Ramsey is the new… … well, Ramsey actually!

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So for all you doubting Thomas’s out there that think Ramsey isn’t good enough I hope you saw his 40 yard, yes 40 yard screamer last night against a team that had 8 English premier league players.

This wasn’t a shit team he scored against, this team would be a top 6 team in the EPL, anyway, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing against a 40 yarder is a 40 yarder and this one flew into the back of the net, so we finally have a player that can shoot from distance and has the confidence to do so.

I expect he’ll get a bollocking from Arsene for not passing it, but boy how good was it to see that from and Arsenal player.

Steven Gerrard wrapped up in Cesc, this kid has to be given more playing time, Arsene, pretend he’s Flamini, Denilson or Song, those guys got/get extraordinary amounts of games to prove themselves, give this kid the same.

As Wenger said, he doesn’t look at passports (unless he wants a captain of course) and if they’re good enough, they’re old enough, Ramsey ticks the boxes and Wales is close to France (it’s not really but for this argument it is).

Onto Rio, the latest England manager butt kisser comes out and says what I’ve been saying about England and in particular Beckham, for years.

He said,

‘People were worrying more about what the players were wearing and where they were going, rather than the England team, we became like a circus with the whole WAG situation’

For ‘worried about what we were wearing’ read Beckham with his mohican haircut and his stupid hat in Japan, he was more interested in that, than the game, and so were the press, and for the WAG’s, look no further than the twit he’s married to, single handedly she almost turned me off England.

So at last someone came out and said it, all for the wrong reasons of course, he’s now trying to endear himself to the new boss, this should have been said when the idiot Sven and Nancy were around, not now, still he wants to be captain and his unashamed crawling may not do it, but it proves me right in what I’ve been saying has been wrong with England for years.

I mean it’s like Wimbledon, why do the cameras keep going to Tim Henman’s wife? Is she playing? It’s this celebrity culture we love and is why we are Β£3 billion in debt, because the players have become bigger than the game, and that my friends will not last, the mess it leaves us with, will though.

The FA are determined to let Beckham set the all time caps record, he keeps coming on for 10 minutes and to me it makes winning a cap farsical, especially when you think Capello could be giving others a leg up.

Bobby Moore is probably turning in his grave, Beckham, Charlton, Billy Wright and Moore in the same breath is a joke.

Roberto Duran the world welterweight champion in the 80’s used to train in Panama’s most notorious prison before a fight, England need a bit more of that and a bit less of the night clubs.

Still this is our day and Aaron Ramsey’s day in the sun, well done young man, and when you get your chance, let rip, that was a wonderful shot and a fantastic goal.

Just over three days to go Grovers and I’m getting excited, Theo’s turn tonight to make a pretty good week out of a boring one.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Mandanda

    Theo needs a break this weekend IMO, whether or not he goes on to score five in the next 45mins. I wldn’t blame Theo for the goal, the defender went to ground too quickly!

  2. ethangunner

    Theo is not on his game tonight , it pretty much shows you the inconsistency of youth .
    Lets just hope the inconsistency becomes consistency as the 2nd half differs from the1st …

    In all honesty they haven’t been feeding the right wing so much with Lumps and Gerrard in the central areas .I think theo still looks threatening on the right wing , but underutilized . He is like ade when it comes to his runs .. he needs 5 to get 1 chance ..

    rooney and heskey doesn’t help as the strikers either , as neither of them look threatening enough to score ..

    The English national team remind me a little of the current Arsenal setup, talented midfield with no men upfront to give you an end product !

  3. kelsey

    have to agree Sparrow,any opportunity he has he slags Theo off. He put in a couple of good crosses but he was ball watching when they scored(a bit like Hull) nevertheless he is hardly in the game through no fault of his own.

  4. Sparrow

    that’s it! Waddle is a cunt, i’m sorry but i had to swear! What can theo do if he doesn’t get the ball? What a wanker! I’m no longer watching the game

  5. paul

    Sparrow when Theo did have the ball he was poor.also he was at fault for their goal.On the positive he didnt get injured

  6. Paulinho

    Sparrow, he’s not Eduardo, relying on service to sniff out a goal. The onus is on him to get himself involved and not rely on being spoonfed balls.

    Walcott just aint that good.

  7. ethangunner

    i agree on tonight’s performance paulinho .
    its a shame for the lad , as he does deserve his cap !
    i mean at least theo has 3 good games in 10 .. which is more than i can say for most English internationals !

    Good to see becks sneak on for 2 minutes πŸ™‚
    im sure Geoff will be wrapped πŸ™‚


  8. Pedro

    Well, Heskey had a blinder didn’t he?

    Theo had an Arsenal performance… and belarus looked like 10 Hlebs!

    I just hope theo doesn’t get slated tomorrow.

  9. Sparrow

    He wasn’t that bad guys, he just never got the chance. Theo is an impact player, he makes things happen but he needs to get the chance to do it, sometimes it doesn’t come off but he has the talent to open doors, Gerrard and Lampard kept on passing the ball to the left, poor guy never got a sniff!!

  10. Mandanda

    Wtf is wayne bridge doing in international football, albeit against Belarust?? i have never rated this fella, Nicky Shorey is a lot better than he is and should get the nod when cashley is out…to hear the he is on Β£60k/week is an insult to football, he is more basic than fish and chips!!

    Is SWP the shortest player to play for England, even Theo and Rooney seem taller.

    just to round up, why is Capello undermining playing for England. Giving Beckham those caps is nothing short of a deliberate attempt to undermine the England cap. Even at his peak (which was 6/7 years ago)I never rated him. Anyway I think Geoff has said enuff on this Beckham so I wouldn’t be adding anymore

    welldone England, nite all

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    So the middle-eastern money moguls are going to take over the English premier League. Well, be warned, they know jack shit about football.

    Australia 4-0 Qatar

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    If Gilberto Silva is Captain of the “greatest football nation on earth”, then why is he not Arsenal’s DM/Captain.

  13. gnarleygeorge9


    It was a world cup qualifyer. Normally the games are a sell out, but before kick off, there was a tropical dump of rain in Brisbane, so the ground had a lot of empty seats.

  14. Evo in Oz

    it was only 35,000 for this game as it was in Brisbane against a lower opponent. our biggest stadiums in Melbourne and Sydney hold 100,000 which we’ve gone close to packing out in the 2006 qualifiers.

    There was a huge electrial storm with huge rain just before the game which no doubt stopped extra people showing up.

    but 4-0 was a good spanking!

  15. gnarleygeorge9


    100,000 will be the magical number of people who will turn up to see the sleeping giants Richmond & Carlton lock horns πŸ™‚ Round 1 2009

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    If you are is Brisbane its 5.13pm. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Launceston its 6.13pm.

    Queensland don’t have daylight saving coz the Labor Premier thinks the sun shines out of her arse, & she refuses to get up an hour later for anyone πŸ˜€

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    I would just like to say that Capello might just be the right man for the England job, but he still has to survive the British tabloids with their inuendo, i.e his secret sex life, etc, just the sort of stuff the Brown Bear has already mentioned in previous posts.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    I guess it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Its Thursday & I’m starting to get that ol’match day feeling again. Bring it on, Chamone!

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    How did Theo go last night.? I was thinking of asking how Hleb went, but then I stopped to think, hey, I don’t give a xxxx so I won’t ask.