Appiah will sign for Arsenal, he ticks the right boxes.

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He does? Yes he sure does, he’s been injured for 10 months and that’s the way Arsene likes them.

Some of our greatest ever signings were injured when we signed them, Overmars, Petit, Kanu, Campbell, Silvestre and Bitchslap.

So Appiah is qualified in the way the boss likes them, unfancied and broken. You know I jest, but stranger things have happened.

I think he will persevere with the other well known crock, Diaby and use out of position centre back Song as cover, but it’s almost irrelevant as we know it’s him or no one, I like Appiah but as someone said the other day, if West Ham want him, why would we? they have a fantastic crock record themselves with Dyer, Freddie, Parker and Bowyer, but they are fed up with us as we have more injured players, and it makes them angry as we are winning the only thing they can.

OK, joking aside I can’t wait to get back to football, all this England shit is only good if Theo is playing, I think he will come back with king size gonads and Cesc will come back hating the Spanish team, so we did okay for once in international week.

Jesus, even boy wonder didn’t get injured, hang on though, there’s still time!

Anyway Grovers, I fly back today and will be more in touch come Thursday, when we can debate till the cows come home, and talking of cows, has anyone spent time in 300lb a person Florida?

Have a great day y’all I’ll catch up with you later, come back soon y’all hear!

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  1. hounddog

    My opinion on the Appiah deal is well known however I am hearing that he is owned by a third party which means that Wenger will not make a move for him. We have to go with what we have until the January window.

  2. kingsley

    i agree pedro. i’d heard all the hype and felt a bit let down when i saw him play in pre season. I’ve just seen the last 20 mins of the game and he did stand out. i think that it maybe because he lacks the body strength at the moment. He’s def got a touch of class about him… this space i guess

  3. kelsey

    Reyes as you know is spanish for kings and I read a long article about him.he comes from a huge gypsy family and is a common name for such people,and the main reason was that he just couldn;t settle in england and the TH issue was a side thing.

  4. rico01

    trindle – poss different than here then, not that i ever understand why we dont all get the same – like you, hopeless on the new teccy stuff, its boring! Nite nite – sleep well all

  5. Pierre

    hmm, mixed bag of comments tonight, dog farts, they are bad, mind you, my son farts as a defence reflex when i tickle him!

  6. Seb

    Just seen we had four Arsenal players in the England U19 squad against Holland, that makes me feel a lot more confident about man of the match Lansbury for one, as I didn’t see anything special from him in pre-season. Others were Rhys Murphy and Gavin Hoyte who also started, and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas on the bench. They won 2-1, beating Arsenal teammate Nacer Barazite in the process.

    Report from Young Guns:

  7. Pedro

    Wow, this new Google Chrome web browser is pretty smart!

    Anyway, have a great evening grovers… I am hitting the sack!

  8. Geoff

    Evening all, I’m stuck in Orlando airport delayed but busy writing tomorrows blog, another no news day but good to hear about the kids.


    Lansbury played right wing in pre-season lads. That’s why he didnt impress. He ran the show tonight. A real captain’s role he played too. Carrying the team and instigating the attacks for Rhys’s two goals. The real guy who isnt up to scratch is Mark Randall.

  10. Yorkshire Gooner

    Not sure if any of the above have mentioned it as I couldn’t be bothered reading through them all but felt like I had to comment:

    Some of our greatest ever signings…Silvestre??

    He aint exactly got time on his side to develop into a great player unlike “bitchslap” – who will probs remain injured for the unforseen future!!

  11. Geoff

    Yorkshire, as I was with the heading, I wasn’t really suggesting we will sign Appiah.

    Come and join us you’ll find we do a lot of irony and we have fun.

    Pedro thanks, I’m delayed but there you go, I’ll be back in the morning but the post is done.

  12. ethangunner

    To a degree sticking up for arsene is a bit of a stupid thing to do !
    I agree we have the players .. but but arsene wont field them !
    He would rather stick with the pass master – ade and sub at the most stupidest times known to man !

    with a midfield like theo – cesc- nasri – vela
    sure … upfront dudu – RVP
    sure ..

    we have jack and rosicky also ! midfield is looking ok ! NOT GREAT but ok …
    but if cesc gets man’ed up on ! we start to play like Vs WBA again !


    So your an Aussie then ?
    Not born in the UK ?

    My would have to be
    5. aussie basketball/aussie cricket .
    6. aussie national team football

    I came to Oz when i was 6 , but im always English !
    but playing state basketball and A grade cricket growing up it is hard
    not too feel something for the past .. but being starved of cricket for over 6 years now its hard to feel as passionate about it as when i left …

    I used to remember the days of lilac hill ! you know the place george ?
    the 1st game of the official season each year is played there in WA !
    its in guildford ! my home town .. My clubs ground .. what a great patch of grass !

  13. gnarleygeorge9


    Since you’ve been gone, Tassie has won the domestic one day cup twice & the Sheffield Shield as it is again known as. I only played hit a giggle cricket myself, I was a swimmer.

    Framk Lowey & Co are pressing the right buttons and/or hands in an attempt to get the World Cup in 2018.

    I’m Australian, but of English & Scottish heritage.

  14. ethangunner

    so your old man was an arsenal fan i take it ???
    my old man is a WEST HAM fan .. although he follows AFL these days .
    i could never follow it myself ..

  15. kingsley

    does anyone know if toure, eboue, song and ade are playing 2nite? can find any african fixtures anywhere………………..

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    No my old man used to joke about the game they kick the ball with their head, but in ’73 when he was in the UK on one of his business trips, he managed to get me an Arsenal double tie from some bloke so he appreciated that I was a fan back then.

    Australia v Uzbekistan tonight “away”. Will be up @ 12.30am to see that one.

  17. Damian

    Wake up Pedro Man City have a Trillion dollars they only had 2 hours before the window closed & they changed Robino,s mind he,ll stay here as long as they want paying him that & nothing stays the same 4 ever there used to be 1 team in Manchester