T-Day: Kalou, Alonso, Vieira, Arshavin, Yaya, Cana, Kaka…!

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Good morning and welcome to September and the the first T-Day of the season.

T-day is transfer day… This is what our whole summer of speculation amounts to, this is what we’ve been waiting for, this is when we find out whether we’ll be challenging for honours past February. All those players in the title have been linked at one time or another, but it doesn’t matter now.. because it all culminates today.

So who could be coming in?

Rumour 1: Patrick Vieira

Patrick was seen living the high life with new signing Silvestre in the executive box at the weekend. Rumour has it that Jose has put paid to his career at Inter and that he maybe about to sign a 1 year deal with us. He is injured at the moment, which would make him appealing to Wenger, but he is also on a planned promotional tour… and if rumours are to be believed, he may have been trying to get some of his deposit back on those damn pesky Highbury flats…

Rumour 2: Xabi Alonso

Ok, so if Barry goes to Liverpool… Alonso could find himself in a car racing down the M1 to sign terms with Wenger. This one makes sense if Arsene is into pleasing Cesc… but seeing as he’s never appeased a player with signings before, I don’t see him starting today. Alonso makes sense from a footballing perspective and most Gooners would love it, most Pool fans would hate it.

Rumour 3: Metzelder

The bearded German is reportedly on our radar for a season long loan. He is a top international and a beast of a player. I’m not quite sure why he isn’t getting in the Madrid team, but who cares if we can nick him on loan for a year. Experienced, efficient and a winner… could be a good move!

Rumour 4: JD

Rumour has it that JD could be off to West Ham for £8million to replace Anton Ferdinand. Don’t even entertain this rumour… he is going to be a top player for us and I would be absolutely gutted to see him go. Don’t do it Arsene… You gave Phil way more chances than JD and it would be unfair to get rid of a player the fans really like

Rumour 5: Kaka

Yeah Arsene, I want Kaka for £60million and if you don’t sign him I’m going to write a letter to the Chairman demanding you out.

Ok, that one was a joke… Wenger reckons the fans always want a £40million solution, so I thought I’d be the first to ask for one. KAKA KAKA KAKA!

So they are the 4 big ones this morning (+1)… I really had to scrape the barrel for those… so you know what that means? I’ll be completely wrong!

I hope so as well, I hope we’ve got 2 players lined up, two amazing players, 2 future heroes who are ready for now football! I’d like a utility midfielder with experience and a direct replacement for Flamimi.

Wenger knows he needs to buy now and he knows that if he doesn’t buy well, he has put his head firmly on the chopping block if we get exposed later on in the year. Lets pray for a transfer miracle (Two transfer miracles!)!

Midnight awaits, when the clock strikes twelve, will we turn into a Premiership contending team?

Who knows! Let your thoughts be read in the comments section!

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  1. patthegooner

    I did though Seb

    Man City have just changed the rules, there are now in a better position than Chavski.

    And with Man Ure also showing ambition, I honestly think this season would be the last chance to win the PL as things are.

    Man City might not be top 4 this year but they will be next which means we will fighting for 4th.

    The only way to compete is to change the way we are operating. To me that could mean the board and the manager.

  2. leegooner


    I agree we shouldn’t go throwing money away, but we’ve had all summer to find a replacement for Flamini and we haven’t done so. I don’t think what we have at he moment is good enough in that position.

    If we have money why can’t we spend some? Ok, 30 mil for Berb or Robinho seems silly money to me, but surely we can strike some deal?

    The experience lost this season has not been replaced in any shape or form. We can’t just depend on the kids. It’s a fine balance/mixture that I don’t think is right at the moment and I would like to see our club showing a bit of ambition.

    I’ll support the team the same as always, just fed up at not seeing any promised transfers come to light. I’d rather Wenger had not mentioned anything!

  3. GunnerShabz

    ok guys am back, went to sleep and i was SHOCKED to see

    robinho to man city

    money does talk

    and we are going to be left behind by man city now

  4. patthegooner

    And sorry if it was not aimed at me Seb, but I think Arsenal fans now have the right to start asking that question, and it honestly would not surprise me if fringe shareholders start selling out to Red and White.

    And me personally, I do want to see investment, Maybe not red and white but i dont think this board have the know how to run a super club, and they dont appear to be doing anything about bringing in that know how.

    They should be putting pressure on Wenger and I dont think he is under any pressure to deliver. they just want 4th to maintain the payments.

  5. Paul

    Wenger doesnt spend…. cam you imagine if he did…. we would win everything!!

    i think wenger deserves credit, but he shouldnt be saying he will sign someone when he doesnt.

    Thats wrong on his part.

  6. GunnerShabz


    i agree with everything u say now

    we need to do something

    just look at man city, they go out and buy robinho….. these arabs have just got silly money…. probarly paid all cash… straight no messing around

    watch in the january window, they probarly buy more….

    we are being left behind… and honestly am really worried guys

  7. jimmyfingers

    I do second Seb’s sentiment: the club should not be sold, and it does not need to be, as financially we are secure and profitable. It is with the manager the fault lies, not the board and whatever Slav or Arab zillionaire buys the club wouldn’t change that. He simply won’t spend the money in front of him, unlike Mark Hughes or Ramos who are having a field day

  8. Evo in Oz


    ARSE.COM website has changed the picture of the reserves game news from Mark Randall to a picture of a football ground

  9. JD

    I am one of those fringe shareholders mentioned above, if in the next 3 months arsenal are not in agood position I will be selling my shares to Red and white in the new year. Enough is enough.

  10. patthegooner

    Its not just about the money I see in Investment, it is about new ideas and targets and marketing the club properly.

  11. patthegooner

    Evo, that sort of suggests that maybe Arsenal were working on something. Why else would the website team be working at this hour

  12. patthegooner

    What I will say is that Wenger needs to come out publically now and explain his actions. why the promises throughout the summer. He has to let us know why they failed to materialise.

  13. GunnerShabz

    fuck it people

    i hate to say this…. we aint going to win fuck all this season

    wenger has put faith in this squad, but i aint got the faith, i really thought we get someone in the middle… thats all we need

    i guess he feels denilson, song and diaby will do the job

  14. patthegooner

    So what was it in the end

    IN: Silvestre, Bischoff, Nasri, Ramsey, Coquelin

    OUT: Senderos, Traore, Hoyte, Lehmann, Flamini, Hleb, Silva, Diarra

    What a fucking joke, looks like he made a profit in his dealings once again.

  15. goonermichael

    I’m gutted and I think we have been led up the garden path as they say but I’d rather stay like this thanbe owned by some fat cunt who wants to play with a football club. Dein can go fuck himself as well

  16. choyy

    wake up to see that man citeh have signed robinho!!! utd get berbatov…

    arsenal fans get peanuts.. back to sleep ya’ll… nite ……….shit..

    hughes will get fired if he doesn’t get into top 4 hahah!! but they seriously might get there!

  17. goonermichael

    Arsenal were last night desperately trying to sign Xabi Alonso before the transfer window closed after submitting an improved offer, thought to be around £14m, for the Spanish international midfielder. Earlier the Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez, had insisted Alonso was not for sale but it is understood that he was always prepared to do a deal if his valuation was met.

    The Arsenal manager, Arsène Wenger, who rejected Cardiff City’s attempt to take Aaron Ramsay back on loan, has played a delicate game of brinkmanship in trying to secure Alonso, whom he wants to partner Cesc Fabregas in central midfield. Wenger regards the 26-year-old as a player who can add the experience and steel which have been missing from his team. A bid of £12m was rejected last month as Wenger hoped to capitalise on Liverpool’s attempts to sign Gareth Barry from Aston Villa.

    From the independents site

  18. bini

    the funny thing is that we were promised two players in addition to what we had last season and now it looks seven players out and four in…….
    Bischof ne game on the whole previous season
    second quality player – again in treatment theater most of last season
    third a young player o
    Mikael Silvestre (Injured most of last season),
    Amaury Bischoff (One game last season the rest in treatment table),
    Samir Nasri (The best siogning and better than twat Hleb),
    Aaron Ramsey (Good but for future)
    Francis Coquelin (Good but for future)

    Injured Diabi, Edwardo, Rosiscky etccc

  19. Evo in Oz

    wenger official email from the 1st september just into my inbox:

    Dear Supporter,

    I was very pleased with the performance against Newcastle because it was a complete one.

    Offensively and defensively, we had a good balance in our team. We had great movement and, apart from 10 minutes at the begining of the second half, where we suffered a little bit, we were always in control.

    We played the game we love, the game we know how to play and we could have scored more. I am pleased that we didn’t concede any goals and we could have scored more. You could see in the end that we had a chance almost every time we attacked.

    It was another good performance after our defeat at Fulham and I believe that the improvement comes from us showing a completely different attitude. We have shown that against FC Twente and we have shown it again on Saturday.

    Fulham was the start of the season with tough games before it. After the players went away, for some of them it was their fourth game in 10 days and we were not ready mentally at Craven Cottage. Now they look sharper.

    Robin van Persie had a good day until his injury, scoring two goals and hitting the crossbar. He can be that link between midfield and the strikers, and it is the way we want to play. I think you could see he was in shape and when he is like that he is a very important player for us.

    As for his injury, Robin is having an X-ray and we have to check his ankle. Hopefully nothing is broken but I don’t know yet.

    Another international break begins now and it is frustrating for all the managers.

    The difference is maybe when you are involved in the Champions League, because there is no time to regroup when players are playing far away from home. When my players come back we go away to Blackburn so we have to be ready.

    Thanks for your support.

  20. Stu

    DIdn’t Wenger say recently that he didn’t want to make a premature announcement only to have it bachfire in his face. So, worry not. He is just waiting until everything is 100% confirmed. So………….expect an announcement in mid-january.

  21. ethangunner

    Notable arrivals: Mikael Silvestre (Manchester United), Amaury Bischoff (Werder Bremen), Samir Nasri (Marseille), Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff City), Francis Coquelin (Stade Lavallois)

    Notable departures: Philippe Senderos (AC Milan, loan), Armand Traore (Portsmouth, loan), Justin Hoyte (Arsenal), Jens Lehmann (Stuttgart, free), Mathieu Flamini (AC Milan, free), Alexander Hleb (Barcelona, £12m), Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos, £1m)

    4 1st teamers IN ..
    6 1st teamers OUT

    what a productive transfer season .

  22. ethangunner

    Evo RE : RVP

    As for his injury, Robin is having an X-ray and we have to check his ankle. Hopefully nothing is broken but I don’t know yet.

    Fuck hes gone again ! …

    he’s gone !

  23. Stu

    Coquelin and Bischoff wont play before X-mas at least. Silvestre is a squad player at best(hopefully) and Ramsey isn’t ready.

    I can’t fucking believe that Wenger went back on his word and didn’t buy anyone. Its a disgrace that he has left the squad so bare. Denilson, Diaby and Eboue are contesting the DM position. WOOOOOOO!!! boy are we in for a treat. Citeh spent more on Jo and Robinho each than we spent all summer. Now that’s true ambition for you.

    Arsene knows, right? Or has he forgotten?

  24. Rob From Aus

    go im sick of the lies wenger comes up with, how will he justify the next trophiless season? what bad luck? bad refereeing? come on AW! 3 seasons worth of that shit? i highly doubt your excuse are even slightly plausible. obviously everyone thinks there is a problem except yourself and PHW, even Fizsman offered 30 million for you to spend, here is a concept- Rather than being the Arsenal Accounts Manager, just try being the teams manager, im sure there are plenty of competent people with a degree in accounting and funds management. Also how can the fans all be wrong? like PHW said we dont listen to the fans?! well fuck me im sure the 60000 supporters who rock up every game and the millions around the world who invest there hard earned dollars i.e merchandise memberships etc. are a little tired of the same disappointed and i dare say bad investments in this team. Seriously we are the laughing stock of the so called top four and pose little threat to the title. Sooo Grovers gear up for another let down and a continuation of lies and properganda. How stupid do they Arsenal board think we are? So im going to send an invoice to AFC and demand back the hard earned money i have spent. Ill always love my club but fuck u r testing mine and everyone elses patience…

  25. ReVELAtion


    A non event for the gunners then… I can’t blame any of you for being wound up, but let’s just be glad it’s over and can look forward to the football….

    2 things are certain though….

    1) With the performances and signings we’ve made Wenger cannot, at any stage of this season, afford to have fabregas injured for longer than 3 games… If he does get injured, who is going to create anything in midfield? I can see diaby, denilson or song being a decent partner given the games, but playing 2 of them together is not trophy winning or even top 4 quality….

    He (wenger) has shot himself in the foot here… He’ll just have to hope we can get to january without having taken too much damage…. It’s better we prepare now for dissapointment, so if we are in the uefa cup and mid table in january with alot of ground to make up I will not be suprised….

    2) if we fall out the top 4 because of arsene’s unwillingness to buy players we clearly needed at rates which are not those of 8 years ago, the fans will call for his head… The board won’t sack him, but everyone’s eyes are on us hoping it all ends in tears… We just get left on tenderhooks… Not a good day to be a gunner…

    oh and it’s my birthday aswell today.. happy fucking days it is not….

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    The press hide behind the claim that all information they receive cannot be devulged. In inturn they write 90% of the time a whole lot of crap, coz it winds people up, & as their editors know, it sells.

    If the general public went about spreading the same amount of crap we would be held accountable to the point of being sued.

    So what is the pre requisite for being a football journalist?

    Is it that you must have a degree in gossip?

    Are you better suited to sports journalism if you were the little wanker @ school that always got belted up? (bit like an aussie rules umpire).

    So you will be hired coz you have a chip on your shoulder the size of a tree about the Mighty Arsenal.

    Well to all those journos out there; Rupert (Nurd)och has already accepted that the future of news is via the internet, & we have our own news service/forum/competitions here on Le Grove & its spreading like wild fire.

    As the Big Bear has already said. The Empire (Le Grove) strikes back. So stick that up your writers cramp you dip sticks 😈


  27. Rob From Aus

    Happy birthday revelation…. or it was till u found out we are in for another shit season… oh go onto Arsenal.com and have a go at that Frank Stubbs dude who thinks he is the voice of the common fan, u will find what he writes very comical and u tell me whether he he is our voice and not the boards?!

  28. ikon

    i thought we had signed veloso.
    but berba going to manu is not a good sign. SAF knows whom to buy and doesnt give a fuck about the finances…. which is good. And ohh he has also the balls to make a big signing and make it work…. ffs even carrick is delivering now!!!!

    we…. we are the only ones of our kind…

    i really think like many others we are at least one mid fielder short . we havent signed flamini’s replacement. Although we in practicality of sucha long campaign need more than that.

    No cover for cesc, clichy, and denilson is still learning.

    Coming to think about this as of now eboue is our most valuable squad player… i think that if he is injured we are in a hole.

    Maybe wenger asked rosicky and diaby and dudu about their returns…. but arghhh… if they get injured again they better hang up.

  29. gunnerfever

    t-day has come and gone and so many other teams have triumphed and we are still were we are thanks to arsene wenger and the board….they are a bunch of cunts.

  30. kingsley

    we have had all summer to get someone in, this is a huge failure on wengers part. our season is over already…i serious believe that.

  31. gnarleygeorge9

    Well the Gaffer has set a precedent now. He says we can cope without new signings of star quality. We can win trophys with the squad we have. If managers @ other clubs made statements like these & didn’t follow through with the results as per prescribed, they would be shown the door by the Board, or in Chelski & manure/mancity cases, by their sugerdaddys.

    AW you have put the pressure on yourself now. If you can bring home the silverware that you say can be won with this squad. You shall be the greatest ever football manager in the history of the FA. Good luck, we will all be watching 🙄

  32. Duncan

    AW wants to be the man to set a standard, with a big club not spending any money, i am an arsenal fan through and through for all my life and am very pasionate about them, to a fault, but i really hope we don’t win anything, dont qualify for CL, then this may force AW into doing what everybody, and i meen everybody knows what we need and thats quality players

  33. Duncan

    i’ll wait for the new post to really get going this morning, i might have calmed down a bit by then, i am really fucking annoyed right now, it seems that we are only people who care about our club the board, the manager don’t give a fuck or are too stuck up there own arses to see what is going on

  34. kingsley

    i agree duncan. and just for anyone who has any positivity left in them please answer me this….if cesc gets injured or in any game (any game!) where he needs to be rested who the fuck is gonna play in midfield!

    i just cant get my head round this…and a further point, this guy everton have signed is a monster! i wont be able to watch any of there games cos se is exactly wot we need. just thinking about it makes me feel sick!

  35. gunnerfever

    well here is the excuse that will be given to us fans who they consider to be a bunch of sheeps;

    interviewer: Arsène what went wrong during the transfer deadline?..is there a reason why you didnt buy anyone?

    Arsène wenger: well aa yez ofcourse therez a reason…i have tremendous faith in this team and ze potential iz certainly there to win trophies and i believe this team can achieve great success this season.

    interviewer: were the fans promised they would definately see 1 or 2 signings and you said the fans would be reassured with what they see…do you think the fans are reassured?

    Arsène wenger: yez i had mentioned that we would buy 1 or 2 depending on ze necessity and ze availablity for ze right price and quite clearly we havent found any player who is better than what we have and im sure the fans would be reassured with the kind of performance this team puts in in the coming weeks .


  36. SHotJIM

    Its not like i was expecting us to sign a £30 million player or something but i had hoped we would add a some more experience to the squad. I respect AW’s principles and i thik has done a fantastic job but he surely cant expect to compete in all comps with what we have. OH well im not a religious man but im preying for a miracle.

  37. kingsley

    flamini…diarra…gilberto……not to mention never replacing vieira or edu. i just cant get my head round it. someone say something to but me at ease!?

  38. Duncan

    Kingsley, Man U could possibly get points deducted for the illegal approach for Berba, Spurs never gave permission for them to talk to him let alone have a medicle! hope that helps

  39. finestcuts

    Good morning, for those hoping there will be a transfer announced, there won’t the window is closed. If we were going to get a free agent we would have done so already, and anyone who wasn’t good enough to get a contract before the window closed is certainly not good enough to play for Arsenal. Word is that in the final hour of the transfer window, Arsenal contacted Liverpool and made an improved 14m offer. But it was too late, they need him and we’ll have to play with who we have. Denilson had a great game against Newcastle, all he needs to do is keep it up, we can play classic 4-4-2, we don’t need to play Diamond, Denilson and Cesc side by side is an effective combo. Song will be back to full fitness too, he played as a midfielder in the African nations cup and got top honours. We also have Diaby, so 3 central midfielders already, no luxuries available but don’t lose the faith, we can cope more than adequately.

  40. Duncan

    Finest, not got a lot of choice really, we’ll support who plays, and we’llall be saying that Song is the new flam, or Diarby is finally becoming PV04, but as someone said already what about injuries and suppensions, we’ll be fucked

  41. Catford

    AW is employed to produce the best team he possibly can. He is not doing his job! Unless Danny F is lying, there is money there, that he is refusing to spend. The ‘experiment’ continues……….to the detriment of the team!!!

  42. kelsey

    Morning kingsley,duncan,gunnerfever and others.It is quite clear that we wanted to buy Alonso,and missed out by the most by 2 million on their valuation,and i am sure there are other examples we don’t know about.Would we have bought Nasri if Hleb hadn’t gone.Outrtotal summer expenditure is zilch we actually made a couple of million. I reckon our total expenditure is less than every other club in the PL.The squad is far weaker than this time last year,and as you rightly said kingsley about cesc,who will be a target by barton like defenders.We have every right to show our concern,we should have won the league last year,and i blame wenger for not adding in january.Now we have ade on more than double his wages,and we all know where his loyalties lie.It is a shambles,and don’t live in hope that he will strengthen in january.I feel so gutted I might repeat this post later with a few addons.Mr Wenger who speaks 8 languages and has a masters in economics,you have completely lost the plot.

  43. patthegooner

    Well fuck you wenger, I have had enough of you

    I am going to calm down for a few hours and then have a major rant on the new post. After that I will get 100% behind the team, after all it is not their fault

    I have never been this angry with wenger. he is now on borrowed time. If we are not the PL or CL champions in 270 days time, his time is up.

    I knew he was gambling on Alonso, what a fucking fool

  44. finestcuts

    OK worst case scenario, if we have Denilson, Song and Diaby injured/suspended at the same time, we have Randall. Denilson, Song and Diaby injured/suspended at the same time is quite unlikely. Nasri can also play in the middle so we could also play like this:

    Walcott, Nasri, Fabregas, Rosicky (back soon). It’s unlikely we’ll have a gargantuan crisis. Last season Flamini played most games, and Gilberto was used as a standby. Three players for that position is enough to cope.

  45. gunnerfever

    morning kelsey and its sadly true that wenger has gone over the top with his arrogant persona trying to prove a point that trophies can be won even by selling top players and buying absolute bargains and making profits every transfer window……

    wenger should have continued his economics degree with paris saint germaine instead of us and they would have shown him the door in 2 trophyless seasons at most……we get to bare with him coz of this board who are all utter cunts and are happier with wenger if he doesnt spend and sells out top players to fill their filthy pockets and in return they give arsene wenger as much time he wants in his pedophylic experiment in trying to groom young players, out of which only 2 or 3 would go on to become cesc fabregas or clichy.

    im absofuckinglutely gutted and feel like the manager and the board of the team i love and worship have stabbed my hopes of winning some silverware right through the heart.

    au revoir wenger hope you fucking just get lost in the middle of the bahamas and never return and while youre at it please take this fucking joke of a board with you and get stranded in a yacht in bermuda triangle.

  46. Seb

    Morning, well no news is bad news, so that’s disappointing. I don’t know the reasons for not securing Alonso or whoever, maybe Ken Friar fell asleep on the phone to Rick Parry at 11.45pm, tired after a long day…

    But personally, unlike most people, I don’t see it as the end of all things Arsenal. The facts remain that we have won 4 of our first 5 competitive games, conceded one goal while scoring ten, and are still playing great football that could beat anyone on the day.

    That is not AKB talk, it is the facts. Whether we now come up short later in the season remains to be seen – at the very least we should be able to get through to the next window.

    I must say I’m surprised that we didn’t produce another unknown from somewhere. AW will certainly have put himself under more pressure from all sides by not buying, personally speaking I hope it doesn’t lead him to crack, simply because of the way he gets us to play. I’m sure a lot of you are hoping for the opposite.

  47. TJ

    Well said Seb,

    I just wish Wenger had said he wasn’t buying anyone, why start talking about transfers & not producing?

    & where the hell is our new MD to take some pressure off of him? Are we grooming some 17 year old who won’t be ready for 30 years???

  48. kelsey

    Morning Seb,naturally us true supporters are down,and you are right but who did we beat.interesting opta stats.Who has had the most shots in the opening games Arsenal.Who has had the most individual shots Adebayor 11 return nil.let’s form an opinion on our next 3 games all away at Blackburn,kiev and Bolton.

  49. Duncan

    what is ces gets injuried thou, i know the others can cover each other, i suppose nasri can play in the middle if rosicky is fit, i guess this is wengers answer?

  50. Duncan

    morning Pedro, did you say a pray last night to keep your faith in order? our faith has been thrown back in our faces, theoonly faith left now is (not to sound like an AKB) to have faith in AW, i cant believe i just said that

  51. kelsey

    on another note i wouldn’t want to be in that slimeball kenyons shoes this morning,apparently they were ready to roll with the new robinho shirts


    seb i’m sorry if you think that this squad is going to win the the epl ,or champions league ,you must be a akb i’m sorry because
    denilson ,
    plastic viera ,
    in the middle of our midfield is a joke,
    no defensive midfield cover for gallas /toure, who are not a good pairing anyway,
    we will be out of sight come the next window.

    The bigger picture is this
    WE HAVE A CHAIRMAN THAT QUESTIONS ARE LOYALTY ,because we dare critisise
    we will keep the squad together in the summer this is the priority
    we will add two super players
    we will add one body in the midfield
    even last week fizman came out with the 30 million statement to buy time and fend off the critics, you make a point about the last 4/5 games we played
    I dont see any team in that list that we shouldnt beat , you forgot to mention the defeat to fulham the worst performance in 10 years
    if that list would have contain ,chavs, pool, man ure, and an actual team in europe I would share your optimism ,
    They will now probabaly put out a statement that says we tried to get this deal done that dael done,
    its a question of economics you ask the selling club what do yo want then you pay its simple ,
    if alonso ,who i think would have been a great addition was to have come we could compete, if wenger really wanted that player we would have paid the asking price .
    This is another example of the disaster that is the management system at arsenal ,



  53. Duncan

    that is funny? serves the chavs right they have been beaten by there own game, paying more than anyone else to get there own way, its my ball i’m going home

  54. gunnerfever

    seb its quite clear your a fucking akb and a bizzarely spud hearted one at that you fucking cunt go suck on juande ramos’s shrivelled dick you faggot.

  55. kingsley

    denilson, diaby, ramsey, randall, bichoff, song…………..can anyone say hand on heart that these guys are good enough? honestly? Look at what we are competing against. man u , scholes, carrick ,hargreaves, anderson, fletcher. pool masch gerrard alsonso, chelski, essien, ballack, mikel, lampard, deco. The facts are starring us in the face! fuck me even villa have more midfield options than us. Its not like we are asking for much, its not like he hasnt had all summer to get someone, flam and gilberto left months ago.

    we are second rate at this moment….and goodbye cesc nect summer……BANG ive just killed myself.

  56. Duncan

    thats the worst feeling, we all know we may lose Ces sooner or later, but we are putting all of our hopes and dreams on the sholder of a 21 year old, this is worring, we did it a few years ago with TH14, how long before Ces gets pissedof and goes back to spain

  57. skandibird

    That’s it !!!!!!!! I am NOT repeat NOT renewing my season ticket next year!!! Fu**k Arsene and PHW and Ken Friar and anyone else who don’t give a toss about the fans, UP YOUR BUM!!!

  58. kelsey

    Seb,I always look at the bigger picture,and try never to be rude to another gooner,that’s why i left another site because everyone was slagging each other off,instead of having a decent discussion or debate amongst themselves.You have an opinion which I and a think the majority on here disagree with and you will still hear them singing “theres only one arsene wenger” at the next game,until the penny eventually drops.Someone is lying at the club,and we as fans are frustrated and annoyed at the direction the manager is taking.

  59. Duncan

    here we go then, lets start this now, 2 things, and i’ll repeat iton the new post if ness,

    1 – we make a stand and make sure the club knows our feelings, we do this by not going to one of the next home games, if the only thing they are worried about it money, then don’t turn up for the game, i know season ticket holders have paid already, but they won’t get any extra money from sales of food etc.. plus it’ll look bad on TV with whole stadium empty.

    2 – if we are all pissed off with AW then who do we get to replace him, lets look at the possible options, there aren’t that many?

    please start the list, i can’t think of any one immediatley. perhaps Harry Redknapp and Big TA?

  60. Seb

    gunnerfever thankyou for that personal attack. Quite how you calling the Arsenal manager a paedophile makes me a ‘spud hearted cunt’ I’m not sure, but well done anyway.

    Of course I wanted us to sign someone, our midfield is lighter than it ever has been, and the first few games have been against opposition we would expect to beat. If we get turned over in the next few games I will be as pissed off as anyone. But I reserve my anger for real events like matches, not non-events like the fucking transfer window, which is total media hype designed to stir everyone up over the paltriest items of ‘news’ if you can even call it that.

    It’s just funny how quickly the optimism about the team from Saturday turns to rage when we don’t sign someone. Victims of the hype. Build yourself up for transfer day, spend all evening getting more and more wound up, resulting in today’s imminent explosion of fury. I made my mind up not to buy into that shit, I could see exactly where that was going.

  61. Pedro

    Hi Dave Winchester,

    Your posts aren’t getting on becuase they are sarcastic and antagonistic. This has got to be the 5th time you’ve tried the same tactic today.

    Have another go, this time without the unfunny analogies.

    Alternatively, don’t bother.

  62. Pedro

    Nice piece London… I’m an LKB!

    I don’t think we’ll be that far off… and if we get lucky with song and denilson, we could well be up there.

    I actually think Fabianski will be a better keeper than Almunia by the end of the year… Wenger raves about him, I’ve never heard him do that about a keeper. The great thing about Fab is he makes world class save you don’t expect to see. Almunia just makes good saves.

  63. Pedro

    Bischoff will be good, Wenger tried to secure him from Strasbourg…

    The German league is similar to ours, so he should slot in nicely. Hargreaves didn’t have any problems did he?

  64. Pedro

    The money might ruin the game but as my mate just pointed out… Citeh have more history than Chavski… and at least all the best players are in the Premiership.

    We can’t expect a closed shop with the top 4 forever.