Appiah will sign for Arsenal, he ticks the right boxes.

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He does? Yes he sure does, he’s been injured for 10 months and that’s the way Arsene likes them.

Some of our greatest ever signings were injured when we signed them, Overmars, Petit, Kanu, Campbell, Silvestre and Bitchslap.

So Appiah is qualified in the way the boss likes them, unfancied and broken. You know I jest, but stranger things have happened.

I think he will persevere with the other well known crock, Diaby and use out of position centre back Song as cover, but it’s almost irrelevant as we know it’s him or no one, I like Appiah but as someone said the other day, if West Ham want him, why would we? they have a fantastic crock record themselves with Dyer, Freddie, Parker and Bowyer, but they are fed up with us as we have more injured players, and it makes them angry as we are winning the only thing they can.

OK, joking aside I can’t wait to get back to football, all this England shit is only good if Theo is playing, I think he will come back with king size gonads and Cesc will come back hating the Spanish team, so we did okay for once in international week.

Jesus, even boy wonder didn’t get injured, hang on though, there’s still time!

Anyway Grovers, I fly back today and will be more in touch come Thursday, when we can debate till the cows come home, and talking of cows, has anyone spent time in 300lb a person Florida?

Have a great day y’all I’ll catch up with you later, come back soon y’all hear!

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  1. ethangunner

    Something else to consider , Watching football focus asia , they came up with a response to what might happen in the near future should arsenal and other be taken over …
    And definately since the Man shitty take over , do people really want to pay to see wigan Vs chelsea ? or Man U v’s Sunderland ..

    NO ,

    the answer was to take the EPL and split it in half! creating a Ultra league of the top – top 10 .. and the bottom 10 .. The good thing about this idea is you create a super league where you get a good match up every week , the top teams play each other more .. Im sure the logistics would need to be worked out .. like relegation /stepping down between the newly form 2 groups and promotion, but i think with the way money is separating teams within the EPL something needs to be done .. there is a rift between the top flight EPL teams and the lower half of the table … the gap will be so large soon
    something will need to change !

    But its food for thought on this dull Tuesday !

  2. Pierre

    ethan, if you split the prem into the good and the shit, we’d kiss goodby to 6 points a season when we play the spuds 🙂

  3. Pedro

    Kelsey, Sheffield Wednesday have a huge following, Nottingham Forest, Leeds… there are loads of fallen giants.

    They wont break into the top four on the back of it though.

    Like someone said earlier, there is only one team in Manchester, anyone else is just a pretender and players will know that. Look at all the criticism Robinho got for his move? How long will he go without champions league football?

    Chelsea were already in the top 4, had purchased numerous star players, had star managers and had Champions league football. They broke into the elite winners circle because they had a free run at buying the best players in Europe… City don’t have that.

    What have Man City got? A load of expensive players who bottled it last year…

  4. Pedro

    I get stressed out when we play 6 great teams on the trot…

    If you played the best teams 4 times a year, it would take the magic away.

    Ethan, we’re not far away from the Mancs and the Chavs… 4 points isn’t much and remember ManU had the best player in the world last year.

    He was unstoppable…

  5. ethangunner


    i think there was A LOT of WHEN FITS in there !
    i think your talking nonsense myself ! and we shall see !
    theo ISNT CREATIVE ! he’s quick !
    and Nasri is Untested by anyone else other than WBA – Newcastle !
    he has skill ,but i wouldn’t say he is overly creative !
    He didnt create much in the games ive seen him in .. just a good ability on the ball !

    i think ill have to remind you every time we are done over in the middle of the park this season !

    HAHA yes and mark ade ! … no need too so far this season !
    , he could be left alone in the 6 yard box for 10 minute and with the goal keeper hand cuffed to the goal post and he would still miss !
    your over confidence is your weakness !

  6. Pedro

    Theo is creative Ethan and you’ll see that this season. He tries to pass through the eye of a needle like Hleb, he is going to be a very useful tool this season.

    Nasri’s whole game is based around being creative… he certainly wasn’t purchased to score goals!

  7. ethangunner


    last year was last year !
    we had the best midfield setup to ever grace football last season ..
    something about the way we played last year was magical !

    Keep it real ! we wont win anything this season !
    anyone care to make a wager ?!?!?



  8. choy

    wtf are you guys on about… what about our pass master?

    on a more serious note.. denilson is pretty creative.. 2 assists already!

  9. ethangunner


    he can beat a player and that is a rare gift in english football !
    but creativity isnt his strong point .. he often over runs the ball ..
    boxes himself into a corner with no where too pass !

    you know i back theo ! but i want to hi-lite the point we are sadly lacking
    creativity in the center of the park ! and that is a crucial element in the way arsenal plays football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ethangunner

    yeah i agree choy ..
    i always picked denilson as prime candiate to take over , even before pre – season began
    but is he as good as the kismet the spice boys had last year ?

    im not sure ! in fact ill go as far as saying no !

  11. ethangunner

    aarrrhhh ! go to togo you wanker !
    whats the worst that could happen you score a goal ???????

    best thing is the plane could lose both engines at 10000 feet !


  12. Pedro

    Well you only need one creative genius don’t you?

    Then we have Nasri, Rosicky, Jack, Theo and Denilson. We scored the second most goals in the league last year… so we can’t be doing too much wrong? Nasri will be more influential than Hleb this year… in my opinion anyway.

    I think the way he dances around the field is reminiscent of Bobby… he has a little more grit compared to him though.

    Wenger compared Bobby to Zidane early in his Arsenal career and we all gasped… Wenger compared Nasri to Bobby… I hope he gets it right!

    The only problem we have in the midfield is not replacing the Flamster… but everyone seems to love Song… even you…!

  13. Seb

    You do that ethan, but your point was not that we would get run over in the centre of the park, it was that other teams would shut Cesc down and stunt our creativity. And I disagreed because even if Cesc was being ‘shut down’ we are one of the MOST creative teams (note TEAMS not Cesc) in the league. All our players are looking to create and be involved in attacking moves, even dear old EE27. And losing Flamini was hardly losing creativity and experience was it.

    Agreed several of our players need to up their form (or come out of the treatment room), but I see no reason why we can’t be as strong as the other sides challenging. We haven’t established our central midfield yet, so it’s impossible to judge it so early. One of the players can definitely step up, we just don’t know who. Yet.

    We are the best passers of the ball in the league, so quite why that makes Carrick/Scholes/Fletcher/Hargreaves or Lampard/Ballack/Deco/Essien more creative than Fabregas/Denilson/Diaby/Song I don’t really know. Throw Nasri and Rosicky in and you up the creativity even more. I think people are just looking at teams with their ChampManager glasses on and panicking because we don’t have the ‘names’.

  14. ethangunner


    And I disagreed because even if Cesc was being ’shut down’ we are one of the MOST creative teams (note TEAMS not Cesc) in the league.

    Well how do you explain looking very ordinary when cesc doesnt play ???
    No movement – static .. and that was Vs WBA !
    and fulham !

    We havent faced the big boys yet ! , ok let it all hit you like sledge hammers again !
    but id rather make wenger aware we need a midfield signing NOW !

    we might get appiah if so ! .. if not we can all live in dream land until mid october when we face Man U ?

    i think…

    Pedro ,
    a agree about jack ! SURE ! but wenger wont play him !
    Eboue is the pass master ! and then denilson !

    as for song , im with geoff on that one !!!

  15. choy

    ethan… man u couldn’t beat newcastle..

    chelsea couldn’t beat spuds… we are short.. which just means that its not all that bad as it seems!!!

  16. jimmyfingers

    This has to be a=the quietest day on record. We need to let Wenger he needs to be doing newsworthy stuff everyday, to give us something to talk about

  17. timao

    and i’m just for good measure – Adebayor is a briliantplayer. did you see the way he won that penalty against Fulham – is it just me or was that a one-off never before seen bit of skill? It was you know.

  18. kelsey

    Hi Pedro,I didn’t understand your response to me.I,as much as anyone would like to see a fit RVP and Rosicky on the pitch together,I just belive that we are short in numbers of experience.Denilson and Walcott may well turn out to be exceptional players,but they are not there yet.

    On another note don’t be surprised if chelsea step in for appiah as essien is crocked for six months which may mean nine.

  19. Pierre

    jeez, its too quiet round here, you must all be reading on that appaih has signed. im off to find some beer. anybody see my robbie keane post at 4.45?

  20. hounddog

    Personally I don’t give a rats arse about Adebayor falling out with Togo. I only wish that Fabregas and the rest of our internationals would tell their countries to fuck off!!! Yes I am selfish as this would allow more rest time for our players as they always get crocked at these International matches. Adebayor has a big thumbs up from me.

  21. Pedro

    I see our good friend gooner brian is trying to get back on the site again…

    I guess he didn’t have much luck with his complaint to Arsenal about us.

  22. hounddog

    Kelsey/Pedro. There is really no point in arguing/discussing what we have or don’t have for experience!! The transfer window is closed and we have to go with/accept what we have. No need in going on about something that is a dead issue! Cheers guys.

  23. Pedro

    Sorry Kelsey, that was directed to Ethan!

    Ethan, the Mancs have looked pretty average without Ronaldo, Liverpool looked average even with Gerrard and the Chavs looked pretty out of sorts against the Spuds.

    If you are missing your best player, you are always going to lose something…

  24. Pedro

    Hounddog, we weren’t… I was originally sticking up for the gooners by saying we had plenty of flair… and we didn’t need Appiah.

    Kelsey… Chelsea have Obi wan to step in.

  25. kelsey

    Hounddog,being a business mogul,several on here are asking the best way to get to Kiev from the uk,and I know you will know the answer. thanks

  26. hounddog

    Hi Kelsey, regards to the wife. I have to go back to Slovakia and the Ukraine on Thursday on business. The good news of course is at this time of year the weather is good. 24 in Kiev at the moment.

  27. kelsey

    2 boxers,1 labrador,1 padenko(spanish hunting dog)1 heinz 57.All rescued dogs.The spanish are very family oriented but treat dogs in a disgraceful way,by tieing them to trees and leaving them,letting them out on he motorway or just abandoning them,sad very sad.

  28. Pedro

    My uncle lives out in Coin and he collects dogs as well!

    I couldn’t manage that many dogs!

    Essien out for 9 months… what a shocker! I’d love to have him at Arsenal. I think he is my favourite player outside of Arsenal in the Prem.

  29. hounddog

    On a serious note Kiev is not the easiest place to get to. From Germany I have to fly to Vienna and then Bratislava and then on to Kiev but that is because I have to stop in Slovakia first.

  30. hounddog

    That was funny Kelsey, actually it is chief scout of Kaiserslautern.

    Pedro, I work for the Government, I am in Transportation and Logistics.

  31. kelsey

    Coin is about 35 minutes away inland.My wife take care of the dogs,her passion.I just pay the bills.

    Agreed about Essien an immense player.

  32. Big Raddy

    5 dogs !! You lucky bastard. I would love just one. The ex got mine in our settlement, and we are not allowed them in our apartment block.

    Essien. I agree Pedro. Of all the players in the world that I would sign for the Arse, Essien is number 1. (or was…. )

    Favourite non AFC player in the Prem? Well, it used to be Robbie Fowler. Now, – I’m struggling ……… Dean Windass .?…. no ….Lauren !!

  33. Pedro

    Oh really? I am in logistics also. 24 degree’s in Kiev… what I’d do for a bit of that right now!

    So… real football resumes at the weekend! Can’t wait!

  34. hounddog

    Kelsey, rather Essien getting crocked than one of our guys. By the way have you looked at our favorite two sites lately, they are going crazy and getting more stupid every day.

  35. kelsey

    Raddy not the fowler who scored a hattrick against us in about 15 minutes.

    Raddy you are more than welcome to any 2 dogs,everyone says I am mad,and 3 sleep in the room with us.And boxers let off every 5 minutes. 🙂

  36. Pedro

    Cheers Houddog.

    Dog Fart… my oh my… mood killer with the lady…

    Remember when Wenger tried for Robbie and he went to Leeds?

    I was gutted when we missed out…

    So who thinks we’ll be seeing much of Jacky boy this year? Ethan reckons we wont… but I reckon he is going to be Wengers new Love child… there is a massive void now Senderos has gone…

  37. Big Raddy

    Yes, Kelsey. I thought his support of the unions was great. As was his ” white-lining”. He was a class player, with a sense of humour, which today is sadly lacking .

    Torres? What a player.

    Dogs in the bedroom? Totally unacceptable (neither 2 or 4 legged)

  38. kelsey

    i was being polite.hounddog.

    our favorite two sites,rules have changed there,every time you post you have to use a different username,and you know that is not a joke.

    By the way hounddog and i are not related,though many think he is my father.

  39. Pedro

    I don’t know why you guys bothered on the teamtalk forums… mainstream sites are always unregulated and nasty.

    Raddy… I’m with you regarding dogs in the bedroom… especially the 2 legged kinds!

  40. kelsey

    Senderos has been replaced by his love child eboue.Well Jack should feature initially in the CC against sheff united, i hate that cunt who used to be their manager forgotten his name.

  41. Big Raddy

    By Jacky , are you referring to JD, or JW ?

    JW, I would be surprised if we saw him more than 90 minutes total for the season.

    JD. His improvement has given Kolo the kick up the ass he needed. But I think he will only play when KT/WG are tired or injured.

    But I really want to see more of Vela. This kid is going to be the dogs for us. A small, fast tricky frontline of Theo/Vela and Dudu. With RvP in the DB10 role.

    Could be the future

  42. rico01

    Evening all, not much to rant about then….

    Anyone know much about televisions and aerials, and why we suddenly have no signal for Analog, and can only get Sky – 🙁

  43. Pedro

    JW Raddy.

    Vela is very strong for a youngster… i am quite excited about his team play… he is very unselfish and intelligent with the ball.

  44. kelsey

    Hello can I speak to Mrs.Hounddog.Ah mrs.Hounddog you know all those so called business trips your husband goes on well !!!!!

  45. choy

    yeah it really is dead.. even has nothing worth reading.. not that there generally is.. new Ipods have come out for those who fancy them!!!

  46. Big Raddy

    Oh Yes Hounddog. The Golden Blokes Rule….. ” what goes on on tour, Stays on tour ”

    Used it myelf many times. Doesn’t stop the guilt though 😉

  47. kelsey

    Vela adheres himself to everyone at the club,always smiling but Bedtner theres another matter.
    Raddy you live with Danes (no pun intended) and we have a community of them down here and they all seem jolly nice people,a little less scandinavian than the swedes and norweigens who have a much different culture and there own sense of humour.

    Evening Rico,maybe it’s a weather problem
    Hi Choy,what time is it in your part of the world.Went to dell,but the delivery was ages,so I ordered it direct from the states about half price plus carriage.

  48. hounddog

    Kelsey, you mentioned Bendnter earlier and his position. Yes I think he is an out right striker simply because he bloody well can’t play any where else.

  49. hounddog

    Kelsey I went to the required webpage and logged on but it would not accept my user name of Hounddog, said it was already taken. Well of course it was bloody well taken, I have it!!! So I left well alone.

  50. kelsey

    Hounddog and I have been e mailing each other for quite a while,before we came on here for those who where interested.I have been known to be a bit of a wind up artist,but i do have a stunning wife and 5 dogs. 🙂

  51. Pedro

    I really rate Nikki B… he is creative, unselfish and pops up with the goods.

    He will be a player and a half… I think he lives for the bad boy image.

    When asked what he enjoys in life… he said ‘Birds and booze’.

    Gotta love that sort of Arsenal.

    Theo would say hugs and cuddly toys or something…

  52. Big Raddy

    Kelsey. I quite like young Nic’s arrogance. Hope he becomes the player he obviously thinks he is !

    ANd he is very untypical of Danes. They tend to be pretty reserved, until you put some drink into them. And they are Olympic Silver medallists in booze consumption. Gold goes to the Irish !

  53. hounddog

    for the record Kelsey and I are good friends but live in different countries. We have been privilaged to share some experiences together. Yes, Kelsey is a great wind up artist but he is truly a decent and trustworthy person. Has a great sense of humour.

  54. rico01

    Thank you all for your cheeky comments –

    Raddy – we have both, but can only watch Sky via the satellite –

    Pedro – Very bloomin funny 🙂
    Houndog – thats exactly how i feel, frozen!

  55. trindle

    This is a public service site: Drinks nights, Retro-sweet forum; Canine flatulence advice centre … and now extra marital guidance 😉

  56. Big Raddy

    Hounddog – NO. We couldn’t pre-Euro’s and without Stevie G there is little chance.

    Did you read that great quote from Peter Crouch. When asked what he would be if he weren’t a footballer. He replied “A virgin “.

  57. Big Raddy

    Rico. Almost certainly loss of analogue caused by strong gust of wind. Advise you check with partner.

    Programme on the Arse about to start on TV.

    Night All

  58. kelsey

    As a fairly new blogger on here,this is what i find attractive we can talk about a range of things,especially when the football is quiet and we all live in different pats of the world,its like a universal arsenal pen friends club, with instant debates,no time waiting for updats,and Geoff and Pedro chip in and interact with us.

    Raddy I would prefer it the other way round with bedtner.Having said that he plays sometimes with ade and you have two very strong personalities which dont always agree.

    People said that Reyes fell out with henry for that reason,that TH had to be number 1,though I think he just didn;t settle in London.never forget those 2 goals against Chelsea,which made him an instant hero,but he went downhill after awhile.

  59. Pedro

    Evening Trindle!

    Hounddog, I agree regarding Nikki B… he is a talent, and he gets a lot of flak considering he is only a year older than Theo.

    Rico… my aerials broken as well… no BBC2… no news night… no nature programs… no MOTD2!


  60. rico01

    Pedro, I was relying on you, thought you may be able to diagnose the problem, Huh! 😉

    Oh well, guess the Aerial men will be out real soon – 🙁

  61. hounddog

    Good post Kelsey. What I enjoy the most is that you can have a different opinion than someone else and no one calls you names or ridicules you because of that.

  62. trindle

    We have had the Liverpool Legends over here for a charity match … I walked into my local on Sunday and there was Michael Thomas … in a Liverpool track suit.

  63. rico01

    Hi kelsy – Reyes could have been the bees knees, had he settled in the UK, oh, and learned to stay on his feet…. But to his credit, when goals were needed he scored them, just a shame is was for Real Madrid to win them La Liga!! 🙁

  64. hounddog

    Pedro. On Walcott, I think it is make or break time for him. He must produce the goods on a regular basis. I am still not convinced he will make it big. Of course I truly hope he does. So much pressure has been put on his young shoulders simply because he is English.

  65. kelsey

    I haggled choy,trade is so bad i got 15% for cash.

    Pefdro help hounddog with the avatar,i had the same problem.

    trindle where is over here.

  66. hounddog

    Rico. I really rated Reyes and had great hopes for him at Arsenal but for whatever reason he never really made it. I wish he was here now.

  67. hounddog

    Rico, no one more than me wants to see Walcott become a huge success. I hope he keeps the wanker Bentley out of the English team.

  68. rico01

    trindle, i dont know, but i think our aerials are u/s and need replacing, got a booster earlier and that didnt help either – got a new HD ready tv today etc etc, only a cheeeeeepie, but cant tune in either freeeview or analogue, so it has to be the aerial,…… I think 😉

  69. rico01

    hounddog – Theo is still a kid, he will get better, if he had Villa or Torres in the middle he would get many many plaudits for assists, wait until Dudu gets back 🙂

    Reyes – he just hated UK and Titi 🙁

  70. trindle

    Kelsey – here is Guernsey.

    I really rated Reyes, especially after his goals against the Chavs … but it never really happened. Something tells me Vela will not disappoint in the same way.

  71. Pedro

    He would be fine for Pompey Kingsley… but so is Bouba Diop.

    I’m sure he is a good player, but I can’t believe Wenger would put a good player in front of two players he believes are exceptional.

    Hounddog, open a wordpress account… go to settings… click your name… upload an avatar… give yourself a nickname… change the display name to your nickname… then open Le Grove in the same browser.

    You should then have yourself a shiny avatar.

    I’m glad you both enjoy blogging with the Grovers!

  72. kingsley

    i know hounddog, he is so fed up talking about him! i am undecided. if he was fit then no problem…..however one game in ten months is a bit of a problem.

  73. Pedro

    Hey… Geoff wrote a post about Silvestre being the worst possible rumour of the summer… and he signed…

    I wrote about Appiah being a bad choice… so you never know!

  74. rico01

    Got to go – catch you tomorrow Grovers, be safe and dont lose sleep over the exciting prospect of the International matches tomorrow 😉

    Night night All 😆