We can still win everything, It’s not the team, it’s the selection.

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Monday morning and my confidence has returned, why? Am I still pissed? Did I dream something? Am I losing it? No and let me explain why and start your week happy.

We demolished Sheffield United with our children, we demolished Porto with our teenagers and we struggled to break down Sunderland, Hull and Fulham, why? Well we all said it, why has he picked that team?

Indeed why, if he had picked either team that did the demolishing, we would have demolished an ordinary Sunderland, both teams have hit us with wonder strikes and other than that we should have won.

Do you have any idea how galling it is to hear the Hull City supporters singing to the spuds ‘are you Arsenal in disguise’

With a two week break coming up there was no excuse to rest players, we should have gone with the winning team, Christ even Liverpool and Chelsea have sussed that one now, go with the best 11 you have, not your favourites, we all ask why Johan Djourou doesn’t get a look in when we struggle with high balls, we need a defensive midfielder and we keep putting in a centre back that wouldn’t get in any top 6 clubs line up (Song) we have talent in abundance in Vela and Wilshere but they barely get a sniff, it’s time to play our best team every game and worry about the next game after.

I really believe our best 11 can beat anyone, look at the pre season games, and don’t say Real Madrid weren’t trying, they all try, it’s time to believe in your experiment Arsene and play these kids week in, week out.

You have to understand our disappointment when we see a team sheet like the one you had on Saturday, look at this blog and see the comments that were made at 2.45pm, we all trust you, but boy sometimes you get it wrong and there is no need.

You have a fortnight, injuries willing to get this show back on the road, we play West Ham and the Spuds, put out the best team and they will win.

If you put Johan in at the back you can try Kolo as defensive midfield, or even Djourou as defensive midfield, if the back is solid, the rest will take care of itself.

I watched the great league win at Anfield 89 last night and Georgie boy surprised the world when he played Steve Bould at sweeper, that’s right 3 centre backs for the biggest game ever played in the history of English football, he did it to keep a clean sheet and boy did that pay off, it allowed the rest of the team a free putt (so to speak) if there’s one thing you can learn from history it’s history itself.

Forget the tinkering in midfield, go with the flair players to get goals and shore up at the back.

We have goals in us, with the team you have we will always frighten the opposition, but with a dodgy back line the flair players will always be nervous, give them some help and forget about the text book, win the games and the rest will take care of itself, we are the Arsenal and this is the anniversary of our greatest ever night.

Go after the history Arsene, we’ll all support you.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be boring!

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  1. insidealbania

    I was one of those who thought Song can do a job in the middle, I am now putting my hand up and saying I MADE A MISTAKE. he is nothing but a centre back at best. I hope AW can see he made a mistake and not repeat it.

  2. choy

    morning all..

    IA.. you can’t judge song on the basis of one game.. that too after he was out for two weeks.. but maybe he is not good enough!

  3. Arsenal Tom

    saturday was piss poor…title contenders?? not a fucking chance! if i imagine that team playing a proper team and i think we’d get mullered

  4. insidealbania

    Choy, he may be good, but he is not good enough to play in the Arsenal midfield, thats all I am saying.

    One other major problem we have is that our set-pieces are absolute wank. When was the last time you were excited about a corner or free kick??

    Against Sunderland we had so much possestion but had no idea what to do with it because we had the wrong formation and the wrong selection. I hope that gets fixed and like Geoff says AW needs to pick the best players every time. Ade and RVP just cant be asked with playing against teams like Hull and sunderland, but the kids were more than ready for Shef Utd.

  5. Bob N7

    Wrong balance- we needed Nasri from the start. If we can’t beat Sunderland playing 4-4-2 something is wrong! Van P played too deep so the teamwork in the final third was lamentable. denilson didn’t need to be on the pitch – for me Song did his part but the midfield was too narrow and crowded. What must Vela and Bendtner be thinking? They’re both in outstanding form and they’re barely playing……
    Come on Arsene!
    Come on you Reds!

  6. Big Raddy

    Morning All.

    What we lacked on Saturday was a Plan B.

    AW should have left Theo on, and replaced Song with Nik B. Then we should have tried crossing high balls in in. After all, if Cesc can score with his head, then so can our lanky strikers.

    By the way. The BinDippers are the luckiest team in the EPL. Always have been.

  7. favre

    I agree with choy that you can’t judge song by just one game. Look at what happened with Flamini. Saying that, i would rather have him on the bench…

  8. finestcuts

    We can still win everything but on the condition that we get a winning run going, in fact it’s imperative.

    Our league fixture list looks like this:

    Everton (h)
    West Ham (a)
    Tottenham (h)
    Stoke (a)

    Then we have Manyoo at home. We need maximum points before we face Manchester United. We need to play our game, 4-4-2, either Cesc and Denilson as central midfielders or go for the diamond and play with a defensive midfielder.
    Avoid choosing Eboue, he does not contribute enough, 1 offside goal after 73 EPL appearances is a very bad return for a winger. He has thankfully chipped in with assists, but when we have Walcott and Nasri, and they’re both playing well choose them.

    We played Song and Denilson together as defensive midfielders, Wenger questioned Song’s stamina saying he may be more suited to playing as a defender and his initial assessment is proving to be right.

    Why complain that Sunderland were expected to play attacking football, we saw that for the entire first half they had no such ambitions, Wenger thought Keane would go gung ho but he got his whole team defending as he didn’t feel the attacking approach would help them win against Arsenal.

    Wenger needs to trust winning teams, when we put in our best display of the season against Porto, there should not have been doubt that we could do it again.

  9. SHOTjim

    Im not sure if he i fit yet or what is happening with him but why not try Silvestre as defensive holding midfield. Im sure he sometimes used to play there for man u and he an attack aswell.

  10. choy

    we are an attacking team.. we should play to our strengths.. that is all out attack.. home or away against sides outside of the top “3”

    defending is not and never will be our forte

  11. kelsey

    Morning all,i stayed out of the on going debate about hleb,as really there is no point.he has gone.Song was at fault for the goal.We have a great team of mainly understudies.I hear Wenger say rosicky is in last chance salon,if he breaks down again,forecast for return new year he is out for the season.

    Spurs worst start since 1912 what a coincidence the very year the titanic sank 🙂

  12. peachesgooner

    Morning All

    Geoff – what wondering stirring stuff, I feel like making a copy and sending it to Arsene.

    Well done, come on Arsenal.

  13. AR

    The real issue that we all feared when that transfer window slammed down on AW’s fingers is we dont have a standard starting XI. We are still asking ourselves, “what is our best XI?”.

    So i put it out to all the Grovers, “what is your best XI?”.

    I suppose everyone will need to name 2 teams. A team if everyone was available and a team that can realistically be on the pitch for most of the season.

  14. brdgunner

    I think its attitude. RVP and Ade won the Porto game with guile and movement and a true desire for the ball. Then we play Sunderland and the two of them don’t care. This may be harsh on RVP as he did play out wide. However the Hull game was a joke. No one care but Cesc and he didn’t kick in till late on. For a young team if there is anything we should have in abundance its hunger and desire. We have showed neither in recent weeks and suffered for it. And I’m afraid its gone and wont return. To lose at home to Hull then play Sunderland as laid back as that is not on. Its not Arsenal. I am 26 and remember always seeing a hard working team. Its why we have not been relegated since 1919 because of a hard work ethic which does not exist in this team.
    Maybe a good leader would sort this out. Its Wengers job and the issue that is most pressing. I think that as fans we could be more vocal and committed this may rub of on the team. COME ON THE GUNNERS sort it out.

  15. Big Raddy

    Morning Kelsey.

    1912 was also the year Capt. Scott went to the Pole. And Titus Oates’s ” I am going out – I may be sometime”

    Those were the days. I remember it as though it were yesterday !

  16. rayman

    I don’ t think its fair to judge song on one game. He needs a run of games. What fucked us was no balance in midfield and RVP playing wide left. The whole midfield, Cesc included was affected and it detracted from all of their performances. You are dead right that a 442 with any combination of theo, eboue, nasri, denilson, cesc, song in the middle would have been better than the starting line up. We don’t have to be tactically inventive to beat Sunderland. It was obvious that they would pack midfield and try to hit us on the break. Did AW honestly believe that they would attack us and play possession football while we would defend and hit them on the break? That would only happen in a parallel universe, not this one. Ever. Only the top teams will ever do that to us. Its pathetic to be afraid of a midfield that contains dwight yorke.

    Play 442, play Nik a bit more often or at least sub him in earlier if we need a goal and we will beat most teams. And never make Cesc play anywhere other than centre mid again, he is the heart of the team, he makes us flow do not experiment with his role in the team. If AW insists on playing 451 Nasri can play behind the sriker as a no 10 so AW could have swapped Denilson for him, let song and cesc hold centre mid, rvp left (I still don’t like that) and theo wide right. Its people playing where they like to play. But really we all know that a 442 with theo, cesc, song and nasri would have shat on sunderland on saturday. Even if he had given them 45 mins in that formation we would have won. And that is why the reaction to saturdays result has been so bad. We pissed away those points experimenting like a Rafa. Sheer fucking madness. And it must be very confusing for the players and a real kick in the bollocks to team spirit.

  17. insidealbania

    Every team should play to its strengths, and there is no way anyone can convince me that can be achieved playing a 4-5-1 formation. We are an attacking 4-4-2 team and that is how we should play no matter what the opposition is. To play RVP in 5 man midfield is criminal. How many times did we have the chance for a counter attack but had to slow things down because there was no one apart from a marked Ade up front.
    4-4-2 is the way to go.

    And it is so bloody irritating to have to screamers scored against us in successive games

  18. Adebayor...papa

    Best X1

    Ade Vela
    Nasri Fabregas Denilson Walcott
    Clichy Gallas Toure Sagna
    Bench : RvP, Bendtner, Song, DJ, Wilshere, Fab, Eboue

    Good option

    Ade RvP
    Nasri Fabregas Denilson Walcott
    Clichy Gallas DJ Sagna

    Bench:Vela, Toure, Song, Eboue, Fab, Ramsey, Wilshere

    Dream Team:

    Ade Eduardo

    Vela Fabregas Nasri


    Clichy Gallas DJ Sagna


  19. Geoff

    Morning all, Choy I’m not basing my opinion of Song on one game, it’s every game I’ve seen him play, he’s just not good enough, he wouldn’t get in any of the top 6 teams starting line up, not even Hull’s.

  20. Adebayor...papa


    in previous discussions i also wanted a 4-5-1

    but it had no place for RvP

    it has to be

    Vela Nasri Fab Walcott
    Clichy Gallas Toure Sagna

  21. Queen of Suburbia

    I think Song has ability – i’m just not sure he’s what we need in the side. I still think we are missing an “energy” player. And with the greatest respect to Mr Song, he’s just about the opposite!

  22. Adebayor...papa

    Song is too slow to recover after making a tackle

    Shitbitter scored because Song funbled and found it hard to keep up and hustle him for space.

    also Wenger is right…

    he does not have stamina for 90 minutes

  23. Adebayor...papa

    Song is too slow to recover after making a tackle

    Shitbitter scored because Song fumbled and found it hard to keep up and hustle him for space.

    also Wenger is right…

    he does not have stamina for 90 minutes

  24. kelsey

    Song was to blame for both the screamers.We can argue till the cows come home,we can only play with the players we have got.Wenger has fucked up big time,he says he likes all his players to play in any position.He hasn’t a clue how to change the team when things are going against us,and his subs(as discussed yesterday)are ill timed.yes we are an attacking team with plenty of options,yet he choses the wrong options nearly every time.
    I want to feel positive but every time we play one never knows which team will turn up.there is no leader on or off the pitch.Fuck it,i want us to win something this year otherwise we will become the Ajax of the PL, a breeding club for others,which some will say we already are.

  25. Geoff

    That’s the problem, when Eboue looks good in midfield you know we have problems, that’s why I would sack this defensive midfield idea and go with flair.

    Shore up the back.

  26. iceman

    Adebayor’s dad………..

    AW has clearly mentioned he intends to use Vela as a striker and nothing else………..so that slot would have to be…….yes you guesses it…….the one and only passmaster……….

  27. B

    I miss flamini whenever i remember is work in d midfield,his work rate,his desire 2 win,d way he covers d defenders,been an engine 4 da club and mostly his wonder strikes against a.villa n newcastle.I wish we could have/get someone like him(veloso).Wenger will never bench ADE 4 any of d other strikers,can someone tell me why?

  28. Geoff

    The other problem is Wenger always brings his subs on with 20 minutes to go, thing is every manager in the prem knows he’ll do that, he’s predictable and they play to it.

  29. Steve

    I’m told that every English club that Robbie Keane has left, has subsequently been relegated the following season.

    So that will be Wolves, Coventry and Leeds. OH DEAR!!!!

    Have a nice day Spurs fans….

  30. Queen of Suburbia

    Sadly, I still believe we are two years away from winning something. Last season we came close but i think we over-performed. And I maintain that we let a major reason for that over-performance walk out for nothing when Flamini left.

    We are at about our level at the moment. Talented but young. If we score two, we can score 5 but if we don’t score first or even don’t get a second, we struggle.

  31. rayman

    Queen, i suspect you are right. AW may have thought that even with a weird formation we would win so he was experimenting. Perhaps it was with not just the CL games but the tough run (compared to the opposition so far) we are about to go on which leads up to the Manure game. But even then at half time he should have changed it. And his timing, just before an international break was awful. The players don’t look tired or in need of rest. Our 442 formation has pace and goals and people look comfortable with it. I think we can play 451 successfully too but the personnel need to be different. If he is fit Nasri has to play every game, but I said that 2 games into the season. I wonder will AW think about bringing Merida or any of the fringe palyers in to play wide left if Nasri isn’t available. Merida seems to be playing well right now, I also think Gibbs could do a job against a team like Sunderland, better than a sulking RVP thats for sure.

    I have to say for the first time in years i am worried about Spuds visiting us. Seems like the shitter the team the more vulnerable we are at the moment and they are top of the fucking shit league right now.

  32. Adebayor...papa


    i think Vela is as effective cutting in from left as he is as a striker.

    He is suited to the winger role, then why not play him there

    Wenger also won’t do a lot of other things, this does not mean that they are not the right things. 🙂

    Eboue can be a disruptive option …specially with his stepovers 🙂

  33. Arsenal Tom

    after watching liverpool and the chavs we havent got a prayer this year, chelsea destroyed a very good villa side

    i hope wengers got his jan targets already sorted

  34. kelsey

    Hung Chow calls into work and says, ‘Hey, I no come work today, I really sick. Got headache, stomach ache and legs hurt. I no come work.’

    The boss says, ‘You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today.

    When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes everything better and I go to work. You try that.’

    Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. ‘I do what you say and I feel great. I be at work soon. You got nice house.’

    Have to laugh to raise the spirits 🙂

  35. Arsenal Tom

    QofS… if it is then wenger is a mug cos he’s taking all the stick… fair enough he gets paid plenty to do it and id happily have his job but surely he’s got more pride and hes got his rep to think of

  36. Queen of Suburbia

    I think he likes a challenge. And rebuilding after the Invincibles was always going to take at least a couple of seasons anyway.

    I think he will view the job in the long term, he’ll take the stick to get a position where he leaves the club better than he found it.

    If youlook at the teams he’s built, he seems to build them to peak and win a title but they all drop off pretty quick afterwards.

  37. ethangunner

    Queen of Suburbia

    I think he likes a challenge. And rebuilding after the Invincibles was always going to take at least a couple of seasons anyway.

    its been more than a couple ! and we are still no closer to too being top 2 !
    be realistic !

  38. Geoff

    I think it’s Wenger that won’t spend, he wants to prove he’s right, fair enough but start playing the good ones the Arsene.

    I think Fizman will lose patience with Wenger if he doesn’t deliver on his experiment this year.

  39. Big Raddy

    Team selection as has been said is the root of the problem.

    I understood why AW chose to play Song, but to keep Denilson and drop Nasri was an odd decision. We lacked balance. RvP isn’t a left winger, and he impedes Clichy’s play.

    I think AW got it wrong.

  40. dfb

    Whoever’s motivating that team needs to be replaced. No fight in any of them. Then, at the end of the game we see Ade chatting and smiling as he swaps shirts after another 90 minutes of offsides, poor control and bad heading. Samir laughing with Cisse ! (Maybe excusable as he came on late). They should have been ashamed after that result but they just don’t seem to care. They need to be told.

  41. Geoff

    QOS the club was in good shape when he found it, we won a lot of trophies under George, as Perry Groves said yesterday, George started the revolution, not Wenger.

  42. Big Raddy

    But I have only seen the highlights, thanks to Le Grove’s insistence that I don’t record the game.

    Seems like you guys saved me a frustrating 2 hours. Thank you

  43. ethangunner

    to win the EPL title , which we all want to do ,you must have a side that is consistent
    (not only at home)and has depth , experience and can get those vital away wins against shit sides!

    then you will be at the right end of the ladder come the end of the season .

  44. Keyser

    I don’t think Song is that bad he just needs games and we’ve hardly had a regular starting 11 because of injuries and who we’ve played. The way him and Eduardo marshalled the kids last year against Blackburn in the Carling Cup was great.

    Nasri would’ve played yesterday, just feel that he wasn’t fully fit and since we’d played Bolton with some success using Song, Denilson and Fabregas he didn’t need to be risked playing the full game.

    United had Ronaldo, Berbatov and Rooney playing up front against Bolton and Blackburn and they created chances and played well but still needed a dodgy penalty and Vidic elbowing the keeper in the throat to score.

    Sometimes things go for you, sometimes they don’t if the linesmen had done his job properly we’d probably have gone to score 2 or 3, Sunderland were more organised then either Bolton or Blackburn, not to say United won’t win easily, but lesser teams can up their game to at least stifle the opposition enough to get draws from time to time.

    Hopefully no-one gets injured during the international break and Diaby can come back, Evertone should be a tough test for us even if it is at home.

  45. Queen of Suburbia

    Aaah Ethan’s back and already a veiled insult in his first post!

    Its a hypothesis, I’m looking around for potential reasons why he hasn’t spent and are merely suggesting that winning something may not be the brief, and therefore why Wenger might be prepared to accept that.

  46. Pedro

    I don’t get the point of the question?

    The fact is we didn’t win the match… and you can only comment what actually happened.

    You can’t write a blog based on maybes…

  47. Big Raddy

    Geoff, that just isn’t rue.

    Sadly, I don’t have time to have a historical debate jsut now, but AW is responsible (along with DD) for the promotion of Arsenal from a big English club, to a WorldWide brand.

    GG was in the process of destroying all his good years by being such a parsimonious arsehole. His latterday teams were quite franlky awful.

    Rioch …. give me a break. And the story that he signed DB10, is fabrication – DD signed him.

    Of course Perry Groves would say that – he wouldn’t even get in AW’s youth team. The man was a typical GG player, loads of energy, hard working and supremely average.

    But I will come back to this discussion when I have more time. Because Pedro said the same thing, and I disagree strongly.


  48. Keyser

    Geoff – So how much would you put it down to George Grahams influence ? What was the team like, how bad was the drinking and whatever gambling culture they talk about ?!

  49. Queen of Suburbia

    Actually, i’ll answer Lord Lyndseys question if I may Geoff….

    If the goal had stood, I think we’d have won. So i’d have been pleased at three points away from home but i’d still be concerned that we appraoched the game with such an unblanced side. And i’d still not be convinced that we had sufficient energy in midfield to disrupt better teams than Sunderland.

  50. mwt

    I dont think we need a defensive mid, just an ‘enforcer’ – veira was never considered a dm and i think we need a player like him more than a dm, just someone to take control. And at the moment the only player to do that would be diaby or maybe toure next to cesc

    i would kill to see this line up next game.

    Rvp Ben
    Nasri cesc diaby walcott
    clichy toure Djourou sanga

    With vela coming on in the 60th min or so. Ade has really done fuk all this season so far and deserves to be benched…we should of cashed in on him. At least Rvp looks like finding the net more often, plus hes like one of our only players that can make a goal out of nothing.
    And DJ deserves a run out.. give Gallas a rest .. u can say he got injured on international duty as an excuse to the press lol Probably most controversial statement in the forum: I PREFER CYGAN TO GALLAS, least he didnt cry and try to pretend to be a decent defender

    We also miss Rosicky so badly around the box

  51. ethangunner


    being realistic isnt an insult .. and it isnt my 1st post !
    but you can go down several channels to come up with reasons for whats happening .
    and i think the main one is , he didnt buy quality replacements and then some, last season ….
    thats excuse number 1

    excuse number 2 is our strikers are not clinical enough !(most chances on goal in the league ) or we are crossing into the box more than going direct like last season …

    or you can blame wengers persistence with keeping faith in his favorites .

    or you can blame wenger tinkering with the formation .
    however i kind of liked his endeavor ! changing the squad into a 4-3-3 , but against a 4-5-1
    it was neutralized .

    For me vela needs to be introduced possibly even theo with RVP …
    but something needs to be changed up front ..
    and it was a problem i saw pre – season !

  52. Rasputin

    Optimistic and uplifting post Geoff – I’m not sure you believe all of it yourself!

    Surely the point is, very few of us believe that AW will play the best team. Do we even think that the general perception of ‘the best team’ on this site is the same as Wengers? He obviously rates Ade higher than everyone except his papa. He will continue to give the EPL second ranking in his priorities and is unlikely to change his conservative and belated tactics when it comes to making subs.

  53. iceman

    Ethan I agree with all you said about what it takes to win the title…..you forgot one little thing mate….luck…..had we had a little on Saturday we’d all be happy chappies right now……true?

  54. Keyser

    QoS – That’s it, I’m too young to remember much of Grahams reign, I was still more interested in playing football but remember getting to watch our run to the Cup Winners Cup vaguely as there wasn’t much football back then and we only had like 4 channels was it ? LoL.

    When i’ve talked to other teams supporters they talk of how much he spent ?!

  55. Arsenal Tom

    the problem is the squad… its not good enough, we have 1 maybe 2 good central midfielders, 4 good strikers 2 & a half good wingers, an ok defence and a pretty stable keeper

    wenger cant pick a good team if he hasnt got a good squad… its his own fault

  56. Pedro

    Wenger has done great things, but GG laid the foundations. Without that defence, how long would it have taken Wenger to push us on?

    It could have been Villa or someone like that getting into the Champs league and using the extra money to pull further away…

    I think Wenger seems to take way to much credit for all the good things at the club. There is a team of very clever people behind the scenes making everything tick.

  57. Keyser

    Ethan Gunner – You talked of Adebayor’s Conversion rate last season, where do you get your stats ?!

    Anyone can pick holes in a team, but we’ll never known how those players would have reacted if they’d play earlier.

  58. Queen of Suburbia

    Graham didn’t really spend a lot, he tended to raid the lower divisions and he brought through a batch of quality youth players rather than sign the “super super” players.

    I remember distinctly that he wanted Lineker and wasn’t allowed the funds.

  59. ethangunner

    geoff ..

    dont worry ! the lord was 50% right , if we got a win 2-1 we wouldnt be so upset !

    but like i said …

    football isnt about excuses .. its based on results !

    same can be said about eboue ! he got an offside goal count the other week !
    you roll with the punches !
    some weeks you get hit(like RVP ) other weeks you do the hitting (eboue)!

    but be consistent over 38 games and you’ll take home the title !
    and all title holders win there away games ! (as well as there home games )

  60. Geoff

    Okay I have been going to Arsenal matches since the early 80’s, I met Terry Neil, Don Howe and George Graham, Terry got us cups, George brought back the pride and the League title, if George hadn’t crossed to the dark side he’d still be with us now.

    Every manager was at it, George got caught, Arsene Wenger’s brand of football is indeed awesome, but I also like George’s style, we won, I was in Copenhagen signing my lungs out, if Wenger had been there he would have taken Alan Smith off and replaced him with Song or Cygan and we’d have lost, George new how to win ugly, Wenger does not.

    If you want to work out how Arsenal got the money for the new stadium it was us the fans paying and prudence by the board.

  61. gazzap

    I am really losing my enthusiasm for this team. wenger is stunting the potential of a fantastic squad that HE has assembled. I cant understand his team selection, formation or substitues. these are all the things that actually win you games. wenger is making basic errors and losing us easy points. After 12 years at the helm has he learnt nothing? Its bloody frustrating following arsenal right now because we are better than this.
    Our best players are sat on the bench or played out of position – why is wenger tying one arm behind our back? and now we have a fortnight to wait for proper football. aaargh!!

  62. Keyser

    Geoff – So that’s it, it was merry andrunning along fabulously ? and it’s all down to the fans now and prudence from the board ?!

  63. ethangunner


    im not being drawn into an ade debate ..
    im sure you can see how effective he has been lately !

    also ! REMEMBER prior to christmas(last season) in the EPL he 19 goals level with ronaldo .AT CHRISTMAS !
    . from december 2008 ( last season 5 epl goals ) he finished with 24 goals in may !
    or got 5 goals in 5 months for last season !

    and this season is no better !

  64. Geoff

    QOS Graham got Bould and Dixon, Smith and Groves, Alison and Sansom and I think Sunderland from the lower divisions.

  65. goonermichael

    Wenger changed eating and drinking habits , Training regimes and had a hand in the new training facilities and stadium. I think that’s what people usually mean about his revolution. As far as the tteam is concerdned he won the double in his first year with mostly players that were already there.

  66. Geoff

    Keyser this club won plenty before Arsene, and no where near as much as the Mancs, Wenger is good, but he’s not infallible and that’s what I’m saying, he needs to pick the best side, every game.

  67. Odub

    Morning folks.

    Like the post.

    I have however got a couple of questions..

    While I was away the most depressing text message I got was from my bro, a fellow gooner, it said… ”We’ve just lost 1-2 at home to Hull” How the fcuk did that happen?

    Saw the Porto game, we played ok and they were shyte, but we won, minimum requirement.

    My next question is this, why the fcuk did we then turn up 4 days later with a 5 man midfield consisting of Denilson and Song to play SUNDERLAND? WTF?! And what was the deal wih the baffling substituitions?!!

    I maintain, I’ll support this team all season, but dont expect any trophies. I hope I’m wrong. But it looks like 4th again this term.

  68. Arsenal Tom

    if i was wenger my biggest worry would be fabregas… how long is gonna play with the shit we put around him? fab looks a shadow of the player we had last year

  69. Pedro

    Keyser, there was definitely a drinking culture, but I think that was more a symptomatic of the times rather than poor management.

    Those were the days of Gazza in the doctors chair, Adams drink driving and countless other pro’s dealing with wealth in the wrong way…

    The gambling culture is still rife… Matt Etherington, Owen, Carroll and Rooney are all heavily into it…

    To blame GG for that is ludicrous (If that is what is being said).

  70. Geoff

    And Seaman?

    Keyser, so what with the drinking, all the French players smoke, I remember Wenger saying that, Pires was a smoker.

  71. goonermichael

    Geoff The mancs trophy haul is mainly since Ferguson. before that they had been mediocre for 27 years (even relegated). They were the first english team to win the European cup because they were the first to enter. I can’t bear anything good said about them they are the antichrist

  72. Keyser

    Ethangunner – and I responded before to those statements you made and you didn’t reply, don’t you think your being selective at all in how you represent those facts ?!

  73. mgslalala

    I thought a the beginning of this season, ‘We run an excellent business model. We are in the process of paying off the best stadium (still no soul) in the country and we are completely sustainable.’
    If and when the foreign pimps get fed up of their play things, where are chelski and man citeh going to find the capitol to pay over the hill over weight players more money in a week than your average nurse or fireman can expect to earn in over 4/5 years. So I was not too upset that we didn’t go out and make any big money summer signings. Wenger had faith in the young lads coming through and pre season seemed to back up his theory.
    As long as arsenal challenge for trophies (top four finish and a couple of quarter finals minimum), that’s what I expect from a club as big as us. That’s the mentality you have to have as a player if you truly want to succeed.
    And yet now, even though its early doors we don’t look anything like strong enough. Sure teams seem to be able to score some absolute screamers against us at the moment, and there seems to be at least one big decision a game that goes against us, but Wenger’s team selection and some of the player’s mentalities on the pitch have simply been unacceptable.
    I don’t know the answers, its not my job too. But as a lifelong fan it hurts me to see us perform with such a lack of desire and drive at times.
    Gallas whilst a good player has formed neither a partnership with toure or an affiliation for the team he leads. When we were winning last year and he was doing his fist pumping to the red section he was a God, but now the chips are down, he’s gone missing pretty fucking quickly. Fabregas is our Gerrard ( massively committed to an under performing team and the best player at the club, not a hubcap nicking scouse cunt) make the boy our captain its got to be a good place to start

  74. Geoff

    Michael I know, that’s my point, before everyone make Wenger the greatest they should look at Fergies record over the Wenger years.

    Wenger told us in order to compete we needed to move, now we moved we don’t compete, and he has the money, it’s stubborness.

  75. ethangunner

    Wenger should be credited for all he’s done, no doubt .. TH14 PV04 pires freddy , and the dominance of the invincibles team was something special to behold ….
    and a great time to read some positive ethan comments 🙂

    No credit should ever be taken away for his day to day management of the side during that era of EPL dominance .. But times have changed .. the introduction of BUYING the EPL title started with the russian at chevski , and the game forever changed from that point on ! and our prowess has changed since that time also !
    Man U got on board and so did liverpool … Whilst wenger took punts on future talent .
    a risky business , a business that really hasnt paid dividends ! other than from a business perspective .. but this is a football club, a sport .. not wall street !

    so what does that tell you ???
    who is more successful now ???
    what methods do we need to adopt to compete ?

  76. Keyser

    Geoff – I’m not having a go, just if that’s all he’s done than we should sack him right now, forget the board aswell and bring Goerge Graham back.

    I was still a kid back then and if tat’s how it was why did we ever get rid of him, smoking lead to what ? I know Tony Adams was arrested but I don’t know much about the story ?!

  77. goonermichael

    I hate Ferguson but I can’t knock his success (unfortunately). When he’s gone they will probably suffer (Hopefully)

  78. mwt

    I just think hes not ruthless enough with team selections- is it just me that thinks he has favourites? I cant understand if you have players in form playing for the reserves or in the cup side, why are they not getting a decent run in the first side? The only player who has a cemented spot in the side is cesc. Id be so annoyed if i was Bendtner Vela and DJ. Would of been interesting to give Wilshire a run with 15 mins to go or so

  79. Keyser

    Geoff – Fergies record ? Come on dude, how big a club was United before Fergie got there ?!

    Pedro – I’m asking because I don’t know not because I want to prove some silly point, if it was all a sign of the times and players are still gambling to this day ? How comes we don’t have a gambling culture ?!

    If you want to equate what Wenger’s done to times gone by then you need to consider everything aswell as the times.

  80. Geoff

    Wenger paid £13mil for Wiltord, what would that equate to now? so he used to spend, we get huge amounts from prize money and sponsorship and that should be to pay for players, he doesn’t and that is hurting us.

    The future support of the club comes from kids, if we don’t start winning , the kids will support the teams that do, long term that will not fill a ground and that’s what Wenger should be thinking about, not his experiments that get him a pat on the back now.

    The long term, that’s what Herbert Chapman did, he created a legacy.

  81. Geoff

    Keyser, they were the second most successful club of the last century, we were the first, but only because we dominated the 30’s.

  82. david


    I have heard it a few times on here but

    George Graham did NOT sign Kenny Sansom.

    Why do we play 4-5-1 and not have the 1 in the box, the full backs and Theo were crossing to a empty penalty area?

  83. ethangunner


    not really

    im basing it off his latest year 2008 .. the memory only stretches so far ! ..
    but i would also state he had a purple patch in 2007 .. RVP injured .. and bendtner dudu
    both coming to grips with the EPL at the top level … we were down on options ..
    ade wanted a pay rise ! he did show us some form ! but since december 07 he has nose dived

  84. Pedro

    Sorry, Keyser, my initial point wasn’t aimed at you… just whoever said that GG was responsible for the drinking culture!

  85. kelsey

    Some of you may remember Ian Ure.I was on the train to Old Trafford with the players(didn’t fly in those days) and on one of the stops he dashed out to have a bet with the bookies,and held the train up for 15 minutes.Of course players smoked,drank and had fry ups then.I have already mentioned peter Simpson smoking before and after the game.Rodney marsh was another who gambled non stop.Now it is fashionable for players to have race horses(The Mick Channon connection).it was a different world then and wenger did change players eating habits.But as Pedro said some like Rooney have huge gambling debts,as they have no value for money today as they receive ludicrous amounts every week.,at a very young age and act like pop stars and lottery winners.

  86. Keyser

    Geoff – How is it hurting us ? In terms of trophies ? Seriously how close were we last year ?!

    The money still goes somehwere, who’s getting fat off of it ? Kids want to win trophies as long as we get them that oppurtunity there will be hungry ones behind regardless if we win or not, if we sell them on for great profit, even if Wenger goes the Academy behind will still produce talent and the next manager can spend as freely as he likes.

    So Wenger wil leave no legacy ?!

  87. david

    Don’t foerget Fergies sucsess came from the group of players that came through in about 93′.

    Whoever was responsble for Scholes, Giggs, Beckham and the rest coming through needs to take some credit at Man U..

    And who gave Fergie the dosh to buy Ferdinand and the others coz he wouldn’t have done it so easy with no money..

  88. Keyser

    Pedro – I think it was me, I’m not saying he was responsible just thats the way it was, and you read everywhere how Wenger cut it out and extended their careers they’ve said it themselves.

    Even if GG wasn’t responsible is it that easy saying Wenger just took over his team and it was that which won us the league ? Did he add anyone ? anyone at all ?!

  89. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t think anyone said that GG was responsible for the drinking culture unless I missed that post?

    I remember one thing though, my ex-husband came back from England U21 duty one time and told me that 3 Arsenal players rolled up in a limo and fell out of it because they were so drunk!

  90. Geoff

    David, quite right it was Neil in a swap for Allen. Keyser, coming second is losing, it’s like saying I almost won the jackpot on the lottery, did you win it? No. So you lost then? Yes.

  91. ethangunner


    Wenger paid £13mil for Wiltord, what would that equate to now?

    well something happened when we started plans for the new stadium ,
    he got the ‘misers touch’ out of necessity and now it has become habit .
    or the experiment is out of control ! take your pick ..

    but it needs to stop .. because you cannot tell me kompany villa alonso or 1/2 a dozen of the other players we were linked with in the off season wouldn’t be appreciated now .

  92. Geoff

    Keyser, we had an academy before, it was the swanky building we didn’t have, Adams, Keown, Merson, Thomas, Rocastle, Brady, O’leary, Quinn, George and Stapleton to name but a few were academy boys!

  93. david

    Wenger added Vieira, Petit and Anelka and a load of toot. the rest he got of Rioch.

    Rioch finished fourth I believe in his one and only year.

  94. Keyser

    Ethan he scored 11 goals in total from that point and unlike Ronaldo who had the likes of Rooney and Tevez continually doing all the hard work so that he could swan around and finish it off how did the injuries we had affect us ?!

    I’m not saying Adebayor’s the best ever but it’s easy placing the blame on one player, he can’t shoot he still hasn’t shown he can, but people like Eduardo and Van Persie can and when we lost them, that’s when his form dropped, Walcott and Bendtner were still getting to grips with the premiership.

    You have a point in playing Vela, because he could be the sort to mop up chances that arise from Adebayor’s wastefulness but then he isn’t fully aclimed to the premiership and it’d be easier to bring him through in games where there is less pressure.

  95. Geoff

    Ethan and Kompany cost less than what we got for Bentley and half of what we paid for Nasri, it wouldn’t have hurt would it.

  96. Gunner8

    Great post Geoff, I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head!

    We have all been saying it and 60,000 can’t be wrong.

    We should have signed a Kompany and a Sagna type DM, but didn’t!

    We should have sold Adebayor, but didn’t!

    They are both mistakes that will cost us the title… …Adebayor is not interested anymore, you can see that and badge kising and the odd goal aside he is just crap, end of!

    Fabregas needs another creative player preferably 2, to make himself tick…. …that is why he was at his best and Arsenal unstoppable with Rosicky and Hleb.

    Nasri must start every game as should one of either Vela, Bendtner and RvP because with Theo they can all stretch people.

    Geoff, i have been calling for the same thing all season to move Toure into DM and Djourou in his place, but I think that would be a mistake!

    Toure has made three unbelievable tackles this season that have all saved one on ones, if anything it should be Gallas who moves into cm but he refuses to play anywhere but cb? He is suposedly the captain but would instead prefer a RB to play LB and a CB to play RB rather than move into his NATURAL position???

    Although it doesn’t matter so much as Djourou said he wants to be a DM, well Wenger he couldn’t do worse than Song, no?

    Nasri and Walcott must start every game they can.

    Adebayor must be droped and replaced by Bendtner… …look at the stats, he has scored more goals per minute that Ade and had he converted his own Penalty rather than Adebayor then he would have equaled Ade’s tally for the season with 2 starts and a couple of 10 minute cameos compared with Ade’s 8 games?

    He makes the team tick in a Bergkampesque way and he has a first touch FFS!

    Ade IMHO will always be a useful player coming on in the last 15 minutes, because to run around like a headless chicken does not take much warming up, but it also adds another problem for a defence.

    Vela looks ready to start already and Wenger should give him a chance, he changes a game when he comes on and he and Bendtner are already developing an understanding that RvP and Ade will never have.

    The team I would pick now would be


    if the pace needed to be changed with 20minutes to go we could bring on RvP and Ade even young Jack or Denilson at least that is a proper bench for a change!

    Yeah I know RvP is awesome and scores great free kicks (BTW how many free kicks has he scored latetly, it makes Toure look prolific).

    We have also got to stop taking corners the way we do, thank the Arsenal that Fabregas was in the box rather than wasting a plyer tdoing that routine with RvP in the corner.

    If everybody came back from injury and Eduardo, Diaby and Rosicky were able to play to their potential, we could have all mother of combinations to look at, captain etc aside.

    ———-Almunia ———-Almunia
    Sagna-Toure-Djourou-Clichy Sagna-Toure-Djourou-Clichy
    –Fabregas-Diaby-Rosicky Walcott-Fabregas-Diaby-Nasri
    Walcott—————–Nasri ——–RvP——Eduardo

    Anyway it all comes down to playing the right players and at the moment we look a bit like the Dutch national side of the past, this looks like a team with the Gallas camp and the Toure camp IMO which explains a lot, look at how the team comes together?

    Gallas Camp Toure Camp In his own Camp In the Sanitorium
    Silvestre Fabregas Robin van Persie Bischoff
    Adebayor Denilson Almunia Rosicky
    Song Walcott Eduardo
    Eboue Nasri
    Djourou Clichy
    Diaby Ramsey

    I may be making more out of that, but it is what I see with the players body language, I don’t know if you can really include Djourou or Diaby on Gallas’s list in the same way that you can not really include Walcott, Nasri or Ramsey on Toure’s but it is more or less split along those lines… …Toure and Fabregas seem to be both senior but it can best be described as the Gallas Toure faction due to the fact that they hardly speak to each other.

    Well it is a lot to think about during the international break, but please share your thoughts and I don’t mind being refered to as mad!

  97. Arsenal Tom

    last year means nothing now… anyone who mentions that is not realising our midfeild 75% different now!!

    if we manage to get as close as 4 points behind the winners ill be very surprised

  98. insidealbania

    Gooner8, watching Arsenal this season and even last season you would think that they dont practice corners or even think of them as goal scoring opportunities. Does anyone know if you have a set-piece coach or not???

  99. Keyser

    Geoff – I nearly won the lottery, Dayum, did you get the jackpot ? No, So you lost then ? No, I got 5 numbers and the bonus ball I’m ecstatic.

    Come on dude and that’s still not the same, 15 years ago 2nd wouldn’t even get you to the Champions League, Rioch getting us to th and the Uefa Cup would be seen as a disaster now.

    25 years ago and Fergie going 3 years without a trophy let alone whatever before a title got him started, now ? if he’d had that now, we’d never have heard of him.

  100. Geoff Strong

    I like everybody else was staggered by the team selection on Saturday, the motivational sheet that was leaked to the press made reference to belief in our style, play like you play at home, however Wenger clearly does not believe it. He changed our style and formation for Sunderland !

    I have no problem with playing Song, gives us more height, but surely it should have been instead of Denilson. Nasri or Vela should have started.

  101. Confidentgoner

    Well its not down to individual players as much as it is AW’s poor selection and timming of subs. I am still excited about all our attackers and some of our other players. When Dudu comes back to fitness that would be more than a new signing. If he had not been taken out, we would have won the league. He combined very well with Ade and is a more ethal finisher.

    The selection problem is with the defence and midfield pairings. I would suggest accomodating DJ asap. We need to use him either as our DM or a centre back, with Toure as DM. Toure as DM is my preffered option because of his pace. his shots and his distribution and he will allow DJ to be a full time CB. One other area of disappointment is our full backs. They do not overlapp as expected and they are guilty of poor deliveries to the box. AW should changeout fullbacks if they do not fit into a match.


    Sagna/(Ebue) DJ Gallas/(Sylvestre) Clichy/(sylvestre)

    Toure / (Dennilson/Song)

    Theo/Ebue Cesc/(Diaby/ Rosicky) Nasri/(Vela)

    Ade /(bendtner) RVP/(Vela/ Dudu)

  102. david

    Remember the near post corners for Stevie B to flick on?
    We used to score s**t loads from that even though teams knew what we were going to do.

  103. goonermichael

    United’s young team (scholes etc) was down to Krian Kidd. Since he’s gone can you remember 1 good player that’s come through thier academy. maybe brown I don’t know but nothing compared to what’s coming out of Arsenal

  104. Keyser

    QoS – I read a Martin Samuel piece on Beckham and he mentioned how people marvel at his set piece skill and talk of the free kick he scored against Greece as an example, he then goes on to point out he took another 7 or 8 free kicks in the same game that no-one will ever remember.

    Anyone see Baptista’s free kick for Roma mid-week, he has a completely different technique to Van Persie but was still a great goal.

  105. Pedro

    QoS… the stats also say that Frank Lampard isn’t top for anything… and that Behrami is one of the best!

    Watching Denilson tells a different story I think.

    He is just too young to be subjected to first team action.

  106. Odub

    We can debate about what our best 11 is, the point is we havent got a good enough squad to compete this season, and the there’s only one person to blame in that respect.

    The individual players that have been highlighted on this blog as not being Arsenal or EPL standard were all bought by AW, as far as I’m aware it was his decision not to buy anyone on deadline day, so if(when) we fall short again this season, dont blame the players, blame him.

    Honestly, what planet does he live on if he thinks some of the players we have in our squad at the moment are good enough to win the league?

  107. Bren


    Watching Arsenal at present, reminds me of underage teams I have been involved with over the last 4 years. From week to week, you did not know what you were going to get. No consistency. Consistency comes with age & experience.

    Geoff, I like the idea of trying Djorou in midfield, if not at centre half. One way or another he needs to be in the team. I had hoped Song would step up – not so far. We need a bit of steel in the midfield, someone to sit infront of the back four who can assist defending corners.

    Wenger is all at sea at present. He needs a good right hand man. Pat Rice is no longer the man. How many times has Fergie had a new right hand man in the last 10 years ???? Not always by choice, but it has kept him fresh.

    Hopefully, we are having our bad spell early on !!!!

  108. Sparrow

    Hi all,

    I can’t believe we have to wait for 2 weeks till the next game, so frustrated on our performance!

    Only positive was Cesc got on the scoresheet, hopefully he will start the form he got at the beginning of last season. Plus we also get Diaby back, well until he gets injured again!!

    I still don’t understand why wenger got JD signed up to a long term deal and then doesn’t play him!! Is he too scared to drop Kolo?? Does he think that it would ruin his confidence? Who cares, we are here to win games! Same goes for Song and Denilson (he just doesn’t work well with Cesc against the more physical teams)

    Doom and Gloom! :p

  109. Keyser

    david/ goonermichael – I think it’s down to that rule they have in place now where only kids who live within a particular distance of the ground can be drafted for the Academy, players like Giggs would have stayed in Citeh’s academy, and I think Beckham was from London ?!

  110. Geoff

    Keyser I bang on about that Greece game all the time, first of all he had 11 free kicks and every corner in that game and only scored one goal (I could do that) secondly, it was against Greece for fuck sake and at that time they were shit, and it was at Old Trafford.

  111. hounddog

    Ahh Geoff, the secret is out, you don’t like Wenger 🙂 that is why you created this site to have control over the AKB’s 🙂
    Personally (IMO) Wenger revolutioned this club and not GG. Sorry but I just can’t agree with you there.