Premiership collapse and how Arsenal will dominate.

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Ok so we’ve done Theo to death and Wenger says Appiah is a no go so let’s move onto a real concern of mine, the well being of the EPL and football in general.

The English economy is in recession as is the Spanish, the French is stagnant as is the Italian, the rest of Europe is heading for the shitter and the USA is already in it, in fact I think the world economy is about to suffer a little wobble.

We are seeing record bankruptcies, repossessions, rising unemployment and the inability to raise money and these are all concerns for the football fan.

Even the oil rich sheiks will soon run out of oil and be left with their tourist and property industries to see them through, with the housing markets in Spain and Great Britain going down the pan fast and the UAE hot on its heels I see the football money go round coming to an abrupt halt in the next year or so.

What bollocks you may say, but already we see gaps at the Grove and people are saying, wow, this is more than I can afford, players costing ridiculous amounts and their wages are just becoming silly, and when the consumer pulls back, certain things go with it, like Sky and Setanta sponsorship, and given that’s where most of the money comes from I can see the end of the gravy train not too far off.

Remember what happened with digital TV and the championship? That could happen again in a heartbeat.

Sponsors like Ford are in the deepest shit worldwide, how long can they keep pumping money into the Champions league?

Now Abramovich isn’t the king pin anymore I can see him heading off into the sunset, the Glazers are just sitting on an unmanageable debt and you’ve seen how quickly the Liverpool and Villa owners have held back when it comes to spending huge amounts of money with no return, hey even that beer swilling berk from Footlocker, Ashworth is fed up pumping money into a bottomless pit.

The truth is there are only five trophies up for grabs and two of them are in Europe, footballers are being paid vast amounts when their clubs are making huge losses and the moment the rich bitches sod off, all that will be left is debt, if FIFA bring in curbs to stop these people spending it will only hasten their departure.

They are beginning to realise that billionaires ruin football, they don’t enhance it, remember when all the best players went to Italy and Spain? Not anymore they don’t and that has to piss off UEFA.

So, where does that leave us? In great shape, no debt and a great young squad that could dominate for the next 15 years, so maybe Wenger and the board aren’t as mad as the bag of snakes we all think they are.

Or maybe that’s just me and wishful thinking, trying to justify why we haven’t spent any money for the last three years and thinking we’ll come out of this the better team with the best options..

More and more people tell me they can’t afford to go to matches anymore, it costs me over Β£200 a game and that doesn’t include travelling and the minute you take away the crowd and the supporter, the heartbeat goes and the sponsors will follow, so watch out the EPL and don’t be so greedy, or you will end up killing the goose that lays the golden eggs…


Have a great Friday Grovers, only a day to go to see if we are making progress!

P.S. XL went bust today and left 85,000 stranded… were they not aware they were skint when they took up sponsorship with West Ham? Le Grove reccomends that when buying cheap flights, stick to the big boys!

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  1. Mark C

    Walcott on the left is not the answer.

    he is not as productive there, and that means Eboue will play

    So we would be playing with 9 men

  2. Pierre

    Blackborn, Mystic Pierre thinks 2 – 1 to the good guys, Adebayor and Gallas to score.

    Eduard ..0 you’re not wrong about the minis, i’m out tonight and will carry out further research int othat subject.

    I dropped the beer avatar by the way even though its friday, put up the love of my life (besides gunners of course) Kelly Brook!

  3. Matt

    Keep your Meekon Ethan – i would rather have a Sang Tip in a bucket of ice with some lipovitan and coke…. πŸ™‚

    Takes me back to the Green Mango… πŸ™‚

  4. eduard...0

    lol they love it dont they pierre! chary im 95% sure that EITHER he played in that region or is from that region.
    Kelly brook- what a hottie but isnt hshe now banging Danny cipriani fom wasps?
    thats the same danny that was (according to him unknowingly!!!) banging a trannie!lol

  5. ethangunner

    its sang som now !

    yes i prefer seng som also !
    seng thip has been taken over by seng som !

    but meekon has traces of LSD in it so i hear !
    i spoke with the thai who brews the stuff …
    thats why when you drink too much of the stuff you go fuckin mental πŸ™‚
    ive liked it more since knowing that information


  6. ethangunner


    pedro might back me up here , but aren’t we like the 2nd or 3 rd highest wage paying club in the EPL ?

    the only difference is we have 38 youth potentials instead of 16-20 seasoned experienced players + 4 or 5 potential youths ! I m just saying the stadium has been built now for a few seasons, if we cannot start splashing some cash now it will never happen under wenger …
    and we will not dig ourselves out of this hole !

  7. eduard...0

    ethan we pay VERY similar wages to ManUre, MORE than Liverpool and clearly LESS than Chel$ki.
    was a article in the times recently about it.

  8. Big Raddy

    Not much happening today. Except Bud is on fire.

    Though I didn’t understand the post about Golf days, guest speaking etc etc.

    Pierre, I am afraid I have been Northist in the past. Please forgive me, but you do live surrounded by some of the most miserable bastards on God’s earth. Nothing pee’s me of as much as the “Yorkshire Grit” bollocks , and even worse “I speak as I find ” !

  9. ethangunner


    cheers !
    it proves that we pay the same money as a club winning the EPL , but wenger would prefer
    to set the club up more like an incubator for youth !

    Bud its not too late to either get the owners out, or get the odd free transfered 30 year old into the team ! its obvious wenger is looking .. well at least i think he is .. by the rumors.
    as for the love juice dont worry man …
    im in thailand ! im continually running on empty πŸ™‚

  10. Big Raddy

    This is amusing….

    At the Shithole, they have taken up a new song.

    To the tune of “Amore”, they sing

    ‘When the ball hits your head,
    And you’re sat in Row Z,
    That’s Zakora ….

    Brings to mind one of my favourite chants….. You’re shit, and you know you are ‘

  11. eduard...0

    Big Raddy- i grew up in brighton so used to go to the old goldstone ground and sing ” WERE SHIT AND WERE BEATING YOU” happy days

  12. eduard...0

    Ethan- fuck mate your so right, i looked at the wage bills and thought” people call us penny pinchers and yet look at our wage bill”. as you say, the fuckihg same as the Winners of the Prem AND CL…..are we mugs?

  13. Pierre

    bollocks, i voted for nasri and didnt win the prize draw, and i put in a better quote than the guy who won. I went with “he’s almost as good as the pass master Eboue”

  14. choy

    what do you guys reckon the lineup for tomorrow will be?


    sagna gallas toure clichy
    eboue cesc song nasri/theo
    rvp TT

  15. eduard...0

    choy – this what you have to get your head around. we dont pay MASSIVE salaries re.160K PW robinho. we pay our squad hell of a lot more than the avg

  16. Seb

    This idea about how we desperately NEED big investment, to me, is like a schoolkid saying, ‘Hmm everyone else is in a gang and carrying a blade, so I guess I ought to join them! Don’t wanna get left behind!’

    It’s not big and it’s not clever.

  17. TJ DA GOON

    Afternoon Grovers,

    I, for one cant add it all up. It’s claimed we pay similar wages to Manure but how!? I swear Billy G and Ade (since his pay rise) are our top earners on around Β£80k a week but they got players like CR, Rio, Shrek, Giggs and G Neville on contracts around Β£100k a week (or more in the case of the greaseball and maybe one or two of the others). Plus their younger players like Pu-nani and Anderson earn a LOT more than the likes of Denilson, Diaby, Ramsey etc. Please, somebody, make sense of this to me or at least point out where i have gone wrong….

  18. Gidster

    The starting XI I want to see tomorrow is:

    the normal back 4,
    If Diaby is fit (any news?) then 5 in midfield:
    Nasri, Song, Cesc, Diaby and Eboue
    Ade up front on his own.

    Thats our biggest midfield and thats what we need tomorrow. Physically, I think that stands up to Blackburn well coz Song, Diaby and Eboue are big lads, and Cesc and Nasri have big balls. Of course, my prediction all goes to shit if Diaby and Nasri aren’t fit. RVP, Denilson and Wallcott on the bench, which is how it should be for the more physical away games.

    This is the team I think Wenger will play;

    normal back 4,
    Eboue, Cesc, Denilson, Walcott,
    RVP and Ade

    And that team will get pummelled. Its quite an interesting moment in our season already if Diaby is fit, because that will be all 4 central midfielders to chose from (Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, and Song) and we can see which one of the other 3 is Wenger’s preferred partner for Cesc…

  19. eduard...0

    Chelsea – Β£132.8m (Β£114m)
    Manchester Utd – Β£92.3m (Β£85.4m)
    Arsenal – Β£89.7m (Β£82.9m)
    Liverpool – Β£77.6m (Β£68.9m)
    Newcastle Utd – Β£62.4m (Β£52.2m)
    (2005/6 wages in brackets)
    Source: Deloitte

  20. TJ DA GOON

    Those figures are from last year. I think our wage bill has been reduced since (lost Flamini, Hleb, Gilberto, Lehmann), and the Mancs have bought Berbatov who’s on a big contract and the Chavs have bought Deco who’s on a big contract. Sure, we’ve signed Sammy Nasri and increased Sagna’s, Clichy’s and Ade’s pay but i think we still pay a lot less than the Mancs.

  21. Bud

    ahaaaaaaaaaaaaa you cheeky monkeys the lot of ya, you’re back !!!!!!

    Tomorrow will be 3-1 to Arsenal

    The weather in the South East will be mostly cloudy with occasional sunshine with a very small risk of light showers.

    Edurad-o & Pierre are going to meet in the Midlands somewhere to compare drinking techniques.

    I’m going to try and get another jump with my wife without Ray.

    Everyone stranded beacause of XL collapse are going to continue running round throwing their hands in the air in panic, instead of doing the sensible thing like book a room for and extend their holidays for a few more days so they can watch the Blackburn game on a foriegn channel (lucky feckers !!!)

    Pedro is going shopping for an Engagement Ring for his beloved.

    Raddy will spend the weekend with a smile

    Ethan wont (very angry man !!!!)

    And Geoff might make an appearance on Le-Grove.

    Right thats it, I think I have covered everything…….. have a splendid weekend Grovers. Until the morrow.

  22. Big Raddy

    Wages include the manager, who is on tidy money. And ALL of the staff. My guess is that we pay a lot of money for coaches, and medics etc.

    And there is a reasoned business model behind paying very high wages to young players, it is repaid by the sell-ons we have. Just this season we will earn from Bentley & Muamba.

    “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

  23. eduard...0

    i cant go to the midlands because my passport only covers me as far and including the watford gap! although the promise of nothern lasses is one hellova temptation

  24. kelsey

    I reckon our medical bill is about the same as our wages

    Silvestre might play tomorrow,but we all know what bud will be doing tonight πŸ™‚

    Any links where we can watch the game chaps

  25. Pierre

    seen this on Arsedot

    “Wenger urges rethink on international timings”

    if you don’t want to put too much strain on the squad, maybe you should have bought somebody last month?

    Can’t have it both ways (unless youre a northern girl of course ;))

  26. London

    Does anyone know if Eboue, Toure and Song played in Africa this week? This will almost certainly influence tomorrow’s team selection.

  27. kelsey

    Raddy yes we have Canal+ but i don’t have it at home.You do get free hard core from 1.00 a.m. on normal spanish t.v. friday,sat,sun,no subscription,(don’t tell bud)

  28. Big Raddy

    Tried to find out London. No luck so far.

    But Santa Cruz, has played 2 games in S. America. Then they have Aussies who must have travelled a fair way. So I guess, both teams have their problems.

  29. Big Raddy

    Pay the money Kelsey – it is worth it ! Plus if you get a Hard Drive you can watch the games at your leisure …………… Sweet as

  30. Paulinho

    I’ve seen some crackers on liver footy, Bolton away for instance. It somehow makes it all better when your not supposed to watch it.

  31. Big Raddy

    I get 4 games simultaneously. Can’t say what you get in the Costa. And as Paulinho says, if you can get a decent feed, it is a good alternative.

    But I would have thought that where you are with the proliferation of English bars, all the games would be easy to get.

    And (though this is a secret between the two of us), Spain is within the Sky footprint, and so you can get a satellite dish, a contract through a mate in England , and take the box with you. I did that for a friend in Italy. It works fine.

  32. goonermichael

    If you’re getting sky you should get an italian one. You can get every premier league game. I know someone in London who’s got one. You need to pay the subs in Italy though

  33. kelsey

    the best deal here is from SHOWTIME which is arabia tv where you can choose any pl team you want and you get every game they play in every competition.ron atkinson is on it. initial cost 400 euros for box and dish and then 100 euros a year.a few mates have got it,you have to remember sky is a rip off out of england installation costs vary between 600/1000 euros plus a card.i use my english address and card no problem,but still had to pay the installation cost.

  34. Geoff

    Evening all! sorry I’m late, champ of the week goes to Theo for his hatrick, chump goes to Wenger for saying he would never do it again!

  35. finestcuts

    Evenin’ all, I know most of you are on the evil fermented juice by now…anyone got a clue as to who our lineup could be? Wenger said he doesn’t want to select players who have played twice for their countries this week to be involved. So who apart from Denilson and Almunia is available?

  36. finestcuts

    Didn’t Kolo and Eboue play in an african WC qualifier?
    Sagna and Clichy, did they play for france?


    Sagna, Silvestre, Djourou, Clichy

    Half game Eboue/Walcott, Half game Fabregas/Song, Denilson, Nasri

    Adebayor + Half game Bendtner/RVP

  37. charybdis1966

    So, is fish head fit for his debut or will it be Big Willy and Kolo at the back ?

    Presumably Diaby is still crocked and with Nasri possibly out I think we’ll see our short/lighweight midfield on show, i.e. Cesc, Denilson, Eboooue and a n other.

    Aside from that, do I hear Rosicknote has had a setback ? If so I think the time has come to dump him and termniate his contract “by mutual consent”.

    I know it sounds callous, but the Arse shouldn’t be a charity for crocked footballers, well at least no more than it already is !!

  38. finestcuts

    It’s hard to say because all our best players as expected, played for their countries, so who it will be is hard to figure out.

    Spuds wrote Pavluchenko a sick note so he wouldn’t play for Russia, but Hiddink retorted that if you buy big players expect them to play in big games.
    Hopefully a few of our best will be in the mix.

  39. charybdis1966

    Of course Finest, give us no helpful news whatsover – all they say about Diaby is that he “is likely to be sidelined until after the international break”; and that for an entry supposedly posted today. Mugs, the lot of them !

    I fear for our boys tomorrow, I still contend we’ll get a battering tomorrow and the thought of our diddy men in midfield getting trampled on and roughed up brings shivers to my spine.

    This would never have happened in the era of Paddy, Edu, Razor, Lauren et al.

    A shame that we have talented players, but they’re all too soft for the assault and battery we get served up with oop north.

  40. morrowsbrokenarm

    Just a quick shout out to yall….proof of this sites greatness and that I am hooked, am in transit to London, just stopped over at Singapore…found the internet area and automatically logged on just to see last nights post (or this mornings, mmm not sure). The Wife is disgusted with me.

    2-0 Arsenal tomorrow, feeling good about it. Ade gonna get off the mark.

  41. morrowsbrokenarm

    Bugger, gonna miss the Bledisloe, so to the lads over the “dutch” , GG, Evo, ethan and the rest of you…I give you my condolances in advance….I’m sure you gave it a good crack though! Laters

  42. gnarleygeorge9

    Morning all

    Gee it must have been quiet last night/day. Geoff must have put the guilts up people with his economic forecast, so most actually made sure they did their bit for the world economy instead of blogging. As for me, I stacked zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

    Mrs Bud & Ray must be feeling a bit 😳 as will Morrows Broken Heart if the boys from the Land of the Long White Cloud don’t fullfil his prediction.

    Big night of sport here tonight then, 3 different codes of footy, actually 4 if you include Thugby League, topped off with The Arsenal @ midnight and/or the curtainraiser Liverworst v manure.

    Mrs GG9 is up @ the Gold Coast @ a conference & staying with her sister in Robina (top spot), so I’m minding the kids πŸ˜‰

    Not as exciting as Buds goings on but I still get to see The Gunners πŸ™‚

    COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!

  43. ethangunner

    Well you all didnt want Appiah .. he obviously wasnt YOUNG enough for you !!!
    I suppose the next thing i will hear is , He’s great he just what we needed …

    RIGHT ?

    Brazilian midfielder Carlos Luciano da Silva β€˜Mineiroβ€˜ was in action for an Arsenal XI on Wednesday afternoon as the Gunners beat London rivals Fulham 3-0 in a behind closed doors friendly.

    The fixture was arranged for manager Arsène Wenger to give the 33-year-old World Cup winner a run out as he is a free agent after being released by Hertha Berlin, and he clearly impressed playing alongside James Dunne in the centre of the park.

    Arsenal ran out 3-0 winners with Rui Fonte, Jay Simpson and the aforementioned Dunne all on target, restoring some confidence after a 7 game unbeaten run was ended to Chelsea two weeks ago.

    Mineiro will now be assessed by Wenger and Reserves boss Neil Banfield who took charge of the game, however, in the mean time he will continue to train with the second string while the first team are at Blackburn later today.

  44. ethangunner

    but im just a mean man who’s still talking transfers ! when the season is closed right ??

    NO because if you judged the paper talk the way i do , you would all realize wenger is still trying to get someone in !!!
    well like i said beggars cant be choosers !

  45. Gabes

    Great post, one thing I like about this blog is its ability to “call a spade a spade” and critically analyse things yet ultimately remain optimistic.

    Think there is some real merit in this post. I recall reading somewhere that our loan on the stadium is fixed in at a really good rate unlike Man U and Liverpool and this will also strengthen our position moving forward in uncertain times?

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    Setanta has described the Manc City v Chelski fixture as the hottest ticket, between the two richest clubs in the world. So does that mean that economic management, profit & loss statements, etc, etc are going the same place as the dinosaurs.

    Won’t be long till one of these oil barons buys the whole FA, with only The Arsenal retaining autonomy, bit like the vatican in rome.

    Geoff, you are definitely on the money with your post. Elton John will be able to release a newer version of Goodbye Norma Jean/England’s Rose as “Goodbye Leeds, Luton, Rotherham, & 50% of English clubs”. In other words football as we know it.

    Sure, its putting the Italian & Spanish leagues back a peg or two, but this running clubs into debt for the sake of winning the CL, etc for their billionare egos could have a long lasting down side for football in England.

  47. ethangunner


    you know i dont eat white meat anymore ! my 1st wife was enough to put me off chicken forever !

    1978? couldn’t you find anymore recent footage ?
    i was like 8 years old !

  48. ethangunner

    no gnarley its the hottest ticket because of the robinho factor !

    i would say the hottest ticket this week is Man U V Liverpoo !!!

  49. ethangunner

    1989 billy idol trashed the whole top floor of a hotel in pattaya ,(royal cliff beach resort penthouse suit ! ) now thats more my sort of party !

  50. ethangunner

    i will say after 30 minutes of reflection , your quick enough to say
    Settle down ethan, you know where this can end up. Lets just leave the sheep thing shall we.

    but then you hit back with a cheap thailand pun !
    well for me i wont threaten you because unlike Aussies , English have enough wit to laugh at themselves , instead of acting like broody little girls !

  51. gnarleygeorge9

    No thats it, I can’t bothered. I have too much respect for Geoff, Pedro I the whole concept of Le Grove. I’m afraid you can pick on someone else this time.

  52. Big Raddy

    Thanks for the Cheech video GG. Took me back to my youth. I had all their records, and played them to death.

    Nice start to the weekend

  53. rico01

    I reckon it will be a nasty game, a red card and a couple of injuries, Gerrard is fragile as is Torres – or am i just wishing too hard!!

  54. Pedro

    I don’t know any bars showing Arab TV… Will it even be on foreign telly?

    I think we’ll smash blackburn… ince is trying to build a team that can play football. Bad idea I reckon.

    Still, they might come and play!

  55. London

    Thats funny, they are obviously Arsenal guinea pigs, up early, getting excited about the fact that real football returns today. I know how those pigs feel.


    The Holloway Pub in Hollaway Road, opposite Argos has got 8 big screens and shows every Arsenal game. Obviously all Arsenal supporters.

  56. kelsey

    Morning all any predictions today Geoff.

    LiverpoolvManure,goal in the last few minutes will settle it,but don’t know which way.

    Newcastle what a farce,that fat cunt has got to be the biggest joke chairman in the PL history.Keegans has backed off,the Indian businessmen can;t negotiate with the cunt and has backed off,so you have the 3 wise monkeys,Ashley,Barton and Wise.and no manager or buyer.

    Seriously worried about Rosicky,yet another setback,surely a decision should be made on him once and for all.

  57. insidealbania

    Kelsey, to be honest with you the Newcastle fans have always pissed me off, I think they are the spurs of the North (far north). They have stupid ambition and always punch above their weight, so its about time the clowns get a joker

  58. London

    I think with a bit of luck we can take that Rosicky injury report with a small pinch of salt. That story was put by his agent and has not been confirmrmed by the club. The Chezch Republic have two important games coming up for which they were obvioulsy hoping for the return of their captian. That is looking so unlikely even if everything continued to plan. So in an attempt to manage the expectaions of the fans Rosicky’s agent issued a statement saying that their are futher complications; the intention of which, is to get the fans used to the idea that he is not going to be playing in their important upcoming world cup quailifiers. There is of course the other possibility — he could be crocked somemore.

  59. kelsey

    insidealbania,I can’t agree with you about the is a one club city/town.If I supported them i think i would have committed suicide a long time ago.They appreciate good football,are generally quite knowledgeable,yet as a team regularly underperform.I feel you have to make a divide between the board/management,bad buying over a number of years,against the tremendous support they get on a regular basis.Just my opinion.

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