Pires tips Arsenal kids, Aragones is no racist and my arse is a kipper!

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So nice to hear Arsenal old boy Robert Pires is saying our kids are like ripening fruit and this year they will win the title, cheers Bobby!

Arsene Wenger says Aragones is no racist, well I don’t know him and I wasn’t there at the Henry/Reyes incident but you can’t called people black bastards and not expect to be called a racist, my advice there Luis, move on, keep your head down and as I said to someone yesterday, chuck the shovel away.

My arse is a kipper was sarcasm, because if Aragones is not a racist, then my arse can be a kipper, when Ron Atkinson commented on a chav once, he was banned from commentating, when Rodney Marsh said he thought a Tsunami was the Newcastle fans he got fired from Sky in the commercial break, so when Aragones said what he said he should have been tin tacked on the spot and the Spanish FA should have been thrown out of the World cup for the abuse that Cole and Wright Phillips got in Spain (I know, I know).

You can’t have a one rule for them and a one rule for us system, if you do, then my arse becomes that kipper. Quack, quack (I can’t do a kipper noise, quack will have to do)

I watched the greatest fans in the world last night at St. James’s Park and there must have been a problem with the crowd as there were empty seats everywhere, it can’t have been the fans because as everyone says, they are the worlds best.

The fact that we get 56,000 for a reserve team match means nothing, they are the best, despite their accents, perhaps there was wet paint on the seats and they couldn’t sit on them, I don’t know, what do you think?

Tonight we dine in hell and I expect nothing other than a win. I think we should start with Bentner and Robin and play 4-4-2, but I won’t hold my breath, Nasri is injured but don’t expect Vela, it will be RVP out left and Eboue will take over from Theo, who will be benched and Ade alone up front.

I hope like hell he won’t be and that Eboue Djourou Silvestre and Clichy form the back line, with Diaby Cesc Theo and Vela in the middle and Bendtner and Robin up top.

No Song please, I watched the reserves last night and having watched them before, these are the people I would try in midfield before Song.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bischoff, Randall (yes Randall) Lansbury Dunne or Thomas, if any of you watch the reserves you’ll all see that this lot are better than him, so why oh why does he get picked?

No more on Song, I think we’ll pull off a 2-1 or better tonight and that Diaby will give us that much needed bite in midfield we’ve lacked, but he must play the flair players in Vela and Theo, but will he?

Have a great day Grovers, and remember to vote for your Le Champ! —->

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  1. jlp

    yea i agree pedro almunia for the first time to me like he may actually be a world class keeper was never convinced however tonight he is changing my opinion of him

  2. Pierre

    david pleat is a wanker,”if it stays like this wenger caould make some changes, perhaps from the bench” where the fuck else would he make changes from? fucking knob, he ruins the ITV4 coverage.

  3. adebayor....papa

    i hate the fcking commentators on manc match..

    some ex leeds united guy sucking up to old red nose

    does not believe two goals were offside

    but was giving ref a stick for calling rooney offside

  4. raif

    Mark its a good one aint it 🙂



    ALEX SONG!!!


  5. finestcuts

    One where I disputed Ade papas claim that the inventor of the wireless was indian, and where i wrote 1-0, then 2-0, and Ade papas post saying the indian fella invented the radio has also gone……………..just wondering where it went……
    4-1 !!!

  6. Geoff

    As I’ve said before Eboue is a great right back and Diaby could replace Vieira, but Song is shockingly bad as right back, centre back or Defensive midfield.

    Bringing Diaby off says it all, what a blind cunt.

  7. Trinidad_Gunner

    Geoff, Diaby is just coming back from injury, maybe 70 minutes is enough for now .. he didn’t get alot of minutes in the last game

  8. Geoff

    You’re both wrong there, Bose invented direct reflecting sound, not the wireless radio.

    They have been a cllent of mine since 1985 so I should know.

  9. raif


    The striker is continuing his recovery from a fractured leg. Speaking on October 2, Wenger said: “Eduardo is doing very well but is not close to play. Eduardo will be OK before Christmas, of course.”

  10. adebayor....papa


    you are talking about Bose, the manufacturers of Audio systems

    i am talking abt J C Bose who is lesser known and actual inventor of wireless communication phenomena.

    He was staunchly against patents ( socialist) and Tesla patented a “use” of the technology discovered by J C Bose and hence popularly known as inventor of Wireless.

    no way i mean to reduce his contribution, but if you look up recent citations in IEEE journals, JC Bose has been mentioned as inventor of Wireless communication.

  11. jimmyfingers

    My brother’s fault, he said Djourou wasn’t even on the bench and I hadn’t read anywhere he’s injured

    Vela on

  12. finestcuts

    No Ade papa, it was Tesla 🙂
    The technology comes from the Tesla coil which is used to power yourr computer.
    Tesla wanted to provide free electricity to the world, he was a humanitarian, socialism is a political word for statists.

  13. adebayor....papa


    maybe that’s why Tesla had a love hate relationship with Marconi

    why would he go and get his technology patented if he was a humanitarian?

    He was mighty pissed when Marconi got Nobel in 1911

  14. jimmyfingers

    5 goals great, 2 against bad and they could have scored more. I know which number will dominate the headlines but I can’t help but focus more on the shocking defence. Better teams will find us out and better teams won’t gift us as many goals

    Yes it’s a makeshift backline but it was comedy defending at times

  15. Rasputin

    I agree with you Geoff, Pedro told me he wouldn’t be good enough until he was 22 – mind you that was when we were all affected by the interlull madness!

  16. gunnershabz

    hey aaron ramsey looks like a quality player….

    just worried about the defence as long we clincial, we shall be up for a rollercoaster season

  17. Pedro

    Rasputin… it’s called I.W.S., not an interlull!

    Again, lets not get too excited about him… he’s not going to win us the Prem, but he did look sharp!

    I have plenty to write about in tomorrows post!

    I’m off to create a masterpiece!

    Good evening all!

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    I’m going to take a different tact with JD20.

    Notice Wenger keeps playing the blokes who we bag, & refuses to give the ones we like a good go. Well.

    Johan is shit I’d get rid of him & Vela………

    No I can’t do it 😉

    Johan’s cameo was impressive 🙂

  19. freduardo

    great result but man did we look dodgy at the back.
    goog on ramsey at the end. fenerbahce looked gobsmacked.
    v dodgy at the back. big time.
    come on you gunners!!

  20. Rasputin

    Sorry Pedro – yes IWS, I did read that excellent post of yours.

    Arseblog calls it the interlull, he’s not a bad pundit either.

    I promise never to say I told you so again, but you know Ramsey will feature for us in the Prem this season.

  21. freduardo

    they seem to think that we are a dictatorship and its a problem.
    oh yeah and we dont spend a fortune. the fella on the right even said vela didnt get on. jokers.

  22. Pedro

    For the record Rasputin:

    I said:

    ‘I’d love him to be perfect, but we’ll have to wait 5 years to see the best of him…. then he’ll get good enough and ask for a move back to Cardiff city…’


    ‘I’m not saying Ramsey wont be great… he will be. I am merely saying he isn’t the answer to our issues this year. To say he will be winning us league titles in 2 years is also a bit hopeful… he is only young, give him a chance.’

    Those two comments are a bit different to saying he wont be good enough until he is 22!

    Anyway… I am pleased!

  23. kelsey

    Diaby showed in 70 minuts more than Adebayor has in 8 games.Great result in a cauldron,though it could have been 7-5.Song is a cunt,but now a goalscoring cunt.

  24. Pedro

    “He is 17 and a half years old, you have to be realistic as well. I think nowhere in the world do players so young get regular chances in the squad as much as here at Arsenal Football Club.”

    “On top of that, you cannot rush me to make it any quicker,”

    Arsene earlier in the week.

  25. freduardo

    the fat fella is clueless. ALmunia did well tonight. he was busy enough anyway. and we were without 3 of our back 4. great result again.

  26. Mandanda

    Good result but our defence looked exposed like everyone has said…but i think this may be down to tactics played we tried to squeeze the play up pushing our defenders a few yards making Alumnia play sweeper, but in the last 15/20 mins we stepped back a bit. We were successfully in the tactic most times as they were caught offside most of the time.
    Like I said earlier JD should be given a chance at DM
    Nite all