Kalou? Why?

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One blog says we are back in for Salomon Kalou, or rather we will be in January, really? How could they possibly know that, Scolari himself said we made enquiries for him in the summer, can’t think why though, we have Bendtner, Eduardo, Ade, Robin, Theo and Vela so we are pretty stuffed in that department.

What was interesting was we made an offer to YaYa Toure, so that plus Alonso makes three players we made a bid for, I think if Wenger had made that apparent, we would have got off his back, and before anyone says he does that so the price doesn’t go up, bollocks, we didn’t get any of them did we? So it wouldn’t have mattered.

Onto Bolton, Megson says Fabrice Muamba owes him a good game, well if that’s what they’re relying on, we should get three points there. I know I rated Muamba, and still do, but if he’s their best player, we have little to worry about, and gone are the days when fat boy Davies and Kevin Nolan bully our kids.

So with a day to go I expect a response from the Kiev game so will go for 3 nil, I would say more but there again I thought we would beat Kiev.

Maybe someone at Arsenal will update us on the injury situation, or let us know why Diaby is becoming the new sicknote of the Grove.

Have a great day Grovers, the Ryder Cup begins today.

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  1. Pedro

    All of you patting Kenya on the back for cut and pasting this weeks Le Chump!

    He was the reason I put it up!

    Anyway! How are we all today?

    It’s freezing here!

    Kalou? Where did you read that Geoff? I know quite a lot of players really rate him… and they loved him in Holland. I think Wenger wants to make him a great player and take all the credit!

  2. ethangunner

    i wouldnt pay it any mind pedro..

    we cannot even get players join on free transfers , yet alone pry a player from chevski

  3. Big Raddy

    Re: Colour/Creed

    I wouldn’t like an orange player – he would clash with the home kit. however, he could look fine with the yellow and blue away kit. Very 70’s

  4. ethangunner

    you know the thing that bothers me pedro is im sure kenya used to visit ACLF , and called me racist because i sledged ade , it took me time to gather the gray matter but isnt that a form of racism in itself ? hiding behind the racism card because they can manipulate the argument in that vain ! And on the net your anonymous !

    so who knows who’s color race or creed and more importantly where you live ???

    in fact other than almunia – cesc – and RVP all other arsenal players in the starting 11 are black !
    so your options are fucking limited !!!

  5. Big Raddy

    Kaloy would have been a strange signing. But there must be some truth in the story for Big Phil to say it publicly.

    This is my hypothesis, for what it’s worth….

    AW was convinced Ade was AC bound, and was checking out cut-price International strikers. Once Ade agreed to stay, he lost interest.

  6. Geoff

    We had an orange director Raddy, David Dein!

    Pedro, I didn’t know Keenya did that, he’s either very clever or very stupid, I’ll let you lot decide, I know I have.

    Scolari said we bid for Kalou.

  7. Big Raddy

    EWthan, I am sure Kenyan had a rush of blood to the head, or one ‘herbal’ cigarette too many. He has never done that before, and doubt he will again after the strong response he got.

  8. ethangunner


    im sure thats why the arshavin deal was so close to fruition ..
    on reflection it would be a far better option also !

  9. Big Raddy

    I was thinking of you watching Ade’s atrocious game on Weds. Every time TT f’ed up (and there were way too many), I imagined your response.

    That you missed the game allowed Ade to get off lightly !!

  10. Geoff

    Given that we have no Diaby, Rosicky or Eduardo still, he really should have bought a couple of players that weren’t injured (Silvestre and Bitchslap)

  11. ethangunner


    being an english lad growing up in Australian schools i know too well what its like to
    be called a pommy wanker ! 90 % of the kids used to heckle my accent ….
    And now in my adult life i live in Thailand married to a thai bird and having a 1/2 thai – British son , i hardly call myself a racist .. Maybe i should only criticize the white arsenal players 🙂

    all 3 of them 🙂

  12. LEON

    i keep on hearing from football pondits that arsenal are not equipt to deal with injuries as well as chelsea or manu,right now arsenal have silvester,nasri,edwardo,risicky and diaby down and there are coping very well i think i that mainly because there are not specailist players they all can play in different positionsnand plus the fact despite there age they are very mature and are experiened. i feel arsenals strongest asset right now is how mentaly strong they are the young players have had cope with alot of injuries and plus the loss of henry has foeced them to grow up despite there age they been play in the prem for at least 2-3 years now .

    wenger has tried to sign alonso,annon,inter,clement,yaya toure and but none of them came throught but because wenger keeps tranfer targets private everyone assumes he didnt evon try to get anyone

  13. kenny smith

    post is a bit early today….. I think scolari brought up the kalou thing to save his own neck in an interview after the sp*rs game did he not? i think if wenger made enquiries he was probably looking for left wing for kalou. i think the enquiries were made before we had bought nasri. I think its just press resurrecting old bullshit. It wont happen, not unless we have severe injuries come january.

    i think wenger might rotate for bolton game. Same back four, pass master will start on right wing, walcott most likely on the left but he might even be rested after being “destroyed” on weds so we could see vela get a game there. cant see it though cause he will start against sheffield on tuesday.





    thats my predicted line up but what do i know….. kowing wenger it will be something totally different to that. bendtner is probably being saved for tuesday so ade will prob start. so i think eboue might be the only change

  14. rico01

    Good Morning fair men 🙂

    Blimey, we didnt have a clue who was coming in the summer, let alone the January transfer – in any case, circumstances will surely dictate who does or ‘doesnt’ come in January ( excuse the wording )

    Le Chump = 🙂

    What a weekend ahead – and begins today in the USA 😉

  15. gunnershabz

    i really dont understand abou diaby’s injury…

    what is he suffering from??

    we know about tomas rosicky and eduardo

    even samir nasri is joining them quite often recently

  16. ethangunner

    geoff thats been my point all along !
    5 injury prone players .. all the crap players like song – eboue and ade who never get injured ! its a recipe for mediocrity for another season , a season that will be running rich with excuses come the end of it !

    im sure wenger cant use the’ injury card excuse ‘again this season !
    if he does he does he will get it back in his face 10 fold !

  17. hounddog

    Morning Geoff,
    I think you will find that between now and December the media will link us to many more players. As I said yesterday it is now obvious that Wenger was trying to make signings which for whatever reason did not materialize so that does in fact show he wanted to strengthen. However as you said maybe some sort of official comment from him or the club may have eased the nerves of some supporters.
    There is really no point in the conversation/discussion of whether we are weak, understrength or whatever as we simply have to accept what we have for right now and get on with it (at least until the Jan transfer window). What we need to concentrate on now is when will Rosicky, Diaby, Silvestre, Bischoff and Eduardo be fit to play as I look at these five as being our five new signings and the strengthing of the squad that we are begging for.

    Have a nice day one and all.

  18. ethangunner


    i agree totally .. we cannot predict who will join a week before the end of the transfer season yet alone in January ! its one of life’s great puzzles that wenger only knows the answer too !(MAYBE !) and seeing how erratic he has been recently singing wise .. you would need to find the needle in the hay stack to guess wengers next signing ..

    probably fat Rolando formerly from RM 🙂

  19. stonroy

    Did anyone get a chance to see Ben Arfa play against Liverpool? What a talent he is. He is surely one for the next few years. Plays equally well on both flanks.

  20. ethangunner

    well hounddog
    what do you suggest we talk about ?
    if we cannot talk about strengthening the team ?
    or cannot talk about transfers ? or players you want out ?
    we certainly know who is injured ! and unless your a physio
    there’s not much to discuss ?

    yes lets get behind our club WOooWhoooo !
    ( i thinks thats pretty obvious we all want arsenal to win ! )
    or we wouldn’t be here !

  21. rico01

    ethan – i hope he does know – like said before this morning, i wish he would be a little more open with the fans, then at least we can all see he is trying to get players in any transfer window. Rather than keep saying ‘I have no-one in mind’ that I think is what we all get dissapointed by, and frustrated. I guess common sense would say that a Manager of his calibre has targets, but we seem to find these things out from other players, agents and managers.

    Everyone in the media says we have no chance to win anything – good.. Nothing like being written off to get the blood boiling – get to Christmas and be up there in the top three, if then no Rosicky and Diaby – sell them if some mug will buy them, and replace them in January window.

  22. Geoff

    Hounddog, I go back to my original comment, who is Bishcoff? who has seen him play?

    Apart from Eduardo, all the others are injury prone.

  23. iceman

    Geoff you caught me off guard today.

    Way too early for me!!

    I think AW wanted Kalou (if the stories are to be believed) to play on the wings.

    Upfront we have options aplenty.

  24. charybdis1966

    I think Fat Phil was indulging in some amatuer mind games.
    The underlying subtext of his mentioning Kalou being coveted by Wenger is to say – we have better players than Arsenal and they want ours – we are a big club and told them to get lost.

    I wouldn’t give that fat cnuts ramblings any credence guys.

  25. afc53

    Kalou – why would we bid for him are we going backwards in the market we may as well go for Bramble & Harewood why were at it

  26. GunnerPete

    Do you know ts becoming ridiculous the injuries at AFC …enough to call us Farsenal.

    Diaby went off with ‘a knock’ and has not played since. Just like VP last year who had a thigh ‘knock’ and he was out for months. Silvestre well!!!! the only genuine injuries seem to be Eduardo & Rosicknote………….what the hell is happening?

  27. simon

    kalou is quality,young and has prem expeirience.
    we all know wenger wont pay more than 10-12 mil on a player and with tomas and robin and eduardo handing in sicknotes everymonth they will qualify for a clothing grant soon, i think he would be a good purchess. ps he dont moan

  28. Rtist

    Announcements during the Christmas Holidays:
    1). Le Grove, for the 5,735th time, will have to explain to some numbnutts that the site is not racist.

    2). The Czech will announce his retirement amid tears and sighs.

    3). Eduardo will return to regular service and Adebayor will return to the bench as a 2nd half sub.

    4). The shock of having a resident of the colonies on the Board of AFC will have turned to nausea when it is revealed that Kronke prefers eating a hot dog with a plastic fork and knife and really enjoys proper football when he is attending a “tailgate” party with “buds” in some nightmarish drive-in theatre parking lot…somewhere in Colorado??