Pires tips Arsenal kids, Aragones is no racist and my arse is a kipper!

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So nice to hear Arsenal old boy Robert Pires is saying our kids are like ripening fruit and this year they will win the title, cheers Bobby!

Arsene Wenger says Aragones is no racist, well I don’t know him and I wasn’t there at the Henry/Reyes incident but you can’t called people black bastards and not expect to be called a racist, my advice there Luis, move on, keep your head down and as I said to someone yesterday, chuck the shovel away.

My arse is a kipper was sarcasm, because if Aragones is not a racist, then my arse can be a kipper, when Ron Atkinson commented on a chav once, he was banned from commentating, when Rodney Marsh said he thought a Tsunami was the Newcastle fans he got fired from Sky in the commercial break, so when Aragones said what he said he should have been tin tacked on the spot and the Spanish FA should have been thrown out of the World cup for the abuse that Cole and Wright Phillips got in Spain (I know, I know).

You can’t have a one rule for them and a one rule for us system, if you do, then my arse becomes that kipper. Quack, quack (I can’t do a kipper noise, quack will have to do)

I watched the greatest fans in the world last night at St. James’s Park and there must have been a problem with the crowd as there were empty seats everywhere, it can’t have been the fans because as everyone says, they are the worlds best.

The fact that we get 56,000 for a reserve team match means nothing, they are the best, despite their accents, perhaps there was wet paint on the seats and they couldn’t sit on them, I don’t know, what do you think?

Tonight we dine in hell and I expect nothing other than a win. I think we should start with Bentner and Robin and play 4-4-2, but I won’t hold my breath, Nasri is injured but don’t expect Vela, it will be RVP out left and Eboue will take over from Theo, who will be benched and Ade alone up front.

I hope like hell he won’t be and that Eboue Djourou Silvestre and Clichy form the back line, with Diaby Cesc Theo and Vela in the middle and Bendtner and Robin up top.

No Song please, I watched the reserves last night and having watched them before, these are the people I would try in midfield before Song.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bischoff, Randall (yes Randall) Lansbury Dunne or Thomas, if any of you watch the reserves you’ll all see that this lot are better than him, so why oh why does he get picked?

No more on Song, I think we’ll pull off a 2-1 or better tonight and that Diaby will give us that much needed bite in midfield we’ve lacked, but he must play the flair players in Vela and Theo, but will he?

Have a great day Grovers, and remember to vote for your Le Champ! —->

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  1. choy

    yeah he’s always taking the piss out of indians.. he’s here in fact in bangalore!!

    now back to football.. is diaby playing the no.10 role?

  2. Geoff

    We’ve been saying Diaby is the man (if fit) all season, we’ve also been saying Song is shit, he’s needs to get Djourou on and admit his mistake, Eboue’s ok, Denilson – no comment, Ade fantastico as is Nasri and Theo.

  3. raif


    i dont think its McCain mate. i think its Sarah Palin’s hunted down Animals.

    or maybe she has her Shotgun at there heads before the game

  4. adebayor....papa

    song is a shame for red and white

    and people were cursing eboue…..he is defending in Fener half and no attack from right side

  5. treze13

    this commentary is hilariously bad. I shit you not he just said that the ref is getting on the fener fans’ “collective wick” wow…. just wow

  6. Pedro

    The defending is shite, but im enjoying being 2 up!

    Diaby is doing well, I’d like to see how he defends… I doubt we’ll see that tonight though!

  7. maqitlarge

    Ade needs to be more direct. At least twice now he’s held it up instead of taking on the last man.

    Think Denilson is doing ok. Some very good passes but not solid enough without the ball.

    Song is on crack.

  8. mark

    a very entertaining yet quite annoying first half…
    hopefully for the second half: song OFF – djourou ON, although i doubt it

  9. Rasputin

    Diaby gone off the boil, Nasri giving the ball away cheeply.

    They should have had 2 yellow cards for persistent fouling.

    Ignore the score, this comedy act is not a performance to be proud of…

  10. Keyser

    This is not a performance to be proud of ?!

    We’re getting caught out at the back because they keep throwing loads of people forward, but we’ve taken our chances at the other end, catching their defence out, it’s not perfect but we’ve punished them well.

  11. Big Raddy

    has the streaming stopped?. It is rubbish tonight.

    But not as bad as our defence which looks as though they have never met each other. Thank God for Clichy

  12. kelsey

    What a game with no defence for either side.Need at least one more.Yes geoff song is double shit,Almunia saved us twice.It is a bit of a comedy act you are right and ade has no skill whatsoever,which is highlighted more than ever.Theo is putting good balls in,but our defensive is shambolic.

  13. Pedro

    Don’t worry about it guys… Song wont be there for the next game and I doubt they’ll be that bad for a second half.

    Look at the positives:

    Diaby looks great
    Ade scored a cracker
    Theo is flying
    Cesc has 2 assists
    Almunia looks world class

  14. trindle

    Must agree that the Man U goal against Borwich looks suspiciously offside. The instant Berbatov glance to the linesman has the air of a Batsman who knows he has been caught behind!

  15. Pierre

    question AW, song is poor, he gave away the free kick that led to the goal, been said on here he’s a goal waiting to happen (for the opposition) wtf is wrong with JD? what has he done to upset AW? Another point, diaby looks good, stick him behind RVP and put Mr Offside on the bench for a game or 2, see how that works.

  16. raif

    we need to start Keeping the ball better other wise Engalnds Number 1 might not be able to save us. and we cant count on song as his a Pleb

  17. Pierre

    not been reading the comments on here, been watching the match, but surprise surprise, the manc scummers goal was offside and allowed, they have every ref in their pockets, shit! Song goal!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A PLAYER ;¬)

  18. Pierre

    Porto look in trouble, we can practically seal progress to the knock outs tonight! and we got these clowns at home next!

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    The penny has just dropped. Poor old fener look like Hull. The boys are taking their frustrations out on the tiger look alikes. Its pay back

  20. jimmyfingers

    Fair play its great to watch, but both defences are fucking shocking. Still we look so good going forward, and where has Diaby been hiding those skills? Oh yes, under the treatment table