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Morning Grovers,

So you are wondering what I am talking about?

Well, I was pretty much fuming about Eboue’s dive… he’d played well the whole game and then he dived / went down too easily… He also feigned injury and went off… again, I believed this to be a cynical act to stop the press tearing him to shreds tomorrow and I felt that was poor from a player who knows about his bad reputation amongst the faithful…

I let the Grovers know my feelings and Seb put a different spin on it… he reckoned maybe Eboue could become a bit of a cult figure amongst the gooner faithful… in the same way McGoldrick, Jensen, Cygan and the Grimster did… maybe I should start enjoy watching Eboue and the madness that comes with him?

Anyway… enough of that… onto the player ratings and match review!

Today was all about how we would deal with the Blackburn rough stuff and how we would cope without the creativity of new boy Nasri. Well, both questions were answered in emphatic fashion with a superb attacking display and a no nonsense approach to the Blackburn thuggery.

Defensively I felt we were fragile though. Arsene needs to address the centre back pairing issue, because despite 3 clean sheets in a row… we are still looking very suspect.

A 0-4 win is a 0-4 win though… so here are the player ratings!

Almunia: Didn’t have too much to do today, he did make a pretty special save low to his right towards the end. His distribution was better today and he commanded his area pretty well. 7

Clichy: Played well today, battled hard and got forward to assist with the attack. He also did well to beat Derbyshire to the ball towards the end, then battle it away… the guy is simply an awesome LB. 8

Gallas: Ok, we kept a clean sheet, but on another day we could have conceded 3. Gallas and Toure tend to attack the same balls and back off the same balls. This led to free headers in the box, free shots from outside the box and a few hairy moments! They improved in the second half, but I have to be honest… unless Wenger makes a decision at the back, we could be in for a torrid time again this year. 6.5

Toure: The same as Gallas… the two just don’t click. Still, at least they don’t get bullied off the ball. There is still time to improve… If not, you can’t help but think maybe JD would be the better option with Gallas? 6.5

Sagna: Good performance from right back. He didn’t really stand out today, but he stood up to the physical challenge and didn’t get beaten in the air. 7

Eboue: Played well today, he passed well, he helped us break at pace… he also got involved in the rough stuff without falling over like a fairy… and then it came… it always does… Eboue broke through on goal… a Blackburn defender slid across the box… Eboue flops… has he been gunned down? Had he suffered a fit? Was he even touched? It didn’t matter … Penalty.

I thought it was a dive… and I don’t think players with Eboue’s reputation should be dabbling in gamesmanship because when we need a 50/50 decision to go our way; in the big games, if it is Eboue I’m afraid we have no chance. However… that is the pantomime character he has assumed and I must learn to enjoy. 7.75

Denilson: Well, didn’t somebody stand up and get counted today? Blackburn was always going to be the acid test for Denilson… rough, nasty and aggressive. Could he stand up to it? He certainly could! He tackled well, he passed well… he grabbed an assist! Yes, he crossed in for Ade’s first… and it was a marvellous cross! Very well played today Denilson, my man of the match! 9

Cesc: An aggressive display from Cescy boy today… his hair has grown as has his stature in the Prem. Don’t mess with the Cesc. He was standing up to the Blackburn bully boys and pulling the strings for Arsenal all afternoon… he is also shot keen as well! 8

THEEEEEEEO: Could he reproduce his England form for the Arsenal? Emphatically yes! He was exceptional today. He was running at people, shooting, making decisive passes and causing problems for Blackburn. Theo is clearly a confidence player… and now that confidence is brimming, expect 12-15 goals out of him this year. For the first goal he jinked in from the left… burst through forward and slotted a beautiful ball into the path of RvP who buried the ball in the bottom left hand corner of the pie man’s goal. 8

RvP: Had a blinder today. The thing I love about RvP is he always wants to be involved, his team play is reminiscent of Thierry’s… he always wants the ball at his feet and he seems to be able to manufacture a shot out of anything. Today was his best performance of the season so far, and really… he should have been the striker with the hat trick. 8

Adebayor: Hangs off the last defender like his life depends on it, slows down the build up play, has a heavy first touch, is offside an embarrassing amount of times every game… but gets on the end of crosses, runs defences ragged and bundles the ball home on a regular basis.

His first was a powerful header that he turned in from a Denilson cross… his second was a poor penalty that fatto somehow missed and his third was an example of why he hangs of the last defender… he beat the offside trap, latched onto the Ramsey through ball and just about managed to round the Keeper to get his hat trick… did anyone like the Togo wrist band kiss? Did it look familiar in a vomit inducing way?

Love him or hate him… he is always going to be like that. Thierry Henry he is not… but who cares? He bangs them in and he has already scored more headers than Thierry did in his whole Arsenal career. Marvellous… keep banging them in son! 8.5

So Grovers, plenty to be joyous about, 3 games, 3 wins, 11 goals, 3 clean sheets… happy days right?

Next up? Kiev away!

Happy Sunday!

P.S. I still have a ticket in Le Exchange for the Bolton Away game next week! The chap will accept £15 quid for it, so if you’re in the area, drop me a mail and I can put you in contact!

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  1. kelsey

    db10 i will take a long shot that theo,rvp,bedtner and eduardo will end up by the end of next season as our main strike force,yes no ade he will be off,leopards never change their spots.its only my opinion of course

  2. db10

    hahaha myles has just posted an article on ANR…heres a quote

    “Crucially, he liberated our belligerence. He trusted our belligerence. He gave shape and method to our belligerence”

    Lmao that guy cracks me up

  3. Big Raddy

    Evening Kelsey. They are a couple of Le Grove regulars.

    DB 10. My understanding is that Flamini left for financial reasons, not footballing ones.

  4. Big Raddy

    I agree Kelsey. If Ade has a big season (please Gd !!). We can sell him for squillions. We can give Vela the chance to show that is a potential world beater. And we know what the others have to offer.

    That said, Ade will be a difficult man to replace. Almost every other team rates him. My football friends cannot understand why I am not a huge fan of his. They point at the goals scored column. They say he has pace, control, is great in the air, and is a natural leader of the ‘line’.

    And he has all those attributes. But he also has little football intelligence, has no understanding of the offside rule, squanders chance after chance, and is a highly unpleasant human being.

    But ….. I love him when he scores !!

  5. Seb

    From Mike Ashley’s ‘for sale’ statement:

    “The truth is that Newcastle could not sustain buying the Shevchenkos, Robinhos or the Berbatovs,” said Ashley.

    “My plan and my strategy for Newcastle is different. It has to be.

    “Arsenal is the shining example in England of a sustainable business model. It takes time. It can’t be done overnight.”

    More reasons to keep things as they are.

  6. London

    I bet, in the Le Grove betting shop, that we do not see Sylvestre playing until the Sheffield Und game and yes, he will be playing centrally.

  7. Paulinho

    Hleb’s playing well for Barca, shame about the injury. The problem is Barca are worse than Arsenal at converting……if that’s possible.

    I think we should play Song on Wednesday. Try him out in a relatively easy fixture or a game where we can contain and see whether he can screen the back four effectively.

  8. gerry tenerife


    Dont you think Velas will be there or there abouts next season, along with RvP nikki Theo and Eduardo. Ade has the grass is greener Anelka feel about him, I agree he ain’t gonna hang around anywhere too long

  9. choy

    i think vela is faster… but both seem to look deadly in front of goal…

    I think niklas and vela will start on wednesday!!

  10. ReVELAtion

    New eboue song in tune with the ting tings “that’s not my name”

    They call me Song,
    They call me Ade,
    They call me Gallas,
    Or Gael Clichy,
    It’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e

    They call me right back,
    But I play right wing,
    Bacary Sagnaaa?
    Always the same,
    It’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e, it’s E-bou-e

  11. ethangunner

    Pedro Says:
    September 14, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    QoS, I will give you that! You were his staunchest fan… along with London.

    HELLO ?

  12. ethangunner

    Denilson is the only one IMO who has the passing skill to partner cesc ..
    he was the only 1 pre season who was ready .. And with the footballing pedigree
    to be a class act in that position . I still think nothing can compete with experience ..
    you only have to look at stevie g , essien etc for proof !And you need it in a holding role IMO , like all great defenders aren’t young !
    but Denilson being U19 captain for Brazil FFS ! you knew he had to step up this season .. It wasn’t rocket science .Step up or move over !

    Initially he looked shaky , but in all honesty , like some think about eboue, i haven’t seen him play terribly all season too date! , he just gets anonymous some times ! Like cesc did V Blackburn ..

    Thats what i said to Seb .. cesc can be neutralized all too easy , but theo stepping up at the right time has really added some depth to our weakened midfield !

    As for someone saying ade played defense , not sure how you figure that out when 80% of the time we were attacking and he was in the 6 yard box .. But if all of you are blind enough to validate ade as having class , then you should also validate a clean sheet is a CLEAN SHEET !

    If you want to judge Blackburn in the same class category as Chelski and pat ourselves on the backs for being giant killers then , go ahead ! but the real tests haven’t started yet and as Pedro said last season we had problems putting small teams away , but my main concern is winning against the big teams this season !

    Because thats how you gauge a team who is vying for honors !
    And just like Man U havent impressed , it proves that liverpool have class too !
    i would have preferred man U to get up and crush Liverpool .. but the strength of other teams getting greater is the main concern here !

    And the fact still remains that there is only 2 spots available in the top 4 !
    2 are taken , and 2 are only rented !

    and with man shitty – spuds – liverpool and us all fighting for 2 spots
    its a worrying sign ! once we have played the above 3 teams home and away only then will you get an accurate assessment of how great we are !

    so hold your horses and keep it real is all im saying !

  13. Bilal

    ” Good post Pedro. Though I disagree about the pen. Setanta showed it from may angles and EE was definitely caught.”

    yes i think he was caught too. on the right thigh i think.
    can’t believe why nobody else saw it, or believed it.

  14. CaribKid

    The problem is not Toure and Gallas, the problem is we are playing without a DM and therefore exposing the back 4.

    Once Song came on we had no problems down the defensive spine.

    For anyone who has a DVR, watch the game again before commenting on our CB’s.

    Denilson played great, but never played as a DM. With our wing backs overlapping we had no defensive coverage and were outnumbered at the back. No way we can defend the spine with three players.

  15. Oakland Gooner

    Its because it is Eboue you say he dove. If you saw the disappointment in his face when Robinson saved his incredible blast, I think you’d agree he wants desperately to score. Warnock clearly clipped his back leg, and that’s a penalty where it happened. Was he already tumbling? Perhaps he had lost his balance, perhaps he was diving, perhaps he would not have fallen but for Warnock’s clip. Running at full speed and at full abandon, it does not take much to be upended. It’s Eboue’s fate that almost all the regular bloggers hate him, and demean even his good comments. Its only in the comments that I read about his effectiveness in the switch to stop Emerton.

    Oh yes…wasn’t Adebayor awful today? You kind of wish he had left the club, don’t you? What silliness.

  16. ikon

    i dont think vela and dudu are too similar…. vela is awe inspiring.. dudu is a no nonsense finisher. I wont mind even if they both play alongside each other…. against smaller but fastet defenses.

    Eboue is coming of his own this season. shame about the injury. His versatility is something that is very useful to the squad.

  17. kelsey

    WMorning/evening all. I left out Vela as he is an option for later,he played lower league football in spain,mainly as a winger,but his biggest attribute is that he is mexican and they have a tough mentallity.
    Denilson again has great vision and can split a defence but his tackling is not great and he is more offensive for me than defensive.
    Our conversion rate of headers is woeful,accepted ade’s goal was the best of his 3.Actually Bedtner and little Eduardo are better headers of the ball,we haven’t had a striker for years in the shearer mould of headed goals,Alan Smith wasthe last one,and many goal scoring chances are wasted by poor heading.
    Watched a re run of our game,and I am not being anti ade,but most keepers would have saved his penaly as it was not particularly well struck,and for some reason Robinson used his left not right hand to try and save,and even the last goal ade nearly overran the ball and when he shot it was tame and the defender nearly reached it.All in all he has no real finese,but a hattrck is a hattrick.
    I am not getting carried away yet,blackburn were awful in the second half and up to now we haven’t been tested,Fulham didn’t really beat us,on any other day we would have crucified them.
    Last season so many say because of Eduardo’s injury we lost the league,we didn’t because we only managed 6 points out of 18 against the other top 4 sides to give a true perspective. I hope Song is the answer in DM as I see no other options at the moment accept Silvestre who could play in that position.

  18. Erichero

    Our defensive problems are undoubtedly very, very serious. For us to concede 1 goal in 6 matches is completely unacceptable. If it carries on like this I’m going to have switch my allegiance to Manchester United, whose centreback pairing keep things watertight against all opposition and whose discipline is never brought into question.

  19. Jamie

    I think Eboue has a had a very good start to the season, has been solid defensivley and has made better decisions going forward. He still can be frustraiting to watch but he even got a decent save out of Robinson on saturday!! I think if you watch the tackle again his trailing leg gets caught which takes him out of his running pattern, which caused him to go down and put all his weight awkardly of 1 leg. I heard yeterday that he might have ankle ligament damage? Any news on him a Clichy for Kiev? Is Nasri Likely feature wednesday?

  20. ethangunner

    yes i do wish ade was sold , like ive been saying all along see what our team can do ?
    make that offside hopeless git look like a super star , well he’s got most of you fooled ..

    so just imagine if we had someone with some class who could stay onside ..
    they would score over 40 a season !
    and those are the undisputed fucking facts !

    but having said that we didnt just play chelski did we ?!
    so lets not get ahead of ourselves !

    you can compare a freshly picked apple to a rotting one .. i know which one looks more inviting , but compare a freshly picked apple to a million bucks , ill give the apple a miss !