Transfer of AMAZING PLAYER: Are you sure this is a good idea?

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No I’m not sure it’s a good bloody Idea. Sorry for using a Caught offside headline, but I think Gooners around the world are being sucked in by ‘Agent Speak’. This ‘Appiah for the middle’ thing must stop now because it shows you that Arsenal fans are getting desperate and prepared to accept averageness!


Appiah is a solid player… he can shoot, he can tackle and he has a bit of experience under his belt.

So what?

How many players in the premiership fit into that category? Diop, Barton, Carsley, Reo Coker… the list goes on.

To play at Arsenal you need to be better than average, you need to be amazing! My feeling on the situation is that if he is that good, surely a club bigger than West Ham would be interested? If Arsene was interested… surely he would have snapped him up 2 years ago before he went to Fener? If he was so good, would he have left Juve to play for a Turkish team? Would Juve have signed Paddy if he was so good?

So my argument is… if he is good enough, why have we not signed him already, and why is this dragging on so publicly?

Website after website is pulling out old quotes and claiming he is talking to Arsenal… but I don’t believe it.

Wenger is rolling with Denilson for the minute, and long term you can’t help but think Song will be rocking defensive midfield. I have never been a fan of him, but I have been forced into liking him… and at the end of the day, the guy has shown improvement, made his mark at the ACN and held his own when he has come on as a sub this season.

Why would you sign someone in place of Song and stifle his upward progress curve? Wenger has invested too much time in his centre Midfielders and taken too much flak to sign a new one who probably doesn’t have the same ability…

In my opinion, Appiah is a no go.. so I would say to all Arsenal fans, don’t get your hopes up and start thinking about how Wenger can use the current crop to the best of his abilities… no matter how much you dislike that idea.

Oh, well played Theo.

Have a great Sunday and many thanks for the Birthday wishes yesterday!

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  1. Pedro

    Himpressive… I could think of nothing sweeter!

    Especially after the little toe rag suggested Theo leave Arsenal to further his career!

    Oh, I wasn’t about this morning to welcome you to Le Grove!

    Welcome aboard!

  2. eltel08

    Just watched a celeb match on tv and i must say with tongue in cheek that we must get Shearer back in the Engerland team and that cunt Sheri. If fat bollocks Rooney is great then Shearer really was a god.

    I also saw a proper Goalie in Englands goal for the first half and it made me think again about how average our Keeper is.

    In my opinion for the romance of Football I would like our board to stay as they are but like the FA Cup romance is dead so lets get in Bill Gates or someone with more dosh tahn the Arabs. If Wenger doesn’t want the dosh then get in a man that does.

    Wouldn’t it be great for Arsenal to be the Galacticos for a change, oh and the Real Gallacticos played fantastic football and won things too. Wenger isn’t unique with the style of football.

  3. kingsley

    i dont think we need appiah and this is my reason why. we all know someone has to step up and partner cesc and we are worried about who will be good enough? well we only nedd one of the following to ‘do a flamini’ this year…denilson, eboue, song, diaby, bitchslap, randall, coquelin and ramsey. My point is we dont need all of them to be superstars just one…or may two to step up. if there is not enough talent amongst them 8 players then wenger may as well give up……….and if none of them prove good enough them we simply have to stay in touch at the top and bring a player in january. we dont need avergage injury prone players.

  4. eltel08

    Theo should be allowed to play up top for England instead of that dud Defoe. Play Theo with Crutch and put fat bollocks just behind them.

    Fuck why do I care how Engerland play.

  5. eltel08


    I reckon Diaby and Sir Alf would be Cesc’s cover and don’t forget the pass master Eboue. Fuck Wenger may end up having to drop Cesc to keep his pass master in the side.

  6. Pedro

    Cheers Himpressive… you were the only one! haha!

    I make you right Kingsley… I think we sometime overplay what Flamini did for the team… he was good, but he wasn’t anything more than a work horse.

    I am sure Song or Diaby can step up to the plate… I am unsure of Denilson… but he hasn’t done too badly so far…

    I am banking on song repaying Wenger’s faith!

    El Tel, watching Seaman in goal brought back some great memories! Shearer was class as well!

  7. eltel08


    Seaman had a good game but the poxy commentator had a pop at him when the flukey goal went in. His one on one with Romario was a great save.

    I got the hump with Dave in his later years but don’t they say you never know what you got till its gone.

  8. Keyser

    Pedro – Sucker punched ? So what, we’ll just have to get back up again, last season no matter what anyone says we were extremly unlucky, I don’t think we’re in that bad a situation.

    The debt is manageable, alot more so then United’s, I watch the reserves and it’s amazing how much talent is coming through at Arsenal, the amount of players who haven’t made it at Arsenal and are seen throughout the Premiership seems to be getting even more prominent.

    Kroenke seems like a good proposition, if he really wants to invest in us properly he can start by just taking an honourary position on the board. Even Abramovich couldn’t continue the spending of huge amounts every season and I don’t see how Chelsea will be able to progress naturally to where we are now.

    We’re supposed to be naming a new Chief Executive soon and that can only be a good thing to. It’s pathetic the way football’s going, from a fans perspective it’s not football anymore it’s just a business where we happen to pay money to be entertained.

  9. hounddog

    Hi Pedro, Yes I am in Germany. Bischoff was rated as one of the best young talents to come into the game by Werder Bremen. Unfortunately he had a terrible run of injuries which kept him in the reserves as his fitness did not give him a chance for the first team other than one UEFA cup appearance against Celta Viga. Klaus Allofs the director of Bremen did all he could to keep him and did not want him to go to Arsenal as he knew what he could bring to Werder’s future. If the boy gets fully fit and gets a run in the squad he may well surprise you.

  10. Pedro

    Keyser / Houddog:



    American sports tycoon Stan Kroenke (estimated wealth £1.07bn) and Uzbeki mining oligarch Alisher Usmanov (£5.6bn) own respective shares of 12.38% and 24.9%. The current board doesn’t fancy having Usmanov in charge and has persuaded Kroenke to agree to a shares ‘lock-down’. This means that until October 2012 directors can only sell shares to each other

  11. Keyser

    All roles are overplayed, last season we only played a few games without Cesc, how do we know we can’t play without him ?!

    It’s all about who can step up and show creativity ? Last season Rosicky, Hleb and Van Persie were players that gave us that bit extra when we needed it and only when each of them all by the wayside do we start to struggle.

  12. choy

    a fully fit rosicky.. i wouldn’t bet a dime on that.. but yes if fit he is a classy player…

    please god please keep our players fit this season..

    pedro.. hleb played in all the games we lost last season.. hehe hows that!!!

  13. Pedro

    I don’t agree with the getting sucker punched, and getting back up… if we drop out of the top 4… it is going to tighten the purse strings even tighter than they are now, then we might struggle to get back in… especially if we lose our position to Man City.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that will happen… but we are battling it out with some heavy hitters now… if we struggle this year, I think Wenger needs to reevalutate his philosophy and go back to how he used to run things.

    Experience with youth…

  14. Seb

    (this ended up going on a bit)

    The whole takeover thing is so distasteful, I don’t even want to consider the possibility of it happening to us.

    The argument that ‘everyone else is doing it so why shouldn’t we’ just doesn’t wash for me. Players don’t need any more money, which is ultimately where transfer fees end up going, in the pockets of the club’s employees – mainly the playing staff. A continual increase of the money in the top tier of football will merely cause the inflation of transfer fees and wages to continue, eventually even League 2 teams will be paying out vast sums for players as the effect grows. Where does it end? Where will it end?

    Football around the globe has always been a working man’s game, sport for the masses. The last decade has heralded the demise of that in the top flight as we knew it. Yes you might have a more comfortable seat, an ice cold pint at half time, a gourmet pie, international players in your team. But the soul has gone. We are as, if not more, guilty than anyone else of these things. Money is dominating, the game is awash with it, and yet the people that pay to watch the game live are still getting ripped off. The demographic has altered beyond recognition, now it’s only successful professionals and the retired who can afford a season ticket. Woe betide the average family man with dreams of a father and son experience at his boyhood club.

    I might be going over the top here, but it reminds me of the Roman Empire – a gradual decline into increasingly lavish and expensive entertainment. The punters just lapping it up and not caring how it’s paid for, baying for the next new signing, the next shining trophy, so they can crack open a beer in celebration. The authorities merely winking at the next dubious new owner to join the Premiership party. The players and agents eager to slice off another huge piece of money pie for themselves. And should the team fail: the thumbs down – sack them, ban them, kill them! Success is everything; failure is intolerable.

    And on the pitch, the great illusion – the best players, sublime football, the glamour, the drama, the triumphs, the failures. All the world stares openmouthed at the splendour of it all, all their attention focussed on this little island and its league dripping with stars. You can’t deny the football is mesmerising at times – or is it the camerawork…

    To my mind, as a club, we represent something different right now – yes, we pay good money to the players, yes they are as greedy as players at any club, there is no difference on some levels. But bringing a young team on together, bucking the trend to spend big, valuing a team ethic and personal development over big signings and instant success, paying our own way – I’m proud of my club for those things.

    But the punters aren’t happy. Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we. And we probably will.

    I don’t want to support this trend to spend, this financial parabolic curve upwards, this unsustainable mentality. If it happens to us, deep down I know I won’t be able to abandon my Arsenal, no matter how bitter the taste it leaves in my mouth. I will probably cheer and whoop along with everyone else when we win, I will celebrate every title as the best yet. But inside me, something will have died. Perhaps it already has.

  15. Keyser

    Pedro – Surely if they wanted to win the fans over they could start investing now ?!

    Regarding Hleb – We played Villa away last year without Cesc and Hleb was playing them off the park, we went a goal down and we still won, Villa will point to a good second half, but I remember shortly after the Second Half started Hleb was running away towards the Villa Box and Carew who had aboslutely no chance of getting the ball cut him down from behind, it was almost planned and it’s the only way they got back into the game.

    A midfield of Rosicky – Fabregas – Flamini – Hleb worked well because of the amount of work each of them put in, Eboue may not be the best liked but it’s because of the amount of defensive work he puts in that gets him in before Walcott, as long as we have a team that works hard for each other, the emphasis on the talents of individuals is lessened.

    Total football.

  16. hounddog

    Pedro, is it just me but in order to get the site to update I have to log off and log back on. It does not update while I am logged on????

  17. Keyser

    Pedro – I’ve only really psted here today, but has the business model of the debt repayment been discussed ? Is the information even available, I’ve had talks with mates who support United and it seems to be hard to garner any facts. Like the minimum requirements for us to meet our installments I think are a lot lower.

    People talk about experience, but we’ve changed the way we play from the days of the Invincibles, how many players from the present team match up to their predecssors and while I know Hleb and Flamini have moved, neuther would be held in preference.

    Fabregas is 21 now, he’s a kid, but a kid with a European Championship and 200 games for Arsenal under his belt. I hope the players step up this year. It’s hard to find players of the Calibre of the ones from our past.

  18. Pedro

    Houddog, push F5 and that will refresh the screen for you (Or the refresh button on your browser, the round arrow)! Cheers for the Amaury info… I think he’ll surprise people as well… I am sure Wenger must have been in for him before.

    Seb… I love what we are doing… but I think football lost it’s soul long before the oligarchs entered the playing field… the nineties ruined football forever. You either grudgingly accept it… or leave football like one of my Liverpool mates has…

    I could never do the latter, no matter how grotesque football becomes… and I am sure you feel the same!

    Keyser, Hleb worked well with Cesc, but my argument is that Cesc could work with anyone… and I don’t know about you, but Nasri looks like becoming a superior performer to Hleb already.

    Anyway! Nice chatting with you all!

    Have a good one! Happy blogging!

  19. choy

    yeah houndog.. he plays in the middle of the park for his country as well.. he really needs to stay fit.. hope they fixed him well.

    well seb it is what it is….

    keyser.. the thing is football is not 11 vs 11 anymore.. it is about the stadium it is about bringing revenue to the shareholders.. it is about marketing the football club.. making lots of money.. wearing fancy boots..

    Alas…It is not just about the ball hitting the back of the net..

    the only thing the fans ever want to see… 🙁

  20. Pedro

    Keyser… £24million a season over 17 years I think?

    Check the accounts in the sidebar… —–>

    That link to the annual reports explains all and is very interesting!

    Really off now… catch you tomorrow and welcome aboard Keyser!

  21. hounddog

    Pedro thanks for the info on the updating.

    Choy, spot on…I hope he is fixed this time and comes back to his best form.

    Good night all

  22. Keyser

    Pedro – Thanks and Goodnight dude, I’ll have a look.

    I get the Nasri and Hleb bit, just wanted to say it’s not soo much about the individuals anymore as long as you have a good mix of talents in the team.

    Choy – Yeah and don’t we know it, it’s really sad and while I know afew years back I looked at the World through the eyes of a kid/teenager, I just don’t like the way we’re going.

    At least we still play probably the most enetertaining football around and I think people will still turn up as long as we keep playing, do you watch many of the reserve games ?!

    I think it’s what most people were sOo shocked about during the Fulham game, it wasn’t that we were beaten but the performance was that bit more pathetic considering the way we created almost nothing, even though Adebayor hit the post.

  23. choy

    hey keyser.. nah don’t watch much of the reserve games unless someone really recommends it to me.. do watch carling cup though hahah…

    yeah we play great football..

    well going into the fulham game we did know that we were short.. just proved many doubters right.. ..

    what you upto

  24. Keyser

    Choy – Was watching the tennis, like the Federer to Arsenal analogy, the mans just genius.

    With the reserves watch how much skill and creativity they have, when Wenger goes on about the level of technique in our youth teams he’s not lying.

    You should check them out on Justin Tv or whatever for them, we played Chelsea last week, while we lost in the end we played some great football.

    People go on about the Fulham game that was us at our worst, but with Diaby, Rosicky, Song and Fabregas not starting, Eboue and Denilson who’ve barely played for the first team let alone starting together in Central midfield and for all that and Fulhams domianance the only chance they scored from or even had was from a corner and a Gallas error.

  25. gnarleygeorge9


    When England win something, not one Scot will claim it as a win to them. Like when New Zealand win something we don’t claim it as a victory to Australia.

  26. goonermichael

    When murray was asked who he wanted to win the world cup he said anyone but England.

    So I’m anyone but Murray

  27. ikon

    hi guys…
    i just hope we win games until rosicky, diaby and dudu are back.

    the latest comments by phw is a bit of a shock really. It is a clear indication that the fans pressure is becoming a bit too much to handle.

    I am really afraid this might be wenger’s last term… and i dunno whether i will be able to see that free flowing football once he is gone.
    And i bet there arent many who can make it happen in english football… its an absolute mess.

    So i might as well give up on any rant untill the next 1 and half years or so. And then switch over to the dutch league.

  28. kelsey

    There is a comparison with football regarding our failure to win a grandslam mens title since 1936(Fred Perry),It is again the coaching system at grass route levelsnothing to do with the weather.It is still an elitist sport,and Paris has more indoor courts than the whole of the UK.Henman was rejected by the LTA and only came through because of David Lloyd and the Slazenger backing.Murray is the same,his mother not the LTA got him initially off the ground and funded his early career,though as a person I don’t like him and the things he says,he actually slammed the LTA when he won the US equivalent of Junior Wimbledon,and he was right.

  29. Big Raddy


    Did you see Theo get robbed in the Belgian Grand Prix? He drove an awesome race and then some jobsworth docks him 25 seconds. Disgraceful.

    Football. Didn’t see the England game, but hear our boy did good. I watched the Hungary/Denmark game – absolute stinker. It is only by watching rubbish like that, that I appreciate the genius of Arsenal in full-flow. The newcastle game was just top, top entertainment. No other teams play like us, no-one gets near.

    True, we don’t always reach those heights ….. but when we do…… it makes my spine tingle.

  30. ethangunner


    Where is the joy of having a winning team that is an amalgamation of super stars?

    Should wenger be so self indulgent to have the satisfaction of joy ? should it be a personal accomplishment or should he be doing the best for the club ?!
    I personally think his project is taking too long to materialize .and i doubt like others that it ever really will come good ! Im not sure i believe wenger is doing this because he wants too ! I believe he is doing this partly because the club cannot spend huge ,huge money on 1 transfer , and he has a responsibility to his youth , who he doesn’t want to get rid of because he might regret it later !

    But if a new owner changed the goal posts and said he could spend big next summer like over 100 MIL , im sure you would see eboue – possibly some of the sickees sold
    and ade – almunia etc .. gallas ! maybe 🙂

    wenger has no problems in letting youth go , we’ve seen that for the past 2 or 3 seasons .. and there are too many to list .. the latest being hoyte and possibly senderos !

    all will go for more experienced and classy names if wenger had the money !
    When you think of it PHW will get a lousy 4 mil from the proceeds if he sells ..
    but its better than getting 3 million .. so do you run the risk of losing money
    because other clubs pass you by.. or do you sell up whilst the goings good .
    i know what most smart business men would do !
    Wenger will not buy stupidly even with 100m ! but after this season wenger is in his final year .
    its an important issue in how this story will end !
    It would also not be attractive if wenger wasn’t part of the Arsenal package !
    and with 2 years to go the new owners can negotiate with him at least !
    so i think if its going to happen it will be soon ..

    What would you prefer, and Arab consortium with a trillion quid or a sports tycoon like Stan?

    i would prefer Dein as Chairman ! director , he is already set up as that in his red and white holdings , and i, like most… am a bit scared of what a take over will bring to the table, but i think over all the change needs to be made as we are losing our ability to compete in any case ! But dein represents assured support of arsenal ! and more importantly
    secures wengers future with the club ! and cesc’s and staff and … who ever ….

    as much as i bash him , i’m certain that he is only doing this youth project because
    he is cash strapped ! too many previous incidents point to AFC having a sad lack of funds.. too many promises that dont come to fruition ! Its all money related …

    wenger is trying to get better names in at the club , he is also trying to do it on the cheap ! so what does that tell you ?!

    why would we get bitchslap and silverstre ?
    we are ARSENAL not a relegation bait team in the EPL !
    we should be getting players like arshavin – ribery – villa – kompany
    not these above average at best squad players !

    its all money ,it screams money !!!
    this club cannot afford this new stadium ????
    well maybe it cannot afford the new stadium and to spend big money on transfers too !
    and that is the problem ..