St Totteridge day could be here in December!

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Well the way top4tottenham are playing it could be all over by early December, I can’t think of a team that’s only registered 2 points by the 19th of October, they truly are shit aren’t they? One-day Ramos says they were undone by two penalties and two sendings off, they were nailed on penalties and that dirty bastard Dawson should get a nine match ban, that was up there with Eduardo’s assault.

Not to mention that Stoke hit the woodwork four times, what a great move by Bentley eh? Modric looks too small and that Russian bloke was the United equivalent of Kleberson! Ha, ha, ha.

I know we’re only in 4th at the moment, but we’re playing a youth team and playing poorly, they are just shit, but I have to say Bentley’s the one I want to single out for special torment, I hope we hammer them at the Grove and I hope he gets subbed at half time for an orange segment and a pair of Aaron Lennon’s gloves .

Back to news, congratulations on fatherhood Raif, now the fun begins! Cesc denies the contract offer and says it’s mischief making, I hope so, because the way Cesc is currently playing, we wouldn’t get that much for him if we sold him!

I thought Diaby and Theo made the difference against Everton and Diaby has to start in midfield from here on in, and his back up should be Ramsey or maybe even Bitchslap, but not Denilson, Eboue or Song.

It’s time for Wenger to see that those three do not add to our game, they are liabilities, Eboue is a great right back and that should be his only position, putting him in the team anywhere is not good enough for the Arsenal Arsene, give it up, he may be popular in the changing room, but he’s not a midfielder, he’s just cover for Sagna, now move on.

Song played better as centre back, but we have four adequate one’s already and plenty coming through, Song and Denilson are error prone average players who are ‘conceded goals’ waiting to happen, as we saw against Sunderland (Song) and Everton (Denilson) what Wenger appears to be doing is burying his head in the sand and my fear is, if he ever realises it, it will be too late and another season will be gone.

I wonder what he says to himself when he watches his re-runs,

‘Boy we need Denilson and Song to stay uninjured, they were special today, and my Eboue experiment is working out nicely, let me ask Pat for a second opinion, that should do it’

Great comeback from the boys started by Nasri, the boys a bit special isn’t he!

I hope Djourou makes an appearance on Tuesday as he doesn’t have concussion, Pedro and I saw him driving down the Blackstock road in his 500SL Mercedes sports and if he had concussion, that wouldn’t be very smart would it? So Arsene, stop fibbing to us, we’re all grown up here and if you prefer Song you should come out and tell us why, because we are all dumbfounded.

We would all prefer to see the likes of Ramsey, Wilshere and Djourou play ahead of Song, Eboue and Denilson, I wish you’d tell us why they’re not.

Next up the dirty bastards from Turkey, I still expect a win, and yes Wrighty I also think Diaby looks like the bloke that plays the pepperami stick, he acts like him too and I would like to see some of that against Fernabache, 3-1 Arsenal.

Have a great day Grovers, tomorrow we play in hell!

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  1. choy

    i don’t think diaby is the defensive mid we are looking for.. he is more attacking then cesc and denilson put together!

  2. Pedro

    ‘Ledley King only able to play “one game every two or three weeks” because of an ongoing problem with his left knee.’

    Worse than Rosicky!

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    The thing about the Turkey trip, is if they give the team and/or away fans grief, imagine the Turkey shoot they will receive from you all when they must play in North London 😆

  4. Geoff

    We don’t need a defensive midfielder, that’s why we have a defense, if the midfield lose the ball, they should go and get it.

    Wenger wants everyone to defend, it’s about time we started to attack and dominate the midfield again.

  5. Evo in Oz

    gday all,

    its just so much better to start the working week with a win by your football team…

    its certainly sucked donkeys balls the last few weeks and IWS was the cunts too!

  6. Pedro

    Great post Geoff, I am still in stitches regarding the Spuds plight… truly shocking!

    How do you feel David Bentley?

    The Fener game should be a good one… I expect to win, but it’ll be tough. Is anyone else expecting the 5 man midfield?

  7. Pedro

    Evo… the IWS makes it worse becuase there is no game to get a poor result out of your system!

    3 points are much appreciated… but we must do better starting with Fener!

  8. Evo in Oz

    agreed on that pedro. im taking wednesday off so i can get up early to watch the game.

    bit slow at work this week and i have shitloads of A/L up my sleeve!

  9. kunle4fabregas

    Gunners should realise by now that Eboue is the “first son of Arsene”. He is always there and ready to play in any position Arsene wants him to. How many players can accept to play anywhere on the field without asking questions, even from the almighty Arsene, the only untouchable, unquestionable coach footballl histroy has ever witnessed! All your batching of Eboue is actually the reason why Arsene loves him so much. You all therefore can rant to heaven, this is Eboue Arsenal and there is nothing you could do about that. Any news on Nasri injury?

    Let all us all do something to regiser our dissent about continue playing time being granted to Denilson and Song in Arsenal first team. Both players cannnot even be on the bench for either the chavs or the man.u.

  10. patthegooner

    Raif, sorry I missed it overnight

    Congratulations on the new arrival buddy, Junior Gunner by the end of the week I hope.

  11. Franchise

    its been a painstaking 2 days without le-grove. I just moved home and my sky broadband has not been activated yet. Missed u all

  12. Franchise

    Its official Wenger is the new tinkerman…. He’s becoming delusional. Song at RB????? A student paediatric nurse being asked to perform brain surgery.

  13. kenny smith

    Djouru should start, i wouldnt be risking toure after having to come off injured. I hope nasri is fit though and ade has started the the last few games for us and was also away on international duty so maybe Vela ahould start up alongside RVP and rest ade

  14. jimmy

    mostly agree with what you put geoff-but why the eboue bitching again? against everton he was our only decent player in the 1st half. he was the only one who’s passes were coming off and when he went to RB in 2nd half he looked pretty decent as well. Yes he’s very irritating when he dives, but as a player he’s looked pretty good this season.

  15. Steve

    Does anyone know if that odious little Welsh yid hobbit will miss the Arsenal game because of his red card yesterday? I know Dawson will as dangerous play carries a 3 match ban, but not sure about a professional foul.

  16. kenny smith

    Hleb should be looking at us and saying nasri is better than me, he can shoot, im injured and probably wont get a game when im fit at barca. I dont think cesc would go to barca just now. He should look at henry and say well henry hasnt exactly had the best time of it out there, Hleb isnt really a first team regular and with the central midfield barca have will i really get a game??? Personally i think he should start every week if he was in the barca team but that wouldnt happen. I think it would ruin his career just like its pretty much ruining hleb and henry’s career.

    My team for tuesday would be





  17. kenny smith

    i also think if Diaby can stay fit and really work on his fitness levels and get up to the fitness that flamini was last season then he will be the CM were looking for…. He’s still young, there are loads of players that wenger would play in that position so i think he should be running his guts out in that CM position to make it his own.

  18. SAK

    how do u think a person came on the closing stages (83) made the difference… it is the team effort… entire team played very well in the second half… not just theo

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    Thats not a bad team at all, but AW will pick Ade. But Vela running amuck in Turkey would be a sight to behold.

  20. kenny smith

    Guys i never saw the game against everton i only saw the highlights….. can someone tell me how silvestre played???

  21. ikon

    exactly….. nailed it geoff.

    we ffs dont need a defensive mid if our defense takes care of itself and our midfielders do a decent job.

    Having said that…. Ramsey’s defensive ability is up there with any of our midfielders…. nothing to lose really.

    Eboue/Theo – Cesc-Ramsey-Nasri/Diaby should be the order of the day.

    excellent post geoff.

  22. kenny smith

    Fenerbache are a good team and they wont sit with 10 men behind the ball and i think with RVP and Vela running in behind then there are a few goals to be had… especially with what ive seen of Vela’s finishing in pre season and the carling cup. Ade cant stay onside so id rotate him to the bench…..

  23. Geoff

    Jimmy, it’s not Eboue bitching, read the piece, I said at right back he was great, as a midfielder, especially one that plays instead of Theo, he’s crap.

    Misplaced pass after misplaced pass. He’s a full back, end of.

    Steve, it was a straight red, that’s 3 games I think.

  24. Arsenal Tom

    no doubt he’ll soon be dropped tho!!! id stick with him now for a few games and let the others fight for the other spot.

  25. Pedro

    What does a Tottenham fan do when they finally win a premiership game?
    Turns off his playstation and go to bed.

    Spurs have signed a new Korean striker Win Wun Soon!

    David Blaine is gutted his record of 48 days in the box doing nothing at all has been broke. The new record holder is Darren Bent

    Haringey Council today refused Tottenham Hotspur F.C. permission for a new stadium on Northumberland Park. They said its ok to have a fun fair once a year but a circus every 2 weeks was taking the mickey

    A young lad asks his mum where his new spurs shirt is. Mum says ‘i washed it and its drying on the line.’ the lad rushes to the window to see his top lying in the mud… He says ‘mum why is my spurs shirt on the floor?’
    His mum looks out and shouts, ‘the thieving gits… they’ve took me pegs!!’

  26. kunle4fabregas

    Iceman, if you truly love arsenal, you should be praying that your most reliable striker at least, injury wise, should stay healthy throughout the session. Take it or leave, it Adebayor, Eboue and Cesc are the only reason arsenal should be hopeful of any trophy(ies) this session.

  27. Pedro

    Eboue Kunle? Give me a break… we all watch the games, we all see how useless he is and no amount of ‘He is the hardest worker’ / ‘His passes are always accurate’ will convince us otherwise.

  28. Gunner8

    He is a FB end-of and Song is a Sub end-of… …don’t yet agree that Denilson is crap but do think we should be fielding a better player.

    I hope that Nasri is available for tommorow, as well as Djourou and Bendtner… …and FFS Arsene stick on Vela!!!


    but of course Wenger will play 4-5-1 with Ade on his own and RVP as a left winger… …if Djourou is fit then


    I hope not, Fenerbache are really crap at the moment and we need to take it to them to at least make their crown a little less then deafening.

    Getting psyched about the match I am.

  29. iceman

    Especially those backheels in the box…..what’s the deal with those….try for goal mate….or better yet….LOOK where you pass twat……..

  30. ikon

    i differ on Eboue’s aspect, theo is not ready to start… and if he does… doesnt defend any time. Eboue is solid with his defense justa a bit confused…. at least he is not costing the team.

    Maybe Diaby can take up the right midfield role.

  31. Arsenal Tom

    kunel, if ur pinning our hopes of a good season on eboue then u may aswell give up on football.

    and clichy was good during the first half, and i thought fab wasnt bad either… he worked hard and was always looking for the ball and an opening around the everton box, i thought he really tetpped up and had a never say die look about his play after they scored

  32. Pedro

    I’d say I speak for 90% of people who blog on here.

    Pinning your hopes for a trophy on Eboue is a silly thing to say… how can you pin your hopes on someone who doesn’t have a fixed position, doesn’t score goals, doesn’t assist and doesn’t really add a whole lot to the team?

    Reserve right back is as good as it should get for Eboue.

  33. Arsenal Tom

    ikon… diaby on the right??

    diaby has to play centrally to give us a bit of bite, he uses his size and strength well to shield and keep the ball. if we’re not gonna play the lad in the middle sell him to someone who will cos he’s fuck all use on the wing.

  34. Pedro

    Gunner8, I agree with you… He’s not shit by a long shot… he’s just not ready.

    What do you think on Diaby making an impact?

  35. Pedro

    Members of the public were outraged to find several Spurs players playing football with a hedgehog. They were going to call the R.S.P.C.A but declined when they found out that the hedgehog was winning 4-0.

    Ramos was talking to his groundsman at Spurs. “The pitch is looking good” he says.
    “It should do boss, we put 70 million quids worth of shit on it every fortnight”.

    A woman at the doctors had a cork stuck up her fanny. She said “when I take it out it chants ‘Come on you Spurs”.
    The Doc said, ” Don’t worry, lots of cunts do that”.

    A tourist is in North London one Saturday and he decides he would very much like to go to a football match, so he asks a man in the street if there are any local matches being played that afternoon.
    “Well,” replies the man, “the Arsenal ground is very close but they’re playing away today.
    If you feel you really must see a match, the Tottenham ground is not that far away.
    You go straight down this road and you’ll see two queues, a big queue and a small queue.
    You should go to the small queue because the big one is for the fish and chip shop.

    Snow White arrived home one evening to find her home destroyed by fire. She was especially worried because she’d left all seven dwarves asleep inside.
    As she scrambled among the wreckage, frantically calling their names, suddenly she heard the cry: “Spurs for the Cup.”
    “Thank goodness,” sobbed Snow White. “At least Dopey’s still alive!”

    Osama Bin Laden sent out a new video to prove he was still alive, in it he said SPURS were rubbish recently.
    Britsh intelligence dismissed it saying: ”That could have been recorded anytime in the last 8 years”…

    Someone informed me yesterday that Tottenham Hotspur have a new nickname.
    They are now called ‘The Barnacles’ because they are stuck on the bottom.

    Many moons ago when I was at school, two of my mates were Spurs supporters.
    They would go to White Hart Lane and wait for about ten minutes after kick off and climb over the wall. One Saturday a policeman caught them and he made them go back in and watch the rest of the game.

    A little boy gets £10 for his birthday and rushes down to the Sport Shop to buy the new football he has been desperate for.
    He gets a ball down from the rack and gives the shop-keeper his £10.
    ‘Sorry son !!’ explains the shopkeeper. ‘This ball costs £20, but you’ve only got £10’.
    Thinking quickly, the boy looks up at the different club footballs on the rack and says:
    ‘Ok. If you blindfold me and I guess which club’s crest is on the ball, will you let me have the ball for £10?’
    The shopkeeper decides to humour the boy. He agrees to the lad’s proposal, and so he blindfolds the boy.
    First up he gives the boy an Arsenal ball.
    ‘OK,’ says the boy, placing his ear to the ball, ‘I can hear the blasting sound of 2 canons. This must be an Arsenal ball!’
    ‘That was a lucky guess,’ exclaimed the shopkeeper, ‘let’s try another one!’… and he hands him a Millwall ball.
    ‘OK,’ says the boy, placing his ear to the ball again, ‘I can hear a pack of rampant Lions. It must be a Millwall ball!’
    ‘Bejaysus!’ says the shopkeeper.
    ‘If you get the next one right I’ll let you have the ball for nothing…’ and with that he passes him another ball.
    Again the boy puts the ball to his ear and after a few moments he exclaims ‘That’s a Tottenham ball!’
    ‘Holy Mary Mother Of God!’ shouts the shopkeeper. ‘How on earth did you get that one? I suppose you heard a cockerel crowing!!’
    ‘No…’ said the boy.
    ‘It’s going down.’

  36. kunle4fabregas

    Arsenal Tom, I am not placing my hope of trophy on eboue, what i am saying is that the poor guy is trying his best and nobody can dispute that he is an utility player, if you know what i mean! Ikon knows. Please somebody should tell me how bad is Nasir injury, I cant wait to see him tomorrow!!!!!!!

  37. kelsey

    Questions to those who attended

    Was Almunia made captain as i heard after toure went off?

    When Theo scored Eboue nearly raped him with joy,others joined in,but where was Ade?

    Congratulations Raif to a new gunner born.

  38. Gunner8

    Pedro, I think that Diaby is great but since he got crunched at Sunderland he has never been able to have a sustained run ion the team.

    He also has a tendandncy for rash tackles but so did Vieira before he was world class… …what I really like are hies runs, sure he has no end pass yet but it offers us something different to Cesc’s metronome passing.

    If he satys fit, he will learn fast and be great but of course that is a big if!

  39. Rob

    We need to beat Fener BIG TIME on Tuesday to kickstart a tough 6 or 7 matches. Are they really that violent in Turkey???

    Spurs could finish top four next season, down in the coca cola!!!

  40. kunle4fabregas

    Pedro, I am not silly. If you are sure arsenal has a first team choice after injuries to sagna and kolo, let us know that alternative apart from eboue. I am just being realistic here. For now, arsene jokes with eboue at the peril of all of us gonners. Our combined energy should be directed toward the boss to make quality signings. This is my last comment on eboue for now. I love u all.

  41. Arsenal Tom

    i agree he’s a utility player, but counting on him to do anything other than just the basics seems to be to much these days, like most people im happy for him to be RB and even RM if we’re desperate but thats all.

    wenger said after the game nasri might be available for the fener game

  42. Pedro

    Kunle, I didn’t say you were silly, just the statement about Eboue!

    We shall finish on that one.

    Gunner8, I’d love to go to a game like that… but only in an armoured tank!

    Raif, I hope you’ve baptised him as a gooner already!

    Kelsey, I thought it was Cesc?

  43. Geoff Strong

    The day is rapidly approaching when Totteringham will be celebrating 50 years since their last championship win. Any suggestions of how we should commemorate this “historic” event ?

  44. Geoff

    Kunler, you just said the poor guy is trying his best, we know he is but that’s just not good enough for what they earn, put me on and I’ll try my best.

    You don’t win friends or trophies for trying your best, his best is not good enough, no matter how much he smiles.

    Song, well he’s just shit, at least Eboue is a good right back.

  45. Confidentgoner

    Eboe, eboue, eboue…, Kunle you can never win an argument siding mr. ebue. Too many groovers hate him, without reason. Sure he misses the odd pass, but you know the old saying …cal a dog a bad name…

    Am with you on the guy. He has speed, he can pass and he can dribble. He cannot shhot though. But hey, neither can RVP or Ade or … Every team needs an Eboue, a utility player.

    My preference for Tuesday


    Eboue Song/Djoru Sylvestre Clichy

    Theo Cesc Diaby/ Dennilson Nasri

    Ade/ Bendtner Vela

    Vela is a better attacker than Ade and RVP imho

  46. Geoff

    Confident, you don’t come from an African country do you?

    Any body that thinks those two are good enough is either related or lives near them.

    RVP can’t shoot???

    I’l rest my case.

  47. Confidentgoner


    Nothing to do with origin, just basing on facts. We watch the same match and we should draw the same conclusions or close conclusions. RVP has blown the ball away several times, so he is not exactly that good with shooting for now. That’s not saying that he cannot come back, but right now he is struggling.

    My challenge to you Geoff, please name the guys in Arsenal shirt who are faster than Ebue and can dribble better than him, hold the ball better and defend better.

  48. Geoff

    Where you from franchise? Everytime we criticise Eboue or Song we get the same shit back from certain areas, this club and this site doesn’t look at passports, not should the supporters, Song and Eboue aren’t good enough.

  49. chris

    Good morning fellow grovers,

    Firstly may I say it was great to finally meet Pedro and Geoff and buy them a beer, something I’ve wanted to do since February, le-grove has been my office hours home for a long time and I have made many friends thru here and hope many more,

    Finally got to meet Steve and Bud and my good friend Odub at last, many thanks for making us feel so welcome.

    As for the game if I watched it on TV I would share many of the sentiments expressed already; however as my first trip to Le-Grove, it was similar to a Hollywood blockbuster or indeed a roller coaster! It was simply awesome.

    Ps Peroni rocks

  50. Geoff

    How long has Eboue been at Arsenal and how many goals has he scored Confident.

    Half the answer is 1 and he was offside.

  51. Pedro

    Confident… how do you quantify being a good dribbler with the ball?

    Goals as a result of…
    Assists as a result of…

    As for Speed.

    Adebayor, Walcott, Clichy, Traore, RvP and probably Vela.

  52. Franchise

    Where we are all from doesn’t matter. The point is everyone has an opinion and when there is a conflict of opinion it shouldn’t neccessarily develop into direct attacks.

  53. Pedro

    Franchise, some of the African boys go a bit OTT with the love for some of their players.

    That isn’t going too far, that is a fact.

  54. avenell

    Morning all 🙂

    Just been checking how our much loved deserters are doing.

    Hleb is back fit and well and came on as sub for Henry in Barca’s 1-0 win over Athletico
    And Flamini played all 90 mins in a 3-0 win over Sampdoria, but got booked..

    So it’s take the piss out the Spuds day only..

    Anyone see the spitting and throwing coins at the Everton support at The Grove on saturday?

  55. Geoff

    If where you’re from clouds your judgement then of course it matters, I’m from England but I hate Beckham, John Terry and Ashley Cole.

    I don’t like players just because they’re English, that’s just narrow minded and not objective.

  56. Franchise

    Eboue and Song aren’t good enough to be in our first team I agree 100%. But when the boss chooses to play average/ordinary players out of position then I think the problem is with the manager. I dont think wayne rooney would be a good midfielder… Fergie even gets criticised for playing him wide sometimes…………..

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    So let me see, if Newcastle beat man city, then spurs are virtually 2 games clear on the bottom. Oh what fun 🙂

  58. Confidentgoner

    Adebayor, fast cannot defend, average shooter

    Walcot : much faster, can dribble but cannot defend

    Clichy, fast, can defend can hold the ball . some doidgy crosses but definitely better than Eboue

    Traore: Well he is on loan , now so leaver him out

    Vela: can shoot, can attack, can run but cannot defend.

    RVP: please spare me, he is good at finishing off and was good at shooting, still trying to discover his best form.

    You see there are not that many. Its difficult to blame AW when he uses this guy to do the tough job in our team. Just want a little bit of perspective to our arguments before we conclude a player is shit..

  59. Franchise

    I agree with u Pedro that a lot of supporters choose to be blind to the deficiencies of players like Ade, Eboue but it should be all about keeping the blogging experience helthy. Pedro I think u once made a point about if everyone had the same opinion then what we would see is

    Comm A: Ade is shit

    Comm B, C, D, E, F…… Z: Yes I agree

  60. avenell

    Geoff I don’t go now mate, but I had my share of that at shite hart lane when we got pelted with darts, kung foo stars and coins from the shelf.

    The problem is there is talk of wider segregation between the away and home support so that will mean less people getting to watch our much loved.

  61. Arsenal Tom


    everyone u gave the ‘cannot defend’ tag to are natural center forwards!!! thats like saying almunia or kolo is shit up front

  62. Franchise

    Sometimes I wish I was the Arsenal manager btw End of May and 31st August. Arsene can take over from 1st of September. The guy is really loosing it.

  63. Geoff

    Ade scored 4 for Togo, Theo a hat trick for England, Vela prolific for Mexico, give me a break Confident, and he dives.

  64. Arsenal Tom

    bendtner and djourou back…

    Arsenal will welcome back Nicklas Bendtner and Johan Djourou for the trip to Fenerbahce on Tuesday.

    Both youngsters missed the victory over Everton at the weekend, the Dane had an ankle problem while the Swiss defender had suffered concussion on international duty. But, speaking on Monday morning, Wenger said both will be OK for the Champions League Group G tie in Turkey.

    However William Gallas (hamstring) and Bacary Sagna (knee) are still out while Kolo Toure is missing after damaging shoulder ligaments at the weekend.

    “From Saturday, we have Nicklas Bendtner back in the squad and Johan Djourou is available again,” said Wenger. “But we don’t have Kolo Toure.

    “Gallas and Sagna are out but they are not long-term and could be back in the squad for Sunday.

  65. Confidentgoner

    Arsenal Tom,

    To get a very good team, everybody must have a defensive role, that’s why Man U win the league and have a consistent form. It’s like in your office, you do your job, the that’s fine you are a good staff, but when you do beyond your job you become exceptional. Football is not rocket science!

  66. Stu

    3-1 is a bit optimistic especially away where they beat Chelsea.

    Oh, and Southampton we the only team to get this many points at this stage of the season and stay up. Nice fact for ye.

  67. kenny smith

    Were forgetting RVP was out injured for a large portion of last season… i think he is getting better and the longer he stays uninjured the more chances he will start to convert

  68. choy

    rvp and ade are being wasteful.. i’ll give you that.. but at least wonder boy is fit…

    i hope its not 4-5-1 tomorrow.. don’t want rvp wasted out on the wing..

    I think ade could do with a rest!

    AT.. no news about nasri is there?

  69. Pedro

    Those shots he was firing over the bar will start going under the bar soon… then he’ll go on a run and a half.

    Ade is playing a lot less selfishly this year, which is commendable… he is trying to improve and like Chris said… goals are coming from all over this year, which is a bonus.

  70. Confidentgoner

    Geoff, one of his ” dives” got us a penalty. Truth is that referees can sometimes be unfair. If you notice, Eboue gets clipped the ref waves play on. Nobody touches Ronaldo, the refree blows.

  71. kelsey

    Don’t worry abour RVP he will be back amongst the goals soon on a regular basis.He appears to be leaning backwards when shooting at the moment,therefore sometimes skying the ball.he is the best striker of a ball we have got,have you ever seen Ade strike the ball from outside the box accurately(both goals last year at Newcastle and Spurs) were exquisite but a rarity.

    Pedro I left a request for 1 ticket for any home game on the exchange.

  72. kenny smith

    Looks like JD will start after all guys…. im sure the majority on here will be pleased with that. Now its time to see what silvestre and JD are made of……… If they put on a better show than gallas and toure have been then they might be in trouble for their positions.

    I just hope we play eboue at RB and not song cause JD and silvestre will look shite with song at right back

  73. Arsenal Tom

    confident, fair enough they have to contribute at certain times… and they do, but to use it as an arguing point as to why eboue is better is nonsense… they are centre forwards attacking players… if they help out defending then good on them but its not their responsibility

  74. Arsenal Tom

    choy… nah they was a straight copy and paste from the arsenal web-site mate.

    have to wait till they announce the squad i guess

  75. Stu

    Vela and Bendtner should start because they are the ones on form. Ade is just woeful in front of goal and RvP is off form in terms of finishing. He doesnt really place it anymore opting to wallop it instead.

  76. kenny smith

    Guys im more interested on who will be named as captain for tomorrow night….. Gallas and Toure both out………………Cesc? CLichy? Almunia? i cant think of anyone else that would captain

  77. Odub

    Morning all,

    I hate Mondays!!! Unless we won on the saturday b4!! Ha ha!!

    Great weekend I tells ya!!

    Nice to meet up again guys, chris,steve, bud, gunner8, and lords of Le Grove!

    Pedro hope you survived your first guinness experience!

    Oh and to cap a stonking weekend… the spuds lost!!!

    Juande Ramos – Legend!! :mrgreen: