Pires tips Arsenal kids, Aragones is no racist and my arse is a kipper!

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So nice to hear Arsenal old boy Robert Pires is saying our kids are like ripening fruit and this year they will win the title, cheers Bobby!

Arsene Wenger says Aragones is no racist, well I don’t know him and I wasn’t there at the Henry/Reyes incident but you can’t called people black bastards and not expect to be called a racist, my advice there Luis, move on, keep your head down and as I said to someone yesterday, chuck the shovel away.

My arse is a kipper was sarcasm, because if Aragones is not a racist, then my arse can be a kipper, when Ron Atkinson commented on a chav once, he was banned from commentating, when Rodney Marsh said he thought a Tsunami was the Newcastle fans he got fired from Sky in the commercial break, so when Aragones said what he said he should have been tin tacked on the spot and the Spanish FA should have been thrown out of the World cup for the abuse that Cole and Wright Phillips got in Spain (I know, I know).

You can’t have a one rule for them and a one rule for us system, if you do, then my arse becomes that kipper. Quack, quack (I can’t do a kipper noise, quack will have to do)

I watched the greatest fans in the world last night at St. James’s Park and there must have been a problem with the crowd as there were empty seats everywhere, it can’t have been the fans because as everyone says, they are the worlds best.

The fact that we get 56,000 for a reserve team match means nothing, they are the best, despite their accents, perhaps there was wet paint on the seats and they couldn’t sit on them, I don’t know, what do you think?

Tonight we dine in hell and I expect nothing other than a win. I think we should start with Bentner and Robin and play 4-4-2, but I won’t hold my breath, Nasri is injured but don’t expect Vela, it will be RVP out left and Eboue will take over from Theo, who will be benched and Ade alone up front.

I hope like hell he won’t be and that Eboue Djourou Silvestre and Clichy form the back line, with Diaby Cesc Theo and Vela in the middle and Bendtner and Robin up top.

No Song please, I watched the reserves last night and having watched them before, these are the people I would try in midfield before Song.

Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bischoff, Randall (yes Randall) Lansbury Dunne or Thomas, if any of you watch the reserves you’ll all see that this lot are better than him, so why oh why does he get picked?

No more on Song, I think we’ll pull off a 2-1 or better tonight and that Diaby will give us that much needed bite in midfield we’ve lacked, but he must play the flair players in Vela and Theo, but will he?

Have a great day Grovers, and remember to vote for your Le Champ! —->

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  1. iceman

    nice Franchise….and to think I was gonna type consecutive…………….Silver baby………now let’s do those turks in……… (no pun) 😉

  2. Franchise

    Geoff I agree 100% with u about Song. The guy looks too lethargic to play any position not even in goal. The guy was 80% responsible for the first goal (denilson 20%). He saw pinnear or whatever he’s called run into the gap he created and he couldn’t even be asked to close him down. How about the chance that ‘Yuck’ had in the second half. The guy isn’t good enough period

  3. Franchise

    Coquelin is the man Geoff. I saw his first game I think it was during the emirates cup. The guy is a legend to be. He’s energy level is Flamini like. I think he could be our Anderson. His first goal for the reserves I cant remember what team it is was amazing

  4. Pedro

    Morning everyone!

    Great post Geoff… Aragones isn’t a racist… he’s just old! haha!

    Fener have been crap thus far… but that means nothing! They have Guiza who looked quite tasty this summer and they have Carlos. I reckon we’ll do them though!

    Talk shite reckon Song instead of JD… that will be a real shame…

    Anyone who wants 1 ticket to Spurs… e-mail me! It’s £66.

  5. Franchise

    If we’ve got a no nonsense taking back 4. Then we could play ne1 in midfield. Like u Geoff I’m also a firm believer that the ‘sittin in fron tof the back 4’ is overrated. The barca team that won the double had one of the tiniest midfield in Europe in 2005 but they could run for 180 mins and boy could they pass.

  6. kelsey

    Geoff just for today anyone who has a bad game is a headless turkey 🙂

    Just a quick word about racism in spainish football.You are absolutely right about the comments above yet when la liga matches are played with black players one rarely hears abuse.Hamilton got it in Barcelona,I think it is more of an anti english thing,which is strange as spain relies very heavily on the £sterling. The moroccans are treated like scum,over here and there are comparitively few black people living here.

  7. Franchise

    I think its time Wenger gives Ade a rest. It would probably give him the kick he needs. It might help if we can get a more balanced midfield.

  8. harry_gooner

    Pedro..where can i watch the game LIVE….tried sopcast …TVU…but did’nt work…what channel do i look for

  9. Wrighty7

    Good post,

    I think it’s time for Ade to get splinters in his arse. BENCH HIM. He seems so disinterested this season, not even half the player of last season.

    I don’t think his technique is the best but he always worked hard for the team, he isn’t even doing that now!

    You know why? Because he’s got his pay-rise and he feels he has made it. What he must remember is the likes of Henry did it year-in and year-out, not just for one season.

    We should never have given him that pay-rise. Not after one good season. Arsenal should have waited another year, made him earn it. If he didn’t like it, fuck him, sell him.

    I’m afraid we’ve got a big time charlie on our hands and we will never get offered the reported sum of £25m again for him.

  10. Mandanda

    I’ve been bigging up Coquelin for some time now but I wouldn’t throw him into the first team. I totally disagree with ur assessment of Song, otherwise a nice article. You seem to have an ethan-like view of Ade there mate! If we play one man upfront then Ade would be ideal in that formation and I think Theo would play right mid and should expect to see midfield three of Song-Denilson-Fab, Eboue playing right back is a ‘no-brainer’ AW hasn’t got a choice.

  11. Dr Whiff

    Great post Geoff…

    I agree with the Song thing, he is shit…he was really good at Charlton, but Cygan could be good at Charlton becuase they’re shit..

    I hope we stuff the Turks tonight, i think we will…Give Nikki a go and play Vela but God please NO EBOUE at right mid, he has to play Theo…Theo will walk all over the old, withered Roberto Carlos.

    Apparently Fener have lost 4 of there first 6 games so we should smash them but they won every single home game in the Champions League last season

    (apologies for qouting Arsenal.com about 4 times)

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    I’d been rattling away on the other blog i missed the post. Anyway, I voted for spurs for the laughs. In fact, if Song plays ahead of JD20, I might just take a rain check on Arsenal, & start following spurs demise.

  13. Queen of Suburbia

    Maybe JD is gonna get a run out in Midfield after all Mr Wenger seems to enjoy moving players around the pitch. The rumours that Ade will go in goal is false though. Clearly he’d still be caught offside every five minutes.

  14. Pedro

    Poor joke Wrighty, but I admire you for putting it out there! haha!

    So what do you reckon? A win, lose or a draw?

    I think it’ll be a spanking… I hope anyway!

  15. gnarleygeorge9

    Hope you don’t mind Pedro/Geoff, I expressed my opinion on arsenal.com & signed my address as Le Grove. Do you think that will carry any weight with Arsene ❓

  16. Evo in Oz

    gday all.

    yep definitely a win against the turks, no less. i hope we play 2 strikers from the start and it would be better if RVP wasnt a starter as the temptation for him to stick out on the wing and play the 4-5-1 would too much.

  17. ikon

    my lineup

    (sub)Theo/Diaby-Cesc-Ramsey(sub if we are winning by 70th minute)/Denilson-Nasri

    I think Diaby can prove to be equally good on the right flank with Eboue as his defensive backup, playing him in the middle opens up a lot of space for our defenders to close in.

  18. Wrighty7


    I used to stick up for Ade until my fingertips and vocal cords were sore but after his displays this season and his manner in the summer I cant stand him!

    In the sheds??? How about in a shed inside a shed inside another shed then shipped to Barcelona and begging them for 25p! 😉

  19. Franchise

    Mandanda…. Song has been at Arsenal for 4 years. He’s not been playing a lot fair enough but he’s been training with the first team for 4 years and in two prmiership games he’s been at fault for two goals. He being in the first team is still as risky as playing ramsey or coquelin who have only been at the club for about 3 months and possibly have more to offer.

  20. ikon

    I want Ade to rot in the stands after we get Dudu back and buy ourselves a decent target man who knows when to shut up.

  21. ikon

    Ramsey and Song comparisio makes me laugh. Song is best at CB position and I like him in that position, better than Gallas at least.

  22. gnarleygeorge9

    Cheers QoS

    I hope they work down here, I’ll be scratching about in the early hours on my PC trying to get vision 😯

  23. Geoff

    Mandanda, I think you misunderstood, I said I think Song is shit, he’s slow, looks like he’s on drugs, gives the ball away and was responsible for us letting in the last two goals against Sunderland and jointly with Denilson against Everton.

    He gets the ball and passes the minute he gets it and he does that to either a player with 3 on his back, one of the opposition players or into touch.

    He scored one goal in four years and then didn’t realise he’d scored.

    Ramsey on the other hand scored a screamer last week against a great England side that boasted 8 premier league players and made 3 others in two games, not to mention bossing the game twice.

    Ramsey has also had several assists for us this season with slide rule passes.

    If Song then goes into the centre back position, he’s too short and he isn’t a patch on Djourou.

    What the fuck has Song done, please make a list, try and make me see what you do!

  24. Adebayor...papa


    myp2p.eu is the best

    justin tv tends to get slow on popular games esp champions league games.

    You can try hand with sopcast links, they generally work better

  25. Evo in Oz

    yeah my p2p has all the streams you could ever want. you can pick and choose the fastest.

    only trouble sometimes is you run into feeds that are in non-english languages for the commentators

  26. charybdis1966

    Whenever somewone writes about Bobby I get a little sad.

    I know I’m repeating myself but the memory of him being subbed when Mad Jens had another one of his moments at the CL final pisses mw off.

    All he ever wanted was a 2 year deal, not a one year, and the stubborn Wenger couldn’t give him that.

    Thank you Bobby – I wish we’d kept you. 🙁

  27. Arsenal Tom

    clichy or cesc should be captain.

    5 in midfield would ok if it was…

    vela, nasri, fab, diaby, theo. playing like the team that got us to CL final, nasri and theo providing width and pace, nasri and cesc pulling the strings and diaby breaking up everything… including players

  28. Evo in Oz

    yeah it might take a few mins to hack into the best stream, but you can always usually find the sky or itv versions, just need to persist

  29. chris GOONA

    Obviously u dont pay much attention to our manager, as he already said that our backlline will be the same as what ended the match against Everton.

    Eboue Song Silvestre Clichy

    I dont understand where the Song bashing has come from??! hes a handy player that can play in midfield or defence and do a good job, RB isnt his position and we found that out on the weekend.. is it his fault he was played there?

    In midfield Diaby wont start, hes just come back, what i dont want to see is RvP on the left it just dont work! play him just in front of the midfield and Cesc where he belongs in his natural role next to Denilson. Walcott on the right and Nasri/Vela on the left. We need to start playing players where they are most effective and stop trying new positions.. time to push on and find some form.

  30. Arsenal Tom

    franchise… not very likely tho! i think it would work tho… pace on either flanks cesc and nasri are so clever and skillfull they’ll knock the ball around anyone and diaby in there for a bit of strength and size…cheers for the name recomndation!! busy day huh? lol

  31. vandejie

    i’m not a big fan of silvestre but i think he’s a defender type which arsenal needs at this time….he can smell danger.

  32. avenell

    Morning everygrover.

    I would like to see Nasri, have a start in the role which Hleb played last year, with his shooting ability he would bang in 20 goals a season from there.
    Also he would hold up the ball like Hleb and Bergkamp used to do, which is something RVP doesn’t do well enough.

  33. Pedro

    Chris, I guess the thinking is that right back isn’t the toughest position to play… and Song was woeful. If you can defend, surely playing right back shouldn’t be a problem? Flamini wasn’t a left back but he did an amazing job there a few years ago.

    How do you justify saying song is a handy player? He has never demonstrated ability over 10 games? ACN is one thing, doing it week in week out in the Prem is another.

  34. Franchise

    avenell it doen’t hurt playing him in LM though. It would be a waste of VP talent if u choose to play Nas as a second striker. Having proven scoring threats all across the front line is something we’ve lacked since the days of the invincibles with pires, berg, henry and ljunberg. We could possibly have something close enough with nasri, VP, Ade(if he can replicate last years form) and Theo. Not to mention the return of the crocks in December Eduardo and Rosicky. the competition for places would be intense

  35. Evo in Oz

    im happy to stick with the 2nd half Everton team as long as its 4-4-2 and RVP stays up the pitch near the box if thats the way it goes.

  36. Franchise

    In the past I’ve chosen not to draw a quick conclusion on Song cos he never use to get enough playing time but from what I’ve seen in the last few games, he isn’t even ordinary. He is very average adding nothing I mean nothing to the side. If Senderos were around I would say he is our 5th choice CB behind Gallas, Toure, Djourou and Silvestre. The reason he looks a bit ok at CB is cos that is the position on a football pitch that requires the least mobility. having said that a quality CF would eat Song alive he’s just tooooooo lethargic

  37. Geoff

    Chris go back to my 10.29 comment, if you can answer it I’ll be delighted, if you can’t you’ll understand the Song bashing, and when you watch the reserves you’ll wonder what they must think when they see Song in the starting line up.

  38. Franchise

    ATOM against the Chelsea and Mancs of this world i can see Arsene play a five man midfield…. Even last season when we were more of a balanced side, we often played 4-5-1 against those sides

  39. Adebayor...papa

    i think it will be a 4-5-1 with RVP out wide


    its sad i know

    but i think my shaman just gave me the Wenger mind scan info

  40. Mandanda

    Hi Geoff, Franchise and all the anti-Song commentators I don’t think Song is great as a DM but better as a CB, at best he is the poor man’s Makelele but he is 20 and may yet improve. I think its too early to start slagging him off. He is ceratainly the most physically imposing midfielder we have. With him in the side we stood up against those bullies of the north in Bolton and Blackburn and I for one thought a 1-1 draw in eastern Europe was a good result!
    I think it was unfair playing him at right back as he lacks the acceleration or pace needed to play in that position but that is not his fault blame AW for that. I think he played quite well in CB.
    The thing about blaming players for goals is that you can be entangled in a never ending cycle of blame. For example, you could say that if another player had kept possession better before Song he wouldn’t have had to be dealing with the situation he found himself in those instances you cited him at fault for the goals conceded. I would blame the whole team. Read some time ago that JD’s best position is playing DM in midfield three, I would like to see AW him try in that position.
    I think Ramsey is a great potential but at the moment I only see him deputising for Fab not playing alongside him or perhaps coming on with the game won and with 15/10 mins to go. I wld be very uncomfortable with starting Ramsey or Wilshere as I see them as being too young, we have the one of the youngest starting 11 already, they already have the technique required to play at this level but lack the physical attributes and experience required. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ramsey as part of a midfield three with FAb and Song.
    Lets not forget that since AW started this youth experiment we have not won any trophies so how does start young Ramsey/Wilshere
    solve this problem?

  41. Franchise

    Mandanda…. He’s only 20?????? That is not the point. If you’ve got a team which has been referred to a few times as an incubator with a lot of youngsters coming through…. you cannot afford to wait for Song to develop into world class. Already knocking on the door is a 17yr old coquelin. on first impression u can see what he is all about. Also u’ve got Ramsey who is 17…. I might be wrong but those two would not require 4 years to play Arsene football. The only reason Wenger would feature them sparingly is to ‘protect’ them from media hype if their performances are excellent

  42. Geoff

    All interesting point Mandanda but this one you make…

    ‘For example, you could say that if another player had kept possession better before Song he wouldn’t have had to be dealing with the situation he found himself in’

    He WAS the player that had the ball before! he received the ball in defence and passed it badly into touch, they got a throw in and from that he failed to tackle the Sunderland player and the player scored.

    Using Ramsey on his own without Cesc would not be the same as using them together.

    Song may be strong but so am I, and that’s not a good enough reason to be in this team, if it was, I should be going to Turkey tonight because I’m faster than him and a lot stronger.

  43. Franchise

    With regards to being a better CB. you could read my comment at 11.09am. He would be at best fifth choice CB. Do u think chelsea would have him in their current squad? not even for the carling cup

  44. Adebayor...papa





    Clichy—-Martian—–Elephant—–Prince Xizor

    ————–Beach boy

  45. Adebayor...papa

    elephants can run at 21-25 mph

    Grizzly bears can run at over 30 mph

    humans have an average 27-30 mph

    so there you go !!

    hence proved

  46. Mandanda

    Perhaps, if you had nappy hair Geoff you might indeed be on that plane to Turkey lol. Ok we agree to disagree

    Franchise are u seriously saying AW picks a team with the media in mind and not to win a match? That would be a bizarre state of affairs my friend!

    Anywayz, I would be happy with a draw tonite and a solid performance to go with it. My team;


    eboue JD/Song Silvestre Clichy

    theo Song/JD Fab Denilson RvP/Vela


    Laters grovers

  47. Franchise

    And regards ur comment Mandanda that we stood up to the bullies in the north because of him in the side…. We played a blackburn side that is probably the worst organised n the day Ive seen in a long time, Bolton were not that clever too. We beat better sides up north last season with Song not even getting the oppurtunity to warm up.

  48. Mandanda

    Franchise I would take Flamini (of last season) over Song – most fans would – but the problem is we let him go and did not sign anyone. We’ve blamed AW for that, but Song is what we have and he is not as bad as you guys make him out to be.

  49. Adebayor...papa


    a mid field with song and denilson is sureshot way to ensure a hard fought last gasp draw

    i would not bench nasri.

    start with nasri and if two goals are scored. get defensive and maybe bring in Song/DJ in midfield

  50. Franchise

    All managers do it. Taking theo to the world cup as a 17yr old that had not even featured for arsenal got him slaughtered by the press and that in turn severly affected his progress, several other young players coming through teams have been used with with discretion cos if u over expose them to the harsh world of the media it might affect them negatively. Mostly two things can happen here actually there

    1. The mature enought at a young age and remin level headed
    2. they have bad performances, get slughtered by the press and loose confidence
    3. they have very good performances, get pompous (like Ade) and think they deserve ballon d’ or and pay rises. look at where pennant and bentley are now?????

  51. Geoff

    Ok Mandanda we’ll agree to disagree but have a look at our reserves on the Arsenal channel next chance and then tell me why he warrants his place. Just have a look that’s all.

  52. avenell

    Mandana …This isn’t the best time to defend Song, he isn’t helping himself at the moment.

    Franchise.. Man U wouldn’t have Silvestre in there squad (fact) but we are saying he is our best CB now.

  53. Arsenal Tom

    franchise is right… we beat bolton last year under much much harder circumstances… 2-0 down and a man down in the pissing rain!!!

    and we would have beat blackburn if it wasnt for jens howler, i could have done a better job at RB than song on saturday


    you cant defend song or denilson they are the weak links in that team i liken them to cygan and senderos that says it all….B.B.K

  55. Franchise

    Avenell if Silvestre werent injured last season he wld have been third choice CB at Mancs. The reason fergie let him go was cos he wanted to feature more and whilst he was injured he dropped down the order. Who do u think is Mancs 3rd choice CB? Johnny Evans…. Hello…. O’shea plays there sometimes. Silvestre hasn’t turn shit all of a sudden.

  56. Mandanda

    Franchise, in essence we both agree (albeit for differing reasons) that these young super talented players are not ready to be starters then. In that case we are left with Song, Diaby et al right?

    Geoff, I see you point and like I said I am a huge supporter of Coquelin and think he should get a look in next season at least. However, I remain unconvinced by Randall. The thing is reserve team football seen to be lower than Chanpionship football which is why we loaned Barazite to Derby, and Bedtner to Birm before him, to Championship teams in order to prepare them to be more competitive in the first team squad. Bednter is still not a starter for us, although I feel he should start more games I’m sure skandi would concur!

    Avenell, to the contrary I think this is the best time to defend him I would be an impressionable fan otherwise hehe.

  57. avenell

    When we played Everton on saturday we had three or four players out from our so called best eleven.

    The other nite on ATV it showed the 7-0 drubbing of Everton it was later on in the season, but we had about the same amount of players out but we walked it..

    Is it the reserves coming in are not as good quality?

    Or Is it the first team players are not as good and and cannot cope with a few changes?

    It’s better when we change all 11 players like in the cc, we look a better team than if we change 2 or 3..

    11/05/05 v Everton.
    Lehmann, Lauren, Campbell, Senderos, Cole, Pires (Fabregas 64), Vieira (Flamini 45), Edu, Reyes, Bergkamp, Van Persie (Henry 45). Subs Not Used: Almunia, Toure.

  58. Franchise

    Mandanda my critic of Song is clear and crystal. The guy offers nothing not even power (he’s so mentioned only attribute) to this side.

    Eboue gets slagged off but he is a good second choice RB. he would get into most sides in the premiership as a first choice RB.

    Ade gets slagged too but we all know that he gives us an outlet, he’s probably suffering cos he is putting a lot of pressure to perform as well as last season hence his current form but also cos cesc cannot create as much for him as a result of his creativity being reduced by accomodating the likes of song and denilson in the side.

    Gallas gets slagged but he pops up to score some crucial goals

    Denilson gets slagged too but he’s got a few goals and assists to match

    What has Song done in 5 or 6 appearances this season….

    Well he has caused us two goals against Sunderland and Everton

  59. Franchise

    Might I add. Ade’s shenanigans over the summer and he’s newly developed lazyness doesnt help but hey he’s got 6 goals and about 4 assists this season

  60. Franchise

    i’ll catch u guys in a minute hopefullly by then Mandanda would be gone 😆 I feel so inclined to reply to ur comments Mr Mandanada. I cant really believe that ne1 would still be on Song’s side. By the way Mandanada I heard that Man City’s bidding for you in January????

  61. Mandanda

    Franchise, Song has played DM, CB and wrongly at right back (blame AW!). We beat Everton, Bolton, Blackburn and drew in Europe. WE have NOT LOST in any of the matches he started.
    Some of the slagging off the mentioned players are OTT sometimes.

  62. Adebayor...papa

    let’s do a man to man comparison for 05 team and 08 team

    Lehmann- Almunia – lehmann wins 8-6

    Lauren – Eboue – Eboue wins 8-7

    Campbell- Silvestre – Campbell wins 8-7

    Senderos – Song – Senderos wins 7-5

    Cashley – Clichy – Clichy wins 9-8

    Pires – Nasri – Pires wins 8-7

    Edu – Denilson – Edu wins 7-6

    Vieira – Fabregas – Fabregas wins 9-8

    Reyes – Walcott – its a close tie, 8-8

    Bergkamp – Ade – Bergkamp wins hands down – 10-7

    Persie – Persie – old persie wins 8-7

    so this team is not up at the same level as 05 team.

  63. Evo in Oz

    papa – strange comparison – Song and Senderos were mere babies in 05. Edu was rubbish. Almunia is hitting his straps every game, although i loved the man german bastard. Campbell was on the way out, agreed on the rest