Arsenal’s kids dominate under 19’s plus fan mail from blogs.

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It was great reading how Henri Lansbury captained the under 19’s along with Gavin Hoyte, Jay Thomas and Rhys Murphy, with Ramsey and Barazite having good games for their countries as well.

I’m glad that Lansbury had a great game and wondered why he was so poor when he played in pre season, and it was because he was played out of position, that seems to be the way Wenger brings them on so I guess time will tell if they’ll feature this term, he had a blinder by all accounts, Arsene I hope you play him in his favoured position in the Carling cup and drop Randall, he doesn’t look anything better than ordinary for me, but nor does Song, and no one agrees with me on that one!

After the Fulham game I ran a post titled ‘The Emperors clothes‘ and tonight whilst sitting in the lounge at Orlando airport I stumbled across this – Link

I guess I should feel flattered so I will, but don’t forget who was there first! I’m not sure I was as happy as he was to see our manager spending nothing, but time will tell, Arsene won’t pay something for a player if he feels the fee is too high, well that’s admirable boss, but you don’t control the market and with that attitude I guess all we can ever look for are kids and the likes of Silvestre and Bitchslap.

There you go, no use in going over old ground, but I hope Capello plays Theo tomorrow, I know this site has mixed feelings on the lad, but I really believe Theo will be the future of England and be one of the worlds best, I really, really rate him.

We have some great prospects in the reserves and I think when they get a bit older we’ll be a fantastic side, with what I’ve seen so far, I hope we can keep them, then we have the younger, youngsters like Luke Freeman to come, I really hope I live that long but being an Arsenal fan in 2 or 3 years time could be amazing, let’s hope the likes of Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey and Lansbury make their mark this year, I know Theo will.

Have a good day Grovers, I’ll join you when I land.

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  1. Pierre

    hmmmmmm, have a feeling of a 1 – 2, Roberts for them, Adebayor + 1 other for us, not sure who tho. Just feel sure Adebayor will score.


    Apparently there were rumours the plane would crash so he refused to fly. Then he went on to say that the president of the Togolese FF (who was bereaving at the time) had to fly with them if they wanted Ade to fly. Hahaha….you just cant make that shit up?

  3. jeffrey

    hey everyone-am a very bored worker today so would like to pass the time till 5pm with some arsenal banter.

    what’s the deal here?

  4. ethangunner

    I thought the rumor was all engines would fail when he reached 10 000 feet ..
    oh , shit thats right i made that rumor up .. well it was more like wishful thinking on my part

    glad too see he isnt motivated to play if theres no money involved !
    i think thats probably more the REAL reason !

    remember some famous togo player once said , the only reason you move your ass is for money !

  5. Pedro

    Ethan, he isn’t fit to lace his boots… in fact, I am pretty sure he only made it into Russia’s starting 11 via the back door?

  6. Big Raddy

    Welcome Back Geoff.

    Sweet FA going on, apart from the norm i.e injuries sustained on International duty.

    So far, Nasri and Bendtner are down, and we have tonight to come.

    It drives me mad, RvP was played by the Dutch to bring him to fitness after a minor injury !! WTF ? If he gets hurt, we should sue the arse out of them.

  7. jeffrey

    what do people think is the likelyhood of arsenal signing appiah? i think he would be perfect for us if we could get him. i am in no doubt that the team is good enough, i just worry that some of the younger players may get pushed around too easily at places like the reebok. so appiah would help in that respect. someone who wont be pushed around mind you is song. big boy, with a big heart and i give him great applause for the way he has stuck at it despite the fact he was booed at craven cottage early in his career (totally unfairly i must add-it wasn;t his fault the more expereinceed players let themselves down)

  8. kelsey

    Pedro Hi,Ade is an arsehole,oh really πŸ™‚ The biggest mistake was not to sell him for 20 million,his loyalty is to himself,he is an egoistic fart,and i will be very surprised if he stays longer than this season.He doesn’t exactly come over as a bonding team member and definitely not in the tradition of great players privileged to wear the arsenal shirt

  9. ethangunner

    is that a joke his girls name is charity ?

    so he’s a black African accepting charity ???
    when will it end ?


  10. Pierre

    yeah we should have sold Ade when (if) we had the chance, he’ll be worth fk all after this season if he doesnt find his shooting boots.

  11. Bud

    Kelsey – I like the “do you like dogs” line alot, I just don’t understand it……. any chance of expanding on it, or have I got to read the whole bloody comment section to get it ??????

  12. jeffrey

    kelsey-hello there, i understand that you have done the appiah thing, but surely you’ve done the ade thing as well?!

    ps i love dogs

  13. jeffrey

    big raddy-i totally get why people wouldn;t sign him (his injury problems probably being the main reason), but i just feel we definitely need someone in there, and seeing as though the window is shut, appiah seems the only viable option to me.

  14. Big Raddy

    My last dog was a chocolate coloured flat-coat retriever. He was a brilliant animal.

    Looked a bit like Aaron Lennon the Tottenham player.

  15. Rtist

    I agree with Tsokan…Song is an absolute monster. At his age, and with the ANC experience (I know, the level is not considered the same as the Premiership) he is finally growing into his body. The dude is 20!!..FFS, most 20 year olds come in at 120lbs soaking wet and couldn’t lift a fuckin chair without getting “fatigued”…Song is an option..and I’ve noticed that when the opposition are challenged by him they bounce off the dude..needs the games..Wenger may never offer him the chances..but that’s just my grind on the subject..

  16. kelsey

    Bud,we were bored last night and a few of us were talking about anything other than football,and I mentioned we had 5 dogs.i wont bore the others its all on last night’s blog.

    jeffrey the ade thing came up to today again about not flying to a togo match.
    and appiah is not injury prone enough for wenger to consider him lol

  17. Bud

    Raddy Raddy Raddy…….. you’ll kick yourself for not guessing…….. it’s a real lady pleaser of a joke as well !!!!!

    Here goes………

    A) To get the Brownies !

  18. Pedro

    Jeffrey, could you change your user name or e-mail address please. WordPress keeps spamming your comments for some unknown reason?

  19. ethangunner

    So dudu is set to return for Christmas !
    so for all those twats who said he would be back quickly,
    no need to worry about another striker !

    there you fuckin go ! proven wrong !!!
    i said December if your lucky ..
    and even then will he come back on all cylinders ?!

  20. Pierre

    roll on tomorrow eh when we can get our players back in one piece and turn our thoughts to Blackburn and the next 3 points.

  21. London


    I think it would be more accurate to say that Song is potentially a monster. I haven’t seen him play 90 minutes for Arsenal in a while and neither have you, so until that day comes there is still a lot of caution.

  22. kelsey

    Do you remember a few months ago the tabloids were saying “we were tracking the elephant” who was he.Bud this is not a joke.

  23. kelsey

    jeff, at least we have got a sense of humour,well most of us,hounddog should be in deepest siberia by now πŸ™‚ and before you ask he is a gooner living in the fatherland working for the german government.He had a bit part in Allo Allo.

  24. Big Raddy

    Didn’t work Bud. She didn’t know what a Cub was or a Brownie, or why it was funny.

    Foreigners …… they have no sense of humour !

  25. kelsey

    Chipperfield Circus that’s it. bud right idea wrong name.

    seriously i asked before where is sicknote,is he walking yet or training or what.

  26. Rtist


    Agree. But considering the circumstances, I say throw the fuckin caution to the wind; worst case scenario, Song comes off at the half, replaced by ??..against Blackburn?..I say give him a game..It’s all just wishful thinking on my part. Want to imagine that one of the lads will step up and surprise the shit outta me…(Yawn)..

    that was a nonhumorous kinda way…
    good point though..keep up the great jokes then..

  27. kelsey

    who’s willis bud?

    this is like the two ronnies sketch when one answers the question from the question put to him before.I have lost the plot completely.

  28. Bud

    I’m off after my brief flit on Le-Grove today……… by the way BBC have Walcott starting tonight, so might bother watching it…….. if he doesn’t start, Santanta gets blown and its straight over to ITV for the Bill or maybe a documentary on something really boring or pluck my pubes….. anything is better than watching England without any gooners !!!

  29. Bud

    Different Strokes….. god I forget I am getting old. DS was staple viewing for all of us that are now in between the 30 and 40 !!!!!!

  30. London


    Who are your picks for “surpise to the upside” players of the season? Mine are Song and Vela and that is ahead of Nasri, just in case you thought I had forgotten him. I expect Song to make the DM position his own and Vela to become a favorite with the fans ahead of Walcott.

  31. Pedro


    ‘It’s all just wishful thinking on my part. Want to imagine that one of the lads will step up and surprise the shit outta me…(Yawn)..’

    So many of us know how you feel!

    Players to watch for this year… Eduardo / JD and JW.

  32. Rtist


    VELA absolutely.. we see alot of Mexican football in the states..gotta tell you, the boys are tough little fuckers. They are,unlike a Reyes for example, ready for the challenge. With mexican footballers, they are intimidated by the Germans in awe of the for the rest of the world..they will go toe to toe with damn fear, I swear. Many here in Los Angeles (second home to mexican football!)consider Vela far superior to Dos Santos or the other mexican nationals playing in Germany and Holland. That kid who was playing for Man City was the weakest of the lot, by the way.. Vela will surprise the English fans..

    SONG is in many respects an unknown quantity..reviled and laughed at by some..I just think given the chances he can surprise..I tend to go with the underdogs anyway..and since the guy has been shit on by so many, yet still keeps showing up, makes me believe he ain’t made of glass..again, though I really would like to see him for 70-90 minutes…

  33. Paulinho

    Nasri played shite for the French on Saturday I heard.

    Lack of pace and speed of movement is my one worry with him. He can get away with it at the Emirates due to teams itting off us slightly, but away from home I think he will struggle to hold the ball as well under pressure- as well as Hleb anyway.

    If we see another lukewarm performance from him on Saturday I’ll start to doubt him a bit. He needs to show he can play intense from the whistle at the tough away grounds.

  34. choy

    Paulinho he did get the assist for the goal… didn’t get to see the game…

    no use just holding up the ball with no end product anyway.. he was pretty poor against fulham.. well lets just see how he does at ewood!!

  35. Pedro

    Paulinho, I think Nasri will be more of a player than Hleb.

    Alex reminded me of that guy who was great at school to play wembley doubles with (Surely that game stretches accross generations) because he was so good on the ball… but when you played an actual 11 aside game, they didn’t know what to do.

    If Fizsman is saying Hleb had no product… you can be pretty sure Wenger was thinking the same.

    Nasri dances around the pitch, he tracks back, he is a little bit greedy and the best bit… he likes to run forwards! I am surprised you think he is slow?

    Rtist… It’s going to be great to have a player back in the team who can score from a half chance!

  36. kelsey

    Takeover talk intensifies as Dein and Usmanov part company

    10 September 2008
    WAITING FOR HIS MOMENT . . . Alisher Usmanov
    WAITING FOR HIS MOMENT . . . Alisher Usmanov
    ARSENAL are once again bracing themselves for a takeover bid as more cash from the Middle East looks set to follow the surprise sale of Manchester City last week.

    Comments from Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood at the weekend have only added to the feeling of uncertainty as he suggested any possible sale would ‘depend on the price’.

    And in a further twist to the takeover talk, former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has resigned as chairman of Red & White Holdings, the company owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov that currently holds 24.9 per cent of Arsenal shares.

    “If somebody came and made a really huge bid then you cannot recommend shareholders turn it down because we don’t like it,” said Gunners chairman Hill-Wood.

    “We want the club the stay in its current ownership and, of course, you have some concern that someone will try to buy the club.

    “The directors don’t want to sell but we are a public company. It depends on the price,” added Hill-Wood in what many fans will see as the first weakening of the board in the face of foreign investment.

    While Hill-Wood appears to be just stating the obvious – that acting in the shareholders interest is the duty of the board – the comments have sparked fresh debate over a takeover.

    With the rest of the ‘big four’ of Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool already owned by foreign billionaires, Arsenal have stood firm against such investment.

    But the Premier League is still reeling from the Abu Dhabi United Group’s purchase of Manchester City on September 1, with the Middle East investors now set to pump plenty of their estimated Β£556 billion fortune into the club.

    Now it appears other Middle Eastern dynasties want a piece of the action, and the mega-rich royals from the United Arab Emirates and beyond are ready to get involved.

    The most obvious threat to Arsenal’s continued defiant stand against the money men though is the person who already owns almost a quarter of the club – Usmanov.

    The ‘lockdown’ agreement signed by all the other major shareholders initially expires in April 2009 – with an option to renew until 2010 and then 2012 – and the feeling is that Usmanov may make his move then and buy up the remaining 5.1 per cent he needs to trigger a takeover bid.

    The departure of Dein from Red & White Holdings is significant given that the Gunners board, and Hill-Wood in particular, refused to consider any possible return to the club for the former vice-chairman, who left under a cloud in April 2007.

    However, if a new buyer was to emerge from the Middle East with the kind of sums available similar to the Abu Dhabi investors, Usmanov and the board may well be tempted to cash in and sell the entire club for a price estimated around the Β£600m mark.

    Well what do you think.The key for me is Dein parting company with Red and White Holdings

  37. kingsley

    i have a feeling they will throw a huge contract at him. we on the other hand will do our usual and try and get him on the cheap. i have a feeling he will go for west ham believe it or not. lets face it, if it is as simple as a straight choice whats he waiting for?

  38. Paulinho

    He is heavier set(in terms of legs) than Hleb and Rosicky, and not quite as nimble. We saw it at Fulham in the first half, he shat himself everytime he got the ball in fear of being harassed. I think Hleb is better at wriggling himself out of tight situations and in those away games it was a great attribute. It relieved pressure and stopped the opponents trying to create their unique ‘northern’ tempo.

    Nasri has quite a powerful, penetrative stride when he gets space to run into but he isn’t as quick as Hleb. I remember when he produced that great bit of skill against Newcastle but then he couldn’t really run away from them and had to release the ball.

    At home though, Nasri’s ability in the final fourth is a great adavantage over Hleb. However, we will feel Hleb’s loss away from home I feel. At least until Nasri starts playing a bit looser and with more confidenc e on his travels.

  39. Paulinho

    As much as I liked Hleb as a player, I too agree with earlier comments about him being bad luck. I could just never imagine us winning anything with him in the team. It’s a bit unfair on him though. I remember him slipping through a delightful throughball to Henry in the champions league final and henry tamely hitting it at the keeper. If Henry would have scored that, we in the CL.

  40. Seb

    Let’s remember that Bobby was no speed merchant either, and Nasri has shown distinct similarities – willingness to shoot from distance, the knack of being in the right place in the box, and great technical skills. Plus as a bonus he is not afraid to get stuck in.

    I’m amazed he is getting stick, I would have thought Samir was the LAST person in our first XI to come under fire.

  41. London

    Don’t for get that Nasri is playing out of position on the left wing. I expect that postion to be filled by Vela in the very near future. I know Wenger said that Vela is a striker rather than a winger, he also said he would sign someone before the transfer deadline.

  42. Paulinho

    Henry on Hleb:

    “Alexander is a versatile player. He can play on the right, the left or behind the strikers. He can change the course of a game in a split second. He has great vision and technique. I better stop now because you will think I am talking about Pele, but he has a lot of qualities and hopefully he will be a great player for us.”

    I think reports of a feud between them two was based on unfounded conjecture and a quote from Hleb about Arsenal’s improvement. Of course, Henry is hardly going to say the new Barca signing is crap but Henry is a very intelligent player and loves to trumpet the qualities over those players who stay in the background.

  43. Paulinho

    He’s not getting stick but he is a very important player for us- already- and how he performs is vital to our chances.

    I always though the true test would come in those away games- matches which require a player to really dig in and then express themselves- and that Fulham game was what I expected from him. He has to adapt away from home and intensify his game. Hopefully he will.

  44. kelsey

    Its a tad unfair to pinpoint Nasri for his performance against fulham,as the whole team was shite,let’s see how we play in our next 3 away matches,as far as I am concerned nasri has settled into the team from day one,I would rather focus on others like our defence and midfield play,as blackburn and bolton will employ the same tactics as main reserve about our younger defenders is there ability to tackle,which is not on a par with previous players like viera keown adams,bould winterburn and dixon.

  45. Pedro

    Kingsley, there is no choice if there are 2 offers on the table.

    Champions league football, ambitious club, playing behind cesc and playing under Wenger or West ham… I can’t think of any good points?

    Paulinho, everyone played badly against Fulham and also remember that it usually takes 6 months to bed in. I always felt Hleb went missing in away games? He hated the rough and tough stuff…

    Alex Hleb may have had admirable qualities… but he didn’t have the key qualities you need in a midfielder… goals/assists.

    Personally, I don’t see the speed issue. I think he has plenty of pace. On the tight positions, I am pretty sure Gerets said that Samir was at his deadliest when he is in a tight situation.

    Not that it matters anyway… he is injured… marvelous!

  46. kingsley

    i know ahat your saying pedro….the only other point is a long contract on huge money. you just know that we will be trying to get him on the cheap or even a pay as u play basis. i clearly dont know that as fact but that we do have have a record or penny pinching. do we even know how long it will take him to get match fit? is it 2 weeks…2 months…..

  47. Pedro

    How do we know we are in for him?

    In honestly think that even if he was being offered more dough at West Ham he’d come to Arsenal. He wants a big club and the glory that goes with it.

    West ham wont offer silly money either… they’ve had their fingers burned recently with injured players on high wages!

    Are you watching England?

  48. Seb

    at least it’s not a negative lineup for England

    Brown Terry Ferdinand A.Cole
    Walcott Lampard Barry J.Cole
    Rooney Heskey

  49. charybdis1966

    Well done Theo – hope this means Bentley can eff right off and forget his international career – which he wanted to anyway, the mug.

  50. choy

    add nicklas to that list as well pedro… at least i think he is.. and TT refused to fly!!!

    the only one who loves club more than country!!!!

  51. Pedro

    Lets hope theo doesn’t get Frannyitis… only good for England (I know it was under 21’s)!

    Choy, I thought it was a knock? I’ll have to update the Rosicklist!

  52. ethangunner



    1ST goal at the top level.. lightning pace !
    and the new fans favorite !!!

    may it long continue ,
    lets just hope the knock he took doest affect us domestically..

  53. kelsey

    Well done Theo,though england look pretty disjointed with rooney playing in defensive midfield.Theo will know he’s been in a game tonight,the croatians dont take any prisoners.

    What about finland 3 germany 2 !!

  54. Pedro

    It’s brilliant Ethan… the papers will build him up and up and up and then the NoTW will tell us all he partakes in cottaging in Clapham! haha!

    He has been excellent so far… and fair play for taking the shot on… a bit of greed and a bit of decisiveness!

    Love it!

  55. ethangunner


    huh ? rooney is playing 4-4-2 with heskey !
    rooneys been in the box on several occasions!!! ? what are you on about ???
    barry has the DM duties !

  56. kelsey

    I know that but he is having to play in defence most of the time,I didnt mean it literally.he has already headed or booted out 3 or 4 crosses.

  57. ethangunner

    Its good to see every movement going forward and every attempt to go forward
    they give to theo on the right !! joe cole has had a quiet night out there on the left !

    i didnt even know he was playing until the 30th minute πŸ™‚

  58. charybdis1966

    Cesc is on the bench Big Raddy.It’s Xavi, Iniesta, Senna and Cazorla in midfield, Guiza and Rico’s mate Villa up front.

  59. Big Raddy

    Kelsey. When I was a kid Jack Kelsey ran the Arsenal shop underneath the Clock End. No replica shirts etc, just scarves, and rosettes. He was a real gent.

    Hard man to get a pic of for your avatar.

  60. Pedro

    I’ve given him some shit so far this year… but I’ve always said he is a player that gets you off your seat… there is an expectation that he is going to do something.