Today the Fishmongers get their chips.

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We simply must win ya?

We simply must win ya?

So Oswald Boateng who makes loud suits and plays for Hull City, promises our boys a rough ride and his boss, mentally ill Hull City manager Phil Brown has warned counterpart Arsene Wenger his Tigers are ready to rip into Arsenal at the the home of football today.

This muppet, who’s team includes Billy the Fish from Viz has warned the north Londoners to be ready for a physical battle.

‘For me there was nothing wrong with the Kevin Davies tackle’

‘If they are allowed to express that technical side without tackling, without physical contact, we might as well not turn up’

Well with an attitude like that and with his team queuing up to tell us how they are going to kick us off the pitch I wonder two things, the first is ‘Game and disrepute’ and the second is why don’t we play our reserves, they can show teams how we play against shit players that like to kick us.

If any of our players started mouthing off like that they would be in front of the FA before you could say ‘Hull City players eat fish heads at half time’ for me it’s one rule for them and one for us, we never get red cards turned over like the chavs do, we never get let off for an indiscretion like the mancs do, this just fosters siege mentality.

Bring it on fish boy, we are ready, we are Arsenal and we are going to smash you today.

A final note to thank Cesc Fabregas for saying he wants to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career, we love you Cesc and perhaps in a way we shouldn’t! Loyalty is a rare thing in football, we salute you!

Finally, beer of the week is Birra Moretti. It is a member of the Peroni family and Le Grove recommends you sample one before sunset today!

Beer of the Week.

Beer of the Week.

Have a great day Grovers!

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  1. Geoff

    You mean the other Grove Gunner8 they call that one the Emirates, to be fair though, that was the reason we called this Le Grove, bec ause we would not except being called the Emirates, it was our protest, with a Frennch accent.

  2. kenny smith

    Manuel Almunia
    Gael Clichy
    William Gallas
    Kolo Toure
    Bacary Sagna
    Theo Walcott
    Cesc Fabregas
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Emmanuel Adebayor
    Robin Van Persie

  3. kenny smith

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Carlos Vela
    Mikael Silvestre
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Johan Djourou
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alexandre Song

    thats the subs

  4. Charybdis1966

    Well I did just try S & B on the off chance Geoff. In the stadium now. Corner flag near the opposition dug out. Come on you goons !

  5. Seb

    I’m beginning to wonder if we WOULD have been better playing the team from midweek… the players look a little bit complacent so far :-S

  6. Evo in Oz

    gday all.

    Corona’s were going down a treat earlier today i must say!

    get Walcott off if he’e not going to shoot! Bring Vela on, he’ll soon pull the trigger!

  7. kelsey

    should be 3 nil up,look a bit lethargic,bedtner and vela to come on.theo is playing alright but should have scored,still think robin is below par,need to change our game plan.

  8. Mandanda

    i think the fans booing should be ashamed of themselves!!!! Hull have been well organised

    This match is calling for Vela!!!

  9. Seb

    Well I hope Arsene tears them off a strip in the dressing room, we should have done what goonermichael said and torn them a new ahole, possibly two.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Uninspiring 1st half. Some of the boys need to pull the trigger a bit quicker, but at least we arent a goal down πŸ˜‰

  11. Kush

    Half time and zeo zero. Hull have extinguished anything we have tried. Not because they’re tactically more aware but mostly because we’re over elaborate. Take Adebayor who is coming down with a severe case of the Hleb syndrome. Somebody please tell him the objective is to score goals and as a striker he should be eagerly attempting that n not looking for pals on pitches to make pretty passes too. I’ve almost broken the TV in this frustrating first Half. I agree with the calls for many first names to sit down. You need to earn your place, just because you have held down a spot shouldn’t automatically mean you deserve it wek in week out. Sit down RVP. Sit down Adebayor and Walcott sit down.

  12. Gooner07

    Hull played to their lines. They didn’t allow us to push up, and they kept a high line. So, we aren’t really threatening them. Our midfield haven’t really turned on. Walcott has been poor so far. Not sure if our current CF pairing would work as a “pair”, they got no real chemistry. Bringing Bendtner for Adebayor would be preferable, as the young Dane is on fire. Vela again could be brought on for theo, and played in left. So we could try 4-3-3 with Vela-Bendtner-RVP, that would be some strikeforce.

  13. goonermichael

    I’ve got to drive home now so I can’t see it. I hope it’s good news when I get home. Vela hat trick maybe? catch you all later

  14. rico01

    I have one thing to say on this game ……………..

    Setanta need to sack that idiot Burley, he couldnt wait until half time for a PIE!!

    What have he and Andy Gray got in common then……. Fat B^^^^^^S !!!!

    Come on you Gooners – make this count


  15. kelsey

    given os o.g. ade touch is terrible and eboue thinks he is maradona all this back flicks to 3 least we have upped the game.

  16. Seb

    Ade has played well in the build up to moves… sometimes.

    But we need someone who stays central not drifts wide or offside all the time.

  17. Ray Gooner

    we haven’t lost at home since April 2006 (West Ham 0-1, the only time we have lost at the Emirates), and now we’re losing to Hull???

  18. Seb

    Let’s be honest here.

    Hull may not be fashionable, but they have played really well. The goals came out of nowhere, we could have defended better from the corner for the second (no surprise there!!!!!) but the first was out of the blue. And all round they have defended solidly as you would expect. And when they have had the ball they haven’t played long ball.

    Come on Carlos make something happen in that crowded area.


    another goal conceded from a corner just what the fuck do the coaches pratice on the training ground when it comes to defending ,this is an embarresment ,
    the chuclke brothers cannot play together at the back we all know it!!!!!!!!!!!
    ffs wenger change it , even if we get a point today this is simply not good enough !!!!!!!!
    lets play with balance VELA as a left footer should be playing from the start at home in games like this ,
    eboue on the left does not work now i’m fucking deppressed and have to work till 4.30 am , great just fucking great.

  20. Seb

    oh shit Robin….

    when I say Hull have played really well, I mean of course they have done their job and they haven’t kicked us to absolute pieces to do it.

  21. Seb

    Wenger must be pulling his fucking hair out. The team he picked has created LOADS of chances, we just haven’t finished ANY of them off, all we have is an og to our name today.

    He really is going to have to think about the RvP Ade pairing.

  22. Evo in Oz

    if most of these guys play against porto, why didnt we just use half of the CC starting team? they were the players in form!

  23. Seb

    arghhh how bloody annoying is this.

    I can’t watch Phil Brown on the touchline anymore!

    But fair play to them, they won fair and square, no complaints about Hull, they deserve their win. We however couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a bloody banjo today.

  24. Mark C

    and that is our second league defeat at the emirates

    Hull and West Ham have beaten Arsenal in 2 and a bit seasons….

    Adebayor has to be dropped for Porto.

  25. Mark C

    Eboue to be dropped as well for Song, Toure for Djourou.

    Wilshire was not even on the bench, that could have cost us, as we did not have 3 attacking players to bring on

  26. Sion De Freitas

    wenger is pissed, he should be.

    he might as well have fielded the cc team, they’d have done a better job of scoring. vela came on too late for the wrong person, there was no added creativity to the team, wilshere should have been on the bench in that case.

    we weren’t completely horrible, Hull played very very well, but our strikers today were terrible.

  27. choy

    drop rvp too.. fucking .. we were shite.. where is the long ball defender we wanted… gallas was the one responsible!!!!!!!ahhh… wtf!!!! 2 defeats already.. and ffs this is only our sixth game!!!

  28. suicidalsam

    fuck this. this is a very bad result. galas should be marking cousin, he got too much time to head it to the top corner. again like couple of seasons ago, we are missing the clinical finishing, no one was willing to shot in the first half. we should have put the game out of reach for hull. bentner needs to improve his passing. man this is a sad day. I just hope we come back even better and more determined after this loss. the hull keeper has to be the man of the match. he took charge in the box and picked up all the good cross balls from left and right and made couple of good saves.

    have to go for a drink now. fk!!!!

  29. gunnershabz


    i knew this crap defending would hit us, i thought it would just get us by these lower teams…

    but we lost twice already this season, these fucking board fuckers, best ask questions

  30. choy

    the whole team was at fault.. they were shite in the first half.. thinking that they had the divine right to beat hull.. we should have the game wrapped up in the first half itself…!!! cunts

  31. kelsey

    nightman is right we played awful in the first half,just when robin and theo were causing all the trouble which led to our goal,he takes theo off instead of ade who was bloody to hull but we wont here the end of it by the media and tabloids tomorrow.

  32. Seb

    choy we had enough chances to win this game three times over, that Ade goal should have been allowed, but even discounting that we could easily have won it. Robin blazed wide about ten times and Ade was as bloody frustrating as ever as the last man.

    We were utterly dominating until Geovanni’s wonder goal.

    what can you say other than….aaaaaaaaaaargh

  33. Paul88

    Eboue, Adebayor, either Gallas or toure should be dropped.
    Play vela, bendtner & johan.
    It ain’t rocket science you play your form players.
    In fact eboue & adebayor are both a couple of clueless clowns, neither of them have a brain. Should never play for us ever again.
    Wengers an idiot.

  34. ikon

    exactly choy, they really think their play will be auto inspired by the younger guns in cc.

    Fabregas’ worst performance i have seen. Gallas again makes a costly mistake.

    One more thing I think we are the worst team on set pieces this season.

  35. hounddog

    Well beck to earth I guess, so much for all the bragging of how many goals we would score!! Sad part is that we had more than enough chances to win the game. Credit to Hull, what more can be said. As Kelsey stated, the media will now have a field day.

  36. choy

    you drop two players who had 5 goals within them in the week and you put on TT who needs like a million chances to score and rvp.. who i don’t know wtf is going on with him.. and that gallas.. who this he is striker.. wtf!!! this really takes the piss.. what was the use of taking off theo.. and how can he put vela on the right wing!!!

  37. HelsinkiGooner

    TT – right shit tonight. HAS to be dropped if he keeps missing the chances created for him.

    Gallas – drop him. Shit in defence, cost us the 2nd goal, stupid dying minutes yellow…just doesn’t do enough.

    JD20 and Bentner please.

  38. gunnershabz

    why do we lack the motivation to beat teams like hull

    from the first half, i had a bad feeling, but i thought its hull they dont have much firepower… boy i was wrong

    gallas and toure… one of them has to go, i rather of had song and djorou in there

    eboue is not a winger or a left sided one…

    cant he just play carlos vela there….


    the mistake was down to toure not staying with cousin not gallas.eboue was back to his best today cesc just looks fucked walcott starting to be inconsistant again due to his age but credit for the assist.adebayor and van persie are a joke at the moment should of stayed with the same line up as last week wenger is turning into benitez all these changes

  40. Michael

    That was about as bad a performance as I have ever seen from Arsenal, Hull were 12-1 to win that game, there are no exscuses or hiding places, utterly dreadful, passionless, inept and clueless.

  41. choy

    we need a clinical striker… rvp and TT are just not cutting it.. this is not going to work.. ade keeps drifting to the wing instead of stating in the center.. πŸ‘Ώ

  42. HelsinkiGooner

    TT and Gallas were shit. But it also just wasn’t our night tonight. I’m going to fuck off now and have a nice stiff drink…

  43. Seb

    Theo had been shit for most of the game tbh, I don’t buy into this theo is god bollocks. A couple of crosses and a whole bunch of fuckups.

    Ade as a striker was pretty woeful, as a team player he did alright, but we were getting nowhere fast from crosses into the box. Just bloody disappointing in all.

  44. Paul88

    another thing…
    Wengers a student of player stats and rewatching games etc?
    When will he learn that we can’t defend set pieces?
    Toure with campbell worked. Gallas and Terry worked.
    He needs to play a big bastard no nonsense defender. Failing that give johan a try.

  45. slimshady

    Wow! Well, I’m sure I’ll live to remember this day – same as a lot of Hull fans. Must have felt great for the ones on the ground today – historic really, for them. Last time I felt that – was at The San Siro….. SIGH!

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    Rotation? Why? He plays Little Nicky 😈 @ Bolton, sits RVP on the bench, then brings RVP in for this game. Continuity is the key. RVP hasn’t played for weeks now, & obviously he’s gone off like last months milk. And Ade was poor, its got to be said. Anyway, see ya. All connection to Blighty has been severed by GG9 until next week. I hate football when Arsenal loses.

  47. Michael

    Toure and Gallas doesnt work, neither does Denilson and Fabregas nor Van Persie or Adebayor, there are too many problems with this current team,

  48. ikon

    well we can go on ranting but simply put hull wanted it more than us.

    When i saw gallas giving his little speech today, i had a jitter. But you know, Arsene cannot do much about it. But I though Ramsey for Fabregas was imminent, Fabregas looked absent totally.

    And hard to believe wenger is still persisting with gallas and toure.

    All other big four will romp past that hull side I am sure.

    Bad day, utterly frustrating.

    I though fabregas shouldn’t have played 90 minutes… he didnt look fit enough.

  49. Stu

    What a fucking disgrace! I am livid! I cant believe how horribly we played. As far as im concerned, that was just as bad if not worse than Fulham. Neither Gallas nor Toure won a single header and our strikers were fucking abysmal. Drop Ade, Gallas and Eboue. None of our XI played well.

    Lehmann cost us 2points last season and was droped with no way back. Gallas has so far cost us 6 points, 3goals and a place at the head of the table. FUCKING SELL HIM NOW. When will Wenger realise he has to strip him of the armband and bring in JD. I hope Gallas gets put out in the cold and never pulls on an arsenal shirt again.