It’s total crap – Fiszman.

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So after months of arguing with just about everyone on the internet that had a high opinion of themselves, we at Le Grove got it right again, we have bundles of dosh, this black hole that is Arsenal is as much of a myth as we have always said it is and now Danny Fiszman is saying it is, so who’s the real fibber in all of this? Who knows? Let’s leave it at that then shall we?

It will be interesting to read what others are saying now this has come out!

This is what Danny said with regard to our finances,

‘There is this constant thing that the Emirates is bleeding the club, that we’ve got these repayments — it’s total crap stressed Fiszman – look at our accounts and you will see our net payments are £20m and the revenue increase from the new stadium is close to £50m. Explain to me how the stadium bleeds the club if it’s producing an extra £30m a year’

Ok that’s the maths sorted out, he then went onto say,

‘It’s not our decision who he spends money on, nor will it ever be our decision. If he said to us ‘I want this guy and he’s £30 million, can I buy him?’ the answer is yes. Absolutely yes. We totally back him. It’s his decision’

So who’s the one we’ve said all along won’t spend money? You know, he knows and we know that he is determined to win something so he can say he did it without spending money, well that’s admirable to a point but when we win nothing as a result, year after year, it gets a little boring, especially when a couple of signings will do it. There’s still time, but for goodness sake if you do buy someone, make it a world class player please.

Don’t forget we got rid of 12 and brought in 4 and when you said we were short last year, what does that make us this year? You also said you were keeping the team together and no one was leaving…

The Champions league draw could have been better, but there again it could have been worse, the toughies for me are Kiev and Fernebache away, I got my wish as we get Kiev in September at least, so that takes away their winter advantage.

I watched the Twenty game again last night and was heartened, a few things, Robin is so close to getting a hatful and he brings others into the game so well, Theo was as impressive as Denilson wasn’t, but don’t you miss a lot when watching it live after a few cases of beer?

As many of you are saying, the Newcastle game will show us if the experiment will get us into the top four, but Arsene, go and spend some of our money, we really need to strengthen with some quality, and we need to do it quickly, Cana would do it, don’t say you need to find the right player, there are plenty around and you’ve had long enough.

I think if Diaby (who could be an answer) gets injured again then you need to sell him, his injuries are worse than Owen’s and Rosicky’s combined, we can’t afford a player like that, not with Robin and Tomas in the side we’re left too exposed, too often, I mean we are now, and the season has only just begun.

Have a great Friday Grovers tomorrow our season begins.

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  1. Pierre

    I’d love to attend a press conference with wenger, like to ask him why, when the transfer window isopen for months, does he leave it till the last 3 days to make his last 2 (i’m hopeful with the 2 there) signings.

  2. Pierre

    I’m being taken to the Blackburn Arsenal game by a sales rep, poor cnut is a Leeds fan! Still, he can pay for my ticket, meal and drinks if he wants, I’m not fussy!

  3. Jules1

    Absolutely Peirre, we’ve been lied to for the last 3 months – some bullshit is going on with the board, I recokon Wenger doesn’t want to sign cos he’s just wnat to play everyone out of position and keep the cash in the bank

  4. cdjones

    I’ve decided I like this blog a lot if for no other reason it seems to be the most polarizing of all the Arsenal blogs I have encountered, and thus, is quite interesting and a good read. It is of course the infamous blog in question when other bloggers are referring to “other bloggers”. Some may call it with whatever libels they will, because of course one day Le Grove deems Arsene has and doesn’t know his ass from his elbow the next. I’m not trying to be unfair when I say you guys are inconsistent at Le Grove. One day you can bemoan our lack of depth, and the next wonder at the strength of youth coming through. Please take it as a compliment. Because most of what is said here is borne out of being a fan of Arsenal Football Club, and apart from a few pervy lurkers, we all want what is best for Arsenal. We are all here for a common cause, our pursuit of beautiful football, of trophies, but first and foremeost the love of our club. And no great love is ever rooted fully in rationality, and a love of a football club very much follows suit. You guys, Geoff and Pedro obviously love Arsenal Football Club very much, and to paraphrase this spirited heart in Voltaire’s words “I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it”
    I think Senderos may actually come home a capable defender (is Maldini still at Milan to learn from?) and that, if Fabregas can stay healthy and finds a decent running mate we will challenge this year.

  5. Pierre

    cdjones, this is the best Arsenal blog there is, bar none.

    G’night grovers, she’s back from the Ann Summers with a new nighty, so I got to check it out, duty calls!

    ps Don’t forget, I said earlier, RVP WILL score tomorrow!

  6. Evo in Oz

    gday all. so ive just scanned all the news, no signings yet?

    wtf is going on?

    we might as well sign michael owen the way things are going and complete our list of unfit players who cannot get onto the pitch!

  7. Evo in Oz

    “We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,” said Wenger. “This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go.

    “There is always an acceleration of signings. You can see that when you watch TV. For a while they talk the talk and nothing happens. Then in the last four or five days every half an hour comes a headline saying someone has signed somewhere.

    “We are out to look, if we find the right player we will do it. But I believe it’s more interesting for us to focus on our strengths and quality rather than looking outside. I know that makes headlines but it doesn’t make you win games

  8. Evo in Oz

    “There is a difference,” said Wenger. “As I’ve said, Adebayor was committed first and he kept his word. He said if I have a choice, I want to stay and from the outside, I only read the newspaper, that doesn’t look to be the case with Berbatov.

    i hope berbatov doesnt make it to man scum, then they will have an unhappy player in their ranks and the rot will set well and truly in!

  9. Evo in Oz

    nice scoring earlier on Finest!

    where is everyone, still out on the booze? i wish i was on the booze, oh wait, its only 11am here….

  10. Evo in Oz

    Cdjones – just read your post at 11.14pm – bloody well written mate, one of the best posts ive read in quite a while!

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Howdy all


    Not a good kick off time mate, but I’ll definitely be watching. Setanta have been building the Georgies up so I don’t spose they will just sit back against us. I hope he give Yo Yo a start. So far he has been the clean sheet King 🙂

  12. gnarleygeorge9

    Yo Yo the big heave ho. Belt Viduka around the ears and down he’ll go. Come on you Reds!!!!!

    Mmmmmmm!! I wonder if the V Bomber is even playing.

  13. Geoff

    Ethan I think you meant that Ade was a cunt, George I agree but Ade is still getting what he has nurtured, I think Wenger has to realise that Ade courted it and no one wanted him, he’s getting his justs.

  14. rico01

    Morning Evo, george and ethan –

    I had a dream – Big Phil told Kaka how good our club was, he then signed for us…… Mucked up my sleep, and have been awake since 2!!

  15. Seb

    well said cdjones.

    And also I would be over the moon if Phil came back as Maldini’s new protégé, he loves the club and is the most natural defender we own. He has that cynical streak you need, plus he clearly wants to improve and considering since Sol left there isn’t a big stopper for him to learn from, the loan makes sense. He just needs a bit of fine tuning.

    Given his comments though, if Milan want to keep him then he’ll stay there unfortunately.

  16. Geoff

    Morning Rico, I wish I had dreams like that, in mine I save the world every night, either that or I never make the tee shot, very frustrating!

  17. rico01

    Great interview on SSN’s with Ade Bothroyd – he says that on a daily basis he has to gather up all the stray footballs on the Watford traing ground, and then return them to Arsene – with a big grin he says, its expected as Arsenal always play the long ball game, and dont keep the ball on the ground enough – Top man 🙂

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    I was just presenting a nightshift link. There hasn’t been much news so i put it up for view. All i mean’t was I reckon he still has plenty to offer in our quest for silverware. Not I love you Ade, I want to boof you.

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    Can i just get this straight, you, Pedro & Bud sit right of the screen, i.e above the opposition fans or the other end?

  20. finestcuts

    Good morning early risers, Arsene has slammed debt ridden clubs saying they should be kicked out of Europe. I totally agree, I’m sick of seeing clubs used as money laundering operations, make the finances of football clubs transparent and make sure they are accountable for all the debt they have, non of this “donations” malarkey like Premier league clubs are a bunch of starving orphans, it’s perverse that someone would be so generous to a profit making business.

    Wenger – “Deadline day is like a poker game”

    He is the master of bluff, he even pretended he didn’t know when the transfer window closed in an interview and some people fell for it.

    We’re back to the Adebayor propaganda and the seed Wenger is trying to plant in our minds is that Adebayor is a bad boy on the outside, and a good boy on the inside.
    Quite funny really eh….
    Adebayor will continue to get stick from the fans for what happened during the transfer window.


    “When a player like that is in such demand, it is a compliment to Arsenal. The fact that he has decided to stay is also a compliment. And the fact that he made financial sacrifices also reflects well on the club.”

    The message is, Arsene got what he wanted, and he’ll be good for the club. Adebayor just needs to play good football, use his chances effectively and when fans see the commitment he has to helping Arsenal win, there won’t be so much negativity.

    “At the moment he needs the fans to be behind him,” Wenger said. “He is always under pressure to score goals but we want him to feel relaxed and play football like he loves it.

    Players do…the psychological aspect of the game is very important, just look at the difference in stats between home and away games.

    Fans now have to choose, support Arsenal as a unit, we’re in the mix and all troops must be given support, or keep booing Adebayor and risk the consequences.
    I’d rather we didn’t risk the consequences because the whole team could suffer just so that Adebayor gets booed. I feel it’s still fair to comment whether he played well or not after the game, but during the game it would be good if everyone thought “Arsenal first, other issues second”. That’s what it boils down to, fans now how to make the choice.

    Wenger commented about Adebayor not getting involved in any more PR exercises….and I agree, it’s a good thing. It’s best he just shuts up, stays away from the media, only comments via the Arsenal website and continues to make an effort to be a star striker.

    Once the transfer window has closed, this will all be water over the bridge, the booing is probably fans subconscious paranoia that we’ll be left without a striker at the last minute, once the window slams shut, the message will be loud and clear. This season Adebayor is an Arsenal player. We support Arsenal, and we want to win. We support a team not 10 players bar 1, if we don’t support Arsenal as a unit and the match is influenced by the booing of Adebayor, which consequently jangles his nerves overboard and results in him performing poorly because of that, fans will also be partly to blame, because they ignored the bigger issu of supporting Arsenal and focused on booing Adebayor. It’s your turn to decide.

  21. gnarleygeorge9


    What you present is true, but shouldn’t that be stated by a member of the Board, Wenger should worry about what goes on on the pitch. This is the type of situation, the football world jump on him as a Whinger coz things aren’t going right for him IMO

  22. Jules1


    don’t know mate… after ade’s behaviour this summer…. greedy c**T… we support Arsenal… NOT Wenger or Adebayor

  23. rico01

    finest – great comment

    I dislike Ade for what he has done, and Gallas for his outburst which didnt help the club, but if I was lucky enough to be a THOF – I couldnt find it in my heart to boo any player – because that is an insult to the rest of the players. There are many people in life who I absolutely detest, but I dont go around telling them that!

    Ade has been an absolute pratt, and no doubt most of us will find it hard to ever forgive him, however, should the ‘big clubs’ come around in the next transfer window for him and he comes out and says

    ‘ They can look at me all they want, but AFC is my club, and my only club so you may as well push off because I am staying at Arsenal – I love it here’ We may then just start to find forgiveness.

    But yes – we can all still slate him on here if he is pants each game, but then we do that to any player who is pants!!

  24. Geoff

    Gnarley its left of the cameras on the right of the goal in between the corner flag and the goal area and the front of the second tier, which is the other end from the away fans.

    In reality its the north east corner over the north bank and the nearest entrance from Arsenal station.

  25. MorrowsBrokenArm

    Wenger says Ade was always going to stay, never wanted to leave, etc etc…..if he/ade had just come out and told us all were we stood at the time, Ade might not be catching the much deserved shit he’s catching now. Dont think AW is in any position to lecture on PR, if anything he needs to share a slice of blame.

  26. Jules1

    Wenger needs to go and be replaced by an english manager such as curbishley or coppell… we need a young manager more in tune with the english players in the side… who’s gonna bring on Ramsey and Wilshere ?

  27. gnarleygeorge9

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the Arsenal Brand needs an injection of re-invention. Does that come from changes in high places, i.e at Board level. Geoff, you have been the most proactive lately with constructive suggestion re The Club, ever thought about getting on board 🙂

  28. Geoff

    They wouldn’t have me Gnarley I don’t suck up! Wenger also said Flamini would stay and Hleb was going nowhere.

    There is no thought for the fans in all these dealings, as there is none now, if he buys he’ll leave it to the last minute, which gives the fans nothing to look forward to, and when there’s a chance they may leave, like Ade, it’s the same in reverse, except replace ‘look forward to’ with ‘anxiety’

  29. kelsey

    rico01,good morning,firstly I agree that booing ade or any other player can only hinder him or the team in general.I would love to believe that ade would come out at the end of the seaon and say I am staying at Arsenal and loving it here etc.IMO we have a catch 22 with him,we could have got around 20 million for him not 30 million,there were no takers and consequently he more than doubled his wages.If he bangs in another 20+ goals this season,he will think he is a demi god,but if he has a bad season his value will plummet.He or he and his agent are mercenaries and there is no doubt in my mind that if he progresses he will be off if his demands are not met,and remember AW has said one player has to be sold every season.

    Finestcuts,again I agree that players are under contract and shouldn’t spout there mouths off to every rag under the sun(no pun intended) and Wenger is guilty of that himself,he always says the same thing,but mixes his words up.i.e. the players were not focused enough or internationals in mid week can have an effect on players and of course the infamous”I didn’t see that”.He is payed to motivate the team,buy players ehere needed and stop experimenting with players in various positions.I really think he doesn’t know his best team,every pundit in the land including ex arsenal players can see our weakness in depth of experienced players but his stubbborness is now something of real concern.he has had all summer to strengthen the team and even is by some chance by midnight on the 1st.he pulls someone out of the hat,we are still short,if we wish to be a challenging team for the title this year.

  30. Goonerman

    Jules 1 – we all respect opinions on this bb but for heavens sake talk sense will you.

    Curbishley or Coppell; I ak you to reconsider. You’ll be suggesting Allardyce next.

  31. Evo in Oz

    morning geoff.

    so wenger will be buring the midnight oil he reckons right up until midnight monday. well perhaps this new player isnt dead in the water after all.

    i hope i am pleasantly surpised as he is even quoted with saying 1 or 2 more.

  32. MorrowsBrokenArm

    AW will see out his contract by Which time Van Basten and Bergkamp will be ready to step in. Sorted.

  33. ethangunner

    no george you said … Still celebrating the Lightning Bolt 😆

    i can tell you the last thing im fucking celebrating is a lightning bolt !

    and as for ade being different to berbatov .. both are trying to move to better there careers .. money follows .. im sure ! i cant see much of a difference . both have disrupted there clubs .. the only difference is AC have given up asking about him as they got horse face , where as Man U always get there man !

    the only other difference i can see is class .. one has class and one will never have class
    1 can finish .. the other cannot hit a fat girls ass with a cricket bat !
    1 is good enough for Man U to be interested in , the other is not ..
    1 knows the offside rule , the other struggles ..
    1 can head butt his own team mates other does not !

    other than that they are both greedy Cnuts who are moving to better themselves by personal gain ..

    remember you only move clubs for more money!!!
    ( and that wasn’t said by no fucking agent ! )

  34. Rasputin

    Morning all,

    No news on the transfer front except an article on Soccer News that suggests Fizmans press release on the ’30 million’ was his way of telling the fans that the decision not to buy is solely down to AW – sounds like he’s as frusrtrated as we are!

  35. Seb


    “the other cannot hit a fat girls ass with a cricket bat”

    Now that is the kind of thing this club needs. That is the kind of thing they should be putting on at Member’s Day, not boring old training, more It’s A Knockout!

    Cesc in a giant inflatable Sumo wrestler outfit, Eboue and Denilson sliding down greasy poles, Diaby and Rosicky firing gunge at each other on a turntable. That kind of thing.

  36. Jules1

    Goonerman, Sorry mate. But what do you mean talk sense ? Do you know that pound for pound Coppell was the best manager in the PL in 2007. Curbishely was almost offered the english job.

  37. gnarleygeorge9


    The England job is a poisoned chalice, Maclaren had it & look what happened to him. Coppell ended up relegated (plus he played in the ’79 F A cup as a manure loser I think, Ha Ha Ha !!!! )

  38. ethangunner

    yes it was mean’t to be funny .. but i had another lightning storm here !
    now im not so sure !

    power has been off for 2 hours , i was going to say thanks for jinxing me !
    but with no computer AGAIN ! its been rough !

    some huge storm coming down from mainland china !
    so maybe your right it was to do with the Olympics

  39. Goonerman

    Jules 1 – We are a top 4 club and have been feasted on quality football that I have never ever witnessed before Wenger.

    Coppell and Curbs could not match Wenger in ANY aspect of the game. They have minimal European experience, they have both had clubs relegated. Curbs is hated by Charlton fans and now WHU fans. Coppell’s teams play yesteryear’s style of football.

    Anyway, I am happy with AW.

  40. Jules1


    so what ? what’s your point mate ? are you saying that cos they were considered for England that means that they can’t be considered for Arsenal ?

  41. Jules1


    We were a top 4 club.. we won’t be after this season mate, the way things are going with the board,,,, we’d be lucky to finish top 6

  42. Pedro


    I just entered your debate jules and then I saw you weren’t in the new post!

  43. Pedro

    Sorry Jules, I don’t really get your question…

    You can sit in this post all day though mate… but no one is in here.

  44. LeProf

    Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0.
    Kevin Keegan falls in love with Samir Nasri…right.

    But we need to sign another midfield plus CB. Cesc gotta need a twin and Gallas will gone psyco in February. Do that and we’ll hit the treble (minus Worthless Cup).

    I can feel in my scrotum that later,
    Chelsea – 5 Sp*rs – 0.