St Totteridge day could be here in December!

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Well the way top4tottenham are playing it could be all over by early December, I can’t think of a team that’s only registered 2 points by the 19th of October, they truly are shit aren’t they? One-day Ramos says they were undone by two penalties and two sendings off, they were nailed on penalties and that dirty bastard Dawson should get a nine match ban, that was up there with Eduardo’s assault.

Not to mention that Stoke hit the woodwork four times, what a great move by Bentley eh? Modric looks too small and that Russian bloke was the United equivalent of Kleberson! Ha, ha, ha.

I know we’re only in 4th at the moment, but we’re playing a youth team and playing poorly, they are just shit, but I have to say Bentley’s the one I want to single out for special torment, I hope we hammer them at the Grove and I hope he gets subbed at half time for an orange segment and a pair of Aaron Lennon’s gloves .

Back to news, congratulations on fatherhood Raif, now the fun begins! Cesc denies the contract offer and says it’s mischief making, I hope so, because the way Cesc is currently playing, we wouldn’t get that much for him if we sold him!

I thought Diaby and Theo made the difference against Everton and Diaby has to start in midfield from here on in, and his back up should be Ramsey or maybe even Bitchslap, but not Denilson, Eboue or Song.

It’s time for Wenger to see that those three do not add to our game, they are liabilities, Eboue is a great right back and that should be his only position, putting him in the team anywhere is not good enough for the Arsenal Arsene, give it up, he may be popular in the changing room, but he’s not a midfielder, he’s just cover for Sagna, now move on.

Song played better as centre back, but we have four adequate one’s already and plenty coming through, Song and Denilson are error prone average players who are ‘conceded goals’ waiting to happen, as we saw against Sunderland (Song) and Everton (Denilson) what Wenger appears to be doing is burying his head in the sand and my fear is, if he ever realises it, it will be too late and another season will be gone.

I wonder what he says to himself when he watches his re-runs,

‘Boy we need Denilson and Song to stay uninjured, they were special today, and my Eboue experiment is working out nicely, let me ask Pat for a second opinion, that should do it’

Great comeback from the boys started by Nasri, the boys a bit special isn’t he!

I hope Djourou makes an appearance on Tuesday as he doesn’t have concussion, Pedro and I saw him driving down the Blackstock road in his 500SL Mercedes sports and if he had concussion, that wouldn’t be very smart would it? So Arsene, stop fibbing to us, we’re all grown up here and if you prefer Song you should come out and tell us why, because we are all dumbfounded.

We would all prefer to see the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Djourou play ahead of Song, Eboue and Denilson, I wish you’d tell us why they’re not.

Next up the dirty bastards from Turkey, I still expect a win, and yes Wrighty I also think Diaby looks like the bloke that plays the pepperami stick, he acts like him too and I would like to see some of that against Fernabache, 3-1 Arsenal.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we play in hell!

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  1. Geoff

    Good point Kenny, it will probably be Almunia because he’s the oldest, personally I’de give it to Cesc or Clichy, with Cesc edging it so he doesn’t fuck off.

  2. kelsey

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  3. kelsey

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  4. kenny smith

    A man comes home from work and says to his wife, “quick get me a beer before it starts”

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  5. Pedro

    Odub, that Guiness was good… it tasted similar to red wine!

    Juande is a gooner la laaa la la!

    I might take him out of the Le Champ though… any shouts for Le Chump/Champ this week?

    Kenny and Kelsey, nice jokes! haha!

  6. Gunner8

    Mentioned it Sat night but why did Adebayor walk off at the end of the match instead of supporting his teamates and why did MOTD not mention anything about the Penalty or the Everton Red Card incident that never was?

  7. Pedro

    A Man was found semi naked washed up on the banks of the Thames with a Dildo up his arse and clinging to a blow up doll.

    The police removed his spurs shirt to save him any embarrassment.

  8. Odub


    Always a pleasure mate!


    Tough call buddy.

    How about you do the voting thingy for us to vote for Le Chump & Champ?

  9. chris

    motd mentioned very little about the match, the toure injury the denilson tackle the hand bags, teh usual bull shit we dont matter to them, fuckers

  10. Gunner8

    Le Champ should be Wenger for his Astute team selection on Saturday… …har har

    Seriously though, le Champ for me was Theo who changed the game with his running…

    …le Chump is Levy, how the fuck can spurs not be in debt!

  11. Gunner8

    Chris, it is beyond a joke… …I figure had we lost they would have played them and had Lawro been there he could of gone on about us being whinging girls and the like

  12. Franchise

    Le chump for the third week in a row i.e incl I.W I would nominate Arsene Wenger. He is making bad players look worse by playing them out of position

    Le champ should go to Samir Nasri. If he didn’t bang in that equaliser (which arsene is unhappy about as it was from outside the 18yards and there were 6 passing options) We would at most drawn at home to Everton

  13. Odub


    LE Champ – Clichy(ran all day), Diaby (for finally playing a game),Ramos (obviously)

    Le Chump – Denilson (getting worse), AW(for getting it wrong AGAIN), Bentley (just dont like the twunt), and Tony Hibbert (should have been sent off for the choke hold on clichy)

  14. kenny smith

    Nasri for Le champ for bringing us back into the game against Everton with a goal which hasent even been spoken about yet i thought was an awesome goal

  15. freduardo

    so what of fener tomorrow night? anybody know much about them? danger men etc?
    Clichy for captain after saturdays performance. hope bendtner gets a run too

  16. chris

    i downloaded it yesterday hoping to see the bits i had missed or was unsure about i ended up with more questions,

    still dont know why cesc got booked at bolton either!

    i think ill stick with ATVOL for high lights

  17. kenny smith

    Le champ- The BBC for having Martin Keown and Lee Dixon on MOTD last night giving analysis on the spuds shite performance!. Im sure the spuds would have loved watching two former A.F.C legends ripping it out of them

  18. Odub

    Best chant on saturday…

    Your sister is your mother
    your father is your brother
    your uncle is your father

    The Neville family!!

    to the tune of the adams family!!


  19. Sparrow

    “they are truly shit aren’t they?” That’s just pure gold Geoff!!

    I actually feel a little sorry for some of my Spur’s supporter mates…….. YEAH RIGHT!!

  20. freduardo

    retrospective le champ for Daniel Levy sacking martin Jol? the fella was doing a good job at spuds, but I’d say he’s laughing it up now top of the bundesliga

  21. kenny smith

    Guys i got an arsenal tattoo in august…. and a guy that lives near me and drinks in the same bar as me is a spud fan and just so happens he got a spuds tattoo about a week after i got ma arsenal one……. he has not been to the bar since the start of the season….. i wonder why! haha

  22. freduardo

    maybe song and silvestre would work out ok. as long as he doesn’t play him out of position at right back or something.
    I for one though would like to see much more of JD. think the boy could be a bit special.

  23. Stu

    Bendtner will defo score tomorrow night. Ade will start (again) and play shit(again), and Nik will come on and grap a goal. Its HAS to happen!

  24. Geoff

    Song just isn’t good enough, I don’t know what people see when they see him play, I really don’t, Djourou is streets ahead of him.

  25. freduardo

    Bendtner is looking so dangerous on the field these days. His hold up play is good, his passing distribution is good and he arrives in good positions. He can also do the unexpected, and you can see defenders struggling to figure out how to deal with him. A real danger and I hope he gets a good chance tomorrow night to show Ade how it’s done

  26. freduardo

    Djourou is streets ahead alright. no question. but I think Song could have something to offer as a kind of second centre half- not going for the first ball. As right back or midfielder though he is rubbish. not good enough. 5th choice centre half.

  27. Geoff

    I just read that Wenger said he had planned to give Nasri 6 months to adapt and he is surprised with his progress.

    Oh that’s nice of you boss, so we lose Flamini, Gilberto and Hleb, all experienced and used to the Premier league and we bring in one French 21 year old that you expected to be shit for 6 months.

    What and you thought that was good enough? And we’d win the league? You really take us for granted, sorry Arsene.

  28. skandibird

    Geoff, sorry I didn’t make Sturday, Mum had a Scan at the hospital at 3pm on Saturday (and she’s elderly) so I wanted to go home and phone her to make sure everything was allright, I’ll try to make it next time though. I seems not only Raif is a Dad, Rob, who sits behind me at the Emirates, became a Dad during the week (twins 1 boy 1 girl) so there’s another 2 to add to the junior gunners list….
    Just read Martin Lipton’s ”observation” of Saturday ‘s game in the Mirror and he reckons Silvestre gave an unconvincing display??? I thought he looked ok for a 1st game, no?

  29. choy

    silvestre won many headers.. and he was not fucking around.. he was clearing the balls.. not passing it around.. i thought he was good!!

  30. skandibird

    Choy, exactly my thinking. I also liked the way he was sticking by the 6 yard box watching the ball and running along the box according to the ball in play, and not ‘bumping’ into others all the time.

  31. georgiaan-gunner

    do you remember V.Persie agains charlton?? Where is his effective game, why can”t he play as well as he used to???

  32. avenell

    I think he tries to to what he does in training every day of the week, but on matchday with a bit of adrenalin pumping he tries too hard and his shots go just over.
    He need to take the percentage shot like Nasri now and again..

  33. Pierre

    Rafa benetez has signed 2 new players he feels will fit in well on Merseyside, an Italian and a Korean, first one called Robatelly, second one called Nikamota!

    Hi Grovers, shit, shit team selection on saturday, c’mon le boss, get your head out of the sand or a darker place and pick the right team !!!

  34. Arsenal Tom

    van persie will be fine… all the players have has a stop-start campaign so far with the international games, now hopefully they can get into a nice rhythm playing every few days.

    silvestre was solid and no-nonsense… cant ask for much more from a guy in his first ever game for us!! if he carries on like that he’s int here with a shout to be our first choice CB

  35. skandibird

    georgiaan-gunner – I remember his ‘celebration’ afterward on that stair thing ”shimmying” his shoulders, all that year we used to call that ‘dance’ the VP dance, I used to great effect in the office, well, the boys seemed to like it…… still get goose bumps thinking about that goal and celebration.

  36. Odub

    Silvestre played well. Considering he’s been out for almost a whole season, was making his home debut, and there was no cover from midfield or RB in the first half.

  37. Geoff

    Skandibird, no problemo, I hope your mum is Ok.

    I thought Silvestre had a blinder as did Nasri, Nasri Diaby Cesc and Theo should be our midfield with Ramsey and Wilshere as back up.

    Eboue should be back up to Sagna but Song and Denilson should go out on loan.

  38. ReVELAtion

    Geoff i agree about song and denilson dropping out, but i don’t think with our numbers we can afford to send them out on loan… A shift in the stiffs and carling cup is a better bet… Denilson especially has had his chance and failed miserably. I don’t even want to go on about his wayward passing and failure to track back again…

    Eboue is a good squad member as he can cover a number of area (note i said cover) worse case scenario he starts on the right to give theo a breather as jack won’t be ready for 1st team action in the prem untill down the back end of the season/next season.. We’ve got to be patient with him… Plus hopefully rosicky will be back in january, if he isn’t we’ll need cover on the flanks….

    Ramsey is a different story though.. His performances at least warrant a place on the bench regularly… If diaby can stay fit untill january and we can stay within touching distance from the top… We might just suprise a few down the home straight….

    I don’t think the scousers can keep being so lucky.. It’ll run out at some point…

    Chelsea arre the team to fear and rooney is firing at the moment…. Long way to go, let’s just hope Arsene can sort him self out!

  39. kelsey

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  40. kenny smith

    Arsenal squad:

    Manuel Almunia
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Emmanuel Adebayor
    Robin van Persie
    Carlos Vela
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Aaron Ramsey
    Abou Diaby
    Theo Walcott
    Cesc Fabregas
    Samir Nasri
    Kieran Gibbs
    Gael Clichy
    Mikael Silvestre
    Alex Song
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Johan Djourou

  41. ReVELAtion

    Arsene’s line-up:




    van persie

    bench: Fabianski, Song, Gibbs, Ramsey, Nasri, Vela, Bentdner

    It’s be great to see nasri start with diaby inside. meaning denilson drops to the bench.. Somehow i don’t think he will…

  42. kenny smith

    Im going for





    i cant see wenger dropping song and putting JD in just after JD is back from a supposed concussion. Thats the team i think he will play but to be honest if he SHOULD play





  43. kelsey

    Nasri is fit,i hope le boss doesn’t keep to his words by not playing him away.At this moment at time,he is our best option of scoring.If we go 4-5-1 it could be suicide none of this going for a draw business.We need to make our mark on the game from the off and show them who is boss,i don’t want a repeat of the seville game.The crowd will be hostile but we need to concentrate on their players.not the crowd.

  44. avenell

    Wrighty is getting another load of abuse on his site, he has actually made a valid point..
    Mouriniho has said he wants to come back and manage in England, he won’t come back to Chelsea because of Abramovich so who does it leave.

  45. Pedro

    Avenell, I would think he’ll end up at Liverpool at some point and Fergie wont go on forever.

    I can’t imagine Arsenal paying anyone £7mill a year.

  46. avenell

    I think he will end up at Liverpool too, he dosen’t suit the Arsenal boardroom (too brash) and Man U heve enough ex players too fill Fergies seat.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    i reckon spurs… they’ll pay him stupid money, spend stupid money for him and they have stupid supporters who will worship him

  48. iceman

    He wouldn’t join the spuds….don’t think he’ll wanna manage in the chamionship….lol…ok no but seriously….Man City coz of the endless pot of cash….it be Chelski Part 2 – Made in Arabia.

  49. iceman

    Geoff/Pedro …………

    how about Cesc for Le Champ for stressing YET AGAIN he’s happy where he’s at.

    And AW being awarded a 2nd Le Chump in a row for again trying crazy ass suicidal team selections…………….

  50. Gunner8

    done with work…

    Question for you gunners

    In Turkey the club has laid on buses to get to the stadium and back that cost £4 with a total travel time of about 4 hours (return)

    I can get there for a quid on metro/tram and boat in about 45mins fromt he same spot but there is no public transport back and I am on me own.

    I should take the bus right?

  51. David

    When the survey came out I was one of the 3-6% of people that voted for a striker.


    Because lets face it people…we arent the best defensive team on the planet. we have some talented defenders especially at Right and Left back…but the Fact is We create twice if not three times the chances that are needed to win any game…and our first choice strikers are very wasteful.

    What if we had a Berbatov? Or a Santa Cruz? Or the Egyptian Zaki? People who TAKE the few chances they get?

    Our Strikers are too wasteful…i feel like if we brought in a hit man…who cashes in early for us consistently and early like i said…our defensive game will take care of itself.

  52. David

    We do have Carlos….but AW wont play him!

    So A world Class CB….or a midfielder….Diaby Goes forward more than Denilson. I am not convinced he is the solution to our problems.

  53. Gunner8

    err we do have Eduardo…

    …I know but after sitting on a five hour flight the last thing I want is to sit on a bus!

    I guess I will have to, better charge up the ipod

    It better be worth it, if Wenger goes for 4-5-1 with Denilson and song in the middle and eboue on the right with Diaby on the left I will loose it!

  54. choy

    eduardo is the man.. he could play left wing as well.. at least better than rvp and he could join ade as a support striker as well. and i think he was clinical enough!

  55. kelsey

    Champ for me has to be clichy,he drove the team on especially in the second half,shouting and stirring the team on,in the absence of toure and gallas,our future captain.

    Chump goes to AW yet again for his non sensical interviews about mental attitude after he alone cocked up the team selection.

  56. Pedro

    The best strikers normally top out at 30 goals a season… so it doesn’t matter who we buy, we probably wont get a higher tally than Ade got last year.

    Goals aren’t really a problem so far this year… all of our strikers are off the mark and RvP will find his shooting boots pretty soon. We don’t need any more strikers in my opinion.

    We do need another centre mid though!

    Gunner8, if I flew to Turkey and say song and denilson in the middle… it think I’d lose it as well. Are you part of AISA, they normally arrange meets for the games.

  57. Arsenal Tom

    Former Arsenal winger Robert Pires has endorsed Gunners’ summer-signing Samir Nasri’s enormous qualities and admitted that he was surprised by the instant impact made by the former Marseille player.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger himself has revealed that the 21-year-old France international has surprised him as he has already become an important player for the north-London club.

    Former Les Bleus international Pires has now joined the admirers of the slightly-built talented attacking midfielder and likened the left-wing combination with Gael Clichy to the erstwhile partnership between himself and then Gunners left-back Ashley Cole.

    “Arsene [Wenger] was looking for a talented left midfielder and it appears he has found a creative one with enormous qualities,” Pires, now with Spanish club Villarreal, told

    “This coach is always looking for perfection and Nasri is a massive signing for “my” Gunners.

    “To be honest I am surprised by Nasri because he is doing so well in his debut season. Moving to The Premier League is so hard because it is a physical fight every day.

    “I watch all their games on TV so I am speaking of something I have been able to watch.

    “I told myself he would struggle because of his size, but he is proving the opposite. He is showing the world that when you are technically gifted you can cope with every situation.

    “His partnership with Gael Clichy on the left side reminds me of mine with Ashley Cole when we started to play together.

    “They get on well together on and off the pitch and we can see how confident they are when they play together, like me and Cole a few seasons ago.

    “I am very optimistic regarding Gael Clichy’s career and development, he is a talented defender raised by Arsene Wenger’s touch.”

  58. Gunner8

    no way am I wearing colours… …drinking beer, and not a fan of turk minge… …I think it is the fact that turk is in front?

    Pedro, yes I am am member of AISA but didn’t get any info

  59. kingsley

    would you guys take the brazlian emerson from ac milan in january? read he is unhappy and looking for a move. granted he’s 32 but has huge experience with brazil as well as juve, roma, madrid, milan and have won more trphies than i can be bothered to list. i personally think he could had sum experience and tactical nouse to our midfield……silvester is 32 so never say never.

  60. Goonerman

    ‘In 1919 Arsenal were controversially elected to the expanded First Division, precedent suggested that Tottenham should have retained their place in the new set-up. However the machinations of Henry Norris meant the new place was awarded to Arsenal instead.’

    Historians – what exactly happened? Were there about 6 teams promoted and Tottingham relegated?

    If so, stuffed them again and again since then.

  61. Pedro

    Avenell, no surprise there then.

    I do believe that was the line Le Grove took when many were saying we wouldn’t sell them.

    Any news this evening?

  62. kelsey

    ^ It has been alleged that Arsenal’s promotion, on historical grounds rather than merit, was thanks to underhand actions by the then Arsenal chairman, Sir Henry Norris; see History of Arsenal F.C. (1886–1966) for more details. These allegations range from political machinations to outright bribery; no firm proof of any wrongdoing has ever been found. A brief account is given in Soar & Tyler (2005). The Official Illustrated History of Arsenal, p.40. A more detailed account can be found in Spurling, Jon (2004). Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club. Mainstream,

    taken from wikipedia so we introduced the word bung 🙂

  63. Pedro

    Good stuff!

    That Kia whateverhisnameis is a sly character… Tevez… £28million? Seems a bit steep to me. He is good, but not that good.

  64. raif

    Pedro Thanks Mate. big thanks for the Shout out on todays Post

    truly a magical feeling indeed.

    and a lovly post aswell. loving whats going down at the lane. things can only get better hehe. and im really hoping we smash them when we play them soon. its going to excellent and the fans givving them all the Banter without a single word to say back lol.

  65. raif

    Cheers Wrighty. 🙂

    also i think the Game in Turkey will Make Men out of our Boys that place is going to be Mayhem. and i cant wait to see how our Boys turn out.

  66. Pedro

    No probs Raif! I hope you’ve enjoyed your first day of fatherhood and that the boys can bring you a victory!

    Wrighty, saw your pepperami post… hilarious mate!

    I don’t know why you give so many cunts oxygen on your site… you should delete their comments and block their IP…! People will cry freedom of speech… but who cares, no one has the right to say you deserve to die! Your decent regulars will probably post more as well… win win!

  67. treze13

    just dropped in to say hi while i’ve got some free time…. so HI!!!!!


  68. choy

    m the same… happy when arse wins.. not so happy when we draw or lose :mrgreen:

    evening wrighty7…. quite don’t agree with mourinho though!

  69. Sparrow


    Don’t normally read your blog mate but read the last few and you post some interesting points but some of the grief you get is just bang out of order, you should really block these jokers, gooners should have intelligent conversations not just say shit post!

  70. Pedro

    Wrighty, most of them can’t even spell… it’s emabarrassing.

    Some of the names are familiar as well… they just go around sites slagging whatever is written to make themselves feel big… it’s pathetic. Starve them of oxygen and they soon give up!

    Honestly… it’s the best thing you can do. Unless someone has something constructive to say… what is the point?

    Why not give it a free 14 day trial… if you don’t like it, I can promise you a no quibble cunt return guarantee!

    The irony of it all is that they hate your site so much they queue up to read what you have to say!

  71. Pedro

    I have a spare ticket for the Spuds game if anyone currently blogging is interested?


    If you want it, let me know before I post it up!

  72. Pedro

    Good for you… your site is brilliant, a really good laugh. If people don’t like what you do… don’t fucking click the link!

    As for Mourinho… I’d like to think not, but some were saying they’d stop supporting Arsenal and he’d be a glory hunters signing?

    Do me a favour… he is a winner… if having a winner for a manager upsets you that much, you’ve got problems!

    I’m hoping Bergy and Van Basten forge a successful partnership… then they can take the reigns!

  73. Pedro

    Good man Treze!

    Wrighty, I don’t think Bilic fits our corporate profile… he was a cheat as a player, he smokes, he is always scruffy…

    How about Adams and someone else?

    I am hitting the sack!

    Wrighty, Treze, Raif, Choy… have a great evening!