Official: A Message from the Board

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Stan Kroenke appointed Director of Arsenal Holdings PLC
This morning Arsenal Holdings PLC made the following statement.

It has been announced today that E.Stanley Kroenke has accepted the Board’s invitation to become a director of Arsenal Holdings PLC (“Arsenal”) as a Non-Executive Director.

Mr Kroenke is the shareholder in Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE), the leading live sports and entertainment group based in Denver, Colorado. In April this year KSE acquired from ITV plc a 50% share in Arsenal Broadband Limited and at the same time entered into a strategic partnership with the Club through Colorado Rapids, the KSE franchise. Mr Kroenke holds approximately 12.4% of Arsenal’s issued share capital.

Mr Kroenke fully supports the approach the Board has taken in setting the direction of the Club. The Board believes Mr Kroenke’s experience in sports team commercial management, sports marketing, media and new media rights as well as real estate development will be of great value to the Board.

Mr Kroenke has confirmed that he will not increase his shareholding beyond 29.9% of Arsenal’s issued share capital within the twelve months following the date of this announcement, save as specified in this announcement.*

Arsenal Chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, commented:”We are delighted to welcome Stan to the Board of Arsenal. He brings with him a wealth of experience through his direct involvement in sports clubs in the US and we expect to benefit from his commercial insights and knowledge.”

Stan Kroenke said: “It is a real honour to be invited to join the Board of Arsenal given its pre-eminent reputation and position in football world-wide. I hope that my background in sports management will be an asset to Arsenal in its commercial dealings going forward.”

*Mr Kroenke, and any person who has acted in concert with him or any person who is subsequently acting in concert with him, reserves the right to increase his shareholding beyond 29.9% of Arsenal’s issued share capital within twelve months, and to take any other action which would otherwise be precluded under Rule 2.8 of The City Code on Takeovers and Mergers, with the agreement of the Board of Arsenal or following the announcement of an offer or possible offer for Arsenal or if there is a material change of circumstances. Mr. Kroenke is not a party to the lockdown agreement which was signed by the other directors of Arsenal in October 2007.

That was the official shareholders letter. So, what does that mean for Arsenal? Discuss!

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  1. georgiaan-gunner

    If Hleb was Arsenal’s matador then Walcott is their gazelle. And, as we know, the latter is an increasingly rare creature.
    agree with u arsene!

  2. ethangunner


    oh god !

    Hleb is a loss ! he did far more than play fancy football , he was the boiler room !
    he slowed down play , he speeded it up , he dictated the tempo ! its now missing ..
    can he do it for barca ? maybe, maybe not ?! what is clear however is the spice boys
    had something special !!! ade is suffering from it .. like i always said this season he would !
    our midfield is static and weakened !

    its like the verve and richard ashcroft .. separate them and they are collectively shite !
    together they were magic .. the beatles was the same .. and football partnerships are just the same they take time to evolve !! like any good relationship .. your wife your girlfriend ! your dog .. whatever ! 🙂

    but maybe in time theo – cesc- nasri .. rosicky if he is ever off the sick couch ?vela? bitchslap ??
    toure? eboue ?>> fuck ???

    but currently it isnt the case so don’t rely on theo to save the day ! , and out on the right wing
    is hardly arsenals boiler room …

    But if you mean tonight we should beat bolton … i concur !

  3. ethangunner

    i cannot give you a score line Geoff ..
    it depends which arsenal turn up !
    if its the blackburn Arsenal i agree

    if its the fulham-Kyiv Arsenal .. i hate to think !

  4. ethangunner

    i watched the kyiv game again ! we were hopeless in the 2nd half !
    they offered no attempt of any worth on goal !
    and im sure fener or porto at kyiv’s home will get results !

    our striking was lack lustre and non – clinical for 90 minutes ! !

    people would rather blame 1 slip up by sagna in 90 minutes then a continual display of poor finishing ! thats what pisses me off !

    overlooking the obvious !

  5. kelsey

    Good Morning Geoff/ethangunner.Predictions usually make a fool of us(except Geoff)We have a shit record ant Bolton and late saturday kick offs.Can’t see many changes to kiev,because most are still injured.I reckon if we win it will be 1-0 but my gut feeling is 1-1.
    By the way the eyeliner cesc wore the other night my wife informs me is called guyliner. 🙂

  6. kelsey

    I also watched the replay and i think the main reason for the team not gelling was RVP on the wing,and yet again Almunia showed his main weakness being caught out on the near post.I mentioned before three away games in a week is a tough call,but each game is only about 46 minutes in play.We have superfit well payed athletes so I don’t go along with Wenger’s excuse every post match game that is an excuse.All top teams have the same problem,but if scrooge doesn’t increase the squad with more experienced players,he alone is to blame.

  7. ethangunner

    dont know if you got myth busters in your part of the world , but tune into 1 episode they called baseball myths .. they prove any black eye crayon or makeup doesnt work !!!

    its pure myth ! ,

    i think cesc is going thru a vanity period , like some of us did in the 80’s 🙂

  8. ethangunner

    I mentioned before three away games in a week is a tough call

    we all knew the fixtures thou kelsey ..
    its not like we were not screaming at wenger to get a bigger squad ..
    then he buys 2 or 3 sick notes ( if you wish to include nasri )

    but RVP has played a few games now ! surely he must be getting sick room withdrawals by now 🙂 ?

  9. kelsey

    i must be to old what are myth busters is it a t.v. programme.guyliner is big business now,fot the younger gether with matching earrings,various tattoes and face make up and gelled spikey hair,the guys look more like girls than the girls do.My 2 keep borrowing each other’s make up and they are as strait as a dye.

  10. kelsey

    I watched arsenal t.v last night and tony woodcock was on(talk about hair,he looks like a lead singer in a 70’s rock band) but the scottish reporter from the Independant was on,forgot his name,but he talks a lot of sense and says the same as us that it is admirable what the club is doing,but we seriously lack depth.his name is patrick something

  11. ethangunner

    an american show that busts urban myths .. like why do baseball players wear black eye paint , i presumed it was to stop artificial light during big games ! ..

    they have an hour long show on discovery channel that busts urban myths .. and they basically proved by way of a retinal scan that no more light entered the eye weather you wore the black eye paint or not !

  12. kelsey

    A blind man could see a year ago that rosicky had serious problems and i admired him a lot but i fear his career is over.wenger sees him every day,why didn’t he buy cover a year ago.and i think gilberto could have had one more season for us if ony as a squad player for his experience.

  13. SeatoNone

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