Song back and time to blood Wilshere, let’s fool the Iranian.

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We’ve done the race and gay thing, so now it’s time to get back to football, Song is back in contention but that does little for me, the team that played Porto does however, but I would move Nasri in for Denilson, play Wilshere out wide and bring Djourou in for Kolo.

Keane is determined to wipe beautiful football off the pitch on Saturday

Recent quotes attributed to Keane indicate he wishes to wipe beautiful football off the map this coming Saturday.

I think Bone ‘o’ the Iranian president lookalike will be expecting us to pack our team with big lumps and he’ll come at us like Fulham and Hull did, so I would surprise him and strengthen the back with some height and stuff the midfield with creativity and players not afraid to shoot.

That would be tactically brave but in my opinion spot on.

What do you think?

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  1. Steve

    I’m not going to make any predictions for tomorrow after I said we could play anyone and still smash the fuck out of Hull.

  2. peachesgooner

    Do you think he’d start LJW at sunderland? I’d love to see it but it might just be wilshful thinking

  3. rico01

    As my previous post on own previous blog said……………..

    Sunderland 0
    Mighty Gooners 2

    Time for JD and the back – This is our last game now for two weeks, international break looms again, and I dont want any of us going through that two weeks feeling gloomy, So come on Gooners, give us a good win

  4. goonerjay

    Liike your thinking… personally i would like to see Nasri next to Fab and play Vela on the left… totally agree with the Djourou bit though. I’ve had enough of having a heart attack every time we conceed a corner.

    Anyway… it’s friday

    Two women friends had gone out for a Girls Night Out, and had been decidedly over-enthusiastic on the cocktails. Incredibly drunk and walking home they suddenly realized they both needed to pee. They were very near a graveyard and one of them suggested they do their business behind a headstone or something. The first woman had nothing to wipe with so she took off her panties, used them and threw them away. Her friend however was wearing an expensive underwear set and didn’t want to ruin hers, but was lucky enough to salvage a large ribbon from a wreath that was on a grave and proceeded to wipe herself with it. After finishing, they made their way home.

    The next day the first woman’s husband phones the other husband and said, “These damn girls nights out have got to stop. My wife came home last night without her panties.” “That’s nothing,” said the other. “Mine came back with a sympathy card stuck between the cheeks of her butt that said, ‘From all of us at the Fire Station, Well never forget you!’

  5. Jamie

    Breaking News……

    The world of football was rocked to its very foundations last night, when the controversial proposed bailout of Tottenham Hotspur FC was unanimously rejected by the Premier League.

    The Spurs crisis began in 2006 when the Board inexplicably began to invest substantial sums in so-called subprime footballers, each of whom is now effectively worthless.

    “No-one bothered to check if these players had any ability to pay back the enormous sums that had been invested in them,” said one anguished fan, “…the club just assumed their value would keep on rising.”

    With pressure growing from nervous creditors, Spurs were obliged to sell their remaining valuable players like Berbatov and Keane, leaving behind only ‘toxic assets’ like Bentley and Pavlyuchenko. “We spent £29million on that pair….seems crazy now doesn’t it?”

    It is impossible to tell what they’re worth now, because demand for such expensive mediocrity has completely dried up.

    Spurs had begged the Premier League to create a bailout fund to purchase their entire first-team squad, thus freeing up the club’s finances to re-invest in more competent replacements.

    As confidence in Spurs began to evaporate meanwhile, other richer clubs became increasingly unwilling to lend to them, except on prohibitively stringent terms.

    “We were rather hoping for Carlos Tevez from Manchester United,” confirmed a club insider, “…but they’d only lend us Frazier Campbell.”

    However administrators were unrepentant, adamant that Spurs were not after all ‘too big to fail’. After a weekend of often emotional deliberations, they voted not to set a dangerous precedent.

    “We refused to bail out Derby County last season,” admitted a Premier League spokesman, “…though to be fair they had more points at this stage than Spurs do.”

  6. goonermichael

    That really caught me out Geoff. I’ve been on my own in the last post like a spare prick at a wedding

  7. Pierre

    not sure how this will “cut and paste” but here is the predicted lineup from a certain fantasy football site. they usually get it wrong tho.

    R van Persie
    E Adebayor
    T Walcott
    A Song
    C Fabregas
    G Clichy
    W Gallas
    K Toure
    B Sagna

  8. Judith Le'Strange

    We know from past experience of Keane that he will tell his players to go out and kick lumps out of Arsenal, so we have to be ready to outplay Sunderland by skill rather than aggression, because we know that as soon as we make a tackle on one of Sunderlands players, we’ll get a card, so we must outplay them with guile and skill.

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    There is no doubt about The Arsenal giving Sunderland a flogging, but we can cannot allow Big Raddy to record the game.

  10. naijagunner

    i will like him to introduce jack willy around the 60th minute. those summerland guys will awfully physical tomorrow

  11. Big Raddy

    OK boys. I will bow to the pressure. No recording will be done.

    But I will take my lucky stuff with me.

    If it goes tits up (is that sexist?), Non Mea Culpa

  12. Jamie

    Geoff, do you really think Nasri and Cesc in midfield will provide enough defensive cover? Surely this is the ideal test for Song to show he can really cut it in the defensive role in a gritty premiership game?

  13. dennisdamenace

    Just wanted to share this with you fine people again –

    Anyone remember when Jamie Redknapp was playing for the Bindippers (am i allowed to say that) at THOF and went to take a corner at the Clock End and was getting merciless stick about his wife (Louise). The loudest chant was ‘Louise takes it up the arse’………..he just bent down, put the ball on the corner spot, stood back up, look across to the Clock End massive and slowly nodded and smiled, he got the biggest cheer and round of applause in the whole game……priceless!

  14. dennisdamenace

    Rasputin – Re your 10:36 post from the earlier post –

    The best individual piece of abuse i ever heard at THOF was one day, and i don’t recall who we were playing, but i was in the East Upper, approximately in line with the 18 yard line. And Dixon had spent the past 20/30 mins bombing down the flank and every cross he did either hit the first defender, went off for a goal kick or went straight to the ‘keeper. honestly if he did it once he did it 20 times! Then after the upteenth time the ball went off for a goal kick, the crowd settled back into their seats the players jogged backed into their positions, and in the quiet someone behind me shouted “Dixon, you cunt, you couldn’t cross a fucking road”…………………..

  15. Geoff

    Jaime I know I’m in a minority but I don’t rate Song and I would sooner see offensive, it’s only Sunderland!

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    Thanks Big Raddy

    see you all @ about 11.30pm EST and/or 2.30pm GMT game day for some pre game banter. Its actually @ a more civillised time here 😀

  17. Big Raddy

    Naijgunner Geoff ?

    I would def play Song tomorrow in place of Denilson, and maybe JD,

    Otherwise, same team as Tues. If we play to form, and score early, we will be comfortable winners.

    The problems will only arise should we go down (so to speak), and have to chase the game.

  18. adebayor...papa

    how about 4-5-1

    Ade on top and Fab/Denilson/Nasri in middle with walcott and Vela out wide

    Denilson can change with Song if needed and Eboue with Walcott

    DJ should start in place of Toure

  19. Jamie

    but last week it was ‘only’ hull!

    I would like to see song in for denilson and I would expect to see a more balanced midfield – denilson is great cover for Cesc – not his ideal partner.

    Nasri and Clichy are showing signs of a great attacking force down the left and i would like to see that continue!

  20. Arsenalkenya

    We need to outplay them with speed and skill.

    Definitely Keane will tell his boys to kick us.

    If we are 2 -0 at half time Keane should expect a thorough beating in the second half.

    I predict a win but can not predict the margin. It will be a win for us.

  21. Steve

    This is what i’d like to see. Won’t happen in my lifetime though.




  22. adebayor...papa

    Geoff, Ramsey is a bit naive in his tackles sometimes and would end up getting a red card or something…

    it will be a physical game and i would be more comfortable with 5 in the midfield

    of course my sonny will bang in 2

  23. finestcuts

    I’d like to see more of the same against Sunderland. Arsenal are definitely the better team, although Sunderland do have good players, not as good as ours, but they can certainly play football so we need to be at our best. I’m quite sure we’ll win, we’re only two points behind, and we can quite easily catch up.

    Chelsea’s injury list is piling up, but they’re a team with strength in depth, and coach Scolari can certainly keep picking winning teams from what he has available, Chelsea have a stockpile of players who are better than many teams first team players.

    It’s great to have Nasri available, and we have strength in depth as well. Up front we’re sorted, if we have a striker unavailable, Vela and Bendtner are capable replacements.
    Wilshere can play on the wings, Carlos Vela can play left win and of course there’s Eboue, although he still needs to chip in with some goals, Nasri has already scored more than him. I’d definitely give Djourou some time, maybe Silvestre will play some part in this game, not really an eciting prospect but I would like to see how he fits into our defensive setup, and maybe even improve it.
    I feel that giving Toure and Gallas automatic starts whether they’re on form or not isn’t the right way forward, they may have the ability, but they need to be consistent. Sure Gallas has scored some important goals, so there are benefits but I still believe (unless Silvestre turns out to be outstanding, and Man United fans doubt that and they should know, they all say he’s Mr. Average) that if Djourour who looks good to me, isn’t ready, we should get someone like Zapata to give us options. Maybe Alex will keep his place at Chelsea until January…..Scolairi said anyone who wants to can leave Chelsea….and we could make a bid for Carvalho, but I believe once Carvalho is fit again that he’ll win his place back.

    I’m surprised that so much fuss was made over Sol Campbell considering he’s no longer our player. I know Wenger made his views clear on the issue, but it overshadowed the speculation surrounding Theo Walcott. Stuart Pearce wants him to miss a couple of senior games to play in the under 21 tournament which is why Capello thought it was hilarious. I personally think he’ll choose to play the senior games if called upon, and I certainly think that if Theo keeps his Arsenal form up, that Capello will have no second thoughts about including him in the England team.

    On the Sol Campbell issue, lots of fans swear and shout obscenities while at matches,
    I feel the same Spuds who made fun of Sol Campbell would probably be jumping for joy if Darren Bent scored a few goals for them. It’s down to the authorities to warn fans of what is acceptable and what the consequences are should the rules be broken.
    There’s a well known Arsenal song, the one about the men going to bed with Ashley, will that be banned?

  24. Pierre

    when i first heard the “one man and his dog, went to bed with cashley” I thought it was a chapter from his book being read out.

  25. Pierre

    i bet my butcher £50 he couldnt get me some meat off the top shelf, he turned me down, said the steaks were too high.

  26. Geoff

    No Pierre that wasn’t a blog fart, I don’t know the song though, I’m normally oiled when I get to the Grove!

  27. Gunner8

    I don’t know about moving Nasri for Denilson but I would put Djourou in for Kolo and Kolo instead of Denilson… ….ohhh yeah

    Unfortunatly you can not drop VP when he is coming into form especially if he will get his usual inurry playing for Holland next week.

    I would drop Ade for Nik though and bring Ade on with 15 to go for RVP declaring him injured and unfit to play for Holland.

    I would probably opt for Vela on the left and Nasri on the right and bring Theo on with Ade.

    ———Van Persie—Bendtner

  28. 9jagunner

    I think we’ll be needing Song protecting the back four today.
    I also think I would feel much better if we had Song in DM and Johann Djourou and Gallas in CB. Enough of the heart tremors anytime we concede a corner kick.

  29. rico01

    I would start with


    Bac JD Willy Clichy


    Theo Cesc Denilson Nasri


    And let Theo free….

    But we know it will be

    Same as against Porto –

  30. adebayor...papa

    4-5-1 ia the way to go with teams that come to kick us out.

    walcott and Nasri are not eboue and Hleb, they can score too.

  31. rico01

    They are going to try and get in our faces, and they are not a bad footballing side, I say, dont let the b’tards through the middle, and on the attack we still have Cesc, Nasri, Theo, Denilson and of course Ade – Song can just be the brick wall… 😉

    you boy best do good papa

  32. Gunner8

    Choy I know, I was just saying what I would like fo shizzle it will be the same as in midweek, unless we go to 4-5-1 but AW will not change RvP now?

  33. insidealbania

    I dont think JW will start the game, but if we go in front and have the game in the bag I will not be surprised to see him come on as a sub.

    I also dont think JD will start, in fact if anyone is going to be blooded in it will probably be Robo Head.

    On paper we should win this comfortably but I am not gonna risk predicting a score like last week.

  34. dennisdamenace

    All is very moist here in London rico, but more to do with my frame of mind rather than the weather!!

    Looking forward to stuffing the Son of Satan’s mob 3-0 this weekend……..

  35. Gooner07

    In PL, there are 38 games of equal importance. But Football is also momentum, and confidence. We have to beat Sunderland to stay in the title bid! If it’s going to be another insipid performance like fulham or hull, I’d lose hope in Arsene. He has to keep ’em on their asses, and do everything possible to get 3 points. No more philosophy of ‘collective’ games, and no more excuses..

  36. rico01

    dennis – you mean its raining!! We have sunshine, but its cold, even got the log burner ready to fire into action a little later – 3-0, that would be a fab result, 3pm KO for a change… cant wait

  37. rico01

    ditto Geoff, Im going for 2-0 too

    The team will want to firmly put last Saturday behind them, a good performance and result is looming

  38. Arsenal Tom

    chelsea look like there gonna have to play a 20 yr old CB this weekend!! join the club you chavs!

    anyone think daniel agger would be a good buy in jan? he’s stalling on a new deal and liverpool cos he’s nto playing

  39. dennisdamenace

    Nope, it’s dry and bright, but fecking cold, and the moisture is really to do with the amount of overindulging shortly to be done by yours truly……….

    Once again, 3-0 to The Arse, Theo, RvP and Nasri……………..Chaaaaaamon!

  40. choy

    AT.. hope villa get something there then!… but they were raped last year so you never know…

    hope liverpool draw/lose at the wastelands as well!!

  41. Arsenal Tom

    lets hope so choy… nice to see them struggling for a change!!

    anyway im off for an hour 2… peroni time!!

  42. Gooner07



    Denilson definitely needs a rest after nonstop set of games. And in any away performance up north, the CDM should be defensively solid, and physical. Song is my choice.

  43. Gunner8

    7-1 to us popped in my head, but considering I was not one of the feckers last week saying we would smash Hull 6nill I can’t be off my head… …or can I?

  44. rico01

    off for a while guys – have a fab friday, and a super duper saturday for is is pending 🙂

    Catch you all later

  45. Jerseygooner

    Team as per gooner7 at 1.02 and for the same reason with song – Spot on gooner – the score will be 3-1 Arsenal with an Adebayor brace.

  46. BazzaGooner

    Nasri for Denilson?????? So who’s going to be our tough tackling midfielder when Sunderland get in our faces?? Denilson may not be a touigh tackling defensive midfielder but to go up north with a pureley attacking midfield makes no sense…or am I missing something?

  47. kelsey

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    Puzzled, Ginsberg asks Cohen, “What is a Sexual Adviser?”

    Cohen replies, “When we want your fucking advice, we’ll ask for it.

  48. Geoff

    Diaby’s injured so we don’t have a tough tackling midfielder, unless you mean the headless chicken that can’t pass to his own team mates. …Song

  49. Pedro

    Hey Bazza, for the worst blog in the world, you sure do like posting here?

    Yes, I would be tempted to opt for the 5 man midfield.

    It’s defensive, but we have more directness in there than this time last year.

    Eboue has improved, Nasri will have a dig and Adebayor can cause alsorts of problems.

    There is reason why RvP can’t be deployed out wide in that system… he used to do a good job of for Holland and he is not afraid to get stuck in.

  50. BazzaGooner

    I think song needs a bit of a run in the team. He has great potential and was excellent earlier this year in the ACN. He’s more defensive than Denilson who is just far to similar to Cesc for my liking…but I do still rate him though

  51. kelsey

    Do you want some financial advice ?

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  52. BazzaGooner

    My dig about being the worst blog was because i was extremeley pissed off at your attitude at racism in football but i’m not going over that again.

    I’m not a fan of 4 5 1. I think it is too negative. Maybe if we’re playing Real Madrid away then yes but for Sunderland we just need a strong holding midfielder in a 4 4 2.

    Oh & RVP is in my dream team so of course i want to see him

  53. kelsey

    Uncertainty has now hit Japan .

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  54. Geoff

    Kelsey I always do that!

    Bazza I have to say everyone says he did well in the ACN, so what that’s like saying he did well in the Inter Toto.

    I’ve seen him play for us and I’m not at all impressed, Djourou or Kolo would do a better job there and it’s their favoured position.

  55. Pedro

    Cygan was player of the Season at Villareal in his first year I think?

    They loved him!

    There is a player who went onto better things! haha!

  56. Geoff

    Bazza read what I say here because I already closed the racist post, we are against racism, but we said the Campbell affair was not about racism, it was because the spuds hate him for joining us, they called him black because it rymed with crack, if you are too shallow to see past that then perhaps you should comment elsewhere.

    But don’t come on here and tell us we’re bad site because you can’t read between the lines.

  57. kelsey

    BazzaGooner racism and anti semitism is is old as history itself.if we want to discuss this quite openly amongst ourselves without anyone being offended i personally think it’s a good idea,it has been basically football related and i take the exact opposite view from you that it is better to discuss than remain silent .

  58. Pedro

    No different to,

    ‘He’s big he’s black, he’s had a heart attack… his name is kanuuuuuu!’

    Or however it went…

  59. Arsenalkenya

    Martin Keown has blamed Arsenal captain William Gallas for his former club’s indifferent start to the Premier League season.

    Arsenal, beaten by Fulham and Hull in the early weeks, have conceded a number of goals from set-pieces.
    Keown, a member of the famous Highbury back four, believes Gallas must take much of the responsibility.

    He said: ‘Gallas is the one who’s getting caught. Opponents are having a greater desire to get to the ball.

    ‘He’s a quick, mobile defender but first and foremost what you want him to do is attack the ball.

    ‘It’s not coming off and as captain

  60. BazzaGooner

    Geoff Racism is racism full stop. Ask a black guy which is more offensive, being called a cunt or being called a black cunt. I don’t really want to go on about it as this is a football blog so lets get back to the football shall we.

  61. Geoff

    Bazz you brought it up, if you want to talk football, come back. For the record I’ve been called a lot worse, I didn’t have all the do-gooders leaping to my defence though, that ends it.

    Certain people want their money but won’t take the criticism, he storms out of Highbury at half time, fucks off abroad and get rewarded with a free move to Pompey where he got a signing on fee, fuck me I hate the bastard too.

    I said he’s hated for what he does, period.

  62. Steve

    What about…

    Chim chimmeny chim chimmeny chim chim cheroo Klinsman was a nazi but now he’s a jew.

    Is that anti semetic? Although it is no way derogatory to Judism it simply refers to him playing at a club that are self defined by their support as ‘yids’.

    I have defined them in a different term however. It begins with ‘C’ and rhyms with runts.

  63. Pedro

    Bazza, they weren’t singing that he was a black cunt…

    Is he big? Yes… Is he black? Yes… does he take it up the crack? Well… apparently not.

    Where is the racism in that.

    You can do that same for the Kanu chant…

    Anyway… lets finish this.

  64. BazzaGooner

    Geoff if you read my posts i brought it up to explain why i had a dig at this blog…jeeez. For the record I’ve been called a lot worse too…..and????

    As I said if you think he’s a cunt then call him a cunt. His colour has nothiong toi do with it.

  65. david

    Geoff read what people have been posting, they want WG/JD since last Saturday.

    I have read every post on your blog as i always do (addicted) but at least 75% want Kolo dropped..

  66. Geoff

    Baz, no more on racism, go to the previous post if you want to do that, you’ll be alone but you’ll have fun.

  67. BazzaGooner

    Pedro..agreed…..can’t we all just get

    Saturday only change i would make is Song for Denilson. Not that i think Denilson is a bad player but he is a little lightweight.

  68. Pedro

    Exactly Bazza… if Pompey had just put a cover over the Spud cage, we wouldn’t even be having this debate!

    Song for Denilson works for me.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Diaby!

  69. Gunner8

    ohhh before you do, I was wathcing a comedian called Earthquake on HBO last night and referred to Shaq as “a big black gorilla and that the LA Lakers let go of the wrong nigga (sic) any slave owner knows that you stick with the big nigga and let the skinny one go (sic).”

    Earthquake is an African American (to be PC) errr comedian, how is it allright and funny (judging by the audience, not me) for him to say that but racist for any one else.

    Surely he is a racist too, but the 95% African American (again to be PC) Audience were hooting with laughter.

    I switched off after the intro btw

  70. Pedro

    Oh, I watched Pompey last night.

    Traore looked really good out wide… he is fast and skillful but lacks that killer cross.

    Diarra was woeful… he looked like a little boy lost out there.

  71. Steve

    I didn’t want Kolo dropped David, I wanted him to be moved into midfied. Alas, then we have a strong holding midfielder and a big fucker at centre back. Done and done.

  72. Gunner8

    Yeah Pedro, Traore was looking real good and for me he made a few good crosses and some shite ones.

    One that crouch should have sealed, Traore raced 20yards past two players and whipped in a 1st time cross straight to Crouch’s noggin to no avail

  73. Geoff

    Eddy Murphy does it all the time in his films, it’s like the Mike Ashley necking beer thing, one rule for some… except for when you don’t like it.

    Enough said we move on.

  74. BazzaGooner

    Gunner 8 what position does Shaq or Earthquake play in? Is Wenger interested in adding them to the team? Them i’m not interested in them.

    Diaby Is one player I am interested in seeing and I believe if he stays fit he is the tough tackling midfielder we’ve been crying out for. But i do wish we still had Diarra.

  75. skandibird

    Afternoon Boys, well it’s the day before the day; so to speak. I AM looking forward to tommorrow, beacuse I beleive in my heart of hearts that Tuesday’s game will have given such beleif in the team (Porto IS a big team in Portugal) and I think they’ll go on the pitch looking to ”kick arse” – and I hope like you Geoff, that Djouro gets to play, he has a good eye, physical/ strong/tall and I would like to see Vela at some point during the game, and, if we’re ahead 20 minutes to go, bring on Ramsey, I do like hime and see a lot of potential there. (Oh God I sound like Arsene… female version of) – Geoff, I have posted a comment on you earlier post (thought it was FANTASTIC). Keep positive; the boys will do it, and I hope Liverpool(my latest hate team due to Kuyt last year dragging down Hleb and then denying the fact)/Chelsea (mainly beacuse of lardy Lampard/JT (God I hate him more than anyone else)/Manure/Tottenham all loose their games over the week-end. Oh, that’s made me fell better, Red Army Red Army.

  76. Steve

    Bazza don’t get all high and mighty after you provoked a debate on something. Gunner8 probably wouldn’t have made that comparison if you hadn’t kept going on about fucking racism.