, three of them were absent, Fenerbahce have not lost in 15 matches till yesterday, they beat Sevilla, Chelsea, AC Milan, and some others last year, we win with these players of ourt and we are still complaining, do you people think Fenerbahce is a bad side,

    think again, and one thing i noticed yesterday that no one is talking about was when Djourou came on to play in the middle, he was rushing the opposition in making mistakes or losing the ball, what Flamini was doing last season which Denilson is lacking, i really liked that, and i also thought he should have been playing rather than Song.

  76. Fabregas' Dad

    Sometimes our full backs are too close to our central defenders (which is to be expected as we play such a high line so they need to make sure they get it right) and often there’s lots of space available on the wings when we play. Also, Diaby is not defensive enough. There was one moment when he was right next to one of their players but didn’t even attempt to dispossess him. I don’t think Ade actually played that well and I was shocked at the amount of space we allowed the opposition in midfield and between midfield and our defence. This was probably the worst game so far this season in terms of refusing to shoot. We had so many opportunities to shoot but no one did until Ramsey in the last minute when we were already guaranteed victory.

    I honestly don’t think too much can be read from this game because their defence was shocking (and ours was pretty poor as well).

  77. chris

    great post Pedro, only reading it now,

    with this many people lining up to score i hope that commentators finally shut the fuck up regrading walking the ball in to the net,

  78. Pedro

    World Class…

    Paul Scholes, Alan Shearer, Sol Campbell, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Tony Adams, Frank Lampard, Gazza, Hoddle, Lineker…

    There have been plenty of world class player over the years!

    Geoff, Arsenal wont have a choice… he has about 20 months on his contract… if he runs down his contract till the summer… we may be forced to sell.


    Wayne Rooney is everything you said… but he is a great footballer.

  79. Fabregas' Dad

    By the way, last night has to be one of the best nights overall (from a neutral’s point of view) in the champions league at least in the last few years. 36 bloody goals

  80. john

    Clichy is going to be a great player. But I think his best football may well be achieved if he were to emulate Emmanel Petite and move into defensive midfield. The tem needs someone there now (1) has a good sense of defence – but able to attack (2) Clean takler – giving away few free kicks (3) A great engine – doesn’t just jog around all game – but makes an awful lot of high speed runs down the wing (4) can chase back and catch an opponent breaking from midfield (5) shows leadership qualities – and may be well positioned there to (a) organise the defence behind him and (b) lead the team into battle. A few games trial would give Gibbs / Traore a chance to fill in at left back. Denielson does NOT have the defensive attitude required and is too often caught on the wrong side of his man and concedes free kicks, Diaby and Rambo are mainly attack minded. Since we do not give away the ball so much we do not need to win it back so often, so someone like Cliche would get the best out of Gibbs/ Traore and Nasri to give us real bite down the left side. Arsene please note.

  81. Arsene Wenger

    Give Song a break. he just got a little scared of the intimidating atmosphere. Eboue on the other hand was very brave. He later told song that all he has to do is play on the right Mid for a few games and he will become the next big thing, just like the great one Ebuoe.

    By the way i should have told you fellas that am the real Arsene; you probably wont believe it but that is the point of being direct

  82. FabulousFabregas

    i am glad that Gallas didn’t play.
    If he played that day, Fener will score 4 goals against us.

    I am looking forward to this week game, i am thinking can we score 5 goals against Wesh ham?

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    Been down the sunny east coast today, working ofcourse.

    Hey Arsene did you read my email to 😉

    Its got me stuffed why you won’t start the Big Fella

  84. Big Raddy


    Two London derbies to come. They used to mean so much to me when I was a kid. Bragging rights and all that stuff. Now, with the globalisation of the game it is just another 3 points……

    WHU away, was a horrible (probably still is) place to go. I recall the Chicken Run (an old stand full of boneheads) throwing bananas at our black players. Couldn’t happen now.

    THFC. It is still brilliant to beat them. Although MU and the Chavs are the teams I hate most, I keep a place in my heart for those hapless buffoons down the road.

  85. Arsene Wenger

    The Big Fella needs to increase his balls George. dont worry about it though, he will have everything figured out in a week or so. He just has to talk to Ebuoe