Usmanov vs Asian-Arabs Billionaires / Theo on fire / Dein Dropped

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Good morning Grovers!

For an international week, there seems to be quite a lot of news floating about, so I’ll crack straight on!

Firstly, congratulations to Theo Walcott, everyone is waxing lyrical over his sterling performance for England over the weekend. Something that really made me laugh was £17million Spud super signing didn’t even make it onto the pitch! Remember him telling Theo he should move on?

Well played Theo… more of the same in an Arsenal shirt please! I liked this quote,

“That’s what I did and it was a good performance. I got battered but I always get battered. I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Gallas had this to say on the Nasri challenge,

“Samir responded with an act that maybe wasn’t especially nice. But bearing in mind the player he did it to, then fair enough.”

Do you think refs are going to be instructed to protect Barton this year? Do you think the refs would obey? If anyone deserves a nasty injury it’s that man…

PHW has just issued the equivalent of a ‘come and get me’ plea to every billionaire on the planet. He said this in an interview yesterday,

“If somebody came and made a really huge bid then you cannot recommend shareholders turn it down because we don’t like it.

“We want the club to stay in its current ownership and, of course, you have some concern that someone will try to buy the club.

“The directors don’t want to sell but we are a public company. It depends on the price.”

This interview was completely unnecessary and will obviously start the ball rolling for loads of take over talk in the coming months.

So what are the options?

Option 1: Stan Kroenke has first refusal on all the shares, his wealth is estimated to be somewhere in the region of £1.04billion, he owns 12% of the shares and he is in dialogue with the board. One senses that with the world wide economic slowdown, the weak dollar and the emergence of the Arabs, this deal might be dead in the water. As billionaires go, Stan would be the ideal candidate as he is a sports man.

Option 2: Usmanov comes in with a huge offer to Stan and the rest of the board and adds us to his already meaty £5.6billion portfolio. Usmanov has 24.89% of the shares on offer at Arsenal and with David Dein departing to help improve the image of Red&White… you’d have to think that the Uzbek hasn’t given up on his 2nd choice dream (He is a Manc after all).

Option 3: The Uzbek flogs his shares at a Premium to an Arab/Asian consortium. According to the Times, the next major buyer of a Premiership club will be from this market. Usmanov reportedly held talks with the Abu Dhabi group about selling his Arsenal shares prior to the Man Citeh takeover. I would suspect this option is a very realistic… Arsenal don’t have a huge presence in Asia, so there is a huge opportunity if someone with the right expertise wanted to exploit our brand over there… So don’t be surprised if you hear the names like Mittal and Arsenal linked in the same sentence going forward…

So those are the three options as I see it. As much as we’d all like to see it stay the same, we have to be realistic… the current board members didn’t put all their time and energy into building the most efficient club in the world only to see it go backwards did they?

I am guessing that if they are human they will probably want a pay out at some point… I would also hazard a guess and say that if they know anything about business they would understand that this billionaire bubble may burst at some point… Will they ever get a more inflated share price than they could get now? Owning a PL club has never been cooler in the eyes of a Billionaire… so perhaps they are thinking about selling up while the interest is still red hot?

One thing is for sure, Arsene could be given all the money in the world and he still wouldn’t be pressured into buying big names (What would you do with £100million Arsene? Give it back…). I think he would be prepared to pay more in wages and shift the current ceiling though…

I am hoping that Platini pushes his new ideas for debt management through before we get to the selling point. At least then we may escape any sort of Manchester United mega debt…

One thing I am certain about… the board will makes sure they do everything in their power to sell us onto someone who understands the traditions, will keep us debt free for the foreseeable future and will push us onto to become one of the top 3 football clubs in the world.

Keep um’ crossed Grovers!

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  1. timao

    well Pedro, I’m just saying that diamonds aren’t much use for anything, and they can be synthesized fairly cheaply anyway. but somehow people still keep paying fortunes for them. why? my point is that you can’t just look at the size of the wage bill in top football clubs and say, it’s not businesslike. it is just an unusual type of business.

  2. timao

    hi charybdis – yes that’s right. Rollerball would probably be a PG these days but I’m pretty sure it was an X when I sneaked into it. The point of the film was that this Sport had taken over to the extent that it was the dominant feature of the socio-political framework of the planet. Players became pawns in the power games being played by corporate mega powers.

  3. insidealbania

    Thanks Pedro, all went well. But was very disappointed to see the lack of activity in the transfer market, and then a very big blow to find out we lost to Fulham.

    I think I agree with you regarding the respect for money thing, it is a very tight line and a good balance is needed. And I would like to see AW stay if there was a cash influx, I certainly hope we dont get someone who will want to pick the team, no respectable manager can stand that kind of shit

  4. Pedro

    Diamonds are valuable due to their perceived rarity… synthesized diamonds have imperfections compared to their natural equivalent.

    It is like saying that all a painting is, is canvas and some well put together colours… why buy an original when you can have a print?

    Arsenal is a business, Chelsea is a hobby…

  5. timao

    well, maybe – or rather is it a business that is willing to sustain substantial losses over a prolonged period. when you look at the history of some of the biggest and most successful corporations around, you see that it is not entirely unheard of, the most obvious example I can think of being Sky Televsion which owed some 3bn to the banks in the mid eighties.

  6. timao

    don’t get me wrong, it pisses me off too but I’m suggesting these billionaires are not simply buying into football because they don’t mind pissing money away on a hobby. they have wider ambitions and are prepared to play a long game to achieve them

  7. goonermichael

    Just been skimming through the posts. I’ve got nothing against scotland or the scottish. My wife is Japanese so if I can’t support England I’ll support them. Murray is a cunt who is an anyone but England scot. That’s fine he’s entitled to his opinion but so am I and I hope Federer teaches the twat a lesson. And from a hairdressers point of veiw he cuts his own hair that’s breaking the 11th commandament.

    Also about businesses spending 70% on wages. That’s probably average in hairdressing.

  8. goonermichael


    They do have wider ambitions. I read that the City owners want to bring young abu dhabi footballers through the club with a view to competing in the world cup.

  9. goonermichael

    btw Rollerball is a classic Saw it on a sunday with my mum then bunked school on monday to see it again (odeon leicester sq) I’ve got it on dvd and it’s still good

  10. niraj

    heya all…

    i want to buy tickets for arsenal- porto game, can anyone tell me how can i do that??

    am not a gold, silver or any kind of member

  11. charybdis1966

    Talking of thuggery in sport, I’ve just had a horrible thought about Blackburn on Saturday. Who do we have to stand up to the so called “physical” (i.e. borderline assault and battery) approach the ex manskummer’s team is going to send our way at Ewood ?

    We have the pass master and diddy-man Denilson. Oh dear.

  12. kenny smith

    Arsenal tom do you even know Andy murray? if not how can u call him a dick? The media twists words and even make shit up so some of the stuff he has apparently said he probably hasnt said. Pedro thats fair enough but checking a note to see if its fake or not is not the hardest thing in the world. I hope people dont think that there is some criminal organisation somewhere making really good fake notes because there isnt and they are increadibly easy to spot! I know people who have been to England and they just refused point blank to accept any kind of scottish money, didnt even check it first.

  13. Arsenal Tom

    kenny, i make my judgements on the information available to me, he’s said before he wanted england to loose and even said he watched england v protugal in a protugal shirt cheering for them. that to me makes him a dick regardless of nationality, and a stupid one at that for hating just for the sake of it.

    i hope he looses every match he plays.

  14. kelsey

    Read this grovers interesting that Bischoff hasn’t been given a squad number for the CL games,what does that tell you.

    Kenny you are wrong(this is not an anti scottish thing about Murray)The first tournament he won,the american Juniors,he publically slated the whole LTA system was crap,mainly because they didn’t take him on board when he was 13,and he went to Barcelona under his mother’s guidence and funding.It’s not a scottish thing,he talks when maybe it is better to say nothing,and as previously stated he doesn’t endear himself to most people.Who where the americans cheering for last night,yes Nadal.

  15. timao

    chary… who have blackburn got to be scared of these days? they are northern softies aren’t they, getting pillaged by WHU for goodness sake!?

  16. Pedro

    Kenny, I assure you there are criminal organisations who make good fake £20 notes… that is why bars / clubs and shops don’t take them.

    Why take them if you don’t have to? I wouldn’t want to risk it…

  17. kelsey

    Out of interest Gibraltar has of course the £sterling,but with the Gibraltar symbol,and though legal to exchange in Spain as you would with the english note,90% of banks won’t except it.

  18. kenny smith

    if they can make good scottish £20 pound notes then they can make just as good english £20 notes so do they stop accepting english £20 notes aswell?

  19. Pedro

    No… but the idea behind it is that Scottish notes are not familiar, so English people are more likely to accept them.

    ‘This feels funny…’

    ‘It’s a scottish note mate, they’re all like that…’

  20. kelsey

    pedro,I have lived out of england for a long time,but since the euro arrived here,i think it was 2002 there has been a huge market in forgery of notes.Every shop here passes your note through a machine to check it is genuine,I don’t know if the same applies in the UK for the £ sterling.

  21. Pierre

    So Murrey hates the English, who from Scotland doesn’t after what we’ve done to them over history. If you took a dump in your neighbours garden every morning I’m sure he’d grow to hate youy, doesn’t mean you have to dislike him.

    I’m actually glad Federa has been knocked off the top, I like Nedal, and if Murrey can beat him then good, keeps Nedal at the top of the pecking order. don’t think he will though, did federa a favour knocking Nedal out, now federa will win it.

  22. charybdis1966

    True Timao, but we could get the backlash if they were hustled into the defeat by the Shammers. I’m not sure how they played as I don’t bother watching matches not involving the Arse. You only have to look at their manager to know they’ll be dirty, northern monkeys and their footballing “style” will be all brute force and ignorance.

  23. timao

    i went to a pub in Dundee and got passed a fake £5 note in my change and just accepted it as it was unfamiliar. when I found out the next day I took it back and they apologised and gave me a real one! which was a bit odd.

  24. choy

    blackburn have conceded 7 till now.. the most yet in this season!!

    doesn’t help that paul robinson is in goal 😆

    chris why whats on there?

  25. timao

    that’s a bit harsh chary I have to say. if they are trying to play football good luck to Blackburn and their new manager, why not? it’s not like he is a McCleish or an Allardyke

  26. charybdis1966

    Timao, do you remember ince’s conrontational style of midfield play ? He called himself the “guvernor” – what a tool !

    And as for Blackburn not being like Bolton – who can forget Dunne’s forearm smash into Robins face after RVP scored ?

  27. eduard...0

    hi all,
    have just been reading about something HILIARIOUS! newcastle action! yep thats right people, the Toon army has had enough!
    they have a 4, thats right 4, stage campaign to rid the toon of ashley, wise et al.
    1. meet at local train station and “march” to SJP.
    2. Wear (i love this) BLACK AND WHITE for the match, to show their contempt!
    3. dont buy any food or drinks, hit ashley where it hurts!…apparently
    4. sign a petition
    ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ah . im literally falling off my chair laughing!!!!!!

  28. timao

    charybdis 1966, that’s my point, Dunn has been offloaded to Birmingham, where he can team up with other thugs under a thug manager. As for Ince, the Guv’nor tag was quite funny I thought. It was tongue in cheek. He was a decent enough player, showed ambition, did well in Serie A when it was the best league in the world. I never minded cheering him on for England, unlike some current midfielders who have basically ruined the national game for me.

  29. goonermichael

    Kenny Smith
    I (and probably most others on this site) Actually like murrays brother and I for one was pleased he won the doubles at Wimbledon so I’m definitely not anti scottish. But on a political note I would still dissolve the union and have an independent England with a national anthem that is not about the monarchy

  30. charybdis1966

    Ok, Dunne may have gone Timao, but I’m not so sure their playing style has evolved that much, but I suppose we’ll know come full time Saturday.

    As for Ince, I never liked him, neither as a player or as a manskummer. He would be one of those players full of dissent and in the referee’s face at every decision that went against him. I don’t think Ince called himself the “Guvnor” in some kind of post-ironic sort of way; I don’t believe he’s capable of that. Most teams are moulded in the form of their managers –hence I expect a lot of dissent and dirty play on Saturday.

    This is all just my opinion so I respect your view on Ince/Blackburn.

  31. ethangunner

    Le chump would have to be PHW ?

    dont you think pedro ?!

    i agree he is after any top 4 club but Arsenal for him is a match made in heaven !
    its also a win for the board as they dont give in to red and white !

  32. goonermichael

    Jerusalem is good. but it’s religious and although I don’t consider myself a christian it doesn’t bother me but it may bother atheists, jews, muslims, Sikhs and bhuddists.

  33. Pedro

    Ethan, do you think they could persuade Usmanov to part with his shares?

    Peter Hillwood is up there, but I only awarded him a Le Chump the other week…

    I was going to wait and see how injuries pan out before awarding this weeks.

  34. timao

    i don’t understand Jerusalem at all, who wants to build it in England – it’s a shithole and full of troublemakers

  35. ethangunner

    if you want an honest appraisal of the England game , you can compare it to Us V WBA !
    a win it ugly game , that bored you to death ! the strike force was ineffective , and like WBA they got 11 men behind the ball , i think when a team plays defensively like that
    its hard to win the game , the opposition will never win either , but they wanted a draw !

    that would of been an upset for them !
    dropping theo for Wednesday would be a mistake !
    i think playing beckham centrally isnt a bad move ..
    but the real test is croatia ! it should be a game not to miss !

    is Gerrard going to be back ?

  36. timao

    Pedro – yes they can. Fuck the London effect – which basically bled the country dry for 25 years. They can survive on fish farms.

  37. ethangunner

    back to back titles for PHW 🙂 ehh ?

    hahaha fuck!!! he does deserve it for unashamedly putting our club up for sale
    (in not so many words ! )

    has anyone done a count of the percentage of shares held by the board ?
    the arab would have to buy them all ! your right , its a bit of a mess !
    with krankie holding 10-12 % and Usmanov holding 24.5 %
    that bird whos got 15 % and fizman with some too !

    Can they even hand over the club even if they wanted too 🙂 ???

  38. Pierre

    hope and glory is all about spreading the empire, thats out of date now as well, jerusalem is too religious, the only church id like to be in is charlotte!

  39. Pedro

    haha, fish farms… they’d have to be platinum plated to fund themselves and their populist schemes.

    Ethan, I think the deal is they all sell together…? Or, they all sell when Fizzers sells up.

  40. ethangunner

    where is the loyalty of these board members?
    i can count the loyal ones on one hand ! and thats not a good thing !!!!!!


    sound familiar ???

  41. timao

    Cheers Pedro, it’s nice to be appreciated, even if it is for just ditching an entire afternoon’s workload in favour of posting mindless inanity on this excellent site

  42. charybdis1966

    LOL, Goonermichael , but strictly speaking, according to my avatar, I should say I worship the Lords of Kobol. Chris will know what I mean.

  43. goonermichael

    I just caught a highlight of the spain game on setant news yesterday. Was that Cesc scoring an amazing goal from a tight angle?

  44. charybdis1966

    Yes Pierre, it’s my old mate Dirk Benedict aka the real, original Starbuck; not the woman masquerading as him in the recent version.

  45. Pierre

    didnt it have the bloke off bonanza in it as well as his dad, lorne green or something like that, i remember seeing it at the pictures when i was a kid, bout 1978 wasnt it, id have been about 12.

  46. charybdis1966

    GM, the coffee shops were probably named after the character from Moby dick, of the same name. but I like to think of your version of the origin of the coffee chain.

  47. charybdis1966

    You’re right Pierre, Lorne Greene played a similar sort of role as in Bonanza- the patriachal head of the good guys . It came out in the UK i 1979 when I was 12-13 also.

  48. gazzap

    right people either hate Murray because he’s Scottish, has no personality or said he wanted Paraguay to win.
    first up, saying you hate all scots is like saying you hate all blacks. It might be more acceptable but its a generalisation. If you met a scottish woman who blew your mind, you’re telling me you wouldn’t go out with her because she’s from Scotland? I have met obnoxious scottish people who say they hate English – well I hate them because its a stupid comment but I dont hate all Scots as a result – that would make me equally as bad. I know a lot of Scots in London and they are all really nice people who dont hate English people.
    The devolution argument is totally seperate – if both Scots and English want to be seperate for political reasons then so be it – that should not be a factor in whether you dislike Murray.

    secondly, I couldn’t give a damn about his personality. When I watch any sport i am watching the skill and the bottle of the sportman not what he says. I am more interested in his superb passing shots than his opinions on the English football team. I admire Federer and Nadal also because they play great tennis with a good attitude. If fabregas was a bore would you give a damn? of course not.
    I cant understand people who are more interested in the media side of sport. Its like all those people who are more interested in the mind games between Fergie and wenger than actually what happened on the pitch. For me the interest is always played out on the pitch/tennis court wherever and thats how it should be. There is way too much celebrity interest in this day an age, especially so in sport and to be honest its wearing thin.

    his paraguay comments were taken out of context from what he really meant and he has explained himself as well but cant really be bothered with all the tittle tattle because people will beleive what they want to believe at the end of the day and he just wants to play tennis – the media is not his thing.

    sorry about the length of this post BTW!

  49. gunner8

    Putting my two pence on the mention of DeBeers… …DeBeers sold their name to LVMH 7 years ago for their forray into jewellery.

    DeBeers is now called DTC and they own a 40% stake in the new DeBeers, which has not made a profit in it’s history… …but that does not stop them opening 40 stores a year.

    Off the topic but they piss me off

  50. goonermichael

    He actually said “anyone but England” after that it’s all damage limitation PR. No one has said the hate him because he’s Scottish (that is racist). I like his brother as I pointed out earlier

  51. gunner8

    Timao, Rollerball was great… …it also involved a lot of gambling and corruption within the game (hmmm there seems to be a theme) and was based mostly in Asia and Russia if I remember right.

    The owners were using the game to control the betting syndicate and we all know how much these wealthy Arabs like to gamble (even though it is against their religion as are whoreing and drinking), imagine if there are 4-5 teams in the premiership controlled by Dubai, AD, Saudi and Sharjah and another couple by the Oliagarchs… …it will be anarchy.

    oh and gazzap… …I agree it is how they play that is why Fed, Sampras and Bjorg will always be the best PURE CLASS!

  52. charybdis1966

    Pierre, yes, Lorne Green was in it playing a similar kind of patriarchal role as he did in bonanza – when the series came out it was dubbed “Batttlestar Ponderosa”.

  53. goonermichael

    Gazzap Tha childish mind games that red nose plays fill in the time in between the games. It’s silly but then again some people watch shit like big brother and his little brother

  54. timao

    yes gunner 8, i don’t remember all the details, james caan was getting grief though, he rebelled against the big money owners

  55. timao

    i’m going to throw in my tuppence worth on Murray… i like him… i couldn’t care if he was scottish or whatever, more power to his (tennis) elbow

  56. Pedro

    Gazzap, so you must admire Ashley Cole then?

    Who said they hated all Scots today? The devolution part was the evolution of the thread… not an argument for disliking Murray.

    As for having Scottish friends who live in London… well, they’re pretty unlikely to hate the English aren’t they?

    ‘Its like all those people who are more interested in the mind games between Fergie and Wenger than actually what happened on the pitch.’

    Who do you know who is actually like that?

    The mind games are all part of the drama that is the premier league… Wouldn’t talking about football be boring if all we spoke about was the skill and bottle of the players?

    The rivalry, the mind games, who owns who, who wants to leave which club, the panto villains, the heroes… that is what football is all about and I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with popular culture or celebrity…

    There are only so many days after a match you can talk about the game… but that shouldn’t stop people talking about football.

    As for Murray being taken out of context… says who? The real Murray or his top London PR agency?

  57. gazzap

    hey I’m not saying as a gooner you cant be interested in what red nose has said about wenger, but there’s a section of the media and population who believe the football is an unnecessary side show!
    I’m interested in what Murray has to say about Federer as well even though he has little personality. but the talk is 5% and the game in 95% – to some it seems the other way round.

  58. gazzap

    why must I admire ashley cole? I still hate cunts whether they’re Scottish or English.
    I’m just not sure what evidence there is to say Murray is a cunt. he might be for all I know, but I have never seen the evidence… but then when Cole was a gooner, I didn’t know he was a cunt so you live and learn.

  59. Pedro

    ‘secondly, I couldn’t give a damn about his personality. When I watch any sport i am watching the skill and the bottle of the sportman not what he says.’

    I took the above to mean you only judged a sportsman on what they do on the pitch…

  60. timao

    it’s weird, but of all the players to have left Arsenal since Wenger arrived, only two I can think of have really gone on to do well, and both of them are left backs

  61. gazzap

    trouble is football is tribal. and if one of your own shits all over you you hate them. also we hate man u players purely because they play for man u. most of them are probably just as nice chaps as arsenal players. but being gooners we hate man u anyway because football is tribal. whats more uniteds results directly affect the outcome of what our team can acheive. every 3 points dropped benefits us. so regardless of whether you rate and admire their players – you still desperately want them to lose. Tennis isn’t really tribal its individual.

  62. Pedro

    Wishing defeat on a nation is pretty tribal and I guess that is why many English don’t like him…

    If he can’t wish our football team well – or even ignore the question, then why should we wish him well against Federer?

  63. kelsey

    Goonermichael,how is your hair today.

    By the way what nationality is our Prime Minister?He gets slagged off on a daily basis about everything wrong in the UK,but I don’t recall anyone accusing him of all the doom and gloom in the UK because he is Scottish.
    The point is generally Murray is disliked,its nothing to do with his tennis.Gerald Ratner once made one remark that his jewellary was crap,it finished him and and his business.I dont care what level of success Murray gets to,people dont forget his earlier remarks,it has nothing to do with the tabloids.He’s a cunt and always will be.

  64. timao

    I have to disagree Pedro, but partly that’s because I have stopped thinking of England as “my football team”. if he came out and said he hoped anyone beat Arsenal, obviously he’d feel my wrath. but if he said he hoped Hibs beat Arsenal I’d say fair enough – if that’s his team.

  65. timao

    kelsey, that’s mental, Gordon Brown is accused of the doom and gloom because he has occupied the most powerful political posts in the land for the past – lifetime… and he has fucked it up. and ton y blair is fucking scottish too – they did it on purpose because like all scots, they hate england.

  66. timao

    sorry, K i didn’t mean to go off track, but i thought you were comparing the relative popularity of Gordon Brown and Andy Murray when the only thing they have in common is their nationality. my essential point was, there are reasons for disliking Brown whereas Murray is a professional tennis player.

  67. kelsey

    no problem,sometimes it is more difficult to express oneself via internet than talking face to face,and the meaning of what one actually thinks and writes come over in a disjointed way.

  68. timao

    cheers. how about talking about something else, such as does anyone else hate that Elvis song as much as me, and can we get something better in place?

  69. the dude abides

    Point 1.
    Arsenal was founded by Scots and Irish
    Point 2.
    Andy Murray behaves like most 21 year olds
    Point 3
    His remark about England was just a joke – trust me I’m Scottish as well
    Point 4
    Crude charachter ‘traits’ of nationalities are akin to racism , i.e the Scots are like this, the English are like that etc.
    I hope Murray wins tonight, I couldn’t give a fuck about Scotland or England on Wednesday in the world cup, international football is a sideshow. Arsenal are the only team that counts.

  70. Pedro


    ‘Crude character ‘traits’ of nationalities are akin to racism , i.e the Scots are like this, the English are like that etc.’

    As far as I can see today, there has been none of that and even if there was, it’s not akin to racism…

    Unfairly stereotyping, maybe… but not racism.

    At the end of the day, we all come under the same flag… and it’s just a bit of banter…

  71. kingsley

    is it just you tube pedro or did he used to be good?! he was shocking against fulham and he game the ball away a lot against newcastle.

  72. Pedro

    When he burst onto the scene, he looked pretty tasty, then he caught secondseasonitis… he’ll come good though, I’m not worried about that… I’m worried about how long it takes him to come good.

  73. choy

    denilson started last season with a bang.. the screamer against newcastle in the carling cup.. but then he got injured and was fucked…

    i think he has already overtaken last years stats…

    2 assists and a goal!

  74. choy

    actually flamini started playing so well that there was no chance for anyone else to play in the middle…

    currently song and denilson are battling it out as diaby loves visiting the nurses apparently…

  75. kingsley

    i remember before the carling cup final against chelski, jamie redknap said of all the 22 players on the pitch he had come to see denilson play……..(he wont pay to watch him at the momnet!) its confidence pure and simple. great players either have it or dont rely on it. but it can be the difference between an average and a good player….if u get what i mean!

  76. Big Raddy

    Murray ? I hope he gets totally mullered this evening. Nothing to do with his being Scottish, I just don’t like him. He is the Craig Bellamy of tennis !

    Denilson ? Let’s give him a run of games before making a decision. He has the makings of a class player.

    Kingsley, he did give the ball away against Fulham, but v Newcastle, he was much improved – check the stats, that were on here a couple of days ago. His pass success rate is much higher than you give him credit for.

  77. kelsey

    Actually the north v south divide in england is more of a debate on a lot of blogs than anything else.One can feel the hatred in some of the comments Apparently southerners are softies,yet most manure fans live in Croydon.The whole thing is laughable,but it is a deep rooted issue,which repeats itself time and time again,but I confess I dont know where this originated from.

  78. kingsley

    hi raddy. i saw the stats and agree he was much improved and had a higher pass completion rate…however he still passed the ball directly to a newcastle player no less than 8 times and that was not counting long passes over the top. i dont wana be to hard on him, he’s young and i like his effort. my point was that he has regressed, his lack of confidence is contribution to poor decision making.

  79. Big Raddy


    I am ashamed to say that despite being rational in almost all things, I am totally irrational regarding all things Northern.

    In my opinion “It is Grim Up North”, and nothing will change my mind. I have travelled extensively in support of the mighty Arsenal, and I can tell you for a fact. North England is Pants.

    Sorry to buy into this much repeated sublect, but you brought it up !!

    Irrational ? You bet. But what are we if not Tribal? My tribe is Arsenal from North London, England.

  80. Big Raddy

    Kingsley, he also suffered a long term injury. I agree he has gone backwards, but I have high hopes of him. And you are right regarding the importance of confidence. When Cesc walks on the pitch, he looks as if he owns it – so did TH14, Wrighty and PV4.