Put Porto to the sword, you owe us a special performance.

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Ok a chance for early redemption, Porto at home, go take it Arsenal, you owe us a great performance, we send 56,000 to a reserve team game and it’s not cheap, so you owe it to the fans to show us we can compete on more than just the Carling cup front.

Porto will be encouraged by the woeful game against the team led by Billy the fish, they will be encouraged by Portuguese dwarf Deco’s comment about how weak we are, they’ll fancy this one, but you know what? I think we will more.

Our lions will regroup, dust themselves down and say, hey, we’re only two points are off the top, we can still win this! However, they have to stop strutting around like Peacocks and start earning the huge amounts of money they are paid.

I expect he’ll drop Denilson and Kolo and bring in Djourou and Nasri, switching Eboue from the left into midfield, he won’t drop Eboue, no comment on that.

I expect him to keep RVP and Ade up front but I would be tempted to drop them both for their profligacy in front of goal, don’t get me wrong, I rate them highly, but you can’t miss so many chances without some kind of response, the whole western world is in financial trouble but our footballers are earning shedloads, today is the time to earn it and give us, their fans something to smile about, I think they will.

I commented yesterday about Rosicky and Diaby saying that although they are great players, they are crocks and cannot be relied upon for a season so should be sold, someone said that Rosicky had an unusual injury and it was hardly his fault.

Wrong, he had a history of injuries when we bought him and that should have been picked up when he had his medical, he’s hardly kicked a ball for us in 3 seasons and that for me is unacceptable, for the money he cost and the money he’s paid we could have bought someone else.

I expect a performance tonight and a great game, we are more than capable of winning the Champions league and tonight I believe we will show the world just how good we really are, the boys will be up for this one, 3 clear goals tonight Grovers, I know I got the Hull result wrong, but I did say that Hull would score two, the problem was our forwards went missing and didn’t get the five they should have and proved me right.

Tonight we host a special team and I expect a special result, go get them Gunners, go Arsenal, go!

P.S. There are still 5 tickets available for the away game against Sunderland on Saturday… The Stadium of light is quite an experience according to rumour… drop me a mail if you are interested (tickets@le-grove.co.uk)!

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  1. hounddog

    Well I guess that is the way to react to the deserved criticism!!! Nasri makes an amazing difference to the team. Let’s get a couple more in the 2nd half.

  2. rico01

    I cant blame Kolo, Willy Clichy or Bac as individuals – they are a unit which is not working, they are all in need of a little help ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Big Raddy

    I agree Hounddog.

    After the dreadful w/e I just want to focus on the positives. There is time to look at the defence tomorrow.

    So…. Theo is on fire. The Porto defence is double teaming him every time he gets the ball.

    Nasri adds so much, and he is seriously skillful.

    Fab is looking better with each game, and his pass to Ade for the first was sublime.

    Ade…. I can’t believe I am sayig this, but def. my man of the half. Superb pass for RvP. Some fine front play, and a goal.

  4. kelsey

    My internal medicine doctor referred me to a urologist.

    To my surprise, the urologist was a female, beautiful, and unbelievably sexy looking.

    She told me that I have to stop masturbating.

    I asked her why.

    She said, ‘Because I am trying to examine you.’

  5. Pierre

    we’re not looking fantastic at the back for sure, but with theo and sammi on the wings, theres plenty of goals in this team.

  6. rico01

    I have just had it pointed out to me by my better half, each season, when Robin finds his form, and gets goals……………

    He gets injured……………….. Please let this not be the case this season


  7. Ja_Gunner

    I really think Arsene made a mistake in playing Ade/ Persie against Hull.

    Another site said that Cesc and others spoke about the Hull game with todays game in focus. Its obvious they were saving their b est efforts for this game and overlooked Hull.

    This is why Wenger should have gave either Bendter or Vela or both a start against Hull. They would have known that they would not be first choice for the champions league…therefore they would have given their heart and soul..plus they were on fire scoring 2 and 3 goals each. That Hull game should have had Djourou and Bendter/ Vela..we would not have seen such complacency.

  8. Spanish Fly

    Hi all. Just got back from Marbella, would you believe it rained, typical but its great to see the boys wacking four as it stands past the Portugese champions.

  9. rico01

    dennis – i agree, but he is on and we a 4 up, forgive AW on this fine evening –

    my better half says, you had better piss on him if you saw him on fire, please ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. hounddog

    Fuck all the what, why, who, this player that player, whatever!! We won 4-0 should of been at least six. We responded well after the shambles against Hull. Let’s enjoy it and pick the bones tomorrow. Good night all.

  11. Mandanda

    Fabregas – man of the match

    Clichy – future captain?

    Brilliant team performance performance against an average side, played better in the second half…still our defence concerns.

    I sleep a very happy man, sunderland next

    come on arsenal!!!!!!

  12. rico01

    dennis – great last comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Night all, and no disturbed night for me – yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    One eye open Grovers – ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. rico01

    david –

    I have to differ, i thought Pleat was refreshing, in comparison to Sky and BBC, he defended us all night – especially when he admitted the producer had said -‘ Why is Fabio here, Only Theo is English’ – Pleat replied – Well I would pay to watch this……


  14. Big Raddy

    Fine attacking performance. We must have missed 5 simple chances, and still scored 4.

    Thank you boys, I sleep well tonight

  15. trindle

    Must admit, I was going to comment on the selection of Pleat, but as the game went on I found myself agreeing with him.

    pleased I’m not the only one who thought Gael Clichy was brilliant.

  16. david

    Rico I didn’t like the bit where he said the best players are in The Premiership because of the money..Lumping us in with the Man U and Chelsea transfer policy..

    Nite Rico ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. kelsey

    Yes very nice dinner last night,that is until I got the bill,but she’s worth it she tells me.

    really good performance by the boys,cesc allowed room played the best he has this season and i second clichy was excellant.However a fine line in the first half with clichy saving on the goal line may have changed the game.Can’t believe the second half misses,but who cares.like to see nasri and vela both start and at the end everyone had a smile on their face.Still need to work on our defence but tonight is not the night to nit pick.

  18. Seb

    Good response, good management to gauge the response of the players from Saturday in training and keep them in, everyone looked up for it tonight, RvP gave two fingers to ANR, Ade got two and an assist, Theo was hungry to make things happen, Cesc was in control, the whole midfield were alert to danger and closed Porto down, Gallas showed some good leadership and awareness as did Kolo, and Eboue cracked me up with his stepovers not to mention one or two nice touches. He is probably best brought on when we are 3 or 4 nil up though to be honest, for comedy value.

    On the flip side, Porto played to our strengths by being shit in defence and by not being an aggressive side closing us down, we had bags of space to play our game which is why Hull did so well against us. So any talk of things being sorted is premature. But a definite tonic for fans team and manager tonight.

  19. trindle

    The door of the wardrobe got it at 1.30am at the end of the transfer window, my laundry basket almost got it on Saturday night (a sober kick would have connected)
    … tonight my bedroom furniture is safe.

    Night Grovers.

  20. Truth

    Well I must confess, I ate my dinner early tonight for fear of going hungry again! I just cannot go on like this, my life and moods are being dictated by our results, and I fear we will continue to blow hot and cold.

  21. freduardo

    much more like it. great effort. clichy worked his socks off, great response from him from weekend. great stuff, could have had a hatful tonight

  22. moon

    ady’s finishing might prove to be costly
    he needs to learn how to finish and how to beat the offside trap
    oh.. and how to celebrate
    thats why arsenal are the most creative team: they need to create so much for him to put away 1/2 goals
    but i’m dead chuffed

  23. david

    Ade’s workrate has gone down. He looks tired and doesn’t close down like he did last year..
    And he is badge kissing again what a knob!

  24. MM

    Ade was poor and needs to be droped. for me theo was the man of the match, was really attacking tonight ok he missed a sitter but apart from that he played well. Rvp played alot better tonight and Fab was ok.

    Why was eboue brought on we were playing really well! why not bring on one of the young kids not that useless twat. still a win is a win!

    I was sitting behind the away bench, best moment was the intro of number 12 Hulk!

  25. MorrowsBrokenArm


    bro, if you’re out there, just got back from the Porto game…what a stonker…good times mate.

    david; have to disagree mate, I’m no Ade lover (and never will be), but he fought for alot tonight, and won so many headed balls. I think tonights a night we need to give the guy a break…..not even because he scored two goals and made one.

    Pedro;Geoff. One last time, have to thank you so much. Had a top night, got to go to a game before i piss off back to NZ. First match me and the old fella have been to together in 20 years. Last time we went he was looking after me…this time it was role reversal. I was worried about him getting lost. “The last time we were at a game together you certainly weren’t smoking and drinking”. Thats right dad, and the last time we went to a game I wasn’t paying for the tickets!

    Cheers Le Grove!!

  26. david

    MBA there were times when even RVP ran past Ade to close the defender down.

    But mba what matters most is you and your Dad enjoyed your night and have a safe trip, ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    Bloody hell, we’ve gone from losing to Hull, to beating former CL winners 4-0, & people still have reason to moan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. marylandgunner

    MM, I chuckled when Hulk came on as well. I was waiting for the rest of his Spidey friends to join him on the pitch.

    I was cheering from a pub state side with my wife, and we loved every minute of it. So here is my biggest complaint . . .

    ADE, what the hell kind of celebratory dance is that? It is beyond wierd. I can’t even understand what it is. Even Cesc was waiting for the wierdness to end before the congratulatory high fives were given.

    If that is the biggest complaint on the night . . . well then things aren’t that bad.

  29. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Geoff/david; cheers lads, as soppy as it all sounds it really reminded me why it is I love Arsenal/Football….tonight was what its all about….footie and a couple of pints with the old fella after….jumpers for goal posts eh. I’ll be honest, it was like being 6 years old again, walking out into the stadium…flood lights lighting that beautiful green snooker table pitch…I must be getting old boys, feeling nostalgic tonight.

    Plus the Emarites got the official pass…the old boy was a paddy labourer his whole life….all he could say, when faced with an amzing pitch, stadium, fans chanting…. ‘Jaysus, this concrete is well finished”….thats all he could keep saying…the concrete around the stadium was finished perfectly! I think that was his man way of saying he had a great night.

    …and the boys really came through…even the old boy kept saying “who is that boy wearing No 12…he looks good…I now know Vela will do great thrings for us if the old fella singled him out…and the Eboue step overs….priceless

  30. goonermichael

    I thought Ade did well. Eboue has found his vocation, Come on when it’s 4 nil to do 6 stepovers and give the ball away. Good atmosphere considering I was on the back row but one behind the goal. We should have scored 7 though.

  31. marylandgunner

    Did any of you see Wegner when he was laughing at Nikky B. It was classic. It was after Vela cut through the box, only for Nikky to try every foot to put the ball in the net.

    The camera panned over to Arsene, who was laughing. I did appreciate the human moment that Arsene had. My wife and I were laughing as well.

  32. goonermichael

    I just watched that maryland. I laughed too but would he have been laughing if we were 1 nil down against th mancs? When we were 4 up we should have scored another 3. We were all laughing at eboue and singing about him being better than Kaka. He needs too calm down and not try so hard.

  33. Seb

    That was great maryland, it was like all the stress of Saturday had gone, really nice to see the gaffer and Ricey having a chuckle ๐Ÿ˜†

  34. Confidentgoner

    Get off Ade’s back people! He works hard for the team and if you can’t see that I wonder what match you are watching! STRIKERS can be unlucky in front of goal, but if it is Ade, it ‘s alright to sneer!

  35. Pat

    SO, has anyone noticed Cesc is playing a completely different role this season? He’s like a deep-lying playmaker a la Andrea Pirlo. Thats why Denilson is up and attacking so often.

    If only Cesc’s free kicks were as good as Pirlo’s…

  36. Jjluckysome

    Please please give Ade a rest…..he did well tonight and doesnt deserve criticism. well what can you really say about Ebuoe? love him hate him, he will always be Ebuoe. I secretly think that he will be important this season though….just a gut feeling. Maybe he will score the winning goal in the Champions L final(if only wishes were horse. i would ride to the emirates the day Ebuoe pulls off a step-over and score in the process! )

  37. ikon

    pat i think its the other way round… denilson going ahead so often doesnt allow cesc to attack that much.
    Still i feel his eye for passes and long balls is certainly back.

    Good performance against porto… still denilson needs to buckle up.

    Sunderland needs the sword too….

  38. skaajon

    good game yesterday, but portor had a couple of good chances early.
    Noticed Alex Manninger played for juventus.

  39. Confidentgoner

    I think the porto chances were due to our defenders going foward too much without cover and they nearly took us on the break

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Let me tell you, Geoff & Confident, I’ve enjoyed the win today, & the free run @ news updates on Fox. Its great when Arsenal wins.

  41. favre

    Eboue did give something besides comedy value. He helped set up that Bendtner penalty.. Although those stepovers were classic.

  42. kelsey

    Well what do we know,all our input yet basically the same team.noticed Capello watching Theo.RVP is still the most clinical,and Nic seems to be enjoying life,played well and smiled.Must keep theo in the team with Nasri and even Vela who is riding high with confidence should get a start.Eboue is Eboue and should solely be used as sub at right back,if we have to.What a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. kelsey

    Its david pleat’s mis pronounciation of names that annoys me most!
    “Kakarrr” (Kakรก)
    Dirk Kurt” (Dirk Kuyt)
    “Doo-Roy”, “Dough-Roy” (johan djourou)
    “Shev-shenko” (Andriy Shevchenko)
    “Cliche” (Gael Clichy)
    “Evrice” (Patrice Evra)
    “Berbov” (Dimitar Berbatov)
    “Ro Sicky” (rosicky)
    “Abuwee” (eboue)

    just a few of the names he gets wrong….

  44. t-buzz

    Morning all.
    Kelsey, you have to agree, as stupid as his pronounciations are, they are quite amusing!! Especially the Eboue one. He’s just ignorrant I guess.