Arsenal’s kids dominate under 19’s plus fan mail from blogs.

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It was great reading how Henri Lansbury captained the under 19’s along with Gavin Hoyte, Jay Thomas and Rhys Murphy, with Ramsey and Barazite having good games for their countries as well.

I’m glad that Lansbury had a great game and wondered why he was so poor when he played in pre season, and it was because he was played out of position, that seems to be the way Wenger brings them on so I guess time will tell if they’ll feature this term, he had a blinder by all accounts, Arsene I hope you play him in his favoured position in the Carling cup and drop Randall, he doesn’t look anything better than ordinary for me, but nor does Song, and no one agrees with me on that one!

After the Fulham game I ran a post titled ‘The Emperors clothes‘ and tonight whilst sitting in the lounge at Orlando airport I stumbled across this – Link

I guess I should feel flattered so I will, but don’t forget who was there first! I’m not sure I was as happy as he was to see our manager spending nothing, but time will tell, Arsene won’t pay something for a player if he feels the fee is too high, well that’s admirable boss, but you don’t control the market and with that attitude I guess all we can ever look for are kids and the likes of Silvestre and Bitchslap.

There you go, no use in going over old ground, but I hope Capello plays Theo tomorrow, I know this site has mixed feelings on the lad, but I really believe Theo will be the future of England and be one of the worlds best, I really, really rate him.

We have some great prospects in the reserves and I think when they get a bit older we’ll be a fantastic side, with what I’ve seen so far, I hope we can keep them, then we have the younger, youngsters like Luke Freeman to come, I really hope I live that long but being an Arsenal fan in 2 or 3 years time could be amazing, let’s hope the likes of Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey and Lansbury make their mark this year, I know Theo will.

Have a good day Grovers, I’ll join you when I land.

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  1. Geoff

    Evening all, who said this then?

    I know this site has mixed feelings on the lad, but I really believe Theo will be the future of England and be one of the worlds best, I really, really rate him.

    Me, today, oh I hate bragging.

  2. Rasputin

    Blimey – maybe Copello knows what he’s doing. Pretty piss poor that Benitez timed Gerrards operation for the internationals but maybe we have discovered a winning formula by accident?

  3. Geoff

    He deserves it choy and it proves that Lampard and Gerrard shouldn’t be in the same team.

    Why the fuck is Beckham warming up???

  4. Rasputin

    Oh dear, the hype and expectation surrounding Theo is going to be ridiculous. Well done Theo and well done Geoff – but we mustn’t expect a hatrick every game!

  5. Big Raddy


    If we can’t get hyped about an Arsenal kid getting a hatrick in his second full game, When can we?

    Modric …. Β£16m ???????

    Only the third time I have seen an Arsenal player get an England hatrick. Can you name the others?

  6. Pedro

    Gunnerblog have run with that story TJ showed us at 1300 today!

    Did you see that Geoff? Paul Donovan of Vodafone has left his post?

  7. Rasputin

    I know Big Raddy – you’re right but I just remeber all the crap when Sven took him to the World Cup and then humiliated him by not putting on the pitch. I love Theo, but I think he is an emotional player – he was devastated when all his hard work against Birmingham was undone by the penalty. Still let’s celebrate a magnificent performance from an underrated Arsenal player (not including Geoff in that!)

  8. Pedro

    Well played Theo… remember to pack that form into a small piece of hand luggage… you wouldn’t want to risk it in the holdall!


  9. Geoff

    Don’t know him Pedro, but if Theo had more strings to his bow he would be good enough to replace Eboue, sadly he hasn’t, an England hatrick doesn’t cut it when it comes to Eboue.

  10. Big Raddy

    You forget how old I am !!

    My memory is totally fucked I thought it was Malcolm MacDonald, but maybe it was a couple of months before he came to THOF.

  11. Mandanda

    Welldone Theo…but boy is he under pressure to perform for arsenal now?!?!

    Maybe he should make the bench for blackburn…

  12. Seb

    great performance from Theo, great for us….

    …but cue the usual hysteria and triumphalism in the media tomorrow. It’s just one game, it’s a forlorn hope but it would be nice if people put it in perspective. The odd Munich or Zagreb result does not make a trophy – or even qualification.

    But again I am over the moon for Theo, I hope he starts to believe what he can do for us now πŸ™‚

  13. rico01

    Evening Grovers, for once I have watched England, and all has not been so bad, but I wont get carried away, well, just yet anyway….

    James – ,akes me realise just how lucky we are to have Almunia

    Rooney – crap first half but a bit better second, but easy easy goal, and good assist

    Heskey – !! Rather see Crouch or Defoe personally

    Ashley Cole – Sadly nothing like he used to be when he played for us, Try Bridge next game Fab?

    Joe Cole – Average, and not sure his injury deserved a red card ??

    Terry and Rio – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Barry – less than average

    The rest – average –

    Oh, one little guy payed ok, scored three goals aswell – Take a bow Theo, or will he be referred to in the Sun as

    Th’R’eo Walcott πŸ™‚

  14. Big Raddy

    If Nasri is fit. Theo will not play at BBurn. AW will play EE, and for me it would be the right decision.

    We are going to get a kicking at Ewood, and Theo will be tired after the two England games. Bring him on as a second half sub. It will scare the shit out of their full-backs (are they the two Aussies?)

  15. paul

    Big Raddy i agree with you.Rico i don,t care how many we played against it was a great performance.Rooney has just said that THEO is the quickest player he has seen.

  16. Big Raddy

    “The friendlies have all been progress towards this. Tonight, with a bit of revenge in mind, it was a great performance. Theo is the quickest player I’ve seen, he was brilliant.”
    England striker Wayne Rooney

  17. Stu

    Theo’s hattrick reminds me a little of Owens against Germany all those years ago. Theo has showed he has learned how to better play on the wing. That performance does worry me in that Wenger might have doubts about putting him up front. At least he didn’t get injured.

  18. 00000000

    Good evening,
    This is just a small request, do you think think you could call Bischoff by his real name? Bitchslap to me is a bit disrespectful especially written on a public blog. The article on your birthday suggested there is quite a strong readership so wouldn’t it be best to be professional and not take the piss. Thanks.

  19. Old Father Gun

    Big Raddy – I used to watch Jack Kelsey week in week out (home matches and London away matches anyway) The best goalie I’ve ever seen.
    Well done Theo – made the week for all us grovers. Roll on the weekend.

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    Like I said about Theo. All that needed to be sorted out was above his neck. There is no doubt Theo in & the “illustrated has been” (beckham) on the bench is a step in the right direction for English football.

    “Were you watching Tottenham”

  21. gnarleygeorge9

    ……But some of the reactions on here about Theo & England are less enthusiastic than before with Cesc & Spain πŸ˜‰

    As the Bear said earlier. Whether its 10 or 11 players, a win is a win is a win.

    Good on you England, your destiny might be playing Australia in the group stages in South Africa 2008. We’d love to play you, just love toooooooooooo πŸ˜†

  22. kelsey

    Geoff I bow to you.

    Who was the last Arsenal player to score for England was it cashley And a hatrick maybe David Jack or was he scottish.

    Only downside was the ref,supposedly world class had a poor game.

    Rooney gets all the plaudits on other blogs,but he should perform like that more often,Theo is level headed and will only gain in cofidence from that.

    le champ is a foregone conclusion THEO

    le chump bentley the cunt who now is out of the picture by going to spurs,fuck him

    Raddy ,Kelsey is a family name,but I remember big Jack,supposedly had the biggest hands in football


  23. ReVELAtion

    i just had a thought….

    I bet beckham and betley were sitting on the bench and thinking….

    we’re *******!!!

    Well done theo, you did yourself, arsenal and england proud as did the rest of the boys who wore the shirt tonight….

    More of them same please… Frank i salute you, more of the same please…

    If that scouse cunt gerrard plays against the mancs on saturday he has to be dropped…

  24. kelsey

    Germany finished 3 all.
    I think Theo is the youngest player ever to score a hat trick for England and ian Wright was the last arsenal player to score 3 or more.i got the above wrong.

  25. gnarleygeorge9


    I posted a few things back pre & during the game, but for my old aussie cricket mate up there in the Tropics, here goes:

    Uzbeckistan 0-1 Australia
    26′ Chipperfield

    Bresciano missed a one on one with the keeper, put through by H Kewell on the stroke of half time but went for power instead of placement, & subsequently missed everything πŸ˜‰

    But, it was a great effort @ the back. Kevin Coyne from Colchester, can you believe it, held them together @ the back. We had a few out with mystery virus, might have been something Lurch the organ player slipped into their lunch πŸ™‚

    All in all Pim Verbeek said they have played better, but, the way Oz defended to get the 3 points was very good.

    3 more wins & we are qualify. Come on you yellows

    Next its Qatar in Brisy.

  26. ethangunner

    kelsey Says:
    September 11, 2008 at 2:01 am

    Geoff I bow to you.

    Who was the last Arsenal player to score for England was it cashley And a hatrick maybe David Jack or was he scottish.

    Michael Owen in Munich seven years ago

  27. ethangunner

    I spose theo drowned out most of the talk last night .. but deservedly so !
    he looked real class last game , and this game proved it was no fluke !
    as to theo starting for Arsenal .. well it goes to show you how blind 90 % of the
    pundits and news commentators are (and some bloggers)… Wenger didnt call eboue the pass master to
    leave him out there on right wing !

    it will be Theo – cesc- eboue – and ?????
    90% of them are saying can theo hold down that spot for arsenal
    of course the answers yes as wenger has other ideas in mind for eboue ..

    my question is do you bring in vela for left wing ?
    i hope the answer is yes !

    thats good news George the Aussies deserve to get into the world cup again !
    they are fully deserved to play with the worlds elite ! its just Oceania is such a prick of a qualifying drama !

    they said they would get 1 spot available for the leader of Oceania every time
    not still have to play 5-6th spot of a south American nation !
    thats a tough game for anyone .. especially if Brazil or Argentina is one of those teams!

  28. ethangunner


    what i meant to say was owen was the last player over 7 years ago !
    hat tricks dont grow on trees !
    what theo did is a dream for any English player representing there country ..
    he will go down with a few elite names in history ..

    you would have to dive well into the record books to find an answer to your question .
    i dont think anyone was born the last time an arsenal player scored a hat trick .

    wrighty maybe .. but i dont even think so !

    anyway the answers easy

    THEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. kelsey

    Got the answer as to who was the last arsenal player to score a hatrick for England.

    1994 ian Wright 4 goals in 7-1 defeat of San marino πŸ™‚

  30. Big Raddy

    Took some time Kelsey !!

    I saw SuperMac score 5 for England, but I am pretty sure it was iin the season prior to his signing for Arsenal.

    Sadly, we do not appear to have anyone steeped in Goouner history writing on Le Grove.

    I watched an extremely exciting second half of Portugal/Denmark. Nic scored in a 3-2 Danish victory. The Danes were 2-1 down with 5 mins to go, they won with the last kick of the game, with a shot that was deflected by Pepe, then Carvalho passed the keeper !!

  31. kelsey

    B.Raddy,morning it was 2.30 a.m. the brain wasn’t functioning properly.
    Did Bedtner play well
    cesc barely played 17 minutes coming on for Alonso so I would fiqure he plays on sat,but le boss may rest theo and keep him for the kiev game.

  32. ethangunner

    Ive come to a realization that , well most on here and most english supporters i know have given up on the national team , not because its pointless !and club football still rules!
    but up until yesterday we were crap ! and no one supports a team that plays like crap !
    Theo has injected life into the English national team …

    proving once again that winners are grinner’s ! and winners create FANS !

    im hoping arsene is taking note of this turn around !!!!

  33. ethangunner

    not whilst ade gets a run every game and RVP stays fit ..
    also vela – and bends need time on the pitch !

    i cannot concur with that assessment
    theo has too much pace to be not utilized on the wings ..

    maybe in a year or 2 yes …

  34. kelsey

    ethan,you wait Ade will piss off soon,and theo will finish up in the middle,i am looking at the broader picture,not tomorrow.

    geoff didn’t understand your response

  35. Seb

    haha seen AW’s reaction to Theo’s goals last night:

    β€œThat’s superb news, he did pretty well for England,” Wenger told Tf1. β€œBut this means I’m going to have to offer him more money (laughs)!”

    πŸ˜€ penny pinching old git ^^

  36. morrowsbrokenarm

    Geoff. Hi mate, where is this “S & B” pub I hear you fellus talk about? I’ll be home on the Holloway Rd Saturday and hanging around for a wee while, might have a pint in there, the spiritual home of Le Grove.

  37. morrowsbrokenarm

    Iv’e just heard some of the lads talking about it, also using it for pre game drinks….figured i’d need to see it as part of the Emarites Stadium tour i’ll be taking, what better way to top off the day eh. You could almost call it the Le Grove Club House, HQ.
    It’ll be like seeing the Vatacin when in Rome, only better, and with piss.