Peter Hill-Wood listen to this, Le Grove strikes back!

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Peter, you’re talking out of what you should be sitting on, time to shut up or move over. This is for you.

You told the Daily Star:

‘The first lesson is you don’t necessarily do everything the fans want you to do, we are very nearly there, but not quite. I think we are quite happy, we are not going to buy somebody who doesn’t improve the squad.

I keep saying money is available but I am not going to say how much. But it is enough to buy an experienced international player. We have won one match and lost one in the league and hopefully we will be in the draw for the Champions League. We didn’t play well at Fulham on Saturday but I think all this stuff about us having to buy a complete lot of new players is rubbish’

First of all, the first lesson you mention, what is it you’ve done that we the fans wanted? You bought a new stadium that incidentally we all love, in order for us to compete, then you say we’re skint?

Then you say you’re not going to buy anybody that doesn’t improve the squad, why is that then Peter? We’ve lost 11 players already this season, do you think we are stronger by losing 11 players and bringing in two injured ones, two 17 year olds – of which one isn’t even in the first team and a 21 year old that has played only in France?

All you have done is weaken the team by what, 7 players? Last season we were short anyway.

It’s also worth pointing out that since January we have only brought in (note I said brought and not bought) Nasri, Bischoff, Ramsey and Silvestre, two actually cost us money.

We have lost or sold Diarra, Flamini, Lehmann, Gilberto, Hleb, Senderos, Hoyte, Barazite, Gibbs, Traore and Gilbert.

That’s 11 out and 4 in, and two of those four are injured. We also bought Coquelin but he went into the reserves and is not in the first team squad.

If anybody from Arsenal or anywhere else can tell me how that makes us challengers, please comment today.

Being an Arsenal fan is very testing at the moment, I will of course always be a fan, no matter what you people do to my club, but I might stop funding it and I might sell my shareholding to someone else, if that’s the only way I can be heard, then maybe I’ll do it, there’s plenty of small shareholders out there and many more that pay into this black hole we call Arsenal football club.

Peter, your dad would be rolling over in Herbert Chapman’s grave after your spoilt rich boy comments, who on earth do you think you are insulting? We’re the people that pay your wages?

When I was a teenager I used to go to Arsenal and sit in the directors box with tickets supplied by Dennis Hill-Wood, your dad, a true gent, unlike his privileged son, who thinks insulting the fan base and sucking up to the manager is the way to winning silverware.

Here’s what our manager has fed us since May.

These aren’t exact quotes but it gives you the gist of what he has said.

1. We lacked something at the back from high balls at set pieces, I will rectify that.

You haven’t.

2. I won’t be signing a centre back, you can print that.

You have.

3. The most important thing is to keep this squad together, no-one else is leaving, no-one

They have.

4. If I buy in new players it will kill the young players.

Silvestre / Senderos killed…

5. I will sign 2 to 3 players, the fans won’t be disappointed.

They are.

6. I will sign a Flamini replacement before the second leg against Twente.

You haven’t.

7. I surprised you all by signing Silvestre.

You sure did Arsene.

8. We are good enough to win the ECL and the EPL.

You are kidding, right?

So this Peter is why we ask for signings, because of expectancy, it’s all part of football, signing quality players, it’s why we pay so much for our tickets, not to watch a four year work-in-progress, if you want to indulge that, fine, lower the prices, you can’t have your cake and eat it.

If you would like to further this conversation I can come and meet you, today, before the game, I’ve already met Danny Fizman, David Dein and of course your Dad. And it was because of your dad I became a real fan.

Please don’t treat this loyal fan base like they work at your house emptying bins, they don’t, many of us have been coming to games for as long as you have, sitting in the cold, queuing for refreshments, waiting for trains on cold, wet and windy platforms, many aren’t as lucky as you, to inherit a football club, so please, show some respect and read some of the blogs and their comments, we’ve had it, and if you don’t watch it, someone will come in and take it all away from you.

I can’t think of one site that doesn’t support this board, I can’t think of one site that supports Red and White, but take that for granted at your peril.

We don’t always agree with the other blogs, in fact we rarely do, but make no mistake, they are all Arsenal fans, your site is appalling, it never has its own opinion and publishes news that we’ve all been reading on other sites all day, and using the same Arsene Wenger quotes, so he must have spoken to someone, why can’t be first?

Perhaps you need to bring in a few new faces there and explain what exclusive news is.

Okay onto football, we need a big win tonight to get us back on track, so get behind the boys, sing your hearts out and let us at least qualify.

4 nil the Arsenal!

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  1. Wolski

    I agree Pedro..Atmo was poor. Twente fans were great….scarfs up, you’ll never walk alone booming out and 4 – 0 down.

    I looked around me and have never noticed so many people chatting to each other and not having much interest on the pitch. Best part was the song when people were leaving early! Think everyone is pissed off at the goings on behind the scenes and def. felt that the energy and passion was not there tonight..probably coz the job was done really and twente offered nothing to make a game of it.

  2. Evo in Oz

    guys im watching the latest Mummy – tomb of the dragon emporer – that i just downloaded. its cinema quality.

    ill be back later to bring it home to the 1000!

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    So thats 3 clean sheets in a row to Big Yo Yo 😀

    So Big Raddy, I know you like to stir old GG9, but please don’t ever try & wind me up about the Yo Yo Man, so, in saying that may I also say

    Hey! Raddy! Leave Yo Yo alone.

    All in all he’s just another brick in Arsenal’s wall. Chamone!!!

  4. gnarleygeorge9

    RVP is shooting more blanks than a bloke who’s had a vasectomy 🙁 although not speaking from experience might I add.

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    How arsey are Liverworst. I reckon the pressure of expectation on them will be their downfall. Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  6. ReVELAtion

    assessment: better.. B-

    Can’t complain with a 4-0, but twente we’re already out in their minds before the match and out of it completely once nasri had made it 1-0…

    Denilson obviously had to improve from the game at fulham and did, but i don’t know if we can afford him the run of games until he can cement a place… It’s still high risk and i’ll feel alot better when his name isn’t on the team sheet in top level games…

    Djourou did well again, but i am affording myself “room to manouvre” in my own assessment.. I still think senderos is the better defender and the one with better prospects…

    Gallas has developed a 1 error a game lapse in concentration.. It’s unnerving… He switches off and expects it to be dealt with by someone else. He did it and it cost us on saturday, he did it again tonight but fortunatly twente are about as ood as bristol rovers.. He’s a liability at the moment, but can’t and won’t do anything about it at current…

    Theo was better, but i’ll agree with alan hansen’s assessment that he lacks composure and makes alot of wrong decisions in regards to options gifted him when we’re on the break.. It’ll come for him though, every arsenal fan strives for him to do well…

    RVP has come up for debate, but something ain’t right… It’s hard to describe what role he does best or who would be an ideal partner for him (eduardo if you’re asking). His performances have been poor, but he’s so classy we expect better… He’ll probably have an indian summer start saturday against the toon, then get injured…

    Nikki B was woeful tonight.. Poor touch, poor control, poor decision, just piss poor basically… I’m one of his ardent backers but granted, he didn’t do himself any favours tonight…

    Almunia hasn’t really had alot to do in the 1st three games apart from pick the ball out the net from a corner… He still has these “rush of blood to the head” moments, which obviously cause cncren.. But, once again, if we can’t get any1 of casillas, buffon, cech, reina or frey, Almnia is as good as anything beneth that..

    I am not overtly optimistic that we’ll sign some1, but i’ll take just 1 arsene suprise, for the sake of my “arsenal-post-season-under-wenger-summer-transfer-merry-go-round-itis”….

    i’m gonna throw some out there names, that aren’t “impossible”…

    Di Maria – Benfica (mundo expensivo)
    Alonso – Liverpool
    De La Red/Drenthe – R. Madrid
    Schweinsteiger – B. Munich
    Arshavin – Zenit
    Veluso – S. Lisbon
    Barry – A. Villa

  7. gnarleygeorge9


    Why not replace Flamini with Kolo, for that harassing/hustling attention when off the ball in mid field. I reckon that is Kolo’s best feature.

    Re: Yo Yo v Phil: Senderos is better @ scoring headers from corners, but, with more game time, I think Johan will just get better & bigger @ everything.

  8. ReVELAtion

    like i said gnarley i reserve my judgement on djourou at the moment. I am not convinced with games djourou can get much, much better. When he’s up against a drogba, a torres, a villa, an henry etc then i’ll be able to give you more of an assessment….

    It’s too late for kolo to convert into a centre midfielder… It hasn’t be tried and i doubt whether it will see the light of day anywhere else other than the training ground or friendly…

    I can’t wait untill Diaby is fit….. i’m not even going to state the obvious irony there….

  9. ReVELAtion

    Evo…set up walcott’s goal? u mean he miss controlled it and it fell into walcott’s path or the fact that he initally screwed up his chance, but luck and a denilson back heel meant he got a tap in from 3 yards out… I am a nikki big balls b fan but, he was poor all game.. What game were you watching? i hope not the scousers for your sake, cause i’m watching the highlights and they were dire…

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    Doesn’t it make a difference when you have pacey players, like Theo, running @ defenders. We just need RVP putting the free kicks in the back of the net.

  11. ReVELAtion

    Evo in Oz Says:
    August 28, 2008 at 2:37 am

    and he actually struck the ball that the keeper palmed into Gallas’s path for his goal


    Which he should of squared for gallas in the first place or scored anyway in all honesty… he got lucky…

  12. ReVELAtion

    gnarley – it does make a difference when they don’t run down blind alley’s and choose the wrong option continuously. Walcott was better but it’s quite clear, at 19, he has a long way to go yet.

    RvP needs a fit eduardo and a goal from anywhere in an arsenal shirt….

  13. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m basing my comments on the idea that AW won’t get anyone else in, so he has to use whats already available. IMO, Diaby is still not there in the head since his broken leg, whereas Kolo has no fear, just a tad clumsy @ times, i.e 86 minute penalty @ Scouserfield in the CL last year. But Diaby certainly has potential, Viera like as they say.

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    Re Walcott @ present, yes I agree, but its better to keep doing that then just tapping it about on the edge of the box with Little Nicky 😈

  15. Evo in Oz

    give it a break reva, life isnt that bad mate. ill shout you a beer to cheer you up!

    what were you hoping we’d win 10-nil and then you were going to say it was a good result and you were satisfied?

  16. ReVELAtion

    Daby would have recovered from that ankle break.. He, like the majority, need a run of games in their preffered position before a final decision can truly be made. Some can be afforded the time, others not. It’s too many players “trying to proove” themselves at the moment…

    Adebayor to the fans, walcott, denilson & djourou to his manager, rvp to himself in terms of injuries, nikki b to his ego etc… It just makes for a never ending sequence of transition…

    I still think diaby is his preffered choice from what we have, but at a club like arsenal it’s a bit woeful if you’re basing that on terms of a household/playground/park “name”… I think song, diaby, denilson, walcott, djourou, vela & nikki b can all make the grade… it’s just a case of can the manager afford to give them all the playing time to bloom… The quality of some (depending on the individual) are not good enough and the way we (the arsenal fans) are carrying on at current, would suggest otherwise anyway….

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    The way Diaby struck out @ that Bolton player last year, to be sent off suggests to me he still has his :evil; (demons) to sort out, but I agree more time on the park is needed for him to develop to his full potential. As for Johan, he’s my man. We need a big TA6 type, so I’m going to follow his progress closely.

  18. ReVELAtion

    no evo not at all, i just won’t get all “we’re great” after a win or”we’re shite” if we lose… I make an assessment based on what i saw, what we did well and what we can do better in accordance with now and not in comparison with any previous teams we’ve had….

    It was just good to see better after a defeat and performance which pretty much ruined my bank holiday weekend…

    I gave us a b-. There were plenty of positives to take away. We played well but the centre mid with denilson in there just doesn’t fill me with confidence in the top, top level games, which a cl game is…

    an example would be like having cygan at the back.. You knew you had better and hoped to win still, but at the same time pray his poor performance wouldn’t contribute to a defeat.

  19. ReVELAtion

    well the problem with young men and teenagers gnarley is that they will be inconsistent, lack disipline tactical or mental or both and be prone to errors… Playing time will go along way to developing them as players and men, but at the same time players don’t really stay at arsenal long enough to actually fulfill their potential….

    Whether it money, so called ambition or change of living and playing conditions the facts are having so many talented intercontinental young players means we’ve become the G14 ajax football academy.. If they stay they go to one of the g14 for alot of money (for the player usually) before their peak age or go to a half decent club if they aren’t good enough to make it at arsenal then go into 1 of them (g14 clubs)…

    Could e worse i suppose…

  20. gnarleygeorge9


    3 more days & its Spring, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

    I love the smell of daffadils in the morning! ………………Smells of……………..Footy finals 😆

  21. Rob From Aus

    Nicky B was very poor, i will give credit for the gallas assist, however evrytime he had the ball he tried to take on the defenders, he was dis=possessd everytime, theo’s problem is he isnt selfish enough, i admire his team like attitude but fuck have a go son.
    I also reakon arsene signed 850yr old silvest for the sake of signing someone ,who can speak french and just to shut up the fans for a while and take the spot light away from actually signing a proper midfielder. he honestly thinks we are stupid. gallas is like a time bomb i reakon, u just think everytime they run at him u pray, dont fuck up, dont fuck up!yet in the pre season he had the hide to say he has more quality than other players at arsenal? u must b joking chump! also how long till rosiky comes back?

  22. Evo in Oz

    i reckon its a spring day here in Sydney gnarley, looks like a few beers for me at the pub beer garden in around 2 hours id say!

  23. gnarleygeorge9


    Its Spring/Summer in Sydney every day, you lucky thing.

    Hey Evo, its getting near to the other lot waking up. Don’t mention the Olympics for Gods sake. Actually, I’m going to make myself scarce now for a while. They are like a kid with a new toy with that old chestnut.

  24. Geoff

    It feels great to watch the news and see we won, even though I was there, I met Chary last night and his boys, he looks just like I expected!

    Papering over the cracks is about right in my book, boy were the wheel stealers lucky last night, and we think we have problems!

  25. Evo in Oz

    what olympics?

    fuck this 5.30pm kick off bollocks, bloody sky sports at it again. last year they got off the gooner bandwagon, now this year they’re back on and slotting all our games at 5.30pm = 02:30am in good old down under! imagine when we have to add another 2 hours on when BST/ADEST kicks in, ill be fucked every weekend trying to stay up for the late kick offs!

    Old firm match on Sunday night is 9pm, you little ripper!

  26. Geoff

    Morning Evo, if it’s your spring, it must be coming up to our autumn, how fucking depressing, still as usual we haven’t had summer yet, thank god I go to Spain a lot!

  27. Geoff

    According to the Sun he’s a midfield enforcer, but he wants to come and he is cheap, fit the Wenger criteria!

  28. Evo in Oz

    a quick synopsis from the game from my point of view

    Almunia – 7
    Ok, good enough distribution, 1-2 edgey moments, but reasonable.
    Sagna – 7
    Solid, didnt move up the wing much like usual. quiet and unassuming
    Gallas – 8.5
    Great game, scored in both legs. Distributed the ball around well, moved up the pitch on most opportunities, very lively and solid.
    Djourou – 7.5
    Good game as well, on the improve. showed he might have what it takes. needs to learn how to head a goal, but that will come in time.
    Clichy – 8.5
    moved further up the wing than sagna on the occasion. usually they’re trying to out do each other on movements up the pitch. Great crosses into the box and lively as always. good link up play with the midfield/forwards
    Walcott – 8.5-9
    Great game, hopefully back to form. scored an henry-esque goal and looked way to fast for the twente opposition. they tried to trick/hack at him whenever he looked to fire past them. looked like he could do anything at any time. come on son, keep it going.
    Cesc – 7.5
    you could tell he was on the pitch and things were looking a bit more normal. a little bit quiet and taken off after 65 mins as precaution.
    Denilsion – 7.5-8
    pretty good game, a few people didnt think so, but was in most of the goals somewhere or another. likes to get in on the tackle and not affraid to throw his small frame into the mix. needs to keep it going and he might have a chance
    nasri 8
    Subbed at half time, but gets an 8 for the goal as it was another cracker! looking like the money we paid might get reimbursed in goals. early days yet, but lively on the wing/going foward and seems to have a good understanding with his new team!
    RVP – 7
    gave me the shits a bit with missing that sitter of a goal. should have slotted it, even Rico could have scored that one! Good to have him back in the team for the set pieces/corners, but he will have to find the radar/rocket foot if he’s going to make the difference this season!
    Bendtner 7.5
    i thought he did well, but im hesistant to go higher in the score, as i feel that could set off another 1000 comment day from eveyone just talking about whether he played good/bad. i was happy with his efforts and i do acknowledge he let the ball go on a couple of plays, but better to have him than not!
    Eboue – 6
    gave me the shits when he dived on the ground complaining near the box when bendtner missed the through ball to him on goal. The trouble was, bendtner got the ball back and if he could have managed to pass the ball to eboue on the 2nd chance, he would have been a sobbing heap on the pitch whinging that he didnt get the original ball. seems to like doing trick balls/passes these days, still not sure.
    Kanu Jnr – 6
    Not much to report, linked up with bendtner nicely on one play from memory. They were both storming up the pitch together looking to score. not much else to say, pretty quiet, the game was won. Vela should have been on instead
    Song – 6
    not much time to do anything, pretty quiet. played a few passes here and there. will need to start some games to show more worth.

  29. kelsey

    Morning Geoff,still about 32 degrees here.

    The positives for me was that we banged a few goals in to raise confidence,Nasri looks an exceptional signing and we bagged another 20 million PHW.I admit to being critical of Theo,but his goal was henryesque,but he needs to perform like this more often and more consistently. RVP will come good,I hope,but I can’t make out bedtner’s position,he isn’t an out and out striker.Denilson looked in the first half as he was still playing at fulham.Poor opposition but a win is a win.

    The scousers have used up all their luck in their first 4 games.

  30. Geoff

    Can’t for the life of me work out Song and what he sees in him above our other reserves, I watched him hard last night and really saw nothing in him that got me thinking, he’ll be good one day.

  31. kingsley

    i’ve seen him play a few times last season and he played out wide. he is a very good player, quick and great technique but he is no enforcer. still i am happy with his overall quality……the quotes in that article about him being interested in a move were actually said last year! its a bit of dodgy journalism if u ask me.

  32. Evo in Oz

    ok lads, take it home to the 1000 mark, im off to the pub to scull down a few frothy super cold ones!

    see you in a while!

    1000 here you come!

  33. Geoff

    Enjoy the beer, I’m just getting over mine! Wenger looked like the cat with the cream, but I think paper and cracks, he needs to buy a Vieira or a Petit, we’re running out of options now though.

  34. patthegooner

    He isnt buying anyone Geoff

    Have you seen his post match

    He is bigging up Denilson, Ramsey, Diaby and Song for that position

    Cracks well and truly Polyfillered as far as he is concerned

  35. Geoff

    I think you’re right Pat, the saying that you don’t become a bad player overnight is true in reverse.
    perizaad I’ve let you on, but I think you may be an AKB, I let you on though because at least your comment proves you read Le Grove.

    But I’m watching you!

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    G’Day Geoff

    Looked like a few empty seats to me @ the game, how about from where you were standing on the bucket 😀

  37. Geoff

    There were a few empty seats Gnarley and good morning by the way, there were a few big chunks in club level, so I can only imagine they are owned by the banks, our section was jammed, but there were a lot of empty seats around the lower levels too, Pedro took a few pictures that I think he’ll share with you all today.

  38. gnarleygeorge9

    Its a sensational sunny avo here, & I’ve just whipped the top off a Peroni. They aren’t bad are they the Peroni’s. Are you & Pedro on commission with the brewery? Maybe you should get them to sponsor a segment on Le Grove.

  39. Geoff

    Kelsey I ‘m not convinced and Pedro is the opposite, we had an interesting conversation about Bendtner last night, it’s the same with Theo, I’m convinced but I feel I’m in the minority even on this blog!

    Funny thing, opinions!

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    Geoff, I think Theo looks good in particular running @ the backs. He will get better as the season & opportunities present.

  41. Geoff

    Morning Rico, Peroni is the last thing I’m thinking of this morning Gnarley, they ran out last night before the game, so I went onto the larger bottles of Budvar, before topping up with Kronenburg and finishing the night on Stella.

    Now I feel pissed again!

  42. rico01

    Nik – I started to listen to those who have faith in Nik and tried tpo believe in him. Last night he was dreadful, and I really cant see him getting much better. I have renamed him Nikers – a bit of Nik and a bit of Jeffers…. Yes I know that will upset everyone, but I just dont see what others seem to. Maybe I should pop off to SpecSavers.

    Geoff – I would still be unconcious !!
    Sorry George – Evening 😉

  43. rico01

    Stevie G is out for a few weeks, wonder how ‘pool will cope with that loss!

    I was on the Stella last night….. but the new 4% one, its better for girlies like me

  44. gnarleygeorge9


    I think Little Nicky 👿 needs a hat trick so as he feels he’s arrived, if you know what I mean. At the moment his first touch is clumsy or not that quick. i can’t put my finger on it.

  45. rico01

    Goonerman – you sond like AW 😉

    I would love us to go and get a real striker, up front Ade< Nik and RvP, cant hit a barn door, and thankfully Nasri has a nose for goal. Theo’s goal was outstanding and he will get great confidence from that. Theo seemed a lot happier with Cesc back, they work well together IMHO –

    Vela needs a game, and soon. I reckon he would bury a few chances, we make so many!!

    Also, I would give Simpson 10 minutes at the end of a game, I know a lot of you dont think he is up to it, but get him on I say….

  46. rico01

    george – Nikers needs to be :mrgreen: and stop faffing around with the ball at his feet, or not as his case is. His control is worse than Ade’s

    I know RvP is pants right now, but he works hard and you can see his own frutrations, one goal for him will set him on his way, he has been there, Nikers has a long way to go to get there….

  47. gnarleygeorge9


    I’ve got RVP in my Fantasy Grove, so with you there.

    The commentators on ESPN were saying that Nasri could be the new Pires. Chamone on that one if it comes true.

  48. Geoff

    Goonerman I think a few more people and we can do it! Rico you’re right about the front line at the moment, everyone else but them is scoring!

  49. Goonerman

    I read somewhere that Nasri had meningitis recently and he ain’t the player he was. Shit stirring metinks!

  50. kelsey

    You have to put into perspective who we were playing an equvalent of a mid table championship side.
    Bedtner is not an out and out striker or is he?
    RVP THEO and BEDTNER seem to say to each other” you have it,then the other says “no you have it” and so on.Do you get my drift Sometimes a first time shot is better than the extra pass,a trait we have had for years.

  51. PHW

    4-0 last night. I told you we don’t need any players! We can now concentrate on paying off the debt; so I can smoke more havanas).

  52. PHW

    Geoff – you don’t have any advertising so where do you get your income for this website. Bit naive so I hope you don’t mind me asking.

  53. Seb


    gnarley I rate Nasri as top class, but I think he is more a cross between Hleb and Freddie than the next Bobby. I don’t see him scoring beautiful curling goals into the top corner, but I do see him making late runs into the box to finish, or holding off defenders to score low into the bottom corner. Maybe a bit of Overmars in there, without the pace?

    Well whoever he’s like, he’s a goddamn breath of fresh air after our overelaborate Belarussian.

  54. Geoff

    Gnarley I’ve said for 2 seasons that he will be the monster we need, I was pissed off that he went out on loan last season, give him the games he gave Senderos, Song and Flamini and he’ll be the one.

  55. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    How are we all this morning?

    I feel like a sack of shit today… but fear not… the report is on the way. How the fuck do I top yesterdays?

  56. Seb

    I reckon that Guzman link is bullshit. From The Sun where it seems to have cropped up today:

    He recently claimed: “My dream clubs are Arsenal and Barcelona. If clubs of that stature are interested in you then you cannot say no.

    “I’m certainly open to interest from Arsenal and from what I hear Feyenoord are happy to hear from them as well.”

    Note ‘he recently claimed’ – I expect that means some time back in June.
    Sounds like someone else touting himself as a young player (20) to AW.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    I said it during the nightshift, but, what about Kolo doing the Hustle in place of Flamoney. He is like a blow “fly in your face” when trying to get the ball off the opposition.

  58. rico01


    I also really rate JD – compare his progress to that of Diaby, Nikers, Denilson etc – never have we heard him asking for more money, he never moans when left out or loaned. He seems more consistant that Big Phil and I would love to see him and Kolo at the back. Both are better in the air than Willy and can make that ‘last ditch’ tackle –

    Just hope AW plays him from now on

  59. rico01

    Also, despite AW talking up the Denilso etc after the game, but today/tomorrow we will have the midfielder we so desperately need, i am sure. Also, i wont be surprised if we get a player on the last transfer day – I hope that is a goal scorer 😉

  60. rico01

    george – it would be great for Geoff and Pedro wouldnt it – I think they should not post the new post until 1000 has been reached 🙂

  61. charybdis1966

    Yes Gnarley, I’m sure she is – 1st comment on todays post and 1000th. But hey, I was at the game last night so na na ner na na !

  62. gnarleygeorge9

    Gerrard blow for England (not to mention asey Liverworst Ha Ha Ha!)
    Steven Gerrard will miss England’s two World Cup qualifiers next month – but should be fit for Liverpool’s Champions League group stage opener.

    That is the view of Reds boss Rafael Benitez in revealing the midfielder faces a groin operation having played through pain in games this season.

    Benitez said: “He could be out for 10 to 15 days. It is not serious but we need to do it (the surgery) now.”

  63. charybdis1966

    Plus,Rico, I got to meet the triumvirate of Geoff, Pedro and Bud last night too. I think they can dispel any myth that I even remotely resembe my avatar. 🙁

  64. charybdis1966

    I’m only teasing Rico, after I gave up on pulling your leg about your Kolo/Ya-ya confusion.

    I must say the FC Twente fans were good value – even at 3-0 down they didn’t stop shouting and singing like loons.

  65. Seb

    Pedro Hill-Wood:

    ‘I keep saying the new post is going up in a few minutes, but I am not going to say how many’


  66. Jules1

    I want to come out in support of the board. i know the vast majority are against but these are the geezers that stumped up the money for the stadium. If the flats are sold then we should be able to get the money for transfers in time.