Vela in family way! Wilshere the new Brady or the old Messi?

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Ok, so by now we should all be purring with the display provided by the Carling Cup boys but two of these young superstars are getting singled out for special praise and rightly so… but can they step up this season?

Carlos Vela says that Wenger has fostered a special family atmosphere amongst the youngsters and everyone plays for each other, that to me is great to have for teamwork and the future, but when you get certain people upsetting the apple cart, that wonderful feeling can soon disappear, so we should support the problem child that is Adebayor and make him feel wanted again.

Carlos showed us why he is so rated with a clinical display of finishing, Sheffield united are not a shit team, I think Carlos can make us forget about not signing Villa and will make the grade, and this season.

Jack Wilshere is a cross between Messi and our very own Liam Brady, he hasn’t the pace of Messi but he has his skills and he certainly has the trickery and vision of our great number 7, I tip him to step up this season but we should use him in moderation, protect him.

One other that for me will step up is Ramsey, I think he’s a hard Fabregas, he had a great game and has already proved himself in the first team.

Denilson is already proving me wrong this season, so if he can continue to improve then maybe we will threaten on all fronts this season, I would like to see him play Djourou more as a centre back and I’m still not convinced of Song or Randall, but I am enjoying watching this brand of football (with the exception of Fulham) so long may that continue.

The future looks very rosy, but let’s at least try and keep some of these talents and not just fatten them up for Barcelona or Milan, Arsene, go and make sure all those players have signed their contracts this time!

P.S There are 2 tickets available for the Porto game in Le Exchange!

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  1. jimmyfingers

    Right, anyone know how that fucker Hleb is doing? Had a sudden urge to find out and been looking at Barca related stuff and have struggled to find any mention of him. In fact I didn’t find any mention of him. is the twat even on the bench? Or is he injured?

  2. rico01

    Pierre – scoucers comment, that must out of your top drawer – quality πŸ˜†

    jimmy – who is this Hleb you talk about, is he a footballer??

    I have Googled the name but it only directs me to an old football comic called

    SHOOT !!! πŸ˜‰


    Matt – I was referring to Randall’s lacklustre performances in the reserves for the past year or so btw mate. Not his first team games. If anything, the first team games seem to galvanise him and he performs better.

  4. kelsey

    lady of the house you are in form tonight.

    just heard that the kick off time has been changed to accomodate sultana any confirmation on that.

  5. kelsey

    Watched a rerun of the game against the blades,and i thought who will definitely make it to be a regular,thinking how few come through the ranks.Vela is a natural,Wilshire could be the best yet,Ramsey must have something special(why did the manc want him)i still think it will be nicci or Ade eventually,Theo because he is not yet established if you know what I mean,and then i wonder about the rest Any thoughts.

    We seem to have loads of attacking options just need a DM and it will be interesting to see what silvestre has to give.

  6. kelsey

    rico kick off is 5.30p.m i believe it was originally a 3.00p.m. which is never shown in mainland u.k.

    Who was that idiot last night posting that gascoine was dead..sick,sick.

  7. Seb

    God it’s annoying when people bring up your opinions of two months ago… anyone who wasn’t worried during the summer, probably doesn’t really give a shit about Arsenal at all! They just exist in this trance-like state of zen, trusting the manager implicitly and seeing even less than he does when it comes to the glaring problems in the team and squad, ie central defence pairing shit against long balls and crosses, Adebarndoor being as clinical as a back street abortion shop, and no replacement secured for Flamini.

    And of course when things work out okay – which let’s face it they only just have, given our Fulham performance – then the trance people rush in to bleat about how awful we all were to voice our fears. Where do these people get off.

    Denilson has (SO FAR) done a Flamini and come out of nowhere to perform increasingly well. Ade’s usual profligacy has been covered over by the scoring prowess of everyone else. The defence haven’t been fully tested yet, whatever AW may say today about not having conceded from open play yet…. (enter stage left: Didier Drogba)

    I’m elated by the current performance of the first team and the back ups last night, I’m also increasingly confident based on our performances that we can carry this on through the season, but I reserve the right to have been rather less confident before the season started, and no fucker is going to tell me I was wrong to feel a certain way.

  8. Seb

    Anyway, in other news, Platini tries to apologise for being a twat, but doesn’t quite manage it….,19528,11661_4194235,00.html

    And now Platini has admitted he might have been overly critical of Wenger, telling Sud Ouest: “I was too hard on Arsene.

    “My dad [Aldo Platini] told me off. He was the one who gave him [Wenger] his break (at Nancy).”

    However, Platini went on to express his dislike for clubs that sign emerging talent at a young age – a policy regularly adopted by Wenger at Arsenal.

    He added: “When I talk about business, what I am talking about is recruiting players when they are 13 or 14. I can’t stand it.”

    He forgot to finish his sentence, “I can’t stand it that only English clubs are legally allowed to do this, I wish the Ligue1 clubs could also.”

  9. hounddog

    Seb, but think how much better off we would be right now if we still had Flamini in the side. I don’t agree he was worth what he was reportably asking and of course we can’t match the silly money of the Italians but I truly believe that had Wenger made more of an effort and offered something maybe in the middle, Flamini would have chosen us over the Italians.

  10. david

    Hounddog Dolphin Head is Diarra..

    Seb not only do people bring up opinions from the past they wait until it suits them(after a few wins over average teams)
    Why not argue at the time or come on after the Fulham game?

  11. hounddog

    London, maybe but I am not so sure, his best mate was Fabregas and from what I know he was pretty upset and felt that after the season he put in he was worth a decent pay raise. I believe he had Arsenal at heart and would have stayed if the club made the right moves but there again he could just have been a greedy cunt but I don’t think so (IMO)

  12. kelsey

    I am sure this has stated many teams.Flamini wasn’t offered an extenstion to his contract last summer as wenger didn’t feel he warranted it,we bought Diarra,flamini has a blinder anddiaby wanted firt team football and off he went.Miscalculation or whatever but wenger did judge it right.

  13. Big Scoop

    I don’t agree with the writer on the Denilson front I think he has 2 earn his stripes against the big boys before one can lavish significant praise on him Flamini earnt his stripes not by being able 2 hold his own agnist Derby,Reading and Fulham but he earnt respect against the top 3 and the top European heavyweights so lets wait and see shall we.

  14. Hull shirt pictures "R" us

    Notice also they only bring up comments when it suits them (after a run of wins agaist average opposition)
    They don’t have the bottle to come on after the Fulham game or pre season when they read them..

  15. Pedro

    Hounddog, Cesc is best friends with everyone… Senderos, Hleb… Merida…

    When you are as rich as those boys, a couple of hundred miles is nothing…


    ‘Adebarndoor being as clinical as a back street abortion shop’


    I was reading through the comments somewhere else the other day, and all the AKB’s were having a go at this bloke for doubting Wenger this summer… and the guys was apologising! Jeez… don’t apologise for calling a spade a spade! We’re only 5 games in!

    I don’t care what anyone says… no one knew Song was going to come good, nor Eboue (Do 5 games count as coming good?).

    However, if you back every player in the squad, you’ll get it right sometimes wont you?

    AKB’s never come back and say… shit, I got it wrong with Reyes, Senderos, Hoyte. I got it wrong when I said we shouldn’t have signed Anelka in the summer… I got it wrong when I said the squad was strong enough to sustain a challenge last year… I got it wrong when I said big Phil was good enough to grace the Arsenal defence…

    Funny how they never come back here and hold their hands up, isn’t it?

  16. Pedro

    People come on here and make incorrect genralisations, but say they were correct and we had prediceted relegation this year… do they think we’d be bothered about being top of the league?

    ‘Gee whizz, I am so annoyed my prediction was wrong… I wish we’d lose a bit more… fuck the season ticket cost… I’d rather be right and see us lose’

  17. rico01

    cheeky πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, I dont put him as high as some, but I believe that a role for a player is a role – and like Ade, if they do the right thing and score us many goals, the we will all be happy πŸ™‚

  18. Pedro

    Nik will be a big player for us this year… they guy is so creative… I see him as a Bergkamp like player… with headers!

  19. rico01

    Ok Pedro, I give in, but trust me on this – I really dont want to be right, and now I promise never to be naughty about him again, unless of course you are all slating him….. πŸ˜‰

  20. kelsey

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  21. Paulinho

    I think Johan Djourou can be the Vidal Sassoon defender – 2 in 1.

    He can be dominant player coming out and heading balls ala Vidic, however he also possesses the pace and athelticism to sweep up Gallas style.

    It’s all in his head though. He still has moments of indecision that need to be cut out pronto. Almost too nice, like a certain other Swiss centre back.

  22. Rasputin

    I’m detecting some bitchiness from other sites regarding the general ‘thrust’ of Le Grove – I assume this is usual and you all take it as a compliment.

    It does make me laugh though that people are so scared of debate. Surely the the way to deal with what may be termed ‘controversial’, is to read and understand what is being said, then to consider it’s merits and then decide if you agree. If you don’t agree, that is fine – you hold a different opinion. No-one will be corrupted by bothering to try to understand what someone else has said.

  23. goonermichael

    to an earlier comment you said about if you say every player will come good you’ll be right about some.
    The opposite is also true . If you go on and on about how shit everything is and we’re all doomed. You’ll be right sometimes with the added bonus of never being dissapointed. both views are quite boring. (i’m not talking about anyone specific and definitely not you)

  24. Pedro

    Rasputin, they hate us when we are winning, they hate us when we are losing… you can’t bloody with certain sections so we don’t bother trying!

    It certainly is a compliment. If you guys spent half your day talking about another site… i’d feel a bit cut up! haha!

    Kelsey, Nik is going to be a handful if he becomes good… he has his eye on Madrid if I remember correctly… I hope he becomes good enough to merit being linked with them! Adebayor might stay with us for a couple more years now… but Arsene wont tolerate shit from him next year…

  25. Rasputin

    Thanks Seb,

    That’s what I like about LG – even when someone agrees with you they like to have a little dig!

    I’ve learnt to only quote stats if they are 100% accurate and not to use certain acronyms as they will get me into trouble.

  26. Ja_Gunner

    It seems that Barca/Guardiola is dertermined to destroy the rest of Henry’s career.

    That 4-3-3 formation has not worked for them in ages. They continually play him out there(on the left)…even though Guardiola promised giving him a central position this year. Etoo has stayed therefore it seems Henry has been shafted where that is concerned.

    The other day when Barca beat Real Betis 3-2 they seemed to actually switch to 4-4-2 but lo and behold Messi and Eto played as the strikers, Henry wont dislodge these two as they are fan favourites and club stalwarts….therefore it seems Henry is doomed.
    He may only get the chance as a striker for squad rotation/injuries.

    Its sad watching him go through this, he deserves a better finish to his top flight career.

  27. Travelling Gooner

    Ja_Gunner. I absolutly agree with you. its really A sad day to see Henry out to pasture like this but then again he chose to leave.

  28. vandejie

    Hi everyone. I’m new here…But I have been monitoring this blog for 2 months already. This blog is so great. Can i join all of u? BTW, I’m from Malaysia and a die hard fan….i mean ARSENAL.

  29. Seb

    Frankly I choose to remember the Henry of 2004 and before, with a little bit of 2005/6 CL thrown in for good measure, but he came very close to ruining all the wonderful memories in his last couple of seasons with us. That stare…. *shivers*

  30. Rasputin

    On the subject of Henri – how quickly do people forget?

    I’m talking about football fans in general. For me he was a once in a lifetime player. I’d rank him alongside George Best.

    He did things I have never seen before from a footballer but with style, grace and with the freedom to express himself that Arsenal/Arsene afforded him. The ‘Jimi Hendrix’ of football if you like. We have other great players coming through, but Henry had invention and originality that sets him apart.

  31. Seb

    He was on another level, most of all his consistency sets him apart. I think van Persie has as much if not more technical ability, but he never seems to be able to deliver on a consistent basis (god I would love him to though). Henry performed miracles week in week out.

  32. Paulinho

    Our striking options are amazing. Must be the best in the world. Ade and RVP will be have a consistent spoke up their arse with guys like Vela waiting in the wings.

    Adebayor has fantastic physical ability and good link up play when he’s minds on it. RVP is utter class when he’s fit. Vela likewise. Then you have Bendtner, who can do a bit of everything.

    As for Eduardo, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move on in a year or two. He might struggle to overcome that injury but I also think Vela is a better player than him. I think he might find himself a bit reduntant as this season and next season progresses.

  33. hounddog

    Hi Pedro, yeah good point I guess, Cesc is friends with most of the squad and travelling expenses are peanuts. I just believe that had AFC/Wenger made an honest effort, Flamini would have stayed. I admit Flamini is not your normal class act but his work rate had a lot to offer to our midfield.

  34. hounddog

    Paulinho, I don’t want to get carried away but I think that Vela has the potential ability to be better than all of them. Maybe one day even filling the shoes of the great TH14.

  35. Rasputin

    Maybe Flamini’s example will serve as a warning to other young players not to jump ship in search of glamour and big bucks. He hasn’t been a huge success so far and we are looking good. I should think Denilson must be very grateful to him, and if he continues to improve as he has done so far, Flaminin will become a dim and distant memory.

    Young players like David Bentley (bench warmer exraordinnaire) probably should take it as a bit of an insult if AW lets them go – it usually means you’re never going to be good enough!

  36. kelsey

    hounddog you are on the vino callapso again. No one will ever fill the shoes of TH he was a one off the likes of had never and will never be seen again

    Paulinho why do think eduado might move on in a year or two.Surely if it wasn’t for Gary lewin he was near amputation,he is recovering and no one knows yet how he will react.if he regains full fitness i would think more than ever he would want to establish himself at Arsenal.

  37. hounddog

    Kelsey, I already told you it’s “spaetlese” πŸ™‚ and the key word was “maybe” Seriously though, you never know we once said oh my god no one can replace Ian Wright and along came the legend TH so we can never say never. Cheers.

  38. Paulinho

    I think Wenger will diplomatically let him go. Don’t be fooled by Arsene, he is a sentimentalist, but he will be aware that there is a very good chance Eduardo will not be the same player as he was. When you consider Eduardo was already an understated player who didn’t look great until he sniffed a chance out or cooly slotted a ball home, it becomes clear to me that any dulling of his senses due to the injury will result in him being not good enough for Arsenal.

    Hopefully he comes back 100% but I have a feeling he will struggle to recapture his form and give Wenger a hard decision to make.

  39. peachesgooner

    Arn’t we searching for a player to replace Henry in our affections? Thats not the same as replacing Henry. I don’t believe that there will be another player like Henry but what we want is a player that will be exciting and score lots of goals and that loves arsenal.

    I don’t think ade fills that void – even scoring loads of goals – so we keep on searching.

    I would love it to be van persie – he scores sensational goals

  40. Pedro

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  41. Lou

    Hilarious news that Zakora has claimed that Spurs will still finish in the top 4 this year. Apparently they have applied to Haringey Council to build a new ground on the site of Finsbury Park. The council told them that they already had a carnival once a year and didn’t need a circus every other week.
    Apologies if you’ve heard it before, but it did make me chuckle.

  42. London

    I know we have been round this circle so many times but what the hell.

    At the end of the 067 season Flamini was told that the club had received interest from Birmingham and that Arsenal were prepared to let him go.

    His playing days at Arsenal were numbered: surplus to requirements there is no logical reason for Flamini to expect, or, for him to be offered a new contract.

    Flamini was a utility player: thought as someone who would never make the big time; one year left on his contract; he was going to be allowed to leave with the best wishes of the club.

    Season 07/08 starts, Gilberto has just finished playing in the Americas cup and is exhausted, Diarby is injured (now there’s a surprise) so Flamini gets his chance and impresses in the close season. One minute before the transfer deadline we sign Diarra.

    Being out of a job at end of the season Flamini was playing his heart out. Diarra not having played to many games for Chelsea was being eased in.

    By Christmas Wenger has realised that Diarra is trouble; he seems to think he had the God given right to play every week; he is sent to France, away from the rest of the squad and then sold.

    Meanwhile it has becoming evident that everyone had underestimated Flamini’s talents and a new contract was offered; now bearing in mind that only three months earlier he was told he was no longer needed it is quite understandable that he wanted to keep his options open.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Milan offered him more money than we did; why not, there was no signing on fee, so if he works out great, if not, they sell him to Portsmouth and recoup all costs.

    This is not a case of bad business it is a case that nobody anticipated Flamini’s metamorphosis.

  43. david

    London .. That is how I saw it Diarra refused to play in a couple of cc games and refused to go on loan so Arsene got rid..

    And I don’t blame Flamini for fucking off as we didn’t treat him too well and he proved us wrong..

    You win some you lose some..

  44. marylandgunner

    David, there is one point to remember about Flamini . . . the season before last, we were going to sell him to Birmingham. He had one stand out season . . . that does not give him the CV of a world class hero. He got along well with the midfield, but at the end of the day, they won nada . . . and he wanted more money. I think that AC Milan over paid . . . and look where they are this season.

    Hleb is on the bench, and Henry is MIA. The grass is never greener on the other side . . . leave Arsenal at your own peril.

  45. ikon

    flamini will never have a season like the last one he had here.

    someone said henry actually left at his own choice, i doubt.
    He left because wenger hadn’t signed a new contract by then, and neither did he give any word to him that he will. Also wenger i believe, employed this strategy to cut a major wage bill, and obviously henry is past his prime…. wenger is a businessman after all πŸ˜€

    But it was the right decision for all parties.

    I too don’t think ade will be a long term arsenal player. Dunno much about Nik. I believe walcott too wont be around for long.

    See the problem with players having great speed and less intelligence (Ade) is that they have about 3 years of peak seasons, after that the speed wears away and you are left with a slow body and a slow mind.

    People like cesc, ramsey, vela, dudu (he will have a career like henrik larson), … will have their strengths long after their peers have retired.

  46. skaajon

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  47. Pedro

    Apparently David Blaines latest stunt was inspired by the fact Robbie keane broke his record for doing fuck all in a box…