Exclusive Pics / Le Ticket exchange / Is PV04 about to re-sign?

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Afternoon Grovers!

What a day eh? 3 posts!

First up, rumour has it that Patrick Vieira will be signing for us tomorrow at midday. Insidearsenal (the poster not the site) has claimed some insider knowledge and is positive that he will sign. I have also had a few e-mails regarding the matter and 2 separate people told me the deal was going to happen at the Grove yesterday.

Do I believe it? I’m not really sure. It seems to go against everything Arsene is about? If he wouldn’t sign Anelka, why would he sign a 32 year old Paddy?

What do the grovers think? Well, the general consensus is that our hearts say yes, but our minds say no. I was of the opinion that I did not want it to happen earlier… but then someone made the point that if Paddy was fit for 20 games last year, we would have won the league… quite possibly. He is a born winner, and age doesn’t change that.

So long as he isn’t signed as a solution the the DM issue, I would be comfortable with his acquisition.

Watch this space is all I will say… stranger things have happened (Silvestre).

Second up. Le Grove is going to start a not-for-profit-ticket-exchange. This is so season ticket holders can lend their tickets to people interested in going to the game. Many season ticket holders get spare tickets that come up, but they really struggle to find someone to take them… as witnessed last week, people quite often end up taking nobody.

Le Grove has a wide reach these days, and we have a lot of hardcore posters… What I propose is that I set up an exchange page on the site. If you have a spare ticket… e-mail me, I will post the ticket up on the exchange page and if anyone is interested in it, they can e-mail me and I can put the two parties in contact with each other.

This is not a page for touts… It is purely a tool for true gooners to recoup the cost of the ticket, and give a non-season ticket holding Gooners the opportunity to go to the game with someone they are familiar with on the net.

My hope for the exchange is that it makes the Le Grove community stronger and it will eventually give season ticket holders a network of people to loan tickets to if they can’t make a match. Arsenal win because there are bums on seats, season ticket holders win because they don’t have to worry about losing money on their tickets, and finally, the purchaser wins, because they get to see a game they may not normally have got to see and they don’t have to pay treble for the pleasure.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you think there is a better solution… your input would be greatly appreciated!

Finally, I will leave you with some great shots my girlfriend snapped at the game!

Have a great day!

Gallas header cleared off the line

Gallas header cleared off the line

Denilson slots cooly home

Denilson slots cooly home

Denilson celebrates

Denilson celebrates

Nasri steps up to take a freekick

Nasri steps up to take a freekick

Given saves

Given saves

Vela goes close

Vela goes close

Uh oh... Robins down, 3 months out? Thankfully not... he got the all clear today.

Uh oh... Robins down, 3 months out? Thankfully not... he got the all clear today.

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  1. marylandgunner

    Ray I feel ya. Seeing Chelsea look . . . well, not that convincing, along with Liverpool looking like crap. Man U. off the pace. This is a wide open season. Blackburn next week should be a good game. We will have to stay focused, and play some strong defence, but all in all, we should fare well against them.

  2. treze13

    ray and MG totally agree add to that the spuds are severly struggling and it’s been a good start to the season except the fulham game

  3. Magnus


    Mr.Viera can still offer a lot at age 32..Look at manure. Scolsy is 34 and still has a vital role. up trough the years . ever winning team has had experienced /ol players in the central line. PV4 is My fav arse player ever….Do you remember his deb
    against Sheffield? Arse was 2 down when Stewart put him on in the second half..
    Arse won that game 4-2 – and PV4 made it happed… Pure magic if ask me..

    Would love to see him back..

    Keep it goonerish

  4. Pedro

    Magnus, I thought he was 34 until someone put me straight… he could have plenty to offer in a reduced role. Having a big personality in the dressing room could do us wonders.

    I can’t help but think the story is rubbish…

    We had someone on here saying the Flamster was definitely going to the mancs earlier in the year… he swore down it was happening… and it never came to fruition… we didn’t even hear of an interest.

    I’d like 2 midfielders…

    Treze, he said big clubs… spurs don’t fall into that category.

    My friend who is quite a knowledgeable neutral reckons Scolari will fail as he has never ran a club in Europe and he has too many ego’s.

    Getting people to play for their country is easier than motivating someone to play for a club.

  5. GunnerShabz

    i think metzelder would be a good signing, but it will only if west ham sign djorou for ÂŁ8m with like 30% future fee

    we need a midfielder, denilson has got potetial and nice to see him score but fabregas seemed to be doing everything yesterday, he is going to be the complete midfielder by the end of the season

  6. GunnerShabz

    speaking to my portugese cousin, big phil is not highly rated in portugal, they thought he was clueless at times….

  7. Paulinho

    Deco is another overrated player. I’m glad Chelsa bought him. Decent technical player but doesn’t really hurt you in a penetrative way. Doesn’t run enough beyond the midfield to have a real attacking threat nor does he have enough defensive steel to really uphold Chelsea’s defensive structure in midfield. Tottenham made some inroads in there today.

    Deco will fade as the season goes in. He won’t be able to hack week in week out.

    Hleb is a better player than Deco IMO. Better dribbler and more energy. He came on and re-invigorated Barcelona. Got a bit sloppy at the end but by then Barca knew it wasn’t their day.

  8. Jimbo

    Can you imagine the dressing room if Vieira arrived? What the fuck would we do with Gallas? We’d have to put the guy on gardening leave until Christmas, because he sure as hell couldn’t stay as captain if we brought Paddy back, and he wouldn’t be too happy about giving it up.

    Paddy isn’t coming, though I’d take him in a heartbeat. I don’t think Wenger’s really got anything to do tomorrow – nothing will happen, don’t lose sleep.

  9. Seb

    I wouldn’t take Vieira, and nor would Wenger. He let him go because he is crocked, why would he take back a player who is in worse condition now than when he left?

    And I reckon we’ll get one or two players tomorrow. At around 11.30pm.

  10. Jimbo

    I’ve already got money riding on tomorrow’s activity. I have ÂŁ35 that says we won’t sign anyone over 18.

  11. Doublegooner

    I was told by a reliable source 10 days ago that we were looking at PV.

    However same source that Dennisdamenace quoted last week re; ‘we’re getting Alonso’ has earlier today said Vieira was @ the club but just visiting.

    Maybe he was just covering himself, but it does seem strange that PV was here with us as a visitor & not with his club who began their season today.

    Not long to wait now.

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Young Guns

    Your blog is respected by Le Grovers for your insight, etc. Keep up the good work. Could I have a Triple Captain Morgan please, Long glass, filled with ice, squeeze of lemon, with Diet Coke. If Paddy signs I think I’ll need a strong one to celebrate 😀

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Pedro (Le Grove) It sounds like a great idea the ticket exchange. I might even fly over for the weekend sometime. I just hope that some unsuspecting Grover isn’t disappointed being stuck next to the Gnarley Man – “I’m not an animal, I’m an Australian”

  14. Duckster

    Yeah Yeah Sanderson mine is a pint of cyber.
    Strangest thing about the Vieira rumour is why wasn’t he in Milan for their opening game?

  15. goonermichael

    PV04 would give the youngsters a lot of experience. I think it would be good for this season.
    I just commented can I have a pint of Asahi Super Dry please?

  16. Duckster

    I think that Wenger is looking at an attacking mid/ striker- Big Phil said AW wanted Kalou to play up front. And he also had a long look at Arshavin who can play on the wing or up front.
    Strange when what we really need is a DM

  17. rico01

    Good Morning

    Today will be the day then – i reckon three in, two old crocks and Alonso….

    Just hope JD stays 🙂

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    What a waste of 4th spot. Out in straight sets, with harvey in tears as they go. Oh well can’t wait for next year 😆

  19. kelsey

    gnarleygeorge the deadline is today the 1st at midnight english time.

    my take is that we want alonso and will go to 15 million,but benitez wont let him go.People are talking about Viera for 20+ games,which makes sense,but is it a loan deal as knowing wenger he would only resign him if he was cheap.,if at all/
    many wanted Anelka back last January,he has scored 2 goals for chelsea.
    We need a back up striker to go with RVP as we just dont know when he will have an injury free run,and eduardo is still way off coming back,walcott is still learning and bedtner imo isn’t good enough.Ade will come good,but maybe this season we will see the goals shared by several players as opposed to 24 by ade.

  20. ikon

    inler i think has signed a new 5 year deal with udinese….

    if i continue speclating more… i will go mad within 24 hours. Even if i dont i will go mad at the end of it.

    Does it always has to be the 12th hour and the 60th minute????????????????

  21. kingsley

    yeah he has, its more crap. Summer has come and past, the innocent can never last…..wake me up…when the transfer window ends!

  22. London


    You seem to have a really good insight into how a midfield should run. If you could choose one new addition, who would it be?

  23. timao

    We probably don’t need to sign anyone now Eboue is playing so well. I know there are lots of Eboue fans here who will back me up!

  24. Carlitos

    Hey whats going on?? Have been reading your articles for the last few months and must say I do enjoy them as they usually make alot of sence and have very good input.
    Im a huge Gooner who has lived out in Spain for over 3 years and it has been just as long since I have seen them play back home in London! I have caught the odd Champs League game out here (i.e. Real Madrid and Villareal away) but its not quite the same as being at home (which for me was Highbury as I have YET been to the Emirates).
    I do actaully travel to London a few times a year and would love to have the opportunity to be able to go to some games over the coure of this season, I think your idea is fantastic and I for one would really like it to happen. Do keep me posted and fingers crossed that the season ticket holders out there who have a spare ticket do think of Gooners like me, that even if I may live out in Spain would travel to the end of the world to watch the Greatest Team on Earth.

    Come on Arsenal!