We can still win everything, It’s not the team, it’s the selection.

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Monday morning and my confidence has returned, why? Am I still pissed? Did I dream something? Am I losing it? No and let me explain why and start your week happy.

We demolished Sheffield United with our children, we demolished Porto with our teenagers and we struggled to break down Sunderland, Hull and Fulham, why? Well we all said it, why has he picked that team?

Indeed why, if he had picked either team that did the demolishing, we would have demolished an ordinary Sunderland, both teams have hit us with wonder strikes and other than that we should have won.

Do you have any idea how galling it is to hear the Hull City supporters singing to the spuds ‘are you Arsenal in disguise’

With a two week break coming up there was no excuse to rest players, we should have gone with the winning team, Christ even Liverpool and Chelsea have sussed that one now, go with the best 11 you have, not your favourites, we all ask why Johan Djourou doesn’t get a look in when we struggle with high balls, we need a defensive midfielder and we keep putting in a centre back that wouldn’t get in any top 6 clubs line up (Song) we have talent in abundance in Vela and Wilshere but they barely get a sniff, it’s time to play our best team every game and worry about the next game after.

I really believe our best 11 can beat anyone, look at the pre season games, and don’t say Real Madrid weren’t trying, they all try, it’s time to believe in your experiment Arsene and play these kids week in, week out.

You have to understand our disappointment when we see a team sheet like the one you had on Saturday, look at this blog and see the comments that were made at 2.45pm, we all trust you, but boy sometimes you get it wrong and there is no need.

You have a fortnight, injuries willing to get this show back on the road, we play West Ham and the Spuds, put out the best team and they will win.

If you put Johan in at the back you can try Kolo as defensive midfield, or even Djourou as defensive midfield, if the back is solid, the rest will take care of itself.

I watched the great league win at Anfield 89 last night and Georgie boy surprised the world when he played Steve Bould at sweeper, that’s right 3 centre backs for the biggest game ever played in the history of English football, he did it to keep a clean sheet and boy did that pay off, it allowed the rest of the team a free putt (so to speak) if there’s one thing you can learn from history it’s history itself.

Forget the tinkering in midfield, go with the flair players to get goals and shore up at the back.

We have goals in us, with the team you have we will always frighten the opposition, but with a dodgy back line the flair players will always be nervous, give them some help and forget about the text book, win the games and the rest will take care of itself, we are the Arsenal and this is the anniversary of our greatest ever night.

Go after the history Arsene, we’ll all support you.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be boring!

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  1. trindle

    Big Raddy – that’s the fear. Anyone worth having will be indispensible by the Jan transfer window. we may end up with a relative unknown probably untested at EPL or CL level.

  2. Big Raddy

    Go to bed Choy. We have two dull and depressing Goonerless weeks ahead of us. We will need our strength !!

    Exactly Trindle. Or nobody……

  3. david

    Choy since we have played pretty patterns we have won jack shit, pretty patterns break down when we get closed down and we have no desire.
    It works in europe but not against northern bastards on a cold winters night.

    There is no point in having the two fastest players in the Premiership if they have no space to run into.

  4. choy

    thats cold…

    hehe… didn’t you read ade’s interview the other day? he gave up playing for his country to play for us!!!

  5. choy

    yup david.. this obsession with possession is really starting to take the piss.. the opposition used to get piss scared when we gave a corner.. because the pace at which we used to break at them.. nowadays.. it is a weapon against us.. that is all the opposition want! a set play against arsenal!

    david.. it didn’t work in europe as well!.. we need clinical strikers and a strong defence.. which we don’t have!


    as long as denilson and song are in the midfield there is no danger of winning a trophy because they are pathetic…

  7. choy

    david they are very talented.. but with youngsters come inconsistency and in experience as well.. you can’t put a denilson or a song against the likes of mascherano or a essien.. they will get raped..

  8. David

    Hey Geoff,

    I’ll prob. say this again when you lot come up with another article in the morning but I finally agree with you about song. I think JD can be the DM that we need…I wont put kolo as a DM because he is way too flinchy and would cuz way too many unnecessary fouls outside the box so i would give JD a try at DM.

    I recently watched Real Madrid play Espanyol and after watching Mahamadou Diarra play i have to agree with you that Song is shit.

    Diarra was commanding…comfortable on the ball. Won every challenge..and his height was amazing at the back…..I am with you bro.

    I think JD can play the DM. We will see though since Diaby gets back after the break.

  9. ethangunner

    Ethan he scored 11 goals in total from that point and unlike Ronaldo who had the likes of Rooney and Tevez continually doing all the hard work so that he could swan around and finish it off how did the injuries we had affect us ?!

    He has poor touch (although recently ive seen improvement) doesn’t know what offside is ,
    generally breaks up(disrupts) our passing game , cannot score outside the 6 yard box , he is more of a liability to the team than a figure to go to when the chips are down .. He cannot score important goals when we need someone to stand up and take charge ! he will get hat tricks V’s teams that we dominate and not get on the score sheet when 1-0 is all thats needed !

    i think a man of your years can see that ! plenty of others on here feel the same way !
    and hleb – cesc and flamini and theo didnt serve up ade last season either ??
    come on mate you need to open your eyes .. ade is just a 6 yard camper !
    Theo last season in the C.L set him up for simple tap in’s at least 3 times last season running down the right flank !
    supply isnt coming in the form of fancy passes this season ! the bulk are crosses and he cannot get on the end of any of them and he’s 6 foot 4 !

    if you cannot see it , you never will .. im done with having this discussion !
    and people wonder why i get in trouble for having a dig at people !

    and as for your 2nd question ‘how did the injuries we had affect us ?!’

    im not even going to bother wasting my time answering that one ..
    but i will say they are still affecting us, ‘ even now’ !

  10. Ja_Gunner


    I find that the reason you get into confrontation with ppl is mainly your tone.
    You come kind of aggressive, almost as if you have a I am always right attitude.

    However I would like to say I finally have to agree with you on Ade.
    My opinion of him was middle the road..neither here nor there.

    I could see he is a hard worker and can harass & tire defenders out(as Ferdinand & Terry said)….but I also see that he is wasteful striker.

    Last season atleast he had a scoring streak going. However this season he has only scored in only 1 league game out of 7. That is poor return for a striker that has been at the club for a while. He has only scored in a rout, he has not scored in tight games..where we end up losing by one goal or drawing the game. We need to win the close games if we are to challenge for the title. Its better to have a striker score 1 every game than 2 or 3 goals every 4 or matches.

    Not even RVP has scored in a close game as yet. Well he did score against Sunderland, only to have to ruled out, but atleast he has scored in one tight game. We need strikers that can deleiver us when we are not as sharp as a team…classic example is how Torres led the fight back against Man City..scoring 2 vital goals in a 3-2 victory.

    Therefore if I were Arsene I would bench Ade for atleast the next 2 games and start Bendter and tell Robin to stay up top so that Bendter can link up.
    I would only play Ade in the second half for 20 mins or so for him to see how it feels…and maybe when he gets less time on the pitch….it might force him to learn to score and score damn quickly.( be more efficient because he will want to impress to get his place back) This might actally help him and us in the long run.

    So I would say most ppl woould agree with your content..but its your tone that throws ppl off.

  11. ethangunner


    You come kind of aggressive, almost as if you have a I am always right attitude.

    not sure people can hear my tone thru typing . but im nothing like that ..
    i am realistic , and i know my team ! but when most people know me they love me for being the loud mouthed gunner i am .. sarcastic – dry .. i cant change the stripes !

    But the reason for it is ive had to defend myself all summer long !
    for something i knew was right ! and ade is what i said he was ! so for some it must be a hard pill to swallow . they just vomit out the stats and think because he’s getting a game every week ..wenger must know right ?

    I also said denilson would be flamini’s replacement , and im still saying RVP- vela is our best options until dudu returns .. I was the only one to agree with geoff over song also ..
    he might make a good CD one day but in the midfield he’s useless .

    In all honesty i have never been wrong
    .. I said theo would come of age this season and make the right wing his !..
    and im saying jack needs a run !!! ASAP !

    Ive always said we need a classic reliable striker also ..
    a top name ! wenger will come around , unless someone stands up soon !

    but thanks for your honesty ja !
    the world would be a better place with people like you

  12. Seb

    I see Bischoff managed to impress the Arse.com reporter sufficiently to get these insightful remarks in the match report of last night’s reserves win:

    Amaury Bischoff and Mikael Silvestre made their first appearances in Arsenal red…
    Bischoff started his first game for Arsenal alongside captain Mark Randall in midfield…
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bischoff was withdrawn just before the hour-mark…

    That’s the only mention of the guy… I got more information from the comments from you lot!

  13. Seb

    Well, reading around the sites he seems to be yet another attacking midfielder… like we don’t have any of those already -.-

    Still, if Cesc’s comments are being correctly conveyed, we might need Bischoff to be starting regularly next season. I could well believe that Cesc is starting to get fed up of playing in this unformed embryonic side, never knowing what result we will get from one game to the next. The guy probably just wants a decent mature player next to him in midfield, and by mature I don’t mean how old they are, just that they have the mentality to take control when required. Something which Coquelin and Wilshere already appear to have, and which I doubt Denilson will ever have.

  14. Big Raddy

    Good Morning,

    Watched the second half last night through the wonder of free streaming. Enjoyed it, but most of these guys are a long way off the first team.

  15. iceman

    I really hope if Diaby doesn’t stay fir for a large part of the season that we will get an established CM partner for Cesc…..he is after all most effective when besides an old fashioned DM…..

  16. Geoff

    Ok todays post touches on last night and poses a few questions for the future, it’s written and with Pedro for the techi bit.

    And it talks about Defensive midfield and if in fact we need it.

  17. Big Raddy

    Seb, the Denilson argument again…..

    Perhaps it is a question of perception, because his OPTA stats are very good, I agree that he doesn’t appear to be contributing, but statistics never lie – do they ?

  18. HelsinkiGooner

    Geoff/Pedro – like the champ/chump combo this week! Ramos seems to be some sort of mole put in place to bring the scum further down than they’ve ever been!

  19. HelsinkiGooner

    well – where was Denilson when Sunderland scored their screamer on the weekend…never mind statistics, if he’s the DM, he was AWOL.

    In all fairness to Denilson though, it was Song who didn’t move the ball away quick enough…and then didn’t want to give away a foul on the edge of the area.

  20. iceman

    If AW had that much faith in Denilson, he wouldn’t have tried for Alonso on deadline day.

    Point is it’s a gamble he took and we still waiting to see if it’s gonna pay off.

  21. HelsinkiGooner

    iceman – I agree, but I’m sick of gambles…top teams shouldn’t have to gamble. And it’s not like we don’t pay enough to not have to gamble.