We can still win everything, It’s not the team, it’s the selection.

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Monday morning and my confidence has returned, why? Am I still pissed? Did I dream something? Am I losing it? No and let me explain why and start your week happy.

We demolished Sheffield United with our children, we demolished Porto with our teenagers and we struggled to break down Sunderland, Hull and Fulham, why? Well we all said it, why has he picked that team?

Indeed why, if he had picked either team that did the demolishing, we would have demolished an ordinary Sunderland, both teams have hit us with wonder strikes and other than that we should have won.

Do you have any idea how galling it is to hear the Hull City supporters singing to the spuds ‘are you Arsenal in disguise’

With a two week break coming up there was no excuse to rest players, we should have gone with the winning team, Christ even Liverpool and Chelsea have sussed that one now, go with the best 11 you have, not your favourites, we all ask why Johan Djourou doesn’t get a look in when we struggle with high balls, we need a defensive midfielder and we keep putting in a centre back that wouldn’t get in any top 6 clubs line up (Song) we have talent in abundance in Vela and Wilshere but they barely get a sniff, it’s time to play our best team every game and worry about the next game after.

I really believe our best 11 can beat anyone, look at the pre season games, and don’t say Real Madrid weren’t trying, they all try, it’s time to believe in your experiment Arsene and play these kids week in, week out.

You have to understand our disappointment when we see a team sheet like the one you had on Saturday, look at this blog and see the comments that were made at 2.45pm, we all trust you, but boy sometimes you get it wrong and there is no need.

You have a fortnight, injuries willing to get this show back on the road, we play West Ham and the Spuds, put out the best team and they will win.

If you put Johan in at the back you can try Kolo as defensive midfield, or even Djourou as defensive midfield, if the back is solid, the rest will take care of itself.

I watched the great league win at Anfield 89 last night and Georgie boy surprised the world when he played Steve Bould at sweeper, that’s right 3 centre backs for the biggest game ever played in the history of English football, he did it to keep a clean sheet and boy did that pay off, it allowed the rest of the team a free putt (so to speak) if there’s one thing you can learn from history it’s history itself.

Forget the tinkering in midfield, go with the flair players to get goals and shore up at the back.

We have goals in us, with the team you have we will always frighten the opposition, but with a dodgy back line the flair players will always be nervous, give them some help and forget about the text book, win the games and the rest will take care of itself, we are the Arsenal and this is the anniversary of our greatest ever night.

Go after the history Arsene, we’ll all support you.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be boring!

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  1. Sparrow

    Geoff, the reason why we don’t win the youth FA cup is because the kids are in our reserve team or in the first team squad (not playing)

  2. goonermichael

    It is travelling time and not distance from the academy. United have been known to fly kids to training to make them eligible.

  3. Geoff

    Ok the Sparrow how comes we don’t win the reserves league?

    Hounddog you’re beginning to sound like an AKB!

    Davi, so right mate! and you’d think we won the world cup.

  4. goonermichael

    Since we’re talking about England. All these people who bang on about having an English spine. Do they mean like the England team? They win everything don’t they

  5. Paulinho

    We need somone to wake up Fabregas from his malaise, a dexterious playmaker to relight the fire, and subsequently, his desire!

  6. finestcuts

    It’s important when we’re not getting the results we hope for to keep things in perspective. Here are the latest Opta stats:


    Denilson when playing alongside Cesc is effective, Cesc has to track back more playing this system which changes our style of play. Denilson is not a defensive midfielder by nature so either we stick to the 4-4-2 we were playing before or go back to playing the Diamond where we stick a midfielder in front of defence and behind the wings allowing the wingers and midfielders to go forward.

    We need wingers, we cannot afford to go without them if they’re available, RVP either plays behind the main striker or plays as an offensive winger in a 4-3-3, he was given a certain amount of defensive responsibility which would have suited a winger like Nasri who is prepared to run up and down the flank all game long.

    Adebayor keeps getting caught offside, this stops the flow of the game.

    We need to get more shots on target, and Chelsea are getting the most passes in, meaning they’re keeping the ball and moving it around more.

    We have good players, we could certainly do with some additions but why did we get a draw on Saturday?
    Because we did not prepare for a defensive game by Sunderland, we did not penetrate enough in the first half, Song was not replaced when he was not contributing enough, we didn’t stick to a winning team and we played with a formation we’re not familar enough with.

    We still need 4 wins in a row, either 3 wins and we beat Manyoo or 4 wins and a draw minimum against Manyoo.

    Wenger himself stated that half of the recovery against Hull was to beat Sunderland. We did but we were denied by an injustice and we didn’t do enough to make it 3-1, now the recovery process will last approx a month, we’re playing catchup as other teams were when we were at the top of the table. It can be done, we need to be consistent and be aware of the fact that our opponents will attempt to try similar tactics to Sunderland, therefore play in a way which we can take full advantage of that because all they’re looking to do is counter giving us ample opportunties to go forward, find ways of keeping their defenders busy and keep passing it until someone is available at the correct angle, have a few one on ones where we try and dribble the ball past defenders and get into their box as much as possible with the ball, a few lame tackles off them could win us penalties and free kicks.

  7. Pedro

    GM, they just buy the players parents a house to make it work.

    Hounddog, if you are talking about training etc… then fair enough but don’t pin all our success off the pitch on Wenger as well, because it’s simply not true.

    A managers success is based on trophies… and Wenger isn’t doing to well on that front.

    Mourinho was right… he has the best job in football as their is no pressure to succeed.

    Who is there to tell him to address the issues? A CEO? A strong assistant? A director of football that he chooses? The board?

    At the moment, it feels like he can do as he pleases and I don’t think that is healthy.

  8. david

    If the acadamy can only have kids who live a certain distance away/time.

    I live in Cornwall (couple of years) why do Arsenal have soccer schools all around this area serching for talented youngsters boys and girls?

    They are in our little girls primary school and advertised everywhere.

  9. Arsenal Tom

    odub… angry and dissapointed id go for mate…

    paulinho… we need someone who can cover fabregas… someone who says ‘you go do your thing and dont worry i’ll be back here’

  10. Odub

    Geoff, one visit was enough, never again!!!!!

    Was in NY for a couple of weeks, got back a few days ago.

    Only footie I got to see was the mancs beating Bruce Rioch’s team in the CL, and that was in an ESPN bar with a bunch of yanks watching the MLB close season (whaterve that means!)

    Since I left we’ve gone from top of the league to losing to HULL and just drawing against Sunderland!

    It’s good to be back.

  11. 5am

    Its more worrying saying we’ve got the team as then it becomes the managers problem if he doesn’t know how to select properly…. Djourou would be best as cover for Diaby in defensive midfield as that’d sort out the height issue – plus Wenger has said Toure doesn’t have the engine for DM. Song ahead of Eboue in the Sunderland game (he might not be great but in comparison to Song???!!!!)

  12. Arsenal Tom

    the sunderland formation was terrible.. he should have kept RVP up front and if he wanted to rest nasri then stick eboue & theo on the wings…

    traore’s looking good at portsmouth, shame we cant recall him

  13. Geoff

    Odub that would explain your absence, Mike the Neighbour was told by his wife he couldn’t blog and he hasn’t been back since!

  14. Rasputin

    finest – I’ve just had a look at your Opta stats link.

    In all, quite reassuring until you get to the shots on target % where we come 14th! although we actually had the most shots (111). I don’t quite know what to make of that except to wish we had someone as clinical as Torres (maybe we do? come back Eduardo!)

  15. Keyser

    David – George Graham lead us to 10th and 12th aswell, times are different.

    I’m not sure quite how it works but I think if you don’t get them before they sign up to any of the local clubs as in Primary school age then you have to wait fo them to be able to be transferred, it’s why soo many clubs look abroad because there is no restriction on how many players you can get from abroad.

    It’s just an explanation for why United haven’t been able to produce the same osrt of talents form their academy.

  16. Odub

    How you doing Choy?!

    Pedro, had a great time cheers, well until I got the text re the Hull game!

    Geoff, the day my new wife tells me that is the day I end up back in prison!! 😆

    Seriously though, our inconsistency is getting a tad worrying, although having started the season with low expectations, I’m steeling myself for the inevitable.

  17. finestcuts

    Defnitely Rasputin, Eduardo was in Wenger’s word “our secret weapon” , the thing is, we could do with more rotation up front. Bendtner is hardly ever going to start, Vela won’t at all. Adebayor will get goals, but not as many as a more clinical striker in his place. Torres? It’s too late now, he’s done well at Liverpool, but there were question marks over how quickly he’d adapt to the EPL but he did it with remarkable speed.
    Eduardo will need a few games in reserves and then a few competitive games to find his old self.
    Ever since Agbonlahor scored against Chelsea and earned Villa a draw he has made a name for himself, he did quite well last season, he’s a player that I reckon could be good for us but he’d cost an absolute fortune so lets not even think about it.
    If we keep to what we know, try and hit more in from the box, we could definitely improve shots on target which would end up with a few more goals, a box player like Eduardo would be great.

  18. Gunner8

    My point was a little messed up due to the spacing, so here g
    oes again;

    Anyway it all comes down to playing the right players and at the moment we look a bit like the Dutch national side of the past, this looks like a team with the Gallas camp and the Toure camp IMO which explains a lot, look at how the team comes together?

    Gallas Camp———Toure Camp———In his own Camp——–In the Sanitorium
    Silvestre————-Fabregas————Robin van Persie——–Bischoff

    may be making more out of that, but it is what I see with the players body language, I don’t know if you can really include Djourou or Diaby on Gallas’s list in the same way that you can not really include Walcott, Nasri or Ramsey on Toure’s but it is more or less split along those lines… …Toure and Fabregas seem to be both senior but it can best be described as the Gallas Toure faction due to the fact that they hardly speak to each other.

    Well it is a lot to think about during the international break, but please share your thoughts and I don’t mind being refered to as mad!

  19. gazzap

    I dont feel any affiliation with Gallas, Silvestre, Ade or Eboue. they dont seem like Gooners to me and one of them is our captain.
    I prefer watching the reserves these days to the first team and I think a lot of fans feel the same.

  20. Pierre

    Adebayors form for the last 2 league games has been shit, he should be dropped for Bendtner.

    Plus i think the header he scored against Porto was a miscue, then he gets a pen, big deal. Stop the posing, posturing and badge kissing, learn the offside rule and put in a 90 minute shift one week.

    Eboue starts to sit for a few games, thats 1 step foreward, but then into the frey comes song and the shit adebayor continues, thats 2 steps back.

  21. insidealbania

    Gunner8 I think Ade and The PassMaster would be in the Toure camp because of the African thing. It would be hard to see anyone in the Gallas camp to be honest because I can’t see him communicating with the players on the pitch, he seem and if he is like that on the pitch I would imagine he keeps himself to himself off it.

  22. Stu

    Pierre, you just said what ive been thinking for the last few weeks. Ade is a gowl and cant play football. He thinks he can and therefore tries to get involved with the build up play, leaving the box empty.

    Bendtner must start the next few games at least.

  23. Pedro

    I have a headline for Bischoff when he comes back for the reserves:

    The Bisch back for the stiffs.


    I know Choy wont like it… but I think people are forgetting that Eduardo is a great finisher, but he doesn’t do a lot else in a game.

    Talking of the Bisch… how sad is it that we are excited about seeing him? We are excited to see if a crock can kick start our season!

    Talking of crocks… when is Diabster (If I call him that, maybe he’ll encompass some of the aggression the Grimster had!) back?

  24. Paulinho

    If you check Arseblog you will see Ade not even celebrating Fabregas’s goal.

    The bloke irritated the hell out of me last year and is doing it even more this year.

  25. Gunner8

    Inside Albania, Toure doesn’t get in on the Dancing routine… …so I do not know

    What I know is one should never generalize “because of the Africa thing”

    I am half American and I fucking loath America and most Americans, but I could never say all American’s

  26. freduardo

    well said Pierre.
    what does Bendtner have to do to get a start? the boy can head, finish, pass it. thought he did really well in the build ups in a few games (esp Bolton). we could be in danger of losing him if he doesnt play more- to a big club.

  27. Gunner8

    Every team he has played for (including his national side), he has got the same reaction… …causes problems, sulks and leaves and all the fans hate him.

    He was benched for the CL final remember

  28. Arsenal Tom

    pedro… wenger said after the break he should be back.

    i think that arseblog pic is a bit misleading… ade doesnt seem to know whats going on… its not like he turned his back and ignored it all

  29. Gunner8

    I know Bendtner is the shit, if we do loose hime we will regret it… …Wenger wanted Ibrahimovic and we lost out, he wants Benzeema and we will never pay half of the 100mil Lyon are looking for… …Bendtner is the same type of player (although less spead than Benzeema) and he is still a kid!

  30. Stu

    Did anyone here seen the Arsenal crossbar challenge? Everyonedid their part butwhen it came to Gallas’ turnhe justsat on the groung waiting for someone to help him up.

    Eventually Toure pulled him up but if given the opportunity i would have kicked him in the face. IMO it showed what a cocky,arrogant prick he is. He thinks he is the greatest and that he is better than everyone else.

    Surely to be the captain of such a club as big as arsenal you need the to have the best interests of the club in mind, not your own. I think its all about status for Gallas. If he wasnt the captain im sure he would be off. The sooner he gets stripped of the captaincy the better. Then maybe he will fuck off.

  31. Pedro

    Wenger used to do the same with RvP… he never seemed to get a start no matter how well he did…

    I can’t remember a time when we’ve had players that we don’t like based on attitude?

    Wrighty could be a sulky brat sometimes, but he always had a love for the club… you couldn’t say that about the players gazzap mentioned.

  32. Gunner8

    That’s a bit grainey David and really a sad reflection of those players with the SLR in the background!

    maybe he does join in, but he still won’t speak to Gallas

  33. freduardo

    Adebayor is a powerful weapon but i just think if he was dropped for 3 games say- it would give him some focus. make him realise he has to work harder and is not guaranteed a place. We are lacking in midfield for a top side. simple as.

  34. Gunner8

    Inside, I was just messing with you with my comment… …but saw the video a few posts ago, fair enough… …just my observations

    L8ers all have a couple of appointments

  35. Stu

    Ade is always causing a mess. He was doing it at Monaco, is still doing it for Togo and now he is doing it here. He needs to shut up, keeps his lips offthe badge and just do what he is asked to. Score goals and help us win something.

  36. Arsenal Tom

    id have toure over gallas every day… kolo loves the club and loves to play, and with the right partner (sol-esq) would be top class again gallas seems to become more of a cunt every time i see him

  37. Keyser

    Stu – Yeah your right, the crossbar challenge thing says it all, fuck me not one person hit the bar ? Gallas had to be helped up if they can’t even take that seriously we’re fucked.

    I wish you’d apeared from nowhere and kicked them all in the face, that would have soted them out.

  38. Keyser

    All right he gets a slap upseide the head, I was joking anyway, but I think it’s a point we need to address we need more violence from our team, when we got players sent off we were winning things.

    If Scholes was in Song’s position he would’ve taken the man the ball and clotheslined the ref for good measure.

    We’re too nice.

  39. Stu

    Speaking of centrehalves. Did anyonesee Ivanovic for Chelsea. Looks like the type of defender we could do with. He has been there fornearly 2years but only made his debut durilg the week and never complained once.

    Gallas went into a hissy fit at Chelsea because he was PLAYING at left back. He should have been happy he was even getting on. When Diarra visited the Emirates he was comp[laining that he wasnt getting on instead of Cesc just 5games in. Why does Wenger buy players with such inflated egos. We are the only top4 team with players that complain. How often do Chelsea, Poolor Mancs have a player complaining to the press or otherwise?

  40. Stu

    When our reserves got battered by Villa recently wasnttheiralot of dirty fouling by our kids? I read that Randall, Wilshere and someone else could easily have been sent off.

    Thats what i like to see. IMO you can tell a player really loves a club when they get that pissed off by a defeat. Cesc did it a few times with the odd lunge or slap. Can any1 honestly saythat if welost any game 3-0 that Gallas would even care. I dont think he would. Most of out players now dont care enough about the club. If i was in a losing Arsenal side iwould definately start kicking people. FACT!!

  41. Truth

    I think we have problems in the 3 key areas of the pitch, firstly Ade and RVP are just not working mainly down to Ade’s lack of well everything, at the moment I am struggling to find any strength’s at all.

    The man is unable to shoot when in front of goal, he tends to favor passing the ball sideways instead, and when was the last time he scored a goal from outside the box? He hardly ever takes up a position in the box where he can receive a high ball to head, and continues to get caught offside.

    For my money Bendtner has much more subtlety and nous and should be given a proper run in the team, instead of automatically playing Ade, even when not playing well. I know he is very young, but isn’t that the case with most of squad.

    The midfield lacks the holding player which we all crave for, someone who is prepared to get stuck in, win the ball back and distribute simply but accurately.

    I find myself wishing for Diaby to return even though I believe he is not the answer, he only has one foot, his tackling is woeful, and as we all know he is very injury prone.

    Our defense continues to looks out of sorts, I believe the main issue stems from Captain Billy, he does not inspire confidence and this is spreading across our back line. Both Chlicy and Sagna’s game appear to be suffering as a result of the hesitancy which all to often characterizes our defensive set up.

    Having said all that, we do have the resources within the squad to remedy some of these problems as we could play either JD or Kolo in the DM position, and possibly drop Gallas for Silvestre. Up top I would like to see Bentdner and either RVP or Vela start with Ade being used as a sub.

    I know this all sounds a bit controversial, but, I am feeling that Arsene’s perceived loyalty to certain individuals is clouding his judgment and team selection. I am finding it hard to reconcile that the manager who has bought so much success is making so many mistakes and poor judgments.

  42. Arsenal Tom

    I A, i dont have as big a problem with ade, probably cos i think he brings somthing to the team no one else can… no body seems happy at arsenal at the moment now tho… everyones looking at each other to step up and no ones doing it

  43. Stu

    I think we need a defender. Not just any defender, no, someone who has been a defender their whole career and who likes to defend. Someone who would rather win 1-0 than 3-1. This may offend some people but its not meant to. We need a white defender. Our entireback line is either african or has african blood. There, i said it. I just think white defendersaregenerally better.

  44. Arsenal Tom

    i think we need an eastern european defender… that seems to be were all the big no nonsense fuckers are coming from! we need a vidic or skrtel type who LOVES heading a ball out and wont care if there are boots flying in

  45. Geoff

    Bitchslap looks like Jude Law in that film ‘Artificial intelligence AI’ someone needs to take him down the barbers shop to sort his barnet out, he looks ridiculous, will I be watching tonight? Too fucking right I will.

  46. Arsenal Tom

    we also need someone in midfield with a bit of enegery.. flam used to run somthing rediculous like 8km a game… song and denilson looked like they barely did that between them on saturday

  47. goonermichael

    Bitchslap as you call him shoyld take cesc with him to get hair sorted. He looks too gay (No offence to anyone who bats for that side)

  48. freduardo

    Adebayor always looks hungrier coming off the bench than when he starts. even ended up scrappin with his own players last season. I’d like to see that again, that passion, hunger, impetus from him.
    Gallas aint no captain.
    I aint afraid of no Gallas.

  49. Odub

    I’m glad a few more people are beginning to see Ade for what he is…. egotistical, self centered, just above average, and def not as good as he thinks he is!

    And dont even get me started on the badge kissing

    As you might have gathered I dont like the cnut!

  50. Geoff

    Stu, the only defender we’ve got that Wenger signed as a defender was Sagna, Clichy was midfield as was Kolo and Djourou, Gallas was by default but he started as a forward and Eboue who began as a defender is now a midfielder, even Ralph was a midfielder that we put into defence.

    That really would explain why no Wenger team (GG’s back 4 aside) can defend. None of them are defenders so Michael you’re being silly, why would he sign a defender and break with tradition?

  51. Stu

    Definately get Phil back gm. He playedthe last time we won anything(the fa cup), in which we defended for the whole game. He was vital in the run to the CL final and was dropped for Campbell and we lost. His career was really taking off until thatcunt Gallas came along. Senderos was frustrating to watch lastseason butthats only becausehe only got agame hereand there. When he played during Toures ACN absence he got beetter and better with each game.

    BRING BACK PHIL!!!!!!! He is the type of defender we are all looking for. Ifhe was playing instead of Gallas this season then im pretty surethat Hangeland, cousin and Davies prob wouldnt have scored. Phil always tries his hardest but still gets stick.

  52. Keyser

    Stu – That completely detracts from any point you want to make when you say that, you can’t find any defender that would fit the bill past or present ?! Fuck me dude we had Campbell a couple of seasons ago.

    I was joking a bit with the violence, I wouldn’t want them to go around and kick people but just put in some strong tackles that push the limits a bit more, I like that we don’t feel the need to cheat but just wouldn’t mind seeing the sort of passion Parlour showed it is the Flamini style player we’re missing.

    I’ve seen it in Song at times and Diaby, though rather strong chalenges than over the top ones.

    Gallas at Chelsea ? Terry is a good defender and he’s the sort of ball winner and aerial challenge we might need but his lack of pace would get caught out time and time again and players like Gallas and Carvalho bail him out all the time and yet he gets all the credit and the money.

    Can you think of any reason why players at Chelsea or United don’t complain ?!

  53. Geoff

    Odub since you’ve been gone, one of our female Grovers came up with a word somewhere between cunt and twat so as not to offend, much the same as you have, there’s is twunt, I thought you’d like it!

    I’m still a cunt man!

  54. skandibird

    Good Afternoon Geoff/Pedro (and boys/girls); just to say – GOOD POST as usual. Love reading everyone’s comments, it’s almost like being in a room anomyously litsening to conversation between lots of people – ping ponging back and forth – I love it.

    I am also feeling positive to-day Geoff and I am really really looking forward to the home game 1 week on Saturday. I feel in my bones that we will cruise the game against Everton. I want to jump up and down screaming my head off when we score (it seems too long ago) and, if we score in the second half, the goal is near were I sit and players celebrate near me I shall try to grab one of them plant a big kiss his lips and get my face in the papers. Do some of you meet for a drink afterwards, and if so where? I might drop in and ”identify” myself…… finest, do you go ? saves posting a photo….

  55. finestcuts

    Silvestre and Sol Cambpell were signed as defenders, but it’s Wenger’s
    speciality to find footballers whose skills can be used effectively in a different position, Henry being the prime example. We’ve already got Djourou, and he has played well, we could make use of his services, but Wenger keeps going for Gallas and Toure, even when Djourou hit a run of good form, as soon as Toure was available he automatically got selected.

  56. finestcuts

    Hey skandi, I’ll try my best to make it to the Tottenham game, I understand the apprehension of posting your pic online, can’t blame me for being curious to see what you look like 🙂

  57. Geoff

    Skandi before and sometimes after we all go to the small and beautiful restaurant and bar on the Blackstock road next to the tavern, Finest I believe goes to a bar in Poland.

  58. Pedro

    Finest, Henry was a striker under Arsene at Monaco (Record youth scorer) but was pushed out wide to accommodate him in a team that had Weah and Trezeguet.

    I understand why Arsene likes to play around with peoples positions… but what is wrong with buying a centre half and playing him there… or a centre mid and playing there.

    Diaby out wide was ludicrous last year…

  59. finestcuts

    Pedro yup it was, it didn’t work, I hope it doesn’t happen again…..Geoff you weren’t supposed to tell anyone…..:)

    I was calling for Zapata, but top quality central midfielders cost a fortune, if Wenger wants a top quality central midfielder it cost 15-20 pounds.

  60. Pedro

    Finest, I am sure if we’d bid that for Alonso or Yaya we’d have picked up one of them.

    In fact, why didn’t we tell Barca we wanted Yaya as part of the Hleb deal?

  61. finestcuts

    Central defender rather, midfielder as well, thats the sort of price we’re looking at if we want someone off the shelf.

  62. Geoff

    Soory Finest, it just went and slipped out! We could have got Kompany for £6.5 but that one slipped away.

    Tom and Michael, you’re both right!

  63. skandibird

    Geoff, – Finest = Diaby – sure!!!!!! Or, is he????? ooooooooh maybe he is? I’ll try to make the bar in Blackstock Road.. Back to work for me, they don’t like you reading about Arsenal where I work, West London, mainly Chavs…… but, being a rebel, I don’t bloody care – I wear my Arsenal bag with pride and have pictures of Toure (my Husband to be, shame he’s already married) Walcott (actually, even 1 of Gallas, yeah , I know) and an old one of TH (still love him), and looking to add more to my’ wall’ by the computer. Have good day all

  64. finestcuts

    Wed allegedly did bid for Alonso, but we offered 10, on deadline day we made an improved offer but because they were going to use that money as part of Barry’s transfer fee it didn’t materialise. Now that Alonso is performing well I don’t think they’d be interested in swapping him at all.

  65. Arsenal Tom

    finest…. it still fucks me off that all the stories about us buying players were on deadline day… pathetic… if wenger wanted him he should have gone all out to get him and bed him in nice and early… for the sake of a million or 2 (not much in football terms) we now look very very light

  66. Pierre

    Not going for Kompany at £6.5m was criminal, wenger has scouted him for years and still didn’t go for it, because he’s too stubborn and insists on playing Toure & Gallas together even thought it doesn’t work. Hopefully the future is Toure and DJ, bearing in mind gallas’s age, sooner we fuck Gallas and his massive ego off the better, get rid of a bad apple and get a decent captain in at the same time.

    You may have gathered, I don’t like Adebayor or Gallas.

  67. finestcuts

    Yeah and he now has the best passing stats in the EPL which shows he would have been worth it, but on the flipside we would not have discovered Denilson’s abilities, but an additional central defender would have been a better option if it was a case of one or the other, anyway, I’ll catch up on posts later, duties that I must see to….

  68. Odub

    Well Ive heard we bid on deadline date so we can get the player on the cheap, hoping the selling club gets desperate to offload the player, as the transfer window draws to a close….

    Looks like it backfired big time this time doesnt it?!

  69. Pedro

    Finest, if we’d bought Alonso, we could have discovered Denilson’s abilities over the season instead of throwing him in at the deep end and watching him struggle.

  70. david

    When Man U wanted Berbatov, they just steamrolled Spuds no permission.

    Yet they wouldn’t let Heinze go to the dippers.

    Bullies never prosper.. 😉

  71. Geoff

    It backfires everytime, Wenger always goes in cheap, if he gets someone they say he’s clever, but if he doesn’t no one says he’s a tight twat do they?

    I remember everyone saying what a genius he was for getting as much for Henry as the spuds paid for Bent and less than they paid for Bentley.

    Did anyone see the Barca vs Athletico game? 6-1 to Barca? Henry looked back to his best, scoring a screamer, shame no one questioned Wenger’s wisdom after that game.

    What a chump.

  72. ArsenalKenya

    Fears are growing about the prospect of Tomas Rosicky appearing for Arsenal before the end of the season with rumours suggesting that the Czech captain is set to sit out the entire campaign…

    Rosicky has not featured for club nor country since picking up a strange groin injury in late January during an FA Cup tie against Newcastle United.

    Despite scans showing the playmaker to have a clean bill of health, Rosicky himself suffered serious discomfort.

    The 28 year-old underwent hamstring surgery in May in a bid to clear up his mysterious and ‘freakish’ injury, which ruled him out of Euro 2008 for the Czech Republic.

    The Gunners were hopeful of a September return for the ex-Borussia Dortmund player, but after suffering a set-back, that date was put back to December by Arsene Wenger.

    The Arsenal manager has since been left ‘speechless’ by Rosicky’s condition, which may rule him out for the entire season.

    In the wake of the player’s surgery, the bone around his hamstring became inflamed, and now Rosicky is on a course of rehabilitation and rest.

    Arsenal intend to quicken his recovery programme by December with the intention of introducing him to the first team by Christmas, but if he suffers another relapse, the club have ruled out further surgery.

    It would mean that Rosicky would be forced into total rest and would have to miss the rest of the season.

  73. raif

    Hello Grovers.

    lets hope our boys come back hungry after the break. we got everton next and they could be tricky.

    but ur right about todays Post. the selection is wrong. we all see it. why dont wenger? or maybe he does but keeps playinf his favs. its a annoying problem indeed. but if wenger dont sort it out soon we can kiss the league good bye.

    tho i would take not winning any thing this year just to see the Spuds go Down.

  74. ArsenalKenya


    Left Midfield: Armand Traore – Portsmouth
    Where does Arsene Wenger keep finding them? Traore is on loan at Fratton Park but, after this sort of display, surely Arsenal won’t let him stay there forever. He was simply insatiable in his desire to get up and down the left for Pompey, testing Steve Simonsen on numerous occasions.

  75. Dobbi

    Traore was shoking defensively for us last season, however under Tony Adams he’ll improve that aspect of his game (something he wouldn’t get at Arsenal at the moment) and he’ll come back so much stronger… another Clichy on the way 🙂

  76. Dobbi

    Just a qualification on my Wenger comment…. i don’t mean “Wender out” by it, just that he might improve our defence then…

  77. Odub

    How can we be serious about winning the league with Denilson,Eboue,Song as part of the main squad!

    They should be carling cup or plan C players!

    Coupled with all the young inexperienced players we’ve got, I can see this season being the same as the last!

    And AW’s end of season speech will be exactly the same! We had mental strength to get so close, have gained experience, and we’ll be better next year…..

  78. marylandgunner

    I agree with the post today, it’s not over yet. We have some issues that we will need to sort out. Chelsea will drop points, as will Man U. and Liverpool. It is up to Arsenal to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Did anyone get a good look at Cesc after he scored . . . he was yelling “come on, come on” to the lads, to try and get another goal in before the end of the game, and we had two “almost” chances in the waining minutes to win the game. That is what we need . . . that bit of spark.

    I would venture to say that Gallas is going to be the captain for the rest of the season. It would not make sense to take that away from him now. But next season . . . remember, you read it here first . . . Cesc will be the captain.

    Just my two cents. The performance was frustrating to watch. 10 men back with one man playing up. And the Sunderland player who cried because he scored . . . he is a pussy.

  79. marylandgunner

    Odub, I don’t agree. AW is at a point where if we go trophyless this season, his job will be in question. I know that we all talk about our frustrations with AW, but the board has the important job of giving “guidance” when the ship strays a bit too far from its course.

    AW is not above being sacked. I hate to say it, and I doubt that it would happen, but no one is impervious to that level of accountability.

  80. Geoff

    Maryland I agree with the centre back position, I thought that by getting rid of Ponderos he was saying come in Johan, it’s your big chance, yet he won’t play him, I would give Djourou a chance to see who he can play with, maybe even Silvestre with Djourou, I’m going to watch the rub-a-dubs tonight and see what Sylvestre and Bitchslap are all about.

    If you get a chance have a look at Kyle Bartley, he’s a monster.

  81. Dobbi

    I don’t think the Sunderlanf player who cried is a pussy, just emotional and shows he loves his club… something we can do with at Arsenal at the moment!

  82. Geoff

    Dobbi he is a left back, just being played on the wing at the moment, and don’t forget, real men don’t cry, that’s what girls and Gazza do!

  83. Odub

    As much as we all excpect others to drop points, I have a horrible feeling that we’ll drop even more! We’ve lost 2 and drawn 1 already, and we’ve only played 7 games so far.
    Based on the above we’ll lose 10 and draw 5 this season!!!!!!!

    Better start drinking the hard stuff now folks!! Just kidding!!

    We’re going to win the league,FA Cup, CL, the boat race and world series!!

    Positive thinking!

  84. Odub

    On more than one occasion, I’m sure members of the board have come out and said he’s got a job at arsenal for life. I dont think he’ll get sacked.