Being a manager involves many sacrifices, are you having a laugh?

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So getting the best seats at all the Arsenal games, home and away, travelling abroad first class and staying in 5 star hotels, getting paid extra for commentating at major finals in all comps, being idolised by fans, having a lot of free time where you can golf and such, oh and getting paid £5million a year for it, boss sometimes I think it would do you all good to commute on a crowded train and work 8-6 in a boring shitty job, before you make comments like that.

Kinnear has been out of work since 1994 when he resigned as manager of Wimbledon but he lives down the road from Wenger and still affords not to have a job, could you? Could I? …Ok I stole that line from Gladiator but you get my drift!

Onto today, we go to the frozen wastes of the North to play the team that ended Diaby’s career, I say ended as he’s only made one cameo appearance since, albeit to kick John Terry a facial arsehole, but I haven’t seen much of him other than that, so our team should use this to get revenge.

I watched Randall being interviewed on the Arsenal channel last night, he seemed like a nice kid, he smiled a lot and I think if he took that to the pitch like Vela and Walcott do it may help his game.

I think he may bring in Bendtner and Vela today for a change and try and wrong foot the Ayatollah, I hope he puts Nasri and Walcott on the flanks and either Denilson and Cesc or Ramsey and Cesc in the middle with Djourou on with either Gallas or Toure, to help at the back with the high ball. Djourou can also act as a defensive midfielder if needed as that is in fact his rightful position.

I expect them to have a go at us today and that’s why I think we’ll get an early goal, if we do we should try and wrap it up early, they have no Kenwyne Jones to bother us today but beware the Stokes effect, you know trying to prove his old team wrong.

Have a great day today Grovers, we could be sitting top of the league tonight!

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  1. david

    Where did Song play?

    Don’t tell me on the left wing. Or did RVP play there? If so Wenger had Nasri and Vela on the bench who are better in that position than those 3..

    I rated Song too hands up, I hope I am not wrong about him but he is only 20 and has only started 2 games I think this season.
    Most of our players looked crap in pre season when they only played a couple of games..

  2. rico01

    QoS – you are right, and I said in the week, as did others, that Ade needs to stop poncing around on the flanks and get his big ugly head, and his body of course in front of the goal, he is a bleeding centre forward for goodness sake – he thinks he is Titi.. Well if you are reading Ade, you are not and never will be – Go and do what you do best, get in the box, pick up the crosses and SHOOT, HEAD THE BALL and SCORE 🙂

  3. Geoff

    Michael, they’ll be like the England players that supported Sven, then McClaren got the job then they supported him, then he got tin tacked so they supported Capello.

    AKB’s don’t have their own minds, they are sheep!

  4. finestcuts

    Ray, Ade will score goals, but last season of his 24 EPL goals, 6 were against Derby, and Wenger expected 15 of him. Now that he’s made a name for himself other teams will man mark himeven more than before, and the amount that he scuffs, and the way he scuffs them is terrible. He is not a clinical striker, if he’s one in the making it means he’s not there yet and we need one.20 million for Adebayor would have been a good deal, but I’m not sure they really would have paid that for him, he was just being used as bait for Milan for them to get who they really wanted, Ronaldihno, and they got him.

  5. Geoff

    QOS he’s mum must have brought him back from the shops because he’s back, but the plonker doesn’t realise all that comes up in the trash is his name, I don’t read the message, once they go in the bin that’s it.

    Song played in midfield, or he stood there and gave the ball away in midfield.

  6. Rasputin


    How can being stubborn pay off? The dictionary definition is ‘unreasonably obstinate’ – that is not a good trait.

    One of the most important attributes of a manager in any walk of life has to be quality decision making – devoid of ego, stubborness or any other agenda that gets in the way of objectivity.

  7. Paulinho

    It’s not Flamini we’re missing as such, after all we still had shitloads of possession, its HLEB!

    He brought clarity and cuteness to our approach play; he could receive the ball without running ten yards back into midfield. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Fabregas can’t prosper without him! He has no one to link with! He makes a run and looks back and Ade is still trying to control the fucking ball on the touchline! He can’t control the ball nevermind pick out Cesc’s run.

    Oh, and London, watch today. You might see why I think Denilson is “utter, utter, shite”.

  8. Doublegooner


    The structure of his squad now is very different to when we won titles. Unless he buys at least two major players that are different & compliment the current players, he won’t win anymore titles.

  9. david

    The trouble is what other manager can do any better unless they spend £30 million plus every year?

    I bet the team that wins the Prem will have spent £100 million in the past 4 years.
    Unless and I doubt it tonite, us.

    We just need him to spend some!

  10. Doublegooner


    We don’t need to spend anywhere near £100m, but we do need to spend to buy the quality players needed to win a title.

  11. afc4lyf!

    you wont win fuck all with a week midfield that contests of denilson and song that is soooooo weak …..wenger is fucking us up big time

  12. choy

    we have all the fucking players.. but when you put a fucking striker on the left wing and another one who likes to call himself a striker alone up top .. you are clearing fucking things up!!! why the fuck is nasri on the bench? why the fuck are the changes only made after there the 60 – 65 min mark.. how the fuck can vela do anything in 4 minutes?

    what the fuck is the use of a 1-1 draw when we should have hammered sunderland?

    wtf is happening to my beloved team ?

    wtf is wrong with wenger? “sunderland didn’t want to play football!” thats what he said….!

  13. kelsey

    Ray you appear to be in the minority.Ade needs a kick up the arse.he is payed 80/85k a week as a striker,not to play as a winger.At the moment he has no attributes at all,not even nuisance value.Give bedntner a few games and let Ade stew,not he cares much while the lolly goes into his bank account.
    This is not the first time this season that wenger has made what one might call strange subs.When you have a young team,and no real leader the emphasis is even more on the manager,and at the moment he is lost at sea as to who to play where,when things are not panning out right.

  14. finestcuts

    What’s Song going to do against Chelsea, or Manyoo?
    I hope Wenger is totally sure that the fella is up for it if he chooses to pick him again, he may have been a great Charlton player, but there’s nothing about him to suggest he’s Arsenal calibre.

  15. david

    Doublegooner, that is what i said in my last line..

    But every other manager who has won the prem has spent millions+ !

  16. finestcuts

    Agreed Kelsey, we have good players and just when they’ve hit the required level of form they’re dropped!

  17. Paulinho

    Yeah but that replacement isn’t ready yet to impose his game on away games yet, after his limp display against Fulham, so we’re still lacking a replacement in a sense!

    The most important part of our game is the understanding between the flank playmaker and Cesc! Without it we are nothing. Nasri will take a while to settle in.

    We’ve replaced Flamini with Song if you wanna play that game 🙂

    Flamini had zero talent and creativity. Why would we missing him? Cause he shouts alot and likes pulling his sleeves up? His bark is more potent than his bite.

  18. Ja_Gunner

    We played badly today.

    However why are the refs helping Man United again.

    I am not watching the match but soccernt said that Vidic impeded the keeper which gave Wes Brown a free header. They got bailed out last week with that penalty, now this……….

    We were awful but had aperfectly good goal disallowed. Video replays need to become a part of football. I am not saying this would help win the title, but there is too much injustice in football the way it is now.

  19. Rasputin

    We don’t have to spend 100 million – Nasri was a really good buy at less than 15 million and IMO a better player than Hleb.

    If anyone would have actually stumped up the money for Ade, we could have bought a quality player like Santa Cruz and had money to spare – as it transpires, I don’t think we would have needed to replace Ade, we have good enough strikers in the squad…even more when Eduardo returns.

    We need a replacement for Flamini and if Arsene had spent his summer securing the best he could get instead of punditry on French TV we might have 18 points in the bank by now.

  20. choy

    you play 4-5-1 with the likes of sunderland (without disrespect) which means that you are showing too much respect!

    crazy crazy formations!! even crazier subs!

  21. finestcuts

    You can rescind a red card but you cannot rescind an incorrectly disallowed goal, what’s the point in having authorities to keep the game fair when they only apply the rules at their discretion. We need video refereeing.
    Platini talks about rooting out corruption. I’m in Warsaw and the Polish FA has been suspended and criminal proceedings are in place to try and convict those guilty, but UEFA has threatened to suspend Poland from the world cup, so instead of immediately sending their people down to have a look at the case, they say they want to be in charge of bringing those responsible for corruption to justice, yet when there is evidence against them, they ask those same people to be re-instated. Of course it is against UEFA rules to suspend the national FA, but are the authorities meant to turn a blind eye to criminal activities in football?
    Video refereeing is a must.

  22. Queen of Suburbia

    I think what Flamini provided was the platform for Cesc to link with Hleb…without him you don’t get the best from our best player.

    In one I agree with you – I still maintain that Wenger should have sat Denilson down at the start of the season and said here’s a load of flamini tapes go do that.

    He then could sit Nasri down and say here’s your hleb tapes. Now go do that except add assists and shots!

    Song is the replacement for Gilberto not Flamini!

  23. Rasputin


    Players learn on the training ground and will only reach full potential if they can exploit their natural ability. I think Denilson is a different kind of player to Flamini and could not be expected to mirror him.

    Personally, I’d have shown Nasri Hleb tapes and said – don’t do it like that, carry on the way you are. I know there are a lot of Hleb fans on here but I think he slowed down attacks, over-complicated the game and the stats show that his contribution although very clever was not significant.

  24. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t see why we can’t have a video ref miked up to the on pitch ref. It wouldn’t disrupt the flow of the game, it’d be like having an extra linesman.

    We shouldn’t aim for them getting everything right – just more right. And in particular, more of the important stuff right.

    Take today for instance, video ref looks at it in seconds. Goal awarded rather than goal kick.

  25. finestcuts

    Yup totally agree QOS, Platini is just making excuses that anyone who knows about football finds laughable. What is entertaining about being cheated out of points because someone made a “mistake”. Oh but you can’t prove it wasn’t a mistake……you can’t prove it was either. I’m gonna go and drink some beer, maybe that will cheer me up.

  26. Rasputin

    I agree QOS, and I agree totally with AW on the need for goal-line technology. It would have stopped that farce in the Reading game and may have given us all 3 points today – although I’m not sure we would hav deserved it

  27. Nightman

    You CANNOT PLAY BOTH Song and Denilson….

    It has to be EITHER/OR…

    Then place Nasri or Vela in that other spot….gives us 5 players who can score, with a 6th who can sometimes score (Song or Denilson)

  28. Paulinho

    Well, of course, when your sole interpretation of the game of football and a players’ quality boils down to stats goals and assists then it’s no surprise you don’t rate Hleb. People who understand the game and can watch it without looking at Carling Opta can see how good Hleb was. This bullshit about slowing down attacks is exactly that. We looked more plodding and clueless today than we have in years.

    Anyway, Carling Opta had Hleb in the top ten premiership midfielders in 2006/2007.

  29. Ja_Gunner

    Team totally unbalanced today.

    Sunderland parked the bus infront of goal. We had 3 central midfielders on in Song Fab and Den. Therefore there was only one flank working, the right flank. As we saw, even though he never had a good game overall, Theo created that goal from the right flank.

    Our left side was nonexistent, because Nasri was not there.
    The central mids we had are good passers but none are good dribblers.
    When a team plays how Sunderland did, passing may not work.
    You need someone who can dribble and run at the opponents.

    We had only one player like that Walcott, but he still was not 100% effective because his main thing is speed. We had two guys on the bench that combine speed dribbling with close control, Nasri and Vela, even Bendter is better than most on the field at dribbling.

    Did you guys see how the game changed when they came on. Why some of these guys never started is a mystery to me, also why did he not bring them on earlier, its these type of players that can break down a team that plays so negatively.

  30. Rasputin

    Thanks for the put-down Paulinho, but I don’t accept any of it.

    What can you be judged by if not results? What makes you think you understand the game better than me? – that is a judgement that maybe others can make.

    I am not that arrogant that I would insult you for having a different opinion to my own.

  31. patthegooner

    Had to step away for a couple of hours after that. I am still fucking fuming about the Wenger Experiment at the moment

    I didn’t help myself, as soon as I saw the team sheet, I was in a negative mood and thougt lack of ambition and here we go again.

    Wenger has made a massive cock up, probably bigger than letting Vieira and Edu leave in the same Summer. I wont harp on, but Denilson, Diaby and Song were options 4,5 and 6 in that position last summer and suddenly we are supposed to believe that are the answer. Well it has slapped him in the face on three occaisions now, Fulham, Hull and to me the worst performance today at Sunderland.

    I for one am sick of his pre-season bullshit and I am sick of his inability to change a game that is not going right. Jesus look at the posts between 2pm and 5pm on here and you will see that we knew his gameplan would not work and we all knew the subs would not happen until the 70min hooter sounds, Keane must have been rubbing his hands when he saw that team sheet.

    Things need to change and change fast. Excuses about Mental strength cant be given out every time we have an off day, Wenger needs to take it on the chin, grow a pair and drop his untouchable mates, even if they have got incriminating photos of him. And he needs to spend some of the Arsenal Stadium Mystery funding on a decent CB in Jan.

    And my mind is well and truly made up on Song now (It probably was already). The Government official that granted him an exceptional talent visa needs shooting. He is great for the percentages short passing game, but as soon as he has to pass a ball more than 15ft it often goes astray. He is anonymous and just makes up the numbers. I cant even see him picking up the cult hero status that sometimes shit players get at Arsenal.


    wenger is a cunt he is fucking arsenal up big time the cunt is so stubborn get him out now.these players are shit we lack so many world superstars it is untrue denilson,van persie,song the list goes on if anyone thinks were going to win anything think again this arenal team is the weakest team i have ever seen time for a change or tottenham will be laughing at us very soon

  33. patthegooner

    Hleb was a very good player that unfortunately lacked the killer instinct. If he could score more he would truly be World Class.

  34. Queen of Suburbia

    Agreed with that pat – Hleb was as good with the ball at his feet as anyone I have seen. But it’s like I say to my staff if you are not making or helping to make a t-shirt or selling or helping to sell a t-shirt then you’re no good to me!

  35. Rasputin

    Thanks for the respect patthegooner! You’re probably right about Hleb, but he didn’t have the balls, therefore he isn’t world class.

    Some players can look absolutely brilliant because the team that plays around them gives them the vehicle to display their talents – put them in a different side and they can look ordinary. Henri was a true genius, but I wonder if he would have shone so brightly in another side?

  36. peachesgooner

    Why do think Hleb is not setting the world alight at Barca? He and Cesc were fabulous together. Yes Flamini allowed cesc to be free, but cesc and hleb knew how to find each other.

    Nasrii should have started on the left so that we had another option to play down that wing

  37. tappyfeet

    maybe not but i’d rather have him on the pitch anyday than Shittebayor. both as ineffective, but hell, at least one of them doesn’t treat the club like a doghouse during the summer and kiss the beloved badge 1 month later.

  38. Rasputin

    I’m going down the pub – will come back later even more arsey and opinionated to see if anyone else would like to have an argument with me!

  39. peachesgooner


    Think about what the passmaster brings to our team while you’re away.

    Remember I’m a lady xx

  40. Ja_Gunner

    Hey guys, why slag Eboue when he did not even play lol. you cant pin this one on him lol. He must be laughing tohimself saying that “gooners cant blame this performance on me”.

    Anyway, if its anyone to blame this game it has to be Wenger.

    I read an article where he said he thought Sunderland would be a more attacking. I guess thats why he played a defensive line up. Thats all well and good, but at halftime it should have been clear to him that Sunderland would have been satisfied with 0-0, he said that himself in the interview.

    if he saw that fact, why did he not bring on Nasri at halftime for Denilson. Denilson has played every single game, surely he could have made an early sub.

    Then at 60-65 mins if things were still tight. I would have put in Bendter and Vela for Ade and Song.

    We played much better with these guys on the pitch, but as usual Arsene only gives the players 20mins or less to impose themselves.(vela came on with 4-5mins left…disgraceful given that we needed a goal and he has quality) it should have been obvious to him that they needed more time than that especially since the team is playing 9 or 10 men behind the ball.

    Its so frustrating to be watching the game go wrong…and Arsene does not nothing about it, then complains that Sunderland played very defensively.

  41. Paulinho

    Sorry Rasputin.

    Anyway, Hleb’s been injured for the last month. Hard to set the world on fire when your in the medical room.

    Football is more than stats, it’s also about chemistry, enjoyment, understanding, combinations across the team.

    Hleb made our best player play alot better than he is now because of all those things. So we lost a great player and also diminished one at the same time. Double body blow.

  42. ikon

    i am really sry to say i think wenger is going for just the ucl this season. right after the match he said he rotated players because of the tough away game coming up.

    well…. really cannot say if we would be seeing champions league football next season….

    as of now… i will be happy if we get to fourth in the kind of form and “commitment(or lack of)” our boys are showing.

    wat crap… i cannot believe we almost lost!!!!!

    but God bless fabregas…. if anyone deserves to lead the side… it is that boy… he is golden

  43. ikon

    even if flamini is sold to us at a cut price in january i would take him…. and bring hleb back in too….. we are really really missing hleb in attacking plays and flaminin in defensive ones.

    There was one funny moment in todays match where i lip read wenger saying
    “head!!” to song from the touchline, at a high ball. Thats how immature our defense is… wenger cannot keep ignoring it for too long.

  44. finestcuts

    Evening all, thanks for the heads up on turbo shandy patthegooner, I gave it a go and I’m buzzing. 🙂 Listening to a few tunes, at least I won’t be in a sour mood at least until the morning. I complained that Flamini didn’t score enough goals but his athleticism and workrate is much needed in our team, and would allow us to play the diamond 4-4-2 again which would give Cesc freedom to go forward and for Flamini to do the hoovering. He’s being wasted on the bench at Milan, I’m sure he still believes he’ll break into the teambut he may not, and when he was asked to play, he was told to play as a right full back.
    But we’re not going to pay a transfer fee for a player who we could have kept so it’s a case of how do we get back to winning ways, on a consistent basis, ASAP.
    Diaby will be back after the international break, but it takes a while to get into the rhythm of playing, so for the time being we should play as we did against Porto, play our natural game and go forward (which will probably cost us a few goals, but as long as we’re scoring 2s and 3s we can afford to) at every opportunity) albeit with two central midfielders without a designated offensive or defensive midfielder, the old fashioned two banks of four version of 4-4-2.
    That’s our natural game, that’s what we do best, the Song experiment has proved to be ineffective, don’t leave Nasri out when he’s available, he cost 12 mill and he’s worth every penny.
    Play like we did against Porto, don’t mess about and change a winning team that clearly deserved another game together.
    We did have a goal disallowed, but we wasted the whole first half, only two shots on target. Teams are bound to pack their own box against us, especially if they feel they can’t outplay us, so expect that to happen and find ways of dealing with it. No more faffing about with players who deserve to play the next game, we’re not here to give Song the opportunity to play, there are teams like Leyton Orient or Charlton that can accomodate for that, Arsenal is a team which is meant to pick the best players, this is what Arsenal fans expect, otherwise we’d be supporting Leyton Orient or Charlton.

  45. patthegooner

    We usually go for a bottle of Smirnoff and a bottle of Budweiser. Although none of us like Budweiser it makes the best mix

  46. finestcuts

    I’m in Warsaw so I drink Zywiec (there’s no point in drinking foreign beers as Polish beer is very good), it’s a very nice beer, naturally fermented.

  47. patthegooner

    Cant argue with that Finest,

    Right thats me for the night, the sooner this day is over the better. Arsene you better have a sleepless night tonight, you need to sort your shit out before this gets very unfunny.

  48. finestcuts

    I think he hasn’t got any other option patthegooner, he has to go back to playing a winning team. Last week it was a case of him criticising the players for not having enough respect for their opponents, this time it was him. He underestimated Sunderland, he though it was a good opportunity to give Song a run out, and it clearly wasn’t. he even made a patronising comment in his BBC interview where he finished with “you need to learn how to lose as well”. He gave it the one for the future call, but clearly Roy Keane got a lot right against us today, he nulled our attack out in the first half, it was effective. He recognizes that Arsenal have superior technical skills so he stuck with what he knew best, which was to defend at all possible costs and wait for opportunities. Don’t underestimate our opponents Mr. Wenger, or their desire to win.

  49. ikon

    i am in real pain…. my flat mate is a chelsea fan… and fucking watches every arsenal match sitting and grinning besides me. Some day i am going to get drunk and punch him in the face to give him a terminator “red eye” look.

    fucking crap….. stop toying with my club, arsene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. goonermichael

    I’m depressed and I haven’t even seen it yet. I’ll watch motd and have to put up with those cunts slagging us

  51. shootsscores

    this is disapointing… how did that happen!!! im so depressed… is anyone else ?? i mean d draw against sunderland and a fourNIL win over porto… how can we win da league???

  52. finestcuts

    Don’t worry about Alan Hansen et all goonermichael, it’s their job to be smug when Arsenal don’t win, it’s a shame they’re not as smug when it comes to other teams, but they wouldn’t be being ex-Liverpool players (Hansen and Lawrenosn).

    Shootscores, we can get back there but we need:

    1) To get on a winning run.
    2) Other teams aiming to win the title lose points.

    With what we’ve seen so far, brace yourself because it might not get better.
    But hopefully it does, if we play like we did against Porto we can get a winning run, but to stand a chance of winning the title we need to do that every week. Can we?

  53. ikon

    finest…. i would rather not put my expectations that high, they have come crashing down already twice this season

  54. ikon

    its the commitment that is hurting me…. there isnt a real desire to win things among our players and those who have that desire are benched… eboue, nasri, wilshere, VELA!!!!!

  55. Ja_Gunner

    Finest cuts the sad thing about the situation is that most smaller teams, even some of the bigger teams will now emply these tactics of just clogging up the passing lanes. They will stifle our attack and look to break.

    What makes it even worse is that Arsene has said that Sunderland played very defensively, it seems as if he is looking outward…and not inward.
    He is not accessing himself to see if he employed the wrong tactic.
    He is acting as if its against the rules for teams to play negatively.

    It kills the entertainment aspect of the game but itsnot against the rules, he needs to use tactics to break it down.

    He said he thought that Sunderland would play more maybe thats why he went with a conservative lineup. When the first half went by… should he not have realised that Sunderland were ultra negative, he should have made atleast one change at halftime and thats bringing in Nasri.

    How did he expect to unlock them with only the right flank active in Walcott.
    (He did indeed unlock them but it was disallowed)

    VP was wasted on the left flank, that side was totally inactive, and Clichy hardly linked up with Van Persie, they dont have an understanding with each other therefore that extra threat of Clichy was also nullified.

    Nasri should have started, but Arsene does not seem to acknowledge this, after the game all he could say was that Sunderland did not want to play football, well boss you should have made changes to counter that!!!!

  56. finestcuts

    Wenger hates losing ikon, he’s also smart enough to recognise where he got it wrong, I just hope he realises quickly enough.

  57. finestcuts

    Totally agree with that assessment Ja Gunner, you’ve got it in a nutshell, his immediate response was to critiicise their style and tactics, but that’s sidestepping the issue. We had enough time to change tactics and implement Nasri on the Wing, but Wenger decided just to give the team a different mentality, keep going forward, keep attacking, which they did, but it’s obvious that Nasri would have been more suited to the task.
    Wenger had to save face when confronted with the cameras, he”ll have a good look at the video tonight and realise just how ineffective Song was throughout the entire game and how we failed to overcome a team which played defensively. If our opponents play defensive football is our answer “they played defensive football and we couldn’t overcome it” or if a team plays defensive football, we have ways of getting around their defence. Wenger should be prepared for ultra defensive teams and have his team prepared with answers for ultra defensive tactics, if other teams see it as an effective way to nullify our game, why would they not try it? We need to be prepared with approprite responses not excuses. Easier said than done, but that’s what Wenger’s there for, so he better think fast so that in our next game we don’t get caught out.
    Is Wenger telling us that he’s so naive that he did not possibly expect them to put their backs to the wall, pull the other one, it’s bound to happen, it’s a common tactic used by underdogs.

  58. goonermichael

    I just watched the highlights(bit of a misnomer) on motd. We were shit but we should have had a goal and if that was the mancs or the bindippers they would have got it. If we’d scored first they would of had to attack more and we would have beaten them imo. Why the fuck doesn’t Wenger ever try to beat the other team early? He should have played nasri from the beginning then rested him when we were 3 up. Sunderland (and hull) are mediocre and we made them look ok.

  59. goonermichael

    Hansen is a fucking bindipping cunt. And shearer is a pussy face. Liniker is the only one who doesn’t slag us and he’s an ex pikey

  60. peachesgooner

    Havn’t we been here before – no plan B.

    Teams who don’t play a technical game will often resort to 10 men behind the ball. We used to let teams have lots of possession and hit them on the break – because our strikers are hit or miss at the moment, does that mean we feel we need to keep the ball as much as possible? If thats the case its more difficult to get in behind as the build up play is much slower.

  61. David

    I would like to see us shoot more…pls…i dnt care we have 64% of pocession with only 13 goal attmepts and 7 shots on target..

    7 shots on target….wtf.

  62. Stu

    Heres more bad news. Everyone keeps saying that at least there is a break now but the break is for internationals. Most of the squad will be leaving to represent their countries. We will prob get a few back injured and others fatigue.

    Ades and RvPs lackluster performances as of late should open the window for Vela and Nik to start but chances are that Vela will be going across the world and Wenger will use jetlag as his reason for keeping his beloved greedy cunt in the team. hhhhh!!!

  63. AR

    Well done Cesc, you saved us from another embarassing loss.

    I havnt watched the full game yet so cant comment on alot, but i am very interested in seeing this goal that wasnt a goal.

  64. gnarleygeorge9


    Some big decisions are going to have to be made and/or problems identified & addressed post haste or this Premier League campaign will be over for The Arsenal before Xmas.

  65. gnarleygeorge9

    Just downloading Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’08 to my PC. I spose you’ve played all these 14 courses Geoff. $40.00 what a bargain.