Arsenal’s kids dominate under 19’s plus fan mail from blogs.

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It was great reading how Henri Lansbury captained the under 19’s along with Gavin Hoyte, Jay Thomas and Rhys Murphy, with Ramsey and Barazite having good games for their countries as well.

I’m glad that Lansbury had a great game and wondered why he was so poor when he played in pre season, and it was because he was played out of position, that seems to be the way Wenger brings them on so I guess time will tell if they’ll feature this term, he had a blinder by all accounts, Arsene I hope you play him in his favoured position in the Carling cup and drop Randall, he doesn’t look anything better than ordinary for me, but nor does Song, and no one agrees with me on that one!

After the Fulham game I ran a post titled ‘The Emperors clothes‘ and tonight whilst sitting in the lounge at Orlando airport I stumbled across this – Link

I guess I should feel flattered so I will, but don’t forget who was there first! I’m not sure I was as happy as he was to see our manager spending nothing, but time will tell, Arsene won’t pay something for a player if he feels the fee is too high, well that’s admirable boss, but you don’t control the market and with that attitude I guess all we can ever look for are kids and the likes of Silvestre and Bitchslap.

There you go, no use in going over old ground, but I hope Capello plays Theo tomorrow, I know this site has mixed feelings on the lad, but I really believe Theo will be the future of England and be one of the worlds best, I really, really rate him.

We have some great prospects in the reserves and I think when they get a bit older we’ll be a fantastic side, with what I’ve seen so far, I hope we can keep them, then we have the younger, youngsters like Luke Freeman to come, I really hope I live that long but being an Arsenal fan in 2 or 3 years time could be amazing, let’s hope the likes of Wilshere, Coquelin, Ramsey and Lansbury make their mark this year, I know Theo will.

Have a good day Grovers, I’ll join you when I land.

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  1. Pedro

    Good morning all!

    I’ve just ditched Bentley from my fantasy team… in you come Nasri!

    In this google chrome browser, you can make the text box you type into larger by dragging it! That is a touch for all you long posters out there!

    So the kids played well?

    The Brit pack are coming along nicely aren’t they!

  2. eduard...0

    Ped, how are you doing man? nothing for nothing but you shoulda dropped bentley the moment he went to sp*rs! lol does it come across that i was wathcing donnie brasco last night!

  3. gazzap

    agreed. The boys that played fo England last night have an Arsenal future. sometimes I think we only extended Randall’s contract so we can get real money for him when we sell him. Cynical? me?
    Arsenal always have players in the under 17s and Under 19s but then at under 21’s we fall away a bit. it might be because when they reach the age that they need to playing prem football every week, wenger still has them barely playing carling cup football so their develomennt stops. Only the very best get into the arsenal first team while the layer below, who are still very very good (good enough to play for England) cannot progress.
    Loan periods are meant to help, but often they do the opposite. sometimes they appear to knock the confidence of the player. Is that to do with playing with a bunch of cloggers rather than total footballers?

  4. Pedro

    Morning Eduardo!

    I know… shame on me… I was kind of hoping my purposeful ignorance of his move was going to pay of… but the wanker has done nothing!

    I think Nasri will be a better bet this season anyway!

    So what role does Henri play then? Is he like Cesc?

  5. chris

    bentley is in my GF fantasy football, she is actual last as in the very last beating even geoff and bud in the biggest loser league we set up recently, i have james in mine and i have shot up teh table, its still a stupid game because i am rubbish at it!

  6. Big Raddy

    Thanks for the Google Chrome Pedro. I really like it. Needs a bit of getting used to and I am not too keen on having Man City/Coventry Blue on my desktop, but I am sure it will be worth the change

    This week is really dragging ………………… I can’t recall ever looking forward to Ewood away so much.

    On the computer front. I just downloaded I -Tunes 8. It has a brilliant setting called genius, which will create a playlist based on tracks you choose. Highly recommended

  7. Gus J.


    Two points. One, one thing that has amazed me more than anything in the debate this summer, has been the expectations placed on Song. I am unsure what the reasons are for him being rated to be considered as anything but a CC player and a stop gap solution at best.

    Has he performed or showed any promise other than at the ANC? For my money he is beyond useless.

    The second point is on the Arsenal establishment as an organisation. Lately the biggest consern for me has been the lack of clear cut goals and a complete lack of ambition on the sporting side. To allow us to sink this low (and I don’t buy the arguments that we are almost there) is below us.

    What happened to the days when we dared say that fourth was not our ambition? We went for first and even second place finishes were deemed failures. Yes, the market has changed, but last time I checked Arsenal was still listed as Arsenal FC (Football Club) and not Business Venture. So let’s at least demand some answers on where the board want this to go.

    Are we a feeder club satisfied with fourth and an early exit in the knockout stages of the CL or do we want to Win?

    And NO, Eboue and Song are not good enough. They are a shambles and should not be asociated with the Arsenal.

    Sorry for the early morning pesimism.

    Gus J.

  8. eduard...0

    ha! fuck bentley! henri looks good but i thought more of a, dare i say, touch of the ray parlour about him! which is no bad thing!
    i still want to see more of Gilles Sunu, he looks like a beast, not to be confused with The Beast, who turned out to be shit!

  9. Big Raddy

    I am in the 80’s in the league. Up 70+ places from week 2.

    I am handily placed for a run at the title. A couple of decent signings could make the difference, and I wish I had picked Nasri – he is going to be a fine addition in the Fantasy League.

    p.s. The Chrome bar corrects spelling mistakes in the text – box ……. nice

  10. AR

    I-tunes sux man. I dont think Theo is gunner be anything special. He doesnt have enough in his game to show me he will one day be world class.

  11. eduard...0

    gus, phew! i thoyght my missus was pessimistic in the mornings! its not allllll doom and gloom matey.
    song has improved immensley since ACN and we didnt see more of him because of injury then Beijing. hes getting better and better AND hes over 5FT.5 so bigger than most of our midfielders!

  12. TJ DA GOON

    Morning all, Geoff, the boy Lansbury is a star in the making. He would be even further along if he hadn’t missed about 6 months of last season through glandular fever….and is STILL better than Randall. I believe AW will sell Randall in a year or two with a next transfer fee clause (a la Bentley, Muamba) to free up space for the likes of Lansbury, Le-Coq, Frimpong and Jay Thomas.

    Disagree about Song tho, i think he will be immense. Theo did us proud last week against the team of gardeners, hope he continues tonight. He needs that confidence, once he has that, he wont look back.

  13. Big Raddy


    I have to disagree with you. We were really close last year. Just bad luck stopped us being champoins. How could AW plan for injuries to RvP, Dudu, Cesc, Sagna, Flamini, Rosicky etc at key times in the season.

    Most would agree that had RvP or Eduardo stayed fit, the title was ours. Our rivals spent a fortune last season, and only won because we ran out of bodies.

    Apart from one position, we are stronger than last season. Silvestre backs up the left side of defensc. JD the right. UPfront we have a plethora of options, with Vela and Nasri already looking as though they will be great.

    Had Bendtner got out of the way from Cesc shot, we would have been in the SF if the CL. From there – who knows.

    The Song debate will continue until he has a run in the team. A few glimpses of his talent cannot prove his quality one way or another.

    And the ‘ feeder club ‘ remark. What is your evidence? Flamini ? The guy quadrupled his wages to go to AC. Was he worth £120+k a week? Not in my opinion. So who else makes us a feeder club? Senderos is on loan. Hleb ? , we have a better replacement. Hoyte – not good enough for AFC.

    I can accept a pessimistic viewpoint if it is evidence based, but I do not believe yours is.

    A Cup half full Raddy.

    p.s. please don’t take this as a personal attack – I just disagree strongly with your argument.

  14. Big Raddy

    AR, the fact that you write ‘sux’ , tells me all I need to know about you, and your opinions of Itunes and football.

  15. Gus J.

    Fair enough Big Raddy.

    Point taken. I am perhaps looking for some clear cut visions and more defined ambtions from a sporting point of view. Yes, nothing brings more joy than seeing us compete on a show string budget in a league defined by questionable billionaires extravagant investments in house hold names. But, I am just worried that the overall quality of the players on the team has deteriorated and that the focus of the club is being lost.

    And, no worries guys, I am well aware that everyone’s opinion is respected on this site, and that there are no personal jibes, just a difference in opionion.

    Keep up the good work Geoff and Pedro.

    A (still) somewhat worried and disheartened Gus.

  16. Pedro

    Raddy, it is noticeably faster isn’t it!

    Have you seen the new Nano? Pretty special… it has that genius setting on it as well! It also has a ‘shake’ feature which allows you to change the track.

    Gus, I think Song has improved. He has international experience and when he has come on so far this season, I have been quite impressed. He is a big lump, he can now pass and he is a lot more spacially aware.

    I also don’t buy that we are feeder club… all the big clubs let players go and there is not much you can do about it. Hleb was replaced by a much better player in my eyes and we’ve brought in a few good players, notably Vela.

    I think we will challenge this year, I would have liked to have seen a direct replacement for the flamster… but there you go. I don’t believe it is doom and gloom at all… I’d say we are nearly as strong as we were last year…

    I can’t go into a season pessimistic… it would kill me…

  17. Pedro

    Gus, I don’t think we are operating on a shoe string budget. I think we are operating on a massive budget that is ignored in favour of building superstar players.

    I’m not a huge fan of that policy… but Wenger clearly is…

  18. Pierre

    morning everybody, not too long now till saturday, then we got CL on Wednersday, a feast of football!

    Anybody know the CL squad of 25 yet, Poo announced theirs on Monday?

  19. London

    Gus J

    Re Song: you are behind the curve. The growing number of people who have raised their expectations for this player did not do so solely based on his performances in the ANC: many of us watched his recent performances in the Olympics. There are some very dedicated Arsenal supporters that visit this site.

    “Song has matured from a strolling kid who looked a bit lazy and lightweight to a frankly rather scary muscular player who combines skill on the ball, incisive passing, defensive awareness and physical presence.”

    Based on cameo appearances against Fulham and Newcastle, Public confidence is moving in Song’s favour, although, without seeing him play for a full 90 minutes I understand why people remain caution.

  20. gazzap

    I dont see how people can go over the top about Song based on what we’ve seen of him so far in an Arsenal shirt. when he has 2 or 3 good FULL games in a row then you can praise him but its a bit premature to be idolising him. what happens if he has a really shit game in his first 90 mins for us. will people slate him again? he probably isn’t either that bad or that good.

    the only player who has played enough games next to cesc, to judge fairly, is Denilson in my opinion. I think wenger keeps him in the side because wenger likes passing players and Den passes the ball a lot (go see the stats). fans would rather see an animal in there fighting for the ball and scaring the oppositions but wenger has his vision and thats his perogative.

  21. Pedro

    I don’t think anyone is idolising him. I think people are acknowlegding the improvements he has made.

    Lets be honest though… just being able to make a 6 yard is an improvement on seasons past for Song.

    It is a sorry state of affairs that Arsenal have got themselves into that we are depending on a previously substandard player to rescue us in the middle of the park.

    However steep his progression curve is… it is still a massive risk this year. I thought he was terrible at CB towards the end of last year.

    As stated before though… we are lumbered.

  22. ethangunner

    I think we are operating on a massive budget that is ignored in favour of building superstar players.I’m not a huge fan of that policy… but Wenger clearly is…

    its a good policy if you have got all the time in the world and you are winning things along the way, and not leaving your team weakened and exposed !

  23. London

    A piece of useless information:

    You might be mistaken in thinking that the French spelling of the name Henri Lansbury has something to do with an admiration of TH14 or as a mark of respect to all the beautiful football that the French footballers have brought to Arsenal over the years, but I am afraid you would be wrong; the family used to live near me — his dad is a chav.

  24. Big Raddy

    Plus AR. I labelled you because of you opinion on the totally revolutionary Itunes programme.(but then you probably weren’t alive pre-Itunes) , and more importantly, your opinion about Theo.

    Enough of this. I am not here to slag you off, but if you make dumb statements about players – back it up with evidence.

  25. chris

    sorry raddy, itunes is evil its cost me money and i dont even own a bloody ipod,
    love the touch think its the gadget of the century the new one looks good too
    look into annapod software, however the cover flow feature in itunes, it is amazing

  26. Pedro

    London, that is disappointing… but looking at his haircut, I am not surprised!

    Ethan, I thought you were a lover of Song?

  27. finestcuts

    The old fashioned ways of developing your own players are on the return at Arsenal, there are pros and cons but overall the good outweighs the bad.

    The plan is to constantly develop talent from the ground floor, and transfer plyers such as D.Bentley and J.Hoyte if they’re surplus to current requirements.

    Man City have pledged to continue their youth work, it also seems that Chelsea are serious about developing youth as well, they want the best of both worlds, youth talent and ready made players. Manyoo are getting back into it, they’ve got a couple of youth stars on the rise. Any player with the opportunity to train at Arsenal will surely choose over other teams, and that how we’ll get the most talented players. Fabregas, Clichy, Toure…..even Eboue are testaments to the fact that young players are given a chance to play at Arsenal.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Bischoff in action. Wenger has stated that Bischoff is a gamble, but I don’t agree, he’s very low risk. No transfer fee and a known talent, Arsenal don’t have any problems arranging loans and transfers so getting their money back is not an issue. The talent aspect is a slight gamble, but when you’ve got an under 21 international, you’re pretty sure they can already play football, and it’s just a case of further development.

    The futures bright for Arsenal, there is a blueprint for success in place, lets hope that the debt free club idea follows through and that Arsenal produce 1+ superstar player each year and make a profit from the surplus.

  28. Pedro

    Finest cuts, check out Google Chrome… you can make the text box you type into as large as your posts! Really excellent piece of software.

    Everyone, just had a topical funny from Chris! Check it out!

  29. Pedro

    Thank fuck for that TJ… Wenger made Cesc shave those rat tail things off when he got near the first team… could be an omen?

  30. ethangunner

    Nar Pedro …

    johan yes – nik B yes ( although im starting to waver on that one ! )
    JACK – a HUGE YES !
    theo – also a huge yes – vela – yes ..
    ramsey’s – the jury’s out on him !

    it would be easier to list who i dont like ..
    Eboue – Ade – Diaby – Song -randall
    (but song could change my mind easier than the other 4! )
    as he has had very few starts and favored as a CD , but the others are not arsenal class !
    and thats a fact jack !

    If we got rid of them 4 or 5 and replaced them with 3 TOP CLASS PLAYERS !
    this team would be doing just fine !

    we are still as short as we were last season !

    4 foot 5 🙂

  31. hounddog

    Hello all,
    I think the whole budget theory at Arsenal is totally misunderstood or more like we normal fans have no idea what it really is all about.
    I am convinced that transfer money is available for the right player when ever it is needed. Inspite of what some say, Wenger has splashed the cash in the past. Wiltford, Reyes and even more recently 12M for Nasri. The whole issue is that Wenger will not be blackmailed, he will not pay over inflated prices for a player. We could say that if you want the right product then you have to pay the going market price for that product but there again, Wenger is actually producing the product when you look at some of the younger talent we have available. The England-Holland game last night was a perfect example. Either way you look at it there are those that believe you can only succeed by spending big (I say bollocks to that idea) or maybe Wenger does in fact no what he is doing and is just a shrewd business man when it comes to transfers. Needless to say everyone will have a different point of view on this topic.

  32. Tsokan

    Song is a very gud player and he has shown that 4 his country.he just need to be given d chance by arsene and supported by d fans.u all said flamini was shit 2yrs ago and nw many bliv he is d best DM in d can even be better.

  33. ethangunner


    thats fine all the other top 4 starting to invest in youth .
    but they have top class players in every position already
    and competition for those positions ..

    we need top class players in every position too , before we can
    pat arsene on the back !!

  34. TJ DA GOON

    Tell me about it…now Randall needs to take heed and do the same.

    Ethan, dont usually agree with you (even tho i rarely comment) but i’d go with that.

    I said it in pre-season and i’ll say it again, this squad is good and will grow/improve at a faster rate than any other in the premiership but if Ade cant watch that fecking line and time his runs right, we’ll spend another season pulling our hair out (those of us who have any that is, of course).

  35. London

    The fact that a growing number of us are raising are expectations for Song has got more to with being forced to do so rather than wanting to; that’s to say, we have no choice.

    Pedro, you mentioned above that it is a sorry state of affairs that we are pinning our hopes on a player that was previously viewed as substandard to rescue our season but that is exactly what happened with Flamini last season. We may not have been pinning our hopes on him but he certainly rescued our season. So this is not without precedent.

    I think the situation that we are in at the moment in unnecessary and would like Wenger to take out some insurance to hedge against such a risk but when the only available midfield player with experience is mentioned “Appiah” you throw a bucket of cold water over it.

  36. TJ DA GOON

    None of the youngsters will make it at other top clubs i believe. I mean, ol red nose has just “killed” the lad Wellbeck with the signing of Berbie! 🙂

  37. finestcuts

    Ethan, I agree that we could get a more clinical striker than Adebayor, but overall we’re not too bad.

    Sure these luxuries would be nice.

    Extra winger (Rosicky back soon)
    Experienced central midfielder…I believe that we have untested talented, no hedge which we all hoped for but still…
    Extra experienced defender….we’ve got Silvestre which is OK, nothing exciting, but Song and Djourou are looking good, Silvestre is only contracted for 2 seasons, by that time Song and Djourou will be raring to go, hopefull Phil Senderos comes back from the Milan academy, I believe he can only become a better player training alongside Ronaldihno, Kaka and all their experienced defenders, the Italians specialise in defence.
    Clinical striker….Eduardo will soon be back and Carlos Vela is looking good.

    Plenty of true positives for the future, and we’re not so bad at the moment. We’re faster, more technically skilled and keep possession better than any other EPL team.

  38. Pedro

    London, I never held the opinion that Flamini was a substandard player. He was a bit of a headless chicken sometimes… but he proved himself at Left back and he always gave 110%.

    The difference between this season and last season is that we were waiting for a world cup winner to come back and takeover from Flamini… so there was back up and competition. We also had Diarra join the ranks… plus two young pretenders.

    The only reason I don’t like the idea of Appiah is that for me, he is no better than what we have already got. If you are going to block Denilson, Diaby and Song… block them with real class… like Alonso or Yaya… don’t block them with a player who has probably already peaked and a player that is probably no better than Berto.

    Finest… you will never hear Wenger complain about a selection dilema based on have too many players in form in one position. When do we ever have more than 2 striker on form?

    That is a shame… no real competition for places these days.

  39. Evo in Oz

    if appiah wants to come, maybe wenger just says he plays on merit and denilson, etc are in front till he proves fitness, etc?

  40. Evo in Oz

    croatia vs england 05:00am kick off …hmmm….can easily watch 2nd half based on that.

    are you guys going to perform, or am i better sleeping in?

  41. finestcuts

    TBA Pierre, all I know is that Wenger has given lots of reserves first team numbers, and I’m guessing that it”s not just for show, that he actually plans on utilising a few of them at some point during the season. I have no problem with that at all, put Wilshere on for the last 10 for a fresh pair of legs if we’re 3-0 up….it’s best to give them snippets of match experience before plunging them into the deep end.
    And our reserves are better than some other clubs first teams.

  42. London


    I admire your optimism for the possble improvement of Senderos resulting from a year at the Milan defence academy but we shold remember that the last time he came up against a dominant forward “Drogba”, Big Phil’s confidence was so shot that some people think that he is still not over it. I fear that after a year of trying to defend against Ronaldinho, rather than come back a more confident player they are more likely to send him back in basket.

  43. finestcuts

    Evo, England have no option but to play at their very best, no holds barred football, Croatia are unbeaten at the Maksimir stadium, it is a fortress.

  44. finestcuts

    On the contrary London, Milan gives him a year away from Arsenal supporters and the Britsh media and a fresh opportunity, I don’t think he’ll sink.

  45. Pedro

    Evo… you get the best of both worlds… you feel like you are sleeping when you watch England.

    Pierre, the board built the stadium to guarantee the success of Arsenal going forward… they were originally going to sell it when the debt was paid off as the share price would increase dramatically… but I think they maybe having second thoughts now… and if there is a chance that they can sell us to a group as big as DIC… they might just sell early.

    All of the above is just a guess though…

  46. jimmyfingers

    I’m dreamingof the day we no longer have to debate central midfield

    Instead we’ll be moaning about the defense

    Today so far from this blog I have learned I should download I-Tunes 8 and get this Chrome thingy

    Anything happening on Citeh-Watch today? Citeh-branded cough drops?

  47. Pedro

    Finest… Big Phil is gone forever… hooray! He even said himself there was no chance of coming back (I am pretty sure anyway?).

  48. Evo in Oz

    big phil has more admirers than just wenger, his country rate him highley, so i say fuck drogba, maybe one day big phil will have his vengence for the 1-2 games that the chav showed him up. i do seem to remember we lost one of those chav games 1-nil because the ball ricochet’d off drogbas shin and went into the goal, hardly a skilful strike, i could have done that after 17 peronis!

  49. Pierre

    thanks finest, Pedro!

    only other question I got for the Grovers, are any of you off to the Blackburn game?

    I would like to see Cesc / Song in the middle for Blackburn and Bolton, Denilson not defensive enough, then after that isn’t it Hull at home, time to get some of the youngsters (Ramsey, Vela, Wilshire) on the pitch in the second half!

  50. London


    Good points. I will adjust my view.

    There is a point of view that is starting to do the rounds; that, in about a month’s time we are going to have a surplus of midfielders. A glut of midfielders all vying for first team football. Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Nasri, Eboue, Song, Bischoff and off couse Febregas but he is hardly vying.

  51. TJ DA GOON

    Evo, that Drogba goal was the biggest fluke i have seen to date. Gael might just get his long awaited debut for France tonight according to reports. The same report also states Nasri will be dropped tonight but it seems Theo is gonna keep Beckham out the starting line-up for the second game running.

  52. Pierre

    its like you say finest, the 25 havn’t been released yet, and don’t we have to include 8 academy players (4 ours, 4 others) in the squad?

  53. chris GOONA

    Diaby will be back in 14 months.. hes going in for surgery to replace his brittle bones and muscles in his legas with platinum and fibre optics..

    only kidding.. Diaby is a player that can offer us alot, not sure whether he can make it as Cesc’s partner, he needs to concentrate on defending and bulk up a bit.

  54. Evo in Oz

    TJ Da Goon – glad you remember, i was bloody crushed after that game, we had chances to score and certainly it should have been a draw at worst!

  55. TJ DA GOON


    We always fail to take our chances against dem bloody Chavs. Plus the worst possible luck on top of that. My blood boils to a very dangerous level whenever i see a clip of that Essien goal against us at Shitford Bridge. How this prick referee failed to give the blatant free-kick on Shooooot by that cunt cashley in the build-up to that goal will always be beyond me. If he had just done his job then those Chav cunts wouldn’t have such a proud home record they always bang on about now.

    Same with last year in the CL when Kuyt’s uncle failed to give us that stone-wall penalty against Poo. Despicable decision! That takes the cake IMO. Come to think of it, that Hleb might have been a bad omen for us. Since he’s been here we’ve had the shittest luck going….now that he’s gone….well….fingers crossed….

  56. Evo in Oz

    yeah that was a cracking goal of essien’s, but we didnt deserve that, the game was ours!

    cant wait for the football to kick back off from this weekend onwards, my adrenaline starts to pump just thinking about those chav games!

  57. Pierre

    at least essien won’t be scoring like that against us this year, plus Phil won’t be up against drogbreath, bring on the Chavs, we’ll take ’em this year!

  58. TJ DA GOON

    I reckon a surprise is on the cards and England will get something out of it. But if Dudu was playing i agree, England would be in big trouble.

  59. TJ DA GOON

    PARIS (AFP) — France were dealt a blow ahead of Wednesday’s crucial 2010 World Cup qualifier with Serbia when Samir Nasri was ruled out with a nagging knee injury.

    Nasri reported pain in his right knee after training on Tuesday evening and the French team management took the decision to leave the Arsenal player out of the squad.

    France lost their opening World Cup qualifier, going down 3-1 to Austria on Saturday.

    That’s all we fucking need now aint it!!!

  60. TJ DA GOON

    It is Nasridane, unfortunately for a lot of people. But they’ve got wind of all the flak they’re receiving and have a half price deal going right now. Mugs.

  61. nasridane

    TJ DA GOON, cheers!… i rlly dont wanna take out that channel but they are showing quite a few of the arsenal games aswell arent they?

    Sky sports need 2 step up their game!

  62. Pedro

    TJ, that story hasn’t hit the news feeds yet! I am sure it will this evening, good find!

    I am sure he has contacts up to his eyeballs… not more getting caught out with sponsorship deals!

  63. Seb

    (this is via Chrome so i probably won’t be signed in…)

    Donovan has been mentioned over the last week along with Karren Brady, both are allegedly Gooners but I would rather have Brady for her obvious football knowledge than some IT and communications guy.

  64. Pedro

    Seb, he has worked for Coke, Mars, One2One and Vodafone… those are some pretty special names!

    I am sure he will be a great aquisition and hopefully he can bring something new to the business commercially… being a gooner helps!

  65. Seb

    But do we need another Kenyon type, or rather someone to do the never-filled Dein role, to run the football side of the business as well? I think we are crying out for the latter rather than the former, and if you read anything about Karren Brady, it shows she is mad about the game, about us, and will get totally stuck in with transfer activity as well as improving our public face dramatically. Having Brady front up with the media instead of recluse Fiszman or old school PHW would be a dream.

  66. insidealbania

    Afternoon all. I must say that this Donovan story seems very interesting, and from the brief information I have read so far I think he will be the right man, especially as he is an Arsenal fan.

    On another note, it seems Ade is causing trouble for Togo team, I guess some things just dont change. I have missed all three games this season, how has Ade played??

  67. Paulinho

    What’s the bet that git Fowler scores against us on Saturday. These mid-90’s legends seem to retain the knack when they line up agains the Arse.

  68. TJ DA GOON

    Trindle – No problem

    Chris – Yeah i read that article at the time but didnt read too much into it, just thought some more speculation. Mind you, it seems it may have some substance now.

    It’s a tough call between the two if you ask me. Like Pedro said, he has worked for some major companies whereas Seb has a point in the sense that Brady would be a more football-orientated CEO and add that boardroom glamour to the club. I know our board aint too popular right now and rightly so but i’m glad they appear to be going for a gooner at heart.

  69. Trindle

    TJ – although I have criticised the Board in the past, I have no doubt that they are all Gooners (particularly PHW). But the World has moved on – and I don’t think they are in touch. Both Donovan and Brady are good candidates … but I prefer looking at Karren!

  70. kelsey

    Well the earth didn’t get sucked up into the big black hole at 08.30 local time so we are all still here.
    Hard to talk about much at the moment,and my dogs are fine thankyou.
    On the other hand 3 games coming up in 8 days,by then we will have a better picture and a lot more to talk about.

    Does anyone know exactly where rosicky is with regarding training or hasn’t he started yet,it’s all gone a bit quiet on him.

  71. Paulinho

    QOS, watching these youngsters develop can be a painful process if they’re throw in at the deep end and they struggling to tread water ie. Fulham

    However, it would undoubtedly be more satisying to see a Merida or Wilshere succeed than someone like Appiah.

  72. Pierre

    Paulinho, I blame the Fulham fiasco on Denilson and Eboue pairing in midfield, the worst midfield partnership in living memory, and I’m old!

  73. kelsey

    That performance was the worst league performance in the history of wenger’s reign,and was closely followed by the humiliation in the f.a.cup at old trafford last season which could have been not 4 but 8 nil.i still believe more than anything that was the beginning of our slide last year and this is the problem now,in adversity the younger members of the squad are sometimes harder to motivate than their older more experienced counterparts.
    Yes we beat twente and newcastlt but they were both crap,blackburn will be a different kettle of fish.

  74. Paulinho

    Yes Pierre, those two were the original site of fungus, a fungus then spread to the rest of the side. That’s why I never criticised the performances of RVP, Ade, Gallas etc in that match. Those performances were the symptoms, not the cause. The cause was central midfield.

    The bad news is we’re one Cesc injury away from an encore!

  75. TJ DA GOON

    Exactly Trindle, at least our club is owned by people who love it the same way we all do on here. How many of our rivals could say that?

    QOS – I, for one, am really excited about seeing the likes of Jack, Merida and Vela playing this season. Just the class and flair of those three is amazing and they have big futures.

  76. Pedro

    “People talk just because Flamini left. He had one great year. One. Before then, he was just a squad player. And while Alex [Hleb] was a lovely player at holding the ball, there was no end-product. We have swapped him for Nasri, who already has two goals.”

    Did Fizsman really say that?

    Fantastic if he did!

  77. Paulinho

    Fizman in pays attention shocker!

    He’s not quite the apathetic diamond merchant everyone thought he was then.

    Still, have to disagree with the Hlebster assessment 😉

  78. Seb

    I couldn’t agree more with his Hleb assessment! Nice one DF you diamond geezer.

    On a side note, is the only website available in Africa? The comments on just about every article are dominated by people from Nigeria etc, it’s weird!

  79. TJ DA GOON

    Pedro – Danny did say that. Quality or what? 🙂

    I’m telling you….Hleb is bad luck. If you dont believe me…watch how Barca win fuck all this year.

  80. Pierre

    Mystic Pierre predicted before the Newcastle game that Van Persie would score, now the mists are clearing and I can see Adebayor netting at Ewood Park. Mark my words, I’m never wrong!

  81. Pierre

    Choy, he thought the plane would be shot down, if the terrorists were as accurate at shooting as he is, he would have been safe!

  82. Paulinho

    I’m waiting for Wenger to come out with the ‘Nasri is a bit short for Saturday’.

    When is Arsene ever going to learn and beef up on the playmaking wingers? Every year they’re the first to get crocked and we’re forced to play direct speedsters without Hleb-like ball holding abilities.

  83. choy

    Paulinho that looks like that was just a precaution.. but you never know. nasri has always had a problem with his knee.. but fret not.. we have the pass master!