The truth will out, could he be the one?

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Ok we all agree the Blackburn game was tip-top and there was not a lot wrong there apart from some shaky moments at the back early on, well that aside I read this comment from Wenger yesterday.

‘I think we can win the Champions League because of the strength of my players and the strength of my team. I want to show that I am right for the way I run this club and what we have been building’

He also went on to say if we got a billionaire in that told him he would have to buy, then he would leave, it’s my way or no way I think he was trying to say.

That means his experiment will continue, okay Fulham aside it’s looking good so far, Denilson, who I have been saying for months isn’t ready yet is starting to look solid, yes I know he isn’t a defensive midfield player but maybe that’s the plan, no defensive midfielder, an attacking one, I mean do we need a defensive midfield player when we can score the shit out of the opposition?

Don’t forget, last season we only managed a draw against them and in seasons past scoring four for no reply would have been unheard of, if he can get results like this on a regular basis, I would support the experiment.

Theo was on fire, I think he will continue like that, Robin is almost back to his best, Ade is scoring again and Nasri, Bendtner and Vela weren’t even playing, with Song and Diaby in the wings (not on them) and Jackie boy waiting his turn, maybe, just maybe this could be our season.

I haven’t mentioned Sylvestre or Bitchslap because I don’t know, but Ramsey looked good and he’s only 17, the ball he put through to Ade was top drawer.

I am looking forward to the next two games, they for me will show if we have enough without the defensive player we were looking for, well as a starter anyway.

A quick comment on the Newcastle fans and their banners, you can’t be called a Cockney unless you were born under the sound of the Bow Bells, which are next to St. Paul’s cathedral and not in bow, very few people can call themselves Cockneys, I can because I was born in Bethnal Green E2, Ashwell and Wise were not so you all got that wrong you dimwits. The best fans in the Premiership? Where did you get that from? Every time something goes wrong they boo the team, protest about the management and generally whine, we are the best fans in the world, yes the Arsenal fans.

Kevin Keegan is a bottler, he walks away with huge pay off’s wherever he goes, don’t blame the owners blame him, just before they played us, they were going to win the league! It wasn’t the owner that stuck by Barton, it was the twit of a manager, blame him.

Ok that’s enough time spent on them.

It will be interesting to see who he plays on Wednesday, but whoever does play, I think we’ll stuff them, it’s not cold there yet so they have no home advantage, but a win will set us up nicely for the Bolton game, the Chavs looked good but they ought to with the money they’ve spent, we were the last team to beat them and by the time that game comes around we should be playing even better, so 3 nil in advance.

All the blogs are linking us to Veloso, I think it’s laughable, over 3 months to go and they’ve started already! Ignore it Grovers, we have enough if we can stay uninjured, Rosicky comes back and if Bitchslap is any good, we’ll have a very good squad, so maybe the boss has got it spot on, I’ll be the first to say I was wrong, but only time will tell.

For now though a big well played this weekend men, more of the same please!

Have a great week Grovers, football is back!

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  1. Pedro

    Good post Geoff!

    Who the hell is going to buy newcaslte for £400million! No thanks!

    You could get Arsenal for a little bit more and we have all the blueprints ready!

    I will reserve judgement on Denilson… the weather is still nice, the season is early and we’ve played against shite opposition.

    Erichero on your last post… if you’re reading, I wouldn’t be so smug. It’s ok being being sarcastic about our solid defence now, but I am sure if you watched the game you wouldn’t be making comments like you did. Our defence was very shaky against weak opposition in the first half.

    ManU lost out to a EVDS howler against a top 4 team… we’ve kept a clean sheets against a poor blackburn side, a Steve Mac team and Kevin Keegan team… don’t get too excited… judge the defence after they’ve played against some world class opposition.

  2. morrowsbrokenarm

    well said….I am definetley in the “Denilson is shit camp”…and so far I am surprised at the level of our performances….glad to say he is begining to proove me wrong. well done kid.

    Off on the Emirates tour today, wifey coming as well, show her the home of footie. Cant wait. Gonna get there and find out we probably have to book ahead or something…do we?

  3. rico01

    Morning All, top post Geoff….

    I thought the game was top notch, well, on the attack anyway.

    But like others, I think we look frail at the back, and if Blackburn had had their shooting boots on things may have been a little different. However, Almunia was only really tested once, and he made a class save, I still think he is going to prove how good a keeper he is this year – and surprise many 🙂

    Maybe now it is time for AW to bring back JD and give him a good run, he seems more confident than Willy and Toure – also, if Song isn’t going to be used in midfield, maybe its time to see him in the position AW has said, in defence!

    I ma looking forward to Bischoff being fit and ready to fight for his place, I still think he will be a cracking player – and another gem that Le Boss reveals..

    Denilson, well I dont know where he found that game in him, but all I say is I hope for him and us that is the start of the real Denilson – I for one will then eat my words about him….

    I know you will all shoot me – but I wish we would get Appiah, he could give us a bit more grit against the Manure, Pool and Russians 😉

  4. Big Raddy

    Morning All.

    You can only beat the team that is in front of you (sorry for boring cliche’). When we get to play the top teams we can judge, but not to enthuse after 3 very good performances is churlish.

    And AW made a good tactical switch !! Emerton was giving Clichy problems because TheoDenilson wasn’t covering him on his forward runs, so he swapped Eboue over, and that source of attack was quashed. As far as I remember, almost all the B’burn attacks stemmed from this area, and that is why we were so dominant second half.

    Have a great time Morrow

  5. Pedro

    Raddy, totally agree… I just don’t approve of smug sarcastic comments that point towards our defence being rock solid.

    Enjoy the victories, but don’t blind yourself to the fact that all three were expected victories.

  6. harry Kari

    4-0 great on paper but blackburn could & should’ve bagged at least 3 goals. Toure/Gallas still deeply dodgy.

    A lot of crap about Eboue diving in the last post – replays show not only was he caught but now has an injury that will keep him out 2-3weeks. Lay off him, so far this season he’s probably been our best player with Nasri.

    Clichy out v Kiev means Sylvestre in at left back. Nice bit of experience for a game like that.

  7. kelsey

    WMorning/evening all. I left out Vela as he is an option for later,he played lower league football in spain,mainly as a winger,but his biggest attribute is that he is mexican and they have a tough mentallity.
    Denilson again has great vision and can split a defence but his tackling is not great and he is more offensive for me than defensive.
    Our conversion rate of headers is woeful,accepted ade’s goal was the best of his 3.Actually Bedtner and little Eduardo are better headers of the ball,we haven’t had a striker for years in the shearer mould of headed goals,Alan Smith wasthe last one,and many goal scoring chances are wasted by poor heading.
    Watched a re run of our game,and I am not being anti ade,but most keepers would have saved his penaly as it was not particularly well struck,and for some reason Robinson used his left not right hand to try and save,and even the last goal ade nearly overran the ball and when he shot it was tame and the defender nearly reached it.All in all he has no real finese,but a hattrck is a hattrick.
    I am not getting carried away yet,blackburn were awful in the second half and up to now we haven’t been tested,Fulham didn’t really beat us,on any other day we would have crucified them.
    Last season so many say because of Eduardo’s injury we lost the league,we didn’t because we only managed 6 points out of 18 against the other top 4 sides to give a true perspective. I hope Song is the answer in DM as I see no other options at the moment accept Silvestre who could play in that position. (I posted this just as new post came up 🙂

  8. Jamie

    Good article… glad to here Nasri will be back for the Kiev game. Any news on Mineiro?

    Its was a good performance sat… we’ve got a decent lsit of fixtures coming up for building even more confidence? Kiev, Bolton, Wilkshire and some youngs lads will get a chance to shine against Sheff U be interesting to see who else?? Hull, Porto and Sunderland… if we can go on a little run, which is quite feesable, then maybe we’ll find ourselves in the position we did last season?

    Denilsons looked good on the weekend… worryingly bad against fulham. I think hes a good allround midfielder. I like your idea that we’re not gunna play a true holding midfielder and just try and put score teams! but will it work against the best?

  9. Pedro

    Sorry Harry, there is no way that he has been our best player so far…

    As for the injury… well, if you go for the penalty, try not to be so dramatic with the tumble.

  10. Big Raddy

    Agree totally about Keegan, Geoff. The man is an arse.

    And you know why he left? Because 60,000 Gooners at the Emirates took the piss out of him. He left the England job because he got booed off the pitch, and he left the Geordies when we all sang @ther’s only one KK’.. Then he throws a hissy fit, chucks his toys out of the pram , and blames the Chairman. What a twat.

    As you so rightly say “a bottler”. Great footballer though.

  11. Nil


    I just wanted to make some points regarding the “DM” debate. First of all we didn’t play with a DM last year! That was the biggest difference when Flamini replaced Gilberto. Gilberto was very much an out and out DM. Flamini was not. He was a CM with great energy and covered a lot of ground, but he was by no means a DM who sits in front of the back 4. And I would argue that our switch from an out and out DM to playing with two CMs, was a big part of our success last year. But ff Song(who I rate highly) plays in midfield, iyou have to recognize that it will be as a Gilberto-like DM, and we’ll be going back to how we played before Flamini game into the side.

    People also wrongly assume that Fabregas is an attacking midfielder. He’s not, he’s just a CM. A CM with immense amount of vision and creativity, but a CM nonetheless(If he were an ACM he’d be playing on the wings like our other ACMs-Hleb, Rosicky, Nasri…etc). In fact, after being subbed for Spain last week, Fabregas has said that he wants to to prove to people that he can be as good defensively as going forward in order to be a “complete midfielder.”

    Cesc: ‘They always change me when we are winning. This suggests that I need to be better in defence to be a more complete midfielder.

    ‘I want to improve, to be a complete midfielder and show to everyone that I can play in both positions, as much in attack as defence.”

  12. rico01

    Harry – cant agree on the Eboue thing – I do think Saturady was one of his best game (other than at RB) and with you Pedro, Definately penalty but I just wish he would stop looking for a place at RADA

    I heard a funny comment the other day, about Newcastle and in particular KK,
    He has ‘walked out the door more times than Gloria Gaynor’ 🙂

  13. didee

    morning all

    hey Pedro,

    i saw AW’s brain on le chump, and i know le grove were the first to announce the arrival of bitchslap, so d arrival of the unknown 33yr old confirmed or has AW signified genuine interest?

  14. rico01

    Raddy – all these ‘young ones’ on Le Grove will be lost with Gloria Gaynor 😉

    Mike Ashley has been quoted on SSN’s – he says he wont sell the club for peanuts, and if it doesnt sell he will stay – he says tha Arsenal are the Shining example of how a club should be run and thats what he wants – good football teams dont happen overnight

  15. Pedro

    Didee… he took part in a trial match and I believe he is awaiting a contract. I also read that Chavski might bid for him… so it’s all up in the air at the moment.

  16. ArsenalKenya

    The Arsenal curse continues…..HLEB out for a month.

    I thought the Blackburn game was more of practice for Arsenal with the sleeky passes they displayed in the game. Overall Eboue did well and in my opinion he will fill in the Flamini position as he learns and continues playing. Denilson was good but needs to put in more effort….
    especially in defense.

    Clichy should be rested for the Kiev game and Djorou should partner Gallas in defense as Silvestre fill Clichy’s position. Gallas/Toure’s combionation is not working well.

    Let’s look forward to Wednesday’s champion’s league game…

  17. Mr Scooch

    So does this mean that the Arsene Knows Brigade have been slightly vindicated for the comments you all so vehemently ridiculed???

  18. Big Raddy

    Of course Ashley is right. I don’t like the man but he is obviously sharp enough to become one of the richest men in the UK.

    However, there are many on this site who would disagree and say, that to stay at the top, we need to have a ‘sugar-daddy’. I have never agreed, but I am a traditionalist. .

  19. Big Raddy

    Appiah/the Brazilain…. just agent/ papertalk. Why would we want either of them?

    And the Chavs? Sure Essien is down. But they have a monster in Mikel, Ballack is back. Then with Lampard, Deco and god knows who else.

    But maybe Big Phil likes to collect midfielders, in the way that Mad Rafa collects players.

  20. Pierre

    Good Morning Grovers!

    what a cracking weekend, and don’t forget. last week Mystic Pierre did say Adebayor would score against blackburn, he’s seldom wrong 🙂

  21. Mr Scooch

    My point is that a lot of people on here were ridiculing the AKBs for having faith in what Wenger had done during close season. Now I’m not saying that I have complete blind faith in Wenger, but I do have faith that he can run the club better than anyone on this blog. People (mainly on this blog) were up in arms regarding AW’s decisions and a lot of people would shout down anyone saying they trusted Wenger. Sure at the end of the season we can see if we were good enough and if not blame people. But had we’ve spent millions on 10 players there’s no guarantee they’d be any good or they’d stay fit.

  22. Geoff

    Scooch we weren’t after 10 players, all we wanted was a centre back and a defensive midfield player, time will tell if we needed them.

  23. finestcuts

    We’re gonna win the league, we’re gonna win the league….
    The opta stats showed Denilson performed in the Prem’s first 3 games, and yes he is nowready to become a regular.

    A defensive midfielder + attacking midfielder are only needed if we play 4-4-2 diamond.

    Classic 4-4-2 has 2 midfielders with equal responsibility to attack and defend, I think that’s a good policy for us, Denilson and Fabregas can do both and I’m satisfied with an old fashioned midfield approach where both midfielders have equal responsibility, if one is attacking the other does the defending and vice versa.

    The good thing about the classic 4-4-2 is that the organisation is tighter than in a diamond, both midfielders are expected to create opportunities and defend, perfect for Fabregas and Denilson.

  24. Geoff

    Actually ‘me’ when I was born you could, from my house you could see the dome of St Paul’s so that may give you a clue.

  25. Big Raddy

    Fair point Scooch.

    As far as I know, only one Le Grover thinks he can run the club better than AW.

    I think you have a misconception of this site. We discuss. Sure some may vent their frustrations at the lack of summer activity, but they acknowledge the right of others to disagree.

  26. ethangunner

    I really would like anyone to tell me how they think the defense can look solid
    yet attack at the same time , with clichy , gallas , sagna all pushing forward
    how on earth can you say that our defense needs to be solid ! how can it remain solid .
    ive said this several times and people just go quiet ! but if your an attacking team , you do leave yourself open for the counter , and thats how we mainly get done over !

    like geoff said on this mornings post ! the best form of defense is attack !
    and with the wings working far better arsenal need this edge to stay ahead of the rest .

    how you can look defensively as strong as chevski ! and still play scintillating football !
    its totally impossible !

  27. finestcuts

    Me, before the days of cars you could hear Bow Bells in Hackney Marshes, that’s when the definition was coined, many moons ago.

  28. didee

    Thanks for the response fellas, hope he doesn’t get a contract cos we really don’t need him, that’s the point in selling Gilberto and our youngsters are doing so well…at least at the moment. we also have enough crocks waiting to be fit

  29. Geoff

    Finest when the term was defined there was nothing in Hackney marshes but… …marshes, but you’re right, you could have without a doubt!

  30. London

    Mr Scootch

    The very fact that you have come onto this site to debate the issue validates the sites existence. Which all the people who post here realised a long time ago. Albeit some more slowly than others.

    You are about to get a deluge of arguement against your view. Don’t be scared off debate the issue.

  31. Pedro

    There is a difference between coming on the site and saying, I think Arsene has got it right, we have the right squad due to X reason…

    …or coming on the site and saying, Arsene knows… fuck off and support Chelsea if you don’t agree.

    I think you are judging Le Grove on reputation, rather than first hand experience.

    This site has never called for ten players, or a squad overhaul… and we backed the team for glory this year. All we asked for is a squad to compete on all fronts and a squad that can stand the test of mid season injuries.

  32. mark c


    I agree, even though we won, we looked shaky in defence.

    We need to start playing with Song.

    I heard Clichy took a knock, could Gallas play LB and Djourou come into the middle.

    I dont know the kiev team, but Bolton will play will a big lad down the middle.

    Santa Cruz won all of his headers against us, if he had brought his shooting boots it could have been 4 -3

  33. Pedro

    Ethan, ManU did a pretty good job last season.

    At the weekend our defence didn’t look shaky because we were getting caught on the break, it looked shaky becuase sloppy mistakes were being made.

  34. Evo in Oz

    gday all, great post Geoff.

    Whole heartedly agree that we can scrap the defensive midfield part. i dont think we’ve really played that way for a long time anyway.

    Yes flamini flung himself around the pitch and it might have looked like he was down back a lot, but i equally saw him lunging his legs last gasp style in the box to try and latch onto a pass and slot the ball into the back of the net – freddie style!

    So lets just continue with the passing system we have and the midfield will just rotate around on the pitch – triangle style – and set up the plays and move forward and back accordingly!

    what else is news?

  35. kelsey

    This Newcastle saga appears to have contradictions by Mike Ashley having just read his latest report.He sold 49% of Sports Direct which netted him 900million,ploughed the best part of 300 million into the club,because he said they were the most loyal fans in the land,yet didn’t really look at their true financial position.I think he was pressurised in appointing the local man in keegan,who is basicalLy a SERIAL QUITTER,Keegan wanted to buy 3/4 f the best players in the world,but Asley now says he anted to mould the club as Wenger has done with Arsenal.Now the fans are hurling abuse at the man whosaid they were the best in the land,he is desperate to get out of the club,and that in itself will weaken his position as to what the club is worth.The whole thing is a mess,and the introduction of Wise has undermined Keegan’s position.Ask any geordie,they are not looking to suddenly win titles or cups,they want attractive football first and foremost.Ashley has a big problem,he won’t achieve his asking price,and no manager in his right mind would want to go there under the present terms. Anyway who cares a fuck about them.

  36. chris

    Kelsy –

    Vela played in La Liga last year – and was a top guy in a struggling star who played well against the top teams as well as the others.

    He is class and almost the finished article already.

    Nil I agree with Wenger doesn’t want a sitting DM (and maybe that’s why he doesn’t think Song can play CM for a whole season) what he wants is a CM with good defensive skills who can stil get forward. And can you take Wenger’s brain out of Le Chump that’s just shocking – of course they played badly against Fulham and of course you wanted him to buy someone (anyone) in the summer but what do you want?

    Do you really want to go back to Gilberto. apart from the whole thing about whether he’s the type of footballer the current team needs, he was the best player in a shocking team two years ago that Wenger somehow coaxed into the top 4 (which I personally rate as one of his biggest achievements after the first double) but two years on he’s not and couldn’t make a diffeence to this team – would you really have him instead of Denilson, Song (if you were going that way), Diaby or even Ramsay, who wil;l take the team forwards.

    Of course he was a loyal servant and a classy man but would you keep him from a great ciontract in what may be a lower presure league just to hold this team back.

    As for Mineiro, just because he’s older doesn’t mean he’s worse or that he wouldn’t benefit the squad – what do you know about him to make the comparison?

    As well as FFS he hasn’t been signed yet.

  37. kelsey

    Geoff/Pedro if a go onto any of the other sites linked to yours like Wrighty 7 it automatically gives me a different user name and e mail address,,can you explain,as if i put kelsey in it doesn’t work thanks

  38. kenny smith

    See hleb is out for a month after getting injured in Barca’s weekend game? They drew 1-1 with some pish team! hahahaha

  39. finestcuts

    Chris, he’s been released by Hertha Berlin, like a Middlesbrough of the Bundesliga, the question is, why would we be so interested in a player who hasn’t been awarded a contract for “a happy in midtable” Bundesliga club?

  40. kelsey

    Chris,no arguement but i was referring to now,and knowing wenger he will slowly introduce vela as and when required as opposed to being a first team automatic choice.

  41. Geoff

    The fact that Wenger sells anyone approaching 30 is why we question a 33 year old playing for a shit team.

    Kenny, welcome back old son!

  42. Me

    From half of London you can see the dome of St Pauls……..doesnt make you a Cockney.

    Finest that must have been in the 1400’s lol

  43. Erichero

    No prob, Pedro, but I think the point I’m trying to make is that there seem to be two camps of Gooners… the ones who seem to live in perpetual fear of what might happen, and the others who prefer to enjoy what we have already and are happy to flow with the ride.

    The Blackburn game was a classic example. 4-0, clean sheet in the Northeast and I come here and get a classic pessimist response. At what point do you stop and say: damn, we got a clean sheet – well done boys.

    If this season brings another 3rd of 4th place finish, I’m not going to sound like another Geordie wooshing on about how we have some divine right to win the league every season, like so many pessimists in this club do. If however, we go on to win the league or come a close second, I just hope that the doomsayers will have the grace to admit they were wrong.

  44. Geoff

    A cockney was a person who lived in the shanty town attached to the City of London, it derives it’s name from a French hen that lays an odd shaped egg, that”s what shanty town people were thought of by the gentry, odd.

    But you had to be born on the East side and with the sound of the bells, you can argue all you like but there are the facts.

    You must be very tall if you can see St Pauls from all over London.

  45. finestcuts

    Good stuff Geoff…as you know hardly anyone speaks pure cockney these days, the old slang has died out, to me someone actually speaking in cockney dialect is cockney, not just the accent.

  46. Seb

    Nice post Geoff, the sun is shining in N5 whatever the weather!

    Re the defence, playing Song would not make the slightest difference, it is against freekicks and corners that we look shaky. Aerial balls into the box are where we struggle, because there is no Jens to dominate the area aerially anymore (don’t get me wrong I rate Almunia, but he is just a different kind of keeper), so the short(very short)comings of our centrebacks will be exposed eventually.

    I’m hoping AW can see this and brings Big JD back in against teams where it’s going to be a real problem; after watching MOTD2 last night I can predict that Stoke will be one of those teams. That Delap long throw ploy of theirs is going to cause havoc!

    Re Keegan: nice bloke, but more a fan than a manager.

  47. Confidentgoner

    Dennilson plays well but am still not convinced about his workrate as a DM. We got more stability at the back and DM positions when Song came on. If AW still feels that Song is not the one, we may play to our strenghts by combing both Song and dennilson or Song and Diaby in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

    Ebue proved once again why AW relies on him. Gunners should have faith in this guy. He still needs to improve his shooting but he is very fast, can dribble and is a ” pass master”. What else do you want? get off his back ffs!

  48. Geoff

    er, someone who doesn’t roll around pretending he’s hurt, someone who can score goals, someone who doesn’t dive and someone who’s better than him will do.

  49. Seb

    Oh and this HAS to be Wenger taking the piss about them up the road, talking about CL qualification this season:

    He said in The Sun: “This year other surprise teams could come into it like Manchester City or Tottenham or Portsmouth. It is certainly very interesting and very tight.”

    Champions League? Yer avin a larf!

  50. Mr Scooch

    A few things,

    I’m not judging the site by reputation. I’ve read and enjoyed a lot of the articles that have appeared on here. My point is that reading this site a while back I was surprised by how many people didn’t have faith in Wenger or what he was doing. We all would’ve loved more signings over pre season, but if the boss didn’t want that then he knows better.

    And why so defensive everyone…??? I’m not here to ridicule people. I am here to debate issues, but to do that everyone must listen to everyone else. The AKBs (who I’m not really one of) were berated by a lot of people on here, but surely those people are no better or worse than the AKbs themselves???

    As for validating the site??? That’s not down to me as mine is only one small voice of many. This is a good site, I just think that some people were given a hard time coz of what they believed at the time.

    I love Arsenal and I love Wenger (in a big manly way, with high fives and not tickles haha) and think that our time would be better telling the Spuds to fuck off than our own supporters.

  51. Geoff

    Shame about Hleb getting that injury, a bit cruel, a bit like he was to the fans this season, don’t you think?

    Karma, Karma, oh how I love it!

  52. Geoff

    Scootch, we’re not the ones telling our own supporters to fuck off, it’s the other way around, anyway you made your point politely and succinctly so we can now move on and debate the team.

  53. Pedro

    Erichero, when you write a match review, you owe your readers an honest assessment of what you saw.

    I gave credit where credit was due and criticism where it was deserved. As I always do… that is not being pessimistic or a doom mongerer… that is just honest reporting.

    Your argument seems to be more about whether I sugar coated the victory… not whether my points were valid?

    If you have taken issue with a rating, then debate it… don’t moan that I’m not positive enough about beating Blackburn.

  54. Evo in Oz

    geoff- agreed on the kleb thing, that is pure gold. i wish him many more weeks of sitting on the injury table.

    all the usual suspects are poo at the moment – Man Scum, ac milan, barca, etc….they are so poor!

  55. Pedro

    Mr Scooch… this site only mocked people who couldn’t debate past ‘Arsene knows’.

    If you have a point to make on Le Grove, and you can back it up… then nobody will knock you. They may disagree though.

    Like Geoff said, you’ve made your point well… now onto things of a more footballistic nature…

    Finest, we could do football Cockney rhyming slang…

    ‘I’m going for a stevie G (Pee)’
    ‘Fuck me, it’s a bit steve bould (cold) in here…’
    ‘I’m going for a Mark Hughes (Snooze)’

  56. Mandanda

    Like most grovers I’m not in support of the Mineiro signing. However, I can see the main justification being he low cost – less than Gilberto said to be on £60k/w or Appiah wanting £40k/w. From the few matches I watched of him last season (on Sentanta) I would say he is a more mobile player that Gilberto even at 33 but lacked his finesse or reading of the game…Again AW said he wanted an ‘extra body’ in midfield, did this mean just filling up numbers i.e. a back-up to what we have?

    Good morning Le-grovers.

  57. Erichero

    I’ll easily admit I’m likely to overact to any negativity on this site. Unfortunately (or deservedly), this particular site has earned a reputation for being the home of Gooner pessimism. I guess that when I arrive at this site, I’m already looking for more of the same, rather than giving fair due to the points being raised.

    I’ve always agreed with the “Real Madrid philosophy” – who cares how many you concede if you still score more? Clean sheets are pretty, but I’m all for a positive thinking, aggressive play that spends more of the game looking to double a 1-0 rather than protect it. For this reason, I’d prefer to spend time discussing what we can do to win 6-0 rather than 4-0, instead of how we can defensively improve on a clean sheet.

  58. Bud

    Morning Grovers

    Did we all have a spiffing weekend???

    I watched Arsenal online, did a bit of gardening, then went for a long hot and liquid supported curry Saturday and yesterday i packed as I am going away for another holiday, so I can get away from this dreary shit poxy fecking useless crap bollox winter is really here weather !!!!!!

    Footy was good though wasn’t it………. and Eboue was caught !!!!!

  59. Pedro

    We’re not going to score 4 goals every game this season… so the defence is an issue… just like it was at the tail end of last season.

    You agree with the Madrid philosophy? That would be conceding the least goals in the league and scoring the most?

    Ok… I’d like some of that at Arsenal as well.

    I’d like to win 4-0 with an assured defensive performance, becuase that bodes well for the games where there will only be one goal in it… the big games, the title deciders.

    A reputation for pessimism? Where have we acquired that reputation from? Other bloggers? Well, who cares what they think… you have to justify a lack of comments somehow don’t you.

  60. TJ DA GOON

    Morning Grovers,

    Just about old enough to get that Gloria Gaynor joke. Classic. Also, born in the good old East End. Get a load of those stoooopid Geordies ‘avin a right go at Cockney’s. The bloody cheek of it all!

    Yes, Le Grove can be a little pessimistic at times but i see that as a positive (does that make sense?). It keeps things in perspective. For example, the latest “dig” on here is about the defence and the Kolo/Billy partnership, and how it will get exposed when we’re up against better opposition. Spot on Geoff/Pedro/Grovers. This is a fact! The ideal thing will be to drop Billy (I’d take Kolo over Billy any day) and bring JD in to partner Kolo. (That wont happen though cos he’s Captain Fantastic). JD to attack the long balls and Kolo to use his experience and positional awareness that naturally comes with experience to cover in behind just in case JD loses the aerial challenge. JD also has a first touch better than Ade’s and is very calm and composed on the ball. Not to mention he can pick a pass too. I aint being funny, but i feel soooo much more comfortable when he’s in there. Even if its beside Billy. The team look more comfortable too, whenever he plays. Yeah, he may, from time to time make the odd mistake but as long as he learns from his mistakes then he’ll be just fine. That’s the most annoying thing about Ade. You would think that he would have learnt how to time his runs better as well as watching the fecking line (he never even glances across to ave a look if he’s on or off, even 19 year-old Theo does that). Apart from that, well done Ade, keep it up.

    I think “The talk of the Grove” come Wednesday night/Thursday will be Carlos Vela and the way he ripped Kiev another a***hole. Who agrees with me?

  61. Patrick7

    Hi Grovers. Back from two weeks at the World’s in Roller Speed Skating in N.Spain.

    Disappointed we didn’t get our DM or strengthen our CD position and from the 6 minute highlights I picked up yesterday of the match we still have thje same flaws in defence: I’d prefer JD to be given a run!

    Pleased to see we’ve been scoring quite freely since the debacle so with Dudu hopefully returning and Vela etc no problems there!

    What happened that we bought nobody? Was it the credit crunch? Did AW explain?

  62. Ash

    Great post again Geoff,..

    Loved watching the guys on saturday at ewood, just behind the arsenal bench, only ticekts i could get, so hard not to scream… but hey all fun, and was nice to see the reaction from blackburn fans when Theo was subbed later on, so easy to be impressed and won over …typical english, ive loved you along lil henry..

    And what was Ade doing with those horrible dance moves?? Just horrible, lol…

    And another special mention to our friends just down the road, bottom already yes the spuds are at the bottom of the premiership, lol good weekend i think..

  63. TJ DA GOON

    Nah, neither do i Evo. But it would be great if if he did. I got big hopes for him. And also, Barazite. He came off the bench at half time for Derby and set-up the winner for Rob Hulse for Derby’s first league win in a year. Apart from that he was very, very good according to most people. And i’m talking about a lot of Derby fans there.


  64. choy

    hello all.. still smiling from the 4-0 scoreline!!!

    pat 7.. he did try for inler i believe but i’m sure arsene didn’t force the issue…

    well we’ll see if he was right or wrong at the end won’t we?

  65. choy

    Wenger – Unselfish strikers help team spirit

    Arsène Wenger has praised Robin van Persie for allowing Emmanuel Adebayor to score a morale-boosting penalty at Blackburn on Saturday.

    The Togolese striker got on the Premier League scoresheet for the first time this season when he nodded in Arsenal’s second goal just before half-time at Ewood Park. Van Persie had earlier slotted home an eighth-minute opener, his third of the League campaign.

    Therefore when Emmanuel Eboue was fouled in the area nine minutes from time the first-choice penalty-taker agreed to Adebayor’s request that he should take the spot-kick. He scored and, buoyed with self-belief, the 24-year-old went on to complete his hat-trick in injury-time.

    “I like the fact that Van Persie gave him the penalty,” said Wenger afterwards.

    “That is good for the team spirit as he had not scored before today in the League this season. In the end he got a hat-trick and that will give him the needed confidence.

    “The No 1 penalty-taker is Van Persie, the No 2 is Adebayor. But they have the right to reverse it. So this decision is down to Van Persie. He gave the ball to Adebayor, who had asked him if he could take it.

    “Last week, Van Persie scored two, this weekend Adebayor scored aswell. I believe this shows that the team has a collective spirit and everybody can score.”

  66. rico01

    Jimmy Floyd has retired?

    Pedro – gald you didnt metion Manu in your rhymes! 😉

    Shearer has been sacked from his Ambassador role at Newcastle!! Tee Hee

  67. DB10

    I agree Pedro…You wont win the title without a good defence

    We will score shit loads of goals with Nasri and Walcott on the wings especially if RvP can stay fit

    But without a DM I would like someone who will attack the ball the way the likes of Vidic, Terry etc do

    For me Gallas is not good enough. I was digusted with the him for the goal we conceeded at Fulham and if we keep the same CB’s then when we play Chelsea I do not see what willbe different to stop them destroying us with the long balls to Drogba and Anelka..The only difference is we don’t have a DM like Flamini who was awesome in games against Big teams (look at the milan game) and although I too have been very impressed with Denilson I will reserve judgement til he plays against Ballack, Essien, Deco, Lampard and Joe Cole. Shit Bullard and Murphy contained us.

    Gallas and Toure are too similar and i would rather Toure.

  68. ethangunner


    if you cannot critically analysis yourself you will never learn , and like 1 of the authors said how boring would debate be if we just all agreed with each other and patted ourselves on the back ! you would get 50 – 60 entries a day like a certain blog i know and no rational debate ! ..

    I personally think mr scooooot or what ever your name is .. wenger so far has NOT been tested .. yes i agree our youngsters are class , and its like comparing chelsea FC to welling FC ! there are varying scales of success in the middle and Us V Blackburn gave us no surprises ! , however fulham did .. and when a team sits back on defense for some reason AFC has a problem breaking those sorts of teams down !

    You can be thankful the new manager is trying to make blackburn have some flair !
    and at the moment are clearly suffering .. we can beat anyone at a passing game ….
    and the weekend was no different ..

    the test will come quick enough ! noveber 8th and 30th should be burned into your mind , if we get 6 points from both those outings i will agree with you !

    and ill fucking eat my hat !

  69. Geoff

    Thanks Ash and TJ!

    Erichero, the only people that tell other sites we are pessimistic are the sad bastards we ban from Le Grove, we ban them because they are generally inarticulate, slag us off and are mainly 9 years old.

    Anyone who doesn’t like it here doesn’t have to comment, as we have more commenters than any other site, it shows two things, 1 we’re doing something right and 2 the people on here are like minded and good people.

    We don’t block people who disagree with us, we let you on didn’t we? We just don’t want people on that only want to argue.

    But welcome aboard. Now let’s talk football.

  70. Seb

    I rate Gallas over Toure personally, Gallas has fantastic positional sense and timing, plus offers us a genuine threat at the other end at set pieces. Kolo is just a recovery specialist and occasionally blasts a freekick into row Z, yes he is a nice guy but so what. Gallas plus JD is the way to go imo, Big JD to attack the ball and keep big strikers like Drogba or Santa Cruz in check, and Willy G to mop up. Kolo can then be a super sub to bring on as DM or CB as required.

  71. kenny smith

    Thanks Geoff, its been an awesome weekend. There is a smug cunt at my work who is a blackburn fan and he cant even look at me today its halarious!! haha. I posted that barca drew 1-1 and hleb got injured. I have just also found out that AC milan got beat AGAIN at the weekend 2-0. I dont know if “Flatusso” was playing or not but i still find it halarious!!! I bet the flamster is cursing his decision now mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…………………………………………………hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  72. ethangunner

    so what your saying choy you expect a full 6 points from those outings ?
    would you care to wager ???

    name your price !

  73. Seb

    I see Chelsea are appealing the red card for John Terryble-choice-of-England-captain. They have no chance, god that guy is an embarrassment to the game, did you see him holding his fingers up in a 3-1 gesture to the City fans, what a class act he is.

    I know we are concerned about Kolo/Willy and have been calling out for a ‘big stopper’, but at least we don’t have a chav at the back.

  74. rico01

    Eboue, Nasri and Clichy all doubtful for Wednesday according to SSN’s,

    So AW will poss play Diaby on the left wing – Why not Ramsey??

  75. choy

    lol… oh turban you meant.. well i’m half chinese.. am a buddhist!!

    only people who follow the religion sikhism wear them.. they have to grow their hair and all that!!

    lol ethan!!!

  76. kenny smith

    he wasnt last man but i feel he should of been sent off anyway cause he made absolutely no attempt to get the ball. i think fouls that when the player who commits the foul just brings another player down for the sake of it should warrant a red card!

    Anyone know a link to watch the dynamo game on weds. i dont have SS3 and all the bars here in Aberdeen will be showing the Man Utd or Celtic pish games. 🙁 some of u guys are lucky to live london and not here cause Aberdeen is overrun with Man Utd fans its fuckin bollocks!! i think its the whole Alex Ferguson connection, or their just glory hunting cunts!!!

  77. DB10

    Seb im sure at the end of the season Terry will be top 10 defenders and Eboue wont be in top ten midfielders….whats your point…You’ll have a c**t in ur team if they do well in the fantasy football

  78. rico01

    Former striker wished he had never left Arsenal
    9:53am Monday 15th September 2008

    FORMER Arsenal striker Arturo Lupoli has admitted he was ‘too hasty’ in leaving the Emirates last season.

    The 21-year-old Italian was tipped for great things by Arsene Wenger but a lack of first-team opportunities led the striker to seek pastures new.

    He now turns out for Norwich City of the Championship, on loan from Italian side Fiorentina, and the youngster revealed he could have been more patient before deciding to quit the Gunners.

    “I’ve thought about it for a very long time and maybe I made too hasty a choice,” said Lupoli. “I had a contract with Arsenal until June, but in February I had already signed for Fiorentina.

    “I should’ve waited until the end of the season before deciding.”

  79. Geoff

    I agree Kenny he is a dirty cunt, and then the bastards surround the ref and nothing was said.

    The fuckwit moron, when was the last time a ref said, ‘oh okay then, I won’t send you off’

  80. Damian

    Almunia is week in the air corners free kicks etc he doesn,t come which puts lots of added pressure on a small CB pairing as 4 not buying a world class DM time will tell but we looked a lot more secure with Song on

  81. kenny smith

    lol Geoff i agree with yer comments about john terry…… and something else i must point out is Danny Guthrie!!!

    WTF is he playing at!! he should get the same treatment Joey Barton did because his takle on that Hull player was fuckin hurrendous!!!!! it wasnt even a tackle he ran up and booted him as hard as he could and he is lucky that guy wasnt seriously hurt!

  82. kenny smith

    and also MOTD this week was fuckin shite!!!! second last or somethin we were on!!!!

    i listened to the blackburn game on 5 live and they said arsenals second goal was one of the best they have ever seen with 27 passes in a row! and they didnt even utter a word about it on MOTD.

    Alan Hansen is a cunt! i hate him he does my tits in!

    But the worst of them all is that cunt on Setanta Steve Mcmanaman!!!! i cud write an emotional 1,644 word statement on how much he pisses me off but ill spare u the details! lol

  83. rico01

    Damian – IMHO that is harsh on Almunia, and there is a arguement that the defence pairing of Kolo and Willy is sometimes all at sea, and the keeper is left open, I rate Almunia – and I havent seen him really put a foot wrong so far this season 🙂

  84. rico01

    kenny – agree, but on the other hand, they said Theo was wrong to shoot, but having watched it I disagree, had it have gone in it would have been a fantastic goal. Yes Eboue was coming in on goal, but hey, if I was Theo, I would have had the shot too –

  85. rico01

    The Russians – I was watching and couldnt believe the yellow card didnt get shown to those players protesting – the ref was strong to red card Terry, then when he really should have enforced the ‘respect’ thing he bottled it – and what if that had been Galls, Kolo etc protesting…??? Sure as heck they would all get a yellow!!

  86. Geoff

    When did Eboue score anyway, second to last I could hardly keep my eyes open, they almost said Ade scuffed it anyway, Hansen had to eat shit over Theo though didn’t he!

  87. TJ DA GOON

    Damian – Almunia has improved that part of his game. I’m really pleased with him thus far.

    Rico – I agree. I think Ramsey is a better bet than Diaby on the left. That boy got skillz. : )

    Re Terry’s red card. I hate the pillock as much as the next guy but that was a harsh sending off. I would be absolutely outraged had one of own gone in a similar way. Still, like Geoff just stated, i hate the way these pricks just surround the ref trying to make him change his mind. They should’ve all got a yellow for that. Just remember that and watch how a decision sends our lads into uproar in similar fashion to the Chavs and watch the ref dish em out to us.

  88. goonermichael

    MOTD are always cunts. Hansen said we get nosebleeds when we play Everton. bolton and balckburn even though we scored 13 goals up there last year and beat all 3.

  89. Seb

    DB10 my point is Terry is a big mouthed bullyboy who will never respect officials or opponents. Eboue may take a tumble now and again, but other than that he is not a cunt imo. Plus he is doing a job for us. Etc etc yada yada said it all before.