Cesc says he’s staying, so what is our best eleven?

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Great news is that Cesc moved to scotch the stupid rumours, so good man Cesc, enough said on that subject, closed and put to bed.

We had some fun watching England and seeing that Cashley is indeed the most unpopular footballer in England, don’t blame me for booing, I don’t agree with it, it’s not big, it’s not clever and no one heard me from my living room.

We debated the best Arsenal 11 yesterday so I will give you mine and the reasons for it.

First of all I saw the headline, Wenger worries over Djourou injury, why? He doesn’t play him!

My starting 11 would be Djourou in for Kolo, I love Kolo but I think he needs a break, so Gallas in with Johan, why? because stubborn Wenger won’t drop his captain and that’s that.

Two wingers in Walcott and Nasri Cesc in the middle with Diaby and Ramsey as back up. The full backs pick themselves with Eboue backing up Sagna if needed and the front two of Ade and Robin, I still think they’re our best two but I also think Ade needs to be benched and put Vela on in his place, or Nikki I’m not fussed, but the question was our best 11 and I don’t think Nikki and Carlos are there yet.

I would have Wilshere on the bench with Eboue and Ramsey every game and use them at half time if things weren’t working out.

I think some of our pampered stars could do with benching to at least let them know they aren’t as good as they think they are.

Have a great day, only 5 more days to go to feed our expensive habit.

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  1. Confidentgoner


    your noon comment about our players spot on tbh! but we need to find a way to utilize their upsides and I can say that Aw is not doing that consistently.

  2. Pedro

    I was going from the point of view that Ramsey shouldn’t be looked at as a solution short term… he is 4-5 years away from first team action I think… that is how it would happen at ManU/Chavski or Liverpool.

    I also don’t think he’d be a better option than Diaby.

    Knowing Wenger though, he’ll have displaced Denilson by Xmas!

  3. rico01

    Sorry about this side track Guys, but if there are any huge fans of Black Adder – Sky are doing a Most Cunning Funny Moments on Thursday 9PM – Channel GOLD

  4. Franchise

    mwt its all about opinion. im not trying to undermine any player with my comparisons but what has niki B, Vela, VP done that is so great to make them stand out in comparison to Adebayor????? Its easy to think we know more than Arsene but no coach would leave a striker on the bench who just scored 30 goals a season even if their form has dropped. You stick with them for a while until they come good. Or do u think we have lost two and drawn one cos of Ade

  5. dennisdamenace

    Franchise, personally speaking though, i think you got more chance of finding rocking horse shit, than AD scoring a hat trick fella……..

  6. rico01

    Pedro – agree, in Jan we still need two players, a CH and CM – both with experience and 25-27 years old – big, strong and with a big tackle!! πŸ˜‰

  7. dennisdamenace

    Talking about Blackadder – Does anyone think that there’s similarities between Blackadder & Baldrick and Arsene & Pat R???

  8. Franchise

    I think I’m gonna place a bet that ‘Triaby’ scores a hat trick for arsenal before the end of next year πŸ˜‰

  9. Rasputin

    OK Pedro – it’s fine to differ.

    It would really be a long term strategy if Wenger had bought Ramsey with the intention of not using him for 5 years. He has generally brought through players according to ability – some people thought Theo should have had more games last season but he was held back as ‘not ready yet’.

    So who can say at what rate a particular player will develop. One thing is for sure, it is a rare player indeed (Wilshere could be the exception) who can come straight into the squad at under 19 and hold down a place in the first team. Cesc may not be categorised as ‘great’ yet, but he plays great football and will be classified as great in a year or two if he can improve his consistency.

  10. mwt

    No i agree with you franchise its my personal opinion of tthe players. I just believe that RvP is one of those players that can create something from nothing. and Bendtner has done enough in reseves and when hes come on as a sub to earn a start.

    But surprisingly, I actually think its not adebyor or RvPs fault they arent in form.. So far this season they just aren’t getting the same service from midfield. Previous years our attacks were fast and would just split the defence.. Lately we get to their 18 yard and its as if we dont know how to play a through ball anymore… Even with walcott.. I remeber when Overmars was in the team Petit couldplay a ball from out of defense and 9/10 overmars would outpace their defenders..Even Pires scored a few that way (that goal he chipped the keeper comes to mind). And with Walcott being faster than both of them.. it seems logical that thats somethiung we should be trying.

    We could learn something the way Holland attacked at Euros.. Those goals were just brutal. Quick, efficient and brutal… but still beautiful to watch.. reminded me of Arsenal

  11. Franchise

    I agree mwt. our attackers have scored 18 between them in all comp. and too think that the support they are getting from mid field is not as good as we have seen it only gives me hope. that is why i’m really looking forward to diaby coming back. I think diaby and cesc would cut it

  12. mwt

    Bit off-topic but anyone agree Van Der Vaart was best buy of the summer. What only 8 or 11 million and hes top scorer and assit for real madrid… scored 4 and 4 assists.. But im waiting for him to get injured lol Would have been nice to have a midfeielder that scores goals in the Arsenal team

  13. Franchise

    QoS I’ve always wondered why ur name was in blue didn’t realise it was a link. is that ur company then? Sorry guys for changing topic but I just need to feed my curiosity

  14. mwt

    Yeh i dont agree we need a dm… You cant really call PV04 a defensive mid.. He just dominated and imposed… but still got forward.. You can afford to have 2 attack minded midfielders in the centre as long as one can impose himself and basically be the bully… as long as the back 4 is solid… which ours isnt unfortunately… Mertesacker from Werder Bremen would be a good choice even tho hes german lol..but least he’s 24, experienced at international level and has admitted he liked the way Arsenal plays

  15. Franchise

    i.e. Sagna. i pointed out at about 12.00 that clichy had the ability to bomb down the left irrespective of who he is playing with but sagna played to his best with eboue

  16. Rasputin

    Hi Paulinho, I’m happy with Ramsey and Wilshere coming off the bench or the occasional start, but haven’t seen that much to impress me from Merida yet in competitive games – I wouldn’t say he was better than Denilson for instance. He does have some very impressive clips on youtube, maybe he just needs games under his belt, but dropping 8 points to supposedly inferior opposition we can’t take the risk can we?

  17. avenell

    Clichy never has a winger in front of him taking his position. Nasri, Walcott and Eboue all cut infield as they are right sided players assisting the attack and allowing him freedom to overlap.
    As good as Theo can be for what he gives the team he takes a player out of our attack..

  18. Paulinho

    Merida might be a passenger in open play, although I think Denilson is as well, but he ha a left foot like a wand and could conceivably spank in a few goals from distance or whip in a few good crosses.

    As I see it, we are on the road to mediocrity with this current team. Mediocrity being fourth place.

    Getting the younger lads in might be a risk but we will have more upside and it will help us in the long term with the possibilty of coming off short term as well.

    Wenger will get rid of the likes of Denilson and maybe Diaby in a year or so as it is so I don’t see the point of them cluttering space. It’s not as if they are delivering now.

  19. charybdis1966

    Paulinho, seems like you think those 2 would be better off delivering pizza. I’d agree with that for Diaby, s long he doesn’t have to climb up any stairs to deliver 4 cheese deep pan with a side order of garlic bread.

  20. Franchise

    avenell sagna does not have the ability to bomb forward like the likes of cafu, alves, bosingwa. clichy has though whether or not any1 is infront of him or not. Sagna is a RB that likes to play 1 2’s and send in crosses. Clichy has better control at full speed that is my point

  21. Franchise

    choy its cos they both left footed VP does not cut in so clichy could not get past him. VP would fair better on the right as he does with Holland

  22. Rasputin

    If only there were 16 teams in the Prem = a 8 less games and a shorter season. Maybe AW could do his experimenting before the season starts, but with the ANC, Euros and World Cup, there is precious little time to develop the team. Its almost as though the most successful clubs will be those who make the least changes (if they did well the previous year) or those who happen upon a winning formula earliest in the new Prem campaign.

  23. Franchise

    we just need to win our next 5 games by hook or crook…. flary flary arsenal or boring boring arsenal I dont really care…. if we drop any more points it would be devastating. I dont see the chavs, scousers or manu winning their next 5 games…. Neither do I see us doing it ;-D

  24. avenell

    Franchise look what chelsea have done to Cashman he used to bomb forward for Arsenal, stick a winger in front of Clichy or Cole they just become left backs.

  25. John

    I just came across something, I recapped all of Arsenal’s games this season and did my analyzation. I just realized Djourou and Gallas actually do better. Maybe it’s Toure who’s the “weak link”

    This Link– has ALL the highlights of every single game Arsenal have played this year. (go to “Video Archive”)

    Interesting shit.

  26. charybdis1966

    Talking of cashley – weren’t our hearts bleeding for the poor mite when he got booed for about 5 minutes on Saturday?

    Ha Ha ha !!!!

  27. avenell

    On the subject of you have to win things to be a great player, some of our greatest ever players won nothing or very little for Arsenal.

    It’s like Georgie Best never played in the World cup, one player cannot make a team.

  28. Franchise

    i know avenell thats why arsene likes to convert CMs to wide players its cos they congest the midfield and the full backs give us width….

  29. Franchise

    point but i remember us crying out for wingers last season when we couldnt break teams cos hleb and rosicky were too narrow

  30. avenell

    I think the last decent winger we had who used to cross the ball like a “normal” winger was Brian Marwood then we had Smudger who could head a ball on the end.

  31. avenell

    I don’t know if I am repeating myself as my last post did not appear.

    But the last decent “normal” winger we had was Brian Marwood and he had Smudger on the end of his crosses.

    I wasn’t calling out for wingers last season I just wanted someone like Pires who could score 15 from midfield.

  32. rico01

    Theo – not an Arsenal player…………………… ave, that makes me want to cry, he’s going to be awesome for us, he aint half bad now and he is still a kid, all it needs is for Robin and Ade to be ready for his crosses……………

  33. rico01

    chary – the booing for cashley – loved it… πŸ™‚

    thought the booing for the team was a bit off though – at least wait until the end πŸ˜‰

  34. charybdis1966

    Rico – I don’t think anyone else would have got booed so much as everyone(not just Goons) knows he’s grubby little creep without a single redeeeming feature.

  35. rico01

    Money talks i guess chary, and not always for the good, he got his just rewards, and as you say, most fans know he is a twit for behaving the way he has, on and off the field –

  36. avenell

    No problem Geoff, I wasn’t sure if I pressed the submit button or just refreshed.

    Sorry Rico I know your like his second mum, (but not old enough) πŸ˜‰

  37. insidealbania

    Afternoon all, well done Cesc, and well done to the Engurland fans on Saturday (believe it or not the game was live on Albanian TV!!!)

    As for our best 11 here is what I think:

    Theo- Cesc-Diaby-Nasri

    The subs:
    Rambo for Diaby
    Denislon for Cesc
    JW for Theo/Nasri
    PassMaestro – Striker when ahead by 2 goals
    Song for Tea Lady

  38. Geoff

    Thing is Rico, although the spuds will always hate Sol, we won’t, Cashley on the other hand will always be hated by us and the chavs will never ever take to him, so when he calls time on his career, he’ll be a footballing pariah.


  39. charybdis1966

    Geoff/Rico – he’s seem as an excrement by most footie fans – witness his shows of dissent on the pitch and his adulterous adventures off.
    I get the impression Pennant got a good deal of his “big time Charlie” attitude off Cashley as they were big mates when they were at the Arse according to my (ex) source in the Arsenal dressing room.

  40. rico01

    Geoff, couldnt agree more, I dislike him so much, and yet he was once a hero, not only did he shaft us – as a footballer he has changed, he is arrogant, thinks he is above the rules, and he is not the player he used to be – if we didnt have Gael, I would love Bridge at left back – even though he scored ‘that goal’……..

    I would call Cole an Arsehole, but that may open a whole new can of worms πŸ˜‰

    And Sol – he is in my Fantassy Team, but then that could be why i am doing so badly!! πŸ™‚

  41. rico01

    chary, that explains a lot, Pennant is another one who pees me off, he could have been a good player for us, but no, he wanted to party, steal, and smash cars up, and all while drunk and or banned !! Plonker πŸ˜‰

  42. raif

    nice Post Geoff ,

    i would go with that Team aswell. tho like u Drop ADE and Stick Vela in as i feel we have no pae up front. or Nikki B, as he could give us somthing diffrent upfront then Ade, even tho his the same style of player.

  43. avenell

    We should have never played him in the CL final, after what he had done to Arsenal in that meeting.
    It wasn’t fair on Flamini who done the donkey work at LB getting us to the final and heping create the record for not conceding a goal for 10 games..

  44. Franchise

    QoS flamini left cos he knew he was average and would never have the oppurtunity to join another european top club if he left arsenal so they offered him a bit more and he jets off. Flamini was a top player for arsenal last season but can he force himself into milan’s team ors france’s I dont think so. There are several players past and present who have played and are playing for Arsenal that can only can play Wenger ball and nothing else. they move to another team and the reality dawns on them

  45. raif


    it was but then Wenger Convinced him to stay. other wise he would have gone to birmingham.

    what actully made him leave this year was a number of reasons i think. money, Big Club blah blah.

    as for the Cole stuff glad he got what he did from the fans even tho its wrong

  46. Pedro

    Booing an England player tells you a lot about how angry the fans are about the state of football at the moment. This take take take attitude of footballers is going cause trouble over the next few years.

    Prem gates are down… would you bet against Prem viewing figures dropping?

  47. charybdis1966

    Pedro – I think fanbs are beginnnig to vocalise what they’ve suspected for a while – the higher the wages the players demand the higher the cost of attending games and shirts/merchandise.

    When it looks like players are being casual/lazy(as Cashley’s back pass was) I think the paying punters have every right to show their displeasure.

  48. raif


    the Prem bubble will pop. iv been saying it since i first came on le-grove

    weather it be the Football Bodys passing some laws or the fans giving up i have no idea. but the signs are there

  49. ReVELAtion

    hmmmm Starting 11 is always a moot point… I’ll throw in my twopenny…

    We clearly lack pace up front, a direct threat via pace i mean. Theo is nowhere near ready to lead the line and I’m a bit worried about his average posisitonal sense during games at the moment on the right… He’s not very good at tracking back and therfore nullifies a 2 on 1 threat going forward with Sagna…. But he’s getting there, unlike others who are going nowhere…

    Best 11 we’ve got has to be…




    Van Perise

    Bench: Fabianski, Toure, Eboue, Ramsey, Wilshire, Vela, Bentdner

    Denilson and song have had their chances and my verdict is neither are good enough and neither won’t ever be… Song will be o.k as an emergency centre back and denilson as an emergency replacement for cesc. It’s quite clear neither are arsenal starting quality, no matter how arsene tries to sugar coat over it.. He tried it and it’s not gone disaterously, but it don’t take a rocket scientist to known Cesc and denilson isn’t working. I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, even phil jupitus and russell brand can see it…

    Toure’s lost that recovery yard of pace and he has never been the best positionally… I’d actually prefer to drop Gallas in all honesty, but you cannot drop the captain… it really is that simple…

    Djourou will get his chance and although he has improved at a good rate along with vela, bentdner, wilshire, ramsey and walcott, he will find it harder to force his way in then the others mentioned… Good performances in Reserve, Carling cup and Fa cup games will put pressure on the manager and that is all he can do at the moment…

    Bentdner has made his case the strongest, but I get the feeling Arsene doesn’t want to upset Van Persie or Adebayor as they both have very tempramental attitudes… Cowardise on the managers part yes, but untill Van Persie get’s injured (oh wait he is again isn’t he!) it will remain the same top 2…. Adebayor for some strange reason has become undroppable, but his performances have been good.. That, you cannot argue with regardless of the hatred some fans still hold for him… Van Persie is the 1 off colour, but does Adebayor and Bentdner work? No it doesn’t regardless of what bentdner says and there is still some friction from Adebayor seen evidently when Bentdner scores and both are on the pitch… Sheringham and Cole any1? Vela still needs that 6 month bedding in period and no-one knows how Eduardo will return…

    Rosicky is a lost cause and there will need to be activity in january for some sort of right or left sided player… Affalley is a name that has been linked recently, but someone will have to come in because if Nasri and Walcott don’t play it’ll be Eboue and erm… yeah exactly…It’s clear even if rosicky return’s it’ll take at least 3-6 months of competitive action to return to actual match fitness… A write off untill next season if at all…

    it’s not all bad, but it certainly ain’t all good…. Diaby has become last chance saloon… Those who still think denilson does a good job, seriously need their head examining…

    That is all…

  50. charybdis1966

    ReVELAtion – are Phil Jupitus and Russell Brand Arsenal fans ? I thought the fat one was a northerner anyway.

  51. avenell

    When you say we lack pace up front Adebayor is the fastest player at Arsenal, Pedro will tell you how quick RVP is and Theo speaks for itself.

    There is no space for anyone who has pace to run into, the opposition teams camp in there own half.

  52. goonermichael

    I was speaking to a spud this morning and he was glad cashley was booed not because he’s an ex gooner or a chav but because he represents everything that is wrong with footballers today. As Geoff said, nobody tris to defend him by saying he’s a good bloke because he is basically a cunt.

  53. Mark C

    re cole, I was told he was booed before they scored.

    I didnt watch the game, in my eyes the quality is not there, watching Arsenal is much better than watching Engerland.

    I think Cole was booed because of the way he carries himself.

    The way he treated the ref at the Spurs game.
    The way he left Arsenal.
    His form has dropped since he played for Arsenal, is Bridge a better bet? Or are they waiting for Gibbs to be turned into a left back by Wenger….

  54. rico01

    chary – Brand does an article in the Times (i think ) and he mentioned a while back he was a Hammer, he talked about when he saw Theo, whils in one of the ‘Geoff’ Posh Boxes πŸ˜‰

  55. ReVELAtion

    i’m just throwing names as a way of saying that everyone can see that the combo isn’t working regardless of their perspective bit part jobs for the times and guardian.. I am not attirbuting quotes actually from them…

    Avenell i’m referring to the ball in behind. we don’t use it ala when we had wright, anelka, and henry at the club… It rarely comes about on a counter attack when teams are camped in our box searching for an equaliser or a goal to get back in the game…

    We’re a different sort of team now… Just ask Keane… I felt insulted to be an arsenal fan after his remarks about our demise… But he weren’t wrong… We went up to his gaff and played a 4-5-1??? That had caution written all over it… It was , in a word, pathetic…

  56. raif

    Pedro. Not At All.

    I hope it does aswell.

    as its the only way football clubs will learn not to over charge its loyal fans, and give less to its players.

    the cost of going to one game now days is far far to much. even more if u have Kids.

    i think player Win Bonuses would be better then Ever growing Wages. at lease the club and Fans the players will give it there all.

  57. Paulinho

    Another reason why Ade should be dropped is that it stops Cesc doing that stupid wedge pass over the top to him game after game. Success rate of that particular quirky element of our play? About 2 %.

  58. charybdis1966

    Brnad seems to me like a celeb fan – I don’t expect his footballing analysis is that good as I thought he was crap on Big Brother – his handling of the Shilpa/Jade issue was as scatological as most of his humour – i.e. a load of shit.

  59. ethangunner


    also i dont think toure has the skills or composure to play DM if he did wenger would not be gambling so much with his starting line up.

    Wenger i think is waiting for silvestre to be 100% fit before he implements any structural changes to the back 4 .. but i think they are coming .. that might be delayed now if sagna/gallas are injured long term but im sure toure might get his chance to play next to cesc as DM ..

    as for someone saying they are going with denilson as DM to not hinder his progression ,
    i semi agree with that theory too ! Denilson does suit our style of play..
    But i think silverstre was promised a central defensive role by wenger when he joined us !..
    why do i think this ?

    I remember what he said when he 1st joined us and im sure that will come into effect some time soon now he’s fit ! and if he does play CD , then who will make way ? gallas the captain ??

    i think not ..
    toure must give way … so where does toure go ??

    you can see where i’m going with this right ???
    Its a domino effect .. but if wenger did promise silvestre a regular game
    (which you must presume he would of, or he would of joined Man shitty instead)
    Because im sure at silverstre’s age he just wants to play every week & not get splinters,
    especially after a season or 2’s lay off at man U !

  60. goonermichael

    I’m a hairdresser. Some of my clients are spuds. They are all really embarassed at the moment, obviously One of them came in in a barca shirt after the cl final. How sad is that I’m only his Hairdresser. I won’t be seeing him for a while!!

  61. Franchise

    wenger knows that gallas and silvestre can only offer max 2 years each so I dont think he would bother too much about pleasing them however, as gallas is capn i expect the centre back partnership to be mostly gallas and either one of toure or silvestre. silvestre was brought in cos he was french, cheap, experienced and versatile. if he is totally fit he would feature quite often

  62. Mark C

    Franchise, if Gallas and Silvestre will leave in 2 years, dont we need Djourou to get some experience, or do you think Wenger will buy an experienced CB.

    Dont mentioned Senderos !!!

  63. avenell

    Don’t forget we have Nordveit or whatever his name is to come in then..

    Didn’t he score some goals at the weekend (i’ll go and check)

  64. Franchise

    I dont think he would. Djorou would have featured a bit more after his loan spell but he kept getting injured. I think wenger rates him more than senderos. the position is his too inherit. in a few years it would be djorou and X

  65. Mark C

    avenell for the U19

    if he was in the U21 I might pay attention, but there is a big jump for him to make.

    Hopefully a season on loan will improve his game – but I think that will only take him to a CC team quality.

  66. kelsey

    Djorou had concussion,Bedntner had a knock and RVP were all injured as was nasri before the weekend games.Sagna injured his knee(but should be ok)Gallas has a torn muscle or thigh strain,Toure is still feeling the effects of malaria,Ade and Vela have just done round the world trips,Diaby MAY be available for saturday hleb is a big city cunt,Pires wants wenger to manage france,denilson, and song aren’t good enough.Silvestre hasn’t played a competitive game in the PL for 18 months,Rosicky is going into a museum,Eduardo is limping back to form.Randall,Ramsey and Wilshere are on half term this week.No worries 5=0 against the toffees.

  67. Geoff

    Nordveit and Bartley, though they are class acts, they are very young in centre back terms, it would be like having Senderos again but 3 years ago, he needs to either get Djourou in now, or go and buy a Zapata or a Mexes to partner one of ours, but Gallas and fish head are really only for another year. Isn’t it about time Gallas had a new 1 year contract or something?

  68. kelsey

    Can you explain this over 30 deal someone.Silvestre is nearly 32,Gallas is 31,Bobby wasn’t given an option.Maybe le boss really has got favorites.

    We can argue all day who we think is our best 11,when fit,but wenger should have acted 2 years ago to bring in experience with his fixation with kids.Pires,edu could have stayed,and our luck we have the biggest egomaniac in the club in adebayor.First he was stubborn,now he is stubborn,and blind.I don’t want to wait another 5 years to possibly win a trophy,do you?

  69. kelsey

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  70. avenell

    Kelsey … Silvestre is only about 8 days older than Gallas everyone seems to think he is much older.
    Don’t forget we paid about Β£15 million for Gallas, (Cole should have been Β£20 mill) Silvestre is quite a bargain..

  71. Geoff

    Ok the reason that Gallas has a deal at 32 is because we signed him when he was almost 29 on a 4 year deal, that will run out next year, so he won’t get another, it will be a yearly or a bye bye one.

  72. kelsey

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  73. avenell

    I heard the other day that the Beatles were getting back together to do a new album.

    It’s mainly drum and bass.. πŸ™‚

  74. Confidentgoner


    What does a DM really do? Track back, protect the back four, passes (mostly short), occassional burst foward and strong on the ball. It is clear that Toure can play that role very very well. Wenger has been holding back to try out his Dennilson and Song experiment!

  75. ReVELAtion

    Throwing Kolo iin centre mid after NEVER having started there in all his time at arsenal, reeks of desperation… Not happening… It’ll be Ramsey if Diaby can’t play well and stay fit… By then it’ll be january and he’ll (Arsene) HAVE to do something if not 1 of them can make the spot next to fabregas their own… Song is a defender, Denilson is shite, Ramsey is 17 and the less said about reserve team players like Randall & Lansbury the better…

  76. kelsey

    Excuse me if i am having a rant(with the odd joke thrown in between)Two weeks ago Wenger said we could win the league,yet as confidentgooner and others can see, he is experimenting with players either because we don’t have quality in the right places or he just doesn’t know their bestposition.he has brought it on himself,if teams like Fulham,Hull and Sunderland know how best to stop us,something is drastically wrong.Some will say we had chances to win at least 2 of those games,but we didn’t.porto are no great shakes and defensively they were are a shambles.Since 2004 we have a history of getting injury prone players,more than any other club I know.You can’t blame wenger for all of that but he persists for years hoping they will recover one day and yet maintains this squad is good enough to win titles.he has had money but wouldn’t spend,not even prudently and this could be a defining season for him.The annoying thing is that we are not far away from being there,yet i feel he has somewhat lost the plot.

  77. ReVELAtion

    Lost the plot is a bit strong, but your point Kelsey is spot on…

    That 4-5-1 formation going up to sunderland was a joke… Why not play a 4-4-2 with Nasri starting, get the advantage going in at half time then change it… He first bought bentdner on ffs and put him on the right taking walcott off and it got worse… Van Persie is not a left midfielder and it smacks of trying to keep every1 happy, hoping rather than expecting to get a result… It annoys me, but the fact we are still banging on about the same problems from the summer is the most annoying thing…

    I mean we all knew denilson was crap and that diaby couldn’t stay fit… Thenn to bring in bischoff? Not really a statement of intent is it!?

  78. ethangunner


    What does a DM really do?

    protect the back four, like a sweeper as such .. and your right toure would be pretty good in that position , he isnt that strong at the back although he is pretty solid 90% of the time there .. So he can defend well enough ..
    i think the DM position would suit him there !
    and give us some experience . And solve a few problems .. 2 in fact .. it would sort out the defensive mismatched partnership of gallas-toure and would give us an experienced player in the middle ..

    I do think denilson has looked good in certain games .. and his longevity is a bonus for the future , i believed in him at the start of the season , he looked the only one capable of stepping up at that time .
    but i think wenger wont change his stripes so we really need a replacement for bert/flamini and fill the DM position ,
    and i think toure could offer us that … and it would explain why we got silvestre in the 1st place ….

    Me personally , id like to see jack and cesc ! they both are as sharp as tacks and would be magic to watch once they got going … it would be an attacking central midfield combo !
    a blitzkrieg going forward !
    screw the defense

    the best form of defense is ATTACK πŸ™‚ !

    could you imagine theo cesc jack nasri

    that would rock once all players are settled !
    you could have ronald macdonald and yogi bear as strikers
    and they still would score a brace a game with that midfield supply !

    oh thats right we have ade … same thing πŸ™‚

  79. Confidentgoner


    Energetic defenders with ball flair can easily play DM, no problem. IN Chelsea, Essien has been used as a right back. I honestly believe that with Toure in there we kill one two birds with one stone. We get more experience in Midfield, get Gallas/Sylvestre or Sylvestre/Djoru or Gallas / Djoru back line plus we will get the best from Kolo. His natural game is as DM. Haven;t you noticed? We got him I think as a Midfielder initially. Having said that, he can share that role with Diaby (if he proves he can be trusted not to go foward too much), Dennilson and Song.

    I think Ramsey should be groomed to replace Cesc. Bring him in for 15-20mins before a match ends especially if we are comfortable. I think he can adequately replace cesc by next season.

    We lost the games we should have won for the ff reasons:

    1) AW still fiddling with his line up
    2) AW not reacting to the game on time and with the right resources
    3) Players not playing as a unit, leaving holes outside the 18 yard box to exploit.
    4) Gallas and to a lesser extent Kolo defensive frailty at corners

    Except we get a master in the mold of Diarra of Real Madrid or Gattuso of AC Milan, we may not gain much in the Jan window.

  80. Paulinho

    Toure was always a centre back. It’s us that started moving him about when he first joined.
    Toure would struggle in central midfield. He lacks the 360 degree vision you need in there. Can you imagine him receiving the ball in the midfield boiler room with two players closing him down? He wouldn’t have the composure or technique to draw free kicks like Cesc or spin off them and play forward. He would just be constantly passing it back to centre backs.

    Wenger has said Toure does not have the stamina to play central so it’s a moot point anyway

    Ethan, a centre mid of Jack and Cesc would be defensive suicide. Wilshere will be played on the flanks Walcott style until he bulks up.

  81. choy

    I really don’t like the idea of playing toure at DM.. he is bit twitchy and prone to the occasional lack of concentration.. and secondly i don’t think he has the stamina!

  82. Confidentgoner


    you really must rate Jack at this level. Isn’t it too early for young Jack? How will fans react to Wenger if he fucks up? May be ease him in gradually, similar to Ramsey.

  83. Confidentgoner

    If Toure doesn’t have the stamina, then we may be resigned to our current three contenders of Diaby, Dennilson and Song

  84. kelsey

    To be honest I can’t get as technical as some of you guys,and therefore won’t comment as to some of our players best position,as I don’t want to make a fool of myself,but i know enough that some of the timing of our subs,especially at sunderland were wrong and too late.To me toure,regardless of his position is not the same since going to the ANC,i can’t pinpoint it exactly,maybe he has lost some pace,though his enthusism is not in doubt.It’s alright saying come january we can strengthen one or two positions,but that should have been done a year ago,and i doubt the boss will do it this time.

    It is a frustrating time being a fan at ths time.I agree give jack and ramsey and vela more playing time,we have nothing to lose.

  85. avenell

    I know some don’t like the idea but Stephan Appiah is the solution. he is available West Ham are skint so out of the running and he could slot in for a year or two..

    I think the main problem would be a third party owns his contract.

  86. Confidentgoner


    Never mind I think you are technical enough. Am with you on the subs issue!


    Haven’t watched Steven, is he like Gattuso or Diarra?

  87. marylandgunner

    Choy, I am pretty sure he has. He played that role against Derby last season. I was watching a highlight reel of him today. Some really nice moves. He needs to drink more milk and Vitamin C. He is too injury prone.

  88. Pedro

    Good evening Grovers!

    Or should I say Choy and Maryland?!

    So, what is the hot topic today!

    Diaby certainly does have a lot of skill… he has amazing feet for such a big player… he is much more skilful than Paddy was! If only he could be half the player eh?

    Cheers Joe!

  89. Tei

    Juande Ramos is at White Hart Lane talking with the Head Groundsman.
    “the pitch is looking good” he says
    Head Groundsman replies.
    “Oh yes it does, we put 70 million quids worth of shit on it every fortnight”

  90. ethangunner

    paulinho – Confidentgoner

    good topics of conversation .welldone lads .

    yes i have to agree it would be a leap of faith to line up jack with
    cesc, but i think jack is of far superior quality to cesc at the same time in his life .. I just would like someone like ramsey or jack to step up to ease the burden for when cesc leaves .. And also make another killer combination .. defensively your right paulinho .. But im factoring in we score more than we concede … I remember him playing V real Madrid , he was very confident in deed !
    If he can show such class against sides like that at his age what is this lad truly capable of in 1 or 2 years time ?

    So why stunt him ?…. let him make some mistakes , play him , see if something truly great comes from this … cesc needs a go -to man … and hleb wasn’t all that defensively minded either paulinho ! he just held onto the ball .. the same quality i see in jack ! Maybe jack needs to be played on 1 of the wings … maybe left wing support for nasri !
    But what ever happens in the near future , will dictate the rest of our season ..
    its wengers defining moment .. so lets hope he makes the right changes because in november
    we have 2 games that will be the measuring stick !

  91. ikon

    watever happens i just hope we have ramsey in the middle and eboue on the right.

    theo as an impact sub and vela as the striker…..

    coming to think of it we really can play a 4-3-3 formation with vela doubling up as striker and left wing where he played all season at salamanca.



    Rvp- Ade

    no theo or denilson or gallas please

  92. kelsey

    I will wager anyone,if we don’t have a convincing win on saturday,le boss will blame fatique and internationals.Apparentlly RVP plays tonight having an iffy hamstring.Not good news