Le Exchange: Tickets available for tomorrow and Saturday.

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A cheeky evening post Grovers!

As you know, we have set up an exchange service so that you the fans can buy up the unwanted spares of season ticket holders that cannot attend games for any reason.

So far we have shifted a season ticket and about 10 normal tickets!

All tickets are sold at cost… and below is an update of what we have available.

Paul: 2 spare tickets vs Porto. Face value £44 + £50 each.

Rob: 4 spare tickets vs Sunderland. Face value £33 each.

Henry: 1 spare ticket vs Sunderland. Face value £33 each.

If any take your fancy, drop me and e-mail and I’ll put you in contact with the owners of the tickets and you can do all the rest!

In other news, Arsenal.com reports that Arsene Wenger isn’t dishing out punishment for the Hull game,

“Punishment? No, you know sometimes you make changes because you consider the other team, you consider the balance of your team, sometimes because one player is not at his best,”

I would hazard a guess and say he will punish certain players, but not publicly… you don’t air your dirty laundry in public and all that!

I hope the boys are pumped for tomorrow because I’d like to get the Hull game out of the system as quickly as possible!

It sure is going to be interesting to see who he leaves on the bench… Kolo or Gallas?

Anyway… more from Geoff in the morning! Have a good one!

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  1. Big Raddy

    This double posting is too much for me !

    Think I will get the girlfriend to make some food.

    And it had better be good, or she will be put on the subs bench. Some of her mistakes over the weekend made me ‘physically sick’ ……

  2. Mandanda

    I think Kolo would start as he answered the questions in the pre-match conference. It is unlikely that a player that answers questions in these pre-match conferences does not start. Would have preferred to see JD start with Gallas but I fear it may be Toure-Gallas again. This should be our biggest test yet.

  3. Big Raddy

    Not the same since Moaninho left, but still a decent team. Very good at home.

    So do I Wrighty, but would like to see a change. Shame Song is out, as I think he would have played ahead of Denilson, who looks like he needs a rest

  4. Geoff

    Porto? they think they’re good but we;ll stuff ’em, prepare for a confidence boosting blog manana Grovers.

    Nice post Pedro, I reckon Le Grove is the only blog that offers face value tickets to it readers, top posting! And top Grovers for making them available, are you doing that AKB sites? My arse you are.

  5. Metal Gear

    From what I’ve heard they’ve really improved and they have got some dangerous players going forward (can’t remember the names) but defensively I was told there a shambles a bit like us basically.

  6. kelsey

    Five Secrets to a perfect relationship.

    1. It’s important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks, cleans, and has a job.
    2. It’s important to have a woman who can make you laugh.
    3. It’s important to have a woman you can trust and never lies
    4. It’s important to have a woman who’s good in bed and likes being with you.
    5. It’s absolutely F*****g vital these four women don’t know each other

    Thought I would change the mood for tomorrow 🙂

  7. hounddog

    Geoff. It is hardly Rosicky’s fault if the medical staff misdiagnosed his problem. The guy had to have an additional piece of tendon attached to correct a muscle imbalance. That is hardly his fault now is it.

  8. Sam

    Hi, seeing your selling tickets do you know how I could get hold of 2 tickets for the Liverpool V The mighty gunners at Anfield?
    Help would be most appreciated.
    Thanks a lot

  9. Rasputin

    I’ve just been listening to Ian Wright and Durham on Talksport. Callers are saying we booed the team off? I was at the game and didn’t hear any booing.

    Too many people left before the end. It reflects badly on Arsenal fans in general and makes us look like bad losers.

    I bloody hope AW does penalise Ade/Gallas etc and while he’s at it he should give himself a bloody good telling off for not having the cojones to make changes earlier and substitute the ‘complacent ones’ at half time – Moaninho often did that and it worked. Is he really scared of upsetting Gallas? – he didn’t mind pissing off mad Jens

  10. afc4lyf!

    i just want to make a point about your le chump picture of gallas, your saying that if our players were as immature as him they would have been sulkin after the loss to hull!…….. but i want to make 1 fing clear….in my opinion gallas was the player who showed heart during the hull game…. he not only tried his ultimate best, but he was the only 1 who came towards teh arsenal fans and applauded them…. now if u call that commitment, sulkin, then i would love him to sulk every single game! question to the board…. who is the most commited player at arsenal? Gallas imo!

  11. kelsey

    Yes,yes,yes we are going out alright.

    Seriously,everytime we play and i mean for the last season upto now,i never know which team will turn up.The so called first team had a whole week off before the Hull game,do you think any of the other top 4 would lose at home to them or even lose away to fulham.Consistency is the key,and remember we played most of last season without RVP and Rosicky,toure hasn’t been the same since the ANC,gallas is no captain,but what does wenger do,he buys nasri,and vela(who needs to have a run in the team)and stashes the cash without strengthening the squad.So now we have theo,eboue,diaby(when fit)all being tried in different positions.Even vela when he came on,played on the right,3 days after having a blinder on the left.Is wenger becomig a small man’s benitez.

  12. Rasputin

    I can’t condone booing, its not targetting the culprit but punishing the team. A lot of the players looked totally shell-shocked when they came off.

    And by the way Mr Wenger – you weren’t the only one who felt sick. There were a lot of people there who earn under £15,00 a year , not a week and who paid £60 for a ticket to watch that load of rubbish

  13. Pedro

    MBA… yes they are mate! E-mail me if you want them and I’ll put you in touch…


    Cheers Geoff! I think we are the only site offering that service… and hopefully we can do a deal to get some more… watch this space Grovers!

    There was a tiny amount of booing… more at the result I suspect.

  14. Rasputin

    Song can’t have injured his hip during the warm up – he spent most of the second half sprinting up the touchline in front of me in the vain hope it might dawn on Wenger that he could possibly be an alternative to Eb booooo e

  15. Rasputin

    Kelsey – I wasn’t doubting you, its just more misinformation coming out of the club. Still it gives AW a chance to backtrack from his vow to make significant changes.

    It’s coming to something when you would love to see Sylvestre in the defence in front of ‘established’ players!

  16. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Pedro. Left a message, wil let you know how it goes.

    Was just in Porto at the weekend, caught a porto game friday night….they looked petty handy…certainly no cake walk tomorrow night. Well come through though, wouldn’t mind seeing Vela get a start….see if AW really is going to mix things up.

  17. Danish Gooner

    We have shot our load for this season it will be another struggle tomorrow no matter how much positive spin Wenger or the players put on it.

  18. Rasputin

    Choy – if Song got injured at the CC why was he on the bench and warming up at the Hull game 4 days later. Doesn’t really matter, if he’s injured, he’s injured! we should be used to that by now.

    Personally I don’t reckon Diaby will ever be injury free for extended periods and the same could be true of Rosicky, although he may have the better chance of the two.

  19. choy


    “Song has still not recovered,” said Wenger. “I had him on the bench on Saturday but he did not feel comfortable and he had a little setback. That shows you that we lost a player through the Carling Cup – once again.

    so who’s going to be midfield partner for fab? please don’t tell me passmaster!!!

  20. Rasputin

    Choy – what a bloody shame Ade and Gallas aren’t injury prone? Personally, I’d be happy to injure Eboue for the sake of all gooners.

    I’m beginning to think that AW will play pretty much the same team as saturday and hail them as having ‘fantastic fighting spirit’ if we win.

  21. Wrighty7

    Danish Gooner,

    I repect your opinions as a fellow Gooner but come on mate. I don’t think I’ve ever read a positive comment from you, even on my blog!

    It’s not bad mate. Its too early in the season to say we’ve shot our load! Although it did make me laugh!

  22. goonermichael

    I’m re formatting my pc at the moment (people who write viruses should be muurdered) My first match of the season proper tomorrow. I’ve never seen anything but an Arsenal win (only 10 games) so I’m the lucky charm for tomorrow. The kids aren’t doing too well at the moment 2-0 down to Villa half time.

  23. Paulinho

    Reserves are identical to first team. Lazy, complacent twats. What is it with this club? Are the mentally flaws of Wenger leaving an idelible markon all aspects of the club?

    Where’s Merida? Cocquelin?

    AFC4ly, spot on about Gallas. He tries.

  24. kelsey

    thankd hounddog,trying to stay awake the table is booked for 10.30 everything is late here.

    how can siong be on the bench if he was injured in the c.c. what the fuck is wrong with the club putting an injured player as one of the subs.just imagine saying it’s only a little knock,get out there make it a good injury and then you can join your mates and have two months off,fucking laughable

  25. goonermichael

    Kelsey I enjoyed your joke.
    If your wife comes out of the kitchen shouting at you what have you done wrong?

    Made the chain too loong


    wrighty7 sorry mate we have lost two so far you can loose possibly four in a season if you want to win the epl,so with the chavs, manure, pool away can you honestly say you are confident of coming away with at least 7 pionts out of those fixtures because thats what will be needed if we want the epl,
    the facts are that the boss is so arrogant he will not listen to what we say ,the facts are that the two cb’s he plays week in week out are not good enough ,
    the proof was there last season and in the two defeats this season ,we have all seen it with our own eyes if we get a result tommorow he will smugly say the team were fantastic and responded in the right way ,the facts are that we have learned nothing from last season when we are on top in a game we cannot finish teams off ruthlessly ,come on we all know that the mancs and the chavs will not loose at home to HULL….

  27. choy

    we need to go on a rampage streak now.. thats all i can see… and hope that others drop points!! we lost to hull ffs and fulham…

    we haven’t even played villa everton pompey and the likes!!!

  28. kenny smith

    dont agree with AFC4ly, Gallas can applaud all the fans if he wants it still doesnt take away the fact that Gallas cant mark people


    it was toure who let the cunt go not gallas.gallas has saved us so many times toure is deadout now i cant even remember the last time the cunt scored an important goal maybe hes to busy being scared

  30. Big Raddy

    Dropping Kolo would give a signal to the rest of the team that no-one is irreplacable. (except Cesc).

    Ade needs some bench time, as does RvP, though I am not sure they should be out of the team together. RvP and NB, or Vela could be the way to go.


  31. Pedro

    Raddy, JD and Gallas would work well together… For starters, they look like they are buddies… Kolo and Gallas are far from it.

    Dropping both is defintly a no no… RvP and Nik sounds like a good combo and it would give Ade a kick up the ass.

    Ade would also work well as an impact sub… imagine that lump coming off the bench to terrorise you for the last 20? Scary stuff…

    If we have a squad that is jam packed full of as much quality as Wenger says we have… lets not be afraid to use it!

  32. Big Raddy

    I stopped listening to Talkshit years ago. They have always had an anti-Arsenal bias. What with Danny ‘Millwall’ Baker, and that Spurs loving twat with the glasses (cannot recall his name, but he thinks he is god’s gift).

    At least Baker has a sense of humour. But Wrighty has become a sad parody of the man I once loved, and Durham – well, I don’t have words for him….

    There will always be stupid people, the art is to recognise them and discount them.

  33. Ja_Gunner

    Hey grovers.

    I watched the Hull game and I must say the entire team was off.

    Some ppl blame individuals but I blame the whole team.

    Also I refuse to blame Denilson, he was actually more reserved in the game. He sat back much more than usual as if Arsene spoke to him telling him to sit back more. This allowed Cesc to dictate the game more….but he was still way off, he gave the ball away several times, he only got his radar going late in the game when we really needed a goal.

    From this game I can say I dont think its Denilson that is throwing Cesc off….Cesc is just totally off his game for some reason, he is not the same player of last year, and he does seem as if he is enjoying himself he always has blank/upset look. It almost seems as if he misses the other spice boyz, he does not seem happy at all.
    I hope he gets his groove back soon.

    And also I know Walcott is young and might be inconsistent in attack but he must learn he has to help out in defense whenever he can. For the goal he totally backed off Geovanni.
    Some ppl blame Denilson but Denilson was actually at the top of the box when the shot came off…had Geo deciced to attack the box, Denilson was there to cut him off, but he was free so he decided to shoot and that was that.

  34. Freduardo

    Denilson one of the only gunners performing up to fans expectations as far as I can see. gets a hard time, for a young player breaking into the first team. whether he and cesc will work well is another question. too early to answer, especially with cesc playing so far below his best.

  35. marylandgunner

    The double post . . . le-Grove is growing up . . . quickly.

    At any rate, Porto should be a great game. I bet you Toure is on the bench. Gallas can score, and has scored for us on sevaral occasions. Toure scores once every 3 years. He is like a leap year when it comes to goals . . . all of the stars have to align.

    2-Nil to the Arsenal.

  36. Pat

    So, I havn’t been here for awhile, but why blame Gallas for Cousin’s header?
    It was a great cross, great leap by a tall player, and absolutely perfect placement. You think its easy to mark that? No, its not. I get the feeling some of you have never played football.

    Yes, Gallas or Toure should have at least ran after him, but the end result would be the same. What could they have possibly done? I say stick Djourou in b/c he’s actually tall and strong.

    Why wasn’t Ade marking Hull’s tallest player? Ask yourself that question.

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Still under self imposed media blackout, so can’t report any latest news.

    It does appear, though, that the ground swell of support for JD20 is now too big to ignore. The team is still scoring freely in general, but having trouble, still, to consistantly hold on to 1-0 leads. Surely that says enough about the lack of work/emphasis the management puts on defence.

    I said during the off season that we leak too many goals from set pieces 🙁 SORT IT OUT MR WENGER 👿

  38. ikon

    well i was thinking dropping toure woul be better considering he is restless everytime the ball is close to penalty area. But yes gallas has a scoring habit.. and could be made use of.

    I also feel our full backs are going up far too often. that way, they wouldnt get the blame if a cross comes by … i hope the attackers take their chances and keep the full back to doing the job they primarily are for.

  39. gnarleygeorge9

    Pacific Rim ESPN Live
    UEFA Champions League
    Arsenal FC vs. FC Porto
    Arsenal Stadium London, en England

    Chamon/Chamone 😆

  40. gnarleygeorge9


    I hate it when my team(s) lose. I don’t buy the papers back here in OZ, re Richmond, & don’t go near the internet or TV media when Arsenal lose. I just hate losing @ footy.

    But when my team wins, well, it sets my week up. Puts a spring in my step, amongst other things 😳 And everyone who knows me knows to avoid me when Richmond wins, coz i’m the king of shit stirrers 😆

  41. gnarleygeorge9

    No Arsenal v Porto live here its apparently Zenit v Real then Manure v Aalborg. Now thats bad.


    I don’t do things by halves. its all or nothing. How did you feel after the Hull game 😉

  42. HelsinkiGooner

    Favre, Gnarley – i think we’re all a bit like that!! I’m a great winner, sometimes can be quite obnoxious, if the need arises [usually in the company of chavs or mancs], but take it really, really badly when we lose, especially like on Saturday…felt like hitting my head against the wall. I think the post by Geoff/Pedro on here after the match got it spot on:

    “it’s only a football match.- no it’s not, it’s my life, and someone’s just ruined it for a week.”

  43. HelsinkiGooner

    Gnarley – What time do you get the CL down is Aus? It’s at 9:45pm out here…so not bad at all! Used to live in Vancouver, and we’d get them at 11:45am, so used to take a fair number of half days to compensate for the beers had to ease the nerves…

  44. Big Raddy

    GG, we have the same games, but I guess one cannot blame the Danes for wanting to show the visit of MU. It is really big news here.

    Looking forward to tonight, and desperately hope my computer is in a fit state to get a stream.

    It has become very slow, and Le Grove comments are in Italics. Yet the main post is still fine. Any ideas what is happening?

  45. gnarleygeorge9


    Starting from 3.00 am but thats the Russian game.

    Howdy Geoff, Kolo has come out said
    he is grateful for the early chance for his team to redeem themselves by displaying their character.

    ”We can’t just think about Hull. It’s true we lost and didn’t play well,” he said. “But we didn’t play very well against Fulham and then we came back well in the next game when we beat Twente in the Champions League (qualifiers).

    ”For a team like Arsenal it’s always good to have a good reaction. Any team can fall down but it’s about how they react to defeat that matters. Tomorrow is a really good test and we will see if we can show another face. We are lucky we can play a match so soon after that and change everything in the minds of our fans.

    ”We want to show everyone we are still a good side. The manager, like everyone at the club, was very upset after Hull. If you want to be champions you need to win every game, especially when you play at home. We didn’t perform well.

    I guess that means he’s in. And they won’t drop Billy G, so JD20 won’t be starting I presume 🙁

  46. HelsinkiGooner

    I really can’t see them dropping blue-cunt gallas – he’s the captain, and while I don’t think he should be, especially after last season, you really can’t drop your captain – your captain’s supposed to be the first name on the team-sheet.

    If AW did grow the balls to do it, Gallas would likely leave in January, IMO. He’s the type of cunt who thinks he’s better than he is, and will NOT react positively to being dropped.

    Unfortunately, me thinks it’ll be Kolo who gets axed first, for precisely this reason…

  47. HelsinkiGooner

    I hope so Geoff – Sat was hopefully the needed lesson [albeit 2nd of the season], and hopefully a one off in terms of finishing.

  48. Nicci


    I am looking for some tickets for Fulham away. Ideally 2 pairs, or 4 together if possible but I know that’s unlikely. If anyone has any to sell then please get in touch.

    I also have some tickets for sale for Wigan at home this weekend if anyone needs. Thanks.


  49. Tapsa

    I`m looking for few tickets to Arsenal-B`ham 17th of October. If anyone has any tickets to sell, please get in touch. We are from Finland and we arrive to London 16th of October.

  50. trindle

    Managed to get some for the Brum game … just holding out in case anyone has any spares/unwanted for the Blackburn game! Thanks

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  52. Koby Pirès

    Will take any home ticket for any of the remaining games of the season? 07756728163

    Cheers guys, Koby

  53. Colin Lenz

    Hi, I have a season ticket for the 2010/2011 season. I am willing to sell the ticket for ONE season only. It’s in an amazing seat – Block 111 Row 3 (next to halfway line) The cost is around £1300, email at colinlenz60@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested.

  54. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Hi team, am desperate to get my hands on x4 tickets for the West Brom game sept 25. Am home for a month in sept and would love to get to a game, the wife has never been to an Arsenal match, plus im looking to bring me folks…anyways, if you’re looking to get rid please let me know. Cheers

  55. Jonathan Joseph

    Two Season Tickets for season long rental, together North Bank upper, Block 103 Row 13, £2500 the pair or £1300 each (they are £1395 face value). Serious people only please contact me at jonathanjoseph8@aol.com


    Jonathan Joseph