Today the Fishmongers get their chips.

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We simply must win ya?

We simply must win ya?

So Oswald Boateng who makes loud suits and plays for Hull City, promises our boys a rough ride and his boss, mentally ill Hull City manager Phil Brown has warned counterpart Arsene Wenger his Tigers are ready to rip into Arsenal at the the home of football today.

This muppet, who’s team includes Billy the Fish from Viz has warned the north Londoners to be ready for a physical battle.

‘For me there was nothing wrong with the Kevin Davies tackle’

‘If they are allowed to express that technical side without tackling, without physical contact, we might as well not turn up’

Well with an attitude like that and with his team queuing up to tell us how they are going to kick us off the pitch I wonder two things, the first is ‘Game and disrepute’ and the second is why don’t we play our reserves, they can show teams how we play against shit players that like to kick us.

If any of our players started mouthing off like that they would be in front of the FA before you could say ‘Hull City players eat fish heads at half time’ for me it’s one rule for them and one for us, we never get red cards turned over like the chavs do, we never get let off for an indiscretion like the mancs do, this just fosters siege mentality.

Bring it on fish boy, we are ready, we are Arsenal and we are going to smash you today.

A final note to thank Cesc Fabregas for saying he wants to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career, we love you Cesc and perhaps in a way we shouldn’t! Loyalty is a rare thing in football, we salute you!

Finally, beer of the week is Birra Moretti. It is a member of the Peroni family and Le Grove recommends you sample one before sunset today!

Beer of the Week.

Beer of the Week.

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Rtist

    ..Watching the Arsenal has never been a spectator sport, rather a visceral experience; today against Hull and recently against Fulham the experience has become…tepid, lukewarm. Personally, I attribute the lack of energy, drive and commitment to an unyielding manager (Wenger) and his consistently vapid comments/messages about “team spirit”, “team mental strength”,etc. It is beginning to seem like Arsenal the Footballing Club is nothing more than a cult: that separates itself from the fans and the actual sport of football and instead secrets itself behind a well-rehearsed and condescending smirk (Wenger and the Board) while chanting the Arsenal Mantra (see Wenger’s comments after a win, after a draw, after a loss, during the off-season..) The guy is like a Chatty Cathy doll: pull the string in his neck and wait for the pre- recorded comments. What could he possibly be telling his players these days: and remember, these players are so far removed from Wenger’s generation that his tip-toeing through the psychic garden of these players is likely interpreted (by these players)as a license to “be creative”, “show great mental strength”…when they like. Cesc, Sagna, Clichy, Eduardo: these four players have never required this hand-wringing mental masturbation that Wenger wallows in..perhaps it is no surprise that they are consistently professional and solid football players. Vela is another player who cares not to dance on the head of Wenger’s sterilized pin: he just wants to play football. I say, let ’em fuckin play..and if they don’t, can’t, won’t…fuck ’em to the bench and bring on someone who wants to fuckin play to WIN..Anyway, gonna return to the grassy knoll and wait for the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald..

  2. Rob From Aus

    That was a fucking disgraceful game last nite, im so fucking disgusted, Fuck that gallas cunt off from in the centre. His lack of ability to mark a player cost us the game at fulham and now Hull! for fucks sake this is going to be a cunt season! why was theo not shooting and trying to run the ball in??? Fucking shit performance all round…. Fuck u AW!

  3. atlanta_gooner

    Everybody should take a pause and think about the following

    1 if you were manager would you change things at half time or even before to shake the team aka wake them from their slumber by making a substitution… take ade or vanpersie or eboue or even walcott off to let the guys on the pitch know they are dispensible… if they think they can jog along all day and beat the other side then let them have it….unfortunately wenger doesnt do such things like alex ferguson or mourinho….

    2 eboue on the left …even before the game started it spelled disaster….how can wenger not see it…and how can wenger not see eboue’s diving and rolling on the ground antics ….unless ofcourse he condones it….that guy is in the ronaldo league of complainers….

    3why the fuck cant wenger substitute before the fucking 60 th minute or for that matter the bloody 70th…..something I never understood and hope some AKB guy can shed some light on that….

    4 again I bring this up again and again on this forum and get slagged…but here it goes…flamini was the vital piece in the team….he used to bring the FIGHT in the team which Gallas was without success trying to do in the end…..Fabregas is good but NOT a leader ….you can turn to him for answers but he will never give you the viera or keane rollocking….flamini did that in the previous seasons….but that is just the past ….

    5 BIG central defender in the summer…..thats all for this point

    6 dinelson is a schoolboy who looks decent because of the classy players around him constantly bailing him out….I doubt the opposition teams even consider him when they do a team talk….They probably think that down the middle is where the greatest success will be…

    7 theo was at fault for not covering giovani as he left him and looked for support in the middle…that boy has defensive frailties….but this isnt a blaming one individual rant sotherwise I would have to bring in gallas too….

    what I want to highlight is that the blame should be on the MANAGEMENT…..the players are the same who win every weekend …..its the job of the management to fucking motivate them or let them know they are slagging….also the substitutions and selections were pathetic…..

    The blame is not on Arsene but since he is the face for the management he should admit he got it wrong …not doing so will make the suffering of the defeat a lot easier….

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    There is a total sports media ban in my house until, well, I spose the Porto game. I was going to go into total lock down mode but @ least on Le Grove its good to see others just as frustrated. I agree atlanta, its up to management to get the players up on match day, as they did the time before @ bolton. They let all and sundry know post match how they psyched the players up, they can take the blame for this debarcle.

    They took Hull too lightly, swanning about on the pitch. I said @ half time ‘well at least we weren’t a goal down” coz that was the type of scenario it would have been last year. Well, nothing has changed has it, actually.

    I am fed up with AW whinging about whats wrong with the game; how unfairly treated his players are with tackles. It gives the opo amo to throw back @ you, as Hull did. Whatever happened to doing your talking on the scoreboard?

    So where can Arsenal get a no nonsense, huge, intimidating log to be @ the back who will stand by his little guys? MMmmmmm!! Yo Yo20 anyone.

  5. Metal Gear

    If we are 2 truly recover AW needs 2 drop Eboue, Adebayor, Gallas and V.Persie and go with a 4-3-3 with JD partnering KT, Song in the HMR Nasri (when fit) and Fabregas as the CM pair pushing forward while putting more pressure on Denilson 2 track back, Bendtner in the central role of the front 3 Vela on the left, Walcott on the right while given freedom 2 interchange positions with each other. Fabregas as Captain (the last thing we need is clumsy Kolo feeling comfortable) and I’m sure will be fine however if Wenger chooses 2 stick with these underperformers then the only thing we will win is plaudits 4 beautiful football and AW excuses 4 winning jack shit.

  6. jlp

    well that licked
    what else can i say that has yet to be said
    usually i feel so anxious before a game i can barely sit . you know … nervous,excited,slightly nauseous
    but today…today was different
    i felt eerily calm heading into this one
    mood changed however by halftime and so begat that bewildered feeling once again
    teaches me for slipping into a little ‘Maybe Wenger Does Know’ trance
    not much evidence of that today

    get it right ,get it wrong
    it happens
    we should NEVER EVER lose to Hull anytime … anywhere
    absolutely NEVER
    and we did
    so fuck it …. and fuck Hull

  7. jlp

    good point gnarley
    AW is so busy talking his shit. being a martyr for the ‘beautiful’ football and walking the moral financial high road (which is complete shit as they kept the money they charged for that display today which in my books is somewhat of a mugging)
    meanwhile the fucker isn’t able to pick a squad that can beat Hull City
    go figure
    and fuck fair play to them
    this was a slam dunk no matter how well they played or organized they were
    Cmon …this is Arsenal
    it shoulda been a slam dunk

  8. Rob From Aus

    Gallas has to be the biggest liability, our goals we have conceded have primarily come from his inability to DEFEND! i cant wait to see the excuses for this absolute cock up! oh thats right he probably didnt see the the game! What a wank

  9. Geoff

    I’m still on suicide watch I’m afraid. Gallas, Eboue should be dropped, he dropped Lehmann for two howlers so he should do with Gallas.

    I won’t apologise for my Billy the fish comments because we didn’t get beaten, we lost all by ourseleves.

  10. kelsey

    I have had no delusion of grandeur for this season,as I said when the season started.We haven’t replaced like for like,though money was available to Wenger,and yesterday was an accident waiting to happen.The experienced players more than anyone are not performing well.Gallas and Toure don’t work together,,and yet again we got caught from a corner.Fabregas hasn’t got Flamini or even Gilberto to be the holding player as Denilson is a pretty footballer not a defensive midfielder.I advocated selling Adebayor,as he is a cunt with a huge ego and technically he is bad.Van persie is a luxury player and again is nowhere as sharp as he was.Walcott should have won the game for us,but though, like lightening,he isn’t the finished article as yet.We were too arrogant and walked out as if it was a training session,and if Hull can expose our weakness,god knows what other sides will do.The disturbing thing is that all the injured players wouldn’t improve things much,though I can’t comment on Silvestre yet,he may be beneficial short term.Only one man to blame and that is now Wenger.Of course he has been a good manager but he is under no pressure,time will tell,but I remain only hopeful.

  11. Jel

    Ridiculous to blame eboue he was 1 of our better players again….and u cant blame Gallas at all …u need to blame the system of zonal marking we use,if u look at the goal Cousin is being marked by TOURE then drifts across the front of goal ,racing into gallas’so called area where he has more momentum jumps perfectly & scores a great goal…..
    it was a poor team performance,fabregas is playing shit at the moment & that is the main reason,i think there was a poor attitude,adebayor & van persie have n o right to be in front of Bendtner& vela….thats where the problem lies,the chances we wasted and our continued attempts at walking the ball in the net were criminal…….