The booing was spot on / ‘Absolute rubbish’

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That was what my Newcastle United supporting girlfriend had to say on Newcastle… until she converted to Goonerdom!

Can you blame her? Yesterday was a master-class in football and pretty much an embarrassment for the travelling Geordies.

So the first thing to report is that plenty of Gooners turned up for this one. How could they not? The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and everyone is a lot calmer than they were a week ago. A big thanks to all the Grovers who turned up at the Small and Beautiful, we all had a cracking day!

I received a text from Geoff along the lines of

Kolo in, Denilson in, Eboue in… theo out.

That was a worrying text. Why was JD dropped and why was Theo dropped?


Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Eboue Cesc Denilson Nasri

Ade RvP

The team looked ok… any team with Nasri and Cesc in is going to create, so we weren’t too worried. I think the only players in the Newcastle team that were causing any worry amongst us were Owen and Gutierrez… that is one tasty Argie.

Once the game kicked off, we knew it was going to be our day. The ball was being rolled across the pitch in a most typical Arsenal fashion. Nasri was linking in beautifully with the team, like he’d been with us for 4 seasons, Cesc was pulling all the strings and even Eboue was having a pretty good game. I can also report that Kolo Toure powered a low shot from 30 yards, on target and forced a Given save! MADNESS!

For the first goal, Adebayor had a cross handled, which the ref spotted immediately and blew up for. Rumour has it that handball was more a case of ball to hand… but we were denied an earlier stone wall decision… so football karma evened itself out.

Up stepped RvP… BANG! 1-0 to the Arsenal.

The oppostions heads started to drop after that and Arsenal took advantage… the next goal will amaze you. Eboue starts the move by laying a decent pass off to Ade… Ade cut it back to Eboue, who chopped back this great back heel to the oncoming RvP who smashed home for two! Everyone ran over to Eboue and hugged him!

I do seem to remember the Grovers talking about this back heel that Eboue has added to his game, so it was particularly funny to see one come off!

Just before half time, Big Al was called into action to make a great save from and Owen header.

The next goal was a break away from defence, Nari had some nice interplay with Ade who laid off a decent pass to Denilson who buried it. He really enjoyed that goal and showed the fans plenty of chest slapping.


Almunia: His kicking was better today and he pulled of a blinding save from an Owen header. 7

Clichy: I just love this man… he seems to be 2 seconds ahead of everyone and he kept the big Argie quiet. A player who is going to cause many teams problems this year. 8.5

Toure: All over the park today, defending, attacking, shooting on target! A great way to mark your return to action! Keep it up Kolo! 8.5

Gallas: Kept Owen quiet all day and defended well when called upon. 7

Sagna: Great as always if not a little quiet. You felt Clichy was getting more support from Nasri than Sags was getting from Eboue… maybe that is what stunted his attacking mindset today. 7

Nasri: This man is what we waited 3 years for Hleb to be like… except he is better. He ran back and made a slide tackle in the box, he protected Clichy well defensively and worked well with him going forward. He likes to take free kicks (Wait until you see the pics later), he likes to shoot and he floats into great positions. Grovers, we have a player on our hands! 9

Cesc: Great to have the main man back! He played really well today, controlling the tempo without ever really over exerting himself. I would suspect he enjoys having Nasri in the team…His creative flair may add a bit of competition in the first team 11. I noticed Cesc playing quite deep today… 7

Denilson: Probably his best game in an Arsenal shirt this season. He even popped up for a goal. Lets not go overboard though… he is still not the answer to our DM problems but I am sure he will one day be a great player. 7.5

Eboue: Had a storming game today. If he didn’t have anything on, he’d pass it. That was refreshing. A stupid dive in the second half gave us all flash backs of what a prat he is, but other than that, I was impressed. He even has his own song… ‘YOU ONLY CAME TO SEE EBOUE, YOU ONLY CAME TO SEE EBOUE!’ 7.5

Adebayor: Some told me he was jeered by a few when he came one… but I didn’t hear that. He was cheered by most of the ground today, and I hope he appreciates that. His play was a touch off… he is still not at the races and he is not defending from the front like he used to. Give him time to get over his ego bashing and I am sure the goals will start flowing again. 7

RvP: 2 goals to his name… a good performance to his name… An injury where he needed to take his boot off. Same old, same old. If he has done something long term to his foot, is it not time to consider a new striker? If Thierry Henry was injured that much, would we have won the Premiership, or gone unbeaten? Doubtful… How can we afford to have a world class player on our books who can’t manage 10 games? 8

Finally, three points.

Mike Ashley can down a pint in the stands… something which is highly illegal for anyone else to do… and it is laughed about by MoTD? I hope an investigation is held into the matter.

Secondly, well played to the Arsenal Boo boys… Joey Barton truly is a cunt of Epic proportions and he deserved all the vitriol aimed at him yesterday. What a piece of Scum, Newcastle should be ashamed of themselves for keeping him on their books. The atmosphere was fantastic yesterday, I hope that came across on TV.

Thirdly, if anyone knows who was interviewing Arsene for match of the day… find out his address, post it on Le Grove and we’ll send someone over to clip him round the ear…

‘I guess Arsene, you wont need to sign anyone now?’

Dumb question.

So, great performance against weak opposition. Someone said this at the end of the game and I thought it was worth a mention:

‘They may have been weak, but it makes a change to paste a team who are weak.’

Great point, more of the same in the next match!

Have a great Sunday!

P.S. I have some great pics to post up later and I will be putting together a proposal for a Le Grove ticket exchange!

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  1. patthegooner

    Nothing Jules, SSN are just saying that we are waiting on the X-ray, but surely the club know the answer already. hopefully it is a case of no news is good news

  2. Patrick7

    Jimbo – that’s a reasonable solution: 4 units (about 600 calories) in total for a medium to large person providing it’s standard beer 3%!

    Doesn’t leave any leeway for a celebratory pint after the match though. LOL

  3. bastin

    lots of interesting speculation about PV04 here but it just doesn’t fit wenger’s philosophy. he sold vieira because he was past his best and because he had cesc and diaby. now we may not be convinced about the latter but AW is a stubborn man. i suspect that, like so many ex-arsenal players, paddy was just there to see great football. i often see bob wilson around the ground, doubt that almunia is worried about his place though.. 🙂

  4. patthegooner

    Problem is, if they let us drink in the stands, I would miss most of the game as I would be in the toilet. once that seal is broken

  5. finestcuts


    “I have sympathies for you Finest but when it can take 5 people to ‘control’ an alcohol enraged person that obviously stretches resources and costs.”

    Water cannons + pepper spray + taser if necessary.

    “Back to the booze: it’s a drug, stimulant and depressant. It will effect you EVEN if you THINK you can handle it (speed of reaction etc). If you have an aggressive streak in you just under the surface it will ring that out. Initially it might give a buzz but ultimately it will depress you……….maybe the reason for some comments on this site prior to yesterday STIMULATING the depression & frustration in KEEN AFC fans.”

    Drug consumption or lack of it is an adults choice. It’s good to be educated on the subject and decide yourself whether you wish to indulge or not but having a social engineering policy implemented by lunatics who sell arms to third world countries and try to moralise about individuals leisure activity is a farce. The whole idea of a “big brother” who looks out for your own good repulses me, and we can see the negative effects of “progressive” social engineering policies. A goverments job is to police those who impede on others individual liberties, not to take them away for peoples safety. It’s curious that with all these great ideas over the years that violent crime has gone up, drug abuse has skyrocketed and people put into the category of being offenders for having a drink, we need to draw a distinction between problem alcohol use and leisure use. The money spent on policing could be spent on rehabilitation programmes which real alcoholics are in desperate need of, and social drinkers who are ordinary people are being punished because people who are prone to addiction (if it wasn’t alcohol it would have been something else) are suffering. They need help, taking peoples rights away from them is not productive. Look at what happened with the 11pm curfew of old, people spilled out of pubs at the same time causing hoard of drunkards on the street at the same time, and created a binge drinking culture where people drink 5 pints or so in 2 hours, and don’t even have a snak in between.

    “It is also high in calories 7cal/gram compared with 4 for protein and carbs and although lower than fat at 9cal/gram is much easier converted to fat than the former to and is a ‘priority’ fuel which is why drinkers have problems with weight-loss! It puts stress on the liver which has knock on effects to diabetes, high cholesterol etc.”

    Exactly, that is their issue. I am not a regular drinker, I don’t have weight problems, and i don’t want my rights taken away from me because of those who do.

    “So for those bashing back the high alcohol concoctions 7% etc note the damage you are doing especially if you have cholesterol, weight, diabetes problems. I don’t wish to deprive you of your tipple or disturb your sunday but a little education may be helpful in keeping you WELL to support AFC in the best way for a lot longer…………..moderation which does not include ‘binge drinking’ is the key. 2 botles of that 7% stuff is probably more than enough: that’s over 700calories: may be more than a third of your ideal intake for the day in ‘empty calories’.”

    Exactly, it is their issue, it is good that you are raising the point and asking people to think about it, but most people with alcohol problems won’t listen anyway, they’re too busy getting drunk to think about it. If i happen to want to get smashed on 7% booze once in a while and have lots of empty calories, thats up to me. if someone does that on a regular basis their brain will turn to much, they’ll become physically and mentally ill and those people need the help of a doctor, they don’t need to ban someone like me who drinks less in a month than some people do in a day, and only on rare occasions gets completely ratarsed.

    By the way, high cholesterol is often linked with high consumption of animal fat more than it is with alcohol, someone who eats half a pound of meat a day and drinks everyday will obviously have health problems.

  6. Evo in Oz

    So the next 3 games should be a good test of our mettle:-

    13 Sat Barclays Premier League A Blackburn Rovers 15:00 ATVO
    17 Wed UEFA Champions League A Dynamo Kiev 19:45 ATVO
    20 Sat Barclays Premier League A Bolton Wanderers 17:30 SET1

  7. MM

    If He does come maybe he could win that arm band back. he is the only leader we have had since TA. TH14 was not a good captain and Billy is worse. still liked that he stood up for Nasri yesterday. Still not the Signing we are all looking for is it?

  8. Jimbo

    finest, that’s far too much effort mate…

    Pat, the solution to that is easy – go to the gym more, and do more excercise!

  9. finestcuts

    And as Pedro said… beer available encourages fans to get tanked up before a game, very unhealthy…..

  10. patthegooner

    Breaking news on SSN

    no major injury and he will be joining up with the dutch squad to get injured there instead.

  11. Patrick7

    Evo – absolutely up to the individual mate. But if the person is UNEDUCATED on alcohol abuse which WILL have a detrimental effect on their health in the short term nowadays ( at the levels of consumption). Don’t really want to get into the diabetes, obesity problems, etc of the current trends but if anyone wants more info………..

    KK does seem to be under pressure and think he’s only playing Barton to try to sell him on – can’t afford to dump say £5-10M worth of talent, albeit flawed!

  12. Pedro

    Jules, he is the first one to start fighting… then he feebly tries to break it up when his mate gets involved.

  13. Insidearsenal

    I cant tell you how i get the info cause i might get into alot of trouble with my job i think..mostly admin stuff thats all im gona say…. as an fellow arsenal fan i just had to tell you guys about this great news..

  14. spurdozer

    PV04 Won’t return to Arsenal. OFFICIAL.
    An Arsenal official said this morning that there has been speculation about Patrick Vieira coming back to Arsenal in the most popular and best arsenal blog. But we can confirm that he is not returning to Arsenal. He is contracted to his current club and Arsenal have not made any bid for him.

    Hehehehehehehe. I can become a good Arsenal spokesperson.

  15. Jules

    cheers pedro

    what scum , nice girl in that clip as well !

    king kev , thats ok for you is it . by not sacking him , for me you condone him.

    what a pleb . anyway enough on that .

    well done boys and ddm great news on RVP. !!!!!

  16. Evo in Oz

    Well another night on the football for me, im gonna crank up the old firm match in 30 mins and then take a look at Chavs vs spuds in between.

    best results for tonight – Celtic win, Spuds win and Villa win!

  17. Jules

    Pedro ..
    is,nt about time people stopped giving ade a hard time .

    ok , he has been a knob , he has had his turned , but he gave alot yesterday , brilliant
    bit of play to get the pen

    guys , he is our player , he has committed to the club , he wears our shirt .so get behind him .

  18. Odub


    I agree.

    I dont like the cnut, never have, never will. And his antics this summer have just further cemented my inherent dislike of the guy.

    However, I’d never boo him, wouldnt sing his name either though.

    I’m sure he’ll be fine as long as those getting on his case leave him to get on with his job. I bet they’ll be the same people singing that annoying song when he starts hitting the back of the net again.

  19. spurdozer

    C’mon Evo How can Diaby going be a gamble when he will play only 10 games for them and increase their medical bills.
    Tomas’ injuries+RVP injuries = Diaby injuries.
    I used to do it in grade 1

  20. Jules

    excactly Odub.

    people or so fickle .

    so if your going to cheer when scores , cheer him before ! what is the point or the positive out of booing him ?!

  21. Gary Murray

    Was it me who noticed the one sitter that Owen had was due to Eboue giving the ball away aimlessly in the middle of the park, then jogging back ball watching while Owen came in behind only not scoring from tangling up with his own teammate. Ade worked hard today and we have the best two outside fulls in the league, Nasri is pure class , great to have Cesc back but we still need a enforcing ,tackiling tough, DM

  22. favre

    omg standard beer in england is 3%?! normal strength beer here in Aus is 5% and “light” beer is ~%3

    Well in Aus, they only serve light beer at the cricket. Which is still a lot better than no beer

  23. Jules

    Gary ,

    we all noticed that but did,nt pv 4 give the ball away when newt face giggs scored in the cup ! ok eboue made a mistke , I am not eboues biggest fan but you have to say
    he had a good game and for once an end product , fair play to eboue ,and the back flick

    quality !!

    come on gooners !!!

  24. Patrick7

    Evo – interesting reposte!

    High fat has nothing to do with high cholesterol. Studies have been done with athletes eating a 50% fat diet with no effect on their cholesterol levels. Eskimos had a high fat diet for yonks with no health problems until we gave them our crap high carb no nutritional value food! Look at the Atkins diet.

    If your liver has problems even ‘normal’ consumptions of fat can cause an increase of cholesterol. Current trend of doctors to give a drug to control this is CRAP. Look at the root cause and support the liver which MAY mean STOP drinking!

    Don’t know what the education is like in OZ but in the UK it’s been crap since Labour got in and wasn’t great before. Nanny state now is the result of CRAP policies which the Tories are trying to reverse: that’s another subject.

    Well done on your own ‘control’. Don’t agree with the water canon etc as you can’t focus on one or two troublemakers with that in the middle of a crowd. Jimbo may have had it right: a pint before and mid-game if you feel inhibited or ‘enjoy’ the taste. I used to enjoy a Guiness but apart from the odd couple of stag-dos never OD’d and didn’t enjoy the after effects!

  25. Jules

    fuck me guys

    get positive today

    eboue played well , ade played well , they are ASRSENAL players .

    I love ARSENAL . Get behind them .

  26. Evo in Oz

    favre – i dont think the poms drink too much of their own booze, not much of a good choice, plenty of other choices that are better!

  27. Patrick7

    Could Vieira be the back up DM (that AW accepts we need) in case his attempts to bring in a more permanent one fail?

  28. Truth

    Great team performance, though Ade looks frightened to shoot at goal, but his link up play was very good. Te only negative being, if RVP has picked up a serious injury yet again.

  29. favre

    mmm yeh.. but why do poms like fosters?? well thats the impression i get. i saw ricky gervais drinkin some of it in his Fame dvd =s

  30. tiny

    no complaints about that performance. we hustled and bustled newcastle all game and never let them play. i was really impressed with everyone and adebayor ran his heart out with little to show. thing is will they be like this every game. some of the passing was breathtaking and we should have had more than 3 goals.
    wenger got the team up for up. so well done to him. ive never seen so many supporters giving him stick like he has this week and he made the team play with passion.
    hope robin is ok.
    and how can keegan say it wasnt a pen. thats as bad as fergie saying scholes wasnt to blame for his handball…….
    thanks arsenal for restoring the faith


    suprise fucking suprise van pussys injured again he was threatening to get injured all afternoon this guy will never stay fit it is sooooo annoying…..p.s its all about the stella art t wah…………..:o

  32. Patrick7

    We discussed Medzelder at length during/after the Euros where he didn’t excel. Can’t see that one happening especially as Yo Yo has proved himself and Sylvestre’s been brought in to cover until Nordveldt is ready.

    El Tel – any more news o the Spanish/Portuguese link? Almunia did well yesterday I thought. Besides the tip over the bar which was reasonably comfortable he fell to the floor at least once to snuff out a couple of well driven shots one of which looked to be too powerful.

  33. Gooner07

    Pedro, top report as always.

    The marked improvements were:

    a) the players wanted to shoot at sight to get the first two goals, than trying to do the routine. In general, they were more direct

    b) Adebayor wasn’t grazing the key areas like a cow, but tried to pull out their defence to deeper areas, thus freeing it up for other players. He looked a team player throughout. In general, he’s guilty of being overtly selfish. Now that’s another marked improvement. Also he was right when he said “the team winning is more important than personal scoring rate”. Let’s see if the twat stands on that. He should have also finished that wonderful lay off by RVP, and again, he popped wide. He NEEDS to finish it!

    c) Every player gave an extra, and that’s what Arsene wenger’s teams are about. Team effort, collective display. And let’s see if Arsene has the bottle to drop those who underperform, and bring fresher legs with more intent as and when neccesary.

    Overall, this is a great display of pass and move football, with triangles all around the field and key third man runs. We need to build on that.

  34. tiny

    its time to stop booing ade now i think. he showed yesterday hes gonna run and work tirelessly for the cause. if he can provid goals as well as scoring them thats even better.
    i remember man u fans slagging off ronaldo for winking at the ref and getting rooney sent off in world cup. they soon forgave him and klets give ade a break because we need him so much if were gonna make a challenge for the title

  35. Dobbi

    Ebue gets slated on previous reputation. This season he’s been no better or worse than any of the other players. I expect that after the adaptation period of last season he’ll make a decent right mid…

  36. Evo in Oz

    The best thing about Fosters is that Scottish and Newcastle acquired the rights for it in the UK in 2006, so its off our books now! mmmm….fosters….

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Fosters Lager might as well be an English beer coz no one drinks it in Oz. Its just a lable that the pomms latched onto during the Barry Mackenzie days.The best beer in Oz is Crown Lager/Boags Premium. I think my Ozzie mates would agree, but those Joey peronis are spot on 🙂


    that game should of been 6-0 yesterday some of there finishing is awfull they need to start being more ruthless in front of goal 5-0 would of put us top of the league but no they seem to miss easy chances ie theo walcott and greedy boi ………fix up

  39. Gooner07

    I don’t think we should be risking rvp against f-ing macedonia. It’s not a difficult tie, and it would be stupid to take a risk. Arsene shouldn’t send him to Oranje friendly as a precaution.

  40. Patrick7

    RVP is a victim of his own success. When he’s not ‘ring rusty’ it’s fatal to let him get his shot away. They realised that yesterday and both his shots in their attempt to charge them down ended with him receiving powerful kicks at the top of his foot/ankle. The camera cut away from the latter challenge just as the defender’s boot came in.

  41. tiny

    i know robin scored 2 goals but i dont think he looked no where near his best. he seemed to walk off ok after challenge…..fingers crossed

  42. favre

    Personally i dont like crownies but i know a lot of my mates who do. Peroni’s are pretty nice though. I like little creatures! straight from freo. I live in Perth.. So its a fact rvp is ok?

  43. finestcuts

    Oh c’mon Patrick, don’t make it out that I advocate firing water cannons indiscriminately.

    Big crowd and a few people having a fight…..get security to move through the crowd, tell them to open up, aim tasers at the offenders demanding they put their hands up, fire if they refuse.

    Water cannons for mass riots.

    It’s actually cocaine mixed with alcohol that causes the most violence.
    Alcohol itself does not often cause violence either, it’s the person who drank the alcohol, they have violent tendencies. The old adage, it’s not the alcohol/drugs, it’s you.
    Not so? Would a straight man become gay under the influence of alcohol.?
    Once again, it’s not the alcohol/drugs……it’s you. No.

  44. tiny

    Arsenal have reportedly made enquires about taking Real Madrid’s German defender Christoph Metzelder, 27, on loan for the season.

  45. Gooner07

    i think vela could do a bit this season. he looks strong on the ball with right intent and patience, but our midfield should get the ball to him, that’s very important. also, I think theo plays ahead of Vela in the wings, because arsene fixates theo to learn link-up, and control. Vela might already possess this with more expreince in Liga in Midfield, and also Arsene prefers right footed RM. Like Freddie, we need a RM with good timing of the runs and good finishing capability, and theo should start doing that consistently, until then Arsene shouldn’t give him the mantle straight away. He needs to mix it up a little with other options like Eboue. And also Rosicky will be up for it, IF that guy turns up for a short visit, and return back to his favorite medical table.

  46. tiny

    yeh maybe but at least ya feel like ya had a drink. stella just tastes so nice. to be honest i prefer a bottle of magners

  47. Pedro

    I’ve been to where they Brew Stella in Belgium… Pretty special place! haha! I am not a fan of the beer though!

    Peroni / Cobra!

  48. dennisdamenace

    Leuven’s a wonderful place, and Stella tastes better in Belgium than the crap they serve in the UK……..the locals in Belgium view Stella as a light beer………lol

  49. Pedro

    That is true… I always find it a little flat?

    I like that stuff I was speaking to you about before dennis… castell?

    That is good!

    Is Duvel from Belgium? Bud is… did you all know that?

  50. dennisdamenace

    Pedro -Duvel is most definitely a Belgium beer. Castell?? I know Kasteel, that’s a mutha of a beer 12% ABV, Belgium again!!

  51. kelsey

    Morning everyone.Matt lucas was in the crowd yesterday and at Fulham,we ain’t signing him,maybe he’s got the hots for KK.
    Viera was just sitting next to Silvestre most probably talking about his injuries and how the club deal with them,rush you back than get injured again and pick up your wages for months and sit in the stands.easy money.

  52. Pedro

    El tel, you are not logged into your wordpress account!

    If you are logged in, when you post, it wont give you an option to put your name or e-mail address in!

    Afternoon Kelsey! He is a big Gooner, I think he owns a box? His boyfriend takes a dog to the games!

  53. georgiaan-gunner

    i like cliChy against joy barton:) what a great pass beetwen legs:):)AND I LIKE NASRI’S INCIDENT AGAINS BARTON,VERY FUNNY:)

  54. raif

    so lads how many people want Chelsea to beat the scum today?

    i do to be honest with you. and i hope Deco scores and Sets up a few aswell as his in my dream team. i would like the extra points

  55. Evo in Oz

    raif – i would hope the spuds lose so they dont have a win on the board, but it would be better for us for them to win!

  56. dennisdamenace

    It pains me to say it, but yes i want the Chavs to win today, then i remember who they’re playing and i suddenly fell a tad better about them winning, funny that eh?

  57. the dude abides

    Belgian beer is good, but Czech beer is the best and if you go to the Czech republic (or Republic of Czechovslivakia as David Pleat calls it) it tastes even better.
    Budvar or Staropramen, but they are all good.

    Vieira would be a good signing of the season as he has experience and loves the club. He can only play 1 game a week max however.
    Think the Methelder rumour sounds like something the Spanish media have made up.

  58. raif

    i dunno about u guys but i like Big Phil Scolari,

    i wanted him to be england Manager before they got Sven instead. but heay it wasnt to happen. i just hate the Chavs players like FAT-PARD, and CASHLY-COLE, and that cunt BALLACKS. but i want them to win today. ill still be happy with a score draw. as it will help Arsenal aswell if chavs draw or lose.

  59. Truth

    I would like see a 0-0 draw at Chelski, or even a 0-1 to the spuds, and hopefully a Villa win against l’pool.

  60. Patrick7

    Evo – Agree entirely on that score. I was just pointing out that you can’t use water canon on individuals and tazers are for lone people. It’s much easier to take a way the ‘stimulant’ to the problem.

    As you have said the problem is in the people but some don’t recognise it. A mate of mine knows he has an agression problem just below the surface which a pint of alcohol can bring out so he CHOOSES to refrain. Others don’t. There’s also the ‘herd’ aspect where one person can set off ‘stimulated’ people that might not be taken in normally!

  61. Patrick7

    I hope the Spuds take some points off Chelski but I won’t grieve them losing again LOL. After yesterday I now have no fears of them getting into the top four in place of US!!!!

  62. Pedro

    I think that is for tomorrow MM.

    There is a rumour that I will be posting another blog at 1500 though!

    Make sure you are about for that one!

  63. Pedro

    Patrick, tazers should be banned full stop… they are responsible for so many deaths and when put in the hands of over zealous police, they can be a real danger to the public.

  64. marylandgunner

    Treze, I hope that there can be transfers on the Lord’s day. Inler had a lovely header yesterday in the Udinesse game. Watching the Spuds v. Chelski game. I don’t want either to win, but I would rather see Chelsea loose . . . they look frighteningly good.

  65. marylandgunner

    Oh, and Joey Barton is a douche. Newcastle put him on as an “enforcer.” What . . . is this hockey? I loved the fact that Nasri gave him a timely tap on the foot, and he went tumbling. That’s the kind of backbone we need to win something this year.

    Regarding RVP . . . great few goals. Almost had a shot go in that would have been surely, one of the shots of the season . . . but he is truly fragile. He was one of the only players on the pitch that kept on getting “hurt.” This is becoming truly unbearable. Pedro made a great point . . . if Henry was hurt this much during his career, where would we have been? Exactly. You become a great on the pitch . . . not on the bench.

  66. Patrick7

    Pedro – as far as I know they’re used by specialists not ordinary cops like the one’s that carry guns. If somebody’s out of their head brandishing a machete for an example the tazer is possibly preferable (and more reliable) to a rubber bullet or two to ‘control’ the person but I will never experience one as wouldn’t be in that situation (hopes!). I think I heard their use is being reviewed some time back?

  67. Evo in Oz

    thank fuck we didnt sign boruc, he has more loose screws than lehmann. he just made a woeful howler to let kenny miller score the 4th for rangers

  68. david

    Spuds are funny.. They spend all that money on a new midfield and still they go route one trying to find Bent..
    And has there lazy tosser of a manager learned how to speak english yet after a year?

  69. Joe Todd doesn’t work on Sundays (?) so i wouldn’t of thought they’d put anything up on Robin’s injury?

  70. Joe Todd

    Does it not? But the normal newsnow has CaughtOffside and crappy sites like that on it and rockynewsnow filters them out.. Not calling le-grove crappy!!

  71. Pedro

    Not a problem Joe… websites like that market our site, since he erased us from his feed, hits are up and comments are up!

  72. Evo in Oz

    good old Mark Bosinich returned to action today in the A-league since last playing 7 years ago, his team won 4-2

  73. LEON

    i realy like nasri, the like most about him is tanasisity he is just terror he can tackle ,great play maker ,very direct and will shoot on site and great passing range,i still think wse need a dm,delison is a more attcking player as is delison, song is perfect this position and delinson can cover but wenger will try buy one to players whuch i feel we need, however poeple keeping talking about age of our team, but tome if you are good enough your old enough

  74. Insideashburton

    Vieira has now signed. The latest on Metzelder is that RM do not want him playing against them should we draw them in the latter stages of the CL which has currently stalled the deal.

  75. CruEL

    Adebayor and his goals flowing? HAHAHA you gotta be kidding.

    He’s gotta pray for that lucky bounce and flukes off his chin to score a goal, notice how he can never repeat his goals even from last season? 1 season wonder this one. and don’t forget 6 goals were with Derby.

    Stupid to be holding on to him. The team played much better against twente without AdeBYEBYEor

  76. Gelbs

    Yep no doubt. Regardless, the wanker that is Wenger has had like 3/4 months to purchase a midfielder, and leaving it to the last minute. Just like the Gallas deal 2 years back. Only got him because his hand was falsed because Cole wanted out.