St Totteridge day could be here in December!

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Well the way top4tottenham are playing it could be all over by early December, I can’t think of a team that’s only registered 2 points by the 19th of October, they truly are shit aren’t they? One-day Ramos says they were undone by two penalties and two sendings off, they were nailed on penalties and that dirty bastard Dawson should get a nine match ban, that was up there with Eduardo’s assault.

Not to mention that Stoke hit the woodwork four times, what a great move by Bentley eh? Modric looks too small and that Russian bloke was the United equivalent of Kleberson! Ha, ha, ha.

I know we’re only in 4th at the moment, but we’re playing a youth team and playing poorly, they are just shit, but I have to say Bentley’s the one I want to single out for special torment, I hope we hammer them at the Grove and I hope he gets subbed at half time for an orange segment and a pair of Aaron Lennon’s gloves .

Back to news, congratulations on fatherhood Raif, now the fun begins! Cesc denies the contract offer and says it’s mischief making, I hope so, because the way Cesc is currently playing, we wouldn’t get that much for him if we sold him!

I thought Diaby and Theo made the difference against Everton and Diaby has to start in midfield from here on in, and his back up should be Ramsey or maybe even Bitchslap, but not Denilson, Eboue or Song.

It’s time for Wenger to see that those three do not add to our game, they are liabilities, Eboue is a great right back and that should be his only position, putting him in the team anywhere is not good enough for the Arsenal Arsene, give it up, he may be popular in the changing room, but he’s not a midfielder, he’s just cover for Sagna, now move on.

Song played better as centre back, but we have four adequate one’s already and plenty coming through, Song and Denilson are error prone average players who are ‘conceded goals’ waiting to happen, as we saw against Sunderland (Song) and Everton (Denilson) what Wenger appears to be doing is burying his head in the sand and my fear is, if he ever realises it, it will be too late and another season will be gone.

I wonder what he says to himself when he watches his re-runs,

‘Boy we need Denilson and Song to stay uninjured, they were special today, and my Eboue experiment is working out nicely, let me ask Pat for a second opinion, that should do it’

Great comeback from the boys started by Nasri, the boys a bit special isn’t he!

I hope Djourou makes an appearance on Tuesday as he doesn’t have concussion, Pedro and I saw him driving down the Blackstock road in his 500SL Mercedes sports and if he had concussion, that wouldn’t be very smart would it? So Arsene, stop fibbing to us, we’re all grown up here and if you prefer Song you should come out and tell us why, because we are all dumbfounded.

We would all prefer to see the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Djourou play ahead of Song, Eboue and Denilson, I wish you’d tell us why they’re not.

Next up the dirty bastards from Turkey, I still expect a win, and yes Wrighty I also think Diaby looks like the bloke that plays the pepperami stick, he acts like him too and I would like to see some of that against Fernabache, 3-1 Arsenal.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we play in hell!

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  1. choy

    nite all ye grovers.. take care treze.. be sure to come on in here sooner than later…!!

    all the best raif!

    fenerbache.. here we come!!!!

  2. Wrighty7

    I think it will be the toughest away game in our group Raif. The atmosphere will be mental and I hope the players can cope with it. They could do with some experienced players in a game like this.

    But then again, sometimes youngsters show no fear!

  3. raif

    i agree, im actully really looking forowrd to it.

    i wanna see our boys in that kind of atmosphere and see how they react. it can do only but good i think. and getting a decent result out there agasint the turks would be excellent.

  4. raif

    hahahaha boys from the boyz i like that one.

    i want Vela to get a run out aswell. what i dont get is if Nasri is out then why not play Vela on the left instead he can play there after all.

  5. Hughsie

    Nasri isnt out, he’s in the squad. Anyway, Vela is probably third in line to play on the left behind both Diaby and Nasri.

  6. Wrighty7

    I’d love to see Vela get a chance but I’d imagine he wont see a huge amount of first-team football this season. Wenger will edge him gradually into the frame.

    One thing for certain, (in my eyes) is Vela will be one of the best players in the world.

  7. raif


    i agree. i think his amazing. i have been keeping tabs on him since we signd him
    his ganna be Big.

    also i think Wenger will do what he did with DuDu and bring him in late on in the season.

    Have a nice Night mate

  8. Hughsie

    Sorry, what do you mean by that?

    Eduardo had a broken leg for the ‘late’ part of last season, i still dont understed if you mean Wenger brought him on late in games to great effect, which isnt really true either as he got lots of starts.

  9. Pat

    I was thinking about our possible captain for next season and I’ve changed my mind about wanting cesc to have the armband. I’d give it to Clichy. Whenever we’re NOT winning, he’s everywhere. I swear, he must have 2 hearts and 4 lungs!

  10. ethangunner

    I think the spuds current spot on the table only goes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that
    you loose your 2 top scorers in 1 season and this is the end result .. And more importantly for us , if we had another top draw striker to enable us to find a magic combination to yield us hat fulls of goals , im sure we wouldn’t be sitting an unofficial 5th !
    Man U are creeping up now .. thy will show us how easy it is to climb the ladder when a team is in form ! … I feel like weve been scratching and clawing just to hover around a constant 4th/ 5th spot ..

    they will show us how easy a team with class can leap frog the competition to regard there position . !

    I think you can bet your house on chelsea this year taking out the title , i know its too soon to tell .. but if you go on the indication of things to come there are really setup for a title push this season ..

    I spose losing to man U last year has given them the purchase to strive for greater things ..
    well .. i hope wenger buys a new player or 2 in december .. but im not going to hold my breathe !

  11. madonna

    Now that Guy & I have split, I’m looking for a bit of extra excitement in my life, so I won’t be commenting on here anymore. The reason, I’ve heard that the spurs boys are the more likely to go down.

  12. ethangunner

    dont worry madonna
    dont believe the rumors , Arsenal have been going down for a fucking long time !
    every season we seem to do it better and better !

    we are seasoned campaigners at going down , and unlike spurs, who are wham Bam thank you mam’ we do it nice and slowly !!

  13. Geoff

    Morning Gnarley, not because he wants to start him, but because he has no choice! Song was so bad Johan get his chance with Silvestre… we hope!

  14. Geoff

    Morning Franchise, chary what’s that? are they taking some kind of exam in Australia? what happens if they fail, do they have to give the country back to the English?

  15. charybdis1966

    That would be some forfeit for losing a game Geoff. But it softens them up for the Ashes next summer though. You never know – no more Warne, no more McGrath, it could be Englands turn to get the little Urn back (and I don’t mean Mr Morecambes straight man).

  16. gnarleygeorge9


    We are only alowed to do what the Indian Cricket Board allows us to do. If we do anything that upsets them, we are rapped over the knuckles as bringing the game into disrepute. So no what hope have we got.

    Then again the only series that matters is The Ashes, this is just a lead up to that 🙂

    G’Day Franchise

    Good one Geoff, the English are coming to the country anyway. And thats Ok with me 😀

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    …..the next Indian that rings my number saying he’s from Telstra will be in for a surprise, let me tell you.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Yeah! Yeah! Ades… papa, news travels fast to Togo. Obviously carrier pigeon or drums are no longer the preferred way of sending a message from india these days 🙁