The truth will out, could he be the one?

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Ok we all agree the Blackburn game was tip-top and there was not a lot wrong there apart from some shaky moments at the back early on, well that aside I read this comment from Wenger yesterday.

‘I think we can win the Champions League because of the strength of my players and the strength of my team. I want to show that I am right for the way I run this club and what we have been building’

He also went on to say if we got a billionaire in that told him he would have to buy, then he would leave, it’s my way or no way I think he was trying to say.

That means his experiment will continue, okay Fulham aside it’s looking good so far, Denilson, who I have been saying for months isn’t ready yet is starting to look solid, yes I know he isn’t a defensive midfield player but maybe that’s the plan, no defensive midfielder, an attacking one, I mean do we need a defensive midfield player when we can score the shit out of the opposition?

Don’t forget, last season we only managed a draw against them and in seasons past scoring four for no reply would have been unheard of, if he can get results like this on a regular basis, I would support the experiment.

Theo was on fire, I think he will continue like that, Robin is almost back to his best, Ade is scoring again and Nasri, Bendtner and Vela weren’t even playing, with Song and Diaby in the wings (not on them) and Jackie boy waiting his turn, maybe, just maybe this could be our season.

I haven’t mentioned Sylvestre or Bitchslap because I don’t know, but Ramsey looked good and he’s only 17, the ball he put through to Ade was top drawer.

I am looking forward to the next two games, they for me will show if we have enough without the defensive player we were looking for, well as a starter anyway.

A quick comment on the Newcastle fans and their banners, you can’t be called a Cockney unless you were born under the sound of the Bow Bells, which are next to St. Paul’s cathedral and not in bow, very few people can call themselves Cockneys, I can because I was born in Bethnal Green E2, Ashwell and Wise were not so you all got that wrong you dimwits. The best fans in the Premiership? Where did you get that from? Every time something goes wrong they boo the team, protest about the management and generally whine, we are the best fans in the world, yes the Arsenal fans.

Kevin Keegan is a bottler, he walks away with huge pay off’s wherever he goes, don’t blame the owners blame him, just before they played us, they were going to win the league! It wasn’t the owner that stuck by Barton, it was the twit of a manager, blame him.

Ok that’s enough time spent on them.

It will be interesting to see who he plays on Wednesday, but whoever does play, I think we’ll stuff them, it’s not cold there yet so they have no home advantage, but a win will set us up nicely for the Bolton game, the Chavs looked good but they ought to with the money they’ve spent, we were the last team to beat them and by the time that game comes around we should be playing even better, so 3 nil in advance.

All the blogs are linking us to Veloso, I think it’s laughable, over 3 months to go and they’ve started already! Ignore it Grovers, we have enough if we can stay uninjured, Rosicky comes back and if Bitchslap is any good, we’ll have a very good squad, so maybe the boss has got it spot on, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, but only time will tell.

For now though a big well played this weekend men, more of the same please!

Have a great week Grovers, football is back!

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  1. choy

    Captain of a pirate ship sees 2 navy ships approaching.. tells his sailor to get red trousers so that the others don’t see the blood.

    A few days later the captain sees 5 navy ships approaching “GET my brown trousers” he shouts!!

  2. rico01

    choy – i am so so sorry, wasnt ignoring you πŸ˜₯

    top banana now again thanks, no achy bones – head is a mess, but hey ho!

    hope you fit and healthy too ?

  3. Pedro

    The spuds are losing again? What a shocker… it’s going to be hard to get things going if they lose tonight.

    A bad start is a killer…

  4. hounddog

    Just back from a nice meal and I thought I’d catch up on the gossip. I just can not believe the price of a fucking haircut at goonermicheals unisex salon!!! and you people bitch about Flamini wanting more money…obviously he must have had his hair done at goonermicheals place πŸ™‚ Now I know why I dont live in England!!!!

  5. choy

    lol rico.. yes m good…

    spuds still one down.. need young to score a hat trick now.. that would do my fantasy team a world of good!!!

  6. hounddog

    Kelsey, what’s up? How much do you pay for a haircut in Spain? I pay about 25 Euro’s here in Germany and that includes washing and a little scalp massage from one of the female apprentices!!!

  7. Pedro

    It does make me smile Rico! I said I wasn’t impressed with their signings… and so far I’ve been proved right!

    Well… we’re only a few games in, so that is a bit judgemental!

    GM, do you style as well as Nicky Clarke? Do you get bang for your buck in your gaff?

  8. rico01

    same old Pedro, spend a lot and for what ?? You are spot on

    And I amtired, so my duvet is calling – til tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    Be safe Guys – Night Night

  9. Pedro

    Are you talking about my haircut Rico? haha!

    Houddog, there are loads of examples of that these days…

    I love that quote from Wenger the other day… somthing along the lines of:

    ‘You could have 20 trillionaires in running Prem Clubs, but someone still has to finish bottom’


    My point about spending money is that we have the best manager in the world for judging players!

    Imagine Wenger with a loaded cheque book!

  10. Pedro

    On Β£6million a year? Forever!

    I have a text ready to send my spud chum after the game, I’m keeping them crossed for the loss!

  11. Seb

    hahaha spud muppets booing the ref for blowing the whistle!!

    they would’ve celebrated a draw like they did in 2004 – they love a bit of mediocrity don’t they

  12. goonermichael

    My brother’s a spud. He had the cheek to leave a piss taking comment on my facebook wall before the season started. Think I’ll pay him a visit.

    Oh Pedro. I’m the Dennis Bergkamp of hairdressing.

  13. Pedro

    Finest, have you been keeping an eye on the markets today?

    I didn’t realise people were out of work straight away! Shocking!

  14. charybdis1966

    A perennial favourite activity…”Let’s all laugh at “Top 4 ” spuds”

    What a bunch of effing mugs !! πŸ™‚

  15. goonermichael

    18 Blackburn 4 0 1 1 1 5 1 0 1 4 6 -6 4
    19 Stoke 4 1 0 1 5 5 0 0 2 2 5 -3 3
    20 Tottenham 4 0 0 2 2 4 0 1 1 2 3 -3 1

  16. finestcuts

    The markets Pedro? Not sure what that’s about….you mean all this fuss about Lehman and co….or the Spuds getting mugged on the transfer market again, i suppose they did Manyoo over with Berbatov, 30m, what a joke, not worth anywhere near that, but they got paid….and they’re still a bunch of crack smoking yids who’ve just hit rock bottom, they should learn to shut up about going top 4 before they actually kick the ball.

  17. Pedro

    Yeah, Mad Jens and his brothers have gone down the toilet… they’ve let a lot of people down!

    I don’t think Berba will be a waste… the guy is a class act and he will only get better.

    Fergie wont though, and he’s lost his wing man…

  18. Mean Lean

    Just goes to show that spending a shit load of money isn’t always the answer. Spurs have no shape no organistion, they are just shit.

    And Gomez isn’t someone that we let slip because he is shit!

  19. TJ DA GOON

    Poor, silly little spuds….

    It’s like what that genius RVP said the other day. Something like how you can buy a world class team but getting them to play as a unit is another matter. Same thing applies to Citeh. AW with a fully loaded cheque book will get bored and leave the game altogether cos he would win it all, every year.

  20. trindle

    So, how long is it since the spuds graced even the top HALF of the Premier League?

    Anyone else remember when Nottingham Forest were relegated, many years ago – posibly Cloughy’s last season? The “pundits” kept saying “they’re too good to go down” … down they went. Oh, if only.

  21. Pedro

    He’s done well for himself! All that at 37! I need t marry into that family.

    Meanlean, are you intimating that if Wenger spent a shit load, we’d be like Spurs?

    For every example you have of a club failing with money, I have an example of a club succeeding… it’s who is spending the money that is important.

    Schuster, Mourinho, Rijkaard (early days), Ferguson, Mancini… all examples of success with money.

    I called Gomez being shit first… he is an absolute clown… height is all he has.

  22. choy

    evening trindle…

    ha what a laugh !! bottom of the league!! what fun trindle.. why isn’t bentley opening his mouth now? he was having a go at theo wasn’t he? to leave arse and all that?

  23. Doublegooner


    Goverment refuse to bail out Spuds after its becomes obvious theyve wasted more money than Lehmann Bros.

  24. Big Raddy

    Some points on tonight’s game.

    Sperms are shite, always have been, always will be. End of…..

    Villa were excellent tonight, if they continue to play like that, they will be a problem for all the top4 teams. They are strong defensively and have many different styles of attack. In Barry they have a fine player. And I would love us to sign Laursen – he gets better every year.

    As someone said, THFC are not playing as a team. Look at the difference between Lennon and Theo. Theo looks for the pass, Lennon is just a glory player.

    Like Seb, I have Friedel and Laursen in my FF team. It was going so well…..

  25. finestcuts

    True Pedro, you never see anyone standing up for Almunia even though he has saved lots of tough shots, but then again it looks better to feel sorry for Eboue.

  26. Big Raddy

    Night All. My internet connection is running very slow.

    p.s. I just love the table at this time of the year. Spurs are always bottom

  27. TJ DA GOON

    Manuel has been far more consistent than Cech over the past year. If i was calamity James i would be worried. Capello is Italian so he wont give a flyin f*** fielding a Spaniard for England despite the uproar it will blatantly cause. Almunia has to keep his form up though.

  28. Pedro

    Exactly… David James can’t hack the big time and he is getting on a bit!

    GM, I can’t imagine the FA would tell King Capello he couldn’t do something!

    Raddy, I agree with you about Villa, loads of attacking options, great wingers and a much improved keeper.

    TJ, I’ve had that argument on here many times… Big Al dropped less clangers than all the top keepers last year. Maybe his saves aren’t so spectacular because he makes them look easy?

    GM, I think his haircut is shite from any point of view… at least Henri chopped his ridiculous cut…

    Lennon is a one trick pony… we discovered that 2 years ago and he still hasn’t moved on… Theo however is starting to up it a gear! Less dithering, more explosive pace and taking on players!

  29. TJ DA GOON

    Seriously though….i cant remember the last time i got upset with Manuel for doing something stupid. Even his kicking/distribution has improved this year by the looks of things. Plus, as a keeper, he has yet to hit his peak.

  30. Pedro

    TJ, I don’t think he put a foot wrong last year… people are just scarred by his errors of seasons past.

    That save he made against blackburn the other night was top draw. He comes for crosses, never drops them, never bitches at opposition who stand in his way and I think the defence are assured by him.

    Finest, I have learnt a lesson.

  31. TJ DA GOON

    True Pedro, plus they see Casillas as a God over there. Trust me, next year he’ll be England keeper (or at least in the squad), as long as he keeps performing. Plus, Capello loves watching the Arsenal. Theo’s the only English lad on the pitch and he still chooses watching us over teams like Boro and Villa whose squads are full of English players. It was the same with Sven when he was boss. They know where THOF is at i suppose.

  32. Pedro

    ‘Le Coq Sportif, City’s kit manufacturer, is searching for distribution partners in the Middle East and the club’s official website sold more than 300 replica shirts to customers in the UAE last week.’

    ROI is looking up already!

  33. TJ DA GOON

    Wouldn’t swap him for any other keeper in the league right now, including Cech. And to think of it, i wanted Joe Hart in the summer.

  34. Pedro

    Well, you never know… JW could be about for the 2010 world cup!

    Totally agree, I think he is a top performer and I can’t quite understand how Reina is in the Spanish squad ahead of him?

    Almunia would be 31 by the 2010 WC, won a couple of Premierships and a CL winners medal… he’d be a prime candidate!

    On that happy note, I am off to Bedfordshire!

    Good night all! See you tomorrow!

  35. Pedro

    Can you imagine Adebayor sharing anything?

    He’d be the type of guy you’d be enjoying a box of chicken with… you’re down to the last bit… it’s 50/50 how many bits you’ve had each… so you hold off for a second, waiting for the compromise… then, just as Ade finishes his penultimate piece of the colonels finest… he steams in and eats the last leg himself, without even taking a second to think of you… selfish pig…

    I’m really off now… monthlies have clearly got the better of me today…


  36. eltel08

    Some are getting way excited about Manuel. He is vastly over rated. He had only 1 shot to save on Saturday and it was a 30 yarder that all keepers would save. He managed to make it look spectacular as usual.

    Maybe the problems in defence with balls being whipped in wouldn’t be so bad if he made a decisiion to call the defenders in front of him.

    Mistakes, well yes the fact that JD cleared one off the line the other week when he was nowhere the goal at Fulham where he stood on the line and a free kick in pre season.

    Still maybe I shouldn’t moan seeing as we have been winning, but like a few have said we have played shit teams so far. Lets see what he is like when the better sides get more than one shot on target before proclaiming him the best in the Prem.

    Better than Cech, dear o dear.

  37. ethangunner

    the above quotes he was offered 80k a week at milan …

    above proves he held fast for 60k

    the best we offered him was 50k + 1.5 mil

    yet somehow ade is work 80 k ?
    if flamini wanted 60 k i think he was worth keeping , and that was a move that probably would of seen hleb stay also !

    I s’pose theo has stepped up and nasri seems good at 1st glance .
    but these are calculated risks that change squad dynamics , and this is no
    art to it , its more a case of luck and a prayer on wenger’s behalf !

    i think its borderline reckless and some can get excited by what they see against lesser teams ! But i will reserve judgment until im half way thru this movie called the EPL season !

  38. ethangunner

    Also proof he wasnt motivated by money alone !!!

    Arsene Wenger made every effort to retain the services of the midfielder, but was left frustrated as Milan trumped their offer.

    Flamini has been accused of being motivated by money, but he claims his love for Arsenal can be proved by him turning down another English club.

    ”Some people say I left for money, but I could have joined an English club who offered me much more than Arsenal,” he told The Sun.

    ”I decided against it out of my respect and bond with the club.”

    Flamini claims Arsenal paid the price for not offering him a contract extension last summer.

    β€œIf Arsenal had offered me a contract last summer I would still be their player now,” he added.

    β€œLast July I told Arsenal I wanted to extend my contract so, of course, I would have signed if they had offered me a deal . . . but they didn’t.

    β€œThey said they wanted me to prove myself first.

    β€œIt was difficult for me at the beginning. I had to see it as a challenge but I won’t lie, it was not easy. You have to be mentally very strong to cope.”

    MY POINT ? if another nameless english club would pay him the cash why didnt we ?
    and why did we pay that hapless bum ade what he wanted ?

  39. ikon

    dos santos is class though… but lets all laugh at the spurs….again!!!!!

    but on the serious side, ramos and the team have a very visible communication gap. and jenas is not good to play for even hull.

    I am still trying to figure out how can a team looking to build upon managed to sell berba, keane and defoe…. and malbranque too… he was the most penetrating last season.

    As you sow so you reap……. they will find good buddies in elland road.

  40. ikon

    because ethan….. we are keeping clean sheets without flamini… the incessant running that flamini demonstrated was down to more the fact that he was trying to impress his future employees. I think we are better of with denilson/diaby who are technically very sound rather than play someone who does just the running part well.

    And Ade has started scoring and well i think its apparent he has improved on last season….. and with RVP he is deadly…… very few teams have the physical presence as well as speed of Ade.

  41. kenny smith

    A very good morning folks………… im as happy as a man could be today!…….. spuds lost last night hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    watched the game and my god they were awful! I have never seen a worse striker than Darren Bent!!!!!! his goal was fluky to say the least….

    Villa should of won by at least 4!

    Happy days…. spurs are shite and im going to have a great day winding up spurs fans at my work! haha