Appiah will sign for Arsenal, he ticks the right boxes.

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He does? Yes he sure does, he’s been injured for 10 months and that’s the way Arsene likes them.

Some of our greatest ever signings were injured when we signed them, Overmars, Petit, Kanu, Campbell, Silvestre and Bitchslap.

So Appiah is qualified in the way the boss likes them, unfancied and broken. You know I jest, but stranger things have happened.

I think he will persevere with the other well known crock, Diaby and use out of position centre back Song as cover, but it’s almost irrelevant as we know it’s him or no one, I like Appiah but as someone said the other day, if West Ham want him, why would we? they have a fantastic crock record themselves with Dyer, Freddie, Parker and Bowyer, but they are fed up with us as we have more injured players, and it makes them angry as we are winning the only thing they can.

OK, joking aside I can’t wait to get back to football, all this England shit is only good if Theo is playing, I think he will come back with king size gonads and Cesc will come back hating the Spanish team, so we did okay for once in international week.

Jesus, even boy wonder didn’t get injured, hang on though, there’s still time!

Anyway Grovers, I fly back today and will be more in touch come Thursday, when we can debate till the cows come home, and talking of cows, has anyone spent time in 300lb a person Florida?

Have a great day y’all I’ll catch up with you later, come back soon y’all hear!

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  1. Pedro

    Gold? Well played sir.

    Today, I mostly don’t want to be talking about Scotland…

    So Appiah isn’t signing… phew…

    Theo is going to play a blinder tomorrow… and so is cesc… and no one is getting injured.

  2. kelsey

    According to a new survey the average cost of going to watch a Premier League match is £106.21 – a 35% increase over two years. The poll also revealed that 26% of fans would consider going to less games as a result. (The Sun)

    Thought i would start on a bright note,with the recession biting in.

  3. Big Raddy

    Nice Kelsey !!

    Highgate …. I lived in Southwood Ave for a number of years. An easy stroll down to THOF.

    Pedro, where have you read that Appiah is def. not signing for us?

  4. kelsey

    Appiah is now linked with 6 clubs amazing.By the way did anyone pick up that Bischoff hasn’t been given a squad number for CL games.Anyone know why,or is he more crocked than we think!!

  5. Pedro

    Maybe Raddy will get knocked out for bribing the author Franchise?

    Mind you… he is a big club like Milan… so he’ll probably get back in somehow…

  6. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff & Pedro

    The mail has arrived & I feel totally humble as i write this. Sensational 🙂 Thanks fellas from the bottom of my heart. Words fail me.

  7. MorrowsBrokenArm

    what do we reckon to this talk about us having made a a late bid for M’Bia on deadline night, but Rennes wouldn’t sell, now he is unhappy and wants out in Jan…more bull shit talk? Appiha aint coming, if he as we’d have him by now….we can do without him anyways…not fussed.

    congrats on the gold Raddy

  8. Big Raddy

    We are going to have to go through all this transfer rumour bullshit until the January window closes. FFS, Mbia’s agent is so transparent, he just wants more money for his client. Same as the kid at Juve….

    So, I am Milan. What are you Pedro? And who is Arsenal ?

  9. Arsenal Tom

    gnarley… he got destroyed, and im very happy about that!!!

    does the post mean that you think song is a CB playing out of posistion in DM or the other way round? for me he’s gotta be a DM, doesnt look tall enough to be a CB

  10. Big Raddy


    Song is 1.82 (5′ 11″ and a bit in old money).

    Gallas is 1.83

    Tall enough for a CB.? Plus we do not know of his springability, if he can jump really well, he can outjump a taller CF, who is less athletic.

  11. Arsenal Tom

    fair enough raddy… still 5’11 is too short for a CB in my book plus he doesnt seem to have the presence… we need some size at the back so adjorou has to be infront of him, i want to see him get 10 games at DM though to see what all the ACN/olympic hype is all about

  12. Gooner07

    Song is still a kid, and yet he looks completely reliable and at ease. He was unlucky to get sent off in last match for CAmeroon, but he was superb in the pitch AGAIN.

    Chin up gooners, we have a super talented CB-CM at just 20.

    Ditto Denilson, and diaby. But wait, where’s the experience? Snap up Appiah for good competition, and good leader for the team.

  13. Arsenal Tom

    id give song the next 10 games next to cesc, if they look solid he stays otherwise give diaby (fitness permitting) the next 10… if song does a flamini then we’ve got ourselves a solid partnership, if enither of them look like working then we go shopping in jan

  14. Evo in Oz

    the only good thing about this international bollocks is that it gives the likes of diabollocks, rosicknote, bitchslap, and the other crocks time to get back….eduardo the genius too!

  15. Pedro

    Gnarley, honestly, it is fine!

    Good question Raddy? I’d probably be Athletico Madrid… up and coming! haha!

    Gnarley, check out insidealbania’s site! It is pretty funny… 10 reason why I don’t like Albania… loads of stuff like that.

    QoS worked for a modelling agency or something? I thought it was about time I added peoples sites to the blog roll who actually contribute here. It’s only fair.

    Does anyone else think Kolo looked like a man on a mission against Newcastle?

    I actually think our defence looks as strong as ever. We have solid back up across the back line including in goal.

  16. mjc

    Bitchoff falls into Category A as he didn’t come through our youth system, and, as each team is only allowed 19 non-locally trained senior players, he doesn’t make the cut. He can come into the squad at any date though, if anyone gets injured. Cesc is still a Category B player, which is cool, giving us another Category A choice. In total we have a Champions League squad of 42 compared with Chelsea’s 27. Lots and lots and lots of kids in there. though…

  17. Charlie

    Shocking, absolutely shocking, that we have to sign a player released by aTurkish club, for free. Or it this another desperate attempt by socalled football experts masquarading as Arsenal fans to degrade the club. For goodness sake, the chap is not even good enough for Fenebache… what makes you think he is good enough for us!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pierre

    Evo, its from a very reliable source !

    “Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien, 25, could be out for six months after injuring his cruciate ligaments playing for Ghana on Friday. (The Sun) “

  19. Shivers


    He left Fenebache for his own reasons. If he does sign, let his football do the talking before we jump to conclusions that he doesnt deserve to play. Remember DB10 had a torrid time at Inter before we signed him….

  20. kelsey

    mjc and everyone else,no response from anyone as to why Bischoff hasn’t been given a squad number for the CL..Pdero,answer on a stamp please,please

  21. mjc

    Kelsey: Because he is not eligible due to the UEFA quota system.
    If he becomes eligible (due to an injury elsewhere) he will get a squad number.
    That’s what we’ve done in previuos years.

  22. iceman

    Maybe coz he probably won’t be playing games by the time the the CL kicks off.

    We do get to submit a revised list in Feb if I’m not wrong….

  23. Queen of Suburbia

    Morning guys!

    Thanks for the link Pedro! I’ll return the favour on my fashion blog!

    Sorry guys, but the pics on the site are actually my sister Cesca. My parents idea of a joke, having another daughter ten years later! She does have good genes though 😉

  24. rico

    guys dont forget height isnt everything as a centre back jus look at fabio cannavaro hes in my opinion 1 of da best centre back in recent years and hes 1.76 dats 5 ft 9 and look how good he is he has a great leap and you rarely see him lose out in a header

  25. Pedro

    Kelsey, if I was going to hazard a guess I would say because he wont be fit for 2 weeks… then he will have to play reserve team football for a while and I doubt we’ll see him feature until Xmas time… then you can register new players for the second phase.

  26. Goona P

    Why are we looking at signing another player that is not avaliable to play for 2/3 months of season every 2 years???

    If Togo had qualified last time around we would not have finished where we did last year!!

    Also i dont think it is unrelated that Utd won the league when they have no African players missing compared to Arsenal & Chelski who have at least 4 each……

  27. gazzap

    The ANC did something weird to Kolo – he came back looking like he’d never played football before. we were actually OK while the ANC was on it was just after they came back we suffered.
    I think we should be OK next time – as long as Togo dont qualify again. I mean Djourou and Silvestre should offer better cover beyond the end of the ANC.

    If wenger really cared about the financial security of Arsenal, he’d take Appiah for free and sell him for £5m+ in the summer. money for nothing. although I heard there are still admin bits that need completing before appiah can be taken on a free by anyone. thats what the delay is – though I suspect it will be WHU that come out on top.

  28. luke15

    Got to say that for me signing Appiah, if he’s fit enough to pass the medical, is an absolute no-brainer. Experienced, tenacious and a proven leader, just what we were crying out for all summer. Add in that he’s available on a free and I simply can’t see why he isn’t worth a go.

    As for the interest from West Ham proving his lack of Arsenal quality, well WHU picked up a couple of non-too-shabby players in Tevez and Mascherano two years ago, and nobody would complain if they played for us. I know the comparsion isn’t exact as they were young players moving to europe for the first time, while Appiah has been around quite awhile, but the fact he’s linked to WHU doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good move for us.

  29. Pedro

    Goona P, I think the point is that we are not looking to sign him.

    If he wasn’t good enough to replace Paddy in 2005, why would he be good enough to replace anyone 2 years on after a horrific injury?

    People are clutching at straws.

    I just had some know all in the comment section saying that he doesn’t like tongue in cheek and that Appiah is a great player… sorry, but when your IP is based in london, you know relatively nothing about Appiah.

    Even if you’ve watched him in the ACN qualifiers, what does that tell you? Egypt are Kings of Africa and I can’t think of any Egyptian players who would slot into my worlds top 50 players?

  30. charybdis1966

    Has anyone seen the reduced prices for the Carling Cup game against the Blades ? £10 adults and £5 children in the lower tier.

    This no doubt means they intend to play the under 16’s !

  31. Pedro

    Luke15… I think that had more to do with the 3rd party ownership issue.

    They were both young, both internationals and both caused West ham huge problems with the league.

    Signing a player based on being an international is weak. Why do we need him? Song has an ACN under his belt, is 7 years younger and is just starting to come good. If we were going to sign a player to put in front of him… surely there would be better options than Appiah, the poor mans Paddy…

    Ask Juve why they shipped him out…

  32. Geoff

    Morning all, Gnarley I’m glad you got it, enjoy, I like the picture too! Hounddog where are the 200lb women, I must have missed them!

  33. Pedro

    You read this?

    Petit on Barca

    “I turned up for a friendly, and when I went in to meet my team mates most of them ignored me.”

    “The night I arrived, the boss asked another French player, Richard Dutruel, to translate. Richard, visibly embarrassed, told me not to laugh, but said the boss wanted to know what my best position was! I thought he was joking. But I soon realised I was only there as part of Gaspart’s plot to become president.”

    Brilliant… I hope Hleb is suffering the same ignominy.

  34. luke15

    Pedro… I take your point about Juve, and it’s the one slight doubt I have about Appiah. I also rate Song as a DM but with Wenger already on record as seeing him as a CB so is he going to play there? What would be ideal would be a run of 10+ games for Song as DM to really see if he’s going to bed in there and if he doesn’t then move for Appiah, but we haven’t got the time to do that, so let’s get him now and have the luxury of choice.

    Also, I’m not advocating buying a player just because he’s an international, but for Appiah to be captain of Ghanan ahead of Essien seems a pretty good indicator of his quality. I won’t pretend I’m any great font of knowledge about Turkish football, but his international form has always been excellent, and let’s be honest, it’s Song’s form for Cameroon rather than Arsenal that gives us hope he can replace Flamini.

  35. Pedro

    Luke, when Song came on at Newcastle he played the holding role…

    I think the signing of Silvestre and the emergence of JD has put an end to Song playing in defence.

    Appiah is a good player, but I don’t think he is better than what we have already… plus he could take a year to fit into our incredibly technical style of football… and does he even have the technique to play in that style?

    I understand why people want him… and I would love us to sign an experienced holding midfielder… but jumping at a player who has been on a free for 3 weeks would smack of panic buy to me.

    If he wasn’t good enough the first time round, I struggle to see why he would be good enough the second time.

    The only saving grace Appiah has is that Wenger hasn’t come out and denied the rumour yet…

  36. chris

    god please dont put my website up pedro, teh shame

    good afternoon all,

    Geoff u will never be a fan of song i fear and u may be right

  37. luke15

    Pedro, I was glad to see Song come on in the holding role for the last two games, and I’ll been even gladder when he starts ahead of Eboue.

    As for why Appiah is good enough this time round, sad to say but we are just not as good a team. He wouldn’t have improved the 2004 team but he could, I believe, improve this one.

    Anyway, got to head off. Good chatting with you.

  38. Pedro

    I think the rest of the team is capable of reaching those heights… but I can’t disagree that the middle of the park is weak.

    That doesn’t mean we should fill the role with an unsuitable candidate.

    I’d rather us try what we have, and if it’s not working out… sign Alonso at Xmas or something.

  39. chris

    may be cross wires Geoff, i think pedro asked me what site i made for my girl friend so i provided the link to it and subsequently suggested deleting it after he viewed it

  40. insidealbania

    I think RVP didnt get injured coz Holland havent played yet. So fingers crossed he starts on the bench tomorrow

  41. insidealbania

    I tell you these Balkan sides are always dodgy at home, and they always play rough to scare the opposition, and I just think the ‘soft’ modern footballer just cant be asked for these types of games.

  42. kelsey

    Geoff any thoughts on the Le Chump and le Champ this week,Pedro is still thinking about it until after the midweek international,so my guess capello may be on his short list.I go for 2 weeks running to the beer swelling cunt who has fucked up Newcastle even more than i thought possible .

  43. Paulinho

    I have to say, I don’t really buy this theory that you need to be brilliant technically to play for Arsenal or that it takes that long to grasp our system. Lassana Diarra took about five seconds to get acclimatised, and although he is a good player, i’ve been a little disappointed with him since he went to Portsmouth. So he’s by no means an exceptional player.

    Denilson as well. Completely average. Theo Walcott. In terms of the awarness and vision, one of the worst Arsenal players ever seen under Wenger. Yet these two player are regular first team fixtures now.

    I think Appiah could fit in quite easily. Wenger is a genius at getting players to play above their level alot of the time and Appiah seems to have a bit of everything so he would definately be an improvement over Denilson or Eboue.

  44. finestcuts

    Afternoon all, this weekend the Premiership is back in action, so there’s only international fare out there.

    Essien is back injured and the press think they’ve got a massive story. They seem to forget Chelsea have Ballack and Malouda, and that Chelsea comfortable won 4-0 against Portsmouth without Essien’s assistance.

    I’m hoping Walcott will NOT be played against Croatia, if he’s going to get injured by pushing and shoving it might as well be in an Arsenal short, plus the expectation surrounding the Croatia game is too much, he shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden for the England’s teams failure to deliver, as far as I know Cole can play either wing and Downing and Beckham are available.

    4-3-3 has been mentioned and I fully agree with that tactic, that’s the best way to beat Croatia, go and attack, play for 2-1 not 1-0.

  45. Paulinho

    Although you would have hoped that if Wenger was going to bring a player in to ‘stunt’ the growth of the kids, then the player would have been ‘super, super, class’. Not someone relatively mediocre like Appiah.

    Just thinking, Wenger has come out with that ‘super, super, class’ spiel for the last three years now and never bought anyone remotely at that level. I don’t know why he bothers saying it. It’s an admittance that unless Lionel Messi becomes available then Arsenal ain’t buying jack shit.

  46. London


    You asked what some of us saw in Song, well here goes.

    Song has matured from a strolling kid who looked a bit lazy and lightweight to a frankly rather scary muscular player who combines skill on the ball, incisive passing, defensive awareness and physical presence.

  47. Pedro

    Paulinho, I don’t think you can fault Theo’s technique… maybe his dithering… plus, he is being played out of position and he is only 19. Denilson may play in an average way, but again, he has fantastic technique and he is very young.

    Wenger has a great reputation drawing the best out of potentially great players… how much more potential does Appiah have? He is 27… been booted out of Juve… got badly injured at Fener and now on the way to West Ham. There is 0 competition from anyone to sign him… and that says a lot.

    Don’t forget, we could have signed him as a replacement for Paddy… he’s already been overlooked once.

  48. insidealbania

    They have gone mad, and to be honest I cant see too many people buying branded Mini’s and who would by the city drink unless they support the club, many of these I think are gimmicks and are only for publicity. I cant see many of these things materialising.

  49. Paulinho

    I’ve never been a great fan of Appiah- never really know what type of player he was. The only time I ever watched him was in the world cup when he was talked about as Ghana’s key player above Essien and Muntari. That tells you he must be a decent player, although I can’t say he made a lasting impression on me in the world cup- but then players in international tournaments rarely do.

    As you said though, he left Juve to go to Fener. If he was that good he would have moved to a bigger club, but then clubs in world football are a bit dense at times. If it wasn’t for Wenger, would Vieira have been shipped off to somewhere like Turkey or Holland when he was struggling at Milan?

    He’s also injured right now. That again explains why not many clubs are after him. This is where clubs are also a bit stupid IMO. 90% of the time the player does reach his previous level but yet clubs seem to act like they don’t exist. The said player then proves his worth and the big clubs come back in for him paying double or triple the amount they would have paid originally.

    Harry Redknapp has made a career of buying players who were discarded because of injuries and picking up for peanuts. Not so much anymore mind.

  50. Pedro

    It’s embarrassing reading stuff like that… they seem to think you can build a brand in a week!

    Has the term ‘more money than sense’ ever been truer reflection of one organisation?

    Who is going to buy a Man City burger? Or embarrass themselves in a City Mini? If kids had £50k’s worth of pocket money… maybe…but sadly, in the real world, adults don’t want to indulge in things like that.

    How many of you guys spend loads of money on branded Arsenal stuff to wear in your spare time?

  51. Pedro

    Paulinho, Paddy was really highly rated at Milan… he captained Cannes and I think he was the French under 21 captain? He would have left to go somewhere decent… and he was only 20 at the time… so he had plenty of time to make an impact elsewhere… how many players make an impact at Milan that young?

  52. insidealbania

    The point I think they are missing here is that globally the city of Manchester has a team that is recognised and well supported, and it is not Man City. My question is how many teams from Manchester can the World handle???

  53. Pedro

    Inside… in the same way Athletico could have the greatest team in the world… but players would still prefer to go to Real.

    All this reminds me of when the hammers were taken over…

    60,000 seater stadium
    Biggest club in london
    The best players moving over

    2 years on and what has happened to that little pipe dream?

    Remember Al Fayed when he took over at Fulham?

    We will win the Premiership in 5 years!


  54. insidealbania

    Very true Pedro, I had forgotten about the Hammers thing, but I guess we Arsenal fans are used to our neighbour thinking it will win everything the up coming season and then flop as usual.

  55. rico01

    ia – me too, especially RvP, – funny really, we think we dont have the ‘big’ players, but I think nearly all our squad are involved for their respective country

  56. kelsey

    I have to state my view as I see it,though i know a lot will not agree.To me Djorou,Eboue and Song will always be just squad players,and Denilson,Diaby and Walcott are at this moment better prospects,but none of them are anywhere near the finished article.The other point is that we rely heavily on a 21 year old in Fabregas,a very special player,who makes the above mentioned look even more ordinary.

    Another question would you call Bedtner an out and out striker.I don’t.This is the problem,we unearth another gem in Nasri,who like Sagna fitted in from day one,but so many of the squad are still going through the learning process,therefore the need was for experienced back up to supplement the squad.We should see Silvestre soon,and maybe Rosicky,who I confess I don;t even know what he looks like anymore,and we have 3 difficult games in 8 days and it will be impossible to not change the team around somewhat.

  57. jimmyfingers

    When West ham signed Tevez and Masherano, after qualifying for the UEFA Cup the season before, all the Hammer’s fans were telling us that they were genuine title contenders that season. What happened? Just managed to avoid relegation

    Thing is, was Chelsea any bigger than City when they got taken over? They were finishing higher up the table and had picked up a couple of cup but had only ever won one, I repeat, one title in their entire history. City have got 2, 4 FA Cups and even a Cup Winners Cup, plus a huge local following (undoubtedly bigger than Chelsea’s).

    Right, not sure where I’m going with that, guess I’m saying City are certainly capable of doing a Chelsea, but they’re talking about being a global ‘brand’ and so far are failing. Oh yes, the ‘neutral’s choice’ as well. You can throw money at marketing, players, managers, stadia and still not be popular. Certainly not popular enough to want to eat your burgers or drive around in your cars

  58. ethangunner


    totally agree , smart teams like man U and chevski will man up on our class players like Cesc
    and ….. 🙂 well cesc ONLY .. and neutralize him .. Like 2 did to theo the other night ..
    Effectively shutting your top players down … stunning your creativity !

    You cant do that with Man U or chevski .. they have so much experience,creativity and talent who do you close down ? But since losing all that experience in the middle of the park i think we will see cesc mugged this season ! We need a Class DM asap ! and no eboue pass masters need apply !

  59. Seb

    ethan that is nonsense, Nasri, Theo on a good day, Robin, Rosicky when fit, Ade, Eduardo when fit, even Diaby, are all class players who no team would dare leave unmarked. Yes they can double mark Cesc if they want, but it will leave gaps that other players in our squad can exploit.

    You are just buying into the hype imo. We are every bit as talented as them – ffs would you want Fletcher or Carrick in our team? Average at best. Chelsea’s mids are getting old, we are the future. Stop doommongering 😛