Homophobic or racist? Neither, it’s hate. Sorry Sol, stop bitching.

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We had a lively debate on here yesterday from many founder member bloggers as well as many new ones, me included and it centred on formed Arsenal and England man Sol Campbell.

Racist and homophobic discussions will always bring debating to the fore and I don’t want to carry it on, but hear me out if you will.

Sol Campbell let his contract run out at Spurs and did the worst thing you can do, he joined us, Flamini did the same to Arsenal and Ashley Cole went to Chelsea under a cloud.

All were avoidable but all of them went, Sol came to us because he was on a free and a £100k a week plus trophies did the trick, Flamini left for the same reasons plus he supported Milan as a boy, Ashley Cole was just after the money as trophies he already had, so what did we do when Ashley Cole left? We called him Cashley Twunt and accused him and other Arsenal old by Jermaine Pennant of shoving mobile phones up each others arses, he then came to the Grove and we booed him for an hour and a half, why, because he was black? Because he liked other men? No, we did it because he did the dirty on us and we hated him for it, it had nothing to do with being a racist or being homophobic, it’s just what happens.

Sol Campbell can’t complain and I expect if he was on the terraces, he’ll be doing it.

A well known prophet named Jesus once said, ‘let he who has never sinned cast the first stone’ So can any of you good people say you have never said anything nasty about Cashley? I doubt it, are you rascist or homophobic? I doubt it. Hell I was in the directors box at Chelsea and did I have those banned leaflets in my Brioni jacket? Too right I did. By the way Roman, it was me who put them in the toilets!

If the FA want to stop it, dock the club points, it would be easy to gather evidence, if it happens twice dock them more points and remove them from a Cup or two, if it happens three times, relegate them, three strikes and you’re out. It would stop in a heartbeat.

And finally if any of you out there are above this, I hope I never hear you slagging anyone off again on the blog.

Arsene Wenger gets called a paedophile everywhere he goes, that to me is far more abhorrent than any name calling on colour or homophobic jibes, yet not Sky nor the BBC teams say a word, two sets of rules there I say.

So when you next go to a match and disagree with a poor decision, please refrain from calling the referee a wanker, you can’t draw distinctions on name calling, an insult is indeed an insult.

This post is aimed at no individual as we’re all guilty of abuse in some form, so please, if it strikes a chord, talk about it, no sulking.

Except of course me, I would in fact cast that first stone!

I watched the academy team on Arsenal TV beat West Ham last night and the future does look bright, Arsenal could be fielding the entire English first team at the next world cup, now that would be interesting would it not?

Please understand that this post is neither a lecture or a rebuke, it’s a point of view and one we must all address, are we are innocent or are we all guilty, you decide.

By the way no one can prove I had those leaflets and no one can prove I wasn’t joking, except Dickie Attenborough and David Dein, who were in the toilet at the same time

Have a thought provoking day Grovers, I already have!

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  1. Big Raddy

    & I may as well admit it now.

    I was responsible for the loss last Saturday. I was not wearing my lucky socks, nor my lucky Arsenal shirt.

    Sorry….. 😥

  2. Geoff

    Final point on this, I don’t care if you’re black or gay, what matters more is if you look after your wife and bring your kids up with manners, you don’t steal from people and give up your seat for old people, you respect others and hold the door open for women, you don’t cheat at golf and pay your taxes, you don’t put your feet on trains seats and if you find someone’s wallet you hand it in, everything else is PC shit and it’s why our country is going slowly down the shitter.

  3. Mandanda

    Pedro – I disagree with you and Arsene on that one. All abuse is bad but some are worse than others (rather Orwellian don’t you think?)

    The point I was trying to make, and I’m sure has been made before, there are boundaries which we as a society have that allows us to co-exist as civilised people. These boundaries determine what we find acceptable and not acceptable. You may be right, it may eventually happen that all abuse on the terraces become unacceptable but referring to an individual’s race in whatever context is simply not abhorrent. History has made this so!

  4. Steve

    I had a row with one of the p.c brigade about immigrants rights and so forth at work a couple of weeks ago with her saying that they should be funded to live where they choose. She didn’t quite answer too convincingly though when I asked if she’d want a housefull next door to her in rural Hertfordshire. Like most people in this country political correctness is a selective thing.

  5. peachesgooner

    I’ve thrown away my red lace knickers – bought specially for this season – so we should be ok now xx

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Well BR if you do decide to record, can you mention it on here before hand so i know not to get up a 2.30am to watch The Arsenal drop another 3 points, cheers.

  7. Pedro

    Peaches, that is exactly the type of attitude that causes these types of problems,

    ‘I object to the spuds calling themselves Yid army and can’t understand how the jewish supporters condone it’

    You are being PC for other groups…

    ‘If they are not offended, then I will be offended for them and complain.’

    The baine of society… middle class white people getting on their high horses for other groups when it is perhaps not needed.

    I’ve got quite a mixed group of friends, and everytime we go out it ends up in mickey taking over race… but as long as it is done in the right tone, no one cares… that is life. Tell me a group of friends who don’t do it?

    If the spuds call themselves the yids, it is done in jest… just the same as when we call them yids… it is never sung with any malice. If you think it is, get a humour transplant or something.

    I am not condoning out and out racism of course… but sometimes people go too overboard with the race card.

  8. rico01

    Funny true one for you – Many many years ago, i went on my todd to an 18-30 holiday, never been anywhere on my own before and thought it was a good idea – how wrong was i, i hated it and wanted to come home, but couldnt get a flight, and had to stay there…. I befriended a guy who was also on his own, and not too happy in life… We spent most of the time together, and one night, he opened is heart and told me he was gay…..

    One weekend, a few years later, he came to stay at my parents home for the weekend, a shock from London to a world of cattle, green fields and little pubs –

    My father decided in his wisdom that my male friend must like gardens and flowers and such like so off they went around my Dad’s very colourful garden..

    I was indoors with my Mum, who was looking out the window, watching my friend and my Dad – My Mother churps up with a classic comment

    ‘ Do you think your Father is safe out there with him, or should you go and get him in’

    Oh how I chuckled….. And so did my friend 🙂

  9. Steve

    Raddy, if you record we are going to get your I.P address off the boys and you’ll be swimming with the fishes by next week.

    peaches, were they soiled?



  10. rico01

    Geoff – I agree, well all barr the ‘not cheat at golf’ bit….. But that is why I was never allowed to keep my own card!!

  11. Steve

    rico, you went on your own to an 18-30 holiday?????????????? WTF

    No wonder you spend so much time on the internet.

  12. rico01

    Geoff – my dad was safe, but its all about that ‘afraid to come out’ thing years ago, and he hadnt until then. But today is so very different

  13. rico01

    steve – i was young and going through that – ‘my parents didnt want me to go so i will’ stage in life – thankfully that was a long long time ago 😉

  14. Geoff

    Thank god your dad was safe! reminds me of Harry Enfield.

    Anyway answer the question, why was he on and 18-30’s holiday, they were strictly for shagging. Boy girl old fashioned stuff I mean.

  15. Steve

    We’re all coming out now rico. Even if we aren’t gay. It’s just trendy to come out. Fucking hell that’s a weight off my mind. I feel freeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Fuck, got to let the missus know now.

  16. peachesgooner

    Blimey Pedro, sorry to offend you but hearing ‘Yid army’ being chanted at the emirates was highly shocking for me. What was surprising was that the gentleman that was walking along side me – a spud – had never heard the chant before. He asked me why we called ourselves the Yid army!!!!!!!!!

    I assume that its only the travelling scum that use the term.

  17. Steve

    HAHAHAHA Sometimes even the new age parents slip into old school speak.

    “Boy girl old fashioned stuff I mean.”

  18. Pedro

    It wasn’t all aimed at you Peaches.

    Asking what a yid is if you are a spud, is like asking what a gooner is.

    They sing that song home and away… I think they even have banners.

  19. Steve

    peaches, they all use the term and I can’t imagine one Spurs supporter who wouldn’t have heard it. Although i can’t imagine for 1 second anyone in the world who’d claim to be a spud if he wasn’t. Did he have a big nose by any chance??

    I’m only joking don’t shoot me.

  20. Geoff

    Pedro I’ve written a new post that will get all the PC brigade back onto football, you know who you are, so if anyone goes on the new post talking about the old one everyone will know who you are!

    A little complicated, but clever I think, Pedro, over to you!

  21. dennisdamenace

    On the player abuse front – anyone remember when Jamie Redknapp was playing for the Bindippers (am i allowed to say that) at THOF and went to take a corner at the Clocke End and was getting merciless stick about his wife (Louise). The loudest chant was ‘Louise takes it up the arse’………..he just bent down, put the ball on the corner spot, stood back up, look across to the Clock End massive and slowly nodded and smiled, he got the biggest cheer and round of applause in the whole game……priceless!

  22. dennisdamenace

    Rasputin – Re your 10:36 post.

    The best individual piece of abuse i ever heard at THOF was one day, and i don’t recall who we were playing, but i was in the East Upper, approximately in line with the 18 yard line. And Dixon had spent the past 20/30 mins bombing down the flank and every cross he did either hit the first defender, went off for a goal kick or went straight to the ‘keeper. honestly if he did it once he did it 20 times! Then after the upteenth time the ball went off for a goal kick, the crowd settled back into their seats the players jogged backed into their positions, and in the quiet someone behind me shouted “Dixon, you cunt, you couldn’t cross a fucking road”…………………..

  23. Qwert

    I see your point Geoff but I disagree, you CAN draw a distinction between different types of abuse. Do you honestly think being called a wanker is no less offensive than being called a n*****? Chants about Sol “having HIV, hanging from a tree” might not offend you, but they might offend people who have been subjected to racist or homophobic abuse, people for whom discrimination has defined their backgrounds. Racism and homophobia are still very much alive throughout this country, and it is within the mob mentality of a football ground that this veiled hatred is often revealed. Justin Fashanu, the first and still only footballer to come out as gay, got so much abuse that he left the game and ended up killing himself. Paul Scholes called a ref a “poof” last term and there was barely a mention of it. Graeme Le Saux was abused mercilessly throughout his career for rumours of his being gay, because he read the Guardian. Generally this country has done a good job cracking down on racism in football, but homophobia remains very much acceptable. It’s sad that you have to subject your children to this crap if you take them to the football. The racism and homophobia may just be the means through which the hatred is expressed, but the casual use of it makes that hatred seem acceptable, thus perpetuating the cycle of discrimination.

  24. goonermichael

    All these pc attitudes make it far to easy to hide behind Racism, homophobia, ageism, sexism, faithism and any other ism. It should definitely be a crime to wrongly accuse anybody of being any one of these

  25. Geoff

    Qwert, lot’s of people hang themselves, it’s not the preserve of gays, anyway Grovers, we have a new post going on. Non PC only.

  26. Jonno

    Great post and very true. Sol made his bed…and yes, he has to lie in it! The only thing I would say is how to the Sours balack players feel about it? we know the answer. There is no place for racism in society, let alone football. I live in Malta and miss the footy , not the weather! Mind you we do get every premiership and champoins league game live on the local cable channel who did a deal with Sky as 50% of Malta follows Eng footy and the other half the Italians. So I support the club by buying shirts etc from the officail source adn going to The Emirtaes whenever I get home, at least I can get aticket now we’ve moved!
    Have a good day Grovers you keep me close to all things Arsenal – Up the Arse as me missus so often says.I wish

  27. Arsenal Tom

    qwert your reading into it far too much… campbell had ‘mental issues’ i knew loads of people who sung that song and not one of them thought of it as a lynching thing

  28. Arsenal Tom

    geoff do u know what the chant that brough up the racist thing? was it the ‘he big hes black he takes it up the crack’??

  29. Geoff

    And Fashanu was as mad as a bag of snakes, topping himself was fuck all to do with being a poof, he was also mixing with some nasty bastards.

    Tom we have a new post.

  30. Arsenal Tom

    to be fair its not really a chant about race as it is about being gay.
    isnt ‘black’ just used cos it rhymes with crack and it fits

  31. skandibird

    Geoff, a FANTASTIC post; totally agree with everything you say; well written. Refreshing to read someones view without being offended by ”words”, references” etc. Love the ”it was me that left the banned leaftlets in the toilet – I laughed out loud at work – you brave little ”soldier” you …..