We are top of the league, say we are top of the league.

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The Arsenal youth team are now clear at the top of the league by beating the chavs youth team 2 nil, but it could have been 10 but for the profligacy of Gilles Sunnu and Luke Freeman, there was another but I can’t remember his name.

I watched the game last night on the wonder of Arsenal TV, so we may have played last week for all I know, so if we did, please don’t shout, I enjoyed it regardless!

It was all impressive and the fact that we have one team at the top is progress indeed, maybe we have a chance to win the FA youth cup at last!

We continue to be linked with 300 players and I can’t understand it to be perfectly honest, it’s still 3 to 4 months until the end of the January transfer window and it won’t stop, what on earth will it be like by January, the thing is we’ll buy no one so what’s the point in all the speculation.

Maybe Bischoff we feature against Everton now he’s proved his fitness, maybe Diaby as well, to have options to Song and Denilson makes me happy, so that’s at least one positive from this dreadful enforced break.

I had to turn down a chance to go to watch England and the usual hospitality that goes with it, so I bet Theo gets his second consecutive hat trick.

Not a lot else apart from Pires asking Wenger to manage France, why would he? He has the safest job in football here at the Grove.

Have a nice day Grovers.

P.S. If you have tickets  you want to shift for Everton, don’t  let them go to waste… allow Le Grove to put you in touch with  a passionate Gooner! We have a list of people willing to snap them up!

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  2. Pierre

    on the other hand, international break is good cos its a weekend when i dont fall down the rankings in fantasy grove!

  3. kelsey

    I hate internationals,I gave up on england years ago.Only 3 teams for me,Arsenal Arsenal reserves and Arsenal Ladies.

  4. t-buzz

    Hello all, just breezing thru!
    I see the jokes are coming in thick fast and funny! lol

    Pedro, just sent you an email of funnies, hope you like em.


  5. Pedro

    Afternoon T-Buzz… just skip to my jokes… you wont need to read anyone elses!

    I’ll take a look at your e-mail in a bit! Cheers!

  6. insidealbania

    I have to say that the jokes are getting funnier and funnier. Good stuff I was cracking up at the Thai girl joke and Pedro’s comment about shagging (or not shagging) a toilet seat. Bloody hilarious in here today, makes friday even better.

  7. Sarge

    I maintain from my pre-season stance that a balanced squad is based on many levels. Firstly size – Arsene has been successful in managing the size of the squad to keep it at a level where competition is good (OK not so much recently in terms of experience and quality but bear with me). Secondly – coverage. The squad is truly blessed in terms of forwards and wide players. Fuckin hell Gorgeous George would have loved to have our forward line (so would most clubs). Now this is where it gets sticky. We don’t have any balance in the middle of the park or at the centre defence. Why? Cos we have failed to maintain a view that certain cogs make machines work effectively. The cogs change and the engine’s efficiency breaks down Lastly – age. Looking back most successful teams have had a balance between youth and experience (applicable to 98,’01 and ’04). I agree with Hansen ‘ you don’t win nothing with kids’. My expectations this season is win most and lose a few – but not enough to challenge. My concern is a continual wholesale migration of players year – on – year as dissatisfied players leave and the next group of kids fill the void. The club is doing nothing to dispel this perspective
    I’m sure most would disagree withy my summation. However, since Dein’s departure the progress of this club as a force principal and a joined up strategy has severely lost it’s way

  8. Sarge

    Cheers t-buzz. I also have an Economics degree. Does this qualify me as the next Arsenal manager.

    Spurs have just applied for planning permission for a new ground at Northumberland Park. Harringay council have turned it down saying’ Fucking hell! A fair once a year is OK but we can’t handle a circus every fortnight.

  9. Sarge

    Chary – My view is that current policy is driven by finance and not the search for success in its purest form. Look at Wenger’s policy when he pitched up. Get the club back on track and winning things. How? By buying players who knew how to win things. What are we left with given the departure of all the great and the good (in some cases fucking fantastic) over the last few years? A great stadium, a suit case full of memories (to nick a great lyric) and whole lot of promise. Geoff has maintained a dignified and optomistic stance over the last week or so. I’m not down and out, but my hopes are somewhat dented by the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team so far this season

  10. charybdis1966

    Sarge, finance is a major limiting factor in Arsenals policy but even taking into account that inhibiting influence the management in Arsenal have made mistakes that not only cost nothing to correct, but cost us more in the long run due to the effect of the mismanagement. A case in point being the Flamini- Diarra fiasco; one was playing for a new contract (whether with us or abroad we’ll never know) and the other was a disgruntled player from another team who didn’t want to be sidelined from the 1st team. Anyone sensible would have tied Flamini down to a contract at the beginning of the 07/08 season and if he refused to sign it Diarra would have been given the nod to start. But what happens – Flamini gets preferred, doesn’t re sign a new contract, Diarra has stormed off in a huff due to being kept in the Carling squad and we lose both CM options.
    Part of mismanagement is disinformation, and not just Wenger saying we would have 2-3 reassuring signings. Anyone sensible wouldn’t come out and promise what he couldn’t deliver, if you do promise and fail to deliver you lose credibility.
    As we don’t know whether it was Wenger’s miscalculation on the transfer market or he was stitched up by factors outside of his control (other clubs refusal to sell, the AFC board, bad luck etc..)
    It frustrates the hell out of me too and I can feel my fellow goons anger too – to quote Mr T: “I feel your pain, brother”.

  11. kelsey

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  12. charybdis1966

    Hi Choy – we never played Diarra long enough to find out so we’ll never know. from having 2 options we had none by the time the transfer window closed.

  13. Sarge

    Chary – Finance is indeed a limiting but not decisive factor as you’ve outlined. Poor management and not fiscal decisions have landed us where we are now. Should Wenger be conducting transfer and contract negotiations? Should someone who has retired be picking up the slack due to a a key executive getting the push? Should aclub of Arsena’ls size and stature take 5 months to make a key appointment to manage the overall strategic direction of the club? Finally does this affect the the operational effectiveness of the club down to player level? Yes it does. My point is until this club gets back on an even keel at an executive level this will not transmit itself to the playing performance

  14. charybdis1966

    Exactly Sarge – the ethos of any entity is determined by the conduct at the top.

    Look like a bunch of mugs at Exec level and the playing side of things wil soon follow.

  15. Sarge

    To illsustrate the point board and managerial upheaval in the mid 80’s were hugely responsible for poor team performance at the time

  16. kelsey

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  17. Sarge

    .Two boys in class. One says ‘ Look at that condom on the radiator’ the other one says ‘ What’s a radiator?’

  18. Evo in OZ

    what up dogs?

    been off the blogging since the sunderland debacle. just couldnt take the bollocks results on the chin it pissed me off so much. havent blogged for a week at least!

  19. patthegooner

    Sarge at 4.04, completely agree

    Although I think we are missing another Cog, Leadership. We seriously lack leaders.

    In fact I dont think we even have one stand out Leader in the entire squad or at least not yet. Some have potential but are not yet ready to take on that mantle. I personally like Gallas the player but I think he is a very poor captain and worst we have had in recent memory. as for the potential captains, I think Djorou has shown some quality and of course Cesc but it is hard to see one past those two. It is a shame Flamini went as he had it in him.

    I hope we address that balance in midfield in Jan and when we do, I hope the player has the qualities to maybe not captain the side (although I wish they would but Wenger wont sack Gallas) but at least organise it. I think that was the problem at Sunderland, we had no shape and Gallas went missing as a Leader.

  20. kelsey

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  21. rico01

    Evening Guys and Gals – anyone just watched the AFC TV Live with Dan ??

    I couldnt agree more, get Ade in the middle of the penalty area, quicken the pace of our attack, and all other teams who need to think and adjust their approach – and not us..

    We are not a force going forward at the moment, well not like we all know and love, and that is what is losing us the games –

    Footage showed time and time again Ade was tracking back to get the ball, sometimes as far as the half way line, for me this should stop, and i have said this before, he is a bloody good header of the ball, get in the box Ade and let Clichy, Theo, Nasri and anyone else get the crosses whipped and in, and leave the rest to the Big TT, anything else, Robin will bury it – ……………. Or Theo, Cesc. Nasri, Eboue,………………………

    Simple isn’t it 🙂

  22. kelsey

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  23. patthegooner

    Yeah I noticed Rico

    It was evident in the Sunderland game, I lost count how many times we whipped a cross in only for no one to be within 10ft of it.

    I think we are two players short of having a real crack at it. CM and Striker. That may sound harsh on our forward options but I dont think you can argue that we would be a lot stronger with a Torres in the line up. I am still not convinced by RVP and TT is a little inconsistent.

    I personally think we have the CB in Djorou, but Wenger seems intent on keeping his chums in the starting 11

  24. Rasputin

    How full of crap is Ade.

    First he announces that he is going to put club before country so as to engraciate himself with the Arsenal supporters etc. now he does a complete ‘U’ turn, stating “his love for his country transcends his personal feelings”.

    It reminds me of the bullshit he was coming out with in the summer, the purpose of which was to piss the club so that they would let him have ‘his dream move’. No doubt he’ll be kissing the Togo badge at the weekend.

  25. patthegooner

    But Rasputin remember the Jan Transfer window is round the corner and TT is sniffing another payrise and a lucrative move elsewhere.

    And if it is not in Jan, you can bet he will be after a move in the Summer.

  26. Rasputin

    Patthe – “I’d love it, really love it” if he pissed off, I reckon Nik, Carlos and Edu could show AW how spineless he’s been in making Ade feel untouchable.

  27. Confidentgoner

    Thanks Grovers you have rocked me with your jokes!!

    Let me divert a lil bit to player comparisons between Arsenal and the top 4. Lets start with pool. On a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being highest!


    Speed Dribble Shooting Positioning Link up Play Fitness

    RVP 5 6 6 7 7 4

    Ade 7 6 5 6 6 9

    Bent 6 5 5 6 8 8

    Vela 6 7 6 5 5 7

    Pool Attack

    Speed Dribble Shooting Positioning Link up Play Fitness

    Kuyt 7 5 6 7 7 8

    Torres 7 6 7 7 5 7

    Keane 6 6 5 6 6 7

    Arsenal Attackn Midfield

    Speed Pass Defense Technique Strenght Shootin

    Cesc 5 7.5 5 8 5 5

    Theo 8 6 4 7 6 4

    Nasir 5 7 5 7 6 7

    Den 6 6 5 6 7 4

    Ebue 7 6 7 6 8 3

    Speed Pass Defense Technique Strenght Shootin

    Song 5 6 7 6 6 4

    Denil 6 6 5 6 6 3

    Ebue 7 6 7 6 7 3


    Pool Midfield

    Speed Pass Defense Technique Strenght Shootin

    Alonso 5 6 5 6 6 6

    Stevie 7 7 7 7 7 7

    Pennat 7 7 6 6 6 5

    Pool Def Midfield

    Speed Pass Defense Technique Strenght Shootin

    Masch 7 6 7 6 6 5

    Lucas 5 5 6 6 6 5

    Reira 6 6 6 6 7 4

    Arsenal Centre Backs

    Speed Corner Defs Gen. Defense Technique Strenght

    Gall 5 3 5 6 7

    Toure 7 3 6 6 8

    DJ 7 5 5 5 8

    Sives 6 4 5 5 7

    Arsenal Full backs

    Speed Overlapn Defense Crosses Strenght

    Clich 7 6 7 5 6

    Sagna 7 5 7 5 7

    Eboue 7 6 7 6 7

    Pool Centrel Backs
    Speed Corner Defs Gen. Defense Technique Strenght

    Agger 7 7 6 6 7

    Carragh 5 7 8 7 8

    Arbeo 7 7 7 7 8

    Hypa 5 8 7 7 8

  28. peachesgooner

    Blimey chaps – awfully quiet here for a friday night.

    Anyone want to talk England?

    Are Stevie G and Fat Frank gonna pull off a partnership?

    The expectations on Theo are enormous – playing at Wembley too, I hope he’ll be ok.

  29. avenell

    RVP was the second fastest player at the Euro’s according to Pedro, your stats give him a 5.

    Peaches if Fat Frank and Gerrard cannot play together and beat this Mickey Mouse team they should never play for England again.

    It’s taken about 25 games to work out they cannot pass to each other and these tossers are still trying to play them together on reputation alone.

    What did that cheeky tosser Fat Frank say today “I’m sick of talking about it”

  30. avenell

    Sorry about that I pasted my comment in but missed the Pennant getting the same marks as Fabregas for passing..

    Where did you get those stats from Confident ?

  31. Doublegooner

    Is Theo not playing tomorrow ??

    My old dad called to say he’d sat next to him & his girlfriend earlier tonight in a italian restaurant in Edgware.

    Surely he;d have been holed up if he was playing tomorrow ?

  32. jlp

    great post

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    The 1st floor has wives that love sex.

    The 2nd floor has wives that love sex ,sports and have money.

    The 3rd through 6th floors have never been visited.

  33. Confidentgoner


    RVP is not so fast plaing for Arsenal.

    penant provides quality crosses into the box.

    The stats are subjective, just to provie another platform for accessing our players based on their position and their task and targets.

  34. Geoff

    Very quiet but not nearly as quiet as the other sites, it must be the day before an international that no one’s interested in!

  35. Geoff

    Morning Evo, it’s good to get my early morning greeting from you again! I’ve written an interesting piece on Ade and Ramsey today, it’s with Pedro at the moment for the techi bit.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    I bet the American taxpayers nver ever thought they would be the number one sponsor of manchester united, having bailed out AIG.

  37. Geoff

    I can’t beleive that they will still keep giving the Mancs money when they can’t pay their own people, it’s outrageous.

  38. kelsey

    Liverpool are the ones in the most shit in this global finance crisis.

    I have said from day one this season that Ade is a cunt,what a waste of money giving him more than double his wages.
    The good news is Gallas has a torn muscle,RVP injured again every time he trains with holland,and Nick has a knock.

  39. insidealbania

    morning all. Interesting article gnarley, but I think if a club like the Manc scum are put up for sale because of debt there will be buyers from the Middle East lining up to buy it. It clubs like WBA or Wigan that have no chance if the financial problems hit them.

  40. Evo in Oz

    gnarely – it was indeed mate. bit boring actually, but im not a league fan anyway, AFL all the way!

    went to a curry party at half time – the Hot HR indian chick from work invited a few of us over for dinner, so i left the pub at half time and went straight over for a vindaloo instead!

  41. Evo in Oz

    Foxtel listings for tonight – Setanta and ESPN

    00:55 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – Scotland v Norway
    Live action from Hampden Park as George Burley’s Scotland take on Norway in this World Cup Qualifier. K.O. 1:00 EDT.
    03:00 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – England v Kazakhstan
    Live FIFA World Cup qualifier from Wembley as Fabio Capello’s England face off against Kazakhstan. K.O. 3:15am EDT.
    04:55 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – Sweden vs Portugal -ESPN
    05:15 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – Bulgaria v Italy
    Live action from this FIFA World Cup qualifier between Bulgaria and world champions Italy.
    08:05 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – Argentina v Uruguay
    Live FIFA World Cup Qualifier as a star studded Argentina take on neighbours Uruguay in El Monumental, Buenos Aires. K.O. 8:10am EDT.
    10:15 Football: Live World Cup Qualifier – Colombia v Paraguay
    Live action as Colombia take on an impressive Paraguayan side, who are currently leading the qualification table, in this World Cup Qualifier at the Estadio El Campin, Bogota. K.O. 10:20am EDT.