We can still win everything, It’s not the team, it’s the selection.

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Monday morning and my confidence has returned, why? Am I still pissed? Did I dream something? Am I losing it? No and let me explain why and start your week happy.

We demolished Sheffield United with our children, we demolished Porto with our teenagers and we struggled to break down Sunderland, Hull and Fulham, why? Well we all said it, why has he picked that team?

Indeed why, if he had picked either team that did the demolishing, we would have demolished an ordinary Sunderland, both teams have hit us with wonder strikes and other than that we should have won.

Do you have any idea how galling it is to hear the Hull City supporters singing to the spuds ‘are you Arsenal in disguise’

With a two week break coming up there was no excuse to rest players, we should have gone with the winning team, Christ even Liverpool and Chelsea have sussed that one now, go with the best 11 you have, not your favourites, we all ask why Johan Djourou doesn’t get a look in when we struggle with high balls, we need a defensive midfielder and we keep putting in a centre back that wouldn’t get in any top 6 clubs line up (Song) we have talent in abundance in Vela and Wilshere but they barely get a sniff, it’s time to play our best team every game and worry about the next game after.

I really believe our best 11 can beat anyone, look at the pre season games, and don’t say Real Madrid weren’t trying, they all try, it’s time to believe in your experiment Arsene and play these kids week in, week out.

You have to understand our disappointment when we see a team sheet like the one you had on Saturday, look at this blog and see the comments that were made at 2.45pm, we all trust you, but boy sometimes you get it wrong and there is no need.

You have a fortnight, injuries willing to get this show back on the road, we play West Ham and the Spuds, put out the best team and they will win.

If you put Johan in at the back you can try Kolo as defensive midfield, or even Djourou as defensive midfield, if the back is solid, the rest will take care of itself.

I watched the great league win at Anfield 89 last night and Georgie boy surprised the world when he played Steve Bould at sweeper, that’s right 3 centre backs for the biggest game ever played in the history of English football, he did it to keep a clean sheet and boy did that pay off, it allowed the rest of the team a free putt (so to speak) if there’s one thing you can learn from history it’s history itself.

Forget the tinkering in midfield, go with the flair players to get goals and shore up at the back.

We have goals in us, with the team you have we will always frighten the opposition, but with a dodgy back line the flair players will always be nervous, give them some help and forget about the text book, win the games and the rest will take care of itself, we are the Arsenal and this is the anniversary of our greatest ever night.

Go after the history Arsene, we’ll all support you.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be boring!

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  1. Arsenal Tom

    dobbi… saying that is exactely why our squad is so shit!!

    having more than 1 good player for each posisiton isnt a crime!!

  2. marylandgunner

    Dobbi, come on, this isn’t the CL Final, the World Cup, this is game 7 of the 2008/2009 season. Look, I am both an optimist and a realist (I lean more to the optimism side, as that serves me much better as a Gooner), and realize that what we need is both a bit of heart, and a bit of defensive solidarity.

    I am just bitter that we drew with Sunderland, so calling a crying midfielder that got an amazing shot off to pull them ahead . . . it just makes me feel better.

    I watched an amazing game last year, where Diaby got a red card in the first 20 minutes. We were down to Bolton 2-0 . . . it was pouring, and all seemed lost. Not to mention that we had 4 draws in a row. We came back, and won the game. Cesc had tears of emotion. That was a defining moment for Arsenal. Unfortunately, it was a day late, and a dollar short.

    My hope and prayer is that they get the emotion now. Play smart. We have to peak at the right time. Chelsea were waiting in the wings all season, and made the push at the right time. That is what we need to do. I don’t care if we win all of our games, I just want to win a trophy.

  3. Arsenal Tom

    odub… i agree, but unfortunatly i actually think we’ll finish further off this year than last. i hope im wrong and look like a dick for saying it but after the last few games i think we’ll finish 4th

  4. Odub

    Thanks for knocking my positivity Geoff. I was beginning to believe that too!
    Oh well, at least we’ll win the world series!

  5. marylandgunner

    Odub, a board can say such things with the fans are complacent. If (And this is a big if), he continues to go trophyless, he is not going to stay. There are CEO’s and people in leadership positions around the world that get sacked every day. What makes Arsene above that line of reasoning?

    Teams want to win. Arsenal are no different. His contract expires in 2010 (I think that is right). If we don’t win anything between now and then, I can tell you that he is gone. Plus, he is no spring chicken. The board have to look at the betterment of the club.

    You might be right, but hey, that is what this forum is all about . . . opinions.

  6. Arsenal Tom

    to clear it up the sunderland player cried cos he went to the spot on the pitch where he scattered his dads ashes during the summer break.

    still a cunt tho

  7. Dobbi

    Arsenal Tom… you’ve got a good point. However, i think we are lackinng more defensively and would prefer to have cover at the back. We’ve got enough players who can play left midfield (good ones are Nasri, Vella, Rosicky (well if he ever makes it back), and then not so good – Ebue, RvP, even Walcot can switch)….
    As to the emotion, the guy is a youngster, it’s like his debut (i think) and his father passed away so there’s a lot of factor’s at play… he’s still a twunt πŸ˜‰ for scoring against us though…

  8. Pierre

    AT i agree with you, this year we can look to finishing 4th, at best!

    That Sunderland kid who scored cried because he’s just coming back into the team following the death of his father, I don’t think negative comments are called for.

  9. Geoff

    Fuck him, the cunt scored against us. Anyway all this short corner shit that I’ve been bitching about, the minute Cesc goes in the box, he scores!

    If they want to do the short corner stuff, fine, but do it with a player that can’t score from corners, like Sagna or Clichy.

    Get all the goal scorers in the box.

  10. Geoff

    Pierre no one lives forever, anyway I’m off for an hour, perhaps we can get back to football, I’m done with funerals.

  11. Odub

    Agree MG,

    The most important thing here is the club’s well being and as much as AW’s done for the club, if his continued presence as manager starts becoming unproductive, I’m sure there’ll be a change of stance.

    Still he’ll be allowed to walk and not sacked

  12. Pierre

    if the ball had gone out to the left of the goal, the corner would have been taken from the other side, fab would have taken it and we would have lost 1 – 0, scarey thought eh?

  13. Dobbi

    Maryland… i really don’t think that Wenger will be fired from Arsenal as long as we are in the top 4… the board is perfectly happy with that… also i think that he has ambition to win trophies and we will challange… whether we will win nobody knowns as there are no guarantees in football and life. I’m personally happy with the Wenger overall, although there are some weaknesses for everyone to see.

  14. Geoff

    Yeah right Pierre, scary! but why don’t we have more shots like other teams do against us, do you think they get docked money for shooting from outside the box?

    I know I’m going now, catch you all later.

  15. Pierre

    Geoff, that bloke from Highlander does, unless somebody cuts the twunts head off, we could do with somebody like him to play at CB!

  16. Arsenal Tom

    maryland… dont mate… its a bad thing to happen to anyone but bad things happen all the time… he’d probably get more sympathy but he scored agaisnt us and fucked up my weekend so he now becomes an enemy and a cunt

    dobbi… we got cover at LB… gallas, silvestre, gibbs, to be fair he gives us cover at both but after saturdays shambles id like to see him playing in those games at LM

  17. marylandgunner

    Geoff, is there any way for me to post that I am looking for 2 tickets to the Carling Cup game against Wigan? I will already be in London for the Man Ure game and Villa. How would that work?

  18. Odub

    I’m going to stay pessimistic because every bloody season I start getting confident we’ll win the EPL we end up potless!

    Plus it’s better for my blood pressure!

  19. Odub


    I doubt you’ll have problems getting tickets for a CC game. If you’re in the UK prior just try and buy via the club. If no joy, let us know on here as I wont be going and I can purchase them on my membership and then pass on via Pedro/Geoff.

  20. LEON

    i think arsenal fans to give song a chance you have to remember that song was on the bench past season,evon this season delinson and fab as being playing together ,song and fab have only been playing together at three games, every time i seen song he looks very solid and protects the defence,wright now i dont think arsenal will win the the title because of 2 reasons,they are not consistant enough, we do need another midfielder to support fab ,the dm we have song and maybe diaby,plus we realy risiskyback and edwardo,to me vela and edwardo are arsenals bust strikers,i think its just a matter of time before rvp and ade gets it right. i realy dont see the need to bring in kompany when we have dijouro and song,delinson,diaby ramsey.if man city there defence is a mess and dijouro looks very solids wenger should play alot more.

  21. Dobbi

    Arsenal Tom… agreed, looks like we’re well covered on the left…. wish i could say the same for the middle… really hoping for Diaby to be a completly different player when he comes back and sort it out for us… lets face, ever since that injury at Sunderland 3 years ago he’s been kinda shit for us…. i think he’s got the talent though and could become a massive player for us eventually!

  22. Arsenal Tom

    dobbi, i hope so to, he looked a great player when we first got him, but that fucker dan smith looks to have really done some damage to him and his fitness, if he can get going for a month or so i reckon he could stay fit but eveyr time he’s back somthing else seems to go wrong, they say that your more likely to get injured after coming back from an injury cos your not sued to the intensity of the games.

  23. Pedro

    Sorry guys… I must have eaten a cyber kebab last night…

    I’ve just been perusing some other blogs comments… It’s embarrassing reading some peoples comments…

    I’m all for supporting the team, but stuff like,

    ‘I know Arsene is a genius, but’

    Why say that? He is a football manager… not a pioneering cancer surgeon…

    If we have a shocker of a year, what chances are there that Wenger will stay + who would the board pick to takeover?

    Could they afford to go unknown?

  24. marylandgunner

    He who denied it . . . so AT, do you think that we are out of the running for the title? I don’t think so. Two bad games does not spoil the season. Three, however, might.

  25. Odub

    Well, if you want credit for it Pedro, it’s all yours!

    Here’s a hint, never post a link to a site that has pics of Luke Chadwick, as it’s bound to scare some bloggers off!! πŸ˜†

    Just a subtle pointer my young friend! πŸ‘Ώ

  26. Pedro

    I’m also reading a lot people saying our current plight isn’t down to not buying in the summer… and panic buying would have been pointless.

    Ok… a panic buy stops being a panic buy when you have 3 months to make it…

    If we’d bought experience in the summer, would we have made some of the mistakes we have so far?

    I think all of our issues are down to putting to much faith in kids.

  27. Odub

    This whole take over thing cant carry on for much longer Pedro, surely at some point, an EPL team will go burst and reality will hit!! It’s happening in the lower leagues so why not in the EPL

    I hope it’s the chavs first, when Abramovich get’s bored and pulls out!

  28. Pierre

    Pedro, 1 of the problems is we didn’t play any kids against sunderland, but the lack of talent bought in the summer means song, denilson, eboue and the like sub-standard players keep getting picked. Apologies for my repeated negative posts today, but i don’t see anything to be upbeat about. Great set of younsters coming through, but Wenger won’t play them, first team with sub standard players always on the team sheet, somethings got to change.

  29. goonermichael

    Did you know Manu sold Luke Chadwick because he was too handsome? Wayne rooney, gary neville and ginger minger scholes were all upset. Fuck knows what wolf boy tevz would have thought. they are definitely the ugliest team.

  30. Pedro

    If a bank can go bust, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a football club could.

    I think we’d all be pleased though… that would be the day the fans take football back… I fear that wont be for a long time.

    Liverpools stadium move has been halted though…

  31. Pedro

    So are we all in agreement that Song and Denilson are not the answer at the moment?

    Luke Chadwick was blessed with dashing good looks…

  32. Arsenal Tom

    IA…i think we are, but i didnt consider us serious title contenders before the season started!

    its not because of the results more because of the performaces, these players have 2 and drawn one in 7 games whilst scraping a 1-0 win against west brom, they cant beat teams like, fulham, hull and sunderland and they look uninspired and leaderless.

    theres no hustle, no drive and not a huge amount of energy in the midfield which is my biggest concern because it was our midfield last year that was winning us games

  33. Odub

    Which is why I like my approach to this season A Tom, not expecting to win anything, that way I’ll be pleasantly surprised when we do.

    What worries me the most is what happens if Cesc gets injured again?

  34. Arsenal Tom

    odub… what worries me is when we have another trophy less season and europes big boys coming calling for him

  35. goonermichael

    Why do the reserves kick off at 7 do they have to go to bed early? I don’t finish til 7 so I’ll miss it.

  36. Odub

    Sorry to go back to my earlier post.

    But I wasnt around for the Hull game and refuse to watch any clips of it , were we crap or were they good?!

    Also anyone know where I can view the 6-0 V Sheffield Utd?


  37. goonermichael

    Odub if you know how to download torrents you can get the Sheffield Utd game. I only saw the first half of the Hull game we should have been 3 up at half time i listened to the last 1/2 hour on my car radio and I knew they were going to score from the corner. Gallas hit the bar I think

  38. Arsenal Tom


    we played like we had a 3-0 head start, very arrogant and they looked like they couldnt be bothered cos it would be so easy… it was disgraceful, stay well away!!

  39. Odub


    After almost resorting to therapy last season after what happened, I’m thinking that’s the best approach!

    Plus I was an AKB for 3 years (2004-2007) 2 of those years we won sod all!

    I’ll keep a bit of my sanity this way!

  40. choy

    i miss the days when the game was effectively over by 15min.. now we gotta be shitting our pants till extra time! sigh πŸ™

  41. Odub

    Cheers fellas.

    I wont bother subjecting myself to it then! So by all accounts the Hull game could have been won if we had played with urgency. Sounds like last season all over again.

  42. choy

    go here gm..


    be sure to bookmark the site.. highlights.. full matches.. just about everything.. you need to sign up though!

  43. Vaibhav Jhunjhunwala

    Fantastic post
    spot on with Djorou…the lad needs a look in…hes already shown loyalty by signing a new contract
    i’d like to see him as a CDM
    and song just isn’t cut out for the midfield
    hes a better CB
    and i still don’t get it why Vela doesn’t get a start down the left

  44. jc14

    i have to pick out one thig that someone else posted that is so true,were becoming way to predictable and against the lesser teams who are now not especially scared as they once was of playing us but belive they have a real good chance of winning, i dont understand why wenger always makes substitutions at the same point in every single game, i dont see anything brave or tactical ever to be honest,why not start vela or wilshere i no both would make more contribution then eboue who to be honest had an okay start to the season but has just gone downhill, in my heart i think we can win the league this year but my head knows that it is not going to happen i just wish wenger would be more ruthless sometimes and be brave, how can wenger tell Keano that he didnt like his tactics when we played a 4-5-1 formation it doesnt make sense, Sunderland at the stadium of light is no Real Madrid at the bernabau, 4-5-1 worked in the champions league with thierry not in the prem and with ade his work rate isnt there lately, COME ON ARSENE BE BRAVE AND COME ON BOYS

  45. Geoff

    Hi Maryland yes we may be able to help, go into Le Exchange at the top of the page, then email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

    Pedro normally handles this but he seems to be reading everyone else’s blog today.

  46. Stu

    IMO we need a mad defender from a tough league. Vidic,Ivanovic(now at Chelsea) and Skrtael. It annoys me that we have the worst defence of the top teams. Vidic is great for Utd, he makes Ferdy look good. Carvalho, even tho he gets away with so many dirty fouls he is a great defender. And Liverpool, they have Carra, arguably the best defender in the prem. He does everything to keep a clean sheet and annoyingly blocks most things. And they have Agger who doesnt even start, plus Skrtael.

    Who do we have like. Toure is a great defender but alongside Gallas he looks hopeless. They both look beter next to JD but it seems that he will never get a run in the team.

  47. finestcuts

    Yeah it sucks for me because every time I pick a player in my fantasy team that happens.
    I pick Djourou dropped next week, I pick Pogatetz, he goes and gets a red card, I pick neville and get taxed 4 points only for him to be injured, I though right…law of averages….I’ll pick Skirtel before the price goes up…….and Skirtel gets crocked, then I get players who aren’t picked so I’ve done a big swoop this time, I’ve paid 12 points of tax, twenty altogether.

    Lots of anger here today, I hear you with the Wenger criticism, I have made my comments clear and everyone is a bit miffed about the way things turned out, however the ref deserves Le chump more than Wenger , even though we played badly we still deserved the 3 points.

    We need a win against Everton, hopefully no injuries and lots of confidence for players when they come back from international duty, our next four league fixtures are all winnable.

  48. Arsenal Tom

    the thing is liverpool loose skrtel, and they can bring in agger or hypia both top class replacements… we’ve got JD who looks good but he’s not proven at the top level and silvestre

  49. david

    Your mate Durham is on saying Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool are the only big clubs and the reat are in a pecking order..

    He just don’t stop.

    GM instead of going home at 7 to watch the reserves can you just nip over the bridge and bang the twaunt out when he finishes work?

  50. Odub

    Depends Geoff are you flirting with me?!!! πŸ˜†

    Just in case anyone’s getting ideas, I just got married and aint flirting with the bear!!

    Had an arsenal themed reception by the way..the only way to do it!


    the next 4 games are winable we cant even beat hull fucking city or sunderland….this team is so weak we are heading for 12 th place at this moment in time hull city are even taking the piss out of us wenger needs to sort his fucking head out and start realising that this team needs 3 more experianced players in it not fucking song denilson and walcott in youre fucking midfield.all 3 of them are light weight.denilson keeps trying these turns on the edge of the box losing the ball all the time keeps giving it away song dont want to make a challenge for the ball and lets the geezah shoot walcott has only got pace all he is good at is running on to the ball cant beat a man.the strikers are weak adebayor might aswell be gone now van persie he is just baffleing clichy and sagna need some lessons in crossing toure has still got malaria the list goes on…

  52. goonermichael

    I fucking hate that cunt.

    Finest you are 50 on the ff I’m 5th from bottom even thogt mido has done well. I’m trying to finish last. Doing a good job

  53. Gunner8

    Oh and his decision to loan out Traore Geoff, that should be added to his leChump.

    “Armand Traore terrorised Stoke City on Sunday, as poor old Andy Griffin took an absolute battering. Griffin has honed his hatred of left-wingers carefully over the years. He chinned Laurent Robert once, even though they were on the same side, such is his dislike of those tricky dicky’s. Someone had better keep him away from Traore after Sunday’s game because the on-loan Arsenal teenager made him look like a right chump. Both Papa Bouba Diop and Jermain Defoe should have converted from chances created by Traore as the Frenchman makes Harry Redknapp’s decision to kidnap him for a season look increasingly astute.”


    i said it the other day we are not going on as thou we are a big club wenger trying to do it on the cheap thinking that these players are good enough when clearly they are not…..

  55. Arsenal Tom

    wrighty i read your post earlier and thought it was good stuff… u get some right cunts reading and commenting tho! your a very patient man!!


    as long as wenger is in charge and his lack of sight there is no chance we will win another trophy again….

  57. Stu

    Sagna JD/Kolo Phil Clichy
    Rosicky(if he comes back to life) Cesc Diaby Nasri
    Vela Nik ????????????

    Then next year:

    Sagna JD Agger(why not like??) Clichy
    Wilshere Cesc Cana Nasri
    Eduardo Villa.
    with nik,nordveit etc on the bench

    We can all dare to dream, cant we?

  58. Ja_Gunner

    I am glad that Skrtel is out for months. Maybe it will throw Liverpool’s defense out somewhat.

    He deserves it cuz did you guys see the foul he comitted against Jo.

    That deserved a stright red card.
    He jumped up behind Jo and gave him a karate kick in his lowerback/hip, both guys were in the air at the time as Jo was jumping for the ball as well.

    He got away with it but injured himself late in the game where he made a last ditch tackle.

  59. Stu

    If anything the injury to Skrtael could make Pools defence even better. I rate Agger much higher than i do Skrtael. IMO he is just an erratic defender who is poor at positioning and makes poorly times tackles usually missing the ball and the man.

    Pool lose 1 defender and replace him with Agger/Hyypia, both full internationals. Who do we have?…Silvestre. nuf said

  60. Ja_Gunner

    Did you guys see Geovanni’s goal against the spuds. It could be goal of the season.

    It was an excellent free-kick from waaaaay out, right into the top left corner.

    It was unstoppable.

    Hull seem like they will atleast survive in the league. I hope Stoke can survive as well as Ricardo plays there.

    In Geovanni they have a captured a good player who will be star for a mid-table team.
    Hull came up through the play off, but I guess it was blessing in disguise..because they knew they could not survive with the team they had…..so they went out and bought much more players than WBA or Stoke..so they are in the best position to survive. They added good players ;like Geovanni and Marlon King on loan…seems like its paying off.

  61. Ja_Gunner

    Well I dont know much about Liverpool’s defenders to be honest.

    I was just hoping this would throw them off a bit….oh well I hope they run out of luck soon.

    Man City totally gave that game away. I was looking at the game and Man City came out too relaxed in the second half because they had a 2 goal lead. They came out playing as if it was just 10 mins to go.

    They allowed Liverpool too much possesion in the first 10 mins of the half and I could see the goal coming. Then later in the game Zabaleta made an unnecessary tackle getting a red card and putting them in further trouble. They caused it on themselves.

  62. Ja_Gunner

    We need a free kick taker like Geovanni in our side. That is another area where we are weak…..We dont seem to have anyone who can score direct freekicks..(other than Van Persie but his radar has been way off recently).

    ( I hope Nasri can develop into a direct free kick type of guy) I guess this is why Ronaldo is considered the best right now..because he has the dead ball ability plus heading ability as well.

    Hell we dont even have anyone who consistently produces dangerous balls from free kicks.
    If only our full backs could practice their delivery….because they will rarely be at the end of any of the balls anyway.

    And Geoff Sagna scored from a corner last season against Chelsea(header at the near post).
    You seem to have forgot about that.

  63. marylandgunner

    That is a nasty goal. There was nothing that the Tottenham keeper could do. That would have gone in on any goalie. Even his shot against us was quite amazing.

    Truly Hull is riding high with Geovanni. Will they make it through the season . . . probably not. I fancy Almunia, and think that he has done well for us. He is much better than last season, and I thought that he was good last season (Minus his playing at Anfield in the last leg of the CL draw . . . he was shyte).

    I said this before the season started . . . the teams in the EPL are getting better all the time. Arsenal have to adapt and grow, or we will be left behind. I know many have posted today that we will be fighting for 12th or beyond. I believe we still have a very strong chance at winning it all.

    Time will tell.

  64. marylandgunner

    Ja, I remember that game . . . that is where Arsenal’s EPL winning chances came to an end. I thought for sure that we were going to take Chelski. Then Drogba had to find form . . . the one game that he decided to show up . . . against Arsenal.

  65. Stu

    The last we won anything Senderos was a regular starter, We had a top class keeper, and great ‘defenders’. Not twats like Gallas who are afraid to get stuck in.

    We are not far off winning the premiership. Think about it. When was the last time we lost a match by more than 1 goal. Its all comes down to concentration. Switching off for a second canlose you any match. That is why we need to get rid of Gallas. He would rather score himself than keep a clean sheet. The only thing he won against Hull was in their box, never in ours. At highbury against Chelsea was the last time wo lost by more than 1. Small details

  66. choy

    yeah stu.. just a few pieces to the puzzle.. but if i ever see rvp on the left and song and denilson both in the centre of the park then fuck knows!

  67. paul

    Reserves one nil down after 3 minutes against Stoke,Bischoff starts for us>Stoke are the biggest players i have ever seen

  68. Big Raddy


    Watching JustinTV. This streaming malarkey is brilliant.

    Nice pen from Simpson, and Wilshere looks superb

  69. Big Raddy

    Very weird GM.

    Still can’t believe it. Next we will sign Fatlamps (Actually that is not such a bad idea, except that he is an absolute, total and complete dick)

  70. kenny smith

    we should give coqeulan a start in midfield next to cesc. this guy doesnt stop running and tackles like its goin out of fashion. he is skillful and can strike a ball with both feet.

  71. kelsey

    There was this couple that had been married for 20 years. Every time they made love the husband always insisted on shutting off the light.

    Well, after 20 years the wife felt this was ridiculous. She figured she would break him out of this crazy habit. So one night, while they were in the middle of a wild, screaming, romantic session, she turned on the lights.

    She looked down… and saw her husband was holding a battery-operated pleasure device… a vibrator! Soft, wonderful and larger than a real one.

    She went completely ballistic.

    ‘You impotent pig ,’ She screamed at him, ‘How could you be lying to me all of these years? You better explain yourself!’

    The husband looks her straight in the eyes and says calmly:

    ‘I’ll explain the toy, you explain the kids.’

  72. LEON

    i feel that fact fact wenger tried to sign clement,alonso,annon,inter proved to that he is looking dm,song ,diaby and delsinson are more enough to cover until january in which he try to sign someone,song does look very solid but is realy central defender.rvp and ade need to alot more consistant,vela is better finisher than them to me and once risisky and eadwardo comes back we will do very well

  73. david

    Everyone says Song is a centre Half.
    Is that an opinion, Is that set in stone because Wenger plays him in the Mid and so does his country?

  74. Big Raddy

    As I understand it David, Song was played in central midfield for his National team. Both at the African Nations Cup & at the Olympics.

    In fact , he is very highly thought of at International level. BUT …. Arsenal play at a much higherr tempo than the Cameroons, which is why there is such a gap between his reputation at National and club levels.

    Either he will step up the pace of his game, and become the DCM we need, or he will become a CB.

  75. Big Raddy

    Should the Bindippers be there or thereabouts at Xmas, there is no way they will sell Alonso.

    Same goes for YaYa.

    I will be surprised to see any major signing in the Jan window

  76. choy

    gilberto did ok when we used to play rampant counter attacking .. nowadays we play the movement game.. you have players playing in triangles and hexagons and octagons.. you need to be quick.. that is why gilberto couldn’t cope up last season…

    major signing.. he had 3 months to sort that out.. with diaby rosicky and eduardo all coming there abouts… you will hear “quality” “no big names” and the likes.. !