The truth will out, could he be the one?

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Ok we all agree the Blackburn game was tip-top and there was not a lot wrong there apart from some shaky moments at the back early on, well that aside I read this comment from Wenger yesterday.

‘I think we can win the Champions League because of the strength of my players and the strength of my team. I want to show that I am right for the way I run this club and what we have been building’

He also went on to say if we got a billionaire in that told him he would have to buy, then he would leave, it’s my way or no way I think he was trying to say.

That means his experiment will continue, okay Fulham aside it’s looking good so far, Denilson, who I have been saying for months isn’t ready yet is starting to look solid, yes I know he isn’t a defensive midfield player but maybe that’s the plan, no defensive midfielder, an attacking one, I mean do we need a defensive midfield player when we can score the shit out of the opposition?

Don’t forget, last season we only managed a draw against them and in seasons past scoring four for no reply would have been unheard of, if he can get results like this on a regular basis, I would support the experiment.

Theo was on fire, I think he will continue like that, Robin is almost back to his best, Ade is scoring again and Nasri, Bendtner and Vela weren’t even playing, with Song and Diaby in the wings (not on them) and Jackie boy waiting his turn, maybe, just maybe this could be our season.

I haven’t mentioned Sylvestre or Bitchslap because I don’t know, but Ramsey looked good and he’s only 17, the ball he put through to Ade was top drawer.

I am looking forward to the next two games, they for me will show if we have enough without the defensive player we were looking for, well as a starter anyway.

A quick comment on the Newcastle fans and their banners, you can’t be called a Cockney unless you were born under the sound of the Bow Bells, which are next to St. Paul’s cathedral and not in bow, very few people can call themselves Cockneys, I can because I was born in Bethnal Green E2, Ashwell and Wise were not so you all got that wrong you dimwits. The best fans in the Premiership? Where did you get that from? Every time something goes wrong they boo the team, protest about the management and generally whine, we are the best fans in the world, yes the Arsenal fans.

Kevin Keegan is a bottler, he walks away with huge pay off’s wherever he goes, don’t blame the owners blame him, just before they played us, they were going to win the league! It wasn’t the owner that stuck by Barton, it was the twit of a manager, blame him.

Ok that’s enough time spent on them.

It will be interesting to see who he plays on Wednesday, but whoever does play, I think we’ll stuff them, it’s not cold there yet so they have no home advantage, but a win will set us up nicely for the Bolton game, the Chavs looked good but they ought to with the money they’ve spent, we were the last team to beat them and by the time that game comes around we should be playing even better, so 3 nil in advance.

All the blogs are linking us to Veloso, I think it’s laughable, over 3 months to go and they’ve started already! Ignore it Grovers, we have enough if we can stay uninjured, Rosicky comes back and if Bitchslap is any good, we’ll have a very good squad, so maybe the boss has got it spot on, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, but only time will tell.

For now though a big well played this weekend men, more of the same please!

Have a great week Grovers, football is back!

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  1. Kampala Gunner

    Alot of people are saying that we have played weak teams so far and that the wins were expected anyway. But let me say this

    1) This season we have already played the likes of Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Ajax, Stuttgart, Hamburg etc. Don’t they realise a pattern already.

    2) Then the other argument is that if blackburn were more clinical they would probably have scored 3. Those who argue this way also forget the numerous chances we missed ourselves. Van Persie could have scored a hattrick himself and Adebayor maybe 6. The point is that no team converts all its chances. It doesnt matter how strong the opponents defense is.

  2. Pedro

    Kampala… I think there are 2 points:

    1) We wont score 4 against Manu.
    2) ManU would have converted at least 2 of those chances.


    If the Mancs play as poorly against us the way they played against Pool, we’ll have no problem putting 4 four past em Pedro me old mucker.

  4. insidealbania

    Good afternoon Grovers.

    Great post and an good display by the team at the weekend.
    Regarding the comments made about Newcastle Utd, I think their fans are a JOKE. They have the shortest memories humanly possible. There is no way any board or manager can survive their. You would think they will learn from their mistakes and be more patient, but no something in the water up their must fuck up their brains.

    As for the best supporters I know we are the best, but having lived in portsmouth for 4 years and seen those nutters and heard the noise they make I would say they are a close second.

  5. chris

    i must say i was genuinly worried about saturday as a banna skin, i am concerned now that as we beat them, all of a sudden they are shite opposition? i will be at bolton this weekend and i expect it to be a tough test but i hope their will be no CL hangover.

  6. Patrick7

    So funny returning to see that Vidic & Terry were sent off and Spuds were bottom….
    Manurre had lost and we’d won 4-0. Ade a hatrick & Theo with one in the week.

    GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roll on Kiev & Bolton. Any news on GMR? Glad you’re still in one piece Ethan – you were right about not buying then!

  7. Geoff

    I don’t think we’ll have a CL hangover because I think it will almost be a different team, I expect to see Diaby, Rosicky, Bendtner, Silvestre, Vela, Nasri, Song and Djourou all play in a combination of them all.

  8. Patrick7

    Just to cheer you up on this ‘pessimistic’ site LOL

    Cheltenham Races:

    A group of primary school infants, accompanied by two female teachers, went on a field trip to Cheltenham races to see and learn about thoroughbred horses.

    When it was time to take the children to the toilet, it was decided that the girls would go with one teacher and the boys would go with the other.

    The teacher assigned to the boys was waiting outside the men’s toilet when one of the boys came out and told her that none of them could reach the urinal.

    Having no choice, she went inside, helped the boys with their pants, and began hoisting the boys up, one by one, holding their willies to direct the flow away from their clothes.

    As she lifted one, she couldn’t help but notice that he was unusually well endowed. Trying not to show that she was staring, the teacher said, ‘You must be in year four.’

    ‘No, madam,’ he replied. ‘I’m riding Silver Arrow in the 2.15.’

  9. jo

    Well known that a couple of editors on MOTD are spurs fans who have admitted to trying to make arsenal not look good. Evidence on saturday when our 27pass goal was restricted to the final 3-4 passes making it just look like a standard goal. Even Radio5 commented that they’d seen one of the best goals of the season yet not even mentioned on MOTD pundits because they didnt get to see the possession.

    on Eboue – he’s been great this season and looks a class act again like he did before Bacary arrived. He didnt dive for the penalty, but does exagerrate it – but certainly no more than the likes of Joe Cole, Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Emile Heskey. Xenophobia perhaps.

  10. chris

    Pierre, dont laugh now…
    ill be in the final salute shirt with rocky on the back, 6’2″ with a pony tail
    but my mum is taking me, as in literally and financially!
    she is an insane arsenal fan but has never been to a match even though she lived near le-grove in the 70’s before moving to ireland

  11. Pierre

    well i will be in blackpool on a stag do this weekend, but i may be getting 2 free tickets to the bolton match fingers crossed, its a good way to pass the afternoon as opposed to killing a few thousand braincells getting smashed, but if the tickets dont come through i have free passes to a lapdance joint, so win win situation for me!

  12. kelsey

    Back to Hansen on MOTD his first comment was it could have been 5 all at half time!!!

    let’s face it everyone hates us,and when Almunia becomes English and Theo and Jack play for england we will still get slated,fuck the lot of them.

    Anymore updates on sicknote,very quiet is of concern to me.

    I found a programme during a clear out of us v charlton in 1947 ,2 pages cost 5p old money.

  13. Patrick7

    Kelsey – 5d (old money) that was expensive! In 1956-8 you could by a bag of carrots or 20 ‘Black Jacks or shrmps (sweets) or 5 glasses of Corona lemonade: a bit more than my pocket money for the week LOL

  14. kelsey

    chris 5 old pence. 🙂 sorry put me glasses on 2 old pence 🙂 I wonder if it is worth anything,also got a full set of 1948 London Olympic programmes from my dad,but the highlight was the 1971 private party after the double,same night, at the old Portman Hotel,changed its name now,when 150 were invited to join the whole team and my invite is autographed by the whole team. Worth more than ade to me 🙂

  15. kelsey

    Patrick7 don’t start the sweets and chocs again,we went through every make last week,but Marianne faithful and the Mars bar is still the best one,ask Bud,the biggest swinger on this site 🙂

  16. kenny smith

    totally off subject here but is anyone else loving the start the spuds of had??? ill have 5 live on tonight praying for a villa win. Agbonglahor was shit hot for the England U21’s so i hope he can carry on the form…… It would be so good to see “top 4 tottenham” with 1 point from their first 4 games and sitting rock bottom!!! How much longer do u think Ramos would last in charge if they got humped tonight?

  17. hounddog

    Hi all. I just want to comment that the name calling of Bischoff “bitchslap” is getting a little childish and I believe it should stop. He is an Arsenal player and of yet has done nothing wrong that warrants him being called names! Just my opinion okay!!!

  18. hounddog

    Hi Kelsey,
    Not quiet Siberia but it was an okay trip. I just got out of bed about 30 minutes ago. I actually got to see the Blackburn-Arsenal game in my Hotel on Ukraine TV, rather funny listening to the commentator. Any way right now I am trying to catch up on all the football news.

  19. kenny smith

    LOL Kelsey, although i have just found out the spuds game is on Setanta which i have at home so i think ill watch!!!! come on the Villa!!!!!

    Kelsey is that your real name? if so are u male or female? Please dont take this the wrong way if your male its just i know a girl who has the exact same name.

  20. kelsey

    kenny fuck me are you asking for a date 🙂

    I am male,used to live near big raddy,now residing on the costa del sol.My wife is very female,ask hounddog.kelsey is a middle name of one of my family,nothing to do with Jack kelsey,but i thought it appropriate.

  21. kenny smith

    lol no im not looking for a date just thought bit unusual name for a guy but maybe its not….. in no way am i taking the piss.

  22. hounddog

    Reference the Rosicky issue. News here in Germany does not reflect anything in reference to Rosicky having a carear threatening injury. The issue is that the Czech Reublic are trying to force Arsenal into releasing him for the upcoming WC qualification games but Wenger is not budging as he refuses to rush him back and as long as he is on the official sick list the Czechs can do nothing about it. The Germans are also reporting that Rosicky himself is pushing Wenger but again Wenger is not budging.

  23. kenny smith

    I live in aberdeen and there are 0 female arsenal fans here. im on a quest to find one and marry her and hope she’s roastin aswell! lol but up here thats like trying to find a piece of hay in a massive stack of needles!

  24. kelsey

    no offence my friend,only been on here a 3 weeks,we seem to be truely international,any gooners actually live in joking)

    hounddog,we got a completely different report on sky sports ,the czech doctor said there were complications and he would rather let wenger explain.

  25. Patrick7

    Yes I knew the use for Mars bar but the link with MF was fellatio with a Cadbury’s Flake in the advert of the 60’s. Has there been a link with her and Mars since?

  26. hounddog

    Hi Kelsey, Interesting how different countries report things. Key factor here is that Arsenal have said nothing. My personal and business relations with a lot of these countries leads me to believe nothing that they say!! Usually the Germans are always spot on, so at the moment I am not worried about it.

  27. Bud

    Has there been Fisticuffs on Le-Grove today?????

    Anyway, off soon, to do a last bit of shopping for my boy for holiday, then dinner and a good bottle of Claret to cheer on the Villa……. it’s gonna be brilliant, like having a 2nd team to support tonight and imagine the spuds followers after 1 point from 4 games in what is THEIR YEAR this year after all !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Patrick7

    Pierre – are you an oldie also or is your info 2nd hand? I still picture MF unwrapping/uncoiling the wrapper – you don’t do that with a Mars bar – and catching the crumbs with her lips – there wouldn’t be any off a Mars bar.

    Are any other ‘middle aged’ out there to agree/disagree with this?

  29. Pierre

    Patrick, she may have advertised or appeared with a flake, but what she did with the Mars was deffo not caught on camera! and I am an oldie.

  30. goonermichael

    Aperently Mick jagger lost a mars bar in miss faithfull.
    5p is called 5d in old money

    Just so you know I’m an oldie

  31. kelsey

    Patrick 7 I am middle aged and for my older friend hounddog i will leave this topic(no pun intended) alone.!00% it was in the mid sixties a mars bar maybe the made a remake of the film later on called MF 2.Anyway rico is always right 🙂

  32. Pedro

    GM, it’s called a blog fart… and it appears you dropped a paticularly potent one! haha!

    How are you?

    So JW is being pursued by an italian management agency(Young guns)… that’s worrying… I hope they don’t try and turn his head before he’s even started!

    Did anyone read that we’ve made another £25million this year? 3rd richest in the world again!

    Madrid are still edging us out… but with a good champions league run and a trophy… we could find ourselves further up the list next year!

  33. goonermichael

    I’m good Pedro thanks
    you ok?

    I just read that guthrie broke that guys leg on saturday. They shoud throw the book at the cunt

  34. insidealbania

    Pedro, did you also read the letter of Mike Ashley? I quote:

    “Arsenal is the shining example in England of a sustainable business model.”

  35. London

    This is good news about Rosicky. Hounddog’s German report suggests that the latest bout of scare mongering over his health is not true. Wenger has had to cry “Mia culpa” so many times in the recent past for rushing players back to early. It seems to me that this time he has decided that he is not going to take an unnecessary chance.
    I am a huge Rosicky fan and believe we will move up another gear with his return. Our attack becomes Rosicky, Ade, RVP, Walcott. This solves the Eboue problem as apart from offering far more offensively he can defend, covering Clichy when necessary.
    Alternatively, he can play next to Cesc, as in two vertical creative midfielders and heaven forbid Cesc gets a long term injury he is the only one who comes anywhere near being able to cover for him.

  36. Pedro

    I think you should get a 3 month ban for doing that…

    If he was on real world and he slapped someone for taking the piss with the photocopier, he’d get the sack…

    Why should football be any different? Acting like a thug is acting like a thug, whatever you’re doing.

    Inside, I didn’t read that! He is right… we still can’t compete though!

    Uefa will step in soon… Arsenal wage to turnover is rumoured to be below 50%… the lowest in the prem! All clubs should be given a percentage to work on… Chavski’s would probably be something like 70%!

  37. hounddog

    As some of you know I have been lost in a couple of third world countries for the past few days….I have not been able to find any news on the Appaih situation. I am not trying to open a can of worms but does any one know what’s going on with him?

  38. Pedro

    Sorry London, that is what I meant.

    We must be in the top three for wealth though… you can’t count Abramovich’s personal wealth as the clubs wealth can you?

  39. hounddog

    Well London I am a big fan of Rosicky also and watched him quiete regulary whan he played here for Dortmund, so fingers crossed for him. However, as Kelsey pointed out once before, even when he does come back, it will still take some time to get him back up to full game fitness to where he can be his old self again. I do agree with you, when he is on song he has so much to offer our team.

  40. goonermichael

    Hull City’s Craig Fagan is out for up to three months after a horror challenge from Danny Guthrie left him with a broken leg.


  41. hounddog

    Pedro, I agree with you on Rosicky. Hopefully once he is fully fit and not playing with an injury then he can perform to the standards expected of him. He has the ability to perform wonders.

  42. DB10

    I think we need to accept that a talent like Wilshere is always going to be in the rumours

    Just have to hope he knows where his bread is buttered like Cesc

  43. kelsey

    Rosickty has been injured so long i can’t remember him playing,but in the world cup he was awesome.Hounddog didn’t you say he was injury free in the bundesliga.he is/was a real talent.

  44. kenny smith

    cheers goonermichael. i went onto the hull feed of news now and found plenty about it. i post earlier voicing my opinion on his tackle/assult on that hull player and its fuckin disgraceful. I would of loved to have seen what keegan would of said in response to that tackle as he stuck up for Barton who is a cunt!!!! He probably would of defended it and said o danny is not a malicious player and hes gutted and i stick by him. Its good for newcastle that keegan is gone if he is going to condone and support the actions of someone like joey barton!

    Anyway back to Guthrie i hope they kick his cunt out of football all together!!!! and he should have to pay compensation to Fagan. They should haul both Guthrie and Barton up at the same time and tell them straight that they are scum and give them both a year ban!!!!

    mon the Villa tonight!

  45. DB10

    Pedro…you read the latest ANR

    Gotta love this quote

    “Crucially, he liberated our belligerence. He trusted our belligerence. He gave shape and method to our belligerence.”

  46. hounddog

    Unfortunatly the Guthries and the Bartons are everything that is wrong with English football, there are just too many of these types still around in the game today.

  47. DB10

    Anyone got a link to the tackle i missed it…When trying to find it i clicked on a liverpool forum with people saying he deserves it cos he stamped arbeloa last year

  48. hounddog

    DB10, A fit Rosicky will be a great addition to what we currently have, I think it will be very difficult to keep him out of the team. However this is the sort of positive problem that our squad needs.

  49. kelsey

    hounddog,the secret is out. Did you see the panorama special “the missing millions at Arsenal”Interpol are involved and for a time i was accused of being the front man in laundering the gate receipts at the emirates.It was hard to explain my lavish lifestyle and 12 cars,but I finally convinced them i was a lottery winner 🙂

  50. kelsey

    By the way the biggest cunt by far is Adrian Durham on Talksport,he despises us,and i remember a few seasons ago he advocated that the best way to stop TH was to break his leg.For those who don’t know he supports fucking peterborough.

  51. hounddog

    Kelsey, ahhh, now we know why Wenger does not spend money and all the time we were blaming the board!!! Well I am now taking the wife out for a good meal. I need real food again as I am tired of what I have been eating the past few days. Have a great evening.

  52. goonermichael

    Kelsey I totally agree about Durham. I’ve told 2 talksport newsreader clients of ours to tell him he’s a wanker.

  53. SkandiBird

    Kelsey; you’re right, and he is one ugly ‘bastard’ don’t understand why Wrighty puts up with him… I did hear somewhere he has 2 kids??? how on earth did he manage that then, surely there can’t be ANY women out there (apart from someone with a white stick/guide dog) who would entertain his ginger pubes???? oh god, (speaking as a woman) the thought makes me feel sick. yuuck; – uggh. What are the possibilities of Arsenal going back in for Alonso in the January window?

  54. GrahamGeorge

    nothing makes me more happy than seeing flamoney dicked all over by Genoese mid field, specially the guy namesd Gas what?

  55. ethangunner


    do you really think he cares on a double your money deal ??
    if you paid me X2 what i got the year before id be your goalie if you wanted me too !

  56. ethangunner

    shit! id even warm the bench like an electric blanket !
    the truth is its us who miss him !
    he was the right shape to patch our midfield hole !
    and wenger pays ade what he wants to stay but wont pay 60 k to flamini !

  57. kelsey

    Anyone know how contracts are dealt with minors.Wilshere is 16 and Wenger has 2 years left on his contract,which I feel maybe the end for him,as he has repeatedly said that he wants to develop a team for the future.anyway not really linked,lets deal with wilshere,anybody know.

  58. Keyser

    ethangunner – How do you know it was 60k and that was the reason for him leaving ?! I’ve tried to find reports but they’re vague at best,

  59. Pedro

    Ethan, I would guess that Flamini wanted more than £60k a week. I would suspect he was also after a signing on Fee like Henry received.

    The lure of Milan would be enough even if Arsenal matched his wages. He didn’t ever come out and say the money was the problem did he(I am open to correction)?

  60. Pedro

    AIG are going down the shitter as well?

    They asked the Federal reserve for £22.5 billion to stave off liquidation threats!

  61. Keyser

    Sorry Pedro, I don’t think Flamini ever really had his heart set on staying and probably had contact with Milan pretty early on, at least his agent would have alerted him to his options.

    Throughout the season he refused to commit to anything and I think he was offered 55k in or around January, but every statement he gave he said he was simply concentrating on his football and would discuss it with the club at the end of the season.

  62. goonermichael


    I’ve got a client who works for AIG and he told me the shares have gone from a high of 80 dollars to 14 dollars Manu will have to sew patches on their shirts like w ham.

  63. Pedro

    Agreed… I think he had it in for Arsenal after we didn’t offer him a new deal to stay.

    You can’t treat players with contempt, then expect them to love you. The same goes with players and fans…

  64. choy

    i think flamini baulked at his salary just like a cole..

    I thought that he had convinced everyone that he was staying… but he saw.. the papers.. and sign along the dotted line.. and fled..

    he was telling the whole world that he wanted to be part of a story and all that .. but he just left..

  65. goonermichael

    Flamini was always going to go. Wenger told him to stay and fight for his place. He got lucky because bert was late back and he played well . After that he was always going to go. Isn’t that how he left his last club? It’s nearly always better (financially) to leave when you’re out of contract. Milan don’t have to pay a fee so they can pay him more. If Arsenal do it all the other players want a rise and we’re tight (apparently)

  66. Keyser

    goonermichael – I don’t think we’re tight, there’s soo much speculation about wages and suchlike, we’re supposed to have the thrid highest wage expenses in the premiership, instead of paying 100,000’s we have a more even handed approach where the difference between the highest paid players and the lowest is not that expansive.

    People scoff at Adebayor getting 60,000 ? I think at least, but he scored 30 goals last season and gives us that bit extra up front, Michael Owen is on something like 120,000 at Newcastle, there’s just too much money being thrown around.

  67. goonermichael

    my ff team is 230 out of 242 even with mido scoring.
    I don’t scoff at ade getting 60K but the press were reporting him wanting 100k or something mad. phil neville probably earns more

  68. SkandiBird

    Hi Geoff, yes I am back from Barcelona, had a brilliant time, people are soo lovely over there. Didn’t bump into TH thought, if I had I would have kissed him and asked him to come back home….. AIG, how funny is that then, still I did want them to beat the scousers, they’re my latest hate team next to Chelski. I see JT is likely to get a three match ban for his ‘rugger’ tackle on Saturday; oh dear!!! Hmm, that means he wont be playing against Man’ure then,, oh dear!!! There is a God after all (I hate JT as I beleive he (and Lardie Lampard) were very very instrumental in swaying Cashely to leave us for the Chavs). Ah well, bring on Kiev and Bolton, I can see full points from both games and then Hull. Sounds all positive.

  69. goonermichael

    I’d charge extra for that depending on the design. I’d charge abit more for marrianne faithfull cos I’d have to clean the mars bar off first.