Usmanov vs Asian-Arabs Billionaires / Theo on fire / Dein Dropped

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Good morning Grovers!

For an international week, there seems to be quite a lot of news floating about, so I’ll crack straight on!

Firstly, congratulations to Theo Walcott, everyone is waxing lyrical over his sterling performance for England over the weekend. Something that really made me laugh was £17million Spud super signing didn’t even make it onto the pitch! Remember him telling Theo he should move on?

Well played Theo… more of the same in an Arsenal shirt please! I liked this quote,

“That’s what I did and it was a good performance. I got battered but I always get battered. I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Gallas had this to say on the Nasri challenge,

“Samir responded with an act that maybe wasn’t especially nice. But bearing in mind the player he did it to, then fair enough.”

Do you think refs are going to be instructed to protect Barton this year? Do you think the refs would obey? If anyone deserves a nasty injury it’s that man…

PHW has just issued the equivalent of a ‘come and get me’ plea to every billionaire on the planet. He said this in an interview yesterday,

“If somebody came and made a really huge bid then you cannot recommend shareholders turn it down because we don’t like it.

“We want the club to stay in its current ownership and, of course, you have some concern that someone will try to buy the club.

“The directors don’t want to sell but we are a public company. It depends on the price.”

This interview was completely unnecessary and will obviously start the ball rolling for loads of take over talk in the coming months.

So what are the options?

Option 1: Stan Kroenke has first refusal on all the shares, his wealth is estimated to be somewhere in the region of £1.04billion, he owns 12% of the shares and he is in dialogue with the board. One senses that with the world wide economic slowdown, the weak dollar and the emergence of the Arabs, this deal might be dead in the water. As billionaires go, Stan would be the ideal candidate as he is a sports man.

Option 2: Usmanov comes in with a huge offer to Stan and the rest of the board and adds us to his already meaty £5.6billion portfolio. Usmanov has 24.89% of the shares on offer at Arsenal and with David Dein departing to help improve the image of Red&White… you’d have to think that the Uzbek hasn’t given up on his 2nd choice dream (He is a Manc after all).

Option 3: The Uzbek flogs his shares at a Premium to an Arab/Asian consortium. According to the Times, the next major buyer of a Premiership club will be from this market. Usmanov reportedly held talks with the Abu Dhabi group about selling his Arsenal shares prior to the Man Citeh takeover. I would suspect this option is a very realistic… Arsenal don’t have a huge presence in Asia, so there is a huge opportunity if someone with the right expertise wanted to exploit our brand over there… So don’t be surprised if you hear the names like Mittal and Arsenal linked in the same sentence going forward…

So those are the three options as I see it. As much as we’d all like to see it stay the same, we have to be realistic… the current board members didn’t put all their time and energy into building the most efficient club in the world only to see it go backwards did they?

I am guessing that if they are human they will probably want a pay out at some point… I would also hazard a guess and say that if they know anything about business they would understand that this billionaire bubble may burst at some point… Will they ever get a more inflated share price than they could get now? Owning a PL club has never been cooler in the eyes of a Billionaire… so perhaps they are thinking about selling up while the interest is still red hot?

One thing is for sure, Arsene could be given all the money in the world and he still wouldn’t be pressured into buying big names (What would you do with £100million Arsene? Give it back…). I think he would be prepared to pay more in wages and shift the current ceiling though…

I am hoping that Platini pushes his new ideas for debt management through before we get to the selling point. At least then we may escape any sort of Manchester United mega debt…

One thing I am certain about… the board will makes sure they do everything in their power to sell us onto someone who understands the traditions, will keep us debt free for the foreseeable future and will push us onto to become one of the top 3 football clubs in the world.

Keep um’ crossed Grovers!

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  1. morrowsbrokenarm

    It sounds backwards…and yes it would be great fun to throw trillions of pounds at players..but I still like the fact we do things our way. Agreed. If someone buys into the club I would want it to be someone who knows how we work…or at least someone who puts in and lets David Dien run the show.

    By the way, great comments from Gallas. Thats my Captain, baby!

  2. Big Raddy

    Should be a tasty game at St James Park. Could be one of the games of the season.

    Imagine their captain coming out with a similar comment to Gallas, about one of our team. We would be bloody furious (though we don’t have a player as scummy as Barton)

    I can’t wait to see the next installment

  3. stonroy

    There is too much history at stake here. Not just with Arsenal but the league in general. No amount of money would make me forget that.

  4. morrowsbrokenarm

    I wonder how “King Kev” will react when we go back up th….oh thats right he lost his job just after the Arsenal game. Twat.

  5. iceman

    Ronaldo/ Essien/ Ribery/ SWP……..among others……

    Pedro, all the above we just missed out on coz we were a couple million short on their prices.

    If we had a billionaire from wherever, are you still saying AW still wouldn’t be tempted?

  6. morrowsbrokenarm

    Have to agree Stonroy….hadn’t really thought it it that way until now…..the whole nature of our league has changed. I do find it quite sad, I can understand why teams do it, its the nature of the beast right now and everyone is just trying to survive……but what happens when baby gets tired of his new toy…be it in 5 years, 10 years….where are these clubs when that day comes…….anyone seen how Leeds are doing latley? If we were bought out and bought Kaka for $70mil i’d be as excited as the rest of you….but long term I wonder where our game is going? Dundadundun daaa.

    In an ideal world it will turn to custard for all these teams and we’ll still be standing.

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Top post Pedro

    I don’t see any of the billionare owners being prepared to spend a shit load on building a brand new stadium. Some noises have been made, i.e liverworst , & Manure keep adding to the theatre of dickheads, but, Arsenal with its state of the art stadium is right for the taking. That doesn’t mean I totally agree with the idea of selling though.

    And as for Andy Murray, I have Scottish blood flowing through my veins so I hope he wins one for the “oatmeal savages”.

  8. morrowsbrokenarm

    I realise Peter Risedale was no Saudi prince…but you get what im saying, it was a similar case of fantasy football. Fun while it lasts.

  9. Big Raddy

    There seems to be a concensus of opinion, that being bought by Arabs is a positive.

    I realise that I hold and old-fashioned viewpoint, but I am a traditionalist. Part of my love for The Arsenal is that we have history – lots of it. Are the older Chavs (not the Glory Hunters) happy that their club has been changed beyond recognition? Are the Mancs happy with the Glazers? And the debacle at Liverpool …. ?

    PHW has put out that statement knowing that there is a good chance Red & White will make a killing selling to the Arabs. If the Board are offered twice the real value of their shares, how can they refuse to sell? HOwever I would urge them not to.

    I am emotionally tied to my club. These new buyers aren’t. Do the Glazers really care about MU? The Arabs about MC ? Of course they aren’t. It is just another sideline for them

    If however, we are to sell, then it should be to the richest of these fatcats. After all, we are the glittering prize in the EPL.

    We at Arsenal, all of us Gooners, … in the words of the great Chic….. “We are Family.”

  10. finestcuts

    There are already lots of very rich club owners who can afford to buy Premier League teams(West Ham, Aston Villa….Everton shortly most probably), the idea that a super-rich owner will improve the club is over-simplistic, you need the knowhow, the drive and the right players.

    I’m sure UEFA are preparing a proposal for how to deal with unfair competition, since this not only affects us but the entire transfer market. There will be beneficiaries. clubs who sell their superstars to the super-rich, but in the grand scheme of things there is no such thing as an eternal boom, there will be clubs that suffer when the bubble bursts. Huge investments which don’t even hope to match the income generated by a club are a ticking time bomb.

    Imagine if Phillip Morris or Coca-Cola decided to buy a Premier League club….that would make the Sultan’s money look petty.

  11. Big Raddy

    I wonder why they don’t Finest (PM/Coke)

    After all it is the next step after sponsoring the shirt. Nike can afford to by any club, & it is very near to core-business for them.

    I think you raise an interesting point.

  12. Harket

    as somebody pointed out mittal already owns QPR in a partnership agreement with ecclestone, and a couple of others, maybe Ambani will be the name from the asian market linked with The Arsenal.I’m from India btw and a gooner for the past 9 years(i’m 19) and have loads of mates over here who are gooners as well…we buy a replica shirt every season from the nike outlets here and stay up into all crazy hours at night to watch our beloved team play some pretty damn amazing football so i assure you the club does have a presence in India atleast.

  13. Pedro

    Sorry guys… the Mittal thing was supposed to read like…

    ‘Expect to hear names like Mittal…’

    So I am not suggesting Mittal is about to purchase… just that people like him may become interested….

  14. iceman

    Finest they’re gonna introduce a wage cap in the champions league.

    That means whoever buys Kaka will have to field a 5 aside team considering he would cost 80m plus.

  15. Big Raddy

    Welcome Harket.

    I have first hand knowledge of how popular the EPL is in India. Sadly, the Manc shirts outnumber the Gooners by 10 to 1.

  16. Big Raddy

    The Mahmoud’s are more likely purchasers. They already have a history of sports investment, virtually controlling flat horse racing . They have shown themselves to be committed to the sport, and real gentlemen.

  17. Pedro

    Another point I would like to make is that football lost it’s soul in the nineties, not just when Abramovich came on board… foreign buyouts just mean that now when clubs spend exorbitant amounts of money, they can afford it.

    Finest, Phillip Morris would never buy a football club becuase he knows it’s not sustainable. If you were battling like for like and the best business brain won out… maybe. It’s not like that though… when money means nothing, you can keep making mistakes until you get it right and that is what the Arabs will do.

  18. morrowsbrokenarm

    When did buyouts become so hip and essential. Whatever happened to managing/running a club.

    They really do have to draw up some rules around this. Maybe clubs should only be aloud to spend money they are able to generate through sound financial management of the club. Bums on seats, wheeling and dealing….for the sake of clubs futures. Would leeds be where they are now if they had had to produce some sort of statement each year which showed they were spending money that actually had…instead of trading in the black?
    I dunno, but its perhaps the start of an idea. Shit, more than anything the fun goes right out the window when only 3 teams can afford the top tier players and everyone else left fighting for scraps…..I really think EPL needs to start acting now to protect our game. Over reaction?

  19. timao

    it’s not an over-reaction – next step will be turning clubs into “franchises” and moving them around the world to wherever the money is talking. In 20 years time Arsenal will be playing out of Beijing. That’s why we should enjoy the next few seasons come what may. Football as we know it is doomed.

  20. rico01

    Morning Grovers – great post

    Although it is becoming inevitable that we are going to be bought out, I hope it doesnt happen – and especially not Usamonov!

    We have Mancs, Pool, Chelski, West Ham, Man C, Villa, Spuds, Fulham, and others who are already owned by Mr Money Bags – and we are not.
    But how many of these teams have really left us behind (on the pitch I mean)

    The answer is NONE – last season, we were so so close to winning the EPL and CL. And but for a few refs decisions, and tired legs at the final hurdle we have won something.

    We have one of the best managers in the world, one of the best stadiums in the world which is nearly paid for (i think) And right now we are not in debt, and we are not at this moment ever having to worry about the owners walking out and leaving the club in a mess.

    All we need is our Best Manager in the world to realise that we are two players short of being the ‘perfect’ squad, but those two need to be players for NOW and not 2-3 seasons time, and he must realise that those two players MUST be bought in January, to see us over the line.

    You can have eleven Messi’s on a football field, but it doesnt mean to say they can all play together, and City may have billions, but can Mark Hughes get the players to gel and play well??

    As for Andy Murray – wont ever forgive his comments, but he has to be one of the best players the UK has produced, he was so strong against Nadal, and I wouldnt bet against him beating Federer.

  21. didee

    hi y’all would have love the club to remain the way it is but if we must sell it should be to these particular arabians cos the own the emirate airline and such know a little about how we operate they just might be able to keep things the way we like it. but i still get pissed by the idea that we being bought as a tool to spite another set of people, given the rivalry between the maktoums and the abu dhabi family

  22. Big Raddy

    I agree about the top 4 teams Morrow.

    I actively dislike Platini, but at least he is trying to find ways of curbing this trend.

  23. finestcuts

    The only way to stop it would be for FIFA to put an international wage cap in, and get rid of the transfer market, a new age of 1 year contracts, that’s all that can be done. That wouldn’t prove popular because there would be tons of transfers every season.

    There could also be an offshoot, a non-FIFA recognised league which would operate within it’s own rules and regulations. They may not be allowed to call the game football, so they could call it kickball or something like that.

  24. London

    The idea that David Dein has benevolently resigned from Red and White to help improve the image of that company stinks to high heaven.

    It seems so obvious that Dein has jumped ship in order to make himself available to the increased possibility that a sovereign wealth fund, of a similar size to the one that bought City, might buy Arsenal.

    Ironically, as transparent and self-serving as this seems I would still prefer him as MD than a stranger: ‘Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.’

  25. Big Raddy

    Murray ? Hope he gets hammered by Federer.

    On other sports…

    How disgraceful was it that some jobsworths took a brilliant victory from Theo? That was the most exciting last 10 minutes of a Grand Prix in years, and our hero got shafted.

    I hope Mclaren take this further and Theo’s win is re-instated.

  26. morrowsbrokenarm

    Maybe this is just the next evoloution in footballs history, times change and perhaps I need to just deal with it…feel like an old boy harping back to the great old days of family run 80’s football. Maybe our tunes would change if we had $50squillion quid to piss up a wall and we were the ones buys the worlds most expensive talent…….nah!!! I like my club just as it is thank you, happy to remain a stuck in the past, jumpers for goal posts kinda fan.




    From the Dire Straits classic “Another club hits the wall”

  27. kelsey

    Good post Pedro or was it Geoff.I don’t agree with everything you have written,but I believe our chairman who owns0.8% of the club,is now realising what might happen.

    PHW is contradicting himself,or did he give his quote about “come and get me” not 2 days ago but 2 months ago.

    Why is Dein really severing his ties with Red and White Holdings?

    With world recession will the stock market be affected ,and therefor now may be the time to cash in.

    We have a state of the art stadium,a club steeped in tradition,in a challenging position,a much better option than Man City,Newcastle or QPR,and with investment a prudent though stubborn manager who should know if there is an injection of money he should balance the squad with experience and youth,but will he?Don’t be fooled that RVP.Rosicky,Diaby,Silvestreand Bischoff are long term injury free prospects.

    Theo did play well,especially in the first half,but it was Andorra,I reserve judgment especially if he plays against Croatia,and his comment about always being battered is true,and now he has realised that speed alone will not make him a great player,he needs to beef up.positive statement

    We have to compromise if we want to be a european force,it is no good quoting last season or the last 3 years,we have to move on.

    i am not one who believes things will improve using Wenger’s ethics,or a we just going to be complacent and be a club slowly falling from grace.

  28. Harket

    thanks Big Raddy, the mancs may be popular here but that’s cause most fans here are glory hunters, and the off-the-field exploits of david beckham, earned him some space in the gossip columns here(when he was a manc and hooked up with posh) which is why most kids had only heard of the mancs,hence supported them, you’ll be surprised at the number of C.S.K.A chelski supporters that have cropped up after abramovich reared his ugly head. but things are changing for the better now, people are actually watching the BPL now, and are choosing teams to support based on the football they watch and not the team that wins the most trophies…and who plays better football than us?

  29. Big Raddy

    Well, Kelsey. I asked around, and Denmark got a special concession for it’s citizens (I am English, and proud of it !), after the Maastrict Treaty was rejected.

    In order to accept the Treaty, they were given special dispensation which allowed a fixed Euro/ Kroner exchange. The only country in Europe to have this !

    Thanks again.

  30. Big Raddy

    I wish I did mate. I get shafted evry which way on the currency front. The only positive is that with a Nationwide account, I do not have to pay any charges for exchange.

    Still, enough of the money stuff.

    I am off to college to try and become a little cleverer. I am the oldest person in the class by 30 years, so it is a slow process !!

  31. morrowsbrokenarm


    What was I typing Chary!!!! I dare not show my mug on here again tonight. Obviously not thinking clearly…all this talk of buyouts and Saudi Investments had me all in a tizz. I promise though my head is hung in shame and an Arsenal shade of red! “Dire Straits”!!!! What a cock!

  32. charybdis1966

    Hey MBA, don’t take it so hard. I’m no Dire Straits – or Pink Floyd – fan so easy mistake to make. I’m more of a Judas Priest/AC-DC/ Queensryche/Metallica/UFO fan if anyone’s interested -or indeed cares 🙂

    Thanks for the link Finest – I’ve been flitting in and out of Le Grove the last couple of days os I’ve missed some good stuff; especially the choc debate I inadvertantly started off on Friday.

  33. finestcuts

    No probs, I responded on Saturday evening, if you install all those programs your PC’s performance will improve significantly.

  34. Ramgun

    Re Big Raddy’s earlier post, I have four old pals who supported Chelsea and went to every game, home and away. Even when they were being relegated. Not one of them goes to a single match any more. I am sometimes unfortunate enough to be on the same train home as nouveau Chelsea supporters. They get off in the Medway towns ( in other words they should be Gillingham supporters) and I can assure you that single digit IQ’s predominate. Remember 23000 turned up at Stamford Bridge for a Champions League game last season and Rosenborg have good away support.
    I hope that Arsene succeeds his way, the Arsenal way. Wouldn’t that be special. Nothing special about obscenely rich men just buying it.

  35. Confidentgooner

    Gunners, I still feel that if AW chooses right, he has no business loosing any match to any team home or away. I rate Song as good as Essien, but he should allow the boy to play and express himself. He can be assisted by Diaby and \Dennilson. In the attack we look very unique. The only problem is the 2 Centre halfs. If Toure and Gallas and Djourou fire on all cylinders, I fail to see any team that can beat us, Fulham apart!

  36. Pedro

    Arsenal Tom, I can’t disagree there!

    I would cheer him if it was a British win… but it wont be will it? It will be a victory for Scotland.

    Henman – British
    Murray – Scottish

    Not that I was particularly proud of Henman… but it annoys me all the same…

    Ramgun, if the new guys come in… I would suspect keeping Arsene would be a top priority and Arsene wouldn’t stay if he was being bought players. Also remember that the Arsene way is to fuse talent with Youth… not youth with kids. If someone comes in that can give Arsene a boost in the transfer market… great… but I sense Arsene always has the cash, but he wont pay over the odds.

    Fizsman said the other week he’d love to see Arsene spend… but he chooses not to, like we all suspected over the summer.

    A billionaire at Arsenal does not mean Abramovich spending patterns.

  37. Arsenal Tom

    exactely pedro… he mugged off every english bloke when he said that bullshit about portugal and trinidad and tobago and now wants our support?? not a fucking chance!

  38. Bud

    3 excellent posts (Sat, Sun and today) Geoff and Pedro and many belated happy returns for Saturday !

    Now lets hurry up and sell to the Arabs and add Kaka to our squad !!!!!!

  39. Pedro

    I caught some of Braveheart last night as well… vom inducing…

    Murray probably believes all that rubbish…

    Bud, Kaka’s agent said he wouldn’t rule out City! MERCENARY ALERT!

  40. kelsey

    There is a comparison with football regarding our failure to win a grandslam mens title since 1936(Fred Perry),It is again the coaching system at grass route levelsnothing to do with the weather.It is still an elitist sport,and Paris has more indoor courts than the whole of the UK.Henman was rejected by the LTA and only came through because of David Lloyd and the Slazenger backing.Murray is the same,his mother not the LTA got him initially off the ground and funded his early career,though as a person I don’t like him and the things he says,he actually slammed the LTA when he won the US equivalent of Junior Wimbledon,and he was right.

    I posted this early,to show yet again why British Talent doesn’t come through.yes murray is scottish,and he never endears himself to anyone including the scots,i wish him well but his character is something else to be desired.

  41. Geoff

    Morning all, nice post Pedro, I’m with Andy Murray is a cunt mob, he wanted Paraguay to beat England when I went to the world cup, I hope he loses every game he plays.

    Great Britain won 18 golds at the Olympics, if they were won by a majority of Scots, boy would we know about it.

    When Damon Hill was winning he was British, when Coultard was, he was Scottish, now Lewis is, he’s British again.

    I wouldn’t want to be owned by a billionaire but I would like us to spend some money and compete a bit.

  42. goonermichael

    I feel the same about Mel gibson (braveheart, Patriot) Too scared to get on a plane after 9/11 fucking pussy

  43. charybdis1966

    Goonermichael – wasn’t Sylvester Stallone equally scared to cross the pond by air ? i always thought his Rambo films sucked big time.

  44. goonermichael

    Just tried to by ajuniour gunner ticket for the manu game for my son. Apperently they don’t have one seat together and I should try a smaller nimber of seats!

  45. goonermichael

    Stallone is typical of the american butch actor (john wayne, stallone, Reagan) All anti commi and right wing and all draft dodgers!

  46. charybdis1966

    It’s typical of, Goonermichael, and the ticketing function especially. I only try for the less glamorous fixtures as the big ones are usually gone in seconds of going on sale.

  47. finestcuts

    Evo, here’s the post I made a few days ago:

    finestcuts Says:
    September 5, 2008 at 10:36 pm

    Hey c1996, there are a few good tools.

    Ccleaner is definitely recommended.

    Cachemanxp is a great utility, a must have, when installed you manually have to select chacheman’s cache control (19mb cache should be fine)

    Advanced windows care will restore your registry settings:

    Then you should also defrag your HD, this will do a very good job and quickly.

    This will disable any evil programs that may be residing in your PC and prevent them from being activated in the first place.

    Those 4 are very good progs.

    Also if you’re using Windows firewall, it’s crap, Comodo’s is industrial strength, it can even handle full on DDOS attacks, their antivirus is also very good.


    The firewall and BO clean are available on

    The anti spyware program, and all those above should keep your computer in good nick,

    It should take about 1-2hrs to install them all, but you can keep surfing and reading the news while it does each prog. Only Cacheman needs to be adjusted manually, 15 mb for Firefox and Explorer cache should be enough.

    Ccleaner is available at

    Ccleaner also has a handy tool which scans for issues, so if Advanced windows care misses one, Ccleaner will pick up the rest.

    Ccleaner will remove all your previously typed web pages so it’s best to bookmark pages you intend to view in future rather than rely on the browser doing an auto-suggest for you.

    It also has a tool which will easily allows you to un-install any programs that you don’t use/want anymore.

    That’s my best windows self defence Arsenal, if you want to go hardcore and strike back at those causing you problems you have to learn TCP/IP, use linux and telnet.

    It’s advisable to have a good firewall, I get a hack attempt on my computer every 5 or 10 seconds, I’m just interested in prevention not revenge.

  48. Evo in Oz

    nice one finest, no one will be assassinating your pc

    thanks for the follow up

    anyway, im having early nights this week, catch you all later on!

  49. charybdis1966

    Cheers Finest – I’ll give those programmes a go. You do worry as buying things over the web is what makes security such an potential problem (I hate to use the word “issue” at this point).

  50. chris

    finest i like ccleaners uninstall feature as well, using windows own takes forever to load,

    so no braveheart fans on here? that is a shame as i saw the castle yesterday were it was filmed and i thought of the le-grove massive holding firm against the akb’s of the world

  51. gunner8

    Hi… …still looking to see if anybody knows of any charters or groups going to the Kiev game in September.

    There are usually flyers at the ground, but there are no matches at home b4 this game.

    If anybody knows a charter company please help!

  52. finestcuts

    c1966, all the programmes mentioned above are freeware apart from cachemanxp which is shareware, you only have to pay if you want the auto-optimize feature….and it takes less than a minute to manually optimize your settings.

    Comodo are one the biggest security certificate issuers in the world, they promote their brand by making their anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall free of charge, so basically you get users of their products recommending their software, which in turn saves them millions on advertising, and they make their money out of selling security certificates to businesses……using this model of viral marketing they’re now almost a household name.

    Iobit have been around for a long time, they also have a free version and a pro version which allows auto updates etc. stuff that you can do manually.

    Same with super-antispyware. are a trusted website in the online community, they promote the latest freeware as soon as it hits the market…all their software is spyware and virus free.

    I use all the products I mentioned myself and am satisfied they’re all safe and effective, and so are the download sources.

  53. kelsey

    Films today is it Pedro.

    Stallone is 5″9″ where’s stacked shoes in and outside.

    Pedro,you remember I sent you an e mail about hacking and Facebook proved to me that someone got my password,altered my e mail account ,so any response would go to the hacker,and I got deleted.Facebook is a dangerous website,and I am amazed the amount of detail people give in their profile,which I add was not in my case.

  54. gunner8

    Thanks Pedro but I got that this morning and it’s just for the ticket… …looking for the charter flight

    Thanks anyway

  55. kenny smith

    U lot need to get a grip about Andy Murray like. He’s britain number 1, and i dont know where your getting the whole, “if he wins it will be a win for scotland not britain” thing from. If anything that media bullshit or people like yerselves saying that. When he wins he doesnt come out and say “o yeah by the way im not British im scottish” and so what if he wanted to get England to get beat at something??? Half the people on here i have seen come on and post comments about how they wont even be watching the England international games so yer no more an England fan than he is!

    As for braveheart…… its a film…… just a film….. nobody actually cares. I bet Andy Murray doesnt, he is to busy trying to win tournaments and when he is not he’s probably doing his bird!

  56. gazzap

    I support Murray. Its great to have someone from these Isles winning at tennis in spite of the shitty system we have. OK so he’s Scottish, Scots dont bother me. Arsenal have had a lot of Scottish players in the past. At least he speaks a language I can understand. and he wanted England to lose? so what. I sometimes want England to lose and I’m bloody English!! I think his comments were taken a little out of context and he said that thing about England when he was 17 I beleive. He was immature then.
    I agree though, its OK to call the English ‘British’, but if a Welsh or Scot win something then they are welsh or scottish! So would you if you lived in small country with not a lot to cheer about – you’d take every chance to celebrate your nationality.

  57. charybdis1966

    Excellent stuff finest, I always suspected the slow down in my home laptop was not just old age – it’s about 3 years old.

    BTW guys, I’ve put another pre match Elvis video up on my youtube account if anyones interested – just search on my user name.

    I’ve only got 2 videos up, both pretty much the same sort of thing because when I tried to put a few jumpy minutes of actual match action the video got deleted due to copyright infringement. The pre match stuff seemed ok to post.

  58. gunner8

    Kenny Smith, he actually did come out and say he was Scottish and not British… …Well I am English and my wife is Swiss, so come on Roger!

  59. ethangunner

    i read somewhere yesterday Al Maktoum
    was prime candidate ..
    he is the main rival to the man shitty owner !
    and wants to own a club too !

  60. chris

    i understand al maktoum invited man u training academy to dubai sports city personally and obviously he has been courting liverpool via DIC, perhaps he has his eye on the top 4 collectivly?!?

  61. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff it was 19 gold medals.

    I spose only Evo & GG9 will mention the dismantling of Dutch football pride over the weekend. But like I’ve said before, when it comes to football, I mean football football, The Arsenal is number 1 with me.

  62. finestcuts

    Nope c1966, nothing to do with age, there’s some program forcing your CPU to do work which it shouldn’t .Using cacheman xp you can find the culprit, it has a CPU monitor (displays which programmes are active and how much % of your CPU they’re using/hogging), locate the offending porgramme and switch it off, or completely remove it.

  63. Pedro

    I like Swiss cheese, so I will be supporting Federer. Andy Murray is a wanker and he disassociates himself with the Uk and he said he wanted England to lose against Paraguay.

    You are probably one of those guys who supports Scotland if England aren’t in a tournament… despite the fact they hate us. Good luck with that, I am sure you have made many cross border friends being like that.

  64. kelsey

    Kenny Smith,I don’t agree with you,look how humble Nadal is and Fererer are,and Nadal is only a year older and Federer was the same then as he is now.Win or Lose Murray will never be an ambassador for British tennis.he is a nasty piece of work,says anti english comments even to this day.has nil charisma and doesn’t endear himself to anyone including many scots.

  65. Gooner07


    I’d better sell it to Ambani, or Arabs than the ugly fat and corrupt usmanov. he’s the biggest scum to have hands on our club. we better keep our integrity (at least the best possible limits) than give control to that m-fucker. This is our beloved club after all!

  66. Pedro

    Same here Finest, they hate us… and we tend to support them regardless?

    The Olympics is different though… because it is all about team GB… I guess that is primarily because most of the medals are won by the English?

  67. finestcuts

    I agree with Welsh and Scottish devolution campaigners, let them have their own country and economy, they are heavily subsidised from Westminster. And now they have their own parliaments, they still have their MP’s sitting in the house of commons but there are no English MPs sitting in the Welsh or Scottish assemblies, they have a say over what happens in England, the English don’t have a say over what happens in Wales or Scotland.
    The only reason the country is kept together is for the purpose of Monarchy, I’m sure many English people would be happy to have their own country, not only that, not to be blamed for things that happened before they were born.

  68. Gooner07

    Oh by the way, I’d only assume DIC are warming up to buying our club. they wanted to buy liverpool and build 60,000 capacity stadium. But now, with us in market after phw’s statement, we could expect them to rub their hands in glee, we have one of the most profitable higher capacity stadium in the world.

  69. blazon

    As an expat Scot I caught on to Murray late, thought he was just another pathetic Henman…deja vu all over again…

    till last night…

    Johnny Mac was gushing, with good reason…he intimidated Nadal…blew him away

    never thought I’d see the day.

  70. Gooner07

    As for al-maktoum.

    Here’s news for you guys. He is the owner of “The emirates”, to whom we sold our naming rights. In fact, he had something to say about the deal himself:

    “The combined value of both elements of the sponsorship is by far the biggest deal ever undertaken in English football,” the club said in a statement.

    The Arsenal contract was signed at Highbury by club chairman Peter Hill-Wood and Maurice Flanagan, the Emirates vice president and group president.

    “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sponsor such a major new stadium and club, and represents a win-win partnership for both Emirates and Arsenal,” said Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum, the billionaire chairman of Emirates.

    About him in Forbes rich list:

    Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum


    $16 billion

    Age: 57

    “CEO of Dubai Inc.” shares fortune with two brothers; government holding companies bought big stakes in HSBC and Deutsche Bank in the past year; bid for U.S retailer Barneys New York. Announced plans to donate $10 billion for Middle East educational foundation.

    So he already has one of his companies in the naming rights, so no big deal in him taking over the club.

    We can tackle the glazers, abromovich, man shitty or any other m-fuckers.

    Fuck guys, I’m so spoilt by this talk…

  71. Paulinho

    I admire Murrray cause of his style. When I first saw him he reminded me of Fabregas. Now he’s still got the Fabregas craft but now he can mix physically with these guys.

    He’s said many times the Paraguay thing was a joke and that incident led to him becoming a bit sour with the media after they twisted what he said.

    He probably doesn’t give a toss about England national team, but who the hell does? A bunch of twats they are. Add the fact that he is scottish and he understandably couldn’t care a less whether they win or lose- hence the light-hearted joke.

    I honestly don’t think Murray cares about doing for his country anyway. Tennis is a completely individual thing. Players just care about themselves.

  72. gnarleygeorge9

    I didn’t even realise the, which tourny is it anyway, was on until someone mentioned Andy murray won a semi. Whats happened to Arsenal?

  73. kelsey

    Pedro who are the nominations for champ and chump of the week.

    Mine are champ fabregas for coming out early and telling man city to f off
    chumps the england national football team for playing as the did against the third worst football team in the world,and Mike Ashby who excelled himself in being a bigger cunt than the week before.

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    Champs of the week IMO are the Australian Football team. A group of players looked down upon by over paid mercenaries, but they combined Guts with Determination & won, away. But i’m biased I spose 😀

  75. kenny smith

    Scottish people hate english people cause English people hate scottish people. Im scottish and i dont hate anyone because of their race, creed or colour. There’s always been rivalry between Scotland and England. In england they wont even exxcept scottish money even though its virtually the same….. Have u ever tried refusing to take english money from an Englishman in Scotland???? they go off their fuckin trolleys and think that its fine to do it…… Only reason Scottish people are cunts to English people is cause its the same the other way round!!!! Fuck knows who started it but its stupid as fuck and ive never fallen out with anyone cause they are english and to sit here and say u hate scots cause they are such cunts is alot of shite. Im scottish…. i love arsenal to bits, i support the english cricket team, i dont support the english football team(unless theo is playing) and i support any british teams in sport so i would not like to be counted in the class as hateing english people.

  76. gnarleygeorge9

    Just had a change of heart. Federer was coached by Tony Roche( Aussie)for years & Federers favourite sports team is the Australian Cricket team. I think he should win.

    5 more sleeps till Blackburn. Till then, have a goodie Grovers.

  77. Pedro

    Gnarley, have you received the goods yet?

    I don’t want to get into a Scots vs English thing here… I don’t have anything against Scottish people… my best friend is Scottish (haha, just kidding!).

    I haven’t thought about the Le Chump and Le Champ… I normally wait until the internationals are over before I choose! Thanks for the input, food for thought…

    Gooner07… good link… So you reckon we might be courting the only group who could compete with the Abu Dhabi gang?

    It would definitely save them a whole lot of grief if they had a money spinning stadium already!

  78. Pedro

    Kenny the currency thing isn’t becuase we don’t like Scottish people, it is because there are loads of faked Scottish notes flying around. They are easier to spend becuase most English people haven’t used Scottish notes, so a fake is harder to detect.

  79. desmoinesgunner

    Morning all,

    I am getting very disappointed by the take-over mania sweeping football. I miss the days when teams actually put a plan together, bought and developed talent and then kept the team together for a reasonably long period of time. Now it is just BUY whatever the cost and then flog them off again at a loss after 2 seasons (a la Sheva). We are in the instant gratification society and it shows in many teams development. You can’t really get behind a player because he’ll fuck off at the first sniff of a bigger contract as a bench warmer at a “massive club” (i.e. one with mega-owners)…

    I do think that with Wenger in charge we will not over spend even if we have an arab backing us (which I would prefer to Peter Ustinov or Kranky). And I actually appreciate that even if he has been lying to us over the past off season.

    Platini is a prick but I think he is on to something about establishing financial accountability in the clubs competing in Europe. I would welcome it because we are stingy bastards and wouldn’t have to change much!!

    If we do sell out, then lets sell out to a guy who has the deepest pockets and will pay ridiculous wages without blinking an eye…and that’s not Kranky.

    If you miss the good old days – check this out on the Times…actual articles from their archieves on the Arsenal glory days….

  80. Pierre

    been in some heavy duty meeting this morning, so got a lot of posts to read back through, but while i read, are any Grovers going to the Blackburn game?

  81. Rasputin

    Hi to all Grovers – another high quality debate re our future.

    Just listen to us! We are actually duscussing this issue in terms of ‘my billionaire is bigger than your billionaire’, or ‘we’d better bag that trillionnaire before someone else gets him’.

    There is rivalry between the ‘royal rich’ in the middle east, and it seems the Prem is the fashionable place to spend money, but what is the history of past sporting purchases in the arab world?

    Are they prepared just to pour money in and not expect a profit? Are there instances of past dealings where they have got bored and pulled out leaving everything in disarray?.

    I don’t have a clue…..The diversity of opinion on here does nothing to reassure me that a wealthy arab buy-out would be a good thing for the club. As I said in a blog a few days ago, this might be a good time to keep our heads down and take stock.

  82. Arsenal Tom

    re murray… i dont dislike him because hes scotish, i dislike him cos he’s a dick. he could be from anywhere in the world it wouldnt make a difference, its his personality i dont like

  83. timao

    I’m reading that the purchase of Man City is just page one of a plan to create some sort of multiple-product commercial brand to sell cars and mobile phones in India. Does anyone remember the movie “Rollerball” ?

  84. kelsey

    I know football when it comes to paying wages is illogical,compared to other businesses.Obviously,in theory the better players based on a proven track record demand the highest wages,but surely why should any player demand astronomical wages when he signs for us or anyone else.Many players that play well abroad don’t make it in the PL,and surely they should have an incentive built in to their contract depending how they perform in their first season and take it from there.on the other hand you have Bischoff (free) and silvestre(3.75 of a million) who are by no means gauranteed to be injury free.Wenger has said Bischoff is a gamble,but I doubt either of these players are on under 30K a week before they have even kicked a’s just an opinion,but in the real business world things would be a lot different.

  85. kelsey

    Rasputin,Hi there,.in answer to one of your questions,Sheik Mohammed has transformed flat horse racing that he now owns most of the best horses in the world.He and his advisers have been very astute and stud revenue is enormous,but he has a passion for this sport,and monetry gain is not of the highest priority.

  86. Arsenal Tom

    absolutely… from one bunch of dickheads to another… maybe he’ll do all 3 and finish off his career at barca

  87. Pedro

    Timao, real businesses don’t have 70% of their income going out in wages, I think that is what Kelsey is referring to.

    Kelsey, incentivising rich men in their twenties… that is what makes a great manager.

  88. Rasputin

    Thanks Kelsey – yes I am getting the view that he is the best prospect of the bunch.

    What do you think we would do with Arsenal to vastly increase income to fund buying ‘top players’ and to meet the higher wages?

  89. insidealbania

    Hello Grovers, back in my usual surroundings. Still cant believe what has happened at the Arsenal. Regarding today’s post, I would rather sell to someone that doesnt care how much he/she spends, so that would favour the Arabs, if they can somehow get Kranky in on the deal then that would be good coz he has the sporting background.

    On other notes, I have a few questions:
    1. Has JW appeared in the first team so far??
    2. Has Robbot head Sivestre played for us yet? if so how does he look in the shirt??

  90. kelsey

    timao, contracts in business are far more watertight than in football,as has been seen in our own case with Hleb.I am trying to say,that young footballers in the Pl especially ,get a lot of the rewards like huge houses,flashy cars,celebrity image before they actually warrant it.Therefore do the really work that hard to improve their game when they have a cushy lifestyle from day one.Too much of a comfort zone for me,but then I come from the old school where you had to work bloody hard to achieve a lifestyle these modern day footballers have.I know it wont change,but it’s all about opinions.

  91. timao

    thanks for elucidating Pedro, but I stand by my point. eg De Beers is in a unique position too of selling billions of pounds worth of a product that is basically worthless. it’s not comparable with other businesses but it is still a business.

  92. charybdis1966

    Inside – JW hasn’t appeared in this 1st team since the Emirates Cup and Robo head is still crocked. As are the usual suspects, Rosicknote, Diaby, Bitchslaaappppp etc..

  93. Pedro

    How do you mean Timao? In the sense that they restrict the amount of rocks they put on the market to increase the value? Like peak oil and all that malarky?

    Welcome back Inside, I trust you had a safe trip?

    Guys, the only thing I would say about people who have no respect for cash, is that they will probably have no respect for Wenger and his ways. I think the only thing a Billionaire could do for us is lift the wage ceiling… unless Wenger left that is…

  94. charybdis1966

    Timao, is Rollerball the early 70’s film with James Caan about a very violent sport – lots of thuggery and needless blood letting, e.g. the Bolton/Blackburn style of football ? I think it had an “X” rating, this was the equivalent of an “R” rating in old money.