Pires tips Arsenal kids, Aragones is no racist and my arse is a kipper!

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So nice to hear Arsenal old boy Robert Pires is saying our kids are like ripening fruit and this year they will win the title, cheers Bobby!

Arsene Wenger says Aragones is no racist, well I don’t know him and I wasn’t there at the Henry/Reyes incident but you can’t called people black bastards and not expect to be called a racist, my advice there Luis, move on, keep your head down and as I said to someone yesterday, chuck the shovel away.

My arse is a kipper was sarcasm, because if Aragones is not a racist, then my arse can be a kipper, when Ron Atkinson commented on a chav once, he was banned from commentating, when Rodney Marsh said he thought a Tsunami was the Newcastle fans he got fired from Sky in the commercial break, so when Aragones said what he said he should have been tin tacked on the spot and the Spanish FA should have been thrown out of the World cup for the abuse that Cole and Wright Phillips got in Spain (I know, I know).

You can’t have a one rule for them and a one rule for us system, if you do, then my arse becomes that kipper. Quack, quack (I can’t do a kipper noise, quack will have to do)

I watched the greatest fans in the world last night at St. James’s Park and there must have been a problem with the crowd as there were empty seats everywhere, it can’t have been the fans because as everyone says, they are the worlds best.

The fact that we get 56,000 for a reserve team match means nothing, they are the best, despite their accents, perhaps there was wet paint on the seats and they couldn’t sit on them, I don’t know, what do you think?

Tonight we dine in hell and I expect nothing other than a win. I think we should start with Bentner and Robin and play 4-4-2, but I won’t hold my breath, Nasri is injured but don’t expect Vela, it will be RVP out left and Eboue will take over from Theo, who will be benched and Ade alone up front.

I hope like hell he won’t be and that Eboue Djourou Silvestre and Clichy form the back line, with Diaby Cesc Theo and Vela in the middle and Bendtner and Robin up top.

No Song please, I watched the reserves last night and having watched them before, these are the people I would try in midfield before Song.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bischoff, Randall (yes Randall) Lansbury Dunne or Thomas, if any of you watch the reserves you’ll all see that this lot are better than him, so why oh why does he get picked?

No more on Song, I think we’ll pull off a 2-1 or better tonight and that Diaby will give us that much needed bite in midfield we’ve lacked, but he must play the flair players in Vela and Theo, but will he?

Have a great day Grovers, and remember to vote for your Le Champ! —->

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  1. trindle

    THe words “pub after work” and “monopolising the tv” are ringing in my ears … “compromise” will follow shortly! a 5 – 2 win in Turkey is the biz, shit defence or not.

    Night Grovers

  2. freduardo

    the fat fella described holding midfielder denilson as ‘powderpuff’. fair comment? seems harsh for the young lad winning 5-2 in Turkey

  3. Evo in Oz

    yeah i thought it was a tough call. who gives a fuck anyway, we dont play a setup that is reliant on that anyway. Cesc and Denilson alternate between who will go forward and who will stay back. it happens in every game i watch


    diaby needs to stay fit denilson i hate him song is a clown but scored a nice volley rambo is world class adebayor lol ….

  5. freduardo

    do you think it is limiting cesc going forward though? gotta keep that kid happy. .dont know if denilson is worth compromising his game for.
    disappointed not to see Bendtner tonight. was he on the bench?

  6. Evo in Oz

    yeah he was along with RVP

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Carlos Vela
    (86) Aaron Ramsey
    (73) Kieran Gibbs
    Johan Djourou
    (84) Robin Van Persie

  7. Evo in Oz

    you could possibly say it is limiting, however Nasri is there on the wing to sort that out and is proving to be the buy we hoped for!

  8. Rasputin

    Its your site Pedro and you are almost as stubborn as AW.

    Also you have the ability to track back and reproduce selective quotes.

    Those who read the ongoing debate between us will remember that I didn’t say that Ramsey was the answer. I said (not an exact repro) that I though he might be the answer to a partner for Cesc in a couple of years and you jumped on me and said he wouldn’t be ready for 5 years.

    Come on, be a man – admit that perhaps you underestimated the pace at which he has developed and he could conceivably become an important player in the next two years. No-ones going to think any the less of you!!

  9. franchise

    1.he didnt close down the substitute at Sunderland
    2. he didnt close down on pinnear against newcastle
    3. he gave away a stupid free kick against fener and with the ensuing cross got himself caught out in the far post
    4. and the second fener goal he heads a ball that is beyond him causing alumnia to mistime the projectile of the ball… he virtually passes to guiza. If he had allowed that ball to drop i believe Alumnia could have rushed of his line , and denied guiza

  10. freduardo

    franchise that is harsh. i aint his biggest fan, but for the 1st fener goal tonight there was someone conmpletely free at the back post. Sure Song didnt clear it, but he stopped his man from scoring. someone else lost their man.

  11. franchise

    I disagree with u goonerman… Kolo and Gallas are very good CB but their main deficieny is the lack of height. To think that Song has less overall qualities than them and is probably shorter (I would confirm in a minute) just tells me that he can not succeed at CB at least for Arsenal. I might be wrong but I dont think Song is doing himself ne favours with his lethargic performances

  12. Pat

    Only caught the 2nd half after school(here in the U.S.). Defending looked really shady. The speed of toure and Gallas would have helped a lot today. Great shwoing by Diaby. Theo looked really good. Where was RVP today?

    And Almunia. He’s really improved.

  13. franchise

    Conceeding the free kick makes him as gulty as Ade who lost his guy to the far post. He did the same again against a thirty hundred year old roberto carlos. If it were another referee he would have gotten sent off

  14. franchise

    Avenell are u serious ? Songs eye’s weren’t on the ball both times he was the obstruction watch the highlights carefully

  15. Keyser

    Franchise – I think people are being harsh, yeah he hasn’t had the best of starts but then he hasn’t had a regular run and hasn’t been played much in one particular position either.

    1. He did close him down, he just didn’t want to foul him soo close to the area giving away the free kick, making the right choices in such areas come with experience and regular games. The shot was pin point, i’d say an inch or two in any direction would have lead it onto the post, crossbar or fingertips of Almunia.

    2. He didnt close down Pienaar because he had two men to mark and was caught in between, Denilson was blamed just as much because he didn’t track the run of Osman, it was his first game at right back aswell, Eboue could’v helped out.

    3. He had two players to deal with there and even then the person he was marking had his arms all over him and was pushing him down.

    4. You could blame Song for this but it was an awkward header, he lets that drop and Guiza’s in behind anyway with an easier oppurtunity.

  16. Rasputin

    I think, in Clichy, Nasri, Ramsey and Wilshire, we have emerging players who not only have skill and ability in abundance, but who are very determined, work really hard and are like terriers snapping at the heels of the opposition if they lose the ball. Nasri and Ramsey chased down the ball if they gave it away and often managed to regain possession. Clichy has played like this for a season or two and is an example to some of the more lethargic players who think that chasing back is beneath them.

  17. franchise

    Hero how? In both occassions Song had enough time to chase after the ball and deal with it but cos he’s as heavy as an elephant he chose to obstruct the players

  18. Pedro

    Rasputin, if he is ready in 2 years time… brilliant!

    Diaby will only be 24 in 2 years and I imagine that he will be Cesc’s long term partner… then you have Denilson… another favourite who is only young…

    Still, the exciting thing is… he does give us a viable option off the bench and he looks very hungry!

    If I was to make a predicton… I’d say if Ramsey is going to play anywhere while he is young… it will be out wide.

  19. freduardo

    Franchise, what i am saying is that once the free kick is given, it has to be defended. like you say, Ade lost his man. unforgiveable if it was 0-0. To say Song is at fault for the goal is a little harsh. also I am playing devils advocate a small bit, as I would have JD every day of the week ahead of Song.

  20. David

    Ramsey’s place is clearly in the Middle. Along with Cesc….i saw him make a flamini tackle…It was almost as beautiful as his pin-point passing.

    That boi is trully amazing.

  21. Pedro

    Second goal kick was songs fault from the perspective of the freekick… but the goal… well, I’d say it was a foul…

  22. Rasputin

    Pedro – IMO Ramsey is every bit as good as Denilson already.

    Every time he has played for an Arsenal team, he has come on in central midfield, or part of a midfoeld three – why put him out wide when we now have plenty of good wide players?

    I agree Diaby will get precedence over him and judging by his first half performance today, that would be justified, but there were glimpses of the old ‘dwell on the ball too long’ and wayward passes that used to be part of his game in the second half. I meant what I said in an earlier post though – Diaby looked like very bit as good a striker as Ade on todays performance.

  23. David

    The only thing good i can see about denilson is that he is Tough and he doesnt get injured like the rest do…

    I think we played the ball to Nasri too much and dropped the intensity from an 8 to a 2 and a half….it was so bad.

    We shouldve lit up the score board….at least 7 goals.

  24. avenell

    Diaby as Fabregas’s partner would be great, just a BIG question on his fitness, if not Ramsey will give Denilson a run after xmas for that position..

  25. franchise

    I respect Wenger’s judgement but sometimes when he makes decisions I am baffled. There must be a lot going on in training sessions that actually doesn’t materialize in matches. For one I cant see what Alexandre Song offers this team. He scored wow! And??? Whis game could have easily gone the other way at two-nil if Song got sent off (which would have been a fair decision) then we would have been fucked. The guy is like a time bomb. He sent one away on loan to Milan not knowing that there’s one still in the team

  26. Pedro

    Can’t disagree on either count there!

    Denilson just doesn’t have that spark you look for in a centre mid… Ramsey does, Diaby does and so does Cesc.

    Still, that has never stopped Wenger persisting has it?

  27. Evo in Oz

    song got pushed down by the fenerbache guy and silvestre had it ricochet of his leg, so some bad luck involved there

  28. David


    But R.V.P wouldve been broken into pieces with the kinda tackles that Denilson got already…

    Ras i can say i agree with you on that one…I think Diaby loves to dribble a bit too much there are times he shouldve let it out quicker to theo who made R. Carlos look like he wasnt there.

    Ramsey Belongs in the middle ahead of Diaby…in my mind. The boi needs to grow up quick and our midfield would be Orgasmic! I think Diaby can go out wide and Rest Theo or Left with Nasri…but he played the striking role today very nicely. He’s not as quick as Ade tho!

  29. Keyser

    franchise – Exactly, how much do we actually know about the players save say for what we see on mtachday, people have said we have 31 trainers or staff allocated for training and then don’t get why we need to rest players or only ease players into the team ?!

    Training sessions are timed down to the second, so is their diet and their bodies assessed for fitness and injury down to the minute detail.

    On the other hand we could have scored another 10 goals, In the end it was 5-2.

  30. David

    Silvestre was solid today…I just wish he stop defending like a United Player and stop booting the ball out aimlessly like that.

    Hand it out wide to a full back.

    My man of the Match


  31. Evo in Oz

    id prefer the ball booted into the crowd than being stripped of it and the ball played into the box by the opposition

  32. Pedro

    I find that approach refreshing David!

    There is nothing worse than watching the Arsenal defence dither with the ball… you needn’t worry, he’ll be playing the Arsenal way soon!

    He is a monster though… I didn’t realise how big he was!

    I was impressed with his signing in the summer… I think that will prove to be an invaluable signing.

  33. Rasputin

    A midfield three of Diaby, Ramsey and Cesc is a very exciting prospect for the future. All three can score goals from outside the box as well as providing ‘killer passes’ and producing the intricate link-up Wengerball play the purists so admire. An on-form Eduardo as the ‘fox in the box’ in front of that midfield would tear apart any defense in the world.

  34. peachesgooner

    How lovely, a game where we scored lots of goals – which is very good – but could easily have conceded lots of goals – which is very bad.

    I thought Almunia was terrific. He had to play on the edge of his box like a defender for most of the 2nd half. Would Gallas or Toure have improved that situation i wonder?

    Big worry, after a good european performance comes a rubbish pl performance. This game was a master class for opposition managers to show how not to play against us. Wanna guess what Zolas gonna be showing his players tmoro?

  35. Pedro

    I bet RvP was annoyed at not getting a game!

    This time last year we wouldn’t have been able to rest him… now it is not a problem.

    It’s just a shame we don’t have a defender like Chillieni… really reliable no nonsense type of player…

  36. Keyser

    If that’s the midfield 3, all 3 of them would have to learn to defend and share the responsibility together, Nasri works his socks off though, a fit Rosicky in that midfield would e great to.

  37. franchise

    Keyser 5-2 good score line but we all know that trophies are not handed out in October. If we keep accommodating the likes of Song in our firts team then be rest assured that we wouldnt win fuck all. Fergie realised this thats why he replaced furniture like Alan Smith, Quinton Fortune, Kleberson etc and replaced them with Tevez, Berba, Nani, Hargreaves, etc. My point is the game didnt tell me nethin that I didnt already know. Playing Song in any position would get me as worried as in the past when we use to play Cygan and Senderos

  38. Evo in Oz

    we were playing a massive offside trap for the whole game cause guiza was trying to get us on the break. our whole team was playing up the pitch so almunia was out of his area heaps, but played superbly minus the mistake on their 2nd goal

  39. ikon

    Ramsey is flamini with a vision to go with Cesc,

    Cesc-Ramsey try out against west ham if we are winning by 70th minute.

  40. ikon

    song is worth of a good CB.

    What he lacks in height just like gallas, he makes up in composure and amazing strength.

    If a defender stands his ground like a pillar, and you cannot budge him, as a striker you will not have much of a chance to win highballs.

    It is just down to song’s positioning and accuracy in determining the flight of ball, which will come with a good run of games as a CB and not RB or CDM, which i might add is a fucking joke to play him there.

  41. ikon

    Ramsey made my assesment of him come true, strong in tackles, upper body strength of a monster for a 17 year kid, maturity and vision only second to cesc on the field.

    I have said it a zillion times, i say it again… Cesc-Ramsey….. is the pair that can win us something this year.

    Night all , it was fun.

  42. franchise

    Enough about Song for now. I can tell u for a fact that three four weeks ago I was one of the ppl advocating that he was being judged harshly. Its like scales have fallen off my eyes and I can now see why Pedro and Geoff never rated him

  43. David

    Evo ure absolutely right…

    The goals were nice…We scored 4 from below the 50 hr mark…the rest of the game seemed like a competition between Guiza and Adebayor…Who will be offsides the most!

    I think Adebayor won…………..*heavy sigh*

  44. franchise

    In my negative assessment of Arsenal players I’m always wishing that I’m proved wrong cos if I keep getting it right then we would be fucked. I hope Song steps up and lives up to the potential that he probably shows le prof in training and his displays at the African Nations Cup.

  45. Evo in Oz

    just saw the stoke-spuds highlights on setanta. they are in the poo big time. bents consolation goal was offside so should have been 2-0 or even 3-0 if stoke didnt miss the last penalty. dawsons red card was exactly like the tackle on Eduardo, suprised the stoke lad didnt have a broken leg – it was a replica tackle.

    Woodgate looks rubbish too, glad we didnt buy him!

  46. Keyser

    Franchise – So, accept the result for what it was then, shaky defence great attack, despite several key players out, if Fergie has to play without Ferdinand, Vidic and Neville/ Brown then I bet he’d take 5-2 away to Fenerbahce in Turkey aswell.

    Tevez, Berba, Nani, Hargeaves ? Only 100 million pounds there.

  47. Rasputin

    I didn’t rate Fener tonight or Porto in the last CL game. I guess we will only see if we are really good enough to win something when we play Manu, Chelski and Pool in the Prem.

  48. franchise

    Keyser 100mil I know. The cash he spent just shows that he realised that things have changed and that if he needed to match chelsea that he had to offload his average players. we couldn’t afford to do that but sometimes I think wenger is more interested in the development of his young players careers rather than the club’s. We need silverware badly and if he keeps playing players like Song (even worse when they are out of position) then we are fucked. He probably doesn’t rate Djourou thats why he plays Song ahead of him. Even when Djourou came on he slotted into midfield. REALLY REALLY STRANGE. but hey we won

  49. Evo in Oz

    diaby was the ducks nuts tonight. he needs to get a run of games now to show us again what he can do!

    fuck i love winning, it just makes your day!

  50. franchise

    Rasputin you are spot on there. I would have fancied any of the top four in their current form to annhilate the porto and fener sides we have faced

  51. eltel08

    Almunia looked great at CB but he isn’t good enough. No matter who we play in defence we always look like we are all over the place and Almunia is the only one who is always playing.

    Says it all really, both goals were his fault and his reaction to the first tells the story. He made a couple of smart saves on the edge of the box but their finishing was awful with shots hit straight at him.

    Did you see him try slide tackiling the forward who’s shot was cleared off the line, please tell me has anyone seen a keeper constantly going for the ball feet first.

    Yes he did his job but we were all over the shop yet again and he let in two soft goals.

    Dennilson is a good player but we need more power in the centre of the park just in front of the defence.

    Other than that we were fantastic and Cesc, Nasri, Theo and Diaby were outstanding. Ade was ok for about 10 minutes and after he scored it looked like he thought it was job done. The subs were wrong again and too late in the match even though the great Sir Alf made a difference to our tiring team.

    Diaby was tired but his presence scared them and Dennilson should have made way. Arsen I believe hasn’t learned and went defensive at the end and by doing this he invited them on. Luckily they were fucked after 80 minutes and it didn’t do to much damage this time.

  52. Keyser

    I say this all the time and people probably get bored of it but we’re not United or Chelsea we can’t compete like for like at least not yet, I don’t think Wenger would have put such emphasis in youth if Abramovich had not come along.

    We need silverware badly ? That doesn’t really matter we had a good season last year and people will look to blame this, that and everything but the only two teams that finished above us were Chelsea and United, the same two that reached the Champions League final andf are probably favourites again this year.

    Chelsea didn’t build a squad they bought a World Class one over a couple of seasons, we can’t do that it takes time, players leave and move on and it’s going to take the players coming in time to adjust, but we seem to want the same sort of instand impact the players at Chelsea and United make.

    It takes longer than that, 8 games into a season, where Denilson and Song have played a handful of games each and they’re supposed to work out new positions and responsibilites instantly ?!

    Djourou’s just come back so he eased him in, he probably played him in midfield to see how he does with less pressure and also because he doesn’t have to move the back four around again because they’ve played less than two games there together.

  53. Keyser

    So now we’re moaning about Almunia ? How the hell was the first goal his fault ?!

    What was wrong with the subs ? Too defensive ? One of them scored..

  54. eltel08

    I am happy that we won and so convincingly too but there are things wrong and they should be rectified before it’s to late.

    To any neutral watching us must be a dream but hey they just stick them cunts on the main channel again.

    The commentator at our match said lets go to the BIG game of the night and see how the European Champions are getting on. We don’t want to know about the rotten cheating cunts ITV.

    Wasn’t Juve V Real THE big game in Europe tonight or that boring Scotland V Scotland encounter that they strangely seem to get far to often.

  55. freduardo

    5-2 awesome result the more i think about it. Almunia starting to convince me more and more. and another teenager scores for us. a good day. night grovers.

  56. franchise

    Good point Keyser. U’ve just confirmed one of my worst fears that qualifying for the champions league by finishing in the top four is now our ‘silverware’

  57. eltel08


    We wouldn’t have to experiment if he kept the players who left last year. Almunia didn’t have a clue where his defenders were for the first goal just the same as on Saturday but I suppose you think that he was good because he did his job sweeping up the defence.

    The subs worked against a weakened team and I already said Ramsey made a difference so read the comment properly.

    After he took Diaby off they came bombing at us for about ten minutes and that was my point. He did it at Chavs last year and the year before when we were winning and he did it at Brum that fucked up our season.

    Fener were chasing and very tired so tonight happily it all worked out ok.

  58. Keyser

    Come on dude LoL stop being soo melodramatic, people say Song’s shit, Denilson’ shit, Eboue’s shit because players at United and Chelsea are soo much better, but then it’s that bit harder to match them in the first place isn’t it ?!

    We’re not going to win things because of one or two players, we’re going to win as a team and the longer they get together the better they should get.

    The bar has been raised, we’re not soo much ducking underneath it as trying our best to reach our way up to it.

  59. Evo in Oz

    ElTel – agreed. there are cunting bastards all over the place that love bandwagoning. its their favourite past time to suck up the arses of man scum and cunts like that.

    at least SBS TV here in Oz had the guts to show the juve vs real game as thats what most of the punters over here would have wanted to see.

  60. Rasputin

    Good debate, we managed to find plenty of faults in a 5:2 victory – what would a spuds fan give to even scrape a 1 nil result!

    Night all…….

  61. Keyser

    franchise – If the team thought like the doommongers out there they wouldn’t get out of bed, there’s positives and negatives about everything.

    eltel08 – Your joking right ? So while a Fenerbahce player’s smashing the ball across goal, only for Silvestre to hack wildly at it, he should not only save it but make sure the defenders were properly prepared in the first place, a defence he’s played about one and a half games with ?!

    Sagna was injured against the Chavs and what are you on about at Brum ?!

  62. avenell

    El Te..l I agree about Wengers substitutions he takes off the players who can hold a ball up like Pires in the Champions League final..

    Not on Almunia, definatly not tonight..

  63. goonermichael

    the mancs just beat the equivalent of a championship side 3 nil so fucking what, They don’t look that good for all thier millions. I’m sick of people saying “wait until we play someone good” didn’t everyone say that until dudu was injured last season? How is leading the league until you get a terrible injury and disgraceful reffing decision ending up 3rd mediocrity? Obviously it’s not good enough but hardly mediocre

  64. franchise

    Keyser when u going to war you do not only think about ur troops u should be also aware of ur advesaries. Fine lets not compare our players with our trophy rivals lets do an in-house comparison. I made a point today about what players like Ade Eboue and denilson (the players that seem to recieve the most stick) offer the club but regards to Song I still cant see it. Maybe he needs a nother 60 appearances to the 40 he’s grabbed already then he can truly showcase his talents. Im just saying that Im not the even in the top 100,000 football analyst in the world but I can see enough to exploit if Song played in defence or midfield in an opposing team. A seasoned manager like fergie would have gone for the jugular today

  65. jouyouo

    Arsenal successfully rampaged Fenerbahce to win 5-2 on a marvelous but very gritty night in Istanbul.

    Arsene Wenger’s line-up was very conservative. The same back four that finished out the Everton game were used while Robin van Persie was sacrificed to allow a five-man midfield which included Abou Diaby.

    Expectedly, the atmosphere at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium was very comfortable – to be notoriously sarcastic. And that paid off for the home side when Almunia was called into action by running off his line to stop a potential goal-scoring opportunity for Fenerbahce with only four minutes played.

    But the fanatic Istanbul crowd were calmed after just eleven minutes. First Emmanuel Adebayor – courtesy of Fabregas’ through-ball and Walcott’s little flick to let him off – met goalkeeper Demirel in close-range, and he coolly slid the past him into the right corner of the net. A minute later, Theo Walcott also took advantage of another intelligent pass from Fabregas and with the help of his pace, Walcott rounded off the keeper to give Arsenal an absolutely dream start against the odds in Turkey.

    The hosts did make their response eight minutes after. A dully defended free kick was eventually tapped home to the side of Almunia by Mikael Silvestre. At 2-1, after just 20 minutes, many anticipated a thrilling Turkish night.

    And the hype did not disappoint with yet again another turn-around three minutes after Fenerbahce’s goal. Abou Diaby held off two defenders on the left of the penalty box and finished with his left foot to restore Arsenal’s two-goal cushion. Both teams continued their clumsy defending, and at half-time, the scoreline should or could have been double what it read.

    Four minutes after the second-half’s start, the match was left to the dead by a goal from Alex Song of all people. The Cameroonian fiercely volleyed home a lazily headed ball by Fenebahce’s defense. The Turks then mounted a surge for an astonishing comeback – which was somehow a good bet. After all Turkey is a nation of drama according to Euro 2008’s narrators.

    Chances of that revenge were bettered when Daniel Guiza chipped over Almunia for a glimmer of hope at 4-2 after some unaware defending by Arsenal in the 77th minute. Theo Walcott and Emmanuel Adebayor were then replaced by Johan Djourou and Carlos Vela respectively.

    Soon, it was into injury time and a fresh Gunner would enjoy a memorable fortune. Aaron Ramsey who had replaced the hardworking Abou Diaby precisely stroke from about 18 yards out to conclude a emphatic night.

  66. franchise

    QoS u right we should stop moaning and start to celebrate. It was deeply worrying to see how we were sliced open at will even with a five man midfield

  67. avenell

    If Fergie had of had Arsenals budget for players or any other clubs in the Premiership over the last 20 years he would not have won half of what he has,..

  68. Evo in Oz

    i will be celebrating in 2 hours time with a few heinekens at the pub. its only 10am so far, so dont want to be too blynd too early!


  69. franchise

    Goonerm theres still a lot of footie to be played this season but I can tell u for sure that arsene’s current project would be set a few years back again if we end the season empty handed. How much longer? We need to realise that that ruthlessness and personality we last had last in 2005 is missing from this current team. Scorelines dont always tell the story of the performance. If u think Wenger was so happy why did u think that he threw his water bottle on the floor when we were leading 3-1. the guy is as desperate to win something not just nething he mentioned himself that our two main targets are the league and CL. Lets wait and see. For me another season without silverware counts for mediocricity

  70. Keyser

    When you go to war ? How are we looking at this ?! If your up against an army that’s bigger stronger and richer than you, then you look for ways around it, play to your strengths and their weaknesses.

    Even if you could see a weakness, you’d have to consider the other teams strengths aswell, you focus on that you’ll get hit in other areas, we played Song at the back against them last year and most of their fans admit they were pretty lucky in the end to win and like tonight we still had a few injuries.

    Fenerbahce went for the jugular today and bled out all over the place. The more they attacked the worse they got punished because we had a five man attacking midfield.

  71. franchise

    Guys lets not go there in 20 years time based on what Fergie and Arsene have achieved currently, Fergie would be regarded as the most successful manager in UK ever, Mourinho would be regarded as the man that won chelsea the back to back titles after 50 years. No one woukld care about financial details. Show me ur trophy cabinet thats what its all about

  72. Queen of Suburbia

    I didn’t I thought everything was perfect, but we just went to Istanbul and scored five goals. Anybody who thought we could do that and not occasionally look like conceding needs their head examining!

    A great result, some things to improve but we stepped up tonight.

    I don’t who made the comment earlier but when we subbed JD for Theo someone said “see Arsene doesn’t know”.

    To that, I say, FIVE – TWO away from home.

  73. Keyser

    Franchise – and yet Mourinho got kicked out because he couldn’t do what Abromovich wanted however hundreds of million he gave him, while Wenger’s still in charge and going strong, we didn’t suddenly lose that ruthlessness or personality we just have to be even more ruthless this time around, we didn’t drop our game the game got harder.

    Your in the here and now, and Mourinho still moans that Wenger gets more recognition then him, why are you thinking about 20 years from now, enjoy the moment.

  74. franchise

    You didn’t seem to get my point Keyser. If u keep using the excuse that Mancs or Chelsea spend more than us bla bla bla the history books wont say that in a few years…. I am very impressed with the result tonight I am enjoying the mooment but I’ve seen this already thrice this season where we follow a rout in Europe with a woeful performance domestically. U know why? Think about it

  75. Keyser

    It’s a reason not an excuse, so what if the history books won’t say that, in a few years time we could spend the same as them all and win the lot, or the FA could apply a slary cap and send them all bankrupt.

    There could be loads of reasons, which one do you think it is ?!

  76. avenell

    The point is if we had of spent like Fergie… Arsenal would be BANKRUPT years ago with no trophies like Leeds we never had MAN U’s income..

  77. franchise

    Evo why did u think we would get a draw? Wasn’t it because of the media reiterating continously about how intimidating it was to play at fener’s ground? From what u saw tinight would u have been happy with a draw?

  78. franchise

    Its not about money guys. Arsene has showed that he can it is possible to compete for honours without spending billions but until u agree whether as a result of injuries or not that Alex Song after 40 appearances is not good enough to start as a CB after what he’s shown then we would keep moaning on blogs here and there. Do u think we won the title in 2005, 2002 or 1998 by luck?

  79. Keyser

    It’s not all about money, but you have to admit that a great big gigantic reason that we have not won the title since 04′ is down to the amount of money Chelsea were able invest in their squads in the following seasons.

    He’s played games here and there, how many of those are starts ? How many are at CB ?! He isn’t even first choice there or second. He sits in front of the defence for Cameroon and looks good doing so, without giving him a proper run we won’t know either way.

  80. avenell

    Don’t you remember Grimandi, Stephanos, Vivas and all the other players that was in those squads.. We were never able to buy and pay more wages for the likes of Ferdinand , Rooney, About 5 keepers until he stole Van der Sar from Fulham..

  81. franchise

    if ur two first choice CB have weaknesses in the air whats the point of having a fourth one who is worse in the air and as sluggish as a 40 year old. That shows a lot of ambition

  82. avenell

    How many other clubs need 4 centre halfs, Chelsea are fucked when there No1 gets injured and they have spent £550 million to get there squad..

  83. A

    How is noone talking about Adebayor?! He took his goal well, and played as he usually does, but his lack of effort for the first goal was absolutely inexcusable. I’ve never seen a player just not bother to even jog back and pretend to try and mark his man, let alone one of our best headerers who’s been given the job of marking their most dangerous player! I’ve literally never seen anything like it before, it was incredible. I’ve never been so furious with an arsenal player watching a match as I was tonight, I’ve never seen a player not give a shit like he did!! Absolutely incredible

  84. Evo in Oz

    franchise – not sure what you are saying, i just felt that playing away in Europe in the CL is always tough, no matter who you play. everyone says you just win your home games and if you draw away your doing well.

    not much rocket science in that?

  85. eltel08

    Hi Evo

    I think the win at home draw away method has been overtaken these days by the win as many as possible and maybe lose a few of today.

    I am not a mathematician but I bet the numbers end up similar if you win many and lose a few rather than win a lot and draw a lot.

    There were some cunts on the radio trying to discredit the invincibles last season by saying the Chavs and Mancscum won more games in their title winning seasons.

    I just hope the Chavs and Mancscum lose at least one game every season as I want the unbeatables season to never be seen again in my lifetime.

  86. eltel08

    I am very happy with the result last night but because I have always seen Arsenal with a great defence I get upset when we concede so many goals.

    I admit I think Almunia is a fool and Wenger is still looking for a keeper if rumours are to be believed. I hope so.

    I can take the flak from those who want to have a dig as I am supremely confident that Manuel will not let me down.

    We have a fantastic side here but he escapes criticism for our defensive weaknesses all the time. He is no better than the great Paul Robinson and we all know how good he is.

    I do have answers as to his replacement but they would be criticised for their few mistakes that they make.

    Lets hope one of them makes mistakes against us this Sunday.

  87. eltel08

    By the way, if anyone gets to read the night shifts comments what about some credit for Eboue tonight, he played well and was awesome combining with Sir Alf for the 5th goal.

    Well done the pass master and well done Song too.

  88. eltel08

    Agreed about Ade apart from the goal and a 20 minute spell he was completely shit yet Arsen kept him on till almost the end. Bendy and Vela should have been unleashed with 30 mins left and JD should have replaced Dennilson not Diaby.

    Diaby was tired and could have still eased up with JD covering the defence as he would have used skill to keep the ball.

    Champs League final saw the same mistake with Bobby taken off and a tired Cesc. Yet Cesc was one of the players who kept the ball.

    As the great Cloughie said. “You can’t lose if you have the ball”

  89. Evo in Oz

    well lads in need to get down to the pub to celebrate cause ive had my lunch and its 1pm – so Heinekens here we come!

    Great result and i love the Arsenal and i love you all!